Finding Content is now Faster and Easier too!

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Hi Samurai

It’s Ben Galt here.

Market Samurai’s “Find Content” module has just been overhauled, with a new and improved set of features and it’s my pleasure as the newest member of the Noble Samurai team to share these new features with you today!

Do you want to shred the time it currently takes you to find high quality content for your blogs and social networking pages?

These new features are designed to save you precious time and effort when analyzing content and are available in Market Samurai version 0.80.1 and beyond.

One Combined List Of Content Results

While merging all of the selected content sources into one list of results is a minor change, it has a major impact.

Previously, content was categorized – all Ezine Articles were in one list, all YouTube videos in another, all Wikipedia articles in another, etc.

This meant it was difficult to compare articles against one another – and it meant it took more clicks to view each piece of content.

But now, with all content in a single list, with as little as two clicks you can find and filter dozens of articles, and uncover the best content for your needs.

Fetch More Content From Each Source Simultaneously

If the first set of results that you receive aren’t what you are looking for, you can now tell Market Samurai to find even more content for you (from the content sources that you have selected) with ONE click.

All you need to do is press this “Fetch more” button:

Analyze Multiple Pieces Of Content At Once

Being able to analyze all of your content, or analyze a select few with one click is surely my favorite addition to this new release because it saves so much time filtering out the types of content you want to avoid.

Previously, you would need to click on each article individually to see it’s PageRank, backlinks and age – over-and-over-again, clicking-each-and-every-article.

Now, you can analyze all of the pieces of content on your screen in just a few SECONDS with just one click.

Sort Content By Its Merit

The ability to sort through hundreds of articles to find the ones that best fit your criteria, with only a few clicks is a tremendous advantage.

Simply click on one of the acronyms at the top of the list to sort by that attribute.

View Content In A New Window

Now you are able to view each article in a new window, which vastly increases the viewable area and reduces the amount of scrolling required to view each piece of content, and makes it easier for you to read and review the content that Market Samurai finds for you.

And this ultimately makes your viewing experience more pleasant.

In Summary:

  • One consolidated list of content results reduces the number of clicks required to preview content that comes from different sources;
  • “Fetch more” now returns results for ALL your selected content sources with one click;
  • Articles can now be sorted by their analysis results eliminating manual evaluation;
  • “Analyze selected” and “analyze all” features SLASH the time required to get to the sorting stage, and;
  • Content can now be viewed in a new window with greater viewing area for ease of reading.

Remember, all of these features have been integrated because of common requests and suggestions by you, so keep them coming!


P.S. – The “Find Content” module is a part of the full version of Market Samurai – so these features are only available to you if you are inside a current trial period, or if you own the full version of Market Samurai.

If you don’t have access to these features, and would like to upgrade your copy of Market Samurai, you can upgrade to the full version of Market Samurai here.