Part two of ‘Is your traffic obsession sending you broke?’

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In my last post, I hope I convinced you just how important conversion is and how focusing on traffic alone can be a recipe for pain and failure. Boosting your conversion is the closest thing to a “magic silver bullet” you’ll find when it comes to making money online.

And personally, we wouldn’t be here, had we not run split tests on

Last post I also released my personal conversion checklist in case you missed it.

Today we’ll cover:

a) A Market Dominance Case Study – how, by focusing on conversion, a technically clueless website owner become Australia’s second largest online retailer in the tennis niche.

b) The Main Reason Why Most Folks Still Don’t Test! – We’ll dig a little into the concept of ‘silent rejection’. I argue that this is the number one reason why website owners (even those with a deep understanding of testing & conversion), don’t take the simple steps they know they should to drive up their sales.

Ignoring Conversion

I’ve never heard anyone speak on this before, but once you realize just how much ‘silent rejection’ you’re getting (every hour of every day), I expect you’ll get super motivated about boosting your own conversion rates.

c) How Testing Works – We take a look at the basic mechanics of online testing (e.g. how it actually works). The good news is, understanding online testing is really quite simple (the explanation takes less than 2 minutes).

d) Intro to Google’s Website Optimiser (aka GWO) – this is the free tool we use and recommend. I attempt a high level overview of how GWO weaves its magic. I should note, for specific details about GWO, I recommend the Google Website Optimizer Tutorials and Videos Page.

e) Where To Test – And finally, before you charge off & start testing your site, we’ll discuss where in the online sales process you should focus your testing efforts for optimum results

So I hope you enjoy:

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It’s been my experience that working on conversion isn’t really about stats and numbers, it’s about bottom line profit and lifestyle. Boosting conversion lets you live in a better house, and for me, it lets me send my kids to the school I want to (and not stress about fees).

So stick around for the remaining two posts later this week. In our next video we’ll look at seven different sales techniques you can apply today to start driving up sales. I reckon even the veteran testers out there will find they’re not using all of these consistently.

Until then, may you leave your competition bewildered by your rapid growth in sales. :-)


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P.P.S. Google Website Optimizer is awesome and it’s free. However, it’s certainly not the only split testing tool out there. I’d love to hear from active testers who’ve used other packages and would recommend them (no affiliate links please). At present, I’m on the hunt for an easy way to test different themes for an entire site and haven’t found the right tool yet, so any suggestions would be great.

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  1. This video is private? ;-(

    Alex Green replied:

    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry about that – when I changed the settings it didn’t seem to take – can you take another look now?



    Paul Campbell replied:

    Hi Alex – afraid I can only see private video message too. Hope you can fix. Many thanks.

    Andrew replied:

    That worked – thanks!
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  2. Just check it here… Private video :-(

  3. Yep, private for me as well. Please change, your content is valuable to all of us.

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    On June 24th, 2011 at 6:32 pm
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    Showing as a “private” video for me.

    What do we have to do to see this? Is there a password?

    Ben Stickland replied:

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    Sorry Chris, just saw this – should be public now.

  6. The video works fine here.

    @Ben I really feel the passion in your voice to benefit and encourage others to follow your success recipe!

  7. I’ll have to see how complicated this is. Does it work with wordpress. If so, will we be putting the scripts on the page using the html tab or in a certain place using editor? Since the title is the header, I’m not sure about this… unless you are referring to the banner???
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  8. Hello Ben Your advice is excellent… The principle of multi variant testing is obivously worth it… The thought of all the work though, is scarey for a non outsourcing one man band!
    Sean Breslin@website hostingʼs last blog post… Buy a Domain

  9. No problem with the video here. Good stuff. Eager to go to work.
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  10. 10

    Ben, this series offers some really good info and I truly appreciate your enthusiasm.

    Hope you keep writing for this blog in the future.

    All the best to you and Noble Samurai…

  11. Thanks Ben, Great Info!
    This video made me stop and think, then go off and watch a couple of hours worth of website optimizer vids, which made me think more about the process of creating a success out of our website business.

    I know it will take a bit of practice, to get it right, and I am appreciative of the info you have outlined here to get me on the right track

    Best to You

  12. Great video and presentation Ben.

    You put on an excellent show at Ed Dale’s seminar early in the year and this follow up has done it for me.

    Look forward to the next episodes.

    Thank you and the team

  13. I like the domain samurai.. it aids a lot

  14. Firstly, I didn’t buy MS in order to have it teach me sales techniques. That’s not your business. It makes me think that you’re trying to shift blame from the ineptitude of your software to another area. It’s very much like the network marketing crowd that sell ‘wealth.’

    When people begin to sell wealth, you know that their product doesn’t rank besides others.

    Please stick to fixing up your product. If I get the traffic I’m fine. So are others.

    Ben Stickland replied:

    Hi Tess

    Sorry the post wasn’t your ‘cup of tea’. The content you’re seeing I presented recently at a seminar and it was well received, so I thought I’d share it here.

    I’m planning on posting on a broad range of Online Marketing topics and I think conversion is an important part of that mix.

    Hope there’s something amongst it that’s helpful to you.



  15. Ben,

    Thanks so much for doing this workshop. You really turned on the light! Everything is about traffic which keeps me up at night, but really I should be looking at conversions. I think I might be experiencing the “silent rejection”.

    Thanks again, see you on the next video

  16. Thanks for the timely information. I spent the past year increasing traffic and now I have begun the process of conversion analysis.

    I found the Google website optimizer a helful tool.

  17. Hey Ben,

    Thanks for the awesome video! Optimizing your conversion funnel is something that doesn’t get enough attention online, but as you’ve pointed out, it’s really what gets you paid at the end of the day. I know so many people who get a lot of traffic to their sites, but they’re still walking around broke because 90% of their traffic leaves without doing anything.

    Looking forward to video #3, my friend!

    Thanks again Ben,

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  18. Most people have echoed my thoughts. Sometimes you do just need someone to say “U NEED TO LOOK AT THIS”. We all know it but get bogged down with other SEO and traffic driving strategies and do not concentrate on this.

    On another note, Google Optimizer I have struggled with – I would really like to amend posts within WordPress – so my home page has the last 10 posts, and it is NO1 for some good phrases, but I want to amend which post is at the top, amend slight things in the posts etc but I can’t get that to work – ANY ideas or should I amend to a static HTML home page
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