Market Samurai’s #1 Most Requested Feature: Fixed Headers

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The #1 most requested feature for Market Samurai was fixed column headers…

…Column headings that stay visible at the top of the page as you scroll down, so that you can easily work out what the data in each column refers to.

And finally, it’s here.

Fixed column headings are one of the most recent additions to Market Samurai – and they’re available for you to use right now.

Fixed Headers Screenshot

Looks simple… But it wasn’t easy…

I really admire the persistence of Market Samurai’s programmers here.

Let me share their story…

Already, the headers were being used to sort and filter data, resize the column widths to fit the page, and were being hidden when deselected…

After over a dozen failed attempts, the Samurai programmers still couldn’t find a way to make the headings stick at the top of the screen.

These are guys who have built search engines, operating systems, content management systems, micro kernels – and all of the other high-tech features inside Market Samurai… but it looked like this one seemingly simple task had beaten them…

…That Was Until A Few Weeks Ago…

Late one night, they struck success.

It finally worked!

Big smiles beamed from triumphant developers well into the night, and into the next day…

And shortly after – Market Samurai’s most requested feature was released to all users, in all current versions of Market Samurai.

That means (if you haven’t discovered it yet) you can open Market Samurai to find our most requested feature has been delivered – fixed column headers – column headings stay in place as you scroll down.

This makes it easier to analyze data inside the Keyword Research module, and work out what all of the figures mean.

Check it out.

So open up Market Samurai now and have a play with this new cool feature!

Thank-you yet again to all of our users for all of your feedback.

It’s because of your feedback that the team made it a personal challenge to make this feature happen for you.

Keep your comments coming in – they don’t go unheard. :)


P.S. – As always, if you haven’t used Market Samurai yet, make sure you get your free trial now and let it find more visitors for your web-site.