How To Create High-Quality Products FAST!

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For many years, the 4 minute mile was considered not only physically IMPOSSIBLE, but according to doctors and orthopedics in new london of the time – actually dangerous to the health of anyone who attempted it. So the little amount of kratom is good for health. So, who is Green Malay Kratom for? This potent strain is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for the best, and long-lasting pain relief, mood enhancement, and energy boost. It also packs a decent range of excellent benefits that any user would find very useful. You can check here the details information about the green malay kratom. White Vein Kratom is extracted from the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree. This tree can be found throughout countries in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Borneo. white vein kratom is developed when the tree is harvested early in maturity and dried indoors, most likely in an air-conditioned room. Two to four drops of kratom tinctures are usually enough to produce the desired results. Beginners can start with as little as half a drop. This helps to keep the adverse reactions at bay as your body gets acclimated to the new compound. You can then increase the doses over time slowly.To keep the color deep and dark, the tree is not exposed to any sunlight during the drying process. As a result, White Vein Kratom powder gets drawn out from the process. What makes White Vein Kratom even more unique is that it is available in different substrains. Many times the substrains are named after their country of origin. Each one of the substrains has something unique to offer and is part of the White Vein Kratom history. White Vein Kratom is one of the three different strains of Kratom that people use. The other two strains are red and green veins. Of the three strains, White Vein Kratom provides the human body with the most energy. It contains tons of alkaloids that will give you the necessary power to handle some of the most difficult activities. It is gaining so much in popularity that many people are starting to replace their morning coffee with consuming White Vein Kratom.

But then on May 6th, 1954 a 25-year-old medical student named Roger Bannister – smashed through the 4 minute barrier in what Forbes magazine has called the “Greatest athletic achievement of the last 150 years”.

When reflecting on the event many years later, Bannister said that at the time:

“There was a mystique, a belief that it couldn’t be done

But as soon as he proved what was possible, other runners began smashing the barrier as well. By 1957, 16 runners had run sub 4 minute miles!

The 4 Minute Mile Of Internet Marketing…

Now you may be wondering what the four minute mile has to do with Internet marketing.

Well… for me, watching the following video was a lot like watching Roger Bannister smash through the 4 minute mile.

You see I used to believe that it was IMPOSSIBLE to create high quality products quickly and easily, check it out this: under eye masks.

BUT – then I saw this video, and I realised that my beliefs were not only wrong – but they’d been holding me back for many years.

So today I’m thrilled to be able to share this video with you because I know it will change your view of what’s possible in your online business FOREVER.

In today’s video Pete Williams reveals what I believe is one of his most powerful “business hacks”, and shows you how to create high quality products in minutes rather than days or weeks or even months!

This is the most liberating and empowering video I’ve ever seen, so if you struggle to create products for your online business – be sure to watch all the way to the end.

Your business will never be the same again…

If you enjoyed this video and you want to watch Pete use his “business hacks” to get a week’s worth of work done in just 4 hours – make sure to register for his FREE upcoming LIVESTREAM with Rich Schefren

Warm Regards,
Eugene Ware
CEO Noble Samurai

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107 Responses to “How To Create High-Quality Products FAST!”

  1. 1
    On November 8th, 2012 at 3:28 am
    Paul Manley said:

    What a sad thing. I can’t properly hear this as the audio is muffled and even worse,I can’t understand his extreme accent. Could we somehow get this translated. What a horrid accent and what a same as the content is undoubtedly very good.



    Rashi replied:

    Hello Paul,

    I didn’t find any issue with this guy’s accent. Everyone is not native English speakers. That doesn’t mean that you need to just complain about their accent. Pay attention to what he says and try to catch up the things bro. The quality of the content matters. Please understand that English is a foreign language for him and please stop bullying people.

    Great job Eugene. Way to go.


    richard H replied:

    Hi Rashi and Paul

    i think the issue of language is an interesting one, the speakers style is hard to listen to and the language is also difficult to understand,

    my suggestions to Paul, get a good pair of head phones it makes it easier to comprehend heavy accents also listen to the content two or three times as greater comprehension will be experienced.

    my suggestions for Rashi , please try and comprehend that just because someone complains about your accent does not mean they are bullying you, this is called a victim mentality, it will not serve you well.

    English comes in many dialects/accents and its OK for anyone to say “i can not understand your english, please repeat yourself”

    great content and a great web site

    Alice replied:

    it sounds like a perfectly normal accent to me, Just a matter of what one is used to. nothing Horrid about it.

    AthleticFIT UK replied:

    Well said Alice!! If it’s about the audio, then that’s fair enough. Nothing horrid about the accent at all. I thought it’s content that matters not what he sounds like. We can never all sound the same. How boring would that be!!

    Josh replied:

    Video sounds great to me, Accent is fine too. Very clear & well spoken. I think u need to get out more Paul, see the world.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Paul (and all those who’ve had issues with the audio). I’m really sorry for those who’ve had issues with the audio.

    I tried to clean it up as much as I could. I boosted the audio volumes by about 2 or 3 times. It plays quite loud and clear through my computer, and we’ve listened to it on several computers in the office and it sounds OK. Everyone’s computer is different of course.

    Being an Australian myself I didn’t realise the accent would be such an issue. In hindsight he does have a particularly “strong” Aussie accent, and he speaks quite quickly in this video.

    This is the the third video we’ve posted by Pete and there weren’t any comments about this in those comments… but I do apologize if people have had any problems :-(

    I had a friend who was a television producer who spoke to a US cable company about syndicating his TV show. He commented to me that they wouldn’t accept the content without subtitles… No I know why!

    We’ll endeavour to provide transcripts for heavy Aussie accents in the future.

    Thanks everyone for being honest. We would be completely ignorant to the fact otherwise.

    I hope it didn’t interfere too much with the takeaways from the content.

    Thanks again for everyone’s comments!

    Warm Regards,


    Richard replied:


    I’m a Pom and I’m partly deaf. I find Pete’s accent extremely easy to hear and certainly not horrid.

    Personally I think it’s Paul that’s sad, calling someones accent horrid is hardly a bright thing to do when the owners of this site are Aussies too.

  2. its no the accent, its the -
    speed at which he talks plus the low-quality resolution of the video (why do experienced people do this!?)

    the totality makes the video – USELESS

    too bad…

    mageticsounds replied:

    it is an Australian accent.

    ryan replied:


    winz replied:

    agree with ken (low-quality resolution)

    Sutejo Tan replied:

    english is not my 1st language…

    I’ve no problem with accents and audio

    it’s loud & clear to me…

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Ken, and to all who have commented on the size of the video. The video is actually on Youtube, and was uploaded as a High Definition 720P video… so you should just be able to maximize the video to your full screen and get more out of the video.

    The screen capture was pretty poor quality. But hopefully you could still see what was going on. The actual content was not as important as the process. So hopefully that still came through.

    It’s an “unlisted” video in Youtube (as it’s Pete’s Intellectual Property) – but you can access the video in Youtube here:

    Hope that helps. And sorry for the small size. It’s not made any better by our narrow blog layout either.

    Sorry for the inconvenience… I know how frustrating this must be. Will try to make this clearer in the future.

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Warm Regards


  3. 3

    I don’t believe in magic pill, it’s better to work in our products and that’s all. There is no magic formula or something like that.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Ricardo,

    I agree. The magic “secret” is a four letter word called… W…O…R…K….

    However, I believe there is a big difference between value-adding activities and non-value-activities. I’m the CEO of a software company, and it’s not that valuable for me to write every line of code in our products. But I AM responsible for the outcome of the product.

    There is little value in picking stock photography, or producing keynote slides… rendering videos… uploading stuff into youtube, etc. It’s all necessary… but not core to the product being created.

    Capture your content in the purest form possible, and set up systems and process to let the rest take care of itself.

    That’s the difference between a business and a job.

    I still like to get my “hands dirty” occasionally too (I put the videos together). But I also have a full-time video guy too.

    You must work ON your product… but not necessarily IN it.

    Thanks a lot for your comments though – I’m not sure if that point was clear enough in Pete’s video (or lost in his thick Aussie accent :-)

    Hope you enjoyed the content.

    Warm Regards,


  4. 4
    On November 8th, 2012 at 4:08 am
    Mickey Mouse said:

    why the hype? There was 10 seconds of value in that video, if that. All he says in-between ramming more hype down our throats like a excrement filled pump on turbo mode is that , you should record your video while looking at a mind map, then sync it with video presentation software. I don’t know of any other way of doing it personally.
    Congratulations you have 16 minutes of my and everyone else’s life

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Mickey :-)

    Thanks for your comment.

    You’re obviously a very high-bandwidth individual who could quickly grasp the implications of a mind-map + screen record workflow and the benefits for rapid content creation.

    However, we have a range of different experiences for our customers, and some may not be as quick for the penny to drop.

    We’ve found that spending a little bit of time establishing context before delivering the content can make a lot of difference to improve comprehension.

    Dr. Anthony Fernando, who has a pHD in education continually rams into my head the importance of context and structure. Next time we’ll try to provide a transcript so the more advanced business owners are more able to quickly scan and extract the content that’s relevant to them amongst the structure.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Warm Regards,


  5. I’m interested in the software you’re using to create the mindmaps you use. What other software for creating content, making videos, and rewriting PLR can you recommend to me? I’m trying to create my own e-books, and membership sites selling my own products. Any outsource avenues would be greatly appreciated as well. Actually, any help is appreciated. Thanks, Guido E. Zecckine, CEO – Biznet2020, Inc. / iDigital Hosting and Design

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Guido,

    On the Mac (which is what I use), I recommend MindNode Pro. On the iPhone/iPad I recommend iThoughts HD, and on the PC there is a great piece of FREE software called FreeMind.

    Hope that helps,


  6. The products have been advertised in the last few emails sent by Noble Samurai Team, are just not match up to their good reputation, and the quality of their products.

    The previous one I saw was something like a mind virus thingy video and pdf, utter bs.

    I’m still staying on the email list as I’m fan of Market Samurai and other stuff they created.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Endre,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I’m very sorry that you think so.

    The Mind Virus PDF report was a bit of a disappointment. I had previously read the individual reports that this was based on, namely:

    1. The Internet Business Manifesto (

    2. The Missing Chapter

    These were excellent, mind-bending reports. It COMPLETELY changed the way that I thought about business.

    Having read the Mind Virus report, the excerpts resonated with me deeply. It was kind of a reminder of all the takeaways I had learned.

    Once again… having a bit of objectivity I read it again.. and realized that with the context of the full reports the mind virus report might not flow very well for people reading it for the first time.

    In this respect it was very disappointing.

    I’ve relayed your comments as well as my own back to Rich Schefren, and he’s apparently working on another revision which should be better.

    My advice, however, don’t hold your breath – just read the two reports I’ve listed above.

    Particularly the first one.. It’s MORE true today than when it was written many years ago.

    Thanks for your comments. Keep them coming. In hindsight it wasn’t Rich’s best work when read by someone who’s reading his work for the first time.

    We’ll work harder in the future to get your trust back, and take your comments and feedback on board.

    If I could ask – we’re trying very hard to deliver information that directly answers the number one issues of our customers through what is a very dark and challenging time in the world and in Internet Marketing.

    How can we help you? What kind of problems are you struggling with.. What tools and information could we deliver that could directly help your business?

    Would love to know your thoughts!

    Warm Regards,


  7. Ignore the other comments, this video is great.

    The audio was initially low, so just turn it up. His accent isn’t distracting either. The only thing that could be improved is the quality of the screen capture video

    Eugene Ware replied:


    Thanks for your comment.

    The audio was actually bumped up by about 250% in Screenflow… but I think by the time that Youtube touches it – it might get normalized down again… Sigh! That’s why I should listen to Pete and let my video guy do this stuff!

    The audio plays really well on my computer and all those we’ve tested it on in the office. Maybe it’s a combination of the strong Aussie accent, and fast-talking Pete… and lower than normal audio volume.

    Will try better next time though!

    Thanks for your support,


  8. Audio is fine…I can hear everything just fine..

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hooray! :-)

  9. 9
    On November 8th, 2012 at 5:55 am
    James Wakefield said:

    Is this a joke? What has this got to do with creating products? Also it is hardly a mindblowing and groundbreaking strategy. Complete waste of my time.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for your comments.

    This technique is the same business process that Pete (and even we have used) to create information products that are video based.

    The core mind-set shift that maybe didn’t come through too well in the video is that a lot of product-creation is a chore.

    Take it from me. One of my earliest products was a 14 DVD and workbook information product called “Digital Video Secrets”. It sold well – but it took me 8 weeks of late nights editing the video and mastering DVDs, etc.

    The mind-set shift was … just capture the “content”… and have a streamlined business process to handle all the other “non-value-adding” activities…

    I would have GLADLY paid a few hundred bucks for those 8 weeks of my life back!

    I was so obsessed with doing it “my way” and doing it right… that I lost sight of the real goal… to get a great product out the door and focus on the most important thing in business.. Marketing!

    Anyway. Thanks for your comments. I hope you got something out of the video. If not, please let me know if there’s anyway any future content that we produce can directly help your business during these challenge business conditions.

    Warm Regards,


  10. I don’t find that accent to bad – if you’ve ever been to Australia in your life, you’ll get used to it quickly. Agreed though, he does talk a bit quickly…nevertheless, content is great, thanks for sharing!

    On another note, isn’t that Pete Williams currently collaborating with Rich Schefren for a new course they’re selling together, “Profit Hacks”? I think it’s $1497…should be released in the next few days afaik.

    Nevertheless, nice preselling videos he’s got there.

    Anna replied:

    That’s correct, Profit Hacks will be released pretty soon. Where did you find that price tag? So far I’ve only seen Rich’s “Prophit Prophecy” ebook (I think that was the name?) and now Pete Williams’ videos. Nevertheless, great content though!

    Carrick replied:

    They put this out several months ago for about that price tag, so a decent guess it will be roughly the same currently.

    I’m guessing it didnt sell all that well, and this series is intended to do a better job of pre-selling it this time around with more affiliates and more/better videos and highlights.

    Dont see much use here as it’s based on the assumption that you have an established business and brand, and you have a boat load of money for outsourcing. This is a theme that has been around for a long time — leverage and growth via outsourcing. They’ve just packaged it up with some slick proprietary terminology (Profit Hacks) to make it seem more revolutionary and new. He does use some clever techniques and tools, but if you have good VA’s, you’d do these types of things yourself naturally as that’s the whole point of having VA’s….

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Carrick,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Pete & Rich did a trial launch earlier this year. To be honest I thought their marketing wasn’t that great (don’t tell them I said that!)

    In one sense Profit Hacks could be seen as another outsourcing course. And in that dimension it does deliver. Pete (and his business partner) manage dozens of outsourcers so they’ve developed some very simple and yet sophisticated ways for managing their teams.

    But I think the emphasis is different. It’s more of a mind-set shift.

    It’s about identifying your outcome… what the contribution from you needs to be… then systemising away the rest.

    I’ve consumed a lot of outsourcing courses… and have also read a lot of HR books about people management, etc and I think this shift in focus, or the way it is delivered in their case is unique.

    I know when I first saw the full 90 minute presentation it really did mess with my mind… I have a team of a dozen full-time staff around me and I still felt like I was working so inefficiently… and more importantly ineffectively.

    By applying a lot of the principles from the Profit Hacks school of thought I’ve managed to improve my leverage considerably.

    So much so… that I’ve writing this blog response from a hotel room in Beijing… and feel more connected and on top of my business than I have ever when being in the office.

    I got a lot out of their ideas. I’m glad you’ve gone the VA route Carrick…

    i could not live without my virtual or non virtual assistants. It’s a great way to start.

    Outsourcing doesn’t have to be expensive. And the most important thing we have is our time. Can’t get another minute of it.

    Here’s what I tell people. Business requires money. Set aside as much money as you can easy month. Even if it’s only $100 a month or so… and get it going to another bank account where you’ve got it linked to VISA debit or something like that.

    Each month… mentally write off that money. It’s gone. And spend it on your business. Starting it out it might be training… further on it might be out-tasking to build a product… at launch it might be advertising… When you hit the limit … stop for the month and wait until next month.

    At some point you’ll start making more than the money that you’re putting in… congratulations you have a business! But at least there’s a “stop loss” for your business. And you can still leverage outsourcing (as well of your own time of course) at a rate that’s appropriate for you and your budget.

    I’ve quite my job to start a business… Don’t recommend it. Business takes time, money, hard work and a healthy dose of insanity :-)

    Thanks for your comments and I’d invite you to check out the live stream too… might be some tricks you can use with your VA.

    Warm Regards,


    Eugene Ware replied:

    Thanks Mate! We thought it was some Bonza content too! :-)

    If you watch the full 90 minute presentation you can see why in the context of the full presentation he received a standing ovation…

    I know you could probably here me whistling from the back of the room!

    Yes – After a lot of pestering Pete’s packaged together a ton more of these hacks as well as an outsourcing course (which is really the hard-part of all this trickery).

    We’ve released with Pete’s permission 3 videos now – you can get the full 90 minute presentation as well if you pre-reg for the livestream tomorrow. It’s worth watching the whole thing.

    We’ve implemented of a lot of the hacks in there… and have even applied some of the tips from his outsourcing material in managing our own team here. About the only thing I haven’t implemented was the audio email… but that’s because I type really fast… and even talking seems slow to me!

    Even if people don’t choose to invest in his program (for people that still don’t have the teams or processes around them I think it’s a great investment)… I hope they’ll get a lot out of the content we’ve released, the live stream that’s happening tomorrow (the devil is in the details), and in the live Q&A webinar we’re running with Pete on Tuesday. We plan to overdeliver on the content.

    Glad you enjoyed the content!



    Carrick replied:

    Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful response Eugene!

    You make some very good points re: mind-set and one’s role in the context of one’s VA’s/outsourced resources…In fact, Rich and Pete should try to articulate the role/purpose/mindset part of this program more like you have; your ‘version’ makes more sense and helps distinguish what they’re actually selling from what it appears to be! At least to me.

    I actually haven’t gone the VA route yet as I’m not earning enough to justify the cost (but I do have a vision of what that setup would look like and how I’d use it). I have investigated and bought some tools/training around locating outsourcing resources (including VA’s) in order to begin the process of delegating the boring/tedious and time-consuming low-value but required tasks.

    For that reason I would LOVE it if, during the Q&A webinar, you could get Pete to identify which types of tasks are ripe for outsourcing as ‘one-offs’ (perhaps via Fivver, or something similar) for those of us just starting down the outsourcing path. i.e. what types of things he would recommend one could use Profit Hacks techniques on, WITHOUT a dedicated VA and WITHOUT spending a lot of money on –> So, maybe the low-hanging fruit where you get the most bang for your buck via outsourcing and Profit Hacks. I think this would be a HUGE help for newbies and those (like me) who don’t yet have a viable business to finance and justify the cost of dedicated VA’s. This would be helpful in getting us there!

    You said in your response “And you can still leverage outsourcing (as well of your own time of course) at a rate that’s appropriate for you and your budget”….As I said above, in the context of Profit Hacks, how would one do this without a dedicated VA and all the associated costs?

    Thanks very much in advance mate!

  11. I cant understand australians, and I can read 10x faster than video, so why not apply your “4-hour workweek on steroids” process (previous post) to transcribing your videos, then I can shorten my workweek as well

    Anna replied:

    Australian’s have the clearest accent in the whole wide world!! We don’t roll our Rrrr’s like the amerrricans.

    Anyway, I think Pete should review content before showing us all and not settle for mediocre. You need to maintain your standards

    For example, why didn’t you cut out the technical stuff up when you cut out the rest?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Sorry you couldn’t understand my friend’s thick Accent. Listening to it in hindsight I guess it could give Crocodile Dundee a run for his money!

    Most of our other videos we’ve done are scripted (eg. Our training videos), so we’ve just released our transcripts. This is one of the few times we’ve done a live recording so it slipped the mind. Sorry!

    We’ll make sure that we do transcripts for future live recordings where we can.

    Hope the rest of your workweek is awesome.

    Warm Regards,


  12. This might have been a good video, but really? The quality was so bad I could not even see it w/my reading glasses on and the sound was not great either. Is this guy thinking that his “run through” is teaching??? Really? My suggestion is to do it over all the way around, then perhaps it could count as viable content creation!

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    This “snippet” was taken from the full 90 minute of the seminar. It might lose some of it’s impact without the full context. Believe me, it really did make a lot of sense within the full presentation. As it’s Pete’s presentation I can’t leave the link to full presentation here in the comments, but if you sign up to live stream you’ll get the full presentation to watch which hopefully should be better.

    Sorry for the confusion. In hindsight it does seem like he skips through the concept a little quickly in isolation!

    Thanks for your comments.

    Warm Regards


  13. I have no problem with the sound or accent, but what bothers me is that the Market Samurai blog use to be full of useful information. Here lately, it seems to be promoting a lot of other products. That’s what is sad to me…

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Jhoecannon,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Given the current financial climate and what’s going on with SEO we’re seeing a lot of online businesses struggling.

    As a result we’ve been taking the approach of delivering a lot of great content through webinars and content to address these major issues. The vast majority of what we’ll put out will be free, valuable content.

    We don’t recommend anything that we don’t personally use – we use LL3 with all our staff and in our sister web development business. We use profit hacks every day of the week in our business, and of course we use our own products as well.

    But like all things in life, some of the content and solutions will be commercial in nature (and rightly so).

    We’ve also use our size as a company to negotiate special prices for our subscribers where we can – and are even negotiating with some very large software vendors out there for 100% free version of their paid offerings for our subscribers!

    All this on top of continuing to update our software products and work on some new exciting marketing software (that I can’t talk about here).

    We realize that this might not be of interest to everyone and that if this is the case for you then we won’t be offended if you unsubscribe.

    I subscribe to a lot of mailing lists… and when there is more noise to signal I unsubscribe.

    We’ll work hard to make sure that all the content, freebies and any promotions and specials that we run for our subscribers will be of the quality that our customers have come to expect. And of course, if we drop the ball on that then I look to people like yourself to let us know.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Warm Regards,


    Jhoecannon replied:

    Thanks for the response.

    If Market Samurai actually uses the software and tools that they promote, I can understand them marketing them. But, please, don’t give up on the useful info that you have always provided us.

    I’ve been a subscriber to Market Samurai for years and I won’t give up on it now.

    Again, thanks for the feedback!

  14. Can you get this Screenflow software for PC?

    Dale replied:

    One of the PC version of screencast software is called Camtasia.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi magneticsounds,

    Unfortunately Screenflow is only for mac.

    I’m a little biased… but this one single piece of software has been responsible for converting more online marketers to the mac than just about anything…

    But.. the best software on PC for this kind of thing is Camtasia. It’s not as quick or as slick as Screenflow, but it will do the job.

    I used it to do 6 weeks of video editing for a course I made years ago and it will do the job. Just make sure you have plenty of RAM, and CPU on your computer. Doing screencast editing takes a lot of resources.

    Hope that helps,


  15. Video, accent, audio and content are great. No problems!!!

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Mark,

    Phew! Glad someone was able to understand it! :-)

    Glad you enjoyed it.



  16. Actually, (Ken, Paul) it is a bit of both…
    It sounds like an Australian accent to me, and you might have to listen to it a few times if you ear is not good at picking up on heavy accents. I’m used to accents, so it’s not bothering me too much…and it is good content by the way :)

    But I do agree that it is low quality, which it makes it difficult to understand, or get at first listenting and it shouldn’t be.


  17. Yeah, many veteran marketers preach placing more importance on information quality over presentation, but it sure would be nice if the information were easily understood and absorbed…

    Nonetheless, content was okay and you get used to the accent after a few listens.:) Might wanna start doing that before Pete’s live-streaming event on Thursday though. Cheers.

  18. I understood only that we need to make mind map and the next reord wat we speak. Nothing more

  19. Man… I’m not English, and I completely could understand that video. I don’t understand what’s wrong with his accent… I find it pretty understandable. And furthermore, the vidéo quality is quite good.

    Nice one here… These are cool hacks by the way.

  20. 20

    Agreed, the quality is horrible after the integration into this video. Have a look here for a much better 60 minutes version of this video:

  21. Ok, so create an outline and just do it! If you want to leverage your efforts, then outsource some of the tasks…sound good!

  22. I always like Pete’s work. This is new but a good refresher.

  23. 23

    Oh no. This will produce more so called guru products, with 10 mile high sales pages and over hyped video/audio.

    To the Samurai team :
    When you helped complete newbies with the 30DC co-op, you did a tremendous job. (I had my disagreements then, because in my opinion you were neglecting other parts of your business at the time, just to make your participation in the 30DC a success for everyone.)

    You could have done the same for the group just above the newbies, who this is targeted at.
    What the speaker says at 1:40 into the video, and which is prominently worded in the slide, is so silly :

    “All you had to do, was talk about something that you’re the expert on…”.
    “Something you’re passionate about…”
    “Something you love…”

    What you want, is sell people something they’re craving or just asking for. It’s not about you, or what you know.

    That’s why this whole outsourcing stuff was started. You don’t know Jack about the subject, but it’s in huge demand, so you hire somebody to do it for you. Doesn’t matter how you cover this up (e.g. will save you 48 hours a day, the 4-hour work week, while you’re spending quality time with your loved ones).

    The “just record it with Dragon Naturally Speaking” kinda stuff has been floating around the net for donkeys years.
    It was pioneered by black hatters. Black hatters are always in a hurry to quickly set something up, so they can grab as much money, before the flaw or loop hole is circumvented. Most of them probably can’t even read or write. So D N S fitted nicely into their plans.

    I’m **not** saying that the speaker is selling vague knowledge, or even lies. It’s just nothing new.
    Let’s hope that this is packaged (no pun) into a 30DC format. So that people actually have at least 1 product to bring to market, with which they were carefully mentored.

    The formula comes across like a rehash of e.g. Profit from PLR, John Thornhill and Kindle Profits Exposed, James Jones. To name just two. But these two are already from 3 – 5+ years old, and were also rehashes from others.

    You can do better than bring this.

  24. So the “secrets” to saving time building things are to start by being an expert, and to have employees to do the work?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I agree that at one level that is what is being said.

    The secret is to structure your time in your business so that you’re working on the “value adding” parts of the product/content creating process. There’s little value in you picking stock photos, creating slides, recording video, editing video, rendering video, uploading video, etc…

    All the value happens in the content “capture” process. So if you can craft a way to capture this in the most effective way possible – great things can happen, and you can enjoy your life a lot more… I can tell you – I’ve edited a LOT of video in my time… and it gets old really, really fast.

    As for employees… it’s better to out-”task” before your hire full-timers… It depends on the frequency of your product/content creation… and you can get a lot done for not much money – but the trick is being able to hire good people.. communicate effectively with them… have systems of accountability… and great training.

    I learned a long time ago that just having good people is not enough… you need great processes… a great business model… and a great culture.

    There are very few secrets in life… They all kind of variants of the four letter word : W O R K.

    But better to work SMART… AND work HARD… I don’t know anyone successful that hasn’t done both.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Warm Regards,


  25. I’m sure the content would have been great, but like Paul and Ken I could not understand a word and it’s not that I am not used to an Australian accent, my wife is from there… :)

    But as been said it was just a plug for something else…

    Oh what a surprise…

    Enjoy the Live Stream everyone… and don’t forget to have your credit card ready…

    Cynical …

    I don’t think so… :)

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Sorry that you couldn’t follow what was being said. Sometimes I forget that many people can struggle with the Australian accent!

    Given that someone has found a link to the full unedited video I guess it’s OK to repost it now:

    That’s the link for the full 90 minute presentation. A presentation that caused an entire room of people to rise to their feet for a standing ovation.

    I’m an old, cynical marketing guy myself too :-) and I can only remember twice in my 15 years of marketing where I’ve seen that happen.

    Once for Ed Dale at a Frank Kern Mass Control pitch-fest talking about market leadership, and this presentation for Pete. I wouldn’t have posted it if I didn’t think it was extraordinary value. In hindsight it may lose a bit of the wow factor when removed from the context of the full presentation. So check out the full version at the link above.

    I watched the first live stream and it was pretty great too. Lots of actual nuts and bolts tips from actually doing the work. I expect that there will be an offer at sometime during the live stream – but that won’t detract from the learning experience.

    My hope is that regardless of whether people buy or don’t buy that they’ll walk away from all of our content and webinars and freebies with great actionable content from stuff that’s actually proven and that works, rather than a lot of snake oil that exists in this crazy world of Internet Marketing. I buy practically every new course and piece of software out there (just ask my staff), looking for stuff that works.

    The other day I bought a wordpress plugin that recommended keywords for your blog post… I was intrigued about where they get their data and so I pulled apart their source code.

    I found out to my shock and amazement that the plugin was generating RANDOM NUMBERS for Search Volume! I kid you not. I felt like taking a shower after reading that code.

    Leave your credit card at home.. and watch the stream anyway.. Make some notes… apply the content…. make a ton of money… and repeat.

    The biggest secret out there is to apply what you learn. Imperfect execution will beat perfect inaction every day of the week. So execute like crazy!!

    Thanks for your comments. It must be late – I’m getting all long-winded :-)

    Take care,


  26. This is not that revolutionary. Many people are already doing this type of operation. The problem is that you have to have a cash roll to do it. You have to have money to pay someone to do that. Even if you work with someone on fiver, they basically charge $5 per minute of video. Thats $300 per hour of video. And that’s only for the video. You have to pay someone for the scripting and the voiceover. He says that Internet marketers have to create lots of new content. In other words, as the statistics show, a blogging website needs to be creating 1 to 5 articles a day. Even if you only create one video a week, who has $400 a week to pay someone to create videos? How much will it cost to create 5 or even 1 articles per day? A 500 word $5 essay from fiverr is useless. You need to pay at least $25 on fiver for a good article and then it will be hard for you to find a writer on fiverr who can create content that will truly attract readers. So you’re talking $500 a week even if you’re video is only 20 or 30 minutes. In conclusion, what this guy is saying is useful only to people who already bringing in thousands of dollars from their website on a weekly basis. Yet no doubt this is being presented as a solution to beginner marketers. As for the comments about his speach being hard to understand. It is a little, but he is presenting a general point. You don’t have to understand every detail. If you try to follow what he is doing step by step there’s no hope for you anyway. You just go to understand what he’s saying in general.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Firstly, I don’t think it needs to be that expensive. We’ve actually used the same guy that Pete’s used for video and he’s pretty cheap for a good result.

    In the first live stream, he creates a full “product” – albeit something that would be probably worth around $47 – not a $1997 product for a total of $139.

    I’ve had to do a product by hand by myself. 6 weeks of just video editing, not to mention all the other stuff I had to do. I tell you, I would have paid $2,000 to get someone to do all that for me… to get that time back…

    I don’t think the message is that you have to do that every single week either. It’s just that it’s possible. It challenges our current levels of performance. I know it did for me.

    Now. That being said – I think it’s important that we also understand what our goals are.

    If it is to build a business, then I think it’s very difficult to do that by yourself. Business, particularly in 2012 is a team sport. I know a lot of the online marketing “royalty” and also a lot of people who are a lot more successful in business. They all have that in common – they have a great team around them.

    If your goal is to simply escape a regular job, then it’s a lot easier. Just become self-employed and become a consultant. That’s a great first step to getting more control over your time. I started that way. It’s a great stepping stone to building a real business. But your income will plateau at some point there. But depending on your financial goals this is fine.

    The bigger question I believe is not about outsourcing or team – that’s a given in my mind. But it’s about business model.

    How are you going to pay for your outsourcers or staff members?

    If you wait until you’re already making a lot of money in your business before your hire your first help then I think you’re waiting too long. It will take too long to get critical momentum in your business.

    You need to identify one or two core activities that when repeated will generate income. Then refine that so that they will generate a profit when someone else is doing a lot of the “non-value” activities… Then scale that up.

    While that sounds simple enough. It’s not. There are not enough people in the Internet Marketing community who are talking about business models.

    Too many of them are talking about the next new shiny thing.

    We’re thinking about doing some training about this (nothing to sell – I promise!) If you’re interested let me know. If there’s enough interest I’ll put the content together.

    Though I suspect that what people NEED to know is also very different from what the WANT to know (the next shiny thing).

    Anyway… hopefully there’s something in my rant.. :-)

    Thanks for your considered comment though.

    Warm Regards,


  27. I was thinking the exact same , I thought it may be me, as I am at the end of a long day…

    To fast, which creates a problem when you may have heard something that sound good. Sound is muffled, and his speech needs some work at a minimal.

    Mike replied:

    When referencing a product, or service it would most likely help to have a written reference, perhaps making it easier to maintain the speed and speech that may be hard to understand at points.

  28. OK. I was able to understand the accent and the quality was good enough that I could get an idea of what was going on.

    If I understood correctly the ‘secret’ to his quick content creation is outsourcing!? He mindmaps an outline and then sends it out to have it done.

    Not exactly what I call ‘content creation’. I didn’t realize that paying someone to do my work is called a ‘hack’. I must be ahead of my time :)


  29. Lovely video with very mind boggling ideas.

  30. No Eugene,
    I’m sorry to be negative but I find it extremely difficult to follow and interpret this guy’s speech because it’s too accented and he speaks too quickly: That’s the first thing.
    The second thing is that the videos are far too small making it impossible to read ANY of the text or content on his presentation screen.
    This needs to be translated or transformed into a clear and detailed PDF so it’s much easier to make any proper sense of it!!!

  31. 31
    On November 8th, 2012 at 8:22 am
    Epineto Logico said:

    This is interesting

  32. Funny that you guys mention the quality of the recording and the guy’s accent…

    Not only I have a hearing problem (too much rock n’ roll when younger) but my first language is not even English (I’m Mexican) and I understood everything.

    Hint: When you sign up to get the rest of the Rich Schefren videos you’ll get access to the original video file which actually runs for a full hour and has better audio, hope that helps! ;-)


  33. Ken and John – simply go to and get everything you need. You two need to do less complaining and take more positive action (-;

  34. Am sorry to say I have to agree that the video is poor quality.

    I am English and have never had a problem with Australian accents, but in this case, I can’t understand a lot of what is being said.

    The video itself is also difficult to follow.

    However, having said that,my years with Noble Sam tells me that perseverance will enable me to understand the video if I just play it again and again.

    I appreciate the fact the time and trouble has been taken to put up it on the web.

    My thanks.

  35. 35

    To some extent I’d agree with Paul. I have Australian friends it is not to do with that. It’s a live conference so it can’t be perfect. There we go found the middle ground all!

  36. A final useful video, but he does use a lot of outsourcing, which is great if you can afford to do that. Unfortunately my situation is that currently I still can’t afford to outsource !

  37. …so the way to create products fast is get someone else to build them for you.

  38. Come on guys the video is okay quality. For those of you complaining about Aussie accents take a look at the majority of US or English accents us Aussies have to deal with on a daily basis. Perspective isa wonderful thing… You guys needs to get spme. Thanks for this video Eugnene, great job. A bit too long winded at the start though…

  39. Great information on shortcut to creating great products. The recorded sound quality left much to be desired as highlighted by most. I had to watch the video three times in order to digest the entire content. I look forward to the upcoming exclusive limited live video. Hope to get some gold nugget tips from it. Cheers!

  40. Have no problem with language etc., but the logical flow and presentation could be improved. Seems to be out of context in that it is part of a larger presentation, I say this because he makes assumptions about the audiences understanding.


    Mike FD

  41. talks too fast, sorry I wasn’t able to understand his terms or what he was explaining.

  42. I’ve had no problem understanding the Australian accent. Try going to Thailand and understanding THEIR attempt to speak English. Focus on the content and just work with it. The CONTENT is what this is all about after all. I will admit though that he speaks a little to fast and needs to slow down for everyone’s benefit.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Steven,

    Try going to Beijing (where I’m typing this at the moment). No one understands English (or Australian LOL).

    Try ordering food …. lucky some Restaurants have pictures! :-)

    My Pastor had some good advice that I have heeded in my life… When eating fish… Eat the meat and spit out the bones…

    Imperfect action will beat perfect inaction every day of the week!

    Sorry that the audio was difficult to understand. We’ll make sure our future videos are easier to understand or at least provide some transcripts.

    Thanks for your comments! Thailand is one of my favorite travel destinations… Have you tried their noodle soups… to DIE for!

    Warm Regards,


  43. I thought the presentation was of good quality and the audio was perfect… what the hell are you other guys talking about?

    I’ll bet most of the people leaving negative comments have never created an online product in their lives.

    Get a freakin’ life folks. At least this guy is taking action and doing something.

    Must be a bunch of dumb-ass Obama voters. LOL!!!

  44. I’ve heard this before and it is a great idea. When you simplify the message it’s basically
    1. you come up with the idea
    2. outsource it to your team
    However, how many people have the money to outsource? And as a business person if you do have the money you have to decide do you spend it buying this product or paying your outsource team?
    If you’re a newbie and this is new to you then you need this product.
    For the rest of us, it’s really a matter of focusing and using ALL THE PRODUCTS we already own. How many of us have tons of software on your hard drive or cds that you’ve bought and still haven’t used because everytime you turn around there’s a NEW GROUNDBREAKING NEVER BEFORE HEARD technique, method (whatever you get the message – it’s copywriting at its best.
    Anyway I’m really preaching to myself here. But if this helps someone else then that’s great.

    On another topic, I must agree with Endre who said earlier
    “The products have been advertised in the last few emails sent by Noble Samurai Team, are just not match up to their good reputation, and the quality of their products.”

    I’m also still staying on the email list as I’m fan of Market Samurai but I have gotten rid of alot of email subscriptions because I’m tired of constantly being bombarded by emails on the “newest, greatest,etc product ever”


  45. Sound and accent are fine. Good video….good quality as usual samurai’s

  46. Eugene you must watch this before posting. What kind of impression do you provide by posting such video. Totally useless. Must respect readers time.

  47. Looks like a blast! I’ll only be able to attend some of it, but I’m excited to check it out!

  48. I watched video twice, the issue is not the accent, I can understand it very well even English is not my native language. The issue for understanding is: the title of this article says about creation of high quality products but the quality of video embedded into presentation is not so good that I felt unbalanced when I tried to understand what is the key idea? Working 4 hrs a week and make lots of podcasts, videos, slides presentations and articles to blogs from one presentation is a good idea. However, all info should bring value to customers, not just a bunch of usefulness flow

  49. 49

    Rick Schefren? Really. I was part of his 2008-09 coaching. He delegated it all to underlings. Big waste of money. Good salesman, though. Was he into car sales in his prior life, like Mike F and Frank K?

  50. Six minutes in and I bailed. If you can’t give me good enough, targeted info in 6 minutes to keep me interested, it is a waste of my time. I also found the quality of the video horrendous: dark, too far away, presenter wasn’t prepared. Watch for prepared and professional video tutorials. The title of this post should be, how to create stuff so fast that it has no value. I have been loving Market Samurai even with its glitches in Beta and have lived through them, but this is the second time I have been fooled by an email link into thinking I am getting quality info. Never again.

  51. I guess you made a mistake with this video.
    The presentation part is not about product creation, it is about content creation.
    Perhaps you could fix this as product creation is a subject in which I am very interested in.

  52. 52

    I agree, it’s a trash video, which is not usual for this company. I already knew how to use Camtasia, and not everyone has a mac. The guy in the video gave a SEMINAR on how to record his screen ? Did he also explain how to turn on the computer?

  53. 53

    Essentially, what he’s saying is plan what you’re going to say, find all the graphical assets, do the voice recording, brief a video production guy on exactly what you need to create the video. Erm right. Groundbreaking.

    The main point I get from it is – where you’ve got a problem, create a process that helps you streamline it so it’s no longer a problem. Which is OK if you have the £$ to throw at the problem by outsourcing it.

    The other clever bit is having the gall to present it to the world as something new – but I guess that’s what a fair bit of what ‘online marketing gurus’ are about :)

  54. Eugene,

    I was an unconditional and fervent admirer of the whole Market Samurai concept.

    Unfortunately, as of late, it seems to me the Dojo has had to compromise on some of the principles it adhered to.

    The new strategy involving Mr. Scheffren gives the impression MS members and fans are now nothing more than names on a list. And the money is in the list, right?

    That’s unadulterated “Rich”, no doubt about it. I will suppose MS is in survival mode, albeit at some cost to it’s former pristine credibility, alas.

    Hoping the “bad” times quickly blow over so the “Dojo” return to its former serenity. It’s the hype. Lose it, drop it, fast, it is causing damage…

    Where have all the good times gone?


  55. I bailed at the point where the flow chart came up and the screen was blinking… lots of blur. Very poor quality of video, so I’m not inclined to watch further to find out what the big secret is. I do know I don’t want my videos to have that poor of a quality of sound and image.

  56. A little poor quality of video but the content is much more interesting. Thanks a lot.

  57. 57

    No sound.

  58. 58

    The video was interesting, and useful, however I struggled to catch all the content due to the presenter’s heavy Australian accent (and I have lived in Ozzy, have Ozzy niece and nephew etc). The speed at which the information was being presented was also too fast for me. Surely giving some constructive feedback is not a bad thing for a presenter in business? as if a fair percentage of people viewing have similar difficulties, then this could be addressed for future videos – and we would all be happy to recommend!

    I hope these comments are useful for future presentations, which is what they are meant to be and not a criticism to be jumped on by defensive individuals whom only see things from their own point of view.

  59. I’m a Kiwi (New Zealander)and have lived in Australia for 20 odd years and I do have a problem with the sound too. It’s not so much his accent but more at the fast speed he talks which is a pitty.

    In regards to his stuff thats he’s talking about. All he’s doing is out sourcing as much as he can and has the right software programs to help him do so.

    Unfortunatelly some of us don’t have the capital to outsource or purchase software programs to make life easier.

    How about asking Pete what people like us should do to make things work.

    I’d be very interested in what he’s got to say.

    Thanks for listening

  60. Hi,
    Why is a person who are trying to sell his knowledege about product, video and audi creation, using such a terrible bad low quality resolution and sound on his own video.
    Maybe the content is goog, but I didn’t get anything out of this!!

  61. 61

    Sorry guys, you got this one WRONG!. One of the worst video sessions I have ever experienced. Unlike Nancy before me I actually got to the 10 minute mark, and then lost the plot (and the will to live, I might add) This could be mistaken for desperation guys. One of the current rules of Internet Marketing SHOULD be; keep it simple and make it audible. The fact that I know most of what this guy was droning on about makes it a double whammy. No disrespect, because he obviously knows his stuff, but this just didn’t work. :(

  62. Hey Eugene,

    You can cause the video to automatically come up at 720p if you use this clever little hack on the URL:



    I found this after digging around for a couple of hours. The other older tags (like “hd=1″) are deprecated. The new tag isn’t actually in the youtube API, but it works!

    The video looks good in HD!


  63. Teaching people how to use video content for a product with such a piece of crap video is pretty ironic. I guess it’s just not that easy, if the folks ‘teaching’ it can’t be bothered to do a good job.

    I have no trouble understanding an australian accent, but the quality was awful. Just bumping the volume up isn’t adequate. Get a $30 digital recorder and put it in his pocket next time. Then you’ll have decent quality and you can just replace the audio track and sync it up.

  64. Sure, not groundbreaking for most of you who were around IM before this was filmed (at least a year ago??).

    Takeaway message, if you pare away the hype (mindmaps/screen capture recording/outsourcing newbie fodder), find ways of creating as much content as possible. Focus on the content and less on the medium the content is presented by.

    At least that’s what I got from it.

    This could’ve been such a shorter video. But I do appreciate it for what it is.

  65. Ok, the situation is simple. Just have a look at and decide whether you will be selling the Profit Hacks course for 1497$ to others or if you want to buy this course for 1497$.

    Check out what’s in it for you:

    * 40% Commission on the $1,497 price
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    table for Elton John’s closed-door Oscar Party!

  66. Don’t know what the fuss was about… No video to watch did not work in any browser… This site seems to be letting people down again and again… Shame won’t come back

  67. 67
    On November 9th, 2012 at 4:14 am
    Destry Vargaz said:

    Let me get this straight – his big “secret” for creating top quality videos in an hour is… get his video guy to do all the work??? Gee, thanks. Let someone else do the work for you, why didn’t I think of that.

  68. Great advice, I think that´s the missing link, looking forward to register for the free webinar!

  69. 69

    Censorship earned another point yesterday.