Simplified Messages in our Latest Update

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Ohayou Samurai-san!

Today, a Market Samurai update was released.

Market Samurai version 0.81.4 addresses several key issues and bugs that were reported in the improved Market Samurai engine – including a freezing issue.

Plus, it includes an upgrade to the way notification messages are displayed inside Market Samurai.

New Notification Messages in Market Samurai

Previously, when Market Samurai was unable to retrieve data on the number of competitors (SEOC, SEOTC) for a keyword – rather than stopping to wait and see if the data would eventually come through, it would simply skip to the next keyword.

It’s rare – and only ever happens if a piece of data is too slow coming back from a data source or can’t be found at all.

And in almost all cases, hitting “Analyze Keywords” again would retrieve any missing data.

But something changed recently…

A Deeper Look at Your Competitors…

In our most recent updates, we added a LOT of new competition metrics.

These included the number of Adwords Advertisers (AWA), Localized SEO Competitor counts (SEOLC), and Localized SEO Title Competition counts (SEOLTC).

Plus, we added a notification message – to let people know if even a single piece of competition data was missed so that they knew to hit “Analyze Keywords” again to fill in the gaps.

And something happened that we didn’t expect…

Here’s What Happened…

With EVEN MORE pieces of competition data than ever being retrieved in Market Samurai…

…And with the ability to analyze HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of keywords now without receiving a “Google Time-Out” message…

…And new keyword sources that retrieve up to 1,000 keywords (instead of the old 200 keywords…)

Well, the chances of EVEN ONE tiny individual piece of data being “too slow” increased from “miniscule” to “small”.

And now the small percentage of users who might experience slow and skipped data received a popup message.

Except our notification messages popped up in the same way that error messages do. So instead of seeing the notification as informative, it freaked a lot of people out.

So we received a lot of emails from worried Market Samurai users.

Introducing Smarter Notifications

Now, instead of a big ugly worrying pop-up notification message that shows a technical explanation, we have something simpler and less invasive…

If any data was too slow coming back, not responding, not found, or data threatens to hold Market Samurai back from getting other pieces of data that you need – you will receive this happy little notification message.

Chances are you’ll never see this friendly little thing.

…That is unless you’re analyzing zillions of keywords and stumble across some slow pieces of data, are on a slow internet connection, or your connection with a Market Samurai data source drops out…

But if you do see this notification, in most cases all you need to do is hit “Analyze Keywords” again.

If it’s a temporary issue standing between Market Samurai and the data it’s looking for, hitting “Analyze Keywords” again will make Market Samurai go back to “fill in the gaps”.

You Mentioned New Keyword Sources? And Adwords Advertiser Counts? Tell me more!


We’ll be talking about these more in some upcoming blog posts (including sharing some great new strategies that these new features open up to you!)

So make sure you’re subscribed to our blog so you don’t miss out.

In the mean-time, Adwords Advertiser counts, and a new keyword source, are just two of the new features that we snuck into the latest batch of updates. See if you can find the others!

Stay tuned for more! :)