Writing Ad Copy in Under 3 Minutes: No Skill Required

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For most people, writing effective sales copy (even for a simple ad) takes a long time and a lot of effort.

But most people write their ads the hard way.

They open up a blank Word document… Then, carefully craft a written sales pitch by hand.

It’s no wonder it takes a long time.

If you’re going to write effective ad copy this way, you need 4 things:

  1. Sales Skills – to be convincing in your pitch and make the sale;
  2. Writing Skills – to communicate your message effectively;
  3. Technical Skills – to upload the ad to the web;
  4. PLUS an investment of your own Time & Effort – to make it happen.

Are You a Natural Web Copy Writer?… What, You’re NOT?

Most of us aren’t born with natural talent in writing, salesmanship and technology -

Sure, there are natural Sales-People, natural Writers, and people with good natural Technical skills – and sure, it’s possible to build these skills over time…

But if you’re lacking in just one of these areas, and you’re trying to turn your website traffic into dollars – chances are:

  • You’re Spending Far Too Much Time and Energy Creating Affiliate Ads;
  • You’re Not Getting the Results You Want from Your Ads;
  • OR – You’re Simply Not Writing Ads At All

All 3 options suck, suck, and suck!

But hey – it’s okay!

The 3-Minute Solution to Copywriting Woes…

Writing copy is hard – and it’s a BIG barrier to making money online that stands in MOST peoples’ way…

That’s why we created the Copywriting Tools inside Market Samurai’s New Monetization Module – to make it even easier to make money online.

And using Market Samurai’s Copywriting Tool, you can write an affiliate promotion in 3 minutes flat – without even typing a word.

View on YouTube: Watch “Writing Ad Copy” on YouTube

How To Write An Ad in 3 Minutes Flat:

The secret to being a great ad copy writer is knowing how to COPY great ads ;)

Okay, I say that tongue-in-cheek…

…But think about that for a moment…

If you’re promoting a product (particularly as an affiliate), and the sales copy that is being used to sell the product on the main site is making sales already – it makes sense to use it!

Market Samurai helps you to do this – letting you use “chunks” of existing sales copy as the basis for your own ads.

And the best part is – it takes away the need for sales skills, writing skills, technical skills – and lets you create an ad in just a few minutes.

Here’s how to do it:

Select a Product

As you’ve seen already – Market Samurai helps you to search the 4 main affiliate marketplaces (Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon and PayDotCom), filter out the bad offers, and short-list the good.

Choose a Template

I picked a blog sidebar ad here – because I can put this on the side of my blog, and it will appear on every page of my blog – meaning I can monetize my entire site with one ad.

Select a Good Headline

Just scroll through the list until you find a good one…

Then just drag-and-drop in… No Typing Required :)

Insert some Compelling Sales Copy

I like picking a “chunk” of text that gives the reader a reason to want the product – then a chunk that tells them what the product is about – then a chunk telling them to buy.

It’s up to you how you use the chunks.

You can choose to use the chunks as-is (where allowed – which can potentially maximize your conversion rates because you’re using already high-converting copy), you can mix in your own text, or you can take existing chunks and tweak them with your own words. It’s up to you.

Insert a Picture

OK – you don’t have to do this… But it takes like an extra 10-20 seconds… And it looks pretty!

(Oh yeah, and it grabs the readers’ attention too – and more attention means more sales!)

Insert a Button

We have 117 bright “call-to-action” buttons – in red, green and blue – ready for you to insert directly into your ad… Just drag and drop them in.

(Did I mention – more attention means more sales?)

Put In Your Affiliate Link

With a click, your affiliate link gets automatically generated and inserted wherever you have selected.

Tip: I like making practically everything on the ad clickable. Heatmap studies show people frequently click on images in addition to calls to action and buttons, and more clicks means more sales.

You can also obfuscate (hide), shorten, and track clicks on your affiliate links with a click – using one of the tools that Market Samurai integrates with already.

(Tracking clicks is brilliant – because it helps you to work out which ads are working, and which ones aren’t.)


Market Samurai will publish to your blog at the click of a button – so you don’t need any technical skills to publish your ad, and there’s no extra time or effort needed logging into a separate system or uploading files by FTP.

…And You’re DONE!


Market Samurai takes all of these tasks (tasks that you would have otherwise done manually, with much more time and effort) and streamlines them all into quick steps that you can complete in a few seconds.


Because in just a few minutes, you have an affiliate promotion set up – and you’re turning site traffic into money.

It’s never been so fast (or so easy) to find a product, write an effective ad, publish it, promote a product and make money.

Using Market Samurai, each step in the affiliate marketing process takes just a few seconds to complete – rather than spending an hour (or potentially more) researching, writing and uploading an ad.


You’re seeing how much time this saves for just one ad – for one blog – in one niche.

If you’re using niche marketing to earn a full-time income, the process can save you HOURS, or even DAYS – and allow you to monetize dozens of blogs in the time it previously took you to monetize one or two.

And that’s before you even consider the potential $$$ gains.

This is Where Market Samurai Pays For Itself…

The best part is – it only takes a few well-priced affiliate sales using the Monetization Module, and your investment in Market Samurai has paid for itself.

If you already own Market Samurai, this tool is yours already. Use it now!

If you don’t own Market Samurai yet, you can get your copy here.



Edit: A few people raised the issue of copyright infringement in comments below – and whether Market Samurai is promoting copyright infringement.

This is absolutely not the case – and will never be the case. (We’re “Noble Samurai” – not “Evil Ninjas”.)

Let me start by saying: When dealing with a legal issue, it’s important to remember that every country has its own laws relating to copyright – so the only advice I can give here is to say if copyright law is of concern to you, you should get specific legal advice about how to treat copyright in your own specific circumstances.

There are a lot of considerations around copyright – such as Fair Use (how much is copied, how it’s used, whether it devalues the original work, etc).

As someone who runs an affiliate program – we happily give permission to affiliates to use portions of our sales pages to promote Market Samurai, because we want them to make sales.

(This is win-win-win – we win when a customer buys Market Samurai, the affiliate wins when someone buys Market Samurai, and the consumer wins because they get accurate information about what our product does do.)

Remember though – Market Samurai’s Copywriting Tool allows you to “use the chunks as-is (where allowed…)” or tweak and rewrite them. This was specifically addressed in the blog post above.

Don’t be afraid of tweaking and rewriting text – it can only take a few seconds to tweak, edit and rewrite the text inside Market Samurai and make it your own.

And it’s still much faster to tweak and rewrite existing (profitable, converting) sales copy using Market Samurai’s tools than it is to create your own sales copy from scratch, starting with a blank Word document.

But if you’d prefer not to tweak or rewrite anything – do some research on the law in your area, or contact the copyright holder to get express permission to use small pieces of their sales letter to create your own ads.