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If you’re a keen internet marketer, performing SEO on your site is something you will do frequently – whether you’re updating title tags, publishing articles or building your backlink network.

But how do you know if your SEO is working?

You could be wasting your time and effort on SEO that doesn’t improve your ranking.

Analyzing the impact of your SEO is difficult. You need to record your position for various keywords, check your PageRank and record your backlink network. To do it manually would take hours.

Unless you track your site with Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker.

Rank Tracker scours search engine results for keywords you specify in order to provide premium white label seo solutions, to record your site’s position, storing the data so you can get an easy “Before and After” snapshot when you update your site.

By comparing these results you can see which methods of SEO are working, and stay alert for any changes that might lower your ranking.

This week, the training team have put together a fantastic update to the existing Rank Tracker Training.

Boot Camp

In the first video, Dr Anthony takes you on a Rank Tracker “Boot Camp” – showing you how to set up Rank Tracker to start recording your site’s data.

Analysis and Interpretation

The second video shows you the next step – analyzing and interpretting your data.

The Cluster Model

Finally, for the SEO Masterclass section, Dr Anthony introduces you to the more advanced “Cluster Model” or website promotion and shows you how to use this model within Rank Tracker.

Once you have watched these videos, you’re ready to start using Rank Tracker and begin to fine tune your SEO efforts to find the best and most effective method for you.


P.S. Rank Tracker is a fully paid module for Market Samurai. To get your hands on a free trial of Market Samurai, you can click here.

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69 Responses to “Fine-Tune Your SEO Strategy – Rank Tracker”

  1. Rank Tracker really is my favorite tool in Market Samurai. No more searching pages and pages in Google looking for my links.

  2. Great information, I am learning so much from Anthony. He is a natural teacher and very easy to understand.

  3. You guys are awesome you save me so much time and take a lot of the guess work out of it!

  4. 4
    On May 26th, 2010 at 3:56 am
    Kaustubh said:


    I just saw your rank tracker video. I have a few questions:

    1. I currently need to track Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings for atleast 150 keyphrases on a daily basis. Will market samurai be able to handle this volume? I have used tools like IBP in the past and have noticed that the IP address gets banned by search engines after a few checks and hence the results are usually inconsistent.

    2. In the example of in your video, you selected the target country as “Australia.” Are the ranking results displayed for (the web, i.e. the default in the new google interface), or do we get the results for (pages from australia)?

    3. I’ll be tracking results from India – will that have any bearing on the results returned? Also, to what extent will there be a discrepancy between manual checks and rankings from market samurai?

    4. How many users does 1 license support?

    It will be great if you could clarify the point above.



    Matthew replied:

    Yes, I have sites which have well over that number of keywords being tracked. It just takes a larger amount of time to compile the data.

    It would be nice if Market Samurai could do this automated at a set time each day. As it is, you have to remember to press “go”.

  5. Thanks as always Anthony. Great training content. I finally learned what the green, red and black meant. I also learned how to cut down the amount of time that rank tracker uses by limiting my search for the top 50 sites since I have quickly (within 4 months) gone from nowhere to consistently in the upper 20.

  6. Excellent work guys did not realise you could add those individual URL’s and only measure against selected keywords. This tool sames me so much time as monitoring over 150 keywords across google, Bing and Yahoo.
    Keep up the great work Anthony, Brett and team.

  7. Wow! This video will surely help me improve and track my SERPs. Noble Samurai rocks as always. thanks.

  8. Hi Noble Samurai Team,

    The 3 videos are awesome and give great content. Kind of like the way you used darkness and light bulb to demonstrate site ranking in the search engine (1st video).

    In fact, I have learnt quite a few new things from the videos.

    I also would like to thank Dr Anthony for giving a precise step-by-step training.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Once again, you’ve done a great job of explaining things so they’re easy to follow! Thanks much.

  10. These videos are good reminders of just what an all rounder Market Samurai is…. as a major biz building asset!

  11. We are eagerly waiting for rank tracker, which will be working with local versions of google (PL, CZ, SK etc.) as promised. Do you have any expected deadline for it?

  12. Great post, Marketing Samurai has been in almost constant use in our office since we purchased it. Great tool and we are just starting to fully implement it. Great training videos also. Well Done!

  13. Great stuff Anthony and all! I am a nubie at this but Market Samurai has been awsome with the learning curve. Maybe I will figure it all out and make some money in the future. Keep up the good work.

  14. 14
    On May 26th, 2010 at 6:34 am
    tomartomartini said:

    Thanks Anthony- brilliant content-well done.
    Rank Tracker is a great and “power-feature” in Market samurai.

  15. This is just excellent!

    I have just realised that I have to tidy up my rank tracker.

    Thanks again gang for this excellent guide.


  16. The videos are impressive and based on this I would be willing to give your products a whirl.

    Brett replied:

    If you haven’t tried this product there should be no reason not too. Unless you don’t have the cash.

    Hands down, I could honestly get rid of all my other SEO tools. Best training, best support, excellent program.

    It is probably the best SEO decision you will make in a long time.

  17. I use the rank tracker several times a week to track my competition, and to track my own pages. I am always looking for an advantage and this module has provided me with ample opportunity to find them.

  18. Hi Anthony

    Question – my site target customers from U.S.A, Canada and Australia. Right now I choose all countries/territories for rank tracking obviously the results will be different to specific countries. To be more precise. Should I duplicate my keyword ranking file and create 3 specific to countries to obtain a more accurate reading?

    On cluster model. Is it possible to track facebook? I don’t think you can track twitter. Right?

  19. 1 more question Anthony D – orange for domain and U blue color for URL. Why are they distinguished?

  20. One thing I noticed in the results is the highest ranking page isn’t the one necessarily being displayed as the ranking page for a given phrase. For instance I have a phrase that five different pages are indexed for. The highest ranking is 48, but that page isn’t defaulted and I think it should be. If you want to put some focused effort in, you want to target the right URL.

    Also, if you have a lot of keywords, I would recommend breaking up the update, otherwise it seems to cause problems.

    cd :O)

  21. Thanks so much for this Samurai Software package. And all of your videos are to the point, educational, clear and professionally edited. You go click by click on virtually every single button and feature of this great software package. This kind of attention to detail goes way beyond my current ability in video production. And with that, I ask that you look at a few of my marketing videos anyway.

  22. the only problem with rank tracker is that it seems to work on but as I have an english site it would be great if it could have a setting to check

    thanks for the software tho, very handy piece of equipment!!

  23. ok maybe should have watched the video before posting that last comment!!

  24. Not only is it an incredible feature that outdoes anything else like it, but these videos are amazing resources that extend the utility of Market Samurai. Thank you for making them freely available.

  25. Market Samurai is the best tool there is.
    When I found MS I dont look any offer of any other
    software tool. Its an all around from KW,SEO,Article
    Rank tracker .. etc.. their the best. Im waiting
    for the Adwords and the software is complete.
    The best in training and support. MS is the best
    bang for the buck.

  26. Sensational video & tutorial, I am really enjoying them all are all these going to be podcasts for my iPhone as I have often refenece them again when I have a free moment.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  27. Hi Anthony
    Thanks for the videos. I have just set up a site as per video one and received the message ‘ranking page not found in Google’ for all keywords that I know we rank highly for. Would there be a reason for this?

  28. I bless the day I bought Market Samurai, another great module and simple and easy to understand video.

  29. Hi Anthony,

    Nice videos. I picked up a couple of things. One, I didn’t even notice that there was a black color!

    I noticed that you increased backlinks by 50% in just a few days, and you started from zero just a few days before that. Are you finding a specific number that you target, or try to stay under so your site isn’t flagged by google as unnatural link accumulation? And what are you using to create so many backlinks so fast?

  30. I’m an internet marketer in Richmond VA. Market Samurai is by far the most powerful and useful application I ever invested my money in. I spent too much time and effort trying to track client rankings before this came around. I’m thankful for it. Keep the awesome updates and training coming.

  31. This is fantastic information – as usual! Thanks so much for taking the time to make the videos & share this info with us. I love Market Samurai!

  32. Awesome tool. I have been wanting this feature and was looking at subscribing to another site which charges every month. However I’m stoked that I have found that Market Samurai does it as I now don’t have to worry :-) Market Samurai is truely brilliant and is packed with features. Keep up the great work guys!

  33. Wow, I don’t really like to leave comments but for this product… I only can say Wow, you guys really delivered a nice, complete, overall product. Thank you for the Keyword research tool, the SEO competition tool, the Monetization tool, the Find content tool, The publish content tool and the promotion tool… can’t wait for the Adwords tool.

    Again good job guys and thank you again for those training videos. They really help.

  34. Another great lot of videso guys good job

  35. I have had this software for several weeks. I am amazed. It saves me so much time and now I know were I am and exactly what needs to be done each week. Kudos to the Market Samurai team!

    P.S. I haven’t noticed an affiliate program… do you have one?

  36. 36

    I’m trying hard to understand the differences between + and – signs. I’ve listened over and over to the second video at 12:30, but still can’t grasp it.

    Here’s my understanding:
    * the + sign means the page is indexed and ranking for the keyword, but the rankings are too low (not in the top 100 pages if you scanned the top 100 pages).
    * the – sign means the page is indexed and not ranking for the keyword.

    This just seems wrong. Can someone please clarify?

    Covert Hypnosis replied:

    The + sign is an indication that the page is ranking for the keyword somewhere in the “SERP”, what you could do in such instance is rather than limiting your search to the top 100, increase the “search depth” to search the top 500 or top 1000 and you would find your page.

  37. Great video Anthony! Rank tracker will make the job of tracking of my webpages in search engines very easy.

  38. I just started using Samurai a few days ago and haven’t tried this feature. Going to now…

  39. Hi, everytime I received an email from MS Im always
    expecting a great message and there it was another
    great tutorial. Good job guys.

  40. Awesome! Especially the URL tracking (at least for my newbie level).

    This can give really a clue about what affects the ranking (and do it pretty fast).

  41. There’s no doubt that improving rankings will increase traffic but I think the percentages quoted in the video are misleading. It suggests for example that 11.9% decide to select the number 2 result, this has to be wrong. They don’t ‘decide’ to select number 2, they select it because it’s more relevant to the their needs than number one.

    Your assumption has simply over simplified things IMHO. I’m not doubting a higher ranking will receive more traffic but it’s more involved than you are suggesting.

    Still a great vid though and I’m big fan of the software!


  42. Rank tracker is the best tool, sure beats clicking on the Google pages until you come across your domain or website! The URL tracker is fantastic and now you can also see where each page is. Keep up the good work guys!

  43. Really great tool for promoters of any level, including absolute beginner. It’s as simple or complex to use as you decide.

  44. I am pleased receiving this information. It’s very useful. I believe all blogger need this way to increase their blog/site ranking effectively.

  45. Hi

    Interesting Rank Tracker videos, I’ve always wondered what the different colors represented, thanks for the clarification.

  46. 46

    What would you say is the BEST few ways to start improving your rankings? Do you have videos that go over this also? I know this might not be a Market Samurai question but you guys do such a great job teaching in your videos I would love to here some good wholesome advice instead of relying on other unprofessional opinions out there from forums and the like.


  47. 47

    Great videos as always!

    I have been tracking several of my sites in ranktracker without the keyword option under one project name. Started adding KW after watching the videos. I can’t seem to figure out how to only check keywords for a specific site. Sure the option “update selected only is there”, but all unrelated KW from other sites are also listed (not updated) which makes it quite a messy overview if you have several sites and KW. Or should I start a new project for every site?

  48. 48

    Keenly interested in watching these ranktracker training videos, but have a VERY high-latency connection that makes watching streaming videos very problematic.

    Are these videos available for downloading and viewing OFFLINE?



  49. A leading SEO resource focused on helping successful webmasters make money and increase their profits through driving targeted traffic to their sites by improving their rankings in Google and other major search engines

  50. As newbie, i believe it will have a lot to do with me, could you tell me what you would have done if you are at my possition?

  51. Thank you very much Dr. Anthony for the training. You explained everything in such a manner only a professional teacher can. I have not put the Ranktracker to full use since I purchased the market samurai but this training is very informative and will start to use it ASAP.


  52. Frankly, I wish you guys would quit selling this thing. I don’t want my competition to get hold of it!

  53. The 3rd video was the key. I’ve been tracking my primary domain, but will now track the cluster! Thanks Market Samurai. best SEO investment I ever made!

  54. One of the best keyword tools and training ever. In a word awesome!

  55. You guys are great and I am glad that you have released all these new videos! They are very helpful, when it comes to using Market Samurai the right way.

    In the past there were to many cooks in the kitchen with their option on how to use this great software. Until now!

    And the last video about tracking your cluster, open up a new way of looking at my link building.


  56. I gonna have to try this also! Great!

  57. I find that Market Samurai Ranktracker tend to rank my sites in a higher position than when doing a straightforward search in Google
    What is the reason for this apparent disparity?

    Wal Heinrich replied:

    Google have been changing their algorithms so that they know who you are and when you do a search they bias the results towards you. Try running your Google search from and see if the results are more similar to Market Samurai’s.

  58. This feature is indeed so useful for me tracking all my effort in linkbuilding and it’s so inspiring especially seeing those green numbers getting lower.. And yeah thanks for the very valuable tutorials..

  59. Dr Anthony is amazing. He presents such comlex things in such a simple way, making it so much easier to understand. I learned a lot of new things today. Market Samurai is fantastic, isn’t it?

  60. You guys rock!
    How do you keep improving MS so quickly?
    What a great internet marketing tool.

  61. Has anyone done tracking and, therefore, link building to ancillary URL’s such the RSS feeds of your satellite properties? For example, it is one thing to track and send traffic to your article page and/or profile page. It is another to send traffic and track the SERP results for the profile page RSS feed.

    Any feedback on if this is worth one’s time (or worth outsourcing dollars) would be appreciated.

    If so, what are some of the tools within Market Samurai which could be used to drive traffic to the RSS feed? I ask this because, occasionally, I will see a submitted RSS feed rank # 7 or # 8 in Google for a keyword term with decent daily demand; but I have never seen a feed result appear for an in-demand term in Yahoo or MSN/Bing.



  62. 62
    On May 30th, 2010 at 8:14 am
    wai kei said:


    That does not seem to be the case.

    If Google shows a bias towards me, then the result in MarketSamurai should be lower, not higher in the rankings.

    In fact, I just did a search with My site (typed in the same way as with MS – with spaces in between words)showed position No. 13. If without spaces, the site had Position No. 3

    Running a rank update immediately after in Market samurai showed position 9 (the same position as before update).

  63. First, thanks for the videos guys, I had missed the URl capabliity. The basic tool is great, can’t tell you how much time I use to spend trying to track my rank and backlinks, and that’s when I only had a few sites.

  64. 64

    It would be nice if rank tracker had a scheduler so I dont have to go to each project to get updated rank data.

  65. I had not been using this aspect of Market Samurai — little did I know what I was missing! Thanks for making this such an exceptional piece of software that helps us achieve online dominance in so many ways. I couldn’t survive without Market Samurai!