Market Samurai Affiliate Program Launch: 72 Hours and Counting!

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For a while now, the Market Samurai Affiliate Program has been one of our most requested “features”.

So, in less than 72 hours, we will be publicly launching the Market Samurai Affiliate Program with a BIG celebration event.

This means:

  • BIG opportunities for BIG commissions;
  • Plenty of BIG rewards and bonus prizes for affiliates;
  • And much, much more…

If you already own a copy of Market Samurai, and you want to reserve your spot in the affiliate program, make sure you enter your details here to receive your affiliate code on Monday (when the affiliate program launches):

If you want to find out more about the affiliate program, and the cool gadgets and gizmo’s we’re giving away, keep reading…

12 Great Reasons to Join the Market Samurai Affiliate Program

There are a lot of great things about becoming a Market Samurai affiliate.

For starters – Market Samurai is an established, reputable tool, with a solid user base.

It sells well already (and keeps selling better and better every month), and the commissions on sales you refer are big – so being a Market Samurai stands to make you good money.

It takes practically no effort to promote. (Chances are you’re already telling 1 person a month about Market Samurai anyway. Why not make commissions when they buy.)

PLUS – as an affiliate you have the opportunity to earn some BIG rewards. (Did somebody say iPads?)

Let’s look at the facts:

  1. FACT: Earn Big Commissions

    Just by telling people about Market Samurai, you earn a big 48% commission when they buy.

    This sees you earning between $46.56 and $71.52 for every sale.

    This means…

  2. FACT: It’s Easy to Make Good Money

    If all you did was tell ONE friend per month about Market Samurai, and based on your personal recommendation they bought, that’s between $550 – $860 extra per year in your pocket.

    If you put a banner on your blog, and refer 1 more sale per month, that’s now $1,100 – $1,720 in your pocket.

    Do a few blog posts (one a month – perhaps talking about different tools inside Market Samurai and how you use them), refer just 10 sales from each blog post, and you’re now earning $6,680 – $10,300.

    And if you have an email list – start multiplying these numbers. (I’ll show you why in a moment.)

    It doesn’t take much effort to make a lot of money as a Market Samurai affiliate. Promoting a free download has never been so profitable!

  3. FACT: No Selling Necessary, No Pitching Necessary

    As you’re starting to see, promoting Market Samurai is so easy that you can barely call it “promotion”:

    All you need to do is invite as many people as you can to download a free trial of this cool marketing software called Market Samurai. (A “no-brainer” – people love free software.)

    Once they’ve signed up, you can sit back and let us do the “selling” for you.

    Our autoresponders, free training content and special offers do the hard work selling Market Samurai for you – on autopilot.

    Of course you can choose to promote the sale yourself (and convert even more signups to buyers, based on your own personal recommendation to buy).

    But if “selling” isn’t your skill, we’ve got you covered. You just get as many people to download a free trial as possible and we’ll do the selling for you.

    The best part is – it doesn’t matter WHEN or HOW someone buys – if you referred the sale, you get the commission.

  4. FACT: Permanent Hard-Coded Lifetime Affiliate Cookies

    Having permanent, hard-coded, lifetime affiliate cookies is something every affiliate program should offer – but most don’t.

    A lifetime affiliate cookie means it doesn’t matter if someone you refer buys Market Samurai today, or in a year from today – if you’ve referred the signup, you earn the commission when they buy.

    Plus, hard-coded affiliate cookies means your affiliate code is permanently tied to the user when they download Market Samurai – for life. And this means, unlike other affiliate programs, there’s no need to worry about losing sales when people clear their cookies, or the cookies expire.

    Our cookies never expire – they signups you refer locked in your name for life.

    (So the more people you refer to download the free trial of Market Samurai, the more people are locked in our system to your name, the more commissions you make.)

  5. FACT: High Conversion Rates – Market Samurai Sells Itself

    Did I mention Market Samurai sells well?

    Here are some stats we’ve never released before…

    So far, 20-25% of everyone who has ever downloaded a free trial of Market Samurai has ended up buying.

    (One big partner even achieved a 46% conversion rate – download-to-sales – and earned a whopping 6-figure commission payment that month. But even if you ignore that single promotion, the average conversion rate still sits around 20-25%.)

    Yes, 20-25% are our average conversion rates – sales from downloads.

    Obviously your mileage may vary – depending on a whole heap of factors (such as how qualified the leads are that you refer, and whether you follow up and promote the sale – not just the download.)

    But if you’re promoting Market Samurai to fresh, qualified leads that are targeted to online marketing, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve these high conversion rates too.

    Again – your goal is simple… Just get as many people as possible to download the free trial of Market Samurai. From there, Market Samurai sells itself.

    More signups means more sales and more commissions in your pocket.

  6. FACT: You Get Access To Our Best Promotional Offers

    This is one of the secrets to our selling success – we’ve created offers that are practically too good to refuse.

    These offers have been reviewed, tested, mailed and proven by some of the most respected names in the internet marketing industry who have recommended Market Samurai to their lists…

    …We’d be crazy if we didn’t let you have access to these high-converting offers too!

    So as a Market Samurai affiliate, you’ll get access to all of our proven promotional materials – for you to “swipe” and use as you choose.

    The best part is the feedback you’ll receive when you promote Market Samurai.

  7. FACT: People THANK You For Recommending Our Top Rated Software

    People’s love of Market Samurai is obvious whenever you see it mentioned on forums, blog posts, comments, at seminars, in training, or even on our own site…

    Any time Market Samurai is mentioned, people talk about Market Samurai with glowing praise, talking about it as the best investment they’ve ever made.

    On forums and in blog posts, Market Samurai makes the list as one “must-have” internet marketing product. And it’s independently rated one of the top 10 internet marketing products of all time according to IM Report Card.

    Market Samurai isn’t one of “those” internet marketing products that you probably receive 100 emails a day about… (You know the ones – here today, gone tomorrow, never making an impression – the type of product that burns the reputations (and email lists) of everyone who promotes.)

    Instead, Market Samurai is something that you can promote with confidence – because it’s solid, valuable, and actually works.

    In fact, many people who have recommended Market Samurai to their lists have actually received THANK YOU emails!

    (Get that! – You promote something because it works for you, you earn commissions on sales, and then you receive letters of thanks saying “Thank you for promoting this product to me.”!!)

    This is a reputation we’ve worked hard to create, and a reputation that we’ll continue to protect, so that you can promote Market Samurai with confidence.

  8. FACT: Over 150,000 people already use our products…

    From 0 to 150,000+ people using Market Samurai in under 2 years.

    This speaks for itself as a sign of how big demand is for Market Samurai worldwide.

    If you’re thinking “With over 150,000 users, surely everyone who wants Market Samurai already. Surely demand is dropping by now…” – you’re dead wrong!

  9. FACT: …Demand For Market Samurai STILL Keeps Growing!

    Yes, we’ve had explosive growth over our 2 short years… But every month, demand seems to grow faster.

    Last month, we didn’t do any big promotions. Yes, we released some training and some free new updates – but no big JVs, no huge partner promotions… When it comes to marketing and sales, last month was a boring month.

    But, last month was STILL one of our biggest months for sales and signups to date.

    Every month, more and more people decide to start marketing online, and go looking for the best tools for the job; Or they decide to switch from their other (less reliable, more expensive, lower-featured) software – and find Market Samurai; Or they hear about Market Samurai through word-of-mouth referrals.

    And every month, demand keeps growing.

  10. FACT: Untapped International Opportunities

    There are also a lot of untapped markets out there waiting for affiliates to exploit, where few people know about Market Samurai.

    For example, we have disproportionately low numbers of users in the UK, South America, Asia, and Continental Europe – just to name a few.

    These are some of the biggest (growing) markets for internet marketing in the world.

    So if you have a following in any of these markets, or if you know how to get into these untapped regions, there’s big potential to make big commissions as a Market Samurai affiliate.

  11. FACT: The Early Movers Will Catch The Biggest Opportunities

    Until today, the only way to become a Market Samurai affiliate was by-invitation-only, as a Market Samurai partner.

    This means we have relatively few Market Samurai affiliates.

    But when we open the floodgates on Monday, so that all Market Samurai owners can become affiliates, it will be the fast-movers who make the biggest gains.

  12. FACT: The Affiliate Program is EXCLUSIVE to Market Samurai Owners

    That means, if you already own the full version of Market Samurai, you can sign up right now to get your affiliate code on Monday.

    And, when the affiliate program launches on Monday, you won’t have to worry about competing against mega-affiliates who have never used Market Samurai and just want to cash in on our affiliate launch…

    Why is the Market Samurai affiliate program open exclusively to Market Samurai full version owners?

    In short, because we want to reward YOU – our loyal customers.

    To Full-Version Owners of Market Samurai:

    Your purchase helped us to fund our growth, and improve Market Samurai to the point where we now have well over 150,000 people using our software worldwide. For this, we are thankful.

    Plus – When you recommend Market Samurai to others, your recommendation carries integrity because you actually own and use the software yourself. And we want affiliates who have integrity.

    Because of these two points, we want you as an affiliate.

    Sure, we’d make a lot more money if everyone could promote Market Samurai – regardless of whether they’ve even used Market Samurai or not…

    But why should we put “mega-affiliates” ahead of the real, genuine, loyal customers who supported us when we were just starting out?

    That is why we’re opening the Market Samurai Affiliate Program exclusively to you.

    To Trial Users of Market Samurai:

    If you don’t own the full version of Market Samurai yet, it’s not too late…

    All you need to do is purchase a copy of Market Samurai before signing up to the affiliate program.

    If you purchase and sign up to the affiliate program by Monday, you can use this discount link to purchase.

Get In Early to Earn Additional Bonuses:
NEW iPhone 4G’s, NEW iPad 3G’s and more!…

To celebrate the launch of the Market Samurai Affiliate Program, and to reward fast movers, we’re going to have some fun!

For every signup you refer between Monday the 14th of June and Sunday the 27th of June, you have the opportunity to unlock big bonus prizes.

iPhone 4G

These prizes include iPads, the new iPhone 4G (the yet-to-be-released one that was announced this week), and more!

iPad 3G

We’re aiming to give away dozens of each prize – you won’t need to be a “top 10″ affiliate to win – instead, prizes are “unlocked” when you reach signup targets.

By getting more signups, you unlock bigger and better prizes.

To find out full prize details, you’ll need to sign up here – we’ll send all your affiliate details, plus details on prizes and milestones on Monday when the affiliate program launches.

Full legal terms and conditions of the affiliate program, and launch competition, can be found here.

Want an iPad, iPhone – and more?
The Grand Prize: The Apple Pack-intosh

The Market Samurai Affiliate Program launch wouldn’t be complete without a Grand Prize.

Our Grand Prize, for the affiliate who gains the most sign ups during the first two weeks, is the huge “Apple Pack-intosh”.

This is a collection of the latest expensive Apple gadgets and goodies – including:

  • MacBook Pro - 15″ full-spec’d out, and portable - Estimated Value: $2,300
  • iPhone 4G – the yet-to-be-released NEW iPhone 4G 32GB - Estimated Value: $300
  • iPad 3G – top of the line iPad WIFI+3G 64GB – Estimated Value: $830
  • Apple TV - 160GB of entertainment TV awesome – Estimated Value: $230
  • Apple Keyboard – Bluetooth wireless keyboard for iPad/MacBook – Estimated Value: $70
  • Magic Mouse – with multi-touch interface – Estimated Value: $70
  • AND a set of Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Speakers – simply because they’re cool… - Estimated Value: $600

Total Estimated Value: $4,400 USD

We have only ONE of these “Apple Pack-intosh” mega-packs to give away in the next two weeks – so once you reach the final signup target, it’s a “King of the Hill” race to see who will walk away the grand prize away.

Market Samurai Affiliate Program Launch Details

The Market Samurai Affiliate Program will launch on Monday the 14th of June.

To be eligible for the prizes above, you must promote between Monday the 14th of June and Sunday the 27th of June 2010. Only signups within these dates will be counted towards your prize.

(These times will be measured in Australian Eastern Standard Time – so make sure you check out the clock in the affiliate area to make sure you’re synced up.)

Remember: Every Market Samurai sign up you refer is locked to your affiliate code for life.

So the next two weeks mean you earn double…

Not only do you unlock big prizes, you also earn big commissions when the leads you refer buy Market Samurai (whether that’s right away, or years from now.)

Affiliate Program Eligibility

If you already own a full-version copy of Market Samurai, make sure you sign up now – so that you receive your affiliate code on Monday (as soon as the affiliate program launches):

But, again, if you don’t own Market Samurai yet, it’s not too late…

You can still upgrade to the full version of Market Samurai – and then join the affiliate program, promote, and recoup your purchase cost and more through the affiliate commissions you earn. (If you sign up before Monday, you can use this discount link to get Market Samurai at the discounted price of $97.)

Word Of Warning:
The Market Samurai Affiliate Program Is NOT For You – IF

Remember how I said we were limiting the affiliate program because we’re more interested in rewarding loyal customers – and maintaining our integrity – than pimping ourselves to every affiliate who wants to make a quick buck selling Market Samurai?

It’s all true.

We’re willing to make less money – and refuse or reject affiliates – if it means we get the RIGHT affiliates.

The Affiliate Program is NOT for you if…

If you want to promote Market Samurai using car-crash-style “Market Samurai is a scam” ads, SPAM, black hat techniques (like cookie-stuffing), lies, dirty tricks and scams…

…Then don’t even bother applying.

You will be rejected, refused or simply booted out – and applying to the affiliate program will just waste your time and ours.

Our reputation is worth far more to us than a few extra sales. (That’s why we’re “Noble Samurai” – not “Evil Ninjas”.)

The Affiliate Program IS for you if…

But if you own Market Samurai, and you want to make some extra cash recommending Market Samurai, plus help a whole lot of people achieve better results online in the process…

…Then you’re the kind of high integrity VIP we want to reward (with prizes and big commissions) through the affiliate program.

If this is you, make sure you sign up now so that you’re ready to go on Monday when we email you your affiliate launch pack.

Speak to you again on Monday!

Brent Hodgson
Noble Samurai

P.S. – Don’t forget – it all begins on Monday! (Roughly 72 hours from now.)

So make sure you’ve signed up before the floodgates open to maximise your signups and commission earnings (and get your hands on the best signup bonus prize in the process!)

Here‘s the signup link again.