Google changes SEO forever with it’s Disavow Link Tool – What you Need to Do Right Now…

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On April 24th Google unleashed the biggest change to its search engine algorithm in over 8 years – the dreaded “Penguin” update. In a nutshell, they began PENALIZING websites that obtained poor quality links, and websites that had too many “SEO Optimized” anchor text links.

For the first time ever, links can POISON your site, negatively impacting your rankings.  Because links are very difficult to remove once they’ve been built, Penguin makes it almost impossible for websites to recover from link-based penalties.

Yesterday, on October 17th, Google announced the much anticipated “Disavow Links” tool in Google Webmaster Tools.

This tool finally gives webmasters the much-needed ability to tell Google to “ignore” specific links and domains from poor quality link-sources.

Google’s new Disavow Links Tool allows any site owner to upload a list of URLs (or entire domains), with the promise that (in most cases) links from that site will be excluded from ranking algorithms within a matter of weeks.

Here’s what the interface looks like:

Disavow Links Tool

This is both good news and bad news for website owners:

The Good News is…

If you’ve been a Penguin casualty, and have tried to remove as many links as you can but still can’t seem to recover, then you can use this new Link Disavow tool to essentially “delete” the poor quality links that are poisoning your website.

The effects don’t happen immediately (Matt Cutts reveals in this video that it may take a few weeks for any links that you wish to be disavowed to take effect in the rankings).

For millions of website owners who have been hit by the Penguin Update and who have done nothing to incur any penalties (or whose SEO teams have applied “gray-hat” link-building techniques without them knowing) and who have been “collateral damage” – this is great news!

For more information you can reach the seo consultant in tampa florida.

The Bad News Is…

By giving webmasters the power to “report” bad links they have essentially “crowd-sourced” link-spam detection.

Think about it…

Millions of webmasters will be submitting long lists of low-quality or spammy sites, which Google can then use in its algorithm to penalize not only the sites that are providing these poor quality links, but also those that are linked to by these sites.

This spells disaster for any site that makes it too easy to get a link back to your site. For example, popular “easy” sources of links have traditionally been:

  • Blog comments
  • Forums
  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Article Directories
  • Web Site Directories
  • Poor quality, automated Blog Networks with no human-approval “citation” process
  • Social Bookmarking Accounts

The “low hanging fruit” sites that promiscuously give out too many links, too easily will most likely see poor pages (or even their entire domain) get penalized.

But what’s worse is that a penalized domain may also penalize any other sites that it links out to. (Think of the opposite of PageRank – where poisoned “link-juice” flows through to sites that are linked from them.)

Now, much of what I’ve mentioned is speculation at this point, but with this additional data, Google is free to incorporate these kinds of “tweaks” into its ranking algorithm. This is data that they’ve never had at this kind of scale, ever before.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? If Google identified a website as being ripe for link-exploitation, and a lot of websites are using it to build easy links, then it may infer that anyone also using that site for links is a candidate for penalty.


Search Engine De-Optimization Will Continue Via “Sacrificial” Sites

One of the biggest complaints around the Penguin update is that it allowed unscrupulous SEOs to point bad links and “over optimize” their competitors links to decrease their rankings.

While the Link Disavow Tool only allows you to report links pointing back to your site through Webmaster Tools, an entire industry will spring up around existing domains or building new-sites that will aim to build links from the same sources of their competitors – and then “report” these bad links to effectively reduce the “link-juice” of their competitors.

Aggressive automated link-building tools and techniques will still have their place – in poisoning sites that have links that mirror their competition. This will most likely only occur in hyper-competitive SEO markets, but depending on how effective this strategy is, it may overflow into more traditional SEO markets.


So, What does Google Want from a Link?

That begs the question: What does Google want? How do you differentiate from poor quality links and high-quality links?

Google genuinely wants links to be a vote of confidence for a site. The concept of PageRank stemmed from the idea of “Citation” in the academic paper publishing process where one paper would “cite” another paper in its references. The more citations a paper has, the more important it is.

Google wants links that are true measures of citation. Therefore a good guideline is this:

  • Good links are those by which an actual human being has taken the time to approve the link (or content containing the link in the case of genuine quality content syndication for backlink creation).
  • Bad links are links that can be created automatically with no human intervention or quality review. These kinds of links are ripe for exploitation through leveraged automation through software tools.

If you haven’t already, I recommend that you read through the Google Webmaster Guidelines to get a feel of what they consider good and bad links. They’ve recently updated it to include a range of examples to make this distinction clearer.


How To Thrive With SEO in a Post-Penguin/Disavow Tool Environment…

We strongly believe that with Google’s bias towards Social Media ranking factors becoming more important, using a sophisticated Social Media / Market Leadership strategy with a strong SEO focus in mind is the best way to improve rankings in the months to come.

If you’d like us to provide some training on using Social Media for SEO, please leave a comment below.

We have had increasing interest in effective “post-Penguin” link-building and SEO strategies and may do a “Post Penguin SEO” Q&A webinar if there is enough interest. If you think this would be valuable to you, leave a comment below and we’ll make it happen.


What you need to do RIGHT NOW…

As a website owner you need to do the following immediately or risk being part of the inevitable SEO “cleansing” that is to come:

  1. If you have any form of link-exchange plugin or system on your website, remove it immediately. As people starting “reporting” sites that are poor quality, your site may inadvertently become part of the “collateral damage” by becoming a source of poor quality links.
  2. If you participate in any form of poor quality link-building system then stop immediately. As webmaster report sources of poor links, if they also link to your website you may end up being penalized as a result.
  3. If you’ve been hit by Penguin and can’t recover, or are worried about being “on the edge”: start analyzing your backlinks (you can use the Anchor Text Analyzer in Market Samurai or the list of links in Google Webmaster Tools).Look for sources of poor quality links and you may wish to consider using the new Disavow Links Tool to remove those links which may be hurting you. Read the resources linked to below before making any knee-jerk reactions, however. Most people shouldn’t need to use this tool at all.


Resources You Need To Read Today…

This is a recent announcement and there’s not a lot known about the Disavow Links Tool yet. But here’s a great list of “must read” resources which represents the best information about the tool, and its implication on the web today:

Please don’t do ANYTHING until you’ve reviewed these resources.



Penguin was the first in a powerful salvo of attacks against link-spam, and this Disavow Links Tool has changed the SEO game once again. This is perhaps, the most significant change in the history of SEO.

Link-building using automated techniques that “side-step” the citation process of human review and approval have always been a questionable proposition, but it’s now time to cease using these techniques immediately and focus on more traditional “white hat” link-building strategies.

Once again, we strongly believe that using sophisticated Social Media and Market Leadership strategies with a strong SEO “side-effect” is the best way to improve rankings under the current SEO environment.

If you’d like to receive some content or attend a Q&A webinar from some SEO experts that excel in this area, please leave a comment below and we’ll organize for you to get all your questions answered – in what is becoming a very confusing and challenging time in the SEO industry.

Warm Regards,

Eugene Ware
Noble Samurai

Eugene has written 19 post(s) for Noble Samurai

626 Responses to “Google changes SEO forever with it’s Disavow Link Tool – What you Need to Do Right Now…”

  1. Interesting read Eugene. Glad to hear your thoughts on this. How does this affect using tools like Article Samurai? In my time using it, the link quality of some of those links seems not to be so great and I would like to hear from you guys about how using it can affect the rankings of my sites in light of this update.

    Paul Barrs replied:

    Rob, the important thing to remember is that Google is looking to provide content to *their* customers that meets that customers needs… not yours, not mine.

    When we go about our day to day online marketing efforts we should always keep this in mind – them, not us.

    If you feel that some of the ‘links’ you gain through Article Samurai are lower quality, then DON’T acquire that link! The old argument of ‘a link is a link is a link’ no longer holds true. The kind of links that we *should* be looking for are those that if a REAL PERSON saw them on a website, and it linked back to ours (a related RELEVANT website), then they would click on it. Just like a good call to action in our sig file IN our articles is designed to generate… clicks!

    Don’t build the link just for the link – THAT is what Google is trying to stamp out.

    Build it for the customer, and Google will never have a problem with you. :)

    Christopher Oliver replied:

    So, what are you saying about ARTICLE SAMURAI?

    If you feel that some of the ‘links’ you gain through Article Samurai are lower quality, then DON’T acquire that link!

    You can’t pick and choose which websites that accept article samurai articles to accept. Don’t acquire that link?
    Are you saying DON’T use article samurai?

    Mike Hunyer replied:

    I think you need to clarify this for people using AS. We are paying monthly for AS and it is now bad?

    Paul Barrs replied:

    No, I’m not saying don’t use it; I’m saying be aware of the links that it gives you. If you don’t like / don’t want those types of links then don’t use it – if you’re happy with those links then continue.

    Me? I don’t want those kind of links back to my site. But then, I only have one blog and one money site – they are my business; I can’t afford ANY chance of getting Google-canned.

    Christopher replied:

    Whether *I* like or want those links is entirely dependent on whether they are WORTH anything. It sound like you are saying that Article Samurai is a waste and that it is bad.

    Whether I like or want them does not matter at all.

    It is what f-google thinks about them.

    From what you are saying is that google does NOT like them.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Christopher, in all of these changes the important thing is to let the “data” do the talking. I have worked in the search business and spent some time early in my career as a search engineer. As I outlined in my post some of what I’ve outlined are my guesses about how I’d use the data if I were google to crack down on SEO spam. I think this will happen in one way, shape or form.

    We’ve just completed a widespread review of the effectiveness of Article Samurai, and the “numbers” show that those who have been using it in line with our best-practices – which have changed slightly from what we originally told people to do in our original launch – are getting great results TODAY in Google. We believe that’s great news for our customers, and that the curation that occurs between human reviews, and blog owner review before publishing content constitutes sufficient curation that it won’t trigger some of these issues. It’s early days of course, but regardless of what I or anyone else says – measure it for your self. We have hundreds and hundreds of test sites that we monitor rankings for, but your mileage may vary depending on how you’re building links.

    Like anything however, change is actually a great opportunity. A lot of spam gets wiped out, leaving people doing the hard yards to get the rankings they deserve, and also people who base their next move based on actual data – will reap the benefits by bringing their actions in line with what is working NOW and not what used to work.

    Thanks again for your questions.

    Warm Regards,

    – Eugene

    warren replied:

    Paul, you really didn’t answer Rob’s question. Like Rob I have used your service in the past, and also would like to know what Samurai has done to change to be in line with what google wants now. My site has gotten hammered from penguin. I want to be able to use a service that can help regain my rankings.

    Charles replied:

    does the samurai group offer a way to remove article samurai links?

    Steve Sharp replied:

    Disappointed that Article Samurai was not discussed in the webinar and seemed to be avoided.

  2. 2
    On October 19th, 2012 at 2:48 am
    Conrad King said:

    The landscape has changed drastically and it can be quite difficult to keep up on just what is and is not acceptable. Especially with the far reaching changes being made. Some training on the proper use of social media would certainly be helpful. Thank you for your article.

    George Mcmillan replied:

    Well said fella. I agree with the social media training as there’s people out there just blasting posts to nobody. I.E Spamming. Got to say though that Google are playing with fire nowadays though as there are powerfull forces online that don’t agree with the godlike stance they’ve taken.

    Sage replied:

    I agree that the landscape has totally changed and I too would like to see some training on social media. The fact that this is happening worries me because in the hands of unscrupulous SEOs we’ll see a lot more competitive sites getting sandboxed.

    Lauren replied:

    I love Market Samurai and Domain Samurai and appreciate you guys!!

    I too am interested in some training on how to effectively use Social Media and Social Signals now.
    Also, more information on the best SEO policies and links Post Penguin and other animals.

    Wondering about all the WordPress Plugins that syndicate posts to Social and Web2.0 sites. Plugins like WP Syndicator, Social SEO Booster, and the newest Paged Rankings. Is this tactic safe or not???

    Dean Payn replied:

    Yes please, more training around this would be great.

  3. As someone who has always undertaken ethical seo I have been hit hard by penguin and the search results for my keywords are not relevant or even up to date ( forum posts in 2007, for example). I would certainly welcome any advice on social media seo, especially as I don’t really get how a 140 character tweet is more relevant than an informative, well written article tutorial.

    Brian replied:

    Hi Dan,

    Great question. It’s not that the search engines are saying that 140 characters are more relevant than good quality content, but they’re taking the reach of your content as an indicator of quality.

    Their reward for this is potentially higher rankings.

    Example: You write a great article and it gets hundreds of tweets/re-tweets and tons of shares/likes on Facebook. They’re taking that as indicator that your original article or your site in general is quality and should rank higher than if none of that took place due to implied endorsement of those thousands of people.

    Does that make sense?

    I hope it helps!


    Click here replied:

    One tweet isn’t going to be more relevant than one well written article. But 1000 retweets of the same URL is. That’s 999 others confirming the original tweet.

    Any links from an article are external citations. That’s what g is looking for, links which are natural, or external from the source.

    Click here replied:


    Any links from an article AREN’T external citations.

    David B replied:

    Dan, I’ve personally found that writing content on your site/blog and then connecting your twitter via RSS feed is a good way to utilize twitter. That way, your tweets are post titles.

    Karl Stevens replied:

    Dan, it’s not that a single tweet is more relevant than the”informative, well written article” you cite. It’s that social signals are now the name of the game.

    100 social signals may be far more important to Google than your carefully crafted, 1000 world article. Why? Because it’s the social signals that tells Google your article is good.

    Google doesn’t (and can’t) evaluate the quality of your article beyond some very basic parameters. But when people start recommending it… ah! Now we’re talkin’! Literally.

    Recent studies have shown that Google is looking at social signals first and backlinks second – which makes a certain amount of sense. Backlinks are more or less static, while social signals reveal what people are looking at NOW (that is assuming, sharing hasn’t stopped on your content). Email is still very powerful too. Google sees what people click on from their email.

    rick replied:

    Good point about the social signals being more relevant to Google now. I find Google does not deliver on my searches like they used to. I rarely ever use them anymore and get better targeted results from either bing or yahoo these days. Most searches through Google results in junk sites being presented through ads as the first five on the list. So I believe Google has sold out to anyone willing to pay. It’s not the quality of content, but how much someone is willing to pay to have their site listed at the top. I don’t have time for that game.

    Tasi replied:

    This has been my experience too. I much prefer Yahoo to Google as I get more germane results. As for those that pay for their rankings. I ignore them altogether. they’ll not get my business

    Dan replied:

    Wow – thank you all for your feedback.

    At least I understand the logic now (even though it doesn’t quite seem “right”, after all, in some niches my target audience are of an older generation and twitter and Facebook are not natural for them (beekeeping as a retirement hobby for example).

    However, that said, I can see how it’ll work … but does raise another question. Twitter only allows 140 characters – hardly enough for a compelling post AND a url, so does Google “look past” the short URL encoding in Twitter to the real website?

    Bruce replied:

    Don’t forget to hook up your Google+ account with your Blog – just adding this link proves to Google who you are and helps to boost the blog “authority”.

    I found within 2 weeks of doing this that my website climbed significantly in ranking.

  4. A great article. Luckily, I am only just getting my website going and so do not have the worries of Googles latest actions. Unluckily, I am in one of the most competitive markets out there, mortgages & insurance, and finding suitable keywords and niches is difficult to say the least!

    That said, having a tool like Market Samurai is already proving invaluable when it comes to analysing my market and looking at areas of weakness amongst the competition. I think mine is a slow burner and needs the assistance of some AdWord campaigns.

    I would VERY much like to attend a webinar on Social Media use for quality ranking.

    Julia replied:

    Not sure if you went through MS tutorials on iTunes. I found them very helpful for learning the basics. I’m listened to 20+ out of the 43.

    Michael Podgoetsky replied:

    Hi Julia,
    about MS tutorials on Itunes? I looked through but could not find any can you suggest how I could find those tutorials please?

    Pam replied:

    Great read and also great responses on such a powerful online marketing subject. Please keep it coming.

    I would also be highly interested in a webinar on: “post-Penguin” link-building and SEO strategies wiht a “Post Penguin SEO” Q&A webinar.

    I too have used the Market Samurai product and will be re-purchasing it in a new SEO project I’m working on.

    Good stuff, I look forward to hearing more and staying up with ever-changing G updates.

  5. It seems to me that people need to be very careful with this. It’s like a Google witch hunt. If everyone starts disavowing links in fear, Google is only going to see this as an admission of guilt. Maintain plausible deniability and admit to nothing. EVER!! LOL

    Julia replied:

    I like your stance victor!

    IMBack? replied:

    You said it. Got the unnatural links warning, did nothing. PR stayed same, only certain pages dropped. Link disavow tool, I will also do nothing. To use it, you are pressing a button that literally says “I’ve tried to game the system”. Wise up young grasshoppers.

    rich replied:

    Not necessarily.

    Gerry Hutchinson replied:

    I must say I totally agree with you. This sounds to me very much as though Google is trying to create as much Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt as possible so that webmasters are panicked into confessing all sorts of imaginary sins. Trying to second-guess the structure and impact of Google algorithms may be entertaining but requires much better evidence than a so-called ‘Link Disavowal Tool’

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Gerry, I believe that Google is completely orchestrating all this FUD. Step 1. Release Penguin. (get webmasters panicking and penalize hundreds of millions of websites with no way to recover) Step 2. Release the disavow tool to give Google even more information about bad links – and rely on the knee-jerk reaction of webmasters to give them even more signals to combat webspam. As website owners we’re caught in the middle.

    It may be many months before we see the impact of this stuff – but Google is the most data-driven company on earth. They will incorporate this data – that’s what they do. I think the only thing that’s saving us at the moment, is that the tool is not that easy to use. But once a third party market of tools comes about or Google makes it easier to disavow links this may change.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Gerry, I really hope that I’m wrong. I used to be a search engine Engineer (wrote the very first version of the Looksmart search engine way back in .com boom), and have had to implement search engine algorithms. Ranking algorithms are all about signals, and the disavow data is one of the most powerful signals that they’ll have in the long-term. Did you know that the #1 way that sites get penalized is because people “report” them? Yup. No algorithm. Just good old fashion whistle blowing. The Disavow tool is crowd-sourced whistle blowing. It may be 6 months or even more than a year that they have enough data to act upon these signals, but mark my words, it’s coming. The big thing in our favour is that the tool is hard to use, comes with lots of warnings and is scary. So, on the face of it maybe Google is just providing a way for people to recover from bad links… but they WILL use this data.

    Vishal replied:

    Also – one important aspect we are all forgetting is that when you send an email or make contact with a webmaster for removal of a poor quality link – they will probably respond and remove it quicker than they would before the disavow tool existed. Why? because if they don’t remove the bad link and they have several bad links on their site that get reported in the disavow tool – it could potentially label their site as having bad pages and risk the site getting de-indexed! Google wins this game again. They can actually now get better reactions from webmasters when they are contacted manually by folks asking for link removals. The webmasters will have reason to fear that their site might get labelled as a spam site. clever clever. This is what makes G, G.

    Gus Calvarese replied:

    I think your over thinking this. Google made this tool because so many people saw that G has claimed these black hat ways as being bad techniques bad. G is trying to help right the ship! The webmasters have begged Google for a way to rid them selves of the bad links and google has responded with The Disavow tool.Wax on wax off grasshopers. Google wants people who search to find relevant sites to the search they have submitted period. Black Hat techniques Give advantages that are not always what people want to see. I was affected by penguin and only had 64 back links which I think none are black Hat On my website how I got hurt was probably one dumb thing I did in retrospect I put one paragraph of duplicate content on my new website from my old website and was sand boxed for it. that sucks beings I own both sites. my new site is

    George replied:

    I agree with Victor, never admit to anything. This “disavow links” is pure FUDD imho, but if it’s not it could indeed be a kind of “Hundred Flowers Campaign” (

    Meanwhile does anyone have good software for automatically mass disavowing all backlinks for all my competitors?

    Vishal replied:

    You can only disavow links of sites you control. You cannot disavow your competitors low quality links.

    imdeveloper replied:

    This came to my mind imidiatly, its a tool to tell google “Here I am”

  6. Good article. It’s definately hard to fight the Google police especially when you’re a realtive tech newbie and continously bombarded with confusing and differing SEO strategies / link building techniques.

  7. 7

    It seems that SEO rules have changed dramatically in the last 12 months and if don t keep up to date you might end up doing something that hurt your site or blog.

  8. This is nothing more than another of Google’s attempts to get everyone to jump through another hoop and stand up like a trained monkey! They couldn’t care less who they screw or put out of business. They make these algo changes, without any regard to whatever site gets blasted. They have put innumerable small business owners, who need the money, out of business and don’t care. The big boys with the deep pockets, hire the large SEO firms, and jump through that invisible hoop. Small business owners can’t afford, nor do they have the time for this crap. I have nothing but contempt for Google and their egomanical founders! If I had more time, I would write a thick book on my contempt for them.

    Paul replied:

    Hey Gustav,

    I have felt that about google for many years! I have had some successful sites over the years, and still do, but it could be a hell of a lot better, as I’m sure you know what I mean!! I was thinking about Mr. Page the other day and thought “man, I wish that guy would go bankrupt and see what it’s like to squirm and worry!! These damn results pages make No sense anymore. All you see are BIG NAMES, except maybe for some informational type keywords.

    I wish a NEW search engine would arise magically up from the mystic smokey depths of the web and annihilate GOOOOOGLE……

  9. When everything that has no backlinks and kisses Google’s butt is left in the index everyone will start using other search engines.

    Alice replied:

    I could not agree more, this is what I have been thinking since the panda upgrade came in.

    Mark replied:

    It is simple to see. Alice is wondering what pill to take. Soon, the white rabbit will appear and… oh, the poor G Queen.

  10. I find it hard to believe that Google’s idea behind the disavow tool is further penalize sites that have employed sketchy link building practices in the past. Cutts, in his video, clearly says that if you’ve received the ever-popular nasty gram in GWT exclaiming your guilt, this is a potential way to remedy your cause. Speculation, you say? Most def.
    Want insights on leveraging social for SEO?
    Produce superb content that gains natural appreciation, share the sh** out of it, rack up the social signals (+1′s, Likes, share, etc.,) and attribute yourself or site as the source of the content via an author backlink. Just notice how it’s killer articles and videos that are ranking in SERPs these days, not so much optimized webpages.
    Rank on.

    Ed Parry replied:

    Great point. imho don’t worry so much about the latest “solution”. Be more focussed on producing good quality stuff. This is what Google used to want. And I think it is still the main criteria for ranking – I suspect a major element here is Google’s tracking user behaviour inside a website.

    If Google continues to open its legs ever wider to the corporate sickoes and others who pay for adwords etc, then it will lose its place as the go-to resource for the cool and others will replace it. (This could happen as fast as Google rose, without a single advert… Whatever happens at least YOUR site / IP etc retains value.

    Marshall replied:

    since Google trawls these forums, I have stopped putting my working email addresses on posts. Google has already lost some of its go to juice to Bing since Bing has improved its search results. Microsoft is definitely big enough to play with the big G and they hate Google in the upper management at MS.

  11. Great article. Thanks for the explanation of what to expect from this latest Google update. I would be very interested in any training that focuses on leveraging Social Media for SEO purposes.


  12. Google’s webspam team major concern is to prevent sites to make money out of the trust they’ve gained from Gooogle, aka from the page rank. If they sell dofollow links, passing authority and PR to the linked sites, that’s bad and will be prosecuted once Google discovers about it.

    Apart from that, a link is a link. What people don’t understand is that it’s a linking pattern that will make you up or break you down. If you pay for links, and by paying I mean even paying subscriptions to publish content with your backlinks on whatever blog network or directory, you’re done with your rankings for a long long time.

    Of course, there are hundreds of other factors to be ranked (and also de-ranked), but paying for links and vice versa (selling links!) have the fastest impact :)


  13. Yes, love to learn more from your seminar. Thank you for the insight.

  14. A lot of people are going to over-react to this, and the best thing to do imo is wait until we know more. In a few weeks we’ll have a much better idea of the impact of the disavow link tool, and a couple weeks won’t make or break anyone.

    If you do plan to use the tool make sure it’s on a small niche site that isn’t very important to you – don’t use it on an important money site until you know more about it!

    Ed Parry replied:

    Great advice

    Oscar H replied:

    Do people really think G is giving them this little tool to let them escape all their link related penalties?

    IMO, it’s about scaring people away from link building, and improving G’s profile of ‘bad’ links.

  15. So the era of mini and micro niche sites have almost come to an end. As it seems, anybody can hurt anybody (niche site webmasters most of the time) with the disavow tool if misused.

    And those links were quite helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hard to know, these days, between Google’s Menagerie and Link Disavow, all the “gurus” hitting you up for this or that new plug-in, every new course, and every new program guaranteed to solve your every SEO problem (and guaranteed to drive hordes of traffic) – which way to turn. It’s starting to feel like a house of mirrors. A Social Media Use Webinar could be helpful…but how long before that’s targeted, too? Sheesh.

    Daniel Tyler replied:

    Perfect comment, worded perfectly!!
    It doesn’t seem to matter how many years a person has been at this search engine optimization stuff it is still sometimes confusing.
    I have listened to some of the world’s biggest “experts” and it really sound as if they are as confused as I am!
    The sites that I work on are still ranking, but have become much harder to target what I want to rank for, if that makes sense.
    I know social media helps from looking at all the results so I would love to see a webinar on it.

  17. A lot of changes going on. I would love a social media training for SEO, especially by you guys!

  18. A webinar would be very nice. Just wished Google could have a better competitor.

  19. 19
    On October 20th, 2012 at 3:43 am
    Tad Stephens said:

    Thanks for the update! Would love a webinar on this topic, now and after it actually hits. :-)

  20. A lot of changes going on. I would love a social media training for SEO, especially by you guys!

    A webinar regarding post penguin seo, would also be great…

  21. Yes please do a post penguin series and post on iTunes. I’m confused and will take me a minute to line by line truly understand this and make changes. Eek!

  22. I think this tool is a trap! I personally advise everyone NOT TO USE IT! Google has a huge job to do by “inspecting” everyone’s links. While Google is smart at what they do, there is no way it can know everything! Meaning, there is no way Google can know the quality of every website! There are a lot of sites with very high pageranks who use Automatic backlink building as 90% of their backlinks, and still can achieve PR4,5,6 or better. All your doing is HELPING Google do “human verification” on sites and backlink sources! Google’s bots can only go so far, and there just aren’t enough Google employees to manually inspect every site. You are basically working for Google and not getting paid. Anyone participating in the Disavow tool, is doing Google’s dirty work of manual review!


  23. One of these days we have to pay to be listed in Google.
    Now we have the risk of a poor quality site mention us (website) and we well be penalized without realizing why?
    I wonder if the links generated by the google ads, that are list in sites of poor quality will also affect the rankings?!?
    Fortunately in my case I’m careful (and hard work) to get good quality links.

  24. please sign me up for all info products that you have for sake and review. thank you in advance. Rafael

  25. Thanks for the good article.

    In fact, I do not believe that Google is going to take disavowed links into too much of an account. They already stopped considering links coming from “certain” sites.

    If a site is relying only on those kind of links for their ranking (and marketing) strategy, they should have been swept out long ago.

    Thing is today you must be relying on much more solid foundation. Probably the days of supermilionairs with a dozen thousands sites on autopilot are coming to an end, because you can’t possibly manage too many sites and do it right.

    This will bring SEO to a new professional level at all stages, which might be not so bad, but clearly it’s much more work.

    Hope you guys have something in store for us, is it? Maybe some kind of social-thing to add to Market Samurai, or some new software?

    I’m looking forward to a webinar or whatever you are going to put up.


  26. I couldn’t find the disavow option in my Google webmaster dashboard, but I did see it in Bing’s.

  27. Yes please do a video on this and help us learn what to do and what not to do. Thanks, LP

  28. A really interesting look at this new tool Eugene, thanks for summarizing. As you are an expert in the field, I really value your speculation – you’re probably thinking much more like Google than I could!
    This raises a very interesting, new situation where people can aggressively, proactively, try to pull down the rankings of competitors, and therefore raise their own, especially if they’re vying for spot 1 2 or 3.
    I’m interested to see where this goes – am I going to start getting Facebook messages from companies overseas offering ‘link penalty’ packages to help drive my rankings upwards? Time will tell I guess.
    It brings up the question of legality in manipulating search results – is there any law you know of that could cover such practices? Or should we all rely on the good nature of our competitors (not sure how well I’ll sleep at night ;)


  29. Thanks for the informative post, although i’m not a professional SEO, but I have intended to optimize my site on my own, heard about panda, penguin updates and now the disavow tool, i hope from now on there will be less spamming and more of quality link building around. Thanks again.

  30. Yes I would look forward to a webinar on this as well.

  31. Great article. First place I have seen this discussed and glad Market Samurai on top of this. Looking forward to Social Media training you discussed in the post. Great job!!

  32. 32

    So, does this mean to say that the time-tested strategy of reverse engineering and leveraging the backlinks of your top 10 competitors using tools like Majestic SEO or SEO Spy Glass is a dangerous practice? Success leaves clues and emulating the backlinks of the top 10 used to be a wise practice? Does this latest Google development nullify this strategy?

  33. I would VERY much like to attend a Article or webinar on Social Media use for quality ranking.

  34. Eugene,

    Thanx for the informative post. I agree with your ‘Good News Is…’ paragraph, however, I disagree with your ‘Bad News’. And I mean, if you just think about what you’re saying for a minute; by claiming that by submitting these ‘spammy’ links to Google, you’re in essence ratting out the spammy/bad links for Goog to see, discover and then penalize. And, in so doing, you’re basically saying that Google didn’t know what they doing, or which sites were spammy, when they penalized millions of sites with spammy links with their Penguin hit. Google is already well aware of the spammy links, and is merely giving webmasters an opportunity to either right their past digressions, or fight and repair negative SEO with their new Disavow Tool…IMHO.


    Ed Parry replied:

    Possibly true Kevin. But if the y knew what they were doing why were so many good sites hit ?

    Kevin replied:


    That’s hard to answer without knowing whether the ‘good’ sites were intentionally creating hundreds or thousands of bad or spammy links for the link juice; or, if a competitor was intentionally bombarding the good site with bad links, or negative SEO, to make them(good site) take a hit by Goog, so their(competitors) site would pass them in the rankings. Which is why, I think, the Big G created this Disavow Tool; to give these good sites a second chance, so to speak.

    Again, my opinion, as well as a few other well known SEO experts’ opinion, from what I’ve read, also.

  35. 35
    On October 20th, 2012 at 4:22 am
    ross walker said:

    Just putting in my vote for more training on how to succeed with the new changes.

  36. Hmm, not sure if this a great post or not. As the owner of multiple travel news sites. I am either left with sifting through 1000s of links or take other drastic action as I have been suggested to do numerous times by articles. Google makes these types of changes regularly. Or I can ignore these updates and save myself a ton of time and write the best or publish the best articles I can with the extra time. Mostly I have ignored these suggestions because the time and expense has not made much difference in any ranking on any of my sites. In the end, articles like these use google announcements to hope to get more clients. Not sure this a bad thing as these writers are trying to help — just not sure whether the need to get an “SEO expert” is really needed, especially if you are not doing black hat SEO.

  37. Please keep me posted. I want to learn more about this issue. Thanks.

  38. I would like to learn as much as possible about the future of seo – videos, webinars, etc thanks

  39. Is article marketing still a viable option?

    Marquis Gittens replied:

    This looks like Google’s way of saying no more free advertising.

  40. I agree that the Link Disavow Tool seems like Google’s strategy of Crowd Sourcing link-spam detection. All the recent algorithm updates and now this tool suggest that we need to adapt and focus more on Social Media. I hope you come up with a training on Social Media for SEO soon.

  41. This is a great article and some of the comments have good points. i.e. don’t admit to nothing. lol.
    Interestingly, a lot of sites with good links were also affected. So who’s to say which links are bad or good?

  42. Would like to know more about social media and SEO. I can’t figure out how tweet s good SEO

  43. Hey Eugene thanks very much for all this cutting edge info & links to additional help on this topic.

    I would like more info on S.M for SEO please.


  44. This is good information to have, I would love to be involved in the SEO social networking if there is a webinar available. The big question for me is how much more can google continue to change things so much? It as if we did a complete 360 from the panda/penguin to the disavow tool.

  45. how i can improve my blog

  46. like to improve my website

  47. Great article, thank you Eugene! I would LOVE to attend the webinar to learn more.

    Dan, I may be wrong but it’s not. The article is still important because all your social media should link to it. Use the social media to publish and promote your message. Then your audience uses those 140 characters to share with their audience, and so forth. The more they share the greater importance of your article.

  48. Thank you for the added detail Eugene. I would be very interested in a Webinar on Social Media

  49. Yes! Please do the webinar.

    I would also like some training on SEO using Social Media.



  50. 50
    On October 20th, 2012 at 4:41 am
    Kit Burton said:

    Thank You Eugene for your informative post. I am just venturing out into the world of SEO & Niche Marketing. I recently purchased a copy of Market Samurai and I am trying to come to grips with everything there. So this post has me more confused than ever. :) I would really welcome some training or understanding with regard to: ["using sophisticated Social Media and Market Leadership strategies with a strong SEO “side-effect”"]. Thanks.

  51. 51

    A great article thank you, I would love some training on using Social Media for SEO.
    I have only just bought a couple of domains and am dipping my toe into the website creation ocean.
    It seems like I’ve picked the most complicated time to do it!
    I wish I could go back in time before the penguin, panda and soon to come disavow updates!

  52. Something else worth mentioning is a general decrease in risk when it comes to building questionable links. In the past, if you built some questionable links and got your wrist slapped or penalized, you could be in trouble for quite some time. Now, in theory (unless they have a gradual algorithm), there’s actually less risk because if you engage in a tactic that backfires and gets you penalized, you’ve essentially got an undo button.

    Hopefully it isn’t that simple. But it’s tough to think it won’t be, and the more likely application is as you’ve described: a tattle-tale system.

  53. 53
    On October 20th, 2012 at 4:42 am
    Burt Gordon said:

    Hi Eugene

    Well written article, but in my opinion I believe you are freaking out site owners needlessly; especially in your sections “Bad News is …”.

    I would bet that you are correct that Google will use the information to help make a more accurate map of the link relationships, but to imply that sites need to worry about the impact on their use of forum post, website directories, blog comment posts and reciprocal link exchanges is wrong in my opinion.

    It is not like these issues can’t be identified right now. There is no penalty per say, just that the value of these types of links – if they have any current value – will be or are being devalued.

    In my opinion, what one needs to worry about are site owners that are ranking high right now with link schemes developed by agencies that have small private networks for linking their clients and many that I’ve examined have not yet been detected.

    If you are a site and you have developed decent content and you do not do any link building it is not unheard of that you could have 100s if not 1,000s of links from scrapers and the likes. From my analysis ( limited as it may be ) these links have no value and do not negatively affect your ranking.

    By adding in just a few links from similar ( categorized ) websites and blog regardless of the PR with the focus on their likeness to your site, you will greatly increase your sites authority and then rankings. I believe that most of us still fall under the elusion that are huge link profiles are either adding value or devaluing our sites when in fact they are just neutral

    I believe that this new tool is as Google stated one to use with caution and is not primarily going to be used to fret out the type of links that you suggest

  54. I would definetly attend any training that you could provide on using Social Media for SEO. Please keep up the good work. Thanks! DH

  55. This decision proves by itself that negative seo is effective…
    This is bad news

  56. The best way continues to be build your site naturally. It takes longer but in the end you come out on top.

  57. Great stuff! It seems that every 6 months we have to make changes. I totally agree with Dan about how a 140 word tweet shouldn’t be as valuable as a well written article but I guess we got to play by their rules. I think it would be great if we could get a webinar on social media and how to use if effectively.

  58. 58

    Thanks for the heads up on this. Your take on this tool is spot on. They are crowd sourcing undesirable SEO linkbuilding. I’m all for up to date training on Social Media. Please included in future plans to do this.

  59. Does this include backlinks from commenting on sites such as this that allow comments with backlink URLs? If so, should I stop?

  60. Thank you for your insights. Quality, original content and engagement are Google’s ‘needs’. Go YouTube!

  61. More info please.

  62. Please more information on social media with seo consequences and implementation.

  63. how do videos factor into all of this?

    Posting good quality videos to youtube, with a backlink in the description… Good or Bad?

  64. With regards to sites with tons of disavows being penalized, one thing I ask myself is: If Google is the one who penalized the links coming from these sites already, why would they want or need to use such data to penalize them more? I mean, isn’t the damage done? I see it more as a possibility that they will use it to train the algos to glean more data to determine new signals to diagnose spammy sites.

  65. Thank you that great information! I have a question, how about article directory links? Are they worth to do it?

  66. Google is shaking up the SEO world, but only those who have used the ‘shaky’ and grey area link building strategies will be dramatically affected. Those who have stuck with white hat SEO techniques should be safe & their rankings should rise.

    I’d like to hear more about your thoughts as you organize the webinar to discuss this.

    Certainly will be interesting to see what FindLaw does to save their link building farms.

  67. A Q & A would be great. What will come next a share disavow tool ? Or followers disavow ?

  68. I would like to listen to a website about today’s seo
    strageys that work.

  69. SEO is such a pain in the azzz anymore. One of my sites that I’ve done everything by the book on (as far as google was ever concerned anyway) I had first page rankings for a ton of terms & now it’s completely dropped off.

    It never made a whole lot of money but it was nice because it was always extra cash & now if I wouldn’t have set it up to build a list & Fb fans with the organic traffic it would be basically worthless.

    I think it’s more important than ever for people to think about building a brand vs. simply going after search rankings.

  70. I appreciate your efforts in showing the proper direction. I am interested in a Q n A webinar cause you always share important info.

  71. I am very interested.

  72. Thanks for the post.
    Definitely interested in training in using Social Media for SEO if you can arrange it.
    Also a Post Penguin SEO Q&A webinar.
    Count me in!

  73. I think the idea of a webinar is great!
    Thank you for all this useful information – much appreciated.

    Have a great weekend :)

  74. Well, I’ve always said “Google does what Google wants” , Since the early algorithm changes that really stuffed the workings of Market Samurai until now Google has been doing what Google wants..make you feel like taking a holiday away from google

  75. We vote YES for both the social media guide and the post penguin seo guide! We were hit hard by penguin, and have done our best to remove or change anything that google might consider “offensive” to no avail.

    The funny thing is: As you said, negative SEO will become the next SEO until there’s nothing that google can do about it, therefore having to update their algorithms back to square one. The result: Google would have to revert back to how they were several months ago just to remain relevant, hence they could have skipped all of the insanity and absurdity that penguin caused in the first place!

  76. Hello!
               I would love to attend a seminar on using social media for classification and to learn as it is all is redialing.
                     Best regards from Argentina.

  77. 77

    I think this entire post was completely off base. Disavow links is the means to an end for negative SEO. The only thing this has to do with penguin is that websites who were penalized when competitors SPAMed there links in bad neighborhoods to intentionally hurt search rankings will be able to identify these unwanted links and end their Google rankings nightmare. This won’t effect Blog Comments, Forums, Web 2.0 or anything like that on a mass scale. If there happens to be a blog comment link that I had nothing to do with and am worried that it will be mistaken as an internal effort to link SPAM, I can wash my hands of it (whether the effect is positive or negative.) But that’s all this does, this won’t cause Google to go back and discredit every link in a comment on the entire Blog just because I wanted mine devalued — if that was the case it would just cause more negative SEO efforts. Did you knowingly write this post for shock value click-through since most SEO’s are completely in over their heads, or do you actually believe what your stating here? Wow.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Anthony, I do think that Disavow links were primarily introduced to combat the rampant negative SEO that’s going on in competitive niches. It’s funny because they’ve denied that it could happen, and then by releasing this tool they’ve effectively admitted that it exists – which all of us in the SEO industry knew of course.

    And I agree, a single disavow link in isolation won’t penalize an internal domain. That would be silly. But enough of them may trigger further scrutiny. It’s all about proportions:

    Panda penalized entire domains for having bad proportions of unique content. Penguin penalized entire domains for having bad proportions of optimized anchor text. Google takes manual spam complains submitted by humans VERY seriously. I’ve seen it over and over again, people getting whacked because one of their competitors reported them. While I have no idea what they will do, (and the tool is not easy to use – and scary to use), we may see these disavow link files be treated more like manual spam reports when occurring in large enough quantities, or even automated penalties when combined with the fact that these spammy links also originate from low quality domains. It’s new data. Google is a data-driven company.

    All I’m saying is that by crowd-sourcing spam complaints there’s nowhere left to hide. I’ve been saying for years to stop doing all these low quality link-building techniques. But with Disavow – they are going to uncover entire networks of spammy sites – networks that I KNOW that our readers use (we get questions every single day about new link “systems”). Stop doing this stuff. Stop. Remove your link-exchange plugins. Do it NOW while it’s early days, not in 6 months time when they’ve fingerprinted every link network in the world through aggregating all this data, and it’s too late.

  78. Good post Eugene, it seems to me Google is only opening the doors for black hat to trash many good sites with this move. I am really tired of all their “tweaks”, and do not count on them for traffic anymore

  79. so they (G) “make us” to make links… now they want to take’em down?… Big G, make up your mind, what a heck?!?!

  80. Heh Victor – I’m with you m8! Admit to absolutely NOTHING. There are shed loads of sites still ranking highly using nothing but these so called “spammy” link techniques. Sites with non diversified anchor text? Hell, they just blast even more spammy links with generic anchor text to dilute the damage. Google is broke, plain and simple. Hurry up Microsoft and get your act together!

  81. 81

    Would be interested in some training on social media for seo.

  82. I guess I am just not wired to think so negatively. I hadn’t thought of using the disavow to actually hurt competitors and I certainly wouldn’t use it for that but now I have to watch our clients for this tactic. Good insight, I hope you haven’t given anyone any bad ideas. ;-)

  83. 83
    On October 20th, 2012 at 6:09 am
    Barbara Crossen said:

    Thank you for this very important information. I’d like you to provide some training on using Social Media for SEO, as I’m just starting out with a website of my own.

  84. If you’d like us to provide some training on using Social Media for SEO, please leave a comment below.

    The more training the better; as it seems, its going to be a lot more difficult to build enough links to be competitive at all now.

  85. “If you’d like to receive some content or attend a Q&A webinar from some SEO experts that excel in this area, please leave a comment below and we’ll organize for you to get all your questions answered – in what is becoming a very confusing and challenging time in the SEO industry.”

    Yes, please.

  86. Imagine though having to disavow 1,000′s of links. Ugh. Not a bad idea but the playout will be interesting for sure.

  87. Is there anyone here that truly believes that post Panda & Penguin Google search results are better than the previous search results? My personal opinion is NO. What does this mean? The only thing Google accomplished through these moves is to gain more Adwords customers. Anyway, being No1 in search results (most of the time) is actually No4, as people have no way of telling that the first 3 are ADS.

  88. Great article thanks for keeping us in the loop with your views and strategies to combat change!

  89. Very interesting and helpful post.

  90. Hi Eugene!

    Thanks a lot for this blog post and your warnings. I am really interested in some kind of webinar and further information about this google riot.
    Please let me know if there is a timetable for the webinar or any other info about this topic.

    Cheers from Germany!

  91. Here’s my question–I have a website which, like tons of other websites out there, gets these spam comments or trackbacks (or whatever they’re called). I *never* publish the comments, and I suppose they’re automated by a bot because the website trying to comment on my site is always something ridiculous, like

    So my question is, is this article suggesting that I’ll be punished for having sites or spam bots link or try to comment on my site–even though I ultimately can’t control who tries to link or comment on my site? I mean…I can control the content of MY website, but I can’t control what the rest of the Internet does and links and comments on, right?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Sam, I don’t think you have anything to worry about trackback spam. These generally originate from pretty poor quality sites that Google knows about, and impacts all blogs. Just make sure that you don’t automatically approve these trackback requests. It used to be that Google would hold you accountable only for what you did on your site. But with Penguin all that’s changed – which is why they released their too. I think in 99% of cases you don’t need to worry about this form of poor quality links, particularly if you have a good mix of links from other sources – and REAL human traffic (I know – crazy right?)

    Robertino replied:

    You tricked me. I thought this was the ultimate spam backlink post. Right on the front porch of The Noble Samurai while he is discussing the subject with his followers. Hehe!

    Johnjo replied:

    Way to get yourself another backlink! Good job sneaking it in there! But i would go and disavow it if I were u, this site is a bad neighbourhood ;)

  92. Oh man… people who will use this tool are already penalized for bad links, so Google KNOWS those links. Reporting them with this tool will not supply any serious amount of new spam data to Google… I’m sorry, I think you’re wrong on this. The rest of the post is correct though, so good job!

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Chris, I hope I’m wrong. Google already has great knowledge in regards to detecting spammy links. But they WILL use this data. The tool is hard to use at the moment, so it seems unlikely that they are going to buckets of new data. But the data that they will get will get used, and they’ll certainly uncover more and more link-networks because of it. Google has a team of over 100 people (as of a few years ago) that do nothing else but look for subtle signals in HTML and linking patterns to find new ways of removing spam. The #1 reason why most people get kicked out of the serps and penalized is through someone reporting their site in. I’ve seen it over and over again. Particularly in high-competition markets. I do think that this data will be flagged with similar priority. This is all speculation as I’ve pointed, however, but I used to be a search engineer in a past-life, so I know what I’d do if I was google :-)

  93. I’ve always said that Google is blind and it wants you to give it the best idea you can of what your website is about in text, the more relevant info you can give it, the better. That creates a picture of your website to it and that is the bare minimum you need to do. It’s like putting your cloths on brushing your teeth and combing your hair in the morning; that’s the minimum you have to do before walking out the door. After that, it wants to know who your friends are; now, it sounds like it wants more proof that your friends are quality friends which is completely beyond the control of the website owner as far as I can tell. Unless you do a guest blog post and even then, what if you are lucky enough to do a guest blog post but it is a new website with hardly any page ranking? I think a class might be a good thing for you to do. What about business that just don’t even qualify but are entitlement business. Think about all the tiny businesses that just don’t have the resources to do SEO or Social Networking beyond what their webmaster set up.

  94. Great post! I hadn’t thought about ‘Disavow’ like this, though it give me a negative gut reaction. I sure hope the dust settles soon. I’m another ‘white hat type’ whose watched one of my sites drop drastically. Apparently, Google thinks my site is over-optimized because it’s mostly custom images with little text, and all of the text is, by necessity, similar. So I’ve watched everyone else–even spammy scraper sites–outrank me for my own stuff increasingly over the past few months. Very discouraging. Would love to attend a webinar on using social media, because I don’t know where to begin.

  95. yes, would definately like to see that webinar.

  96. I have bought backlink jobs off of fiverr in the past, and ended up with a bunch of bad links to my site. I was thinking about going through and using this new disavow tool to clean up some of my backlinks. I would be interested in hearing if others have good success with this or not. Thanks for the article!

  97. 97

    Hi – I was told by our SEO company that a sudden and precipitous drop in our rankings on the SERPS recently was because our webmaster (who was really a video producer) changed our server and DNS. But I’m wondering if it’s possible that it could be due to Penguin. Is there anyway to tell for sure? This happened after we hired them but before they started the work. The website in question is the domain of my email address.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Sally,

    If your drops occurred around April 24th, May 25th or Oct 5th then it’s more likely a Penguin update. If they’ve messed up your DNS (ie. your site wasn’t working or accessible for a while – that could affect rankings as Google may not have been able to crawl your site). In some circumstances moving your hosting (eg. to slower hosting, or to another country) can cause ranking decreases, but this pretty rare.

    I’d be looking through google analytics for a big drop off in traffic and then see what events happened around that date.

    Hope that helps.

  98. Would love to see whatever you can come up with re some training on using Social Media for SEO

  99. I have to agree with Rob above. I am interested in any A/S response.

    Also will be very interested in any advice you guys can share. I’ve been with you for a while now and your previous advice has been worth hearing.

  100. Some tips on using social media for SEO would be great! Thanks…

  101. 101

    I would love to be on the webinar.

  102. This is something that people should respond to after reviewing their website carefully and thoroughly. Don’t react and make a decision just because something new was released. If we learned anything in the past it is that Google will catch up to nearly everyone sooner or later, so being the first to react doesn’t do you much good.

  103. Thank you for this info. I’ve watched your Penguin video and analyzed my links. I have been working on it for several months but nothing has changed.

    All my sites lost all traffic on April 24.

    Majestic SEO doesn’t seem to update it’s info very often because I’ve even had backlinks deleted and it’s not updating it.

    I’ve tried support at Market Samurai but they are only there for tech support.

    I’m very frustrated with this whole thing and I have honest sites like kids health and baseball tips.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Jeff, I’m sorry you’ve been hit by Penguin. April 24 was a bad day for hundreds of millions of us. One of our staff members saw a website that was making thousands of dollars a month flatline overnight. We know your pain personally. Majestic is generally quite good at detecting link changes (in fact they now update their index hourly), but that being said, higher authority sites get crawled more often. If your sites are starting out, it may take a while. Please also try opensiteexplorer and also log into webmaster tools to get an idea of your backlink network.

  104. This update is good news for people that need to replace links. I don’t see any disaster coming. If anyone got themself in the first place into a corner by utilizing crap link farms and article directories and all the other mess that people waste resources on then this is their BAIL out. I don’t see this as any calamity and most of what you did say is speculation. Do you believe these people shouldn’t be bailed out and forever punished for getting crap links while google has always had a policy of building “Natural links”?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Billy, you’re absolutely correct. The rampant astroturfing approach to SEO has worked too well for too long. As online business owners we need to invest in the long-term, and only in things that are within our control. The problem is that there are still a lot of good websites that keep getting caught up in this as collateral damage, and companies that have paid so-called SEO consultants to help them, who are using outdated techniques that continue to harm them with every link-built. Also, things that were considered “white hat” yesterday are now “gray hat” today. Often it’s not an ethical call, but more a case of – if this strategy X works too well, then Google has to update it’s algorithm to address it. So, even modest application of old best-practice techniques can lead many people into trouble.

    Billy Bob replied:


  105. 105

    I too would like to know what this means for Article Samurai.

  106. would love to see more training on this

  107. I am very much interested in alternative was to build high quality SEO links with social media.

    Thanks for the update!

  108. Would love to see a post or webinar on effective use of Social media for SEO.
    Thanks for the article – very interesting.
    The issue is going to be ongoing though… Can you imagine the likes of WordPress – a site like that can’t be disavowed (surely) and is one of the biggest link building platforms.
    I wonder if the REALLY big sites – will be a bit immune..?

  109. May be this is great for rich and fresh content websites with proper key words.Keep us informed and updated.

  110. hi’thank you for all this information,any idea how to get good links?

  111. finally google starts to clean up the rankings. i have been involved in snipersites but it was a difficult and expensive exercise to farm links and do linkbuilding. link farms are expensive and in the end these farms will be aihilated. it is better to create your own webshop and sell your own goods rather than do affiliate marketing.

  112. 112

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Please provide some training for those of us that are a little “thick” sometimes. We need some guidance on the best practices to follow, especially for those of us that have all of the Noble Samurai tools and subscription services. How does this impact article marketing?

  113. I wondered, what if almost every link to social/web 2.0 sites where submitted to that tool, would they ignore that.

    I could also see many submitting links they “think” are bad but really are not, (I hope those would only count for that one site), else it would end up all links is disavowed.

    guido replied:

    i am a firm believer of WWJD. so, if you think that web2.0 website is of use to your site, don’t delete it. for example. I have a facebook page linking back to my website and v.v. i’m not going to delete that link. Next, i’ve got a couple backlinks for transport and logistics, and i’m not going to delete those either. There’s boatload with links from webanalizers etcetera , i’ve gathered those and submitted their domains to the disavow tool.

  114. Sounds really scary to me. I have a blog which I was trying to position using pressel pages and stuff like that. Managed to generate quite decent results. Wonder if this new earthquake will hit me… Living in an enviroment with Google on the position it is today is really getting to be harder and harder.

  115. We are living through interesting times! Effective SEO has always been challenging and all the latest changes seem to be attacking the ‘lazy’ marketers. It makes me wonder how well tools such as SENUKE will fare now.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Mark, personally I’d avoid tools such as SENUKE on your main money site. They are the kinds of tools that Google are going after through the Penguin update (ie. sites that make it too easy to give away links, and over-optimization of anchor text). If you’re still finding it affective then please use a buffering intermediate site, so that if something changes you can easily recover.

  116. Whilst I can understand the need for Google to provide good quality links this witchhunt type link elimination leaves people wide open to having their links disavowed. If that site owner has many hundreds of domains all currently ranking highly if he gets there quick enough he could effectively strangulate any website who is in his line of fire. NOT a good move Google. SEO is surrounded by sharks who will do ANYTHING to get those rankings and AdSense earnings.

  117. 117

    I would love to hear more from you on social strategies. Social authority becomes more important every day.

  118. I am pretty new to SEO and am always willing to learn more so i can do things the right way.

  119. Thanks for the article and yes a seminar on how best to use Samurai in social media and market leadership strategies would be helpful.

  120. 120

    Thanks for the article, would be very nice to get that social media webinar content.

  121. 121

    Stop worrying about google and build for other real search engines. Google is turning into yahoo in its final days, their search results are biased towards their own assets, and yesterday’s stock fallout (26 billion whipped out) is the beginning of their misery. Also, encourage your visitors and social circles not to use google as their search engine usage privacy is due to a paramount of questions.

    Grateful Al replied:

    Tony: I agree with you pointing out the Google privacy issues being enough to avoid them. I have used the “Unpersonalized” plugin for Firefox for well over a year.

    Now I’m using the search engine, DuckDuckGo because it doesn’t track users, period. And the results are more consistent because they’re not constantly playing around with their algorithms.

  122. I’m moving back toward a model of personal networking and sharing quality content whether articles or infographics.

    Safe traffic and profitable traffic will always be through good old word-of-mouth referrals. It’s retail marketing, but hard work pays.

  123. 123

    Hi, very interesting article. I´m agree, SEO has changed. I´d like to get some training on using Social Media for SEO, like you told in your post.

    Thanks for the info

  124. I would welcome the Social seminar as well. I got hit by Penguin and the EMD update last month. And I had been linking with techniques that should have been fine.

  125. Nice post! This is the clearest explanation I’ve seen of the “sacrificial sites” concept.

  126. 126
    On October 20th, 2012 at 6:37 am
    Louis@techProMag said:

    Hi Eugene.
    Your and Ed Dale’s comments on this google tool is useful and frightening.

    It seems some sites where lazy SEO was done is now faring better than sites that were overly off-page SEOptimized.

    With the negative SEO “opportunity” to gesumpt your competition (totally unethical), I wonder how long it will e before Fiverr gigs exists for it. Not very cool.

    Social media is indeed a very strong signal to Google but many small businesses find it strange to have to tweet (Facebook seems their tool of choice in the end)

    Also MARY Cuffs seem o dislike WordPress intensely… Have you guys done any testing on Drupal vs WordPress vs Joomla sites.
    (I looooove WordPress, but seems everything has its day eventually, and maybe hiding the fact that a site is made with WordPress could improve rank? Hypothesis with no real data behind it of course, just a question really)

  127. Interesting and concerned about continuing to use Article Samaurai. Is this tool safe? All my affiliate sites took a hit from the original Penguin. They started to come back and now wiped out from the EDM update. I am concentrating on clients sites now by adding content and syndication. I still have a team doing forum posting and manual backlinks. I hear a lot being said about nothing working and syndication is dangerous now as well. I would like to know much more about social media but more importantly how can I do it for multiple client sites. Obviously we can adapt if we only had one site to focus on but with several clients I may need to hire a dedicated social media person. Does anyone know if SocialAdr works?

  128. It seems that good content is more important than ever. Social Media and SEO are blending more everyday.

  129. I would be interested in the Social Media Webnair.

    How many have flock to this tool and exposed thousands of sites… oh my. I had site that had been up apx 8 ys that got de-index in Apr. Webmaster tools keep asking what else are you doing that is wrong? They of course were fishing and they are fishing in a very big way with this Disavow tool.

  130. I think it levels the playing field, which helps everyone in the long run.

  131. 131

    What was wrong with them discounting bad links automatically?

    With each passing day, google is getting more and more arrogant.

    I’m tired of their mind games and have not cared for what they do for a while. The sooner webmasters that built the mighty google start ignoring it (like I do) the better.

    User-agent: Googlebot
    Disallow: /

    Block them before they block you for a worry free online existence :).

  132. I agree with Victor ! Be careful, this is a way for Google to build a huge database of ‘bad links’ and can use it against us ! I don’t understand the purupose of why they did the Penguin update first and launched this tool 6 months later. I am pretty sure their objectives are unfair.

  133. Yes, I would like more training on social and other seo rules. It seems anything I’m supposed to do to my sites this year, is bad the next year or two.

  134. Thank you very much for this post. It was very concise and informative. Regarding the section on “What you need to do RIGHT NOW…” could you give some examples of the following:

    1) What is an example of a link building plug-in that users should avoid?
    2) Can you give an example of the type of poor link-building system you are referring to?
    3) It would be great to see a walkthrough on how to use Market Samurai to analyze link quality.

  135. I too am curious of the impact that this disavow tool will have on the networks used by Article Samurai and look forward to Noble Samurai’s thoughts on the matter.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Randy, Thanks for your question. I’ve answered this question in an earlier reply.

  136. Very interesting. Maybe it’s a good thing in the end, with only quality processes online. I am interested in learning more.

  137. Thanks for the heads-up. Would love to hear more about your perspective on Social Media for SEO…and soon!

  138. This article seems to be true for the most part, but will Google really discount or penalize a whole domain just for being on someone elses list? It would make sense that Google would simple honor the request to discount the link or domain from pointing at a site, but it does make sense if MANY sites reported the same domain. It would be like a Bizarro Link Farm.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Steve, I believe in some cases they will, but that will be rare. For example, in the Panda update they did penalize entire domains for having too much dupe content. In the Penguin update they penalized entire domains for having too much optimized anchor text. But that being said, their algorithms are petty good in this regard. If you’re a newspaper site with high authority then you probably have little to fear. It’s the millions of poor quality link directories and low-quality blogs with no real human traffic and poor quality content that are likely to be hit hardest. One or two complaints are unlikely to affect a “real” site.

  139. 139

    I would definitely love some training on the matter. Great log post.

  140. Great article, thanks.

    I would love that “social media for SEO training”.

    Funny thing is, 4 days ago I did a blog post on my blog about a case study on one of my websites showing how social media increased my site’s traffic by 200% in a month.

    Google is definitely heading that way, social proof is the new “backlink strategy”

  141. 141

    YES please – training for the future would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks for the offer.

  142. Count me in for the “Post Penguin SEO” Q&A webinar

  143. Here here.. I wrote a blog post about this myself with the same conclusion… frankly all webmasters should hold on tight… as this WILL be a bumpy ride.. :-)

  144. Another great update. Thanks Noble Samurai and thanks Eugene. I’d be keen on a social media in SEO webinar, bring it on!

    But I also have a question re: penguin. I understand the ratios I need to acheive in my anchor text, so I think my contextual links are all good now. But under penguin how does Google treat images that link to other pages/sites? Do I need to be careful about keywords in my alt text too?

    Thanks again

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Greg, Yes. Anchor text in images, in alt-text still counts as anchor text. We’ve tested this a few times, so definitely count that in your ratio calculations.

  145. This sounds like excellent news for people like me who have never tried to game the system. Just tried to provide good content and exchange guest posts with others.

    What I’m nervous about is getting caught out by some glitch or mistake. On my topic (self development) I can’t see people trying to damage my rankings – esp because I have a low traffic site so am basically invisible.

    It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. If it does succeed in getting rid of most of the splogs and spammy blogs I think it will be a wonderful thing.

  146. 146
    On October 20th, 2012 at 6:48 am
    Glen Klassen said:

    I would like to be advised when a webinar or other type of information al event will be presented concerning Disavow.

  147. 147

    I am not sure why you think Google will use this information against the websites from which links are coming.
    They could, off course, but what is the point?

    Let’s say I have placed comments in a well known newspapers sites and got links as a result. Lets assume these are bad links because I have done that way to many times.

    Do you really think Google will punish the newspaper site for me placing the links on their sites?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Michelle, Google’s algorithms for detecting “negative SEO” are pretty good. I have seen lots of examples where it is working (in the travel industry from personal experience), but in general the big high authority sites (such as newspapers) don’t have anything to worry about. It’s disavow reports against low quality sites that will be the first to go in my opinion. A high authority for your site protects you in some degree to these search engine “games” that some people unfortunately feel they need to play.

  148. Hi Eugene… Great articles and very informative….
    I’m now focusing on social media signals but because I’m new to this part of SEO, I really appreciate for any related guide in this matter…

    Once again many thanks

  149. 149
    On October 20th, 2012 at 6:51 am
    Jim Montgomery said:

    Hi Eugene,
    Where does this leave Article Samurai? should we stop submitting articles? Also if you can set up some training about how we go about getting social or other “accepatable” links that would be very useful

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Jim, I’ve left a detailed reply with Marc’s question. Given the response we’ll definitely do some training. I’ve got a call with an expert today to talk about scheduling it for next week. I’ll shoot you and email about when we’ve got all the details worked out.

  150. Interested in the webinar :)

  151. I am also interested in learning SEO for tomorrow.

  152. 152

    Any training or insight would be much appreciated.

  153. I will never believe that google will allow something it rewarded so heavily for so long to crash your rankings. Much like the “unnatural linking” warnings it sent out, I believe they are simply trying and succeeding in identifying sites and networks of sites that are being used to exploit the link building process so they can devalue any links being produced on those sites and networks. I do believe that the days of building 1000′s of crappy links and getting good rankings is over but I do not believe you can crash your competition by pointing questionable links at their sites.

    Can you imagine the internet apocalypse that would occur if that were possible? If it would work, there would be a ton of blackhatters selling the “crash your competitor” service and I haven’t seen one doing it which says to me, it’s simply not true.

    Just my 2 cents. Best strategy is not to freak out and just move forward in a manner that doesn’t utilize spammy link sources.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Ben, I hope you’re right. However, I’ve seen (in the travel industry in particularly) people using sites (poisoned in Penguin) to point against their competitors with dramatic effect. If this wasn’t possible then Google wouldn’t have released the tool. By releasing the tool, Google has essentially “owned up” to this actually working. While it will be isolated to the more competitive SEO battlefronts (such as travel, credit, etc), it only takes some programmer to write a tool to make this whole thing easy and automated before it will spill over into other areas. I don’t think it will affect the other markets, but the best thing to do is – as you’ve suggested, stay away from low-quality practices and keep your nose clean.

    Outtanames999 replied:

    Joe has it right. Be very careful when Google hangs out some “tool”. Is the troll really handing you a magic wand to put in your rucksack that will kill all enemies or will using it more than 3 times take you down a sewer pipe straight back to Level 1 of the game?

    Google can’t have it both ways – either it knows a bad neighborhood when it sees one, or it doesn’t. If it needs you to tell it what’s bad, then it apparently doesn’t know. Or does it?

    That’s the Google side. Now we come to you, the website owner and/or SEO. Do you know a bad neighborhood when you see one? You do? Now why is that? How could you possibly know that somebody who is linking to you is from a bad neighborhood? Hmm. Could it be because you created that bad neighborhood yourself?

    So what are you telling Google when you say – “Oh yes Great One, my site is being linked to from bad neighborhoods. I’m shocked, shocked at how many there are! In fact, I’ll give you a whole list of them! It was easy for me to put this list together because – well never mind. The important thing is, as of today (now that I know you’re watching) I disavow every single one of them. And thank you so much for allowing me to confess my sins, err I mean tell you about these terrible places on the internet who are linking to innocent little old me.”

    Outtanames999 replied:

    Oops. I meant BEN has it right.

  154. 154

    I see more simple solution.

    In my opinion Google took wrong road to distract internet with stupid algorithms. On average each of my sites provides Google with over 200K pages of quality content. Google live as parasite on our content and now they are not satisfied with fact that they make fortune on us, now they begin to break the rules they created by themselves.

    After last Google’s updates traffic from Google falled down and now equal to traffic from other sources.

    I maintain number of projects with total of 5 million pages. Sometime from December, or beginning of 2013 if Google do not correct what they done for us, I’ll remove ALL my pages from Google index and ban Google entirely.

    We should reverting this perverted relation with Google – if Google want to parasitize on our content, they should pay webmasters for access to content, just like they pay it to Twitter and Facebook to get they content to be indexed.

    You may say “Google too big” to feel that 5 million pages removed from index, but there are thousands of websites owners with billions of pages. Just recall SOPA action vs. Godaddy – Google our servicing company, not our dictator.

    Outtanames999 replied:

    Yes, you are right. Google has been somewhat hoist on its on petard on this issue. Tread carefully as always. The challenge is to fully think through any actions you take and make good business decisions not based on emotion or anger.

  155. The question is begged…
    How can one decipher which links are good or bad? Further, where can actually see each and every links to your site?

  156. 156

    Agree with Conrad King and Seth East, any information that you can pass on would be very helpful. Look forward to a webinar if possible and/or any other process for extra training in this area. I too am starting fresh and want to make sure I get it right.

  157. Great article, thanks for keeping us up to date on these changes.


  158. Thank you Eugene, an insightful post and food for thought moving forward with Goggle SEO. I understand how market leadership and social pointers are becoming key metrics for establishing authority and would be very interested in a training webinar that shines a light on Google’s mechanics for this process. Please count me in if you decide to run it :-)

  159. Please provide some training on using Social Media for SEO.

  160. I would love a seminar on social media seo.

  161. I would like to know what is the Market Leadership strategie and I’ll be happy to get guides for anything you will do

    thank you

  162. Nice post. Lots to think about. Please hit me up when the webinar gets organized.

  163. 163

    Very interested in hearing about Social media SEO. Thanks

  164. We’ll see what will happen the next few weeks. I think poor links from BH techniques and poor content will always been punished by google fairly.

  165. I’ve been seeing the handwriting on the wall for some time now. People seem to forget that Goggle is a public traded for profit company. As a for profit company they need to generate revenue for their shareholders. So the bottom line is, to generate revenue they need to sell their services, i.e. AdWords.

    IMHO Google is making SEO so complicated in an effort to drive people away from organic SEO with all these algorithm changes, under the guise of improving quality search results. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, perhaps that’s a side benefit of all the recent changes, but most likely, profit driven.

    Think about it…What is the incentive for PPC / Adwords campaigns if you can easily rank a site organically for free?

    Additionally if these changes are correct, they have now just created a free-for-all. If I want to target someone’s rankings and web traffic all I have to do is crank up one of my many automated backlink generators and point the low quality links at a competitor or someone I’m not happy with and watch them as their site all but disappears from the search rankings.

    Don’t the egg-heads at Google think past the tips of their noses? Over educated morons if you ask me, are running the show there.

    I gave up on Google a while ago when I realized the fix was in and have a ton of cheap but highly targeted paid traffic. Screw em!

  166. 166
    On October 20th, 2012 at 7:08 am
    Dave Pulliam said:

    I would definitely be interested in a “Post Penguin SEO” Q&A webinar!

  167. 167

    This article is utter nonsense ;D Great drama, but utter nonsense anyway.

  168. 168
    On October 20th, 2012 at 7:09 am
    Eileen Snover said:

    Additional training on this topic would be very much appreciated.

  169. Being a relative newbie in the IM world, I guess it is now a good thing that I don’t have an excessive amount of backlinks to any of my sites. Unfortunately, with any good system there is always people that want to come along and exploit it. The longer I am in this market, the more I believe there are more sharks and shysters out there than actual businesses that want to offer something of value, which motivates me even more to be different. I think I was smart enough to stay away from the black hat techniques that are out there, but you never know. I guess we will have to wait and see how this unfolds. Thanks for the info and I will stay tuned for updates.

  170. I would like a webinar with Q and A re linking and SEO.

    Thanks for a very interesting article – there is so much to learn.

  171. Count me in to your proposed webinar. Thank you.

  172. 172

    I would love to sit in on the webinar you mentioned.

  173. I’m interested in the webinar you propose above. All information about Googles updates are important…

  174. 174

    I can’t thank Google enough for this brilliant addition to their algorithm. I’m going to get straight to work on destroying my competitions rankings. :)

  175. 175
    On October 20th, 2012 at 7:17 am
    Richard ELkind said:

    I think we all knew this was coming, some are upset I am sure. Since last summer I have forced myself to only use good quality articles, and real links.

    I am not trying to be an “I told you so” kind of guy, but we saw the writing on the wall. Google made it clear where they were headed. I know there are many who have sites, that make money selling what I call garbage, and it blows my mind that many are making a great living off these sites. It should not be up to the consumer to try to understand why there are so many false links supporting the greatness of a questionable product online our black hat SEO brethren pump out like so many jelly beans. I think these sites are highly unethical practice.

    So I am happy to see these steps are put in place, and no longer will just spewing link garbage onto the internet be acceptable practice. Now it will be about creating a plan based on credible articles linking back to real information and products. (Go ahead, throw rocks if you want) I think this is about Google taking an ethical step toward the system they built, and making a better future for the web we all share.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Richard, I agree. Any time there is change it’s a good thing. There’s a lot of opportunity. More money is made right after stock market crashes then in booms. Spam is rampant in our industry and anything that reduces spam make it easier for real businesses who deserve to rank on page one. Sadly, a lot of genuine businesses have become collateral damage in all this, and also there a lot of busineseses who hire SEO people who are using outdated strategies which have hurt (or will continue to hurt) their client’s sites. I think overall, this is a good thing in the long-term, and that really good old-fashioned “marketing” will win out.

    Concerned replied:

    Would love a webinar. I am not sure what a bad site looks like. Is it just based on low PR or is there something else we should be looking at?

    I have a couple of directory sites that have helped my SEO and yet they have historically had 0 PR. Is that necessarily going to be a bad link now?

  176. I definitely would be interested in a social media SEO training webinar.

  177. Yes – I’m in! Please do a webinar Q&A on the effective use of Social Media for SEO in this new environment.

  178. Thank you for this thoughtful articulate blog piece. There has been so much said and guessed about disavow it’s hard to know what’s right; that said, what you say makes sense. I would love an SEO Social Media course.

  179. 179

    It will be interesting to see their final
    role out as the above suggested steps will
    help put one on the right track to not falling
    prey to googles yet new invention.

  180. Thank you for the information Eugene. However, now I’m very concerned. You see, my site is only a few months old and I have been slowly working on building backlinks using the standard methods. But mostly I’ve been using the Angela’s backlink methods for about a month. Although I haven’t seen many backlinks actually get indexed I haven’t seen any penalty either (she stated her program still worked after the last two Google updates). My page rankings for all of my pages have been ranging from the 2nd page to the 10th with not much movement. If I continue to use her method do you think I will get penalized with the lastest update? Thanks again.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Dave, a lot of the leveraged systems such as Angela’s links, or even syndication are good for getting you a lot of low quality links with good anchor text – which used to be very important for ranking. With Penguin, over-optimized anchor text can actually hurt you, particularly from lower quality link-sources. The best SEOs I know who are still engaged in link-building (not using the market leadership strategies which I believe are the future), will ONLY get optimized anchor text from high-authority sites. That’s a 100% inversion of what the old strategy was (get your anchor text from low quality sites, and bump up the authority from a few high authority sites). Hope that helps.

    Dave Long replied:

    Thanks Eugene. Your advise really helps. Just to make sure I am clear concerning Angela’s backlinks, it is okay to still pursue anchor text links with her strategy because the sites she recommends are high authority sites because the page ranks of the sites are PR8 to PR6? Aren’t sites with high PRs considered authority sites?

    Thanks again Eugene!

  181. I am very interested in the training of Social Media for SEO. Sign me up for it!

    I also thank you for the article, it’s nice to be up-to-date.

  182. Google has never rocked the SEO world as they did during the last months.

    The instances of competition spamming your sites has been seen. A guy(we are in the same niche) linked to a post on my blog on his sidebar(site-wide links)leading to 1026 links from the domain and the only link not coming from the domain is from an RSS directory to which I submitted the blog. Of course my traffic dropped from a little over 100 daily to ZERO!

    Unfortunately, this guy has no contact information. I may have to use the disavow tool but I am still taking my time because I don’t trust Google. I think people should not do anything just yet as in the Penguin case where webmasters started to delete links and thus confirming to Google that they have been practicing black hat.

  183. 183

    Thanks for sharing. You guys always have great info.

  184. Thanks for the post, Clearly for me, the more I learn the less I seem to know and understand

  185. 185

    Thank you for this important information. I would definitely like to learn how to benefit from this.

  186. Interesting for sure but in the world where I live in Local SEO if everyone disavows their links no one will end up with any links at all…. Then how will Google distinguish the good from the bad…? Keyword tags / keyword density….??? :)

  187. 187
    On October 20th, 2012 at 7:38 am
    Jeffery Smith said:

    I do have one question about this new tool. Couldn’t it be used by competitors to create bad links that link to your website and you get penalized in the end? Do you think that that is a valid argument? I would be interested also in learning more about social media SEO.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    I don’t think the tool will get used this way. But it’s already happening, that’s why the tool needs to be released. In the travel industry, the SEO competition is fierce. I’ve heard from a few people on the “inside” that all the link-building websites that were being used in the industry have been penalised, but they still have value – in pointing at their competitors! And that’s exactly what’s happening. The disavow tool provides a new weapon in their evil arsenal however – being able to poison links they already have. How effective this is in practice remains to be seen, however.

  188. Thanks for the update, a webinar on social media and signals would be great guys

  189. I’m sure there will be tons of how to video coming to a YT channel near you on how to use this tool in WMT. What I would like to know is how to tell if the links (existing) are party to the above mentioned “poor quality” link bulding system? IOW, I use a system that manually acquires links, but I am not 100% certain of the link quality on all these sites?

  190. I would like to receive some content or attend a Q&A webinar from some SEO experts that excel in this area. What will Google think of next? When is enough, enough?

  191. Thanks for sharing Eugene.

    Would love to see on-going webinars & content to help us survive and get our rankings back!

  192. would love to see a webinar

  193. 193

    Google – you are really screwing with my head. I perform SEO on several clients websites. As someone said on the SEOmoz blog: “Makes me feel like giving up and getting a job in a bar”.
    I would love to hear your thoughts Social Media and Market Leadership strategies.

  194. Interesting but my biggest problem is with the 100s of online directories who buy or generate business listings, and create millions of webpages with no real content – just business listings.

    How will this affect Service Magic, YellowPages, SuperPages … and all these that online businesses haven’t had to deal with for years.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    I don’t think Disavow tool will affect these sites unless they have been doing any form of unsanctioned leveraged link-building. That being said, business directories have been in Google’s sights for years. They suffer from a range of issues – thin content, low percentage of unique content and were hit pretty bad from Panda. And Google’s own business listings will gradually take out the remaining sites over time (I hope).

  195. Hi,

    I’m one that would certainly be interested in attending a “Post Penguin SEO” Q&A webinar by you guys.


  196. Great article! I love being updated, especially when it comes to Google’s updates. I haven’t been hit with any penalties and it’s good to know that we have the Noble Samurai Team to make sure we have the right information in order to recover from all the changes that’s been going on. I’ve been doing a lot of Social Media link building for a while and it’s nice to get some training on it to get another edge or “golden nugget” to give me another breakthrough experience. In Conclusion, Yes a Social Media Training would be very helpful and I would definitely attend.

  197. Thanks for sharing. It would be hard to keep with Google updates without your help and analysis.

    Please let me know when you organize your Q&A webinar.


  198. 198

    Thanks, great information and I would certainly be interested in a webinar on Social Media use for quality ranking.

  199. 199

    Great read! Q&A and social media seo would be welcome. Tnx :)

  200. 200

    Any extra information would be be gratefully received. Where does article samurai stack up in all of this?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Iain, see my reply to Marc’s comment.

  201. 201

    yes to a social-seo tutorial please. we’re all hearing that success in SEO is now based on content made credible by the user, not robots, so it would be good to see some practical examples for business. Don’t know what I’d do without you guys/gals.

  202. I think that Google is very worried right now. Their whole business relied on citation links and it was open to scamming and spamming. Over time, they have continually tried to tweak their algorithm so that their SERPS would continue to be relevant in the face of so many clever folks finding ways to game their system.
    The Penguin and Panda updates have attempted to devalue links that may be spammy. But has that made Google searches more relevant? I don’t think so.
    The disavowal tool is another way for Google to figure out which links are gaming their system so that they can penalize them and what they link to, in the hopes of making their search algorithm work.
    My advice would be to be quite careful in reporting anything to Google. We know that they will use any information that they gather in their own way to benefit their business.

  203. I appreciate you guys willing to put on a webinar. Please let me know when, I would be interested in watching it.

  204. Hey there
    Please provide social media training as mentioned in your blog post.

  205. Well done Google, another update that allows negative SEO. Google is doing more damage to search results than ever before. So what happens if everyone starts to report backlinks from, Blogger, YouTube and Twitter as low-quality?

  206. 206

    I’d be very interested for you to provide some training on using Social Media for SEO.

    I’d also like to hear your response to Rob@Tallahassee Web Design question above….
    “How does this affect using tools like Article Samurai? In my time using it, the link quality of some of those links seems not to be so great and I would like to hear from you guys about how using it can affect the rankings of my sites in light of this update.”

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Marc,

    Over the past month we’ve been doing a detailed analysis of the ranking effectiveness of Article Samurai. We emailed all our subscribers immediately after the big Penguin update our recommended change in article syndication strategy to avoid anchor text over-optimization penalties, and our syndication partners have tightened up their article approval guidelines even more.

    The good news is that in our analysis those subscribers who actually followed our “best practice” recommendations for post-Penguin syndication have been seeing excellent results, still being able to generate page one rankings in relative short periods of time.

    The other good news is that over time the syndication networks of our partners has evolved to have the vast majority of participants use privately owned blogs with a plugin where website owners have to manually review and approve each article. This approval process is therefore a form of citation, and thus a real vote of confidence in the content.

    However, that being said it’s difficult to predict what any change in Google algorithms will bring. Most professional SEOs avoid using one type of linking strategy too much as that makes them vulnerable to strategies that become too successful, and become targets for algorithm updates. I recommend that you supplement your link-building strategies with other methods, and that anyone who does any form of leveraged link-building use intermediary sites (ie. build links to your non-money sites), and then just do one or two links from these sites. That way if Google does pull anything then you can easily remove those one or two links, and quickly recover – ie. not have to use the disavow tool.

    This has been best practice SEO ever since I can remember, and recommended with any technique that looks like it’s working too well and may be OK today but might come under fire in the future.

  207. Hi great email thanks for your great support.yes i would like any information on how you can check my links and videos on how althis pulstogether thanks Steve

  208. As someone without a lot of knowledge of SEO, I’m at a loss to know what help and advice to ask for from you!

    What I would find useful is if you would expand on your statement,

    ‘We strongly believe that using sophisticated Social Media and Market Leadership strategies with a strong SEO “side-effect” is the best way to improve rankings under the current SEO environment.’

    I’m puzzled by the expression, ‘Market Leadership’ in your quote. Obviously I understand the English term ‘market leadership’, but as you capitalise the expression, I’m wondering if you are referring to a specific IM strategy?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi John, it’s taken me a while to come around to this idea – and I’ve had some heated arguments with some prominent people in the SEO world about this – but genuine “marketing” will eclipse SEO in time. Links are just one form of “engagement” with a website. Social media likes and shares and tweets are another form. Time spent on a site is another form. Engaging a lot with a particular author’s content is another (in the form of Google’s AuthorRank algorithms). It’s all pointing at one thing – do genuine good actual marketing, and the SEO benefits will flow as side-benefits. I truly believe that’s what Google wants. With all these comments showing interest in the webinar I’m going to see if I can convince some experts to run a webinar this week. Hopefully we’ll be able to shed some light on this.

  209. 209
    On October 20th, 2012 at 8:11 am
    Peter Cutforth said:

    What do you think about wp plugins that auto post snippets to FB, Tw and G+ ?

    I think we will see some further discounting in the usefulness of even perfectly genuine web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Tumblr etc..

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Peter, I think auto-tweeting from your blog is fine. It’s a pretty common practice and generally accepted as “best practice”. I think some web2.0 sites will just get blacklisted, while others that have a mix of good and bad pages will just have the bad (easy to link-from) pages penalised.

  210. 210

    Just like Google to screw everyone again. First they started this link building junk before it was ready to be implemented and now everyone is still paying the price.

    As far as social media, I recognize it is necessary and absolutely hate it. Facebook has become far too complicated to operate by someone on limited hours. I do social on linkedin on a couple of niche groups because it is still simple enough to operate.

    Frankly I want someone to do the social for me as an outsourcer. It would be worth some reasonable money to get it done. I have better things to do with my life than live on Pinterest, Facebook, or other social sites.

  211. Good article. Yes, I was slapped into goggle jail and hung out to dry, during the last round of updates and frankly I am not sure why. Anyway, I need to rebound – I am looking for ways to check links and you just happen to refer to an Anchor Text Analyzer in your article. I have never been shown how to use this or if I have, then I have forgotten. Where might that be in Market Samurai?

  212. Great article. Thanks for the overview and conclusions. I’d also be interested in a webinar on Social Media use for SEO.

  213. Good article. I would like to have more training on this and see what you guys think. You have always been a great source of help in my business…

  214. I would like a tutorial on how to use social media for SEO. If you do decide to provide it and go with a webinar, please provide a transcript of the webinar. I am not too fond of webinars. I prefer reading through the material at my own pace.

    This is just more sad news. I feel like Google is pushing business people to rely on Adwords instead of organic SEO.

  215. I would love to attend a Q&A webinar on a how to implement a proper SEO strategy.

  216. 216
    On October 20th, 2012 at 8:22 am
    Christopher Oliver said:

    What does this say about ARTICLE SAMURAI? I noticed it was not mentioned at all!

  217. 217

    Thank you very much for this info. Can you please do the webinars. Thank you.

  218. 218
    On October 20th, 2012 at 8:24 am
    Richard Tidwell said:

    In am very interested in the social media stuff you mentioned. Thanks for the help I will be registering Market Samurai this coming week to the paid version.

  219. Wow – I suppose it was definitely on the cards. All the more reason to get total control of your own link network. Sites in that network also need to be easily disposable too if using a web 2 domain that turns poison.

  220. With a website that has already fallen from first page to nowhere to be found following Google’s last assault, I’d more than welcome help and advice on what to do next. I thought my links were high quality article links. Google appears to believe otherwise. So where next?

  221. This is what happens when we rush to a hype. I hope the casualties of the penguin slap could have a speed recovery.

  222. About time Google. For too long IM’ers have been allowed to abuse the system with garbage backlinks and second rate content.

    Kelvin Myles replied:

    This is a great comment:-

    “Once again, we strongly believe that using sophisticated Social Media and Market Leadership strategies with a strong SEO “side-effect” is the best way to improve rankings under the current SEO environment.”

    REAL evidence of social proof – provided it’s not more automated claptrap.

  223. Great overview and some great healthy tips, thank you for sharing this. Would definitely be keen for a webinar on this covering more advanced techniques to help ensure this update does not affect sites we manage.

  224. Great post! Great details. I wasn’t really hurt by Penguin. I think that may be due to the fact that I write my own professional content. I follow a golden rule that the original post must always start on my site. If the content is good enough, it will get picked up.

  225. I’d be very interested in Social Media SEO training. My primary SM channels are Twitter, G+ and Facebook with a little bit of LinkedIn.

  226. 226
    On October 20th, 2012 at 8:32 am
    Lizl MacGregor said:

    What fantastic reading. Thank you for sharing Samurai.

  227. Very interesting. I’m happy that I haven’t gone down the paid links route. Would love social media training please.

  228. Looking forward to more insight and any Q&A sessions.

  229. I am dying to know how to proceed. I am just so confused at this point I don’t know what to do. Any assistance by an authority would be so welcomed!

  230. Hi Eugene,
    Thanks for this overview. Count me in on SM webinars.
    I’m surprised that it took Google this long to start protecting its turf. Now we need to figure out how to deal with it.

  231. Nice information, but I’m a bit confused.

    Does this mean that I should stop using Social Network sites submission tools like OnlyWire?

  232. 232

    Great post Eugene thank you for your thoughts. A lot to think about to say the least. My first thought is that this move will inevitably draw more AdWords advertisers into the mix so good move for Goggle. However what concerns me is that when you see how they are dealing with the Google+ & Google places merge fiasco by penalising so many businesses by mistake, will they be able to get this one right first time? Any webinar on SEO plus social SEO would be very much welcomed from me. Thanks again Eugene, looking forward to the webinars ;-)

  233. Great Article!
    The one thing we can all do Right NOW is to STOP USING GOOGLE. If we all tell our friends, clients and associates that there IS a solution – Just use Bing or one of the others. This might just get Google to take notice.

  234. I’d love to have more accurate information on using Social Media in an effective and ethical way.

  235. My site got nailed by Penguin…I would love some training on how to do SEO now, and how to recover my rankings.

    Greg replied:

    Switch up your anchor text for links (especially for EMD main keyword if you have an EMD).

    If you’re heavy on any anchor text, run a dillution campaign.

    Make sure you’re using plenty of synonyms on your site (especially for EMD).

    Do proper interlinking. Link to pages that you already have topics on rather than talking about the same topic twice (will run into duplicate content).

    Get more relevant links…

    Let your content flow (stop writing all 500 word articles).

    Do all this and I guarantee you your site will come back, unless you’re severely penalized.

    Donnie Schexnayder replied:

    Thanks Greg! That’s great advice…plenty of work for me to do now.

  236. I don’t think this changes SEO much, except for the dumbasses that actually use it.

    We’ll see though…

  237. Oh, PLEASE count me in! After reading this, I am SO very grateful for your insightful and educational words. I DEFINITELY would love to have some training in this area, webinar or whatever you may offer.

  238. Thanks for warning us about this tool, which can be a massive power destruction one if missused.
    I wouldn’t touch it unless you had a real trouble in your rankinks lately.

  239. All bets are now off. This latest development ala Google is a total game changer!

    What you’ve written here is profoundly important stuff, Eugene! Wow. Thank you. Not only for the news… but also for the meaning of the news, which is just as important.

    For what it’s worth, I totally concur on what the ramifications of this dramatic change are and will be, at least into the foreseeable future. I don’t think anybody really knows – or can really know – what the ultimate result of this is going to be.

    And I think it’s safe to say, based on what we’ve seen in the last few years, that there is more to come. I just hope that Google has really gamed this through and weighed the full measure of the advantages versus the disadvantages, because the black hats will be exploiting this change immediately, and it is now going to be full-scale war out there.

    You’ve just convinced me to concentrate even more on social and less on traditional link building!

  240. We had three sites knocked way down the rankings, but then they just came back on their own. We didn’t do a thing. Time for a Social Media training -

  241. Great article/posting. I’ll check out these suggested resources and try to follow up with an updated response.

  242. Thank you for sharing Samurai.

    Any webinar on SEO plus social SEO would be very much welcomed from me.

  243. Social media training, please.
    I am interested thanks

  244. 244

    Thanks for the valuable post!

    Please bring on the webinar and/or posts on social media and white het link building for seo!!!!

  245. I’m hearing different opinions on this matter but truthfully google has given plenty of warning on this subject so no one should be surprised by any moves or intentions they may have. Beware.

  246. This should help us poor website owners who desperately try to display good content but get pushed to the back of the crowd because some people have the money to build automated links all over the net. Penguin was good, and this is – well, I didn’t quite understand the what the real implications are going to be, because, as the author pointed out, much of it is speculation, but if it helps keep the net clean, then I’m all for it.
    Thanks for the informative post.

  247. This is all so overwhelming for the small business owner and DIY Webmaster. Thanks for this post and keeping it [relatively] simple for those of us who cannot afford to hire SEO experts, and rely on tools like Market Samauri to help us more than get by. I am very interested to sit in on a Webinar Q&A.

  248. 248

    Please count me in for your Social SEO webinar. Keep you writing great updates:-)

  249. 249
    On October 20th, 2012 at 9:44 am
    Brett Borah said:

    Great info! If you will have training on using socials dis for SEO then I am all in. Thanks!

  250. Scary!

  251. 251

    “But what’s worse is that a penalized domain may also penalize any other sites that it links out to…”

    Ummm…no. This falsely assumes that Google doesn’t know about all links everywhere already, that they only know about some of them, that they only evaluate the rest based on whether someone reports them.

    Nonsense. When a page is indexed, Google already knows all about it! Your argument is like the one people make that their splog network is “private” and therefore safe from Google’s prying eyes. It’s a ludicrous argument.

    Google has no need to give any weight to such reports for ranking purposes. That’s what their algorithm does for them.

    The only time a manual inspection takes place is when a filter, like a percentage of overall links being “suspect” or something like that, gets triggered.

  252. Great read! While I understand the goal of this tool, I can tell you that this tool WILL be misused. No doubt about it. We as users of the internet have placed ourselves at the mercy and whim of Google. I think more competition within in the SE companies is very warranted. I am interested in your views on Social Media and look forward to your future posts.

  253. 253

    I would be 120% interested in some training on post-Penguin SEO and link building.

    I’d even be interested in some ongoing training with social media and post-Penguin SEO and link building.

    Hope you do this training and/or webinar.

  254. As a relative newbie I just dont understand most of this. It seems to me that Google are trying to stop the rip-off guys so maybe its a good thing BUT someone will find a way to get a benefit.

    In my case, the more training the better so I can be a lot more competitive and build good links.

  255. 255

    Good and clear article. Thanks.

    But Google is quite irritating.
    They are always secretive about their so called “state-of-the-art” indexing algorithms. And for years they let every bad practice continue until it has reached uncontrollable (to them) proportions.
    So, when SEO experts have perfected how to manipulate these algorithms with fairly simple strategies, they take sissy action which doesn’t resolve anything really. De-indexing to investigate, speed of the server, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzz zzz z.
    Then Google starts slapping around like a fickle woman. Sending Pandas, Penguins and what not at us like little cry babies from their sandbox. So childish.

    And now they want site owners(‘s staff) to do their clean up job for them. They will also use these reports to punish the sites which get reported a lot. And many, in fear, will be silly enough to use this tool too. (I’m only mentioning this with regard to this disavow tool. You should indeed stop using bad services.)
    This disavow reporting sounds like WW2, where people were told to report others, or else…
    The people who were then supposed to be reported were not bad. It was the dictator (Google) branding them as bad. Not what they did or said.

    Remember who build those backlinks to your site?
    It wasn’t me?
    So who are you going to report? The sites who were willing/offering to let you beat Google’s pre-school algorithms by letting you build backlinks. Or the ones where you had your backlinks posted yourself or by someone in a developing country?
    Don’t be a snitch/stoolie/

    Just turn the story around. They don’t even know how to **reliably** separate the quality links from the bad links. In fact they are saying it has become a slurry pit and we can’t clean it. We need your help. So they make this tool available with ulterior motives. To cover up their inability.
    This has become like the witch-hunt for Lance Armstrong which also has been going on for 12 years or so. And eventually the team mates who surrounded him during his victories were threatened to testify against him. The same people who were at first participating and lying about it.
    How reliable can that be?

    Let Google spend some of their billions on building better algorithms, or hiring more people to do manual checks.
    From the article linked below : “… The study shows that Google’s software engineers earn an average base salary of $128,336 …” and “… where across-the-board last year the search giant gave all employees a 10% pay rise. …”
    These people can’t do their job, get a big fat pay check for it anyway, and you are going to help them. This is the company you are about to report to :

    When Google picks up my quarterly tab at Incero LLC, I’m prepared to listen to them again. But never will I let them tell me what to do in my house (read server). I’m paying the lease, not Google.
    I did away with Google’s dictatorship years ago. There’s enough traffic coming from other search engines.

    Robertino replied:

    This is what happens when site owners try to have backlinks removed themselves, but take the wrong approach. The comments are all gone now, these were equally funny.

  256. I think this tool was likely designed to close the loophole that allows for negative SEO to exist post-panda/penguin. Formerly the “linked to” site was never penalized, or so it was commonly theorized. Just my 2 cents.

    Nice article BTW.

  257. 257

    Eugene, my first reaction was that you were simply playing on people’s fears with this post. Then I read more and, having confirmed my first assumption, can now say your article is complete and utter nonsense. Not only do you contradict yourself but even your contradictions stand out as half truths. Has no one listened to Matt Cutts all these years? Stop “playing the game” of hide and seek with the Google bots and simply write appropriate, exciting and relevant material that people will find interesting and that people will want to link to. Everything else is trash or “advertising” which merely clutters up the Web. The only reason people are now running scared is because they have been trying to trick and cheat the googlebot — and therefore real people — into coming to their sites. That kind of marketing is as old as Hamlet . . . and still smells fishy!

  258. hi any futher social updates or training would be most appreciated as I have also suffered with this Google Dance.
    thaking you!

  259. Great post, Eugene. First time I’ve heard the “crowdsourcing” theory and it makes perfect sense. Google creates these huge messes and then comes in with gigantic “fixes” that create even more collateral damage. The rest of us try to run successful businesses and duck the bullets. I agree with those who hope Google gets some serious competition soon. Maybe Marissa Mayer’s jump to Yahoo provides some hope.

  260. 260
    On October 20th, 2012 at 10:15 am
    Leslie West said:

    Google is only seeking to maximize their income. They hope to increase adwords revenue. They already know they can screw you to bankruptcy with their ads.

    Search results are/will be ad results.

    They have systematically anti-seoed any seo practice. The more gurus and any followers used these techniques the more Google has penalized the behavior.

    Seo is a non starter today.

    It is abundantly clear following any system will get you clobbered in the near future.

    I think authority sites will be all that survive.

    Social signals will be the most important. Beware that following the herd to exploit this method of gaining NOTICE will get you penalized too in the near future.

    I suggest using traditional standards for quality assurance. Try to overlay the normal pre-digital methods of authority into your digital empire. Offline importance will count too. ie local search.

    The most important thing is to quit using Google for your searches. All the google tools and resources offered are for Google’s use in spying on you and all your activities. Naturally, this info is gathered to give Google an advantage.

    All the Algo changes should have convinced even the non-believers.

    I fully expect that only a few hundred web properties will be listed in Google’s index per search query. This will save G a lot of resources trying to index the mini-web.

    Unfortunately, I feel attending more seminars on seo is pointless. Giving Google what it wants is fleeting at best.
    In other words there is no return on investment!

    I will admit I have taken down all my web sites. They were not meeting my goals (for many years of effort) and these latest changes would not have helped me whether I was still building sites or not.

    Entry into ecommerce has a low cost of entry. However attaining success is going to be more and more costly to the wannabes.

    Google, if it were possible to be, more arrogant than Microsoft/Oracle was/is.

    With any luck Google will continue their burn the earth strategies and allow competitors a place to give US what we want.

    I for one intend to use other non-Google resources. You might do so too.
    Google will not change their behavior until their income is affected! They thus far have created chaos (from our attempts at order) and crushed most of us in the process.

    Payback is coming and Soon I hope!

  261. 261

    Where do links in PDF files fit into this new development?

    Some SEO marketers have junk content with their URL and product name published in dozens of PDF files.

    Has Google addressed this mal practice yet?

  262. 262

    Hi I am very interested in learning more in this area. Please let me know if you are going to conduct a webinar.

    Thanks for an informative article.


  263. Where did the good old days go when you had 10 to 15 search engines to submit to. Google is a great example of a monopoly and why they should be disavowed.
    Then again I’d love some social media info.

  264. I would definately be interested in learning more about social media seo. has a facebook, twitter and pinterest accounts and I would like to know how I can use these to my advantage. As my target audience is 16 – 17 year olds who use these forms of media daily I would be very interested in how to tap in on seo.

  265. 265
    On October 20th, 2012 at 10:29 am
    Alex Sarealba said:

    Looking forward to the webinar. Please send me an invite if you schedule anything. I am very interested

  266. I would welcome a webinar on how to apply some post penguin SEO.

    However I do also have to say that I am totally anti Google due to the way that they treat us. They have no regard whatsoever for anyone other than their own bottom line, and most of their recent tactics I believe are a ploy to get more and more people to be forced to use google adwords to pay to get visitors to your sites.

  267. 267
    On October 20th, 2012 at 10:43 am
    Ron Whitaker said:

    I’d REALLY like a training-type webinar, or blog post, discussing these issues and what we as website owners can do to improve SEO via linking and how we can go about making certain that the links we receive are solid.

  268. 268
    On October 20th, 2012 at 10:46 am
    imdeveloper said:

    IM really interested about this, i do respect what you guys do.

  269. Great info. Would love the webinar if you can put one together. I had a blog network that got articles from AMA, SEO Linkvine and Traffic Kaboom. Since penguin I’ve had a ton of emails asking to take links down. I haven’t done them because of the time involved. With the google tool should I be taking the links down so those requesting don’t report the blogs to google?

  270. I would like to get more content regarding the new SEO changes from google. Along with the webinar info. I have a brand new shoe review blog and I want to make sure I promote the site properly. It’s pretty confusing and would love to have as much info and help on the subject as I can. As its vital to the success of my blog. Thanks. Sincerely, Dale

  271. Please let me know about Social Media Training.


  272. Now people must think three times before using auto link building.

  273. Peace and prosperity…I would very much like to know more about this subject. I just launched a new website and have begun building inbound links. I’m glad I was able to get this information now instead of later. It will save me from making mistakes with my links.

  274. Thank you for this information. As a relative newbie, these changes can be confusing. I’m not too comfortable with the social media SEO, so I would love to participate in a webinar on the topic.

  275. Very informative update.

    Quite a clever tactic from google to now have the potential to assess the quality of all links out there. Worrying if the Seo industry goes towards a more black hat approach.

    Thanks for the links to more resources.

    I’d be interested in finding out more about using social media.

    Thanks again for a great update.

  276. great article. Thank you for informing us about this tool . I just hope I don’t become banned for posting a comment here. I am always keen on learning good SEO tips.

  277. I would be totally up for some good social media training. I’ve enjoyed AS and MS from ou guys, so would love to hear your take on using social media! Thanks!

  278. 278


  279. 279

    Thanks for the info

  280. I just got done working with and about too launch my website, dont know much about SEO, but I wonder if those viral campaign Plugins(Premium Viral Magnet)would be considered as Spammy and a reason to be penalized?

    Please count me in for a post “Disavow Link” SEO webinar

  281. I’d be interested in the Social Media for SEO training.

  282. Thanks Eugene, for your advice and tips with regard to link-building in a post penguin world. While I understand that Google is always looking to improve the quality of their rankings and ultimately their brand and their product(s), I wonder why they don’t just set up guidelines and let the world KNOW what they are looking for rather than give hints and clues – codes – that we have to “crack” along the way.

    I am wondering if Bing will follow suit or if there are going to be multi-blog strategies that focus on ranking strategies for specific search engines as Bing becomes even more relevant to marketers and researchers. If Bing takes more and more of the market will we have to focus on the factors Bing considers important? What if they contrast to what Google is in the process of initiating? It will be fun, I’m sure!

    I suppose it’s back to the mantra of ALWAYS CREATE EPIC CONTENT!

    Thank you once again for the assistance and insight!

  283. 283
    On October 20th, 2012 at 11:37 am
    Muralidharan Jayaram said:


    Great article! Market Samurai always delivers insightful articles that are very helpful. Please send me the content regarding the sophisticated Social media techniques and also would love to attend a Q&A webinar by experts.


    Muralidharan Jayaram

  284. Confused and not sure what to do next. A social media seminar providing guidance would be great.

  285. Yes, I would love to attend a webinar on doing SEO the right way in this new climate of Google crackdowns!

  286. I believe my blogs are going to be just fine, because I personally, manually, and carefully approve and disapprove any kind of links from my blogs, but thanks for the warning anyway, it encourages me to pay better attention to what I do :)

  287. 287

    I would love to have the social media and post penguin training.

  288. 288

    Yes please, both the social media training and the post-Penguin Q & A.

    And as for now, what are examples of what you mean by “link-exchange plugins”? I have two newish sites, one on WP Direct, the other on, and not sure which may need to be deactivated.

  289. “Post Penguin SEO” Q&A webinar” I think this a great idea.
    I also would like to know your thoughts on paid traffic sources, if this would be the way to start going.

  290. It would appear that Google is trying to make it self less relevant to the beginner or intermediate SEO’s, because if this starts taking too much of my time I will be sure and focus on other means/search engines to get similar results. So any help you could ad by way of a webinar would be great, thanks.

  291. I like how you covered your ass (the article samurai product) by including this line “(or content containing the link in the case of genuine quality content syndication for backlink creation)” in your definition of ‘quality links.’

    A link given because the article that it is contained in is good, not the content that the link leads to, is a low quality link. Think about it, the link could lead to anything… porn, casino, pills, some other crap. The article may not have even been written by the same people that created the site (the the link leads to).

    Nice try but your article samurai product has always been a black hat link building tool.

  292. Hello Eugene,
    How do you know what bad links link to your site before you can delete them?
    If you offer a webminar, I’d love to join.


  293. Thank you for the heads up.
    These changes sound like they will change the link landscape
    The SEO / social media training would be super.
    Will stay tuned.
    Many thanks.

  294. 294

    Thanks for a great post – would love a webinar about using social media for SEO benefits. Would be great if the webinar is recorded to accommodate time zones.

  295. 295
    On October 20th, 2012 at 12:06 pm
    Jennifer Nelson said:

    I’m definitely interested in more info about using social media for SEO. All of this is so frustrating!!! What about the strategy of limiting back links to link from quality content pieces (articles, videos etc) and then building link to the article directories or video site?

  296. An interesting development. Google seems to be experimenting to clean up its search results. Figure SEO companies will begin using this tool. So I wonder what name this “hat” will get? It’s the opposite of white hat, but that name is taken. “Transparent hat”?

  297. This was helpful and for sure I would like to see some how to use Social Media for SEO

  298. Thanks for the update! Would love a social media training for SEO, especially by you guys!

  299. I’d like to learn more about how I can effectively use social media to help my sites rank better. Some questions that come to mind are:

    What are the do’s and don’t’s to using social media to replace (or at least complement) traditional SEO?

    Figuring that Facebook and Twitter are two of the heavy hitters in this space, are their tools out there that can enable me to disseminate information to multiple accounts (like HootSuite, for example)?

  300. Google is like Walmart (Asda in the UK?)…
    They are both everywhere. And they both do evil.

    I would love to see word of a good Social training.

  301. 301
    On October 20th, 2012 at 12:34 pm
    Wealth Artisan said:

    I would be interested in both a “post disavow” webinar and more information about social media optimization for search. Thanks!

  302. I was confused before this development!

  303. Thanks Eugene,

    Social Media training, yes please.

    Is Google going to crash and burn? – don’t be silly.

    Are they going for maximum profit? – aren’t we all?

    Are there other search engines? Sure, but ask a roomful of website users (as opposed to website owners) what they search with – overwhelmingly google – so we still need to learn their game.

  304. Well i think it is good news over all. More ‘natural algorithm’ will satisfy more of google users. Google push us to be more ‘white’

  305. Thanks Eugene
    Would appreciate some training in social media and post penquin

  306. 306

    I desperately need social media training and welcome help especially in light of Google’s new strategies.

  307. I have been using market samurai for a couple of years and I have never seen an Anchor Text Analyzer, where do I find that?

  308. Yes, I would like to learn more about Social Media and Market Leadership strategies. It seems at the moment that that is the only way forward.

  309. Man this is sure getting crazy. I agree with the statement that you have to be careful because you could be viewed as admitting quilt. Also this just gives Google more data to do whatever ever there going to do with it. I think i’m just going to sit still for a minute and see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

    Mark Bustamonte replied:

    and definitely any Social Media training is appreciated :)

  310. 310

    Just getting started and I’d like to get started right.

  311. Social Media would be excellent training… The way way the seo landscape has shifted this year, it would be great to get an experts peek at what may be best for the future. Thank you for offering your insight and the opportunity to engage more in this fundamental issue of e-commerce!

    Thank you!!

  312. Your email message stating that the disavow tool dealt what could be the final devastating blow, which will bring SEO to its knees was the most misleading bunch of rubbish you’ve ever put out.

    Link bait is one thing, but blatantly putting garbage in a customer email just to get us driven to the post? Shame on you!

    If the disavow tool works as advertised, it will allow the proper SEO community to clean up the mess of poor SEO, self administered SEO, negative SEO and the problems created by unforseen algorithm updates (links built in the past).

    In case you can’t tell, I’ve unsubscribed from your newsletter as a result of this deceit.

  313. Yes please! Please do a market leadership seo training. That would be fantabulous!

  314. 314

    First off I would like to say wonderful blog!
    I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.

    I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your thoughts prior
    to writing. I’ve had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out. I truly do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally lost just trying to figure out how to begin. Any ideas or hints? Kudos!

  315. 315
    On October 20th, 2012 at 3:01 pm
    Nance Kane said:

    Do NOT fall for Google’s Tool. It is one of the most evil things they have done to-date in the SEO world. Do not use it unless you want to kill SEO forever.

    Much of what Google is doing right now around SEO is a trap.

    They’ll likely get a bunch of people, and likely send out more letters, and it will be a lynch mob of crowd-sourced lynch mobs for SEO.

    Beware that you don’t work with people who are using this… Also, Google doesn’t do anything with this for two weeks. There will be no feedback… Google told us a while back to get rid of bad links (because Google said if they would their rankings would come back — and people did it, and rankings didn’t come back).

    They are scaring us to roll over and give up the ghost.

  316. Hi, thanks for this post. What do you think about Wiki backlinks? Does it still works?

  317. 317

    Great article. I would love to get more info about these developments and possible ramifications/solutions for the future. Good thing we’ve good a Samurai on our side! SEO is becoming a bit of a minefield – but it does make life exciting.

  318. Great article, Eugene. I, too, am very interested in a SM/SEO webinar.

    Also, I’m planning on building a directory as part of my new site. Is this still a good/valid idea?

  319. 319

    Extremely valuable content
    NS is Always ahead of the trend. A great shaker.
    I am in anytime you initiate à webinar: engegement through Social Media is the real Deal
    Thanks for sharing

  320. 320

    fcvk google.

  321. 321

    Can you please do a video on how to find Bad Links using Market Samurai? May be you can give certain parameters on how to identify bad links EG: one IP used by many sites indicating a link farm which is obviously an example of a bad link.

  322. Hi man!

    I love to read it but now I’m afraid of the consequences!
    I use a tool to build backlinks to my site and niche sites, so now I don’t know what to do (now I stopped to think!)

    Thank for the resourses. I’ll read more about and keep us with the lastest news,… thanks!

  323. Yep, SEO has certainly got more confusing and difficult. While this article does provide some good input it clearly is not enough to get on top of the changes. To have a better idea of which sites/links are causing grief would be one need. For example I have blogs with comments and links pointing to my site, which I did not initiate ( no any one who I have employed) however on reading this article, it seems they may be causing my site problems. Hard to believe.
    I also have commented on forums and blogs with quality stuff ( on education) These are going to penalise me? Very confusing.

  324. 324

    Thanks for the post. It’s completely ironic that Google created the requirement for links and now are doing everything they can to stamp out links.

    Social signals area fine if you have a consumer / fashion / entertainemnt -oriented site where there is “stuff” to share or just viral activity but what if you are an accountant, carpet cleaner or dental supplies company? They aren’t much fun and are unlikely to produce material that will be shared. I mean, how many times can you pass on info about ways to complete your tax return?

    I would like the Social signals / SEO webinar too please.


  325. I’m in for Social training.

  326. I’d certainly like to hear more and attend a webinar on the issues you describe.

  327. A webinar on social seo would be great

  328. Great article. Yap definitely true what you are saying and where this industry is heading…more white hat SEO strategies and transparent ones are the winners. Looking forward to the social media webinar. Google is feeling more pressure from facebook so if they screw up here, there is room for other search engines to come through. I hope so…

  329. It’s so hard to keep up with googles changes. If i want to have a long term “career” in IM, i need constant education. I for one would definitely appreciate a webinar and ongoing education on this.

  330. 330
    On October 20th, 2012 at 4:50 pm
    Tony Marquis said:


    I have completely given up SEO and no longer care whether or not I get ranked my a ‘madman’ (Google) who decides to throw a tantrum a ruin many 1000′s of webmaster’s businesses.

    It’s okay for them to make billions of dollars – but not (unless of course, it’s in THEIR interest).

    I played their game and was ethical. I actually went overboard to please them and realised that I’d placed ALL my eggs in one basket.

    Essentially, I build my online business on quick sand. I woke up one morning (not long ago) to find my web sites disappearing one by one.

    I now believe that I helped them by leaving a trail in their webmaster tools and via Adsense.

    Although free organic search rankings are great, I will not be spending any more time killing myself to get in those top 10 rankings anymore.

    Don’t matter what you do, doesn’t seem top matter how ethical you may be – you can’t workout the logic of a ‘madman’.

    I personally believe that Matt Cutts on behalf of Google is completely misinforming us at every turn.

    They collect personal data en masse on a worldwide scale.

    Notice how often they require you to ‘confirm’ your telephone/mobile numbers and alternative email (for no apparent reason – BIT TO PROTECT THE LOSS OF ACCESS TO OUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT – YEAH RIGHT – HA) – I don’t suppose by any chance, that that is what is helping them to collate our data and connecting all our sites, which of course spells “INTERNET AFFILIATE MARKETER”.

    They just don’t like us…

    May sound crazy – but it makes sense to me!

  331. Thanks for this timely article. Interesting new offering from Google. I hadn’t considered some of the points you raised. It will be interesting to see how things shake out and how effective submitting links using the disavow tool will be in recovering rankings post Penguin.

  332. 332
    On October 20th, 2012 at 4:54 pm
    Tony Marquis said:

    Please excuse the typos in my last post – It’s still very early for me and gonna get a few hours more shut-eye.


  333. Hi Guys In an ever changing world, it seems its all change again. Great article, just goes to show how one company has such a hold over our industry and ultimately our incomes!

  334. Just wishful thinking, I guess, but if enough people would disavow their Google links, then Google would be strung up on their own device.

    No, I don’t want to be the first to do this!

  335. Maybe it’s time to move on from SEO? I need to start learning about paid advertisement and not to rely on google alone to drive traffic.

  336. I would VERY much like to attend a webinar on Social Media use for quality ranking.

  337. 337
    On October 20th, 2012 at 5:14 pm
    KevinJoseph said:

    Thanks for your typical in depth clear sharing. It is appreciated.

    I’d love a course on Social Media backlinking strategy.

  338. I think that this may all blow over in time, I really do. Play the game the right way, and just fucus on Social Signals and white hat SEO.

    Doing that will dilute any bad links and your ranking will recover from what ever penalty – thats what I have found.

    Don’t run to G and say “I’ve been naughty – sorry”.

    As far as I am concerned its just another trick to find poor quality sites, blog networks that are still working out there etc. The same as that email “You got an unatural link structure to your site”. Loads of people paniced and went to G and said hey I’ve used these guys sorry – reverse engineer DOWN come the networks…

  339. 339

    I would definitely welcome some training about sophisticated Social Media and Market Leadership strategies!!!

  340. Hey Eugene, yes please – you guys are one of the few folks on the net that i trust advice from. So please create a social media marketing tutorial, that would be awesome.

    Ta, Mark

  341. Hi, I’m interested about your Social Media Marketing Training as you promised on your Post. Please tell me how to proceed. Is there any cost involved. Looking forward from you. Best Regards. Sharaj

  342. Great article as always. Thank you! Would love to participate in a webinar on the subject.

  343. 343

    I am also interested in the webinar and some training on SEO using Social Media. I already know a bit about it but I need some validation of what I’ve covered and what I’ve missed.

    Nice article, E.

  344. 344

    Thanks for the article, let the webinar come up soon.

  345. 345

    Seminar, yes.

  346. It seems to me like Google is inflicting a lot of pain retroactively. I’d love to hear what SEO experts have to say. Shame we can’t inflict some present pain on Google, but they’ve become so omnipotent they’re pretty much invulnerable now.

  347. Google really is taking a tough battle against spam, but unfortunately there is always collateral damage too.

  348. Hi looking forward to the webinar!

  349. 349

    I expect that most readers here will not agree with me – but as far as I’m concerned, there are ONLY 10 places worth fighting for and that’s page ONE!

    I fancy those spots will eventually be taken by the big boys – eg: Amazon etc.

    With all the 1000′s of new web sites being added every day and the huge competition in most niches – I would no longer jump through hoops, do somersaults and back-flips all to please a ‘madman’.

    I came to the realisation that I’d built my sites on quick sand.

    I did created my sites ethically. I didn’t SPAM and I used ONLY unique content and all that stuff.

    I spent way too much time trying to please them instead of just getting down to work. It became unproductive.

    I put all my eggs in one basket and paid the price like so many of us.

    I wonder how many NEW products, systems and WP plugins will sold to all of us wanting to get over this one. There will always be those that will create an antidote – one that has not even been tested.

    In reality, it takes many months to see the REAL results of these ‘so-called’ fixes!

    There are other ways of getting traffic – ie: social sites.

    Anyone heard of Bing, Yahoo, Video sites, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter?

    I think that Google’s webmaster tools, email accounts and all their other free products simply make it easy for them to keep tabs on us. We leave footprints that allow Google to collate all the data and make a rod for our own back.

    I might be nuts, but I think they are a form of Online dictator that is collecting data on en masse worldwide and I’m sure they do not like Internet marketers.

    I’m also convinced that their representative (MC) is deliberately misleading us – but that’s just my opinion.

    I am simply trying to make a living by connecting people to the products that they are seeking. What’s wrong with that? Why should I be told what I can sell, how many web properties I can create or anything else – so long as it is not unethical or illegal.

    I pay for my domains, my hosting and autoresponders etc NOT Google. And I work at it day and night – like most of us!

    I would love to see them topple – and see all the other biggies group together and bring them down – but that’s probably just a dream!

    One last thing…


  350. 350

    Thanks for the valuable info and yes, some training on social media and good seo practices would be much appreciated

  351. No doubt that there will be scores of so called “SEO experts” coming out with new wonder products on how to rank your website so I would welcome some guidance on how to do SEO from a trusted source like Noble Samurai

  352. 352

    Great Question and Answer Webinar with respect to pengiun linkbuilding and SEO will be very helpful for future. So definitely do this.

  353. There, I’ve done it. It was 15 minutes work to find all the backlinks and make a list of websites that were backlinking to mine. Made a text document, and uploaded it to the google webmster tools. the link should look a little like this.………

    I just wanted to make sure that my site is clean.

  354. Thank you very much for this great update. A “Post Penguin SEO” Q&A webinar” would be awesome. I still wonder how to get this huge volume of interaction. It seems to me as great content and a call to action is not always enough!

  355. “If you’d like us to provide some training on using Social Media for SEO, please leave a comment below.”
    This will be great.

  356. Eugene,
    Thanks for this great article. This is very good news for people with new sites so then can set out their strategy for white hat linking.
    It’s also good news for anyone to take a close look at their old sites and slowly but surely remove bad links – or what are perceived to be bad links.

    The only issue that I can see is when you mention automated strategies (SeNukeXcr springs to mind).
    If these automated strategies revolve around well written and informative content (written for both users and Google) then surely the automation aspect of SEO shouldn’t be a problem?
    If a person were to manually build each link – it would take forever which no doubt is why these automated technologies came about?

    Chris replied:

    I agree with you that using automation is not the real problem. In my opinion, the main problem is that too many knuckleheads “abuse” the automation tools by posting links to unrelated sites just because they can. Plus most people waste their time looking for “ways to game the system” instead of just creating helpful and interesting content, which is what Google has been saying the whole time.

    Most people just don’t have the patience to create helpful content for several months without reaping any rewards for themselves. The cost to start a website business might be cheap, but most people are too damn selfish to put in the work to turn it into a “successful” website business. Just my two cents.

    Jez replied:

    Yeah. Just wait until you get hit matey. Lets see how fair you think it all is then. Just my two cents.

  357. 357

    One last thing…

    I believe that Google’s ONLY concern is this:


  358. Thank you for that! Yes my sites have been hit big time…interesting times for SEO…

    Chris replied:

    I bet your sites were “hit big time” by the Big G. It’s never too late to start creating content that is actually useful and interesting. You should try it. It works…

  359. Oh, why did the change come in a barrage without giving us a chance to make adjustments and improvements? Because of that, decent if today many webmasters feel shock, frustration, and despair. They lost everything, including their incomes. Thank you for your information. Certainly it’s very attractive offer to receive training on the new and true SEO.

    Chris replied:

    This comment right here is a perfect example of why Google is forced to make these types of changes. This dude thinks it is appropriate to link to his website page that is selling “Herman Miller Aeron office chairs”. So not only is his comment a bunch of “gibberish” but his link is, as well.

    I for one applaud Google for actively “cleaning up the pollution of the internet”.

  360. 360

    Thanks a lot for this post.

  361. 361

    Yes, I would love to attend a webinar on doing SEO the right way. Thank you

  362. 362

    Just as a comment to the ‘on topic’ blog above can I ask if syndication Links can still be relied upon with human checking. If many people use the one site for syndication purposes would it be possible for many sites to be hit badly should ‘one person’ be approved by there syndication programme incorrectly ? Is Article Samarui now less useful for submitting links etc to directories ?

    Yes a webinar would be useful. The webinar software’s now automatically sends email reminders to people to participate in there time zone so people don’t forget to attend prior to you going live.

    Thanks yes I’d be up for it.

  363. If write unique content and take links from trustworthy sites penguin and panda don’t bite you.

  364. 364

    Yep, very interested in the training. Thanks,

  365. Thanks for these great tips about SEO and latest news about Google and other search engines. Also provided some valuable tips about social media.

    Keep posting such updates.


  366. 366

    By the way Bing has already got a disavow system in place and it had little effect on many sites. Google are following suite. Alot of internet articles are saying sit tight unless you know you have a high level of problems ‘already’ in this area or Google emails you to inform you of a problem. Checking the former first would be handy if you have never checked before though. It will swallow up alot of your business time checking all the time. The other way is to moderate each new link through the Google Webmaster tool daily as part of your routine thus taking a small of time each day. It depends on your business. If it is large it may take to long each day still so just weeding out bad links when Google informs could be an approach to take. Just a few thoughts don’t take them as gospel.

  367. Thanks for the email, interesting stuff, I have many websites & this affects them all. I am interested in attending a Webinar on the changes in SEO

  368. 368


    My buyer traffic hardly ever came from Google – even when my sites ranked high on page one…

    It more often comes from Bing, Yahoo and Youtube and some of the social sites.

    I don’t know about you, but I personally use Google to search for INFORMATION about a particular product when I want to buy something.

    I normally wade through all the info (including the IMer’s review bias crap) and then go buy it at Amazon or eBay.

    Perhaps my sites aren’t good enough to rank high on ‘G’ – who knows, but I never made much $ from Google anyway.

    I pinched myself and see Google like I see a big supermarket. They’re not the only search engine. You find the same sites on all of them.

    The thing is, Yahoo and Bing are stable. My rankings have remained the same for years.

    I used to shop at Sainsbury but to me (and others) their standard decreased whilst their prices increased.

    I simply started shopping at Morrisons and Waitrose. Great value, excellent standard and service.

    Who are Google anyway? It’s only us who make them what they are!

  369. Seems this is just the lesson people who refuse to learn are being forced to learn again i.e. either choose to do quality work or be forced to deal with the long and short term consequences of going for the quick and short win. The people who think they can outsmart Google never cease to amaze me.

  370. Thanks for your analysis Eugene, the whole idea of ‘negative’ SEO coming to the fore is really interesting.

  371. Thanks for the article.
    Interesting thought about being penalised if you are associated with a reported back link site.
    Would love more info on the Social Media practices – We have a good following on FB and would love to give our followers more value. Plus get more ‘Google Cred’

  372. 372

    A Q & A on this whole sorry mess would be a God send i m still coming to terms with uploading info to my site all the help I can get would be very welcome.

  373. I would be very keen to hear a Q&A on Social Media strategies!

  374. I’ve been floundering into using social media for a little while now, and am absolutely interested in increasing my knowledge in the area.

  375. google should have done long before this announcement

  376. Thank you for this article. I’m definitely interested in a Social Media Training for improving SEO and for a Q&A Webinar with an SEO expert. As a more or less beginner in the online world it’s difficult to see all major point with all these updates from google.

  377. Thanks for updating your list with this info!

    I for one would like to hear more from people in the know about a post penguin seo environment!

  378. This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Thanks a lot!

  379. 379

    For me some training on SEO/Social Media would be greatly appreciated.

  380. This is great news, as now what I can do is get this list of bad sites that google hates and then start building backlinks to all my competitors, or companies that have annoyed me and guess what if you believe this tripe, that google will then bring the likes of Ebay to its knees, becuase hay we all hate ebay right, so lets building bad link juice links and show ebay not to annoy us!
    Just using ebay as example but we can bring large companies down, not on your life as large companies spend millions with google, so again this penalises small companies and lets the big companies like usual rule the roost.

  381. The end of SEO? Oh dear. It’s a good article, and yes it does prove that Google have let the “Genie out of the bag” as regards inventing the concept of negative SEO (a decision they will come to regret – that’s one thing I am certain of). But the end of SEO?

    From a well established blog like this I would have expected better.

    Google was the “end of SEO” in the late 90′s when they announced that “links would be needed to rank websites”.

    Before the days of social media, bookmarks, guestbooks, web2.0, blogging – where the heck were you supposed to get links from?
    Like many I used the method of emailing webmasters one at a time offering link exchanges – because that was about the only way to do it. 70% + of the established internet marketing community were ranting about “The end of SEO” and many did indeed seem to quit. me remember.. this as the golden age of internet marketing.

    It may be the end of one aspect of SEO. The “massive link spam” aimed to give benefit to a site. And the beginning of another also the “massive link spam” – but now aimed to have a negative effect on a competitors site.

    Google know this. The LDT is a placebo, even in the video Cutts says it will take weeks or months IF they act on the information you give them at all.

    Data gathering is the most invasive aspect of this. But actually affecting most people’s ranks? Not as much as the tin fol hat wearers would have you beleive.

    Unless you own a site and allow millions of spam links on it..or worse, you run a commcercial link farm.

    The end of SEO – how could it be? There will always be a method to search engine ranking – and while there is a method there will always be those looking to advance quicker through the gears. That is SEO.

    If you mean the end of some of the current methods of SEO. The need for more and better content, more selective linking, more vigilance. Then yes, you are probably right. No problem there. SEO carries on, it just adapts.

  382. 382

    Hi Eugene,

    Count me in for that Social Media training. How do I get on your notification list for that? Love the informative conversation here. I was hoping you could answer a question for me

    So, does this mean to say that the time-tested strategy of reverse engineering and leveraging the backlinks of your top 10 competitors using tools like Majestic SEO or SEO Spy Glass is a dangerous practice? Success leaves clues and emulating the backlinks of the top 10 used to be a wise practice? Does this latest Google development nullify this strategy?

    Paul replied:

    Hey Eugene,
    Just a thought – once the dust settles on this latest update, there will still be sites at the top of the SERPs. Success will still leave clues, it is just possible that it won’t only be backlinks – there could be more weight given to social activity, for instance – the new SEO game might be looking for a different type of clue? And no doubt new software tools will be developed to expose and exploit those opportunities. The Google game continues…….

    Paul replied:

    PS Sign me up for the webinar and info 8-)

  383. Yes, i would be very interestd in learning more about building links and getting traffic in this post penguin age. A couple of my websites were hit very hard at the end of Sept.

  384. 384

    I’d like to learn more on using social media to enhance one’s rankings.

    As a follow up to some of the other posts about wishing Google’s demise, in a sense it is already happening. More and more people are looking to social media sites like Facebook to find information. IMHO, as this trend continues, Google’s importance as the go-to search engine becomes less and less.

    Check out Google’s recent earnings report. Though its revenue was up, its profits were down. I am not sure all these animals and tools are going to fix its bottom line. Maybe Google’s dependence on BIG money is starting to bite it in the butt. Since those BIG guys can squeeze Google for better rates and results and everyday people are getting tired of the same BIG guys showing up in the search results for every related search term and are now going other places for answers, like Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing or page 5 and beyond of the Google’ own results.

  385. I love the way every marketing team is throwing their weight behind saying people’s websites are going to be penalised.

    Seriously, if Google penalises or devalues a website that links to you that doesn’t mean you are going to be penalised too! It just means you have less links pointing to you than before, and yes your visibility in the search engines may suffer, but as long as your site is not made completely of rubbish then you have a chance of getting back the rankings you had. If your site is made of rubbish, then tough, there was plenty of warning that Google was going to start cleaning up.

    Build a brand, not a website.

  386. I would attend a social media seo webinar.

  387. Interesting perspectives Eugene. Always welcome webinars that you and ur team do. You have some of the very best relevant seo training in your Samurai series. Thank you to you,Ian and the team.

  388. 388
    On October 20th, 2012 at 11:54 pm
    Steven Szabo said:

    Thank you for this great summary!

    Please do a training on Social Media and a Q&A about what SEO expert have to say about this topic!

    I am also curious whether this update will affect YouTube videos rankings?!

    Thank you

  389. 389

    Hi Dan, Great article—very timely.

    With all the Google Algorithm updates over the last several months, it has been hard to know what is or is not acceptable. I always focus on posting quality content; however, issues like Keyword density, anchor text, text above the fold, etc. It can get downright confusing. I would love for you all to put together a webinar to help us clear up the confusion.



  390. Thanks for the great post.
    Looking forward to some more training on this, Hope you guy’s can provide some.

  391. Looking forward to a webinar on disavow

  392. Thanks for the explanation of this latest Google update. I would be very interested in any training on leveraging Social Media for SEO. As for Matt Cutts he couldn’t tell the whole truth if his life depended on it.

  393. It amazes me that people continue to think that they can outrun or outsmart Google which has many 100′s of people working to defeat the blackhat’s. It is a no-win proposition.

    That said, Social Media has always confounded me. Most of what I see is stuff that is not interesting or particularly useful. Also, it seems uncontrollable in terms of the conversation paths that can occur on your site. Maybe I just need to learn more about it.

  394. Great food for thought. I would very much like to attend a webinar on social media use for quality ranking.

  395. 395

    I’d like to see some training material

  396. Count me in! We had a very successful e-commerce site with a genuine product line for 6 years and did very little in the way of link-building, and nothing black-hat — mainly just on-page “old-school” SEO. Ironically, the most link-building I did was earlier this year with Article Samurai!

    It has gone from being positioned 1-3 consistently, to 100+.

    Our main competitor has a lousy site with no content other than product buy pages. Strangely, they are #1 now, right below their PPC ad. Hmmm…

    Google sucks! Unfortunately they own 67% of searches, and without those searches, our business sucks! Please give us all the help/training you can.

  397. 397

    This was an exemplary article and I genuinely appreciate all you do in bringing this information to your followers, subscribers and the Googlers fortunate enough to find it. Learning about the Disavow tool was valuable enough, yet the real gold was in your probability projections as to applicability; both good and bad. I hadn’t thought of what others might do to effectively utilize this process against the competition.

    Always insightful!

  398. 398

    Thanks Eugene.

    I would like to attend a training about using social media in SEO or about the Disavow Links tool.

    Best regards,

  399. Hi Eugene

    ¡WoW! Interesting conclusions and speculations of your post and the comments you receive give to all of us a wide range of different perspectives too I will love to have the chance to participate in the SEO Social Media training.

    I wonder how Social Media will really impact the SEO strategy, please include me in the training list.

  400. 400

    Interesting article but how will they deal with spam social media activity? Given that any one can purchase twitts or Facebook likes form college kids on fiverr, how will they tell the quality difference between purchased social media activity verses genuine ones?

    Here is another interesting search. Go to Google and type – “search engine”. Google don’t rank #1 for this keyword?


  401. Thanks for an enlightening post Eugene. That’s a big help and more like this would be beneficial. Training on SEO and link building would be of great value and thank you for the offer.

  402. A few months ago I bought a program that had a bonus. The bonus was 300 back links done for me. I foolishly hit the button to say I would like the back links and wham! Within a couple of hours I had those back links to my site. I was impressed.

    However, when I checked them, there was not a single one that was relevant to my site. In other words, bad links that would cause me problems, which they did. I had an average of 3rd or 4th in the rankings and that has now gone.

    But what horrified me in my naive mind, was that I did not realise how difficult and time consuming it would be to get rid of those back links. So I have had to live with them being attached to my site.

    When I read about Disavow, I almost jumped with joy. I now had a way of dealing with the problem.

    But, having read the above postings, I intend to just leave it as is. Why give Google fuel for more mischief!

    I am now in the early stages of using purely social media for traffic.

    PS: I still have high rankings with Bing and Yahoo, so I am now looking forward to the day when Google crashes, as they surely will one day.

  403. Count me in I personally am glad to see this I have been doing it the right way for years when Panda struck people were crying but all my websites took a big bump up so much for Black-hat, Grey-hat what ever kind of hat just play by the rules and you will be fine and I agree with the above comment above Bing I love Bing very stable none of the games

  404. 404

    I believe Google knows the Webmasters are not happy with the updates they have rolled out recently, but I think they have a different intention, something seriously fishy is cooking at Mountain View, CA.

    Sides, this page now has more than 1000 OBL’s (I just clicked on view source – Ctrl+F “http” less the no. of links that say noblesamurai) – Does that mean its a spammy page giving away too many links ? grow up big G, you’ve got your basics wrong.

  405. Great insight provided in both the article and other comments. So should I comment or on this or shouldn’t I. Phew, it might do my website an injustice or maybe not.

    Living in FEAR of Google’s next update is ‘BS’

    * Social Media for SEO Course/Webinar would be great – Thx

  406. This has been actively discussed in another forum I belong to. This is critical stuff I am glad you are on this as I would LOVE to attend a course offered by you.

    Since SEO is my core business, I would very much like some insights since most people are screaming the sky is falling. I want to be proactive about this to assist and be knowledgeable about how to help my clients, not just rant at Google for changing the playing field.

    Every time they change, I get to charge more, because people are throwing up their hands and giving up. So it is those of us that are left standing, with knowledge in hand that will be the victors in this race.

  407. As always you are going above and beyond and would love training on using Social Media for SEO & “Post Penguin SEO” Q&A webinar.

    Also would like an updated timeline for Protrada integration!

  408. This is a real blow to us that have recently started new websites with old tools.

  409. 409
    On October 21st, 2012 at 2:06 am
    Clint Weir said:

    I’ve heard too many conflicting reports re: the Google Disavow Tool. Some say stay away while others say differently. I would be interested in a webinar or something to try and make some sense out of all this.

  410. 410

    Yes! I am interested in learning more SEO information.

  411. 411

    Very interesting insights Eugene. Count me in on the Q&A forum.

  412. I think this is all too difficult to get involved in. I basically write and haven’t backlinked ever. I tried it once briefly but it never brought any results. I do get people reading me – not as many as I would like, but I just accept that that’s life and that’s about it. Probably not what you’re accustomed to hearing, but seriously? I should never have bought your software as it wasn’t necessary for me. Unfortuanately, at the time, I listened to someone who told me I needed it. I didn’t. It was $100 that I couldn’t afford.

  413. Thanks for the clearest and most actionable article I’ve seen on the Google Disavow tool. I would also be interested in hearing your perspective on best practices in social and how to effectively use Article Samurai in this environment.

  414. meant to say – I would like a tutorial on how to use social media for SEO.

  415. 415

    thanks for the info

  416. 416

    These algo updates just proves the fact that Google doesn’t have it’s act together. Many of the search results I perform have just a bunch of low quality articles. The algo updates also prove how Google is scrambling against the growing competition from Bing and there reluctance to manually confirm the quality of the information provided in their once unrivalled search results.

    This will undoubtedly lead to negative SEO, so automated link building and spam tools may actually see a resurgence in popularity as competitors will go to blast their competition out of the rankings for their targeted keywords with automated poor quality links. This was a fact that was once speculated about but not confirmed and now Google themselves have confirmed this!

  417. I would be interested in the webinar. Thank you for your time.

  418. Hello Team,

    I just want to say thanks for the useful info you’re giving us. With the repetitive changes from Google, we do not know which game to play anymore when it comes to SEO. Firts we had the panda change, then came penguin and now this disavow link tool that we don’t even understand.

    Seems like they want to have a full control over the web and that website owners must follow their rules or die. My question is what are doing their competitors?

    Concerning your article, I totally agree with your “Bad News” paragraph. But the problem is most of the people who will read it won’t even understand what it’s all about and won’t do anything to change things so that they don’t get penalized. So I too vote for a training video on how to do white hat SEO regarding this new change to help beginners.


  419. I don’t like this google update.
    But i would like some SEO training.

  420. Hey Eugene,

    Thank you for the information on this update. Several of my clients were hit hard by penguin because of tactics used by those who came before my company. We have since began an aggressive social media campaign for them. Any insight you or the other experts you mentioned I would love to know about.

  421. Like others, I’m in a quandary about our site based on WordPress and the external links. We use two tools for SEO optimitization for the site: WordPress SEO and All-in-One SEO Pack. A webinar that clearly explains this will be most helpful.

    I appreciate your r alerting your customers.

  422. Yes, yes, yes, please do host a webinar on SEO and social media as well as how to rank in a post Google algorithm world.

    Thanks everyone on the Market Samurai team!

  423. Just scared me to death!

    I need to get on top of this quick smart. Any assistance to get my website sorted would be greatly appreciated as I created it then have left it to run by itself for almost 2 years now!

  424. I would certainly be interested in learning more SEO using social media!

  425. I would absolutely be interested in a Social Media SEO webinar. Thank you!!

  426. Very interesting info on the seo topic. Please make the webinar, I’m very interested in knwink more about that new tool.

  427. 427

    I would love to have a webinar about post Penguin SEO and social media and SEO and how they relate to each other

  428. This is a great explanation and I would be interested in the webinars for sure!

  429. 429

    Please provide some training on using Social Media for SEO

  430. 430

    The information regarding this subject the better.

  431. Excellent post Eugene and some wonderful comments. I’d just like to add my request for a webinar on Social Media.

  432. 432
    On October 21st, 2012 at 11:34 am
    Stanley Day said:

    I am really confused about the whole subject of SEO and what is acceptable to Google and what is not. Does anybody really know what is required or are we all guessing and conjecturing? I would really appreciate some clarity on the matter.

  433. Hi,

    A seminar on this would be helpful. I am unsure of what is still effective in light of all these Google changes, and not sure on how to focus my efforts on what will provide the best return on my time

  434. Thanks for the update. YES! Please do some training on social media SEO. This would be very helpful

  435. Thanks for this great Google’s Disavow Link Tool article, and a video about what significant changes this tool will bring for business websites will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

  436. 436

    I have to be honest, I feel like I wasted my time reading this article. Firstly, you summed it up when you said, “Now, much of what I’ve mentioned is speculation at this point”. It really seems like you are upset because the walls are closing in on spammers and since you are a spammer “in denial”, you try to convince yourself that “The Big G” is out to ruin your website.

    It is my opinion that this “Disavow Links Tool” is actually a very helpful tool for webmasters to combat any potential “Negative SEO”. It appears that Google was actually listening when everyone was crying about negative SEO. The only reason anyone should consider the disavow link tool as a negative is if you are a spammer or you were wasting your time sending BS links to your competitors.

    I have less than 20 total links leading to my 2 year old website, but I still show up on at least 1 or 2 of the first page results for damn near all of my niche’s various keywords. And I only produce “above-average” quality, original content once or twice each month. I listened to what Google has been saying all along: Focus on quality content and don’t waste your time trying to “trick” the search engines.

    The bottom line is this: All Google ultimately cares about is keeping the ad money flowing, because without the ad money, they lose their power. And they do that by keeping the advertisers happy with targeted traffic and by keeping the rest of us people happily using their search engine.
    And when I search for something, it is really annoying when I end up at a site and see those lame, “spammy” comments like, “That was a really good article, I will have to return to this site for another blog post” or “Wow, thanks for explaining that to me”. What you spammers don’t realize and/or don’t care about is the fact that you are harming other people’s sites by posting those crappy, unrelated comments. And you are indirectly screwing with Google’s money. My last bit of advice to any spammers reading this: Quit being a dooshbag and produce content that actually gives other human beings a reason to read and Google won’t f^ck with you…

  437. Good post Eugene!

    Personally, I think its a real shame that any one company can wield enough power to effect this many people? I just struggle with this. I’m not one that takes kindly to injustices, and this sure seems like one of those times?

    Look at how many hard working honest webmasters are being effected by this. I’m sorry but I’m not used to being bullied I guess.

    As for your question, yes I think the Q & A sessions, or tutorials of some kind on post Penguin SEO, and Social Media would be helpful to many people.

    Have a nice night!

  438. I am a novice as far as SEO is concerned. I would certainly like to get more information through the social SEO webinar that you are planning for those of us who are interested.
    Thanks for this wonderful post.

  439. Social media training would be a great idea. This Google problem is enough to make a person go nuts.

  440. Eugene- thanks for your articcle – yes please – I’d appreciate help with effective “post-Penguin” link-building and SEO strategies webinar

  441. 441
    On October 21st, 2012 at 4:22 pm
    Don Taylor said:

    Yes, Eugene, I would love to learn more about using Social media for SEO.

  442. Usefull info, another big change is coming :)

  443. 443

    Great article and leaves more questions than answers… would definately be interested in any info webinars

  444. Once again, in their overzealous attempt to punish those who might intentionally work towards gaining visibility in Google, they are going to lower the quality of their own results for consumers who rely on them.

    Think about it. The most valuable, relevant site for a given term might very well be run by a webmaster who is focused on great content and who spends little time worrying about backlinks. Google claims this is who they want to present near the top of their results, yet these sites will be easily penalized for not devoting time to rooting out (because of course Google doesn’t tell you which links it doesn’t approve of) unapproved links and disavowing them.

    Expecting webmasters to monitor, micromanage and remediate links, while at the same time create great content is ridiculous.

    Could be good news for Bing though. Never thought I’d say it but, go Microsoft!

  445. Ok I must say that this whole ranking, backlinking, social metrics thing impresses me as a scam. I will share with you my studies to this regard. I have seen sites with hundreds of tweets, G+’s, Facebook likes, thousands of pages indexed with a PR0 and nowhere to be found on page 1-100

    On the other hand I have seen sites just created in 2011 with PR 4 and above that have virtually no published history and then again little external linking. They too although having a PR4 were no where to be found on page 1-100

    Clearly the recipe put forth to rank, and get traffic is hinged on the usual linking, social media, twitts, likes, etc. there must be more than that to getting ranked on page 1 and to get the traffic. Most of the technology that I have bought in one way or another have at their core leveraging issues that are clearly against Google’s interests. My whole premise is that SEO is by it’s very function skirting against Google’s best interest. What they want is virtuous content, derived to levels of authority outside the hands of SEO tech and optimization methods. This almost makes ranking impossible and will change the internet as a vehicle to earn money a thing of the past.

    The disavow tool will most certainly be exploited to it’s fullest capacity to compile secret tracking data under some disguise, some charade. The temptation is too great. They control the front end and the back end and can tell the public anything they choose, calling it whatever they want. They already have an established history of violating personal information etc. It would be a huge mistake to consider Google and it’s soldiers being given the keys to the kingdom and then promising not to use them as credible


  446. Interesting article – scary but true is that webmasters have easier for disasters. We are already fighting bad quality links that appeared shortly, after the manager bought the domain without prior consultation with his IT staff. Now we have to fight crap link from unknown source plus fight google trying to fight our links. Nice mess…

  447. if you’d like us to provide some training on using Social Media for SEO, please leave a comment below.

    Oh, Yes, absolutely, please do the training, my site is down already and I am in the middle of the ocean. Thank you.

  448. 448

    Using Social Media for SEO – YES please, very interested! As you said – make it happen :-) Can’t be too soon!

  449. 449
    On October 21st, 2012 at 6:55 pm
    Keith Rogers said:

    Being a newbie to the SEO warzone, any training you put on is training I need! Thanks in advance…

  450. I’m looking Panda and Penguin and now Disavow : my questions is; is Google gradually shifting from a keyword centric approach…?

  451. Well sadly this is my time to throw the towel in and say F**k it. I never played the black hat but my ecommerce sites were hit so much that I am bankrupt – thanks Google

    Frederik Krautwald replied:

    That is nothing less but frightening. I am sorry.

  452. I knew that quality content is very important think in google. I already try to do that and also some basics thing to share my link. But still don’t make any improvement in ranking. How many post that need to do in one day? I wonder and need information on what are the “white hat” link-building strategies? Thanks

  453. I have always used white hat techniques for link building. I guess only those who use “questionable” techniques need to worry… The Disavow link tool will be helpful in reporting links created thru negative SEO. Thanks for the update. Noted!

  454. Hi Eugene,
    thank you for your thoughts on the last Google release.
    I’m with you all the way!
    There are very good thoughts on the blog, indeed, but also consider this: You are going through the trouble of creating a website – this includes Landing Page, Website, inclusive SEO, content, product, etc.,for two reasons only:
    #1 – people buying something you offer – so you make money. At the same time they give you their contact details so you can sell them more of what they want in the future.
    #2 – You develop a website/blog for the fun of it. Just that the world and your contacts know who you are what your thoughts and ideas are, etc.
    For reason #1: You collect info for your purpose online!
    Google is in the business for reason #1 as well!
    Surely they collect info (so do we). Only Google does it on a different scale.
    They refine their system/systems over time to include new discoveries or better ways of doing things or exploring new directions.
    So do we!
    I suggest, treat big G as one of your competitor on the marketplace and be careful what information you pass on!
    They want to make money – so do we!
    By the way, they’re are different SE’s available to everyone and different ways to get the results you are after.
    These are my thoughts about this big-G gaming behavior.

    I would be highly interested on your idea to have a Social Media/ SE webinar. I believe that a webinar would clear a lot of angst and fear of the changes we are facing and would open up new ways of ‘presence’ on the Web.


  455. 455

    count me in! I want to know more
    Thank you

  456. great article,definitely think the say nothing route is the way to go.Am very interested in social marketing webinar

  457. Good point on Search Engine Optimization. Can I also join on that Social Media training? I would love to learn more about the right SEO strategies to optimize and promote sites.

  458. I am now totally confused about how to proceed and getting more discouraged by the day. I work very hard on my sites and now I am not sure whether I am wasting my time (and money) or not.

  459. Very interested in seo updates, ESP social media.

  460. 460

    Content, training, and a Q&A webinar from SEO experts sounds good to me.

  461. WOW!!!

    Very important information, very good article.

    I’d like to participate in a webinar on the subject.
    I hope you’ll record it cause if different time zones I might be sleeping while attending.

    Do you plan to add to Market Samurai tool to help us find these kinds of links (I always sticked to quality links and content and my website never got harmed by any of Google algorithm updates) but I think it’s a necessity.

    Thank for great software and great information.

    I’m falling in love in market samurai every time I’m learning something new about it.


  462. Goes to prove why building something of quality is so important… rather than wasting time trying time to outsmart search engine ranking

  463. I would be very interested in focusing my SEO in Social Media.
    A Webinar would be most appreciated.
    Thank You, Suheiwa

    We strongly believe that with Google’s bias towards Social Media ranking factors becoming more important, using a sophisticated Social Media / Market Leadership strategy with a strong SEO focus in mind is the best way to improve rankings in the months to come.

    If you’d like us to provide some training on using Social Media for SEO, please leave a comment below.

    P.S. I forgot to put all my info, sorry.

  464. Id be interested in recieving content on the new face of link building. It would help in these confusing times.

  465. Definitely interested in hearing (a lot) more about “sophisticated Social Media and Market Leadership strategies with a strong SEO side-effect”!

    Bruno Fortin

  466. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out a year from now… I mean with the link disavow tool, penguin and how fast rankings could come back by using the link tool properly.

  467. Thank for the info. Yes, I’d like to see a video about Nobel Samurai’s version of using Social Media for SEO.

    Thank you

  468. 468

    +1 for the training.

  469. 469

    Thanks for the informative article, think I’ll sit on the fence for now though and see which way the G blows.

  470. Yes please, some training in the social media area would help. We are stuck with google so let’s make the best of it and change with them.

  471. Would love to see some training/webinars on Social Media for SEO.

  472. 472

    Thanks for the great post. I’d be keen for a webinar on Social Media for SEO.

  473. Hello, I have been using Directory Maximizer for directory submissions. Should I stop using this service? Will being in their directories hurt my rankings?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Jonathan, I haven’t used this service myself. But I do think that to use a phrase coined from a recent SEOMoz post that google is continually moving away from link-building, and to encourage link-earning. Check out this video to get the full implications of this. If this is true – and I think it makes a lot of sense 0- then if the list of directories is not a strongly “curated” list (eg. The fortune 500 list), then there is little value in directory submissions – particularly where approval is instant.

  474. Webinar would be fantastic

  475. Social Media and Market Leadership training would be quite welcome. I do hope you will put something together and I will be looking out for it with anticipation.

  476. 476

    I would like to know more how to use Social Media for SEO and what do you think about this impact to Article Samurai syndication network?

  477. SEO is one those things one needs to stay up to date with, since the rules seem to keep on changing. It is a case of adapt or die.
    Thank you for a thought-provoking article. I will immediately disable pingbacks, since I have been receiving a great deal of those on all our websites.

  478. Interesting article. I haven’t read all the comments, so sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I don’t really agree with “…Google can then use in its algorithm to penalize not only the sites that are providing these poor quality links, but also those that are linked to by these sites.”

    Yes, this is possible, but to me, it doesn’t follow that just because Google identifies a site as low quality, they are going to penalise other sites that are getting links from there. The point of the Disavow tool is to reduce the opportunity for negative SEO. So why would they give malicious webmasters an opportunity to use negative SEO in a different way? They already acknowledge that people can’t control who is linking to them.

    I’d be interested in the social media webinar too.

  479. Thanks for the post,

    I would love to learn more about Social media seo optimization. One of my websites is about a specific topic, and it seems impossible to me to build a facebook or twitter community around this very topic.

  480. I would like to know more on how to integrate Social Media with your market samurai, which I am using now? with this new Google change, is market samurai still relevant to SEO?

  481. Great article! I’d love to see some TRAINING on using Social Media for SEO.

    Thank you!

  482. 482

    Just wondering how this year’s Google updates affect using the Promotion module in MS, given it is focused on backlinks?

  483. Okay; this is the second time I have been informed of Google’s Penguin algorithm changes and have to say that at some stage it has to happen.

    The problem we have as marketers is enthusiasm borne from success. For many years we have had to make small and sometimes subtle changes to our SEO techniques and they have ensured that we keep our properties n good order.

    The change means that we will have to make a huge about turn and change our whole SEO behavior.

    Any further help / training in this regard will be much appreciated.

    Thank a lot for the information so far.

  484. “Post Penguin SEO” Q&A webinar” Please, keep me informed (add me to your mailing list).

  485. Yes it is true that after Google panda and penguin update the significance and the way of doing seo change totally, now Quality matter the most if the link doesn’t have the quality then it will consider as a spam link and because of so many spam link Google will panalysis your site as per panda and penguin effect.

  486. Great post, Eugene. Good news is that if you are punished you can try to go back on positions. Bad news is that if you have some public site like social bookmark or directory you must moderate accurate all – don’t register any new spammy looking site. The other good news is that for “the bad guys” will not be easy to report your public website as “bad link”. I don’t think that this will work with one, five or ten submissions like this. With hundreds – may be.

  487. I would like to attend a Article or webinar on Social Media use for quality ranking.

  488. Excellent read, thanks for the latest news.
    I would love to see a Social Media for SEO / Post Penguin SEO” Q&A webinar

  489. I would be very interested in the training

  490. yes, some training would be great !

  491. Hi Eugene,
    Thanks for this article. I enjoyed it and many of the comments it generated. I would love some further training on Social Media and Market Leadership Strategies.
    By the way, how do you tell if someone has complained about your site. The traffic to my site dropped dramatically at the end of last month and I am at a loss to determine why.

  492. Tell me more about obtaining quality links
    ones that have to have human authorization.

    Send me reports or guides Thanks!

  493. Awesome post Eugene! :)

    And yes I’d really like the idea of a Q&A webinar.


  494. 494
    On October 23rd, 2012 at 2:18 am
    Fiona Howarth said:

    Great article – I find SEO massively confusing anyway, so a good webinar on SEO and improving site rankings would be great.


  495. 495

    Thank you so much for this article! I have been working on learning SEO before putting it to use in the website(s) that are currently under construction. I don’t want to make any mistakes that will negate the time spent or worse….

    I am definitely interested in a training webinar when you have it arranged.

  496. Would like to be notified of webinars, etc., on this issue.

  497. I’ve been building websites for about 7 years now, and at this point feel like I’m on a Rat Wheel and I can’t get off. I’m at the point where I’m just ignoring everything that Google comes out with, because no matter what I do, some other change will be coming down the road to mess things up.

    Please put me on your list for any info about social media marketing. With all the tech advances to iphones, ipads, and even televisions connected to the internet, we’ll just have to keep running on the Rat Wheel if we want to stay in business, like it or not.

  498. I would appreciate a Q&A webinar from SEO experts. After reading the comments and replies, I’m still confused.

  499. Well, I cant wait to fire up SEnukeXcr on my competitors sites now.

    Hopefully this will now make SEO even easier. Google sure does find ways to make us manipulate their results even easier.

    This article should be titled: Thanks to Google SEO has become super easy.

    All you have to do is to punish your favorite competitor by sending a bunch of over optimized anchor text links to crappy low quality sites and they will get a penalty and vanish from the first page. Awesome!!

    And yes, please post some good Social media SEO tactics. I have wanting to figure out a way to automate this.

    ** edited to remove language – JD

  500. Would love to hear your training on current/Panda/Penguin/SEO training. Thanks for the update too.

  501. Yes, I am very interested in learning how to use Social Media in SEO. Please inform me about potential training.

    Thank you

  502. Google isn’t even a good search engine anymore for finding out good information. Try to find good technical information for computing topics on google and you sometimes get nothing. I’ve been doing Internet consulting since 1994, and well remember sites like altavista, which currently still exists. Using google now is more about marketing than getting information, and maybe when the public catches on to that, they will move to other search engines.

  503. thaaaaaank

  504. i am wondering which links will be good for google and which not. Now we can report all site, because they must have links in forums, blogs etc. Its almost impossible that sites which have top10 positions dont invest in seo. And when they do…they just using bad things especially for google.

  505. 505

    Come on guys don’t be stupid.
    this is the best tool created by google so far.
    the only webmasters that do not like the tool is the one that did not get hit by unnatural links or penguin.
    when they penalized millions of sites with spammy links with their Penguin hit. Google is already well aware of the spammy links.

    when you file for reconsideration request, you already show google what links you try to remove so what is the difference?

  506. Hmmm….Seems we’ve gone off topic but I Understand why. Firstly I’d like to point out that most people WILL NOT be affected by this. Only people who have used low quality sites for easy links will suffer, its FFA sites all over again.
    Google seems to know quality content when it finds it so if you are article marketing, make sure that your article is of good quality. make sure the sites you link to are of a reasonable quality too and you won’t go far wrong.
    Using any form of automation is going to require a gently gently approach and the use of proxies.
    Quite honestly I get tired of people writing blog posts that cause panic like this just to get people to write comments on their blogs – calm the hell down people!
    On the subject of Google’s poor return in some search areas, I would suggest using a tool like Copernic to search numerous engines at once.

  507. 507
    On October 23rd, 2012 at 9:18 am
    bernie schmidt said:
  508. 508

    I’m interested in Social media for SEO webinar. Thanks.

  509. I am interested in this training. Please let me know when it becomes available.


  510. hello there and thank you for your info – I’ve definitely picked up something new from right here. I did however expertise some technical issues using this website, since I experienced to reload the web site lots of times previous to I could get it to load correctly. I had been wondering if your web hosting is OK? Not that I’m complaining, but sluggish loading instances times will very frequently affect your placement in google and can damage your quality score if advertising and marketing with Adwords. Anyway I’m adding this RSS to my e-mail and can look out for a lot more of your respective fascinating content. Ensure that you update this again soon..

  511. I made the mistake of using fiverr to get a million backlinks to my site. From what I’m reading here, I’d be better off trashing the domain name and port my pages to a new domain name (and server) to get out from that mistake.

    This whole idea of trying to “Please” google is a waste of time. Time is money and now I have to add google to my list of major time wasters microsoft and the irs. (Not worthy of capital letters.)

  512. 512

    Thank you for this information.
    Anyway… I don’t see why using “grey hat” link building techniques should affect our rankings, as if used carefully the best automation softwares out there do just what the SEO agencies teams do: registering profiles and submitting contents.
    Maybe the big SEO agencies don’t use the softwares (but I doubt that), but even if they do outsourcing by hiring tens of people to register profiles and submitting contents on social sites, e-zines, forums and so on… the result is just the same.
    I think that what we really need to pay attention at is to provide really good and unique content on our money sites, and be careful to use good contents in our backlinking campaigns also… spinning contents is a MUST for best results, but we must do it with attention… if we submit gibberish contents (just “rubbish” text automatically spinned) then we will start having problems someday.

    well… just my 2 cents :-)

  513. I must have one of the first copies of market samurai so always interested in what you guys at Noble samurai have to say. I look forward to joining your Q&A webinar. I am beginning to think SEO as we know it is dead, lets look forward to the NEW!

  514. Thank you Eugene, I found this article to be very informative! Keep it coming!

  515. I really like how you call SEO a side effect. And you know what? You’re actually right. It really works better if you just create great content and get SEO benefits (traffic, google juice) just as a bonus but not the main thing why you do it.

  516. It’s hard to say how this all plays out. Although I can see this tool be abused it’s possible it may not be utilized nearly as much as some are anticipating. I suppose only time will tell.

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    Looking forward for the great session to be organized soon.

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    Please keep me in the loop.

  519. Interesting article. I think the backlink effect on SEO is one of the most misunderstood parts of the SEO equation. The argument that I have often heard regarding the inappropriate backlinks, is that anyone can add links to your site, so how can you be held responsible. If this is Google’s attempt to do so, it is a completely unreasonable requirement for someone who is posting and commenting legitimately. Why does it have to be such a mystery?


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    We are very interested in hearing more about Social media and SEO. We are a company that specializes in SEO Services Worldwide. Please keep me posted on the information available.

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    Whow! A lot of comments. It is clear that nubies and oldies in this business are concerned and truly don’t know what to do.

    So Yes, a course or something on what to do and NOT to do (step by step) using social media for traffic will be most welcome and needed. Detail needed and not just an overview.

    Many Thanks to all for comments


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    On October 25th, 2012 at 12:21 am
    santosh sharma said:

    Hello, your article is great about Google new Disavow tools and its impact on website. It helped me to understand Google’s Disavow tools.

    I am requesting you to please provide me tips for post-Penguin” link-building and SEO strategies

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    On October 25th, 2012 at 11:49 am
    Lena Bjorna said:

    Just got off the webinar but didn’t get my questions answered. Please help :)

    Questions: Do you not take keyword density (in the body of say a blog post) into consideration at all – you worry only about making the content sound the way you speak? Also, what about social bookmarking sites like Social Adr and the use of spintax? Is that okay?

  525. 525

    A good webmaster would never run around making bad quality links in the first place. Polluting the internet with junk just to fool an engine into believing you have a good site is a lie and lies are bad. If people aren’t linking to you naturally or you are paying people to link to you then your site is poor in quality and does not deserve to be ranked well. Thumbs up to google for taking out the trash.

  526. Anything for fans like me who missed the Webinar ?

    Steve Sharp replied:

    The webinar was some what informative in the fact that it gave statistics about how we could not beat Google. Install webmaster tools to see if you received a manual penalty and clean aggressively while adding good stuff. Then the sales part came that was a 12 week video course for $495 but really thin about what it would provide. It seemed geared more toward a novice building one site and focus on building a community for that site. I would gladly pay the $495 if it for sure showed how to keep 20 clients ranking with best practices today. Adding content is no problem but doing social media for 20 clients effectively is what I am wanting to learn more about. Overall I didn’t pick up anything new from the webinar. There is supposed to be a recording of the webinar coming soon.

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    So… I just had to get that off my chest.

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    I watched the webinar replay as I did not get into the live presentation but one thing that stood out was the comment about not spinning articles. I have found Article Samurai very good at helping me build back links that have improved my site’s rankings. I have spun each article as AS suggested and now I am wondering if each article should be spun before submission. I did not see the webinar before today but I would have been very reluctant to quickly purchase the SEO Brain Trust training after watching the webinar.
    Does Article Samurai still work in it’s present form?

    Noble Samurai replied:

    Hi Frank,

    Here is a response Eugene gave to a similar question above:

    “We’ve just completed a widespread review of the effectiveness of Article Samurai, and the “numbers” show that those who have been using it in line with our best-practices – which have changed slightly from what we originally told people to do in our original launch – are getting great results TODAY in Google. We believe that’s great news for our customers, and that the curation that occurs between human reviews, and blog owner review before publishing content constitutes sufficient curation that it won’t trigger some of these issues. It’s early days of course, but regardless of what I or anyone else says – measure it for your self. We have hundreds and hundreds of test sites that we monitor rankings for, but your mileage may vary depending on how you’re building links.”

    We’ll be continuing to monitor the situation, and if we notice anything of concern, we’ll be sure to let our users know.


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