Back from Over The Edge

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Imagine that you are able to drag together the smartest internet marketing minds from all over the world…

…You bring them together for just one week, and get them to share their ultimate, latest, most cutting-edge strategies for 8 hours a day…

…And then set them loose in a rock-and-roll themed hotel the remaining 16 hours a day…

Picture it, then give it a name… “Over the Edge 2″.

The event is the brainchild of Ed Dale and Dan Raine (of Thirty Day Challenge and Immediate Edge fame).

It holds a special place in the Market Samurai team’s hearts as it was the first “Over the Edge” event (in Beechworth, in country Victoria, Australia) where Market Samurai had its birth – just 6 months ago, in April this year.

This event, the Market Samurai team presented a session on practical keyword research, and how to zone-in and laser-target profitable markets (using the best tool for the job – Market Samurai – of course! ;) )

And there were some incredible insights shared by the other speakers at the event – from Ed Dale, Dan Raine, Marty Rozmanith from WordPress Direct, Master Copywriter Harlan Kilstein, and more!

But, just like last year, the “real” education wasn’t just what was taught from the podium… It was all the insights that all of the smart marketers who attended shared so freely.

To everyone who came up and chatted with Ben Stickland, Eugene Ware and Brent Hodgson (the Market Samurai guys) – thank-you. Your support and feedback gave us a lot to chat about during the 19-hours of flying back home (including some ideas for making Market Samurai even better).

Special thanks needs to go to everyone who made it such a fun, insightful and special time for all of us…

  • Dan Raine and Michelle MacPhearson – for the long chats over all-too-short drinks;
  • Marty Rozmanith and Emily Becker from WordPress Direct – plotting world domination has never been so interesting!;
  • Ed Dale and Rob “GuruBob” Somerville for inviting us, sharing your insights, and bringing us together with so many smart people;
  • Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey – the guys behind Commission Blueprint – fantastic to finally meet you in person!;
  • Clay Collins – your incredibly smart, but incredibly simple Social Media strategies blew us all away;
  • Lynn Terry – It was wonderful to discover you’re every bit as lovely offline as you seem online;
  • Karl Moore – You’re living proof that good things happen to good people – good luck on the wild ride ahead!;
  • Sarkis (the International Man of Mystery) – One of the fastest minds anyone will ever come across – always a pleasure chatting;
  • Collette W, Andrew Nez, Caro McC – Had a blast, hope to see you in Melbourne or at OTE3;
  • Paul Young – Our new professional photographer! Thank-you for the good times and the great pics!;
  • …And last, but not least…
  • Mike Filsaime and his team members Omar and Frank – Incredible meeting you guys. Your automotive sales stories gave us a lot to think about when it comes to our own marketing.