Is this the ‘NEW’ SEO?

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Future of SEOFollowing the carnage of Google’s Penguin update and the release of their Disavow tool, I’ve noticed an interesting shift taking place in the SEO community.

I must admit, when I hear a new idea for the first time, I usually take it with a grain of salt…

BUT – when several people I respect start talking about the SAME idea – that’s when I sit up and take notice.

Here’s What Happened…

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a ‘Whiteboard Friday’ session by Rand Frishkin.

Rand predicted that over the next 6-12 months there’d be a major shift away from ‘building’ links back towards ‘earning’ links, and suggested a number of cool ways to do this including:

  • Participating in online communities that are active and authentic in a way that people notice you and link to your content organically.
  • The SEOToolsCentre Sentence rewriter tool is the best paraphrasing tool website to change the any sentence without changing its meaning.
  • Becoming active on social media networks.
  • Guest blogging on ‘leading’ blogs in your niche.

The Next Piece of the Puzzle

Then last week on our ‘Disavow Tool’ webinar, Leslie Rhodie who is often called the ‘Godfather of SEO’ spoke about the importance of engaging with your market and shared the following slide:

When I saw this slide, I realised that Rand and Leslie were basically saying the same thing…

In a post Penguin world, the best way to secure top rankings, generate traffic and increase your sales was to connect with your market, deliver great content and focus on adding genuine value to the lives of your readers.

And then it hit me…

The ‘NEW SEO’ was in factMarket Leadership

Rather than trying to find a loophole in Google’s algorithm and ‘gaming’ the system, your efforts are now much better spent focusing on becoming a leader in your market.

The BIG problem with Market Leadership…

The only problem with this idea of becoming a market leader is that…

It takes FOREVER!

If you’re trying to regularly produce high quality articles, videos, and podcasts AND engage in conversation with your readers via Facebook and Twitter – you can easily end up working 10 hours a day.

In fact a CBS news article revealed that 61% of online business owners said they work six or more days per week, and more than 10 hours per day.

Now I don’t know about you, but that’s NOT why I started an online business!

How To Become A Market Leader In 5 Minutes a Day

The great news is that there is another way to become a market leader and we want to share it with you today.

You see last year I spoke at one of Ed Dale’s seminars, and I was lucky enough to be in the room, when a guy named Pete Williams delivered THE BEST presentation I have ever seen at an Internet Marketing event.

Pete has kindly given us permission to share part of that presentation with you, and in the following video – he reveals how to become a market leader in only 5 minutes a day.

It’s kinda like the 4 Hour Work Week – ON STEROIDS!

Everyone who has watched this video, has been totally blown away by what Pete can achieve in 5 minutes a day using a super smart system to leverage his time and knowledge.

The video’s only 14 minutes long, so be sure to watch all the way to the end.

Let us know what you thought about the video in the comments below, and if you’re interested in these ‘business hacks’ – make sure to sign up for our FREE upcoming webinar with Pete.

Warm Regards,

Eugene Ware
Noble Samurai

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189 Responses to “Is this the ‘NEW’ SEO?”

  1. Great, and also it’s why it is super important to get into a niche that you enjoy working in. Whether it’s surfing, spirituality, or smurfs, you just have to immerse yourself in the community, and yes, earn the links instead of working on building them. Market Leadership – where it’s at! Thanks Eugene.

    Rene Miller replied:

    Just wondering; that isn’t it possible that this is how it used to be? That the days before this Penguin and other such measures taken by Google were taken because they got tired of hearing people complain about how all of these “guru’s” were making it huge income wise by cheating the system with their linking methods? While other smaller entities who were really trying to bust in and be heard; wanting to make a living as well but weren’t interested at busting the internet markets wide open and being the richest guru on the block? Maybe, just maybe, Google already had all of this in mind when they decided to cut everyone down at the ankles so that they finally had to work for what they were getting? And they weren’t going to be able to go in and cream the crop with their shortcutting? I am not anyone, I don’t even understand it all yet because I am just starting out but it sounds like maybe I am beginning at just the right time and might have the chance to rank in a couple of places where I would not have had that chance before?
    I am just asking?

  2. Wow – that’s some great strategy. Looking forward to hearing more next Tuesday.

    George replied:

    The dictating responses for forum answers idea is pretty cool. Here’s a tip how to make it significantly easier on yourself and your VA:

    Ryan Mendenhall @Wordpress SEO replied:

    Great idea George! If you’re on a mac, you can do what Pete did, and instead of saving it and attaching it, you can drag the file directly from Quicktime player into your email under the question in the email. He didn’t show that, but he does it in other videos.

  3. This is great content. I’m in! Thanks for sharing this. See you on November 13th.

  4. Dude, that is absolutely AWESOME! That guy Pete Williams is the MAN! I’m definitely going to try the productivity hack that he shared in the video. Definitely signed up for the webinar too. Thank you for putting this good info together & sharing it for free.

    -Chris M.

    PS – The link to on is broken.

  5. Really Great tips !
    It’s only too bad that it wont be possible for me to register for the live webinar because 8PM US Time , equals 3AM local time for me…

    Do you think that a replay would be avaible ?

    Thanks !

    Tom replied:

    I would also like to know if there will be a replay of the webinar. I am unable to attend but would like to see this information.

  6. Firstly, Thanks to Eugene for organising for Pete to share this. Since the disavow tool has come out all I seem to have seen is scare tactics and people whining about it. This is great!! Its a positive response to tackling the changing world of SEO. We are in a changing world and I believe one that is better. Yes online marketing will be harder but it will force us to be less lazy and put more time into quality.

    I can see how this idea of Pete’s could be syndicated into a podcast and a video for You Tube as well quite simply. The VA could edit the recorded answer to clean it up and simply record the question up front. A simple video could be made with powerpoint or keynote as well.

  7. Great video, (yes I watched it all the way through) got some helpful tips on being more effective with my time with all the new Google changes, which have been driving me crazy!


  8. The video is pretty informative and something to think about – the Disavow tool used by google will not work as if it does then it is only to work on smaller companies as Google will not allow them to lose millions of visitors for the bigger international advertisers – it is trying to force people to use google adwords to raise more money for them!
    This in turn will open the door for more search engines to take over – as if google will only let people with top links in the 1st-4th pages of search results then smaller players will get kicked out unless spending fortune on adwords!
    Also the Disavow tool will fail as I for one and so will others starting linking bad links to our competitors!
    Hey if you have nothing to lose then why let google win by forcing companies to buy adwords!
    If enough of us start wiping out peoples advertising costs by doing bad links for them, then google will die!
    so Disavow is a publicity stunt to raise adword revenue and will fail!

    Infidel Mike replied:

    I still hope the FTC knocks Google on their *ss. Back in the early 80s, the major phone company had to be split up by the Feds. Why? Because they were so big they could do no wrong (in their eyes) — and the rest of the world had to put up with their **it.

    One thing I can honestly say is that Google’s search results have really gotten **itty. I look for information about marketing to attorneys — and Google gives me back information from 05 & 07 — really relevant, yeah…

    Other searches give me big classified sites.

  9. What great content! Not only was the “how to” an eye-opener, but the syndication process capped it…like the grand finale after the fireworks display on the 4th of July.

  10. Great concept regarding Market Leadership. I tried watching the video but it wouldn’t play. I will check back soon.

  11. I have been foolowing all the changes in SEO. My question: I have a new blog (listed above), and I just don’t know where to begin helping the site rank. My old way was to use social networks and services like “Social Adr” and “Social Monkee”. I am so tired of the hundreds of hours that gets wasted when Google changes the rules!

    Can you list the steps needed to get to the top of the search engines in this new SEO market?

    Are there any safe linking services that aren’t going to be targeted as spam in the future?

    Susannah replied:

    Hey Thomas, I’ve had tremendous help and results from Becker & Cass over at You’ll learn heaps from them and they also have an SEO service that rocks.

    Scott replied:

    Thomas, in all honesty, if you stay whitehat in all that you do and out the same effort into your SEO you will find that googles rule changes will not effect you so much.

    Quality Site + Quality Content + Quality Content Distribution = Quality Results

    I hope this simple formula helps you man :D

  12. Love the idea! This video gave me a ton of other ideas for outsourcing work while still using my own voice. Looking forward to the webinar.

  13. 13
    On November 3rd, 2012 at 5:16 am
    Dale Palsson said:

    Thanks for this information. The internet world is always changing and moving, but so do we. Looking forward to your webinar, I hope you post a recording of it, I have to be at work at that time. Also as a side note, that is election day here in the US, so keep that in mind.

  14. Eugene,
    Thank you for your great marketing and SEO techniques updates, they really help me getting up to speed.
    I have been dabbling with IM for 11 months now.
    Last February (just 9 months ago) I was pumping out a new landing page for a targeted niche product every three or four days, and getting some of these to rank on Google search PAGE ONE, and NUMBER 2 or 3 positions, within 4 to 5 days of publishing the page (with top notch on-page SEO).
    Things are VERY different now!
    Those pages no longer appear anywhere near page one…
    and I no longer can so easily get first page rankings for most of these long-tail targeted keyword pages.
    Google’s new algorythm upgrades have greatly changed my ranking results. My traffic, and sales, have dropped enormously.
    In September I finally realized that I must learn and implement market leadership in order to build a sustainable internet marketing business model.
    Thank Eugene you for your insights and your great posts for noble Samuri.
    I will be following you from now on.
    Peter Brenner, Toronto, Canada

  15. Fantastic video. I’ve never thought of doing it that way, and the syndication bit at the end is what makes it truly significant.

    What’s also great about this method is that you don’t have to guess what your target market wants to know about. They are telling you specifically!

    Times have changed for SEO, and if you aren’t incorporating techniques like these, in a very short time you’re going to be falling way behind.

  16. This is absolutely nothing new. Natural SEO has always been about being a leader in your niche and providing valuable content that people want to link to (link bait). Ask any of the real IMers that refuse to use the word “Guru” like Pat Flynn, David Risley, etc. They talk about building an online business and a brand.

    The only difference now with links is that it is quality over quantity. You need to have links from not only relevant content, but the content has to be on a relevant site/domain.

    Matt Cutts has already said that links are still bigger than Social Media, but they are working on adding the social signals to be a bigger part.

    So, essentially, you need to get you links are high quality relevant sites. The only difference than before is the word quality.

    Infidel Mike replied:

    The only problem is none of the high quality sites will probably want to link to you or will want to charge you a nice monthly sum for their high quality link.

    Brad replied:

    Depends on your niche and what you call quality. If you network within your niche, you should be able to find sites to post on. If not, you can always make your own network, which I am doing. Slowly but surely building nice, quality sites with unique content all on completely unique Class A, B, C IPs.

    Italysound replied:


  17. This is why I still continue to use Market Samuari over the competition.

    Exactly what I have been saying since Panda. If you want to be on the top, stop gaming the system and learn process to work smarter.

    Thanks Eugene, great article.

  18. Wow! What a great and unique way to engage in the conversations that propel market leadership!

    Although I’m not yet in a position to outsource this (any!) part of my new business, I can certainly adopt the strategy, get good at it, and work smarter at putting myself in a position to do so in the future!

    Thanks for sharing!


  19. This was a great video! I am really appreciating the value of being a Samurai products follower.

    Definitely looking forward to the webinar next week!


  20. Hi Eugene. Great post. Love the ‘hacking’ tips. I do have one reservation…there are no copyright issues when syndicating a forum question and reply?

  21. 21

    Thanks, but let me take a guess that Pete Williams is shortly launching a new product?

  22. I am sorry, but when is the last time Ed Dale actually did any real SEO? He is so far removed from reality that it is impossible to call him an authority. He talks about SEO a lot, but when was the last time he actually did this himself?


  23. Quality content is indeed the only way to get noticed and build authority, as it was in the age of print, but it’s good to see you tackling the “how”.

    Nice tactics in the video. Might as well upload that audio reply to your Podcast too.

  24. Hey Eugene!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this video. Although it is quite a bit difficult to understand everything I think I got what it is about but I don’t know exactly if this is applicable in my field.

    Anyways…have a great weekend!

  25. Not sure that Leslie’s webinar was worth much except to attempt to get people to pay him $500. He really didn’t prove much of anything during his presentation.

    But if he is right, doesn’t it effectively make Market Samurai completely useless?

  26. I agree with you Eugene, I’m astounded in fact that there are so many SEO agencies still advocating mass link building. We use Market Samurai when planning our blog content for clients both on and off site and we have done since Penguin. We work on the basis that great content attracts links naturally and usually these are highly relevant and therefore valuable link sources.

  27. no questions just wanted to sign up for webinar.

  28. great Video and insight how the professional’s do it will save hours each day.
    can’t wait for the webinar


  29. Hi Eugene,

    Im in



  30. This was a really great video, it does make really good sense to use these tips on Forums.

    You really could take these tips and use them in many different forms, like blogs and social media.

    Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to the webinar coming up.

  31. That was unusually helpful. I say “unusually” as time is THE premium for most of us out here, so grooving in a VA to make all of those steps work sounds actually workable. Where did Pete go to get his VA? Was it an overseas choice?

    Paul Barrs replied:

    Stan, don’t know where Pete goes for his VA’s, but about a year ago I ran a $20 add in the Warriors for Hire Section at the Warrior Forum (looking for VA to basically take over my mundane tasks) and received almost 40 responses within a day. I sorted through them, interviewed the top half dozen and selected 2…. my business life has changed dramatically since – for the better :)

  32. Hmmm, well it all sounds pretty interesting…but…I checked out Pete’s posterous account at and I’m still a little unclear as to how he is getting any backlinks or traffic to his main website. His forum posts don’t even have links in his signature.

    Also, he’s been very sporatic lately with his posting and some of the quoted forum posts are actually linked to a sales page instead of the actual forum post. How is this getting syndicated to other social media properties and giving his main “money” site any benefit?

    Maybe I’m missing something, I’d love it if someone could explain a little better.


    Martin replied:

    My thoughts exactly..! The last entry on his Posterous was 22nd August, and July 12th was the one before that – seems Pete has stopped actually doing most of what he recommends in this video..?

  33. This was a great video, will sign up today for webinar.

  34. Hi Stan..

    Thought I’d chime in.. I have a staff outsourcing firm in the Philippines and we hire VAs from all over the world. In fact we have started a division devoted specifically to the hiring of ELITE Virtual Assistants.. my partner Shereen Vesalpour can help you source a great VA on a decent budget, her email is

  35. Thanks for this inspiring video. I would love to see this webinar but because of the time difference i can’t (it will be shown 3 am). Will there be a recording of this that you can sent to my mail?

    Keep up the good work

    Karolina replied:

    Same here – would like to see the webinar, but cannot stay up so late..

  36. I like the tips in the video a lot. And I’m sure you could speed up other content creation in a similar way.

    I don’t think this is the future of SEO though. It’s just good marketing and something that can make a site less reliant on SEO. It also basically dictates that authority sites be built rather than niche sites. The dangerous spot is an authority site that relies on SEO. The way Google is changing the rules these days, you can lose a ton of work in no time. These kinds of marketing ideas will help get away from that.

    I’ve been reading case studies done by others that these things actually don’t do squat for your place in the SERPS. Backlinks still work as do certain types of automation. Of course, the time for those things are probably limited. But becoming a market leader will lessen the reliance on search traffic, so it all evens out.

  37. I like the new link earning way, but it’s also going to bring a whole new set of issues, not to mention an army of self-proclaimed “gurus”, which I already cringe at when thinking about laughable sales pages :)

  38. Great stuff, good ideas.
    Internet Marketing is full of repetitive tasks.
    This video shows one way to use a VA.
    Most IMers are pretty bright.
    Using a VA gets rid of the boring part!

  39. 39

    Its one step (and an excellent one, I agree) to managing everything in front of your eyes, your personal “space” – not always just on your desktop.

  40. I found it difficult to understand the presenter. I will watch the presentation again to see what I can pick up.

    Italysound replied:

    I, too, have a difficult time understanding the heavy accent, especially when he speeds up talking. It takes me twice as long to listen to the video and I usually end up aborting and not finishing the video.

  41. Great Post and video. Makes me think that a VA is the way to go to get more work done in a shorter period of time. Becoming a leader is definitely the direction to go.

  42. I think a lot of people have either given up on seo all together or moved to adwords like me. I would love to use these techniques which I think have merit but Im scared that google will move the goal posts again.

  43. Wow, you gotta be kidding me, you guys really aren’t going to post my comment? You’re hand picking the positive posts and kicking any questions to the curb?

  44. 44
    On November 3rd, 2012 at 7:24 am
    Mark Hazeldine said:

    That guy is a genius.

  45. Nice little gem of information, tnx for sharing! Cant wait to see the webminar. Best!

  46. Hi this was really insightful. Where is the best place to source a va? And what basic skills should we be looking for in a va? How many hours work would the va do to get the initial forum topics…and what is the approximate cost? Thanks

    Paul replied:

    I advertised in Craigslist and picked up two very good VAs in the Philippines. To get someone decent, be prepared to pay around $4 an hour and you will get value for money…English is pretty good, but you will need to read and check their use. But as for doing research, or using them to create logos or create websites, mine are very good

  47. I agree and this shows that a seismic shift in power has occurred. Buyers have been empowered with information from the Internet. They do their own product research online and don’t want to be “sold” with spammy marketing techniques. Becoming their expert and go to source for complelling, useful content is the New Marketing of Empowered Buyers ©

  48. Its a simple method for getting your name out there but I’m not convinced that treading the forums is going to provide much in the way of benefit. Its definately not going to get you a ‘Market Leader’ position.

    Having said that, the approach that’s discussed can, with some thought, be applied to other areas.

  49. I am so glad I came across this post today. Because I am really struggling. After 11 very successful years doing what I do – I hit a wall – and the wall is called Google. LOL

    Instead of enjoying the success I’ve built over 11 years – I’ve spent the last two years working MORE just to survive. Not the way I saw it going. BUT – your post has now given me hope that maybe I can get the “work monster” under control and have a life and successful business.


  50. I think that Pete hasn’t illustrated something exceptionally new, many of the concepts present in this short video are familiar to anybody that is dealing seriously with the business on-line and is following the evolution of SEO in these months.

    I can say that he has concentrated and explained them clearly and concisely, and in the end he has showed a method.

    Anyway, thanks for having offer this content to our community, Eugene.

  51. Awesome and exceptional at the same time – because it’s a strategy that comes with the actual “how-to” tools. Thanks for the time saver!

  52. A fine piece that really solved a problem for me. Now I know how to effectively use a VA to grow my business. Thanks so much

  53. Great info cant wait till the webinar

  54. Don’t forget that google is still an algorithm. The best advice re current SEO presents current empirical data as to what is working and what is not working.
    Placing your trust in a selected guru is just as bad as placing your trust in a monolithic organisation that categorises web sites for profit.

    Valerio Martinuzzi replied:

    I agree with you.

  55. Watching this it makes me realise that to succeed I need to take the next step. Hope I can get to the webinar but when you live in Australia they are always in the middle of the day!

  56. Thanks Eugene,
    Very timely as our market is in transition.
    Your value add is really impressive, keep up the great work.

  57. 57
    On November 3rd, 2012 at 8:10 am
    Max Milian said:

    Great stuff! Brilliant.

    But the syndication stuff… Isn’t the posterous syndication “Dead in the Water”. Something called Duplicate Content killed that.

    Susannah replied:

    Hey Max,
    Duplicate content is a bit of a smoke screen. Just think of all the news articles floating around the web about the same topics, and all the curated content that Google rewards because it’s from an authority site! Adding genuine value to your audience will always be rewarded.

  58. 58

    Let’s get real. There is NO royal road to geometry. Becoming an expert takes 10,000 hours of hard work and being seen as true market leader will still take years of worthy contribution — not quick and dirty posts to forums of naive newbies.

    Despite the clever trick shown here via a VA, becoming and being an authentic market leader will never be achieved in “5 minutes a day.” This kind of “quick, easy route to riches” can only appeal to those with just a high school education and related uneducated con artists bent on fooling people.

    Don’t be a hack!

  59. Hey Eugene,

    What a great article and video that you have shared here!

    Great idea on the forum posting and how to become the market leader by outsourcing the process but still keeping “your voice”.

    I took notes and will be implementing this into my business. Keep the value added content coming.


  60. 60

    Great blog and video! Thank you for the tips. One question: what was the name of the Quicktime tool that Pete used to record the forum response?

    Thanks again for the continuing help.

    Brandon replied:

    QuickTime Player is what Pete said in the vid he used.

  61. Great information, is the webinar going to be recorded, I am on night shift on the 13th, would also like more information about finding a VA.

  62. Thank you Eugene for sharing this awesome video!

    It is a lot of information for me to digest for I am new to the online business world. You are right in the sense that Pete makes it very easy to follow what he is teaching and fun at the same time since he shoes the steps in real time!

    Have a great weekend and see you in the Webinar.

    Greetings from Mexico.

  63. Thanks Eugene, a great video

    Business is all about systems. The better you are at doing this, the more focused you will become and as a result, the more money you will make.

  64. Thanks, that was really great! I wish I could afford a VA, but this is something I could start working on myself for now and I hadn’t really thought of doing the forum posting in that way. I like the idea of using the forum question and answer as a new topic that could be submitted socially!

  65. concise and effective way to deal with repetitive tasks in the shortest amount of time. thanks.

  66. 66

    This was great. It’s a planned strategy for becoming a recognized expert in your area. I’d like to see how it applies to local businesses that are more obscure and don’t really have audiences that spend time in forums. But, I suppose if you create strong articles and content, you will get credit.

  67. Nice work. Most of what I read and hear is redundant these days, so it’s refreshing to actually learn a new tidbit that will save me time while I position myself as a market leader in the middle-aged entrepreneur space ( I just signed up for the webinar.

  68. You were right on. This was one of the most eye opening quick bits I’ve seen yet. THANKS!!!

  69. I used a VA from the Philippines for over a year, and was really impressed with her work, so we invited her to Japan and now she works in our Tokyo office as my full-time PA !

  70. Great stuff Eugene,
    one thing that bothers me above others.. Starting from scratch in any single niche will never make u decent income. And u can’t be authority in more than 4 niches, this is still not enough.
    Does this mean that internet marketing gets closed for most newbies? And even veterans will have to downsize their autoblogging empires to a few blogs in niches where they are authorities?
    This looks like a major collapse in a market place that will have dramatic implications on internet marketing as a business.

  71. If you can’t afford a VA then use
    1)a few feeds into GReader and
    2)the dragon dictation app on the iphone – will type what you say (95% + accurate with a British accent) can send this directly by email from the app to syndication (posterous)

    Not saying it is better but it is the middle ground which I am caught in!!

    I will be on a flight on Tuesday…. any possibility of a replay??


    Cloe replied:

    Thanks james great tip.
    VA can cost as little as $75 per week so if you think about how much your time is worth – I’m sure even with limited productivity you would get your money’s worth. But getting your VA to also use google reader to find forum posts is a great additional tip.

    VA’s are worth weight in gold if you find a good one. Hang on to them – treat them well, pay them well and you will get so much more done if your day.


  72. Excellent…very smart – signed up for more..and look forward to the webinar. Thank you for sharing!!

  73. Someone in one of the forums I frequent uses this method. Here’s a few tips on what *not* to do;
    -Don’t start the post with “hey its Nick Morris here” as the guy did in the video above. After a while of posting like this it starts to look pretty weird and spammy and several people have already called this person (in the forum I visit) out on it
    -Don’t use filler. In the video above it seems like he provided one quick tip but gave it in a whole paragraph worth of response
    -Make sure you are providing good quality content. If it takes longer than 5 minutes to come up with something valuable then spend the time to do it

  74. Hi there

    I am in. A very useful insight of a simple process of working effectively. Looking forward to learning more “hacks”

  75. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed the video and how it tied in the audio review with getting someone else to do the work.

    Great stuff

  76. Hi,

    What about linking to the mp3 response
    from withing the forum.

    so the answer mp3 would be uploaded
    to one of your website and linked to
    in the forum thread like this:

    “hey joeschmoe123, I’ve recorded my best
    answer to your very pointed question here:.http://

    of course the forum may or may not allow that.

    Here are advantages I can see:
    1) you ge links to your site from the forum
    2) you can post responses on your posterous network
    for divesity (provided they can play an mp3).

    Opinions? comments?

  77. 77

    Hi, I think this is a great method.

    It can even be used if you do all the work yourself.

    By setting the parameters and the number of posts you will comment to, you cut out the time wasting process of going through all the posts on the forums.

    If you use speech recognition software, you can cut out the translation step.

    Windows has speech recognition software built in. This works well for some people who have American or English accents.

    The error rate for this software was too high for me. I have an Australian accent and minor speech problems (stammer, mumbling etc).

    Dragon Naturally Speaking handled these flaws without any problems. The few errors I get, I fix when I do my first edit.

    P.S. I don’t consider my Australian accent a flaw. Microsoft has only optimized their speech recognition software for American and English accents.

  78. 78
    On November 3rd, 2012 at 11:44 am
    Paul Manley said:

    named Pete Williams delivered….

    Loved the video… what i could understand of it. He has an awful Aussie accent.. or and i could not not understand much of what he said. What I did gt, I liked very much and thank you for the effort tin getting to use. I’d love a transcript
    thanks again

  79. Thanks to share this video, it was very useful information trick and tips become a market leader. It was inspiring me what I should to do next to get best results of my website. Niche – choosing right keyword – make unique and high quality content to a website – active in forum,etc.

  80. This is all very new to me and I will need to watch the video several times to begin to work out what it all means.
    I am in New Zealnd and would like to watch the webinar but I’m not sure what time it would show here. I too hope that a recording will be left for those of us who will not be able to attend.
    Thanks for sharing

    Lee replied:

    If all times were expressed in Zulu time or GMT then we could universally work out what time to go on line. est. I think means eastern standard time which is about 6 or 7 hours in front or is it behind me. So I think Zulu time is the internationally agreed communications time for all radio signals from ships and aircraft so why not from internet marketer?

  81. I saw the changes coming. The golden words are always the same “thinking outside the box” knowing what your customers wants.

  82. 82
    On November 3rd, 2012 at 1:41 pm
    omar pereira said:

    hola desde venezuela, para los habla hispana sur americano, el video deviera tener impreso letra de los contenidos de los comentarios de cada tema en los videos,para saber de que se habla y comprender y aprender y aprecial su contenidos graciaº eugene

  83. Interesting – others are saying SEO is dead. My jury is still out.

  84. link isn’t working

  85. These are great hacks! You don’t even need to turn your computer on – you could use your iPhone to record your replies and ten send them to be transcribed. Actually I could do all of this from bed before I start my day!

    Looking forward to the webinar!

  86. I still think that good SEO and online marketing is down to producing great content and not about trying to tilt the search engine behavior towards your own benefit putting in little effort.

    Sorry but 5 minutes a day per project is just not enough if you really want to have brilliant results. You just cannot expect to establish a good relationship with your customers ie visitors in such a short period of time.

  87. Hi Eugene,

    First, Rich Schefren, and now Pete williams! Looks like there is subtle shift happening in Noble Samurai’s business.

    Just watched the video above. Unfortunately, couldn’t clearly follow Pete’s part because the audio is a bit jumbled for someone like me from India. Is it possible to have a transcript?

    Look forward to the webinar…

    Thank you.

  88. Hello Eugene,

    This isn’t “NEW”.

    Ken Evoy over at Site Build It has been preaching this philosophy for almost 10 years now. His approach has always been to build useful content first and once you have established traffic you can then apply whatever monetization methods you wish.

    The issue people have had, and why so many people have tried to game the search engines, is that they don’t want to wait before earning money.

    You could argue that many people have earned more money by gaming than building an established brand or website, but where are they now?

    Like any worthwhile business, it often takes a lot of time, and initially working for not very much, to build a successful business, but once it is built it should reward you for years to come.

    So, to sum up, it isn’t new, it’s just the same process any successful business needs to go through, whether online or off.

    Rene Miller replied:

    This is so flippin’ true; I get so tired of getting crap email wanting me to buy this or that to get my “whatever” to the top of the page for the SE to recognize me. Or buy this or that product and it will put me there with no effort. Or buy these 500 backlinks when I knew they were going to probably just fall apart. It had to be harder than this! Thanks for confirming. There is a way to do it; you have to be honest to build it in the long run. These fly by nights whose top dog is getting richer than rich will eventually break his nose upon falling. Unfortunately he is taking money from people that he knows will never make it. Thanks again .

  89. Thanks so much for putting in a good word for Virtual Assistants!

    Evernote is great for sharing audio recordings with your VA. Great on mobile devices, too. The VA can transcribe the audio in the same note as the recording, and it will all be searchable for future use. Evernote also integrates with Podio.

    Podio is like crack for productivity junkies.

  90. This was a wealth of new ideas that is changing the SEO strategy. Way to go on how you are bringing these thoughts to fruition.

  91. This is some thing unique technique, I love it.

    Thanks a lot for this grate video.

    By Harsh Gupta
    Web Developer & Designer

  92. Love The Content, Now Waiting for the Webinar :)

  93. 93
    On November 3rd, 2012 at 9:00 pm
    Johnny diablo said:

    Wow! That is bloody brilliant! I have been struggling with exactly this sort of thing and this is the perfect hack for my own enterprise. Thanks a lot!

  94. I learned to get a virtual assistant, I have been thinking about it for awhile and this just made my decision. I look forward to the webinar.

  95. Am I the only one to have no audio??

  96. Wow! This must me the most important video I have watched all year! I can’t believe I have never thought of it this way. Pete is such a visionary. I am definitely up for the webinar!

    Can’t wait!


  97. I have been seeing Pete everywhere lately. His stuff is more interesting than most and very timely.

  98. Hi,
    I found the content very interesting and would like to use it in upcoming blogging. However, going to and checking out, I found that:

    1) The site had been acquired by twitter earlier this year – consequences not known
    2) A lot of (even the showcase) sites on have chosen to move their blogs elsewhere based upon the twitter acquisition

    Could you please comment on the actual value of using this site when this seems to be the case? I have NO problem whatsoever to see the ‘smart thing’ in using such a service – and would like to use it myself – but the two issues above make alarm bells ring….

    Thanks in advance!

  99. c’mon seriously???? Do you have more interesting and “NEW” information to share??? This sht is OLD..

    Response to video:
    this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is not the right person to be called an EXPERT. He mentioned “You can’t outsource market leadership”.. HELL YES! I’m from Philippines and I represent a BIG PLAYER in the SEO industry and have socially engage with our client’s niche and I was able to bring more credibility to the client and have built more reputation to it. You know why people outsource such stuff? Time and Money. Every businessman knows that when you can’t accomodate a large scale population you can always DELEGATE it, therefore, outsourcing is one of the best solution. Why? It will save you a lot of money and you have a spare time to manage other factors in your business and be able to work other stuff that you should pay more attention to.

    The thing is its ok to outsource, you just NEED to pick the RIGHT company or the right person to outsource to. Nuff Said!

    Rene Miller replied:

    Thank you very much for your input here. I am so new to all of this stuff that I have to rely on what other people SAY that I should do. Hopefully they have enough expertise to know what they are saying. When someone like you comes along and challenges what an expert is telling me, then what do I do? I don’t! It is then that I FREEZE in fear of making a mistake in what I am about to do. So now, I am back at square one with a site and a domain name; but no content yet. It’s been that way for about two months and I sure am not making any money with it like that.
    It just seems like everyone has an argument but I need a great recipe and I’m tired of paying money for crap!

  100. Okay, this looks like it’ll save an hour a day. What about the other 9-10 hours?

    I look forward to the webinar!

  101. Hey Eugene,

    I think we’re coming to the conclusion that cheating isn’t a sustainable online marketing startegy and we all need to be authentic (Black Hat excepted, we all know it works). Online as offline.

    I’m glad I never turned away from earning links, but I was tempted.

    Where does this leave Article Samurai?

  102. 102

    Great Info! but where would you go to outsource the work that would be needed? Is there anywhere online that you could go for this? If so can you please post some of the places and links that you think are best.

    Thanks so much!
    Robert C.

  103. Loved that. I’m excited to get a better feel for this onward syndication of the forum content. In my case, as an expert in the area of “how fiction really works”, this strategy is going to work (in my opinion).

  104. Thanks for this cool strategy, makes a lot of sense. Almost everything we write on the web about our website or niche, must be exploited through OScial Media, Sindication, Email marketing, etc. Great tips, thx again, and I looking forward that promising Pete Williams webinar.

  105. I don’t have a VA, and it will likely be a while before I can afford one. It would interesting to hear some ideas for those of us who are truly going solo.

    Many thanks

  106. Any tips for good place to get Virtual Assistance that would work well with this? My experience with VA’s has not been so stellar.

  107. Hey, this is nothing new but one of those things people forget or just leave out due to laziness

    I actually set up GAlerts for my clients and then get them to write a reply on a forum, blog post, reply to reviews, yahoo answers etc etc etc

  108. I think it’s great that others are talking about this. As the Internet is always evolving it only makes sense that marketing methods would evolve too.

  109. Hi,

    Thank you for great vid. I 2 quick questions:

    1) You create a new blog only for responses from forums. What if somebody will steals you replies and add his own links and post it in his own blog? For example your competitor? It will be scoring for his leadership? Sorry of my question, because my english is not very good I want to know that I understand well.
    2) Is this duplicate content?

    Thank you for answer in advance..

  110. Fantastic stuff and so simple to implement this business process. VAs are an incredible asset to anyone’s business and I like how you use them.

    See you at on the webinar!

  111. Hi guys
    I am struggling everyday to get some more clients and just may not be able to afford this outsourcing. I have a small business which i just started to engage to 2nd gear.
    On the video it all sounds HOT & COOL but on real life, not all of us could afford such services.
    Would more than appreciate it if you could reply and help me to solve this one out. (it is a kind of a puzzle, isn’t it?)

    Thanks a lot

  112. 112

    Yea i work 40 hours a week. And bank $40k for it. And I take off whenever i please. Have anytjing i want or need amd travel where and when i please. Damn. Heres an idea try for the 4 hr week AFTER you can support yourself. If 61% of internet marketers work 10+ hours per day just to get by well then my friends you do not have what it takes to make it as an internet marketer. Trust me. You making the kind of money i am you are not worried about how many hours you work because its ridiculous money. The kind of money that will set you for life. Better plan is to work 40 hours a week as an IM amd retire in 5 YRS. Im 31. I could retire tomorrow. Done deal.

  113. 113
    On November 4th, 2012 at 10:01 am
    Structured Takedowns said:

    Wow – Eveybody is so easily impressed. Me- Not So Much.
    Market Samurai has a vested interest in SEO in the form of a Product. Leslie Rhode has a vested interest in the form of Coaching And Product. Peter Williams has his own workflow- Big Deal. Leslie Rhode and You are having to reinvent yourselves to be some way RELEVANT. Except that you are not! Its tired tired Reactive shape-shifting. Lets get REAL – using SEO as a primary means of Ranking in Google is still increasingly out of your control- changing algo, blending results, changing the number of results on page 1 and even the radical personalisation of results coming down the pipe. TAKE A BREATH AND THINK ABOUT IT – Ranking Results increasingly do not Stick. SEO really has become a subset of Advertising. It is achievable as a Residual bi-product of Paid Advertising. Paid because you need to count your time and cost of tools. Nothing is Free about SEO. If you achieve ranking in Google that can be Secondary to finding methods to drive clicks or calls to a site or direct to a Client. Setting out to commercialise anything using SEO as the Primary means is setting your self up for failure. To perpetuate an idea that a New SEO method is going to change that is simply disingenuous. You guys know this already- you are far too close to the coal face not to have understood this for quite some time !

  114. Dear friends, this is valuable information. I’m definitely going to try all recommendations shared in the video. I really liked the idea of using question and answers in a forum that could be submitted socially.

  115. 115

    Fantastic video! It’s not often an expert will outline a strategy AND the step-by-step tactics to achieve that strategy. Pete’s done such a good job of providing value that I will definitely be attending the webinar.

  116. Great video and great stuff from Pete, anybody got any advice on where the best place is to source a VA from?

  117. Absolutely Awesome…

    This is the result of being on top of your game. I have been so overwhelmed these past 2 weeks with actually learning my business’s basic. I am an Internet Marketer in the making and I’ve chosen Article marketing as my specialized market.

    This video was amazing in the area of time saving and effectiveness. Just knowing that there ARE easy ways to be effective and relevant without spending your whole day doing something is refreshing. Spending time in your field and having the attitude of “Path of Least Resistance” can birth these innovative ideas.

    I love watching leaders work. They inspire me! :-) Thanks Peter and thanks Eugene.

  118. Sorry this is *not* the new SEO.

    Having VA’s tell you what forums to post on?

    Sorry my noblemen.. you either are digging deep for SEO material and topics or just doing your friend Pete a favor by posting his ideas.

    More constructively, I would think it would be more proactive to amass a network or *training* a squad of team members enlightened to your niche. Have that group, on your company’s behest comment, post, and contribute as experts of your ‘school of thought’. This would be a more stunning presentation and idea.

    The new SEO is about getting social signals from great work, not from spending 5 minutes a day posting on forums.

    Still love ya, not a hater, just adding to the conversation.

  119. Great information thanks for sharing this wonderful content.

  120. Great Lesson thank you. I’m afraid I can’t be next tuesday 13th. I’m in Europe and that’s too late for me.

  121. Great stuff, I am really impressed. Showing how pete achieves his strategy on a concerete example was very helpful for me compared to hearing some new theory only. Market leadership is a challenging task to achieve, however striving to get it is even the best way to add value to web and to people using the web to make their lives better. Looking forward to the webinar :-) thanks a lot!

  122. Excellent video, very much looking forward to the next video hacks. I can see massive benefits to this!

  123. So good to see “action steps” we can follow thru on, instead of the usual smoke and mirror stories…
    Meat an’ ‘taters, every time ;)

    Thanks Eugene, keep ‘em comin’

  124. You guys have always provided top-notch software, information and training. See you on November 13.

    J&R Marketing

  125. I watched Rand’s video and Leslie’s webinar and I agree – there is a lot in common. Rand’s video is somehow short to me and doesn’t answer all those question I had when I first heard about this “new era”. I’m glad that I’ve found the original webinar with Rohde. My questions were: can unfair competitor build crappy links to my site and get it penalized, or can someone maliciously use disavow tool to point one’s site as spammy to google. Leslie said something very important about the whole thing. That if you do some REAL, valuable marketing on your site, than competitors building crappy links to your site will just waste their time. He also said that google a/doesn’t need nobody to point “bad sites” to them as they easily find them themselves b/ assumption that they’ll include signals people are sending through disavow in penalizing sites.

    If it will really work as it’s supposed to I’m just glad. I sincerily hated whole kaboodle with article building, spinning, backlinking, profile building, spamming blogs. I never participated in it but watched some sites doing this going up in ranks which really sucked. let’s hope we’re heading towards better times where web is actually built for a user and by a user

  126. 126

    That’s astonishing… I’ve just watched a 10 minute video that suggests I audio record something and get an admin person to transcribe that into words – it takes YOU five mins a day, plus your ADMIN 2 hours – in my book thats 2hrs and 5 mins (seeing as those of us that do this in the real world don’t have admin staff) – plus all the time it would take to find the forum posts (on my own)

    Thanks for the thought though.

  127. 127

    Is the complete video ( 90 mins ) from Pete available online somewhere ?

  128. So often I follow links in emails that I get and fail to even click on the videos that are embedded. For this one, I almost did that, and then at the last second I started it playing in a hidden tab. It took 30 seconds in to Pete’s portion of the video before I realized this was a must see video. Something that will shift my thinking.

    Well done.

  129. Very Interesting, although what is pete doing IF their are rebuttals to his conversation…???

    Now he is basically stuck in reply hell…

    If anything, PROPS for the syndication idea..

    wont make it to webinar.. I hope you will record it..


  130. I feel like an idiot for not thinking of that simple solution myself.

  131. So, after all these Google updates and changes we are back to forum commenting. Wow! Frikkin break through!

    How is this so much easier than just following your 4 blogs on Google Reader and typing out your own replies quickly?

    You guys are running out of “excitement” and “breakthroughs” I think.

  132. Great way to speed up forum posting. Looking forward to the webinar.

  133. I love how you explained in great detail about how the new “new SEO” is Market Leadership! This is so true I agree 100% that this is the new way to follow. Be unique, rich, and ultimately written by us as the expert. No more outsourcing people! Do the hard work, and it will pay off!

  134. Great video from Pete and look forward to his pending webinar on the 13th Nov 2012.


  135. I really liked this Video for the fact he showed how you can still stay involved in your whole marketing equation. This is extremely useful for people like me that use marketing systems for businesses we run offline.

  136. Ahhhhhhh. That was very efficient. I would’ve never thought about the audio recording & syndication aspect.

    Can’t wait to see the tasty treats that will be in the webinar.

  137. What website did he mention when he talked about syndication? I could not understand what he was saying.

  138. I found Pete’s video very helpful, I was actually struggling with forums as it was taking up much of my time. Two thumbs up to noblesamurai for sharing this with us!

  139. Great suggestions. Time management is such a big thing for all businesses.

  140. nice video, learned a few things that may can help me out.

  141. This was great. I’m hoping you’re going to be recording the webinar, because it’s not at a very good time for me.

  142. Very interesting recording. Going to attend the webinar next week. I like the idea and need to truly take the steps laid out. It makes sense, but I also feel that there is a need to provide good content to an established group and not the newbies.

    The best part of the video is that it got us all to think… how can we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack. It is that thinking and also the actions we take that will make us better, as well as our businesses.

  143. 143
    On November 6th, 2012 at 11:50 am
    Henry Bockman said:

    Very interesting video! What I’d like to know is are there any similar methods that can be used for all of the social media sites that are out there? How can you track all of the social media sites for things that you can post on, and what systems are available that will post my comments and posts to as many social media sites as possible easily.

  144. Hi Eugene,
    Thank you for sharing Peters video. It provided some great content and ideas to work smarter…not harder.

  145. Nice video. I learn a lot from this.

    Waiting for your next webinar.

  146. My website is to provide information, advice and training to small business owners both online and offline.

    I work on forums to get ideas for my blog posts and reports but had not even thought of getting my VA to surf forums for me. I use audios extensively so I have a transcriber as well. I will be sounding her out to see whether she is able to forum surf too.

    Great post Eugene and Pete. I will definitely be there on Nov 13.

  147. Interesting that the new seo has so much in common with the old seo…

    Fancy actually striving to be a market leader instead of just providing bumph content in order to get a pile of crappy links to an equally pathetic re-hashed product or not so great service!

    Tend to agree with other posters that 5 minutes a day doing forum posting is hardly likely to make anyone a market leader but hey – I could be wrong.

    I wonder what strategy Peter would suggest to someone selling a ‘want’ item like say – art?

    …I suspect very few art lovers stay up nights trying to figure out how to get their hands on just the right piece to hang over the fireplace.

    Most of the people that hang out on art forums rarely post questions other than where/how/and to whom can I sell my art:)

    …and that’s definitely not an issue that can be resolved with a 30 second response in whatever format.

    Obviously, – there are some technical questions – and most artists could certainly answer those but I’m not at all sure that doing so would result in sales and isn’t that the real point of it all.

    Maybe hacks – like tricks – are for kids. Silly rabbit!

    Hmmm – now who else remembers that ad – I wonder?

  148. Cool tip!

    Tell me, does he make a article post for each question? i.e lets say the VA answered/transcribed 10 questions… would you then make 10 articles (1 for each question) and post it on Posterous or just 1 big article and put all 10 questions in 1 article?

    Thank you kindly!


  149. good, but from France we cannot follow your webinar during the night.
    too bad

  150. Great video thanks Pete, will definetly be watching the webinar.

  151. 151

    Dear Nobles :)

    I live in Hungary so the 8pm US time is not managable for me to take part in the webinar…

    my Q:
    is the webinar going to be uploaded to

    thank you for your kind answer and have a great day y`all!!

  152. Apart from the technique learned that was great!, the main takeout for me was, to achieve 5 minute market leadership is to not over think your responses to forum posts and trust the initial response that comes to mind – will save time and afterall you are a market leader right!

  153. Ed Dale has been teaching Market Leadership for years. And now, it is the clear path to success. Thank you Ed.

  154. Nice one,

    I have heard this before. Though automating the forum posting is something very unique and a new. Thank you.

  155. 155
    On November 8th, 2012 at 5:26 am
    DeDe Neill said:

    Once again great content.. Thank you .. I have registered and looking forward to the webinar.

    Can you leave these webinars up, dont pull them down. Sometimes it is necessary to come back and watch again, so much information is given a quick review helps when trying to follow instructions. Leslie R webinar came down too quick, only got to watch half way. It is now been pulled down, is there anywhere we can see it again.

    Looking forward to this webinar.

  156. And the light goes on!
    Brilliant, thanks so much for that great “hack”.

  157. 157

    brilliantly clear and concise content I shall be looking out for the “hacker of the year”.

  158. Great article. However I believe that more social signals online tied with offline marketing will becrucial for “new SEO”. And who knows what new animal will Google release next? :)

  159. Great news but the time means it will be 1.00am in the UK, please run a replay to all that signed up.
    here’s hoping

  160. Loved the video. Great idea! I had gotten Dragonspeak to attempt to something similar, only for content creation for web design clients. However, I could never get it to work right for me and eventually gave up due to time constraints. It also didn’t do the manual part of searching for the relevant stuff and sending it to my email, nor posting the stuff for me. Definitely going to implement this strategy in the way presented as well as for content creation for clients that don’t have any.


  161. Great Video on new SEO to come. I will be careful and this video warns and helps me to keep my rank in search engine for my website.

  162. Hello everybody!
    English is not my native language and that’s why I missed a lot from Pete’s speaking, even after listening such places several times.
    So, could you tell me what software I need to duplicate his method in recording answer and drag-and-drop audio file into e-mail client (I use PC, not Mac!) and what software he using to auto-insert a lines that “this is a audio answer and bla-bla-bla”?

  163. What website did he mention when he talked about syndication? I could not understand what he was saying.

  164. Great useful information once again! Your so right choosing the correct tools (Market Samurai and others) and systems such as Pete’s is crucial to online success. I love the business ,but if your not careful you can spend 10-12 hours a day tying to effectively promote a business and still make very little money.

  165. 165

    Interesting video. I am willing to try Pete’s ideas and see how they work. I have a Jamaican accent so I’m doubtful I can use Quicktime as Pete did.

  166. If you want to save time, pick a virtual assistant. Should I be impressed? This is totally useless information, and I wonder how replying to forum threads could improve rankings…

  167. This is all good info but there was no mention of the backlink.

    What link do you leave and what form?

    Brand, keyword or generic?