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Hi All,

This is just a quick progress update on the new Rank Tracker…

1,218 Market Samurai Owners Have Tested The New Rank Tracker:

Thanks to the 1,218 Market Samurai owners who have generously taken time out of their schedules to test the new Rank Tracker — the beta program has been a huge success!

So far we’ve received over 550 emails jam-packed with positive comments and actionable feedback, that we’re working hard to incorporate …And we’re very close to completion.

Our Beta Testers just love the new Rank Tracker! Here’s just a few of the new Rank Tracker features that our users are excited about:

  • Automatic weekly updates: No longer do you have to remember to check your rankings every week, and then manually click update buttons to retrieve your new ranking data. Now you can just sit back and relax as our new Rank Tracker automatically updates your campaigns for you each week, without you having to lift a finger.
  • Email notifications: Not only does the new Rank Tracker update your campaigns automatically each week, it also sends you an email notification as soon as your ranking data has been updated. So you can now focus your undivided attention on your business, until your notification email arrives.
  • A simpler interface: Unlike the old Rank Tracker, which drowned you in a sea of numbers, our new Rank Tracker’s simple new interface makes analysing your rankings a breeze — especially if you manage multiple websites, keywords and campaigns all at the same time.

…And here’s just some of the feedback we’ve received for the new Rank Tracker…


“LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that it tracks rank automatically behind the scenes. You guys have turned this into something really great.” Craig Harte

“I absolutely love the new Rank Tracker, and will continue to be a Noble Samurai customer for life.” Jeff Monson (JLM Merchandise Support Team)


When Can You Get Your Hands On The New Rank Tracker?

With over 60,000 Market Samurai owners eager to get their hands on the new and improved Rank Tracker, we want to be sure that it’s 100% solid, and will provide you with a great user experience .

This means that we need to incorporate as much of our Beta Tester feedback into our product as possible before we go live. The good news is that we’re only a week or two from finishing the last few important feedback items on the list.

However, because Rank Tracker provides weekly updates, we also need to allow at least 2 or 3 weeks of scheduled ranking updates to pass, to ensure our Beta testers have a chance to test these final changes before we roll it out for everyone.

So based on these estimates, we’re currently aiming for a public release around mid-to late July, although this could change depending on what our Beta testers say — of course.


In The Meantime Here’s A Quick “Sneak Peek” Into The New Rank Tracker

You Can Manage Multiple Campaigns At The Same Time

With the old Rank Tracker, your ranking data was stored within your Market Samurai project file on your computer. This meant that if you managed more than one campaign, you were forced to close down and re-open each project file every time you wanted to review a different campaign.

In the new Rank Tracker your data is now stored in the cloud, instead of clogging up your project files, making them slow to load, and cumbersome to switch between. This means you can now view all of your current Ranking campaigns in one unified campaign panel, without having to switch between different Market Samurai project files.

Screenshot of campaigns panel in Market Samurai's New Rank Tracker module


You’ll Receive Ranking Update Email Notifications

In the past, every time you wanted to view your latest rankings, you had to open up Market Samurai, click an update button, and then wait patiently while it slowly gathered your data.

With the new Rank Tracker, your rankings are updated for you automatically each week, without you even needing to leave your computer turned on. And the second it’s finished retrieving your data, we’ll send you an email notification to let you know that your new ranking information is ready to view.

This means you can now just sit back and relax until you update email arrives.

Screenshot of Market Samurai's New Rank Tracker update notification email


View Your Previous Ranking Position At A Glance

It’s always been a bit tricky to work out exactly how many ranking places you’ve gained or dropped since your last ranking update. You’d have to open up a graph of your ranking history and interpret the data points to understand what was really going on.

The new Rank Tracker makes it much easier to see exactly what the change to your ranking has been. You can now just hover your mouse over your current ranking position, and a pop-up box will appear to show you how much it has moved.

This gives you instant access the exact information you need, precisely when you want it.

(In the image below, you can see that the ranking page has dropped four positions, to its current location in position five.)

Screenshot of the ranking results in Market Samurai's new Rank Tracker module


Snapshots Of The Search Results Where Your Rankings Were Found

Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker has always allowed you to view the page where your ranking data had been found, by storing the URL of the search query it used to find your ranking.

However due to the rise of “localisation” and “personalisation” in the search results, this has meant that more and more users were reporting inconsistencies between the results they saw in Rank Tracker, and what they saw when they clicked through to see the page in a browser.

In the new Rank Tracker we save a snapshot of every page where your rankings were found, so you’ll always be able to see the exact results that Market Samurai used to display your rankings.

A screenshot of the search result page where your ranking was found


What About The FREE 50 Keyword Plan, And The LIFETIME 50% Discount On All Higher Keyword Plans? Have I Missed Out Yet?

In previous blog posts we detailed a special offer for existing Market Samurai and Article Samurai owners which included a FREE 50 keyword Rank Tracking plan, and LIFETIME access to a 50% Half-Price discount to our entire range of higher keyword plans.

As we’re still a few weeks away from launching the new Rank Tracker we will also be extending the deadline as well.

This offer will commence as soon as the new Rank Tracking system goes live (around mid to late July), and we’ll send you three reminder emails to let you know exactly what you need to do to take advantage of it.

You can rest easy knowing you’ll receive plenty of notice to claim your FREE 50 keyword plan, and lock in your LIFETIME discount on all higher keyword plans before this offer expires.


Be On The Lookout For Your “Rank Tracker is LIVE” Notification Emails…

Remember to keep an eye out over the coming weeks for your ‘Rank Tracker is LIVE’ notification emails, to make sure you don’t miss out on your FREE 50 keyword plan, and your LIFETIME 50% half-price discount on all higher keyword plans.


Talk Soon,
Eugene Ware
CEO Noble Samurai

Eugene has written 19 post(s) for Noble Samurai

16 Responses to “Rank Tracker Update”

  1. I like the new rank tracker in theory but i am not seeing anything in the poitions like the above screenshot to see a quick overview. Mine are all empty since the new program began. Some of my urls are only tracking in one search engine and not showing historical data. I keep hoping these issues will be corrected next time I log in. Is this just me or are others experiencing this too?

    Support replied:

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for the honest feedback. I’ve created a support ticket for you, and I’ll work with you to solve any issue you are having. It could be that you’ve found a small bug that we’ve missed!


  2. Great stuff, especially the additions of how many places they have changed and the screen snap shot.

    In fairness, I was Incognito mode on the Chrome browser and finding very little difference between it and Market Samurai. The ones that were out were typically ranking higher than reported – which is always a nice thing to find ;)

    Stuart Wooster replied:

    *I was checking using incognito mode

  3. 3
    On June 25th, 2012 at 8:52 pm
    RichCederberg@AlbuquerqueRealEstate said:

    Good job Market Samurai these updates sound really exciting! You always been my favorite tool based on your easy to read, easy to digest quick and easy information, and with these changes it’ll be even easier!

  4. These new adjustments are going to make life so much easier. Yet another reason for using Market Samurai!


  5. 5
    On June 25th, 2012 at 11:40 pm
    Robert Worstell said:

    Just wanted to give you a big thanks for all this great work. Your contribution to making ranktracking accessible and user-friendly to everyone has to rank as one of the greatest pay-it-forward values available today! I’ve been-there-done-that with various ranktracking programs, and having someone run these on my behalf makes all the difference in the world. And now I can concentrate on what my site is and can be ranking for instead of just shotgunning my efforts and hope something sticks (to mix metaphors). Thanks again!

  6. I’ve been testing the new Rank Tracker and I like it so far, especialy because now I can see all the tracked keywords in the same place, without the need to open different Marketing Samurai projects.

    I feature I would love to have in the feature would be the ability to export historic data. Any chance of having that with the next update?

    Support replied:

    Hi Sorina,

    Exporting historical data is on our list of new features, which we’ll start implementing once the core functionality is 100% solid.


  7. I thought we had the new rank tracker… or am I on the beta plan? Did I already claim my 50 free? Hmmm. Well, whatever I got, I am using it and love it. I just now got my “new ranking data” email. I gotta go see how I’m doing!

    Support replied:

    Hi Dr. Haley,

    If you are using the new Rank Tracker you will be part of the beta testing, and you’ll already have locked in your 50 free keywords.

    Glad to hear you love it :)


  8. Hi Guys

    This all looks great :-)

    Couple of things, I have never been able to get into the Beta as it says that it is closed. Even before the end of May?

    2nd I have both Article and Martet Samurai, I am therefore hoping that I get double allocation in my account for the number of keywords that I can have in my FREE account

    Please advise…



  9. Particularly enjoyable blog post – thx!

  10. I was not part of beta program for the rank tracker but I am looking forward to it. The rank tracker is one of the best features of Market Samurai. One of many I might add. Looking forward to it.

  11. Great new feature guys. It is definitely a huge improvement over the old interface.

  12. I’m currently a beta tester of your new rank tracker tool and whilst it was a bit buggy at first, it’s definitely getting there now.

    Good job guys! :)