Survival of SEO’s Fittest – How to Outrun Lions

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Two guys are in the jungle when they see a lion running towards them. Frantically, one of the men starts putting on his running shoes.

Surprised, the other man says “What are you thinking, you can’t outrun a lion!!!”

“I don’t have to outrun the lion,” said the man, “I just have to outrun you.”

This story is very relevant to SEO strategy.

It’s not always necessary to be the best or the fastest or the strongest in the jungle – you don’t have to be able to outrun the lion – you just need to be a little better than your competition.

This idea is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re looking at the SEO Competition Matrix inside Market Samurai – or considering an SEO strategy.

There is no such thing as the “perfectly optimised” website or the “perfect SEO strategy” – there is always something more you can do; more backlinks to get, more content to post.

So the goal is to just do what it takes to be better than your competitors. In fact, doing this can mean you achieve better results without ever wasting excess effort.

Consider this…

When you perform a Google query you get a page of 10 results. The second result on this page can be expected to get 21% of traffic, which sounds pretty high

BUT! The first result can be expected to get 42% of traffic…

This is a huge difference – the first search result gets double the organic traffic of the second.

So what’s the difference between the two sites? Has the first ranking result done twice the work of the second ranking site?

No way!

In truth, the site that is in second place might be equal in almost every single way to the site in first place:

  • the same PageRank
  • the same domain age
  • the same on page optimisation factors such as keywords in title and meta tags

The difference could be something as small as one backlink on the #1 site being better quality than one on the #2 site.

Just one link!

This is why it’s so important to remember the theme of competition…

…One link could mean the difference between 42% of traffic and 21% of traffic…

…Which means twice (or half) as many visitors, opt-ins and sales for your site.

With 21% of traffic potentially hinging on something as small as one backlink you can make your approach to the SEO of your site more focused.

You need to find out how fast your competition is running – remember that you don’t need to outrun the lion, just your competitior.

When conducting your SEO, examine your competition closely. Look at the specifics of their site and ask yourself two questions:

  1. How much time, money or effort will it take for me to equal the success of my opponent?
    And the second, more important question…
  2. How can I exceed their results?

We’ve seen that small differences can lead to dramatically different levels of expected traffic, and therefore the potential earning power of your site.

But the hard truth is, it’s not always as simple as building one better link. If you can build links, so can your competitors. Anything you can do, they can do too - and if each of you starts committing resources to being better than your opposition (and you get drawn into a “link-war”), you can both lose out.

So, wherever you can, you need to look for ways that you can uniquely unbalance the playing field – to give yourself an advantage that your rivals cannot compete with in the long run.

It could be your ability to produce higher quality content, your ability to utilize your relationships in your market, or your ability to magnify your SEO efforts using a leveraged search engine optimization strategy.

In our next post, I’m going to touch on one such leveraged search engine optimization strategy, and how some sites use this technique to get higher rankings (with fewer, lower quality links) than their multi-billion-dollar competitors.

Until then remember – to get ahead in the search engines, you don’t need a “perfect” SEO strategy – you just need an advantage (no matter how large or small) over your competitors.

Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

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  1. i like it. and i am working the sujjested way.

  2. A brilliant post; thank you Brent.

  3. Excellent post on a topic you guys now well. I find that using Samurai to find those high PR sites that are anchor text friendly (preferably Disqus) so that when I leave a comment, I get link value and KW value for my time & effort.

    Social Media is a highly contested niche and over time, I’ve managed to get the top 3 position on Google for the longtail “social media money makers” and this is all due to using Samurai.

    Great tutorial videos by the way guys!

    - Neil

  4. Excellent information. I have been having those exact thoughts lately. With one of my sites, I have been hovering around 7 to 10 in Google with a high of 5. There is one competitor who doesn’t have a site anywhere near as good as mine in terms of content and on-page optimization is identical. He does have more links, though, which I’ve spied on using Market Samurai. This post was great and thought provoking.

    I’m really looking forward to the next one on this topic.


  5. Brent– Great post! Need to get back to SEO work now!

  6. Thanks Brent. Clarity of the tools to get to the objective are always important almost as important as the objective

  7. Definitely, it is impossible to be perfect and it is much easier to just be better than the competition. This is where market research comes in as important. Know what your competitors are doing. I love the way that lion story puts it in perspective.

  8. Thks brent for this post ,
    i’m agree with you , just a little advantage can increase trafic and also money .
    Wrote quick your next post for outrank my competitors .

    Ps: i’m french and a lot of my website also , i use your tips against my competitors and i fight for the top for ” travail a domicile ” ( work at home ) .

    Thks for your tips .

  9. Incredibly interesting. I agree with the point of using higher quality content. It’s how we’re trying to build up our reputation at the moment. Thanks for that Brett.

  10. Thought provoking. Thanks

  11. Agreed. Excellent as always. I was beginning to wonder if the blog was left to die. Any news on new video trainings?

  12. That’s a pretty funny parable. But while one guys putting on his shoes, the other guy should be running.

  13. I’m up against some big boys and could do with some of this. For me it would mean booking more tours..from another perspectve…its a real pain for my customers not being able to find me…so better SEO is better customer a way.

  14. Thanks for the seo tips you provide. You have a great product and give excellent help and support. Thanks

  15. 15
    On March 21st, 2010 at 2:36 am
    walter daniels said:

    This is good basic info. The only lack is that sometimes having 21% of the traffic isn’t that bad. Yes, 42% is better, but it’s still better than the other eight are doing. Any search engine should be only part of how you get traffic. Spend your time and effort where it does the most good, for the return.

  16. Practical, sensible and most importantly “executable” advise as always guys.

  17. That’s another superb SEO post, thanks mate. Love the content that you post here, love your videos, love the real life comparisons and also love Market Samurai a lot!

  18. I was talking about something along these lines (no lion was involved, though) earlier this week. Marketers often ask themselves whether or not a niche is too competitive for them to enter. I think that’s the wrong question to ask. All you have to do is have a better combination of SEO than the competitor. This means when researching a niche, how much work will it take to outrank the competition and do I want to invest the time and money required or would my resources be better spent focusing on another niche.

    If you have the right tools and know how to analyze the competition, you can be much more scientific and confident about selecting niches and building a plan that will provide financial returns.

  19. Thanks for this post. It’s made me think about my SEO. Or lack of it.

    I actually have market Samurai but haven’t made us of it (pretty stupid, I know), but you’ve given me a good reason to begin my SEO strategy.

    Looking forward to the next article.

  20. Yeah thats true. But it seems that getting better quality links (I Mean high PR) are getting tougher as google has announced that backlinks from blog comments would be discounted. Where to get high quallity backlinks from then?

  21. Love your blog. I’m a member of Stompernet and I’m looking foward to your new products like Name Samurai.

  22. Brent,

    I wonder if you’d anwswer a question I have:

    My site had a PR3 ranking, but I neglected it for a while so lost that.

    Now, my Alexa ranking is much higher than it was, and it’s getting better all the time. But my google PR is still zero.

    Any idea why that would be?


  23. This is the message I try and hammer home to my clients, especially those in small markets with low competition in Local Search.

  24. Now you’ve got me hooked and waiting with baited breath for your next post. Good job.

  25. Very nicely said. Hope you do not mind using the beginning story for some of my clients:)

    This is one of the rare cases where the article itself gives you a lot without giving you paint-by-number advices on SEO

    Thank you

  26. Keep up the good words! I’ve been getting lots of value from the video trainings as well. Thanks for the continued support and service after the sale.

  27. 27

    Can’t wait for the next post!

  28. Great tips Brent. What I like about this approach is it gives an indication of how a relatively small player can begin to match the SEO of very big players. It opens up the possibility to move to bigger and more competitive niches.

  29. Can’t wait till the next post!

  30. Seo is definitely a king of the hill initiative.

    Your analogy about the lion was spot on.

    Well done

  31. Interesting – but presumably it is only possible to do this in specific niches, otherwise the 1 lion is a pride of lions!!

  32. Thanks for this. Market samurai best for me.

  33. So true, in simple terms pick your battles!

  34. And the game goes onward . . . site #1 and #2 fighting one another in an eternal battle for supremacy, but who wins in the end? What about the upstart or the #3 guy? We’re all battling a never-ending war, aren’t we?

  35. Very interesting, and a good little insight thanks

  36. 36
    On March 21st, 2010 at 3:32 am
    Social Tycoons said:

    So true,the quality makes a big difference and where you get those backlinks…

    Now what was Erik saying about video training???? ….)


  37. Thank you Brent…very good points to keep in mind.

  38. Can’t wait for the next post Brent. When you say ‘quality link’ do you measure that by virtue of the PR of the page or domain?

  39. nice post guys…… good luck …

  40. This is an excellent blog in explaining a useful SEO strategy in understandable language.

  41. Just Found Your Site,And For The First Time I Fully Under-Stand What
    You Are Talking About Brent . Thank You So Much For This Free Advice
    Your A Star :)

  42. So true. The race for search engine supremacy is so measurable and yet so few people do it. We always advise to perform a specific competitor analysis to understand exactly how many links, how many pages, how much content, etc you’ll need to beat your next competitor, and work at it systematically and logically.

  43. I am tweeting this to my followers now.I have been targeting niche related content do you recommend this?

  44. Very nicely written can’t wait for the follow-up I have used several of the tips from Market Samurai you guys rock !!!

  45. Thanks for an excellent post, I’ve been using market samuari (full version) but only just getting to grips with how powerful it is. with all your help it makes it easier. thanks

  46. 46
    On March 21st, 2010 at 3:45 am
    Luxury wedding venues said:

    Great post! Really looking forward to the next post

  47. Great post! Really looking forward to the next one

  48. that great point of view..that for your articles

  49. Great post. I’m curious, Brent — what’s the strength of a .edu or .gov? Market Samurai shows us how many we have, but I’m not sure — is a .edu that’s relevant, worth more than a .com?

  50. Can’t wait for the next post. I look forward on uncovering more of the secrets.

  51. Feed people to lions sounds like fun!

    Great links are hard to find sometimes and yes more is better, but I think content is an area that is over looked my quite a few. Kind of happy about it though.

    Thanks for the post!
    Have a great day.
    Brad West

  52. On the question of backlinks, one of my competitors appears to get most of his juice from one highly rated site that he has been listed on its blogroll for a number of years. How do you overcome this?

  53. The tweeting has been done! Great post! The lions sleep tonight…

  54. 54
    On March 21st, 2010 at 4:09 am
    tomartomartini said:

    {There is no such thing as the “perfectly optimized” website or the “perfect SEO strategy” – there is always something more you can do; more backlinks to get, more content to post.So the goal is to just do what it takes to be better than your competitors.}

    the times i have said to M/S forum users to get in to the competion module and look at the structure of the top sites to find out what needs too be done is many >>> your blog post is a good reminder on
    what to put our attention on or how we need to frame our thinking.
    this is a great post.

  55. I have found that many times I can get a customer at least to the 2nd page the first time a new site is indexed, simply by proper meta tags, descriptions, titles, headers and good content. From there it only gets better with some good links. Love the blog! Thanks


  56. Yes, anything below the top 3 is “bread crumbs” for traffic.

  57. It really pays to focus your energy in the right direction instead of squandering time on useless SEO tasks. Market Samurai allows me to narrow down specific things I need to work on for an advantage over the competition.

  58. 58

    Brent, that is so true, and something that I personally constantly need to be reminded of. Otherwise, you can lose a ton of time trying to achieve perfection!

    Thanks for the amazing value you offer. Joining Market Samurai is one of the best – if not THE best – decision I have made in internet marketing.


    P.S. I believe the story goes: “What are you thinking, you CAN outrun a lion!!!”.

  59. This is a brilliant and thought stimulus article that provokes
    action and I am already taking action from this post.


    Website Traffic Consultant


  60. Great article. I have always thinked that way when doing my SEO so Ill just keep doing it ;-).

    Thanks Brent

  61. This is a good post. Especially as I begin work on a new website in an area with some known sites that I will have to compete with. I look forward to the next post in this series to see if I can come up with ideas to best my competition.

  62. So true. There is always something more that you can do to improve your site position and traffic flows in the search engines.

  63. “Uniquely unbalance” – that’s mean to find your own way of giving information to visitors. As you told – anybody able to find a link, but to make something in unusual way – that sounds good.
    Totally agree with you.
    P.S. Hope you’ll upload some new video soon…

  64. I am very impressed with the information you guy’s continually send out, that alone has me already ahead of my competition. The analogy used in your joke at the start Brent, carries so much weight when compared to SEO you do in fact only have to beat your competition.

    A great post Brent & Thank you very much !!


  65. Hi..
    a nice story followed by valueable information! Cheers!

  66. This is a very inspirational post that provokes action that get the job done.

    Also I will remember to bring a friend along if we ever go in the jungle and meet up with a lion, I will know what to do :)


  67. Hi Brent,

    This is a very good piece of advise and I can’t wait until the next Post. I use the SEOC each and every day to see where I stand in relation to my competitors (I have 5 blogs). I’ve even started using it for my semantic keywords (thank you, Dr. Fernando!) and the long tail keywords to see which are better to use in my posts. I truly love Market Samurai!

  68. Well said brent,
    I’ve tought that very concept in most of my internet marketing/training information over the past couple years. There really is a fine line between being number one on google or being on the bottom of that first page. Many feel content with the fact they’re at least on page one, even if it is on the bottom.

    Fact is, the difference in traffic and results can be amazing.


  69. Your posts are always great. This one is too. I will be anxiously awaiting the next one.

  70. Great post. Market Samurai is an awesome tool. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

  71. Great post… I’m surprised, sometimes, at what one small tweak can do. For example, I saw one keyword in my analytics that I didn’t expect. Plugged it through Marketing Samurai & BAM! it looked like a winner… I made a single page targeting that keyword phrase & that was enough to send me past the competition for my main keyword &, of course, for the keyword I targeted.

  72. Hearing that story of not having to outrun the lion always make me smile. Although, I’ve heard it used with a bear, instead of a lion.

    I agree with the points you bring up in regards to SEO. All it takes is being just a little bit better, in some way, than your competition.

    A sometimes overlooked strategy is a good internal linking structure. When combined with all the other factors (content, diverse external links, etc.), a strong internal linking structure is sometimes enough to make a difference in rankings.

    Looking forward to the next post, Brent.

  73. You are, of course absolutely right. I find trying to get to No1 so thrilling it actually takes the place of the thrill of making money, so much so I posted a couple of articles on E-zine articles just recently covering that very thing.

  74. Thanks Brent…

    I could not agree more…

    Sometimes however, because so few webmasters understand even the most simple SEO, optimizing your on page factors can make all the difference…

    Mind you that is only helped by running Market Samurai – By the way who makes that great software…lol

    Nice one Brent – Keep them coming…


  75. Brent,

    the only posts I read regarding SEO are your’s and that of the fellow Noble Samurai’s.

    So much conflicting garbage out there…

    Keep up the excellent work!!

    Have a good ‘un

    Phil H

    “The Stupidly Simple SEO Guy”

  76. 76

    You are soooo right! Do I know the answer to what you’ve said and how to overcome that problem. NO! I’m waiting for your next email and hopefully get the answer.

  77. What if (according to market samurai) you are outdoing the number 1 competitor in every aspect – including quality links – and still not knocking them off? I’ve been racking my brain with this one..for the local term attorney green bay…

  78. Keep your thinking caps on and pens out. I appreciate your insight. I also appreciate Market Samurai.

    When will you let us be affiliates of yours?

  79. Relevant and useful info like this is one of the other reasons why guys like me are glad we bought the Samurai tool. Good stuff Aussies!

  80. Good post. It is easy to get caught up in an seo arms race and not take the little bit of time to analyze a sites strengths; and then capitalize on those. Too often I see sites that have tons of crap links and they ask why are we not ranking better? Quality, quantity and thorough on page seo with relevant content – that’s a winning formula.

  81. Thanking you for the great seo info

  82. Very cunning of you.
    I am choosing to read ‘the competition’ as singular! To me that is focussed and powerful. Don’t look at all of them but target one and only one. Know his/her paw print and start tracking!

  83. 83
    On March 21st, 2010 at 6:09 am
    Bailama Pessima said:

    Great Post you are right you just need to outrun your competitor.

  84. OK…

    I’m ready to outrun my competitors. Show me how.

    But after the lion gets done with my skinny competitor won’t it come after me???


  85. Is the data on the percentage of traffic from each position in organic Google rankings available somewhere? How did you obtain those numbers?

  86. Makes sense as usual. Thanks Brent.

  87. I didn’t realize the difference between the 1st and 2nd position on Google page 1. Wow. Thanks for posting this.

  88. SEO strategies + backlinks= success. Well its lot of work and Market Samurai does a good job at it. I used it for my own good use.

  89. Very good words Noble Samurai! I am back using your incredible system and look forward to / will out run all the competition in the Network Marketing / MLM arena. Watch out for that Lion behind you…peeps!

  90. Posts like this and the software Market Samurai has made and saved me a lot of money. Thank you, for being ahead of the curve in this industry.

  91. 91

    Great Post… one thing I’m always trying to remind myself as I’m starting this learning curve is to keep things simple.

    There is so much trash out there, that as a newbie, I find it difficult sometimes.

    To keep coming back to the basics as I build my sites is the most important skill of all.

    There is no short cuts to this business. It requires work just like any other. This is just another reminder that we all need from time to time that if we stick with these principles, we will succeed.

    All the best and Thank you.

  92. Excellent Post!
    After reading your post, I’m trying to remember the video you did related to this post… can’t located it. Can you point out so i can go back and review it?


  93. Brent, I’m curious to know one such
    leveraged search engine optimization
    strategy that you know. I will be alert
    to the next blog

  94. “I don’t have to outrun the lion”……great lesson!!!

  95. True sometimes it just needs 1 backlink to outrun the competition!

  96. Can you please tell me where you got the 21% figure for the 2nd result? I’d like to quote that in my newspaper column but so far haven’t been able to find it online – although I guess I can just quote YOU!

    Awesome post.

  97. Posts like this helps to remove the “pressure” of trying to get it right every time!

  98. Great stuff, when will you continue to the next post, soon I hope!

  99. Great post Brent.
    I have to believe that in the end, high quality consistent and unique content will win the day. Links,keywords and other distribution mechanisms always point back to what’s valuable on your site

  100. Awesome post you have written here. Unfortunately many people count themselves out of the game before they even start but it really only takes 1% more effort in the right area to dominate organic search.

    Nicholas Klein

  101. Great Post. Have been using Ms For just this purpose. better back links than my competitors.. Have installed SeoQuake and easycomment (both firefox addons) and using the seo competition module page rank analysis have been looking at what backlings my competitors have and seeing if i can engineer links from the same sites. if not i simply search for sites with google and use seo quake to sort the sep by page arnk and only seek backlings from pr the same as or higher than my competitors. Dont waste time trying for pr 1 or 0 if your competitors have lots of pr 3 or more. (use blog or .gov or .edu as search modifiers)

  102. The SEO Competition matrix should really be everyone’s best friend. Using the PR and Anchor Text Analysis tools, not only will people find out why the top sites are ranking the way they do, but it also reveals where all these valuable backlinks are. It’s the first place I look for my own source of quality backlinks.


  103. Great article – SEO is the key to all traffic and all sales!

  104. Very True Brent.
    I love how easy it is with Market Samurai to determine exactly what you need to do, to out run your competitors in an SEO sense.
    Thanks for your excellent articles and videos to help us Market Samurai users get the most out of the software.

  105. I am really looking forward to your next post. Cant wait to learn more…

  106. Thanks, great points why it good to always try to be just a little bit better, not always the best.

  107. Great article! I love the idea that just one link can make all the difference in the world in your rankings.

  108. The story telling is good. The point is well presented. I have been trying to get my site to get ranked but still there is no result yet. I have been trying to get back links through article submission, directory submission and other stuffs but despite my effort, it does not seem to have that much of effect on the SEO game. I think your point proves this fact that the quality of the back link is very important.

  109. You guys are so good it’s criminal. Not only the one of the best platforms but THE MOST intelligent, useful postings. Always a pleasure to read. Thanks.

  110. I have been on the net since 2004 and have seen many SEO changes in that time. In some ways linking has improved since then. At least the dreaded ‘reciprocal linking’ has disappeared, thank heavens!
    Thanks for the post Brent

  111. Great insight and funny analogy. Right, I find my PR0 site overtake in front of PR3 site.

  112. 112

    Thanks for the SEO post and with it comes a question.

    I see you’re using category/postname with a number at the end in this blog post. Is that one of Jeff Johnson’s little tricks or what. Why have you put the # in and how did you do that.

    Thanks and glad I love learning otherwise this IM thing would kill me!

  113. Building quality backlinks makes a lot of difference in SEO. I’ve always refused buying any software that increases backlink artificially. Great post and I’m glad I found your site using alexa toolbar.

  114. Always great tips and sound advice on Seo… Really valuable information that we love to apply when working with our clients.

    Keep up the great work!

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  117. That percentage estimate between being #1 compared to #2 is invaluable.

    Would you happen to have an estimate between position #11 and #10?

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  119. In MBA courses, we called this sustainable competitive advantage.

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  121. Very Interesting post – and to often we forget to keep an eye on our competitors and just make some extra tweaks to outrank them. Btw. Market Samurai is a great product, I bought it last week! :-)

  122. Very informative post. Keep up the good work!

    I look forward to your next post.

    Thanks very much.

  123. Great post. Pretty much my exact position.. Sitting in number two. Didn’t realise the massive difference in traffic between the two. I just figured most people would look at both sites to compare.

  124. Great post!

    In any business you need to keep an eye on your competitors. Being that 1% better can be the major difference between success and failure.


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  126. Of course like many others I knew this story and knew how it related to beating my competition. But also knew when I read it I’d forgotten about it. Thank you for reminding me.

  127. Yes there is always something we can do seo wise to help our ranking, here comes that lion.

  128. Domo arigato Samurai Sensei.

  129. I was depressed…….!! Brent post has forced me back into the field.. thankx Brent..

  130. Thank you Brent for the two guys + lion story. The unexpected punch line brought a smile to my face.

    So did your message. That’s because my website is unlike any other landscape design website (in Australia at least), it’s been online since 2002, it’s content rich and it’s on the verge of being upgraded to Web 2.0.

    My next step is learning how best to monetize it.

  131. As I learn more and more about SEO for my own sites. I often wonder what is the best route to take. I look forward to seeing your other posts because I need you assistance.

  132. Love the analogy used. It truly is a massive gap between one and two – kind of makes you think what volume of traffic number 9 or 10 are missing out on.

  133. Hi Brent,

    you are right that one can’t be 100% perfect. One has always to be better than one’s competitors, and it is definitely not easy to build good quality links.
    I think that’s when Market Samurai comes into play and can help a lot.

    Thanks for your thoughts and have a nice day,


    Hans-J. Refleng

  134. I really appreciate the great content you guys put out regularly. I put what you teach into practice and it makes me money!!! Thank you

  135. Thanks,

    But this SEO game is still a big mystery to me…

    Market samusrai: Two sites, same age, one has 5 times more backlinks than the other, and higher PR backlinks, has more edu and gov backlinks, and Title, tag and the others are Y for both sites. Yet the one with less backlinks has been out-running the better one, while I am getting eaten by that lion behind us! I don’t get it.

  136. Jeff and myself purchased Market Samurai around Jan 2009. Over that time period we’ve became intimately familiar with all the features, and realized its the only keyword research tool someone would need.

    I think the SEO Grid area is our favorite feature though. We just take the top competitor on a particular keyword, find out how many links they have and make it a point to get a few more. To be honest we don’t always land a #1 spot doing this but we always manage a top 10 position.

    This is the only keyword tool we use now because it does everything.

    Thanks for all the updates over the last year and keeping to your word on maintaining and updating the best keyword tool out there.

    Brian & Jeff

  137. Good beginning with funny story.

    I agree on your opinion that we have to be better than our competitors. Some time, just to be a little better is already a challenge. In a race, just a fraction of a second can make a different. But it is not easy to be better for only that micro unit of time.

    I look forward to reading your next post. It should be interesting.


    Jim Somchai,

  138. Excellent.

  139. Providing excellent knowledge about SEO though not discussed seo techniques.

  140. Good story!!!! you have some valid points that when talking about SEO, taking advantage is a plus point, but in a long run a long term well planned and executable strategy is must for success.

  141. This is an important reminder to focus on quality content and backlinks rather than quantity. I use Market Samurai regularly to keep an eye on my competition by checking out the SEO top 10. I burrow down to look at Alexa rankings and PR Backlink sources…..that’s my edge!


    Brian Bijdeveldt

  142. Thanks for the article.
    I am a novice and Market Samurai user. A new website however, would need much more effort to get a quality backlink. To my experience, most of websites with a high PR are reluctant to link to new website. This has been a single problem itself.
    Anybody could suggest how to solve this issue?
    Thanks and regards,

  143. Looking forward to the next post. As a relative “newby” to SEO, it is posts like this that really help me formulate my strategy for increasing my Page Rank. Thank you

  144. Thanks for this Brent, a handy reminder of what I SHOULD be doing instead of my current haphazard approach. Now where did I put my running shoes?

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    There are countless factors involved in being #1 in search results. It’s a very complex issue. That’s why no one can gaurantee the #1 spot.

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