The Power of Promotion – The Deadly Art of Backlinks

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Greetings from the Dojo!

Dr Anthony and Ben have made a major addition to the dojo – a full three part training pack for the Promotions Module. Those of you subscribed to the new iTunes feed would have already seen these appear in your Podcasts updates.

When it comes to obtaining top search engine rankings, there are only so many things that you can do to improve your On Page optimization.

If you really want the top spots in Google then it’s vital that you understand the impact of Off Page factors such as your link network.

This new training deals with the tricky and often misunderstood topic of backlinks which are one of the best ways to improve the Off Page ranking factors of your site.

The Promotions Module Training

Training on PC, Android and iPad

But what is a backlink?

Where do they come from? Can you keep them as pets?

The new training will take you from one end of backlinks to the other – looking at what a backlink is, how to get backlinks for your site and just how they help you when you have them.

Video #1: Backlink Basics

The first video in the training pack looks at backlinks from the ground up – what a backlink is, how to get backlinks and why different backlinks are valuable to your site.

Video #2: Authority and Quality

Once you’re familiar with the concept of backlinks, Anthony will take you through the relative attributes of backlinks – what makes one backlink potentially more valuable than another. He also looks at some high authority backlink sources, such as DMOZ, Yahoo! Directory and .edu/.gov backlinks.

Video #3: The Magic of Pingbacks

In the third video, Anthony will show you how Market Samurai can be used to set up pingbacks.

If you are serious about building your backlinks then this video is a MUST.

Pingbacks are a type of backlink that don’t require a link exchange with another site, and they can be made quickly and efficiently without fear of Google thinking you are a dreaded “link spammer”.

Using pingbacks will enable you to create a host of strong, content-relevant reverse sink or swim links – the cornerstone of a good backlink network.

…Practicing the Art…

Once you’ve been through these videos, open up Market Samurai and give it a shot – you’ll find just how easy it is to create a strong backlink network for your site.

But remember – driving people to your site and increasing your traffic is all pointless unless you can find a way to make money from your visitors.

Next week we’ll be looking at perhaps the strongest module in Market Samurai, the Monetization module.

Stay tuned to the Blog!


P.S. – Market Samurai’s Promotion module is part of the full version of Market Samurai. If you haven’t purchased Market Samurai, and you want access to the Promotion module, click here to purchase now.