Outsourcing Video 1: How To Build a Team of ‘A’ Players

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TeamworkFollowing on from the great feedback we received from our recent Conversion series, today we want to kick off a new series targeted at another area in which a lot of online business owners have MAJOR problems, which is ‘Outsourcing’.

You’ve probably already realized that with keyword research, content creation, article distribution, social media and all of the other aspects of building an online business, it’s virtually impossible to do all the work yourself.

Now, more than ever, online marketing is a “Team Sport”.

The reality is, if you have a great team, you can get more done with less work, and achieve far greater results. In fact, I don’t know anyone who is really kicking goals online who doesn’t have a strong team behind them.

The Secret Of Noble Samurai’s Success

Here at Noble Samurai we have built a pretty amazing team and this has been one of the real secrets of our success – We know the power that comes from having a passionate and capable team.

So how can you start building your own team?

One popular option is Outsourcing, which involves hiring individuals to complete specific tasks, or bringing ‘virtual team members’ onboard to become part of your online business.

The Double Edged Sword

However, Outsourcing is a Double Edged Sword.

If you do it right, it can be the best thing that happens to your business, BUT if you get it wrong, it can also be a disaster – wasting loads of valuable time and money.

To help you discover the ‘right way’ to approach Outsourcing, we’ve asked two of our good friends Dave Jenyns and Pete WIlliams to share some of their most valuable Outsourcing strategies with you.

These guys are the real deal. They live and breathe this stuff, and the information they are going to share with you in this series is Pure Gold.

In This Video

In the first video of this Outsourcing series, Dave Jenyns shows you how to build a team of ‘A Players’ using the “George Foreman Method”. This is the exact method he uses to attract, filter, pick and train team members for his online business.

You’ll discover how you can model this same process to build a high impact team at a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

In this video you’ll discover:

  • Why being the bottleneck in your business will cripple your results, and lead to failure;
  • The simple 7-step “George Foreman” process that makes top candidates “float to the top of the pile”;
  • How to make your business stand out from the rest, and attract top “A-players”;
  • The websites to use to consistently find the best staff;
  • One simple question you can ask an “A-player” that no B or C-Players want to answer;
  • A real-life case study example of how Dave found a recent team member;
  • Why Richard Branson avoids the cliche “customers are #1″ and what his alternative is;
  • And much, much more.

And remember to leave your comments and feedback below. We’d love to hear what you think of this video!

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158 Responses to “Outsourcing Video 1: How To Build a Team of ‘A’ Players”

  1. This is a great video. It’s simple but effective. You are taking real world recruitment methods and applying them to outsourcing. I for one had not connected the two before, but will be applying it when I start outsourcing in earnest. Thanks.

    Jay Couture replied:

    I agree, it is a super video. I appreciate the breaking it all down into steps, makes it a whole lot simpler and seemingly effective.

  2. Hi,

    I have sourced writers, graphics engineers and I was disappointed with the quality of work. I now understand where I stuffed up.

    Thanks you, video was an eye opener.

  3. Thanks for the feedback so far guys.

    ‘How you start’ really is ‘how you finish’ when it comes to outsourcing.

    I think (unfortunately) a lot of online marketers, haven’t made the mental jump to being ‘business owners’ – because once you make that shift a lot of things will fall in place … and not just recruitment and outsourcing.

    Enjoy the series.


  4. Hi
    I recently used a process for recruiting via Odesk to build an iOS app.
    I think I had a 6 step process and the major learning is that I MUST set a TEST and reference check.
    Needed step 4 big time.
    Do not rely on what system like Odesk says for contractor ratings.
    Test for skills by a real world practical mini project and test for attitude / service ethics talking to real world former clients via Skype.
    Thanks for the video – great tips.

  5. 5

    Great video, thanks for the info.

  6. I just started outsourcing with odesk and now thanks to you I think I can use what I learned to do a better job in hiring my team. Thank you much.
    A cowboy from Utah

    Greg Savage replied:

    I’ve never tried ODESK will have to give that a little look

    I’ve been doing everything myself and it’s just… taking a lot out of me these days

  7. fantastic video – thanks guys! fir me the challenge is outsourcing once off tasks that dont require 3 month trial periods

    Pete Williams replied:

    Completely agree Stephen – Outsourcing for a single one-of task is a different kettle of fish.

    To give you 3 quick tips:

    1. Always ask them an unusual question; something that if they don’t answer you can identify and quickly/easily wipe them off the list (another filter)

    2. I always ask them to contribute at least one idea to make the brief/job better – that way ‘A’ players can step up and stand out, by offering suggestions to make the project better.

    3. If it’s a decent enough project; I will also still award the job to 3 people; pay them to do 1/4 of so of the task; and then award the full project to the best applicant. (For example, write 1 article instead of 10… sketch a logo instead of full design etc etc)

    Hope it helps.


  8. 8
    On November 15th, 2011 at 2:34 am
    KC Pfluger said:

    Great refresher and reminder of what it takes to hire great staff, both office and virtual. These seven steps put everything into an efficient and effective way to hire and keep the people you need to succeed. I have used 5 of the 7 steps in my brick and mortar business, but the last 2 steps make the process cleaner and quicker (job web sites and questionaire). Thanks for the great content.

  9. Hey guys,

    I appreciate all the great feedback and I think the key point you all hit on is: we’re treating online business like a “real business”.

    Strangely most people seem to miss that point and somehow feel an internet business is different. If you’ve had real world business experience, bringing it to the online business will give you a competitive advantage since most people treat it like a hobby.

    Thanks again, and I’m keen to hear what others think.

    Dave Jenyns

  10. Great video guys – a very nice topic to be learning about. I’m a Market Samurai customer (own multiple copies for my team) and I’m always impressed with how much content you guys publish, without pushing your software. Super awesome way to build value for us customers.

  11. Great video! My hand cramped up trying to write down all the tips and techniques you suggest. Can’t wait for part two.

    One topic I would love to hear more about from anyone with experience in outsourcing is how to monitor the work of your virtual employees. How do you track their time to make sure they are properly focused and moving toward completing their tasks? Obviously, its a lot easier when you have them onsite. Someone suggested odesk, but I have not checked it out yet. I don’t want anything draconian. I think your suggestion of end of day emails is a step in the right direction.

    Pete Williams replied:

    Thanks Bill.

    Yeah, there are a whole bunch of different tips, tricks and tools to manage a team – but the easiest way we have found (at least as a starting point) is via a DAILY EMAIL.

    I actually went a little deep on this a while ago in a video on my blog:

    Hope it helps,


    David Jenyns replied:

    I think we might have opened a can of worms here… answering the first few questions about outsourcing leads to more questions.

    Stay tuned Bill… we’ll be sharing what we do shortly when it comes to managing team members.


  12. Guys,

    Your 7 steps process is very good and I salute you for putting this video for our benefit. I am looking to outsource some of the work we do, although I have recruited over 500 people in my previous jobs I am finding it hard to recruit people who can work in my business. The reason is because I am looking for A special team. I am looking for a Picasso of Internet Marketing, not just a marketer. I am looking for someone who wants to learn and develop and who has a real creative brain. I will try your process and will send you my feedback.

    Pete Williams replied:

    Looking forward to your updates – best of luck.

    The best advice I can give you here is based on a Q+A quote I love:

    Q: What happens if I spend all this time, cost and effort training my team; and they leave to do it themselves.

    A. Well, what happens if you don’t train them and they stay!

  13. Great Video. Well presented with some absolute gold info!!
    Thanks again for posting this, I am sure if I stick to the guidelines and implement correctly it will have a great benefit on my business.

  14. Great post! Outsourcing is great way to leverage the world we live in. It’s so easy now to find a remote worker to become an extension of you or an extension of your team.

    The challenge then becomes, how do I trust that my remote worker is doing what they say they are doing…

    If you hire from Odesk, they have a tracker for this. Which works great. However for the rest of the world that does not use Odesk, you can try HiveDesk. ( http://www.hivedesk.com )

    Either way, always have tracking in place in the beginning. It bridges the trust gap between you and your remote worker a lot faster than simply measuring performance over time.

    ~ Michael

    Pete Williams replied:

    Nice tool Michael.

    I hadn’t come across it before.

    I might have to throw it in the mix and give it a shot.

    Michael@Manage Remote Workers replied:

    Hi Pete!

    Thanks for the feedback. Come kick the tires and let us know what you think.

    (FYI – We are about a day or two away from rolling out integrated task management too.)


    David Jenyns replied:

    Hey Michael,

    For me some tracking tools can be dangerous to the virtual team member’s relationship… it says right up front “I don’t trust you and I want to look over your shoulder”… you need to find a good balance.

    It comes down to hiring the right people and then doing things like end of day emails and some of the techniques we use.

    You’re on the right track though and I’ll be sure to look http://www.hivedesk.com

    Thanks for your support and comments.


  15. 15

    I am an A Player. Watching this has reenforced that, and given me valuble insight as I seek a good employment fit. I will share this, and look forward to your next generous offering.

  16. Thanks Dave for the tip’s on how to outsource properly, this is something that know that very shortly I will have to do, and I must admit that I am a little nervous about.

    Your tip’s have eased my nerves a little and will help me to go through this process more confidently as I cannot afford to make mistakes.

    Pete Williams replied:

    Jump right in Wolfgang.. the waters warmer then you think.

    David Jenyns replied:

    Do it :P

    Wolfgang replied:

    Thanks Pete, It has made me a little more confident about it as I have heard some horror stories.

  17. What a great post, thanks. I am in the process of looking for some great team members and the strategies put forth here will be instrumental in how I put this together. The timing was great and the best strategy I have seen yet! Looking forward to the next video!

    Pete Williams replied:


    You ain’t seen nothing yet… wait til my video hits the blog.

    (Just don’t tell Dave I said that; the ‘George Foreman’ method is killer)


  18. Thanks for a great video looking forward to next video

    Best wishes


    David Jenyns replied:

    I’m sure you’re going to love Pete’s. I wanted to share mine first since I think it’ll be a hard act to follow ;)


  19. Brilliant. For me it’s more comfortable to hear not, “How video was at all”. I think the better question is “Does it was Very Amazing or Super Awesome Amazing?”.

    David thanks for explaining the whole process and showing the real example. Right now I’m at the position of choosing that “A” person and I’ll take and apply all of your suggestions (better to say Solutions) about choosing the right person.

    And that video at Ed-ucation was amazing, I re-watched your for about 20 times, very cool.

    ps: I took several camera shoots of your G.docs account from that video =) Just kidding.

    Wish you the Best. Keep tune with the best team I ever see,

  20. That was a very organized video, I really think that with all the stuff we internet marketers need to do. Being a one man show is no longer an option. Specially when all our competitors are already scaling their operations.
    I absolutely agree that the Philippines is one of the best places to find good virtual employees.

    David Jenyns replied:

    Cheers appreciate your kind words.

    Randy Bonachita replied:

    I am an online worker based here in the Philippines. We on our place really take care of our clients. We provide progress reports, reply on each and every email and we make sure we are online on skype for instant messages.

    Have us do some of your SEO campaigns, try us and spread the word about us later.

    Randy Bonachita

  21. A great clear concise video. After buying Market Samurai some time ago, it remains in mothballs as I took on starting an ‘offline’ business from scratch! However, still get the newsletters and this video has helped me prepare for more recruiting. From my two years experience now of recruiting staff, the step of using a questionnaire, I believe, will make a difference to weeding out the time wasters and saving my precious time before we get to the interview process.
    Thank you for freely giving this instructive video.

    Pete Williams replied:

    Thanks Sunday.

    As Ben alluded to in the intro, I actually run a few different companies online and offline…. The largest of the offline being http://www.InfinitiTelecommunications.com.au which selling Phone Systems to SME’s across Australia – so very offline.

    We actually employ a handful off offshore outsourcers in that business too – they help out with everything from marketing support, database management, product management to accounting and book-keeping.

    So there are plenty of ways to use outsourcers to help from a ‘real world’ offline business too.

    Hope that sparks a few idees for you.


  22. Hi Ben

    Thanks for the tips on outsourcing. We have indeed found this a challenge and nothing like as easy as some would have you believe.

    The 7 Steps are sound and logical and we will be implementing them for our next vstaff vacancy. In truth I do implement (with a lower case ‘i’) some of them already but no in such a systematic process.

    So, thanks again and I look forward to the next video.

    Stephen Harris
    iNet Marketing Services

    Pete Williams replied:

    You’re right on thanking Ben (and Anthony) – it’s these two that made this series happen;

    Dave and I are just along for the ride and hoping you all get some value from our experience.

  23. Thanks for that excellent training video. It’s definitely a great help to me as I’ve just started to look at outsourcing.

    I eventually realised that it’s impossible to do everything myself and without using other peoples skills to free up my time, my business wont be able to succeed, never mind expand.

    Can’t wait for the next installment.

    Thanks again, guys!

    David Jenyns replied:

    Nice one! Glad you liked it… the video you are watching is actually about the 4th or 5th time I’ve presented it so a lot of hard work has gone into it. I’m just happy to see, from the responses, it was worth the hard work!


  24. Thanks for a great reminder video. I don’t know why I thought it would be any different in the “internet marketing” world than when I was in the corporate world.

    Running a click-and-mortar business shouldn’t be much different from running a brick-and-mortar company, especially if you expect to grow.

    Thanks again for the reminder.

    Pete Williams replied:

    Tom; it’s a common mistake – that WE ALL go/went through.

  25. Thank you. Well done

  26. 26

    Thank you for this information. I didn’t really know how to get the help, or from where, but now you have given me just what I needed.

    David Jenyns replied:

    Trust me… follow this method and you’ll save yourself hours of time and loads of money. This system took us quite a long time to get it where it is today.

    Hope you get some value out of it :)


  27. Excellent video, thank you! Great timing as I’m just about ready to begin outsourcing!

  28. Some really good content. Outsourcing is, I am convinced, the key to not only generate scale in your business but – and this is the bit many folks don’t realise – but to also create a business that is saleable. No buyer of any business will look twice at a company where the founder IS the business. By concentrating on outsourcing it forces you to develop clear, repeatable processes that can be done by others. That not only increases productivity in the business, it allows the founder to act as an owner rather than an employee (big difference!).

    Pete Williams replied:

    Ryan – you are spot on!

    That’s the exact problem with so many online businesses. The owner is the business; and it makes for a very very tough exit.

    If you want to read a great book that relates to this point; check out ‘Built To Sell’ but John Warrillow – http://www.builttosell.com/

    David Jenyns replied:

    Hey Ryan,

    There’s a great book along these lines worth reading called “Built to sell”… definately check it out. You’re on the right track.


  29. Loved the video. I have tried outsourcing in the past and fell in all the holes. Spend too much, didn’t get results, ended up further behind than when I started.

    I see what I was missing. I just expected people to be a passionate about what I was doing as I was. I had no filter process and paid the price for it.

    Thanks for the great tips. I am going to try again. I am sure that it will turn out better this time.

    Pete Williams replied:

    Make sure you keep us in the loop. I’m subscribing to all the threads here, so I will get an email when you post an update.

    Best of luck.

  30. As you pointed out at the start, so many people choose virtual assistants in the same way that they purchase anything online. What you are doing here is simply putting a standard real world hiring practice into an online version. It makes immeasurable sense. Nice work

  31. When a video references Michael Gerber’s E-Myth, you are on the right foot from the get-go….thanks for the vid guys!

  32. The timing of your video was outstanding. I’ve been experimenting with outsourcing for some time and have outgrown the o-desk type workers into hiring full time workers in PH.

    My first hire did not work out well at all as he just did not have strong enough English skills (writing and comprehension).

    So I ran another ad, got some good candidates and now you’ve helped me improve my process so that my next hire is an A player.


    Pete Williams replied:

    Brilliant Scott.

    Way to keep “in” the game.

  33. Hey Dave – great information. I’m still at the stage of outsourcing for specific individual projects but I’m looking forward to taking on my 1st full time employee – sometime in 2012? It totally makes sense to thoroughly pre-screen the candidates so that you end up hiring a great employee who will be a long term member of your company long into the future. In this way, you’ll also avoid churn in your staff where you are constantly having to re-train new individuals.

    Cheers, Neil

    Pete Williams replied:

    Hey Neil,

    I mentioned this above, but thought i would copy it here again in case you missed it; but here are my top 3 tips for ‘hiring for one off tasks”

    1. Always ask them an unusual question; something that if they don’t answer you can identify and quickly/easily wipe them off the list (another filter)

    2. I always ask them to contribute at least one idea to make the brief/job better – that way ‘A’ players can step up and stand out, by offering suggestions to make the project better.

    3. If it’s a decent enough project; I will also still award the job to 3 people; pay them to do 1/4 of so of the task; and then award the full project to the best applicant. (For example, write 1 article instead of 10… sketch a logo instead of full design etc etc)

  34. This is one of the best online marketing videos I’ve seen in a long time! I realized finding good help wasn’t easy, but the meticulous process you’ve layed out almost makes it impossible not to find good people. Thanks for posting and I look forward to the next video…

    Pete Williams replied:

    Thanks Tony.

    I would like to reserve the right to copy and paste your comment to my video once it’s released – think it raises the bar that little bit higher.


    p.s. Just thought I’d use your comment to rib at Davey J a little (hope you don’t mind)

    David Jenyns replied:

    Hehehe… Pete’s video coming soon is pretty good I guess ;)

    But seriously I appreciate the kind words.


  35. Thanks guys, so much for this. I was was about to give up on the online side of things. But I think I might give it one more shot and see if I can outsource the tasks and hopefully come back into the black.

  36. G’day Dave,

    Can’t believe I just emailed you to ask about assistance with hiring, and bang, I check the email from Noble Samurai which I’ve just purchase! And my question is answered. How do you do it all! :)

    Dave, is currently coaching me. I can highly recommend him as not only an seo coach but as a business coach.

    David Jenyns replied:

    Hehehe thanks Adam,

    Ask and you shall receive :)

    Catch you on the coaching call tonight.


  37. 37
    On November 15th, 2011 at 9:44 am
    Mads Pedersen said:

    Very decent stuff guys. Love your aussie enthusiasm!! :-)

    The approach advertised does seem fairly straightfoward imo and apart from the (admittingly important) order of the filtering process it could be bottled down to two things:

    1. Adapt a high quality approach every step of the way
    2. Spot the players and invest to make them thrive and flourish when on board

    Being a freelance graphics artist and seo geek i could do with some outsourcing help to build my o
    upcoming blog business. Will keep this in mind.

    Look forward to episode 2 – tnx!

    David Jenyns replied:

    Pete and I are big fans of keeping it simple…

    We start with a whole bunch of things and then strip it back to the essentials.

    Appreciate the kind words.


  38. Great content – I’m just about to recruit so this is perfect timing. Just one question, do you pay the applicants any money for completing the simple task? I could imagine a few people being put off doing work for free – or is this the point of this task?

    Pete Williams replied:

    Great questions Iain,

    I have two rules of thumb here:

    1. If I am hiring for a one-off task on oDesk or eLance etc, than I will pay people for a trial/test project… As the time they invest to try and win my business, could have been spend else where “if” they didn’t choose to do the test.

    2. If I am hiring for a full-time position; like Dave mentions in this video; then I don’t pay.. If they want a full time long term roll with our teams, we only want ‘A’ players with an ‘A’ player mentality. So those type of ppl “get the process”… hire for attitude and train for skill.

    Hope that helps a bit.


  39. Thank you for this video. It was great, clear, to the point, and I love bullet points.
    I am curious as to what the simple task you required for the assistant that you hired. Just as an example? Also when is the second video? Thank you so much. I will be implementing this steps in the next couple of weeks.

    Pete Williams replied:

    hi Karen,

    Great question:.

    The task has to be relevant to the role you are hiring someone for; so if it’s an SEO role, get them to do some basic keyword research.. if it’s a writer; get them to write a 400 word article etc etc.

    As DJ mentioned in the video, you should be clear on what a ‘week in the life’ of your new team-member should be BEFORE you hire them … so just pick a small 30-60min task that you can rate… and go with that.

    Hope it helps,


  40. 40
    On November 15th, 2011 at 10:53 am
    G. McGirt@nubianciti said:

    Great content great format. This video gave me better insight for getting things done for working my business . Most of the time we try to handle a lot of task ourselves, because we don’t think anyone can do it the way we want It done. This vedio shows that we can find and trust someone to do the job and do it well. Than you for your insight.

    Pete Williams replied:

    … wait til you see the system and workflow in the next video.

    It’s takes your ‘A’ players and creates a workflow that should fix your exact issue.

  41. Very timely.
    I am starting to look for a Virtual Assistant and this helps a lot.
    I am a Market Samurai and Article Samurai user and I find your help to be both timely and cutting edge.

  42. Awesome info, as usual for Noble Samurai. Very timely, as I’ve realized I can’t do it all efficiently and still jump into new markets quickly.

    Would love to see a transcript of the video(s), and a list of questions for the survey. Every little bit helps.

    Thanks so much!

    David Jenyns replied:

    Hey Pat,

    Great idea… I’ll chat with the team about getting together the transcripts and maybe even an MP3. I’ll let you know how I go.


    Stan Dubin replied:

    We love MP3s!

  43. Hi Dave

    Thank-you for sharing this video. Your presentation was great in many ways. Firstly the audiio quality and your delivery is crystal clear. I was a bit shocked to hear a fellow aussie accent as I am so accustomed now listening to training videos from the USA or UK. I like the simplicity of the video in that there was not too much text on the screen but just enough at the right time of the presentation. I also like the way you gave us the visual intro of yourselves – seeing a real person on a screen makes all the difference. I also like the way the presentation was seemless – in that the whole presentation was on the web page without having to click on a video button.

    I have just hired my first contractor through odesk in the past couple of weeks. As a novice I didn’t have a step by step system for doing it – I just prettty much went with what I felt was right. Interestingly many of the steps you mention I had actually done so it’s great to know that I must have been on the right track. Having said that I now know some additional things I had not thought of for next time. My hire has been a great success. The guy I am working with is really great – thanks for the tip on requesting a team member to write a progress email daily. I will implement that idea straight away. Fantastic idea. Cheers, Trudy

    Pete Williams replied:


    Thanks so much for the feedback.

    When it comes to the creation of the video content itself; strap yourself in for the next video in the series – you’ll see how we make it all happen seamlessly and on auto-pilot; without having to DO any of the mechanics.

    Best of luck with the new team member.


  44. I really like the 7 step process, I didn’t realize how the filtering process really sets you up for success without taking up a lot of time.

  45. Hey guys, thanks for this… Unfortunately videos take soooo long to watch. Is there a way you could outsource a transcribing service and publish that PDF?

    Just like you, I am a busy individual and reading something is infinitely faster. Thanks a million

    Pete Williams replied:


    Have you checked out the new ’2xSpeed’ option available in YouTube ?

    It might help a bit: http://www.youtube.com/html5


    David Jenyns replied:

    I’ll also chat with the guys about posting the transcripts and mp3 version too.

    Sit tight… I’ll see what I can do.


    Ps. It’s worth watching though, I guarantee the 40 minutes you spend watching it (even at single speed) will save you hours upon hours in the long run).

  46. Thanks so much for a great video! This is fantastic value!
    I might have been a lot further with my project if had this information a little earlier.
    I gave up on outsourcing a while ago and then tried to do everything myself.
    With these tips I will definitely be able to leverage myself better.

  47. Thanks guys for the great content. I have Market Samurai and have been thinking of getting Article Samurai for a bit now. It’s always great learning through video and you guys have that really professional approach. Regards…Grant

  48. Excellent training. Very pertinent to my situation.
    Thank you very much


  49. Thanks so much for a great video! I have Market Samurai and have been thinking of getting Article Samurai as well for a bit now. This is fantastic value!
    I might have been a lot further with my project if had this information a little earlier.

  50. Great video. Really practical to learn this process. I outsource a lot and always had trouble dealing with the amount of applicants. So I love the way you guys filter them.

    The video was a bit long though. Short n sweet is always great as we are busy people. Maybe concider a podcast formats as that lets us listen at 2x if desired.

    Keep ‘em coming!

    Pete Williams replied:

    Thanks for the feedback Melanie,

    Check out YouTube’s new 2xSpeed playback feature… might be exactly what you’re looking for:

    Opt in here: http://www.youtube.com/html5

    and then take a look at the new playback bar on the youtube videos.

  51. Hi

    I’m still new to Market Samurai as a user, and love learning new things along the way, to make my life similar. And now we can implement “The Seven Step Method of Outsourcing”, which really blows my mind. Use guys did it again, thanks.

  52. Thank you. Love the pre screen questionnaire.

  53. I bought Market Samurai just before the 30 Day Challenge of 2010. And ever since, I’ve been impressed with how hard the Market Samurai guys work to improve the product AND feed us info on how to succeed in the online marketing world.

    And this is yet another example! Thanks guys for exchanging in abundance.

    I author a blog of “Hiring Tips” that helps in the screening process. Many of them are now in podcast form as well. They’ll get your juices going on types of questions you can ask and a few landmines to avoid.

    Pete Williams replied:

    Awesome Stan…

    Just check out your site briefly; looks like there is some awesome content there.

    Will definitely throw it in my ‘instapaper’ to take a more in-depth look at.


  54. 54
    On November 15th, 2011 at 8:13 pm
    toni ornelas said:

    GOOD ADVICE – Master Recruiter for top companies and key tech sectors

  55. Really really fantastic video. Well done once again. Well, outsourcing is good. But costly too. Fiverr has proved to be really a great place to get good works done @ reasonable rate :)

  56. Awesome stuff.
    My head is spinning.

    I have had a couple of disasters with outsourcing. Much to say from in experience.
    God I even bought a Warriors Special Offer on Outsourcing…..my bad never actually read it.

    I feel I got more out of this one video. Thanks guys…Gonna take some Panadol before the second video…lol

    David Jenyns replied:

    Hehehe glad to hear it’s a good headache ;)

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    David Jenyns replied:

    Thanks for watching Dave… I really really appreciate your support. If there’s anything I can do to help just let me know.


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    Jose Ramon G.

    Pete Williams replied:

    Hi Jose,

    As you’ll see in my video we are all about processes.

    It’s systems and process, that allow you to scale, grow and rely on your team to deliver for you.

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    Anyone have any experience with task army? In addition is it ever realistic to use your method to outsource good team members on a new website not making much money but offer like a percentage of the success we do manage to build together? Will that work? I imagine I would have to share some reports of earnings to make sure its fair.

    What if I wanted to hire some content writers, do i pay them per article? Per hour? How much is reasonable, I don’t even know? Thanks

    Pete Williams replied:

    Hi Michael,

    Great questions.

    Let me be a succinct as possible with my answers/advice:

    I’ve seen Task Arm, but never used it personally. So can’t really offer anything of value there.

    If you are wanting equity partners, I wouldn’t be looking in the traditional outsourcing places; those places are for ppl looking for traditional work – If you ware wanting to find ppl to work “with you” and share in the success; I would be looking in forums (internet forums, and forums around you niche) as you’re more likely to find entrepreneurial ppl who would be open to that type of deal.

    When it comes to content writers; it all comes down to volume. If it’s only one or two articles every now and again; I would be looking at out-tasking on sites like elance or odesk and paying per article …. but if it’s a full time role you are needing, then go dor a full time person paid by the hour.

    Hope that points you in the right direction.


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    Thanks Pete, your information has been been great for me.

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    Why did I push through with my application? For one I was given a clear idea about the company I would be working for. Second, the job description was detailed. I was confident I could do every item in that list. Third, the hands-on test improved my confidence that I fit their needs as I was given the chance to work on an actual task and gauge my skills.

    Of course, it was a plus that the rate was much better than what other Filipino virtual workers are getting. We ‘A’ players know we’re worth more than the rest. :)

    I agree with using Jobstreet especially if you want to hire college graduates.

    David Jenyns replied:

    Hehehe… cheers MJ. We’re soo lucky to have you on our team. Really looking forward to catching up with you and the rest of the team in January!

    Chat soon.

    David Jenyns replied:

    Ps. MJ did you notice your photo is on the still shot in the YouTube video?

    MJ Ces replied:

    I did. All smiles too. :)

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    David Jenyns replied:

    Nice… and I agree it’s not soo much about the tool as it is about the concept. Google forms are great, another one of my assistant loves those.

    Love the suggestion about getting them to make a jing video for you!


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    Thanks Matt.

    Appreciate the feedback.

    The comments on the other video have now been enabled; so feel free to ask any questions or leave some feedback on that video over the the post.

    Glad you enjoyed the vids!


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    David Jenyns replied:

    It’s funny how things just turn up as you need them.

    As for your question… I say just get started! So if you only need a part timer, start with a part timer… again the key is to just get started.

    Hope that helps.

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