Announcing Market Samurai’s NEW Rank Tracker

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Hi Team,

Today, I’m excited to be releasing the Mystery Module to you.

Monitor Your Site’s Rankings with the Market Samurai Rank Tracker

Just like every other module inside Market Samurai, our Rank Tracker’s function is simple.

It doesn’t just monitor and track your position in the search engines…

It helps you to make more money, with less time, and less effort, from your online business.

Let me show you what I mean, and reveal 2 specific strategies for cutting down the time and effort that you put into your web-site, while you get better rankings, traffic and sales:

If you don’t own Market Samurai yet, click here purchase your copy now to get instant access to Market Samurai’s new Rank Tracking module.

The Importance of Rankings

In simple terms, the reason you should monitor your rankings is because every tiny increase in rankings that you receive gives you a substantial increase in traffic.

These are the top 10 results inside Google, and the percentage of times that they get clicked.

Rank % of Clicks Visits per 1,000
1 42.1% 421
2 11.9% 119
3 8.5% 85
4 6.1% 61
5 4.9% 49
6 4.1% 41
7 3.4% 34
8 3.0% 30
9 2.8% 28
10 3.0% 30

What Do You Notice About The Clicks?

It doesn’t take much more than a glance to see that the closer we are to the top of the listings, the more potential customers visit our web-site.

Visitors select higher results far more often than they select results below.

So if the search engines were sending out 1,000 visitors per day for a keyword, the #1 result would receive 421 of them.

But each time you step down that ladder, there’s a massive drop in the amount of traffic that you get.

Here’s where ranking matters – big time!

Position #1 might get 421 visitors…

But position #2 might only get 119 (just over 1/4 of the visitors of position #1);
Position #3 would get just 81 visitors (1/5th of the visitors of position #1);
Position #6 would receive just 41 visitors per day (1/10th of the visitors of position #1);

So to step up from position 2, to position 1, could result in 3 or 4 times more sales for us.

Or to step from position 6 to 1 could mean we earn TEN TIMES more sales.

These are tiny steps in rankings – but GIANT LEAPS for your bank balance.

STEP 1: Know Your Rankings

You can’t improve something if you’re not tracking it.

And this is the first thing that Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker module will do for you..

With the click of a button, you can now get up-to-date data on:

  • Where all of your web-pages rank in your market;
  • In all 3 major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN);
  • Tracking your rank in any one of 234 countries and regions;
  • For as many keywords as you choose;
  • Including the details of all multiple listings that you have – not just the first listing;
  • Right down to the 1,000th result – the deepest rank tracking analysis of any rank tracker available today

You’ll also get up-to-date PageRank and Backlink data for all of your ranking pages

You will be able to see how many pages are indexed by the search engines on your site…

You can monitor the rankings of ANY Web 2.0 content alongside your website’s rankings – including your YouTube videos, Squidoo lenses and Ezine Articles…

AND – most importantly – you can see at a glance which pages are rising, and which are falling in the search engines, with color-coded charts, and graphs that show your site’s rankings over time:

STEP 2: Focus on the areas of Maximum Results

Once we see where our strongest rankings are, we can focus our efforts on these pages and get the maximum return from our efforts.

That’s because you will have two things working in your favour:

1) The Search Engine Numbers

Remember how we saw that a site ranked #2 in Google could get THREE to FOUR times more potential customers from that keyword if they were ranked #1?

Or if we were ranked #6, we could get a TEN FOLD increase by hitting that top spot?

In both cases, we’re making small improvements to already strong numbers – and seeing BIG returns as a reward.

That’s because it’s not going from position 900 to position 100 in the search engines that gives you the biggest returns – it’s going from position 2 or 3 to position 1 that creates the biggest results for us.

2) SOMETHING must be working already!

The second reason you want to focus on improving already positive rankings is because it’s a great sign if you’re ALREADY getting good results from a keyword…

If you’re already ranking well for a keyword, you’re either doing something right – or you’re in a weak market.

Whatever the reason is, this is a good sign. From here, it’s easy to go the next step – and rank even better.

This is the first thing you should check in Rank Tracker

So Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker tells us where we should be focussing our efforts – by identifying the keywords we rank well for, we can create substantial increases in profits through tiny shifts in our rankings.

That’s the first obvious step to maximise your profits with the minimum amount of effort – to focus on where we can get the maximum profits.

Now, it’s time to be lazy…

Let’s get those results with the minimum amount of effort

STEP 3: Only Do The Things That Create Results

If you’re an engineer you’ll know that one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary work and delays is to avoid waste.

We want to avoid wasting time and effort on things that don’t work and don’t give us results.

But the problem with SEO is that there are SO MANY conflicting opinions on what works and what doesn’t – and the truth is, many of the “opinions” and “theories” out there are dead wrong!

So let me cut through the confusion, and give you one simple rule…

One Simple Rule for Getting Rankings

Just take one strategy – it doesn’t matter what it is – and do it.

Pick something simple, something that doesn’t take much time and effort, and do it.

Then track it in Rank Tracker.

If your site’s ranking rises, keep doing it.

Do it over and over again until that one thing stops working.

Then, try something else.

Simple, common sense thinking – isn’t it? But it’s only possible if you are actually tracking where you rank in the search engines.

It’s the END of “Hoping” to Rank

That’s the beauty of Rank Tracker… It takes the guesswork out of SEO strategies.

  • You’ll see search engines as they discover your backlinks – and see whether or not those backlinks result in better rankings.
  • You can put up lots of fresh, new content – and find out whether the volume of content on your site affects rankings.
  • You can monitor the affect of new backlinks on your PageRank – then monitor the affect of PageRank on your rankings. Is it SEO voodoo?
  • You can test different link building strategies – which ones work, and which ones don’t?

And whatever you do, you can see almost instantly.

It All Comes Down To This One Simple Question…

“Did this increase my rankings in the search engines?”

If it does, keep doing it.

If it doesn’t – stop and try something else.

It’s THAT simple.

The Samurai Edge for Tracking Your Site

Not only are we launching a Rank Tracker inside Market Samurai today – we’re leading the market – launching the most fully-featured rank tracking tool available ANYWHERE.

While most other search engine rank tracking software costs between $99 and $389:

  • No other software will track your rankings as DEEP as Market Samurai’s rank tracker – which can monitor down to 1,000 results.
  • No other software will give you as much data on your rankings
  • No other software will track the rankings ALL of your sites, and ALL of your content – including content on 3rd party sites – like content that you upload YouTube, Squidoo and Ezine Articles.

PLUS – Most other search engine rank tracking software will make you pay to stay updated.

So you might pay $250 to get started for the first year – but to keep your software running 12 months later, expect to pay $250 again (or worse, get locked into a subscription plan!) to get required upgrades every year that you do rank tracking – for as long as you’re running your online business.

But we’re NOT going to do it that way.

As of today, our Rank Tracker is being released as a core part of Market Samurai.

That means there are no subscription costs to pay.

You get full access to the Market Samurai Rank Tracker for a single one-time payment.

So if you already own Market Samurai, you’ll pay no more to get access to this feature – it’s already yours. Just download the latest update, and begin using it right away.

If you don’t already own Market Samurai, you will receive Rank Tracker today at no additional cost as part of your Market Samurai purchase.


This is something that we can only “give away” for a limited time.

The reason all other rank trackers make you pay ongoing fees for updates is because those updates come at a cost.

Right now, we’re absorbing these costs ourselves…

But this can’t happen forever.

Sooner or later, we will need to raise our costs, or begin charging subscription fees in order to keep up with our exponentially-growing user base.

So if you want the benefits of Rank Tracker, full access to all other Market Samurai tools, and free lifetime access to all updates – make sure you purchase your copy right now, while the price is so low.

Click here to get your copy now – and begin using Rank Tracker right away.

Want More Information on How To Use Rank Tracker?

Head over to the Rank Tracker section of our Tutorials area.

We have created a series of short videos for you view there, designed to take you through how to set up Rank Tracker and begin tracking your rankings.


Edit: Competition winners from our “Guess the Mystery Module” competition have not been announced yet. Unfortunately, with an incredible 1,338 responses, it’s taking us longer than we expected to read all of the responses submitted. We will be announcing winners ASAP.