Update: The State of the Market Samurai Nation

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If you’ve tried to launch and use Market Samurai in the last few days you’ll have noticed that there are large areas of functionality that are broken.

What Happened?

As you know, Market Samurai pulls data from dozens of different search data providers so that you have all the data you need in a single place to make the most informed decisions about your online marketing opportunities.

In order to obtain this data we often need to perform large numbers of queries and searches through free services such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing on behalf of our users.

For example, tracking the rankings for even a few keywords can require thousands of searches. By performing these queries on your behalf, using our servers, we saved you hours, days or sometimes even weeks of time compared with doing these queries by hand.

Several days ago, Google made some significant technical changes to its services that make it impossible to reliably perform large volumes of free queries.

As large portions of Market Samurai currently use Google’s service, this has temporarily broken a range of functionality in Market Samurai (and related products, including modules from Domain Samurai and Article Samurai – although the core syndication functionality in Article Samurai is unaffected).

It’s also worth noting that most other SEO software has been affected in some way by these changes. Edit: we had received reports that other software was affected.We have since discovered that this is incorrect and other SEO packages are not being impacted by this change.

What We’re Doing About It…

We’re working tirelessly around the clock to restore the vast majority of this functionality, and we estimate that most of the application will be functional within the next few days.

As there is such a large amount of functionality that is currently built upon Google’s services, we’re prioritizing the high usage modules such as Keyword Research and SEO Competition, and then moving on to the other modules.

What Are We Going to Use In Place of Google?

It’s important to note that much of the data that we supply in Market Samurai could have easily been provided from other search engines. (eg. locating articles about “dog training” in our Find Content module).

In these simple cases we’re going to just replace Google with Bing.

As you know, Bing has made some big improvements in recent years and there are many who are saying that Bing’s algorithm produces more relevant results than Google for many keywords.

As an SEO marketer, it is important to understand that Bing’s index is rapidly approaching the size of Google’s, and as they also power Yahoo!, they have rapidly grown to capture over 30% of the search queries in the US.

But why is this important?

The increased use of Bing as a search engine is important because competition metrics, such as SEOC (“SEO Competition”) and SEOTC (“SEO Title Competition”), measure the scarcity of keywords on the Internet. The idea behind keyword scarcity is that keywords that have a high scarcity are likely to be more useful keywords for your marketing campaign. A good candidate for a more detailed competition analysis, by using our SEO Competition module matrix, would be a keyword where there aren’t many pages on the Internet containing that keyword in the title or body of a page – i.e., keyword with a low SEOC/SEOTC value.

These high-level competition “scarcity” numbers can also come from another search engine, as long as the index is of a comparative size to Google. We believe this is the case with Bing.

It’s important to note that making a keyword decision based solely on a scarcity metric such as SEOC or SEOTC will provide poor results. It’s not a substitute for doing a detailed analysis by using the SEO Competition matrix and a backlink analysis.

The scarcity metrics help us quickly filter out keywords that are highly likely to be TOO hard to rank for (because they have a lot of relevant content out there competing for rankings). They DON’T tell you that a keyword will be easy to rank for. (i.e. use these numbers only to disqualify tough keywords)

Until this change is implemented, we’ve unfortunately had to introduce a manual check for SEOC values, similar to that for the SEOTC/SEOUC values. We understand that this is frustrating and time-consuming, but it was the only way we could keep this data available.

Changes to Rank Tracker

The module most affected by these Google changes will be the Rank Tracker module.

The Bad News…

With over 400,000 users now, tracking the ranks of your keywords on your behalf results in literally millions of Google searches every day. Google’s changes mean that it will be simply impossible for us to continue doing this on your behalf.

Unlike Bing and Yahoo!, Google has no API (commercial or otherwise) which is suitable for tracking rankings. The APIs that do exist for Google often produce results that are significantly different from actual rankings, making them useless for SEO purposes.

There are third-party companies that do have accurate APIs to Google, and we are currently in negotiations to get access to their data.

The particular company that we are talking to provides the ranking data to major SEO tools such as the excellent Raven Tools product, for example.

However, this data is expensive (Raven Tool’s cheapest plan costs $99 a month to track 1,000 keywords), and the underlying cost of ranking data is a large part of the reason for this price.

We’ve evaluated many options and it seems, at this stage, that the only way for us to offer Google Rank Tracker functionality to our users is to buy this data.

However, with a fixed-price product and so many users, it’s simply an economic impossibility to provide the same rank tracking functionality on an ongoing basis. In fact, it would cost us over $40,000 a day to purchase this data!

So, we’re left with the difficult decision of having to pass this costs on to our users in some fashion (most likely a monthly paid service).

Please know, if you’re an existing Market Samurai buyer we’ll try to keep this cost as low as possible.  Potentially we will even try to offer a free level of service for a small number of keywords.

Unfortunately, this change will take a while to implement, at least several weeks. So until that time you may need to check your rankings manually, or perhaps try the 30 day trial at Raven Tools until we can get the new version of Rank Tracker out the door.

We’ll be releasing an updated version of the existing Rank Tracker module shortly, that will enable you to check a very small number of keyword rankings in Google (up to 10), by using your own connection rather than our servers to perform the searches. This is a temporary workaround until we can put a more permanent solution in place.

The Good News…

However, the news is not all bad. Rank Tracker has always been a very slow module to use due to the higher numbers of searches it requires.

The new Rank Tranker module built on the paid API will enable us to check your rankings in the background from our servers each week, so that when you open Market Samurai, you’ll instantly be able to see your rankings report—instead of waiting upwards of 10–30 minutes to check all your keyword rankings.

What To Do Next

We know the implications of these recent Google changes are very disappointing and will cause some anger amongst our users.

We understand this, and while we these changes are beyond our control, I want to apologize on behalf of the whole Noble Samurai team. We’re very grateful for the support of our customers over the years – you’re the reason we can do what we do!  We deeply appreciate your patience through this difficult time.

Our current estimate is that we’ll have the vast majority of Market Samurai’s functionality working again within the next few days. The revised Rank Tracker module may take us several weeks to fully implement, though you can still check small numbers of keywords manually in Rank Tracker, as well as checking Bing and Yahoo! as normal.

Please be assured that as a small software development team, we understand that delivering great value is what keeps us alive and what built this business in the first place. When the dust has settled, we’re determined to do whatever it takes to ensure the investment you made to own Market Samurai is the best Internet Marketing investment you’ve made.

However, if at any time you don’t think Market Samurai is worth your initial investment please contact our help desk for a partial or full refund—just be aware that our help desk has a high volume of tickets at the moment, so it may take a little longer than usual to get to your requests.

Once again, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused our customers.

We’re working around the clock to get this fixed.

Please leave any questions, concerns or encouragement (we could use a little bit right about now!) in the comments below.

Yours sincerely,

Eugene Ware
Noble Samurai

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545 Responses to “Update: The State of the Market Samurai Nation”

  1. Sounds to me like Noble Samurai has taken on a different business model and now is charging for everything. The service went to crap when Article Samurai came out. Now for a service we PAID for, we are going to be asked to pay for that again (on a monthly fee i am sure) or lose the functionality.
    I smell a lawsuit…

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Dave, thanks for sharing your frustration.

    For 4 years we’ve worked really hard to keep the price point of Market Samurai low and a fixed price. Unfortunately, the day of “FREE” search services in data is coming to an end.

    Yahoo, for example just shut down their excellent Site Explorer tool which used to be the best place to get back link data. In that situation we found the best source of Backlinks possible on the web (Majestic SEO). What we haven’t told anyone is that we’re paying almost $10,000 a month for access to this data, and we haven’t passed on a cent of this to our users – we just pulled in our belt and wore the cost.

    We’re still a very small company – and our resources over the last few years have been twofold – Keeping Market Samurai working in the face of almost daily changes, and releasing Article Samurai so that our users have a way to build back links and have a chance in increasing search engine competition, as well as providing some financial head room to hire more people to continue to enhance Market Samurai and pay for increasing data sources.

    It completely sucks that it looks like from the outside that we keep changing the rules, and are asking you to pay for things that were formerly free. But it’s because these data sources were formerly free to us too! No-one is more frustrated that we are, I guarantee.

    Once again, please feel free to ask for a full refund (you can keep access to Market Samurai after your refund), and feel free to look around the market place for an alternative product. I’ve been in touch with many of the top SEO tools over the last few days, and many of them are facing this very same problem.

    I’m really sorry that we’ve lost your trust on this one. Paying $40,000 a day for data, however, would simply bankrupt us – which isn’t good for the hard-working staff who earn their living serving our customers, or our customer either – who would have to lose access to great tool.

    Thanks for your feedback – I hope that over time we can earn back your trust and respect.

    Charles replied:

    I can understand Dave’s sentiments, but this post from Eugene is a perfect example of why I’m not leaving MS. Sure, the backlink data isn’t as good as it was – but it’s not their fault.

    I paid $97 for this two years ago, and I still use it regularly. I can do a keyword analysis for a client and charge $300 to build a basic AdWords campaign. My secrets: Market Samurai and Excel.

    If you haven’t gotten the value back (tenfold) from this software, I suppose you haven’t been using it correctly.

    Eugene, and the rest at MS – thank you for your continued “improvements”. Sometimes, they are a step backwards, but as you’ve detailed, it’s never your fault, and you’re doing the best you can.

    - Charles M.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Charles,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I’m really glad that you’ve received a lot of value from the tool.

    I think the unfortunate truth with all online marketing products whether it is software or a course, is that only a small number actually put things into practice to reap the rewards.

    I’m glad that you have!

    Two steps forward, one step back!

    We’re getting there. Keyword Research is back and running now, and we have restored some limited ranking functionality in Rank Tracker (ability to track ranks for a small numbers of keywords). Inch by inch…

    Thanks again!

    Dawn M. replied:

    I would just like to echo Charles’ statements… I paid $97 for Market Samurai 2 years ago, and thanks to the software and the amazing training you provide I’ve been able to create a number of profitable online business. The tool has paid for itself thousands of times over.

    It’s clear things are changing, and it’s frustrating for everyone. But the value you and your team have provided over the years is more than substantial proof of your commitment to excellence in both your product and your service.

    To anyone considering a refund – these guys are the best on the planet at what they do. If anyone is going to figure this out, it’s going to be the team at Market Samurai.

    Thanks for everything Eugene and team, and good luck with the changes.

    Dawn M.

    Marquis Gittens replied:

    Is it me, or is it right to assume that Google is trying to destroy internet marketeers?

    Steve Walters replied:

    Hi Eugene,

    I’ve always been told since school days and now in business just how picky I am, with Friends, Products, Customer Service etc. – I was so impressed with this article and further your reply to Dave that I’ve actually saved it to my PC’s ‘work templates’ folder; if I ever need an example of how to handle customer complaints re.’service disappointment/change’.

    I’m in support of you guys. I’ve been impressed (not easily) with your product, your outlook on Web Marketing, your tutorials, your video’s on web theory’s etc.

    Keep up the good work!

    PS. May I take this opportunity to ask:
    How can one research a Client’s website’s keyword performance WITHOUT having to specify the keywords?
    Years ago I stumbled on some software that showed me/ID’s what keywords my website ranked for.

    Steve Walters.
    Small Business Helper Limited, South Wales, UK.

    Greg replied:

    YOu and your team are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all you have done for the IM Marketers. Sounds like MS has been a major source of success for many.
    Unfortunately i am so much a rookie, i don’t even know the depth of Market Samurai. I would thus like to encourage to continue to look at a base level no fee system until some are able to go onto a fee system. This will give a few options as you said below……

    “Please know, if you’re an existing Market Samurai buyer we’ll try to keep this cost as low as possible. Potentially we will even try to offer a free level of service for a small number of keywords”.

    Kevin M replied:

    Explanation was comforting and insightful. The more informed I got the less assuming I did and came to realize the real situation.

    You guys are in business – not charity – and you have provided a ton of value at a price point that if anyone has invested in the software within the last couple years (not trying to be Dr. Phil here) but I also realize that some people have invested in the software and when things change, they are lost as far as where to find other resources or what to do to manually perform all the tasks MS would normally do.

    Even if it did take a few days (boooooo). Maybe until the dust settles you could put together a little resource-list of where to go and do the things that MS lost functionality wise – manually, and continue to us MS for the features that went unaffected/ or resolved.

    petrisor replied:

    -Live involved permanent modification. Nothing last for ever but GOD.
    -NS is one of the top and is a really MUST HAVE tool any how.
    -The initial price(if whose not payed in last 2 month), don’t need a refund but a THANK YOU.
    -The NS bankrupt will produce more harm and higher costs in this field.
    -This problems were clear from last year when principal source for Google and others has announce closing doors in January.
    -Like usual, NS as well have to be use in conjunction with other tools (they are some tools that are not affected-I don’t adv), so is just to change a little the reflex to rely only to NS for this.
    -Good pertinent, decent, realistic, common sense answer Eugene!
    Please you and NS remain with us in marketing niche, don’t allow to get bankrupt!

    Anthony replied:

    I think Eugene did an excellent job of explaining this situation. I think anyone who takes the time to understand what he is saying will realize that they are doing the best they can with a very difficult circumstace.

    After all, they did not cause this problem. They are only left to deal with it, as will everyone. For anyone to ask for a refund over this issue would only be somewhat selfish and serve to hurt the company worse.

    Good luck to you guys trying to solve this problem. You’ll figure it out…I have faith in you.

    Sean replied:

    Dave – get a life man. Lawsuit!!! What are you smoking?

    MS is far cheaper than any other option available.

    It still is an invaluable tool and I use it daily.

    Rank tracker is a major tool that I am missing a lot but, just the keyword research alone makes ms a great buy.

    Show the guys some support and if you ain’t happy they have offered a refund. Take it and see if you can find anything else that does the job half the job for a lot more money.

    Steve replied:

    Hi Eugene,

    I’m with Sean on this one… some people just want to watch the world burn. They seem to be born with the idea that because they are alive the world owes them something.

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and your team for an amazing product over the past few years. It’s been so good I’ve never felt the need to look elsewhere for anything else. Even if MS were to cease (though hopefully that’s the last thing that will happen) the money I invested at the start would remain with you because you guys delivered.

    Good luck over the coming weeks. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


    Greg replied:

    I agree Steve, I hope and trust MS will NOT cease. Obviously they have a great team working on options. I have seen a couple excellent suggestions already(ie Tim and Marshall). I am in awe at the depth of knowledge of MS client base ideas and if you IM SOFTWARE EXPERTS continue to offer viable options, that could only help the Noble Samurai team.

    Spirited Marketing replied:

    I agree,

    I never realized how addicted I was to rank tracker until I couldn’t use it LOL.

    The most frustrating thing about any kind of business using “the internet” is the constant changes.

    All we can do is our best to run with the changes. I admire and applaud those who are at the forefront and provide us with excellent tools to help our clients, and run our businesses.

    And come on…I received $97 of value the first week I used Market Samurai….

    Stany replied:

    I am a happy customer and I understand the internet is constantly evolving. I am lucky to have the team at Noble Samurai on my side, working hard to keep up with it.

    Mark replied:

    Hey Market Samurai, I know you cannot sell something once and service it free forever! The math just ain’t there!!!

    Put me down as an Opt-Out on all class action suits! I don’t think that way and don’t do business with those who do.

    Marshall replied:

    What I smell is stupidity and ungratitude on the hoof in the original comment. The Noble Samuari team has responded to the idiot changes Google makes within a few days in almost all of the previous changes. They have kept their software more up-to-date than any other I own. And I own over 300 software programs. As a part-time software developer, I can assure you that maintaining current software of this kind is not easy.
    You may also find you will be paying Google just to use their search engine in the near future.

    So if you are that unhappy, get a refund and go away. Most of us don’t need to hear your childish complaining.

    Keith replied:

    I used a long list of service over the years and no one compares with the team at Nobel Samurai! That goes for your tools and your support. I’ve been with you folks almost from the beginning and I’ve gotten my moneys worth from market samurai time and time again.

    I’d just like to say that if someone wants their money back they should NOT be able to use the tool any longer! Not only is it not fare to us who continue to stand behind Nobel Samurai but, why have this dead weight dragging down the services?

    I for one am going nowhere, I have confidence in the Nobel Samurai team, I trust what they are doing and I know they are going to keep costs in line as best they can. Like someone else said “try going out and find a different tool.”

    Law suit??? Good luck fella, If that’s the way you want to spend your time and money, that simply leaves more opening in the market for the rest of us.

    rick dawson replied:

    Edit: Moderated by Miriam to remove inappropriate content

    I don’t envy the spot you’re in but you’re handling it great and I’m sure this will be in the rear view mirror soon.

    Mike FD@best elliptical fitness replied:

    Wake up and smell the roses Dave old boy, work on expanding that perspective of yours and you’ll be fine.

    MS has to react to significant change – I belive what they say. In the past they have given me no reason to think otherwise, they’re an honest outfit for Pete’s sake, or Dave’s or Mike’s………..

    Hey as we all know from Forest Gump – shit happens!!!! :-(

    Nic Oliver replied:


    Perhpas Dave could also go old school and use Google Analytics – then he’d appreciate how much time is saved by MS!

    Tim replied:

    Dave – With all due respect, Market Samurai was always very cheap in my opinion… To get what you get in Market Samurai for under $150 ONCE OFF payment is ridiculous. I expected to pay a monthly fee, but was pleasantly surprised at Market Samurai’s once off price. If you’re unhappy -take a look at their competitors. Market Samurai are cheaper, and they do a better job.

    I’ve used it for a number of years (for multi-million dollar organisations) and to be honest, if you’re winging about a $150 ($97 in my case) you seriously need to rethink your business… or at least get some more capital behind you. $97-$150 was a great price, but if we need to pay a monthly fee, then so be it. -it’s still good value.

    I can appreciate your concerns, because it sucks, I’m unhappy too… but if you’re unhappy, get a refund. Threatening a lawsuit over $97 or $150, isn’t even worth your time.

    As for me – I’ll be staying with them because they’ve always delivered what they said they would and it’s always been a great price. I just hope you (the guys at Noble Samurai) can keep the costs low. (as a friendly suggestion for Noble Samurai, you might want to increase your back end products so you can treat MS as a “entry” product -possibly even a ‘loss leader’. That way, you might lose money on the costs of data upfront, but make it up back on ‘back-end’ sales -obviously that’s a more lengthy approach, but it would allow you to stay as a market leader.)

    Best of luck with the new changes,

    Dave The Social Marketing Guy replied:

    You guys do a great job, this tool is worth WAY more than anybody paid for it, we appreciate your honesty and being up front about the realities of working in an ever changing environment.

    Too bad your first responder was such whiner, I don’t think you’ll get that kind of response from any pros in the business.

    Kim Celinder replied:

    Com’on Dave, they offer you a refund and still you talk like that.

    @Samurai Team,

    It’s sad to hear, but I know you do everything you can, I don’t hope the sub to MS will be expensive, or maybe you can make plans for the different levels of searches.

    Steve replied:

    Wonder if Dave has taken a moment to realize how utterly foolish his comments were. Hopefully.

    Let me add my name to the list as being not only in complete support of the MS team, but also as someone who has gotten literally THOUSANDS of times the $97 I paid for MS in value.

    The constant updates and amazing support provided by the MS team is just ridiculously good. I mean seriously…I have had MS for a couple years now…all the work and updates they have done in that time at ZERO additional cost is amazing.

    Forget the haters and keep up the good work you guys!!!

    Mr. None Provided replied:

    re> smell a lawsuit
    Get real. Times change.

    re> destroy internet marketeers…
    No, they just want all the data for themselves.

    Organic SEO Expert replied:

    Honestly I have been using Market Samurai for the past 4 years and it has made a big difference in my own rankings and how my sales team sells our campaigns. This has always been a great tool for myself and my clients and I recommend it to everyone I meet in the SEO business. A small problem like this will be corrected and I am sure the company will do the right thing here .

  2. I thank you for being forthright honest with your members, especially those who have supported Market Samurai for all this time. While I understand where you are coming from, I would also like to take the time to evaluate my choices if Market Samurai (or portions of it will become paid), since we have to check the implications of this on our operations and our business model. I hope you can still maintain avenues such as refund open, especially if some members deem the new cost pricing strategy too expensive for their operations.

    Thank you and I hope you can sort this out :)

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Kurt, thanks for your support and kind words.

    In regards to refund, our policy has always been to treat people the way that we’d like to be treated, and for us that means refunding everyone back to the first people who helped us launch our business in August 2008.

    And BTW, providing a refund doesn’t mean that we disable your Market Samurai account either. You’re free to continue using our tool for free in the meantime as well.

    We’ve been speaking to the top people in the world particularly in the area of rank checking, and many SEO tools are in the same boat, or will be if their customer base increases.

    We always try to do the right thing by our customers, and make decisions that will be for the long-term. When we moved to Majestic SEO we have to pay over $8,000 a month to provide you back link data, and we haven’t passed any of that on to the customer. We’d love to do that for Rank Tracking, but at $40k per day, it’s just not possible.

    We’ve got an amazing team here though, and whatever we work out you can bet that existing customers will get the best deal possible, and will get the data at cost price.

    Thanks again for your support!

    Chrystal replied:

    I purchased MS less than a month ago, possibly only a few weeks. Most of the reason why I purchased it was for the rank tracking module. The other modules were useful, but not as important as I don’t need them as much as the rank tracking module. Do you think you guys can consider a refund for my purchase?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Chrystal,

    Thanks for your question.

    I’m really sorry that the major functionality that you purchased our product isn’t working for you currently. We have an unlimited, no questions asked refund policy. Please click the “Ask Us” button to the left of this page, and submit you refund request with purchase details and your paypal email address and our support team will be able to help you out.

    Sorry it didn’t work out for you.

    Marshall replied:

    Eugene, Maybe setting up a couple of smaller server farms on different IP blocks to query Google in smaller blocks might help your problems.

  3. thanks for the update.
    I appreciate how difficult it must be for you.
    Look forward to more updates as they come to hand.

  4. 4
    On January 29th, 2012 at 2:34 pm
    Greg Morrison said:

    Damn that sucks – I have like 2,000 keywords that I’m currently tracking…im hoping the new system will let us keep our current campaigns in place? I’ve spent endless time organizing campaigns into working on and “sold” sections – 50 different projects with thousands of keywords…what a mess!

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Greg,

    I hear you, keeping track of lots of different campaigns is a pain in the butt at the moment for large, or multiple campaigns.

    The next version will probably look similar to the current version just to get something out there that’s working. In subsequent versions however we’ll definitely add the ability to have different campaigns, and even send you weekly emails to let you know what’s been happening so you don’t even have to open up our tool! But that version is realistically several months away.

    Thanks for the idea though, keep ‘em coming!

  5. Thank you for the update. You guys are awesome – so a big thank you for everything you’re doing to get SEOC back up and running.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Thanks Mark for your support.

    We just pushed out an update that has enabled SEOC now working for the Keyword Research module. We’re now focusing on the SEO Competition module to get that working 100%.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Mark thanks for the encouragement.

    SEOC should now be up and working if you update to the latest version that we just pushed out. Let me know how it goes.

    We’re now turning our focus to the SEO Competition module.

    Expect plenty of software updates over the next few days and weeks!

    Thanks again.

  6. You guys have provided a great product for a low, one-time price. This time had to come.

    Maybe the time has come to start charging a monthly fee for certain “pro” features. Even $5 per month will go a long way toward defraying your ongoing expenses.

    IMO, with the cloud-based services, MS has several single points of failure. Perhaps the functionality currently done in the cloud should be pushed out to the user.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Ben, thanks so much for your support.

    We’ve had many people to violently argue that we should we should charge an ongoing fee for Market Samurai. It costs us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to update and enhance the product, and not having someway to recoup this expense is not a sound long-term business model. But we’ve tried very hard to make it work, and make sure that Market Samurai would be a great value product to our users, and that when subsequent products come out, that they’d trust us enough to try them out.

    In regards to the cloud, Market Samurai did start out using only the user’s computer. However, the downside with this, is that doing that many queries from the computer can cause temporary Google service interruptions for not only the user but also other people who are on the same Internet connection (as well as being exceedingly slow). Our cloud infrastructure contains many, many servers providing redundancy and greater reliability, as well as being able to do many queries in parallel.

    The other reason for moving to the cloud is that it enables us to work on other version of Market Samurai (eg. mobile versions, and web versions). Adobe AIR has served us well as a multi-platform application, but it’s not being actively maintained by Adobe, and it’s beginning to show it’s age. Also, the cloud service allows us to make changes to changing services without having to deploy a new version of the desktop software.

    For the moment we’re going to release a version of Rank Tracker shortly that will allow people to look up a small number of keywords using their own computer while we work on the next version of Rank Tracker.

    Thanks Ben for your feedback – you obviously have a clear grasp of the issues, and I invite you and other users to continue to send through ideas for us to improve our product and work through these issues.

    Alex@artiste peintre Domartin replied:

    Reading that Adobe’s Air is getting old makes me fear one thing.
    I would understand that you try to look elsewhere for future releases of your products, however I hope you’ll never drop Linux and Mac OS support. It’s one of the main reasons that I bought MS over some other tool!

  7. Thanks for laying it all out. It has been pretty frustrating but there’s not a whole lot that can be done when Google makes big changes like this.

  8. 8
    On January 29th, 2012 at 3:38 pm
    Wayne Williams said:

    I understand you’re a small development team and you’ve been impacted by decisions beyond your control. But I’m disappointed you were not more aware of what was happening over at Google, because it raises the question of what else you’re not aware of.

    Also, your assertion that substituting Bing for Google won’t cause any degradation in results isn’t very reassuring. The vast majority of web customers search for results via Google. Now, we’ll be basing much of our SEO based on data from something that isn’t Google. That’s a hole you can’t plug with a couple of vague assurances.

    Although I’m a relatively new user of your product, I applaud its design and the level of thought you’ve put into it, but if you don’t think this is a black eye for your company and your product, you need to spend less time staring at computer screens and rejoin the rest of civilization.

    I’m also somewhat suspect of you running a time-expired promotion just before disaster strikes, because, for those of us who signed up, it feels very much like a smash-and-grab,even if that wasn’t your intent.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for feedback.

    I’m sorry, that as a new user you got caught in the middle of this with the time promotion (it certainly was not our intent!). What most people don’t see behind the scenes is that we have a dedicated team constantly performing updates and making changes to stay up-to-date with the frequent changes that the search engine world throws at us.

    The vast majority of SEO software is created, lasts about 3 months and then stops working, because the services and data that they’re built on change. It’s more than a full-time job staying on top of it. It’s part of why people stay with Market Samurai because we continue to fix and update the software (in fact most people say that we update our software TOO much!)

    In almost 4 years of operation we’ve met every challenge head on. But, this has been one of the most challenging problems that we’ve had to face.

    Your comments about using one search engine to measure another are valid, and the status quo is certainly less than ideal. Most SEOs, however, that using SEOC or even SEOTC (or even such meaningless metrics such as KEI) as a pure indication of a keywords competitive is flawed.

    The truth is, you can get a front page ranking on an SEOC number of millions, and struggle to get onto the front page with an SEOC score of 20!! These are just rough tools to help whittle down hundreds of keywords to a few that you can spend time on and do further investigation.

    The SEO Competition module will remain using Google, and all the back link analysis functionality (as it’s drawn from the paid Majestic SEO API) will continue to work. This is the tools that the pros use, and it is – and will continue to be for the foreseeable future based on Google.

    Thanks Wayne for your feedback, and I hope that over the next few weeks and months that we’ll be able to win back your trust, and that the ultimate measure of success (ie. that you identify great keywords and get great rankings for them – becomes the ultimate barometer of whether the changes that we’ve been forced to make work out for you and our users).

    Wayne Williams replied:

    Actually, Eugene, in reading your responses, it’s clear to me you’re being absolutely forthright and sincere about this, so I take back my negative comments. Give me a supplier who does a great job (or in this case, makes a great tool) AND has integrity, and that’s a supplier I’ll stick with through a rough patch.

    Make sure it all works again and, if that requires some kind of monthly fee, so be it.


    3djoe replied:

    This is exactly how i feel about it. I just recently purchased this product and feel like I was totally hustled

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    I’m really sorry about that. We had no idea that this was going to happen and as recently as Saturday morning we thought everything was fixed. We’re happy to arrange a refund if you like. If you prefer you can also wait until we have more information about what will be happening with Rank Tracker and make your decision then.


    Spirited Marketing replied:

    Google doesn’t make anyone aware of their changes until they are sprung on people. So unless MS has/had a crystal ball they had no way of knowing what was coming….

    Wayne Williams replied:

    Now that I’m aware other SEO tools have experienced similar problems, I accept that point.

  9. 9

    I think you guys are doing a great job and unfortunately these things happen.

    My suggestion would be to give an option should you wish to make use of the rank tracker or not as it seems this is where the problem is and what you need to charge for.

    Will the rest of MS still be available for those who has already purchased without having to pay the monthly fee?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Bertie, thank you so much for your kind words.

    Yes, Market Samurai will continue to be a fixed price as a standalone product.

    Rank Tracker may have to be a an add-on service. In an ideal world, and if the numbers worked we’d love to be able to let all our paid customers get a level of free access to Rank Tracker (to check a small number of keywords, for example). But don’t quote me on that. We’re working on how to make it work so that everyone wins.

    But at the moment we have no current plans for all the non-RankTracker functionality to have a monthly fee.

    Thanks again for your support.

    lei@seo services company philippines replied:

    I am a paid subscriber of both MS and AS in the Philippines… if you do decide to make Rank Tracker a paid monthly service add-on, I do hope it is still a built-in add-on service in AS (because we already pay a monthly service fee for it).

    I still support you guys and will try to stick to your service as long as I am able to afford it.

  10. Now this is the way a customer service letter should be written.

    You should send a copy to Netflix. They could learn something from you guys.

  11. Sunday is supposed to be for resting and yet you guys are working harder than you need to mid-week! Your product is simply awesome and saves me heaps of time. I appreciate your dedication and wish you all the best.

  12. Thanks for the update.

    Every time that you’ve had to make changes because Google has once again changed something you’ve always been able to deliver the goods. I trust that you’ll be able to do the same again this time around.

    I’ve been with you from the early days of Market Samurai and at this stage it’s still my favorite research tool. Keep up the good work guys and good luck!

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Thanks Liz for your very kind words of support and encouragement.

    I’ve been meaning to put out a blog post talking about the lengths we go to on behalf of our users to keep Market Samurai working. Something changes almost on a daily basis!

    We’ve got a clear roadmap to get through this challenge, and hopefully other customers will be as kind and understanding as yourself.

    Thanks again.

  13. Well, I guess just like anything else, all good things must come to an end at some point in time.

    Instead of offering a paid service to track our rankings, why not implement the use of our own private proxies and/or scheduling our ranking slowly over time so we have the option of skipping the monthly fee (using our own internet connection and not your servers). With all of the monthly fees that are associated with internet marketing software it would be nice not to add yet another one.

    Ben Stickland replied:

    Hi Andy

    Rank Tracker (in it’s current form) does allow you to use you’re own private proxies (see Preferences | Proxies) which could be what you need. But reality is most folks don’t have access to a personal proxy network.

    Rank Tracker also allows you to turn proxies off and use a local IP, but as you hinted, we’d need to rate limit it to make it effective for large volumes of keywords.



    Ryne Landers replied:

    Pulling ranks from your own personal connection is ridiculously time consuming and often results in Google Captchas and outright blocking of your IPs. Before I started working at my current SEO company, they were using IBP for rank tracking. The SEO guy before me would literally let it work over the weekend, and had to run batches of keywords back to back instead of running a single set all at once.

    The company still keeps up rank tracking using a script that manually pulls ranks for a 1-2 keywords/domain for about 10,000 domains they own. This program runs on our servers and checks the SERPs manually up to Page 4. The couple of times it accidentally ran during office hours (normally runs around 2:00AM) it caused massive connection lag for all of us, and many of us got multiple Google Captchas.

    When I introduced them to MS, which I had been using since it launched, we were able to get accurate results in a matter of minutes or an hour for what had literally taken IBP and other software DAYS.

    No captchas, no blocked IPs, no problem.

    On top of that, the one-time fee made it SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper than other software, like IBP, Raven, SEOMoz, SEO Powersuite, etc. It looks like those days have to end, but I guess we all knew the days of a one-time cost product with these kinds of updates would have to end eventually.

  14. Thankyou very much for keeping us informed.

  15. Why aren’t other programs such as Rank Tracker from SEO Powersuite affected.

    I purchased Market Samurai solely for the Rank Tracker module. I believe that with one IP, using proxies or VPN can search for dozens of keywords before that IP is temporarily blocked. Why can’t we solve this by entering our own IPs?

  16. This is a great example of good customer service and responding quickly to a crisis. With this kind of obvious commitment to your customers, I’m confident Market Samurai will weather any Google-made storm.

  17. Thanks for this up-date. Hope it all comes right for you. Is this a case of ‘big business’ (google)being greedy? I note that their Keyword Tools are going commercial and the free version is now listed as “untitled”.
    Anyway, all the best and good luck!

  18. 18

    Such is life in a Google world. Unfortunately the bing/yahoo engine is still almost irrelevant at this point. I hope you can find a suitable solution…

    Marshall replied:

    Brandon — I am not so sure Bing is all that irrelevant. Google has indexed about 2,000 pages on one of my sites that are tags and search terms. Google being Google, it is almost impossible to get them to correct it. Bing on the other hand, has within 100 of the correct number of pages indexed. So which engine is running off the tracks. IMHO it is Google at the moment. About the time Google gets it right, they have to mess it up for awhile until the dust settles. Be glad you have are not in the SEO software biz. Eugene and the team have done an excellent job of keeping MS up to date. And I have owned MS since they started.

    Brandon replied:

    I couldn’t agree more with the fact that Google is running off the tracks. We know that but people, and a vast majority at that, still use it about seven times as often as Bing. I am sorry for your current predicament and hope you can get things worked out. As far as Google goes I believe that other SEs will start to gain popularity and that’s great. Unfortunately right now Google is what concerns most internet searchers. I have no doubt that your team will find the perfect solution.

    Ryne Landers replied:

    It’s irrelevant in that in the US, Bing still only accounts for about 16% market share. I don’t care how “off the tracks” Google is; at the end of the day, they’re not the team on the playing field- they ARE the playing field, and everyone else is playing by their rules.
    If you need accurate SEO results, they need to be based off of what Google’s indexed and displayed, because that’s what 68% of the market uses in the United States. Results based off of Yahoo or Bing can’t be accurately applied to Google. It’s like saying
    “Well, this BMW Turbo Diesel engine is working this way, and being that you have a Volkswagen, which is also a German car, it should be applicable.”
    Clearly, you wouldn’t trust the analysis, because the underlying mechanics are radically different, which is the same situation between the search engines.

    Understand, I LOVE MS, and this isn’t a rant on MS. It’s just a reply to the statement above about Bing/Google.

  19. Just to be clear, how much will rank tracker cost?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for your question.

    See my response to Eddie’s comment for an answer to this.

  20. Thanks for the post, Eugene.

    Question – if we do not rely on rank tracker too much, would we be able to use the other modules free of charge? I’m more of an occasional user, and would love to keep using Market Samurai’s other modules, but would probably not switch to a monthly fee service.


    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your question.

    A lot of our users fall into your category, and we have no current plans to charge regularly for the non-Rank Tracker features at this time. I’m sorry if this wasn’t clear in the original post. A lot of people don’t use the Rank Tracker service.

    You’ll also be glad to know that as a result of some of these changes the modules which you are using such as Keyword Research and SEO Competition should be a lot faster and more reliable.

  21. It is surely not easy to please everyone. I guess MS team has done much to try to keep up with the changing online landscape. Previously it was Yahoo closing its Site Explorer and now it’s Google changing its service.

    Though I personally aren’t very happy about having to pay for the Ranking Module service however, if there’s a need, we eventually have to accept as I too recognize that it doesn’t make any economical sense for the MS team to absorb the cost.

    Also, I appreciate the readiness to refund any unsatisfied customers though I don’t see myself as one of them.

  22. Dear Eugene
    Since the day I paid for MS it has been broken so many times,
    I simply stopped using it.
    I will allow myself to be completely un-politically correct – Or in other words -
    COMPLETELY HONEST with you –
    I would be embarrassed to email this letter if I were you.
    I would of felt a Moral obligation to give back to money to all of my users.

    Honestly, I feel completely cheated and scammed by Market Samurai,
    which promised a great deal of things and now is just taking some space
    on my hard drive (and has been doing so since almost the day it was bought
    since it is always broken)

    The only paid program I use is Windows (god take its soul :) ) as it came with
    the computer and i’m just too lazy to change it. Windows and Market Samurai.
    Its just that the last is completely unuseable, while the first is simply annoying…

    I believe in people having a kind heart and good will, so I won’t lie and say I
    have no expectations of you. It would be wonderful to have my money back and a
    “sorry you were not able to enjoy Market Samurai – We really tried our best”.
    But this is in a Perfect world, not the one we are in.
    I’m afraid that reality is that no one reads this all the way, and if they do they are
    too engulfed in their new iPhone to give a damn… But that’s o.k, It is a part of
    my tuition now isn’t it?
    Thanks for teaching me that even I, and I never buy anything but food (I live
    in an eco-community….) can fall into the false-charm of a good salesman.
    I honestly believed that this set of tools you call the Market Samurai will really
    fulfill the promise it holds.
    So thanks for the lesson.

    Truly yours (and have the receipt to prove :) )

  23. 23
    On January 29th, 2012 at 4:04 pm
    Neil HIlls said:

    HI GUys,
    I love the way you guys are honest with us, and will continue to support Market Samurai

  24. 24

    Thanks for the update. Very sorry to hear of the situation that Google has once again put everyone in. You’ll come through with a solution that will benefit all.

  25. I just want to say thanks for all the hours, all the blood, sweat and tears and energy you have put into this.

    It cannot be easy. I am missing my rank tracker results, but I can check manually… hate too, lol, but I can do it if I need to.

    I would be willing to pay a fee each month to get my ranking results. If that is what it takes, then so be it. I just want the tool back and know you are working to make that happen.
    So thanks again for all the effort on our behalf.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Thanks Mel for your understanding.

    Checking ranks by hand sucks – it’s why we built Rank Tracker in the first place.

    We’ve pushed out an update a few hours ago that enables you to select a few keywords (by clicking the checkbox beside them), and then by clicking the “Update Selected” button. It should allow you to check a few keywords a little bit more quickly until we have a longer-term solution in place.

    Thanks for your support Mel!

  26. Hello Eugene,

    thank you for all the work you guys are doing to try to get MS working to the same level it was before the Big G made its changes.

    I am curious though, what do you think the price will be for Rank Tracker, an estimate?



    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for your question.

    At this stage we honestly don’t have a clear idea around pricing as we’re focusing on coming up with a solution before we decide on a pricing structure. We also need to analyse our usage data to work out final pricing. It might also not be a monthly subscription, it could be a credit system too. So a little early to tell.

    Industry pricing for 1000 keywords updated weekly is around $99 / month, with 100 keywords around $25-30 a month. We’d hope to be able to competitive with these offerings, and to make sure that our existing customers get a wholesale pricing deal that would be a no-brainer in comparison to any existing offerings.

    I hope that answers your question!

    Tina replied:

    When you figure out your pricing levels, please keep the smaller users in mind. I will never need to track 100 keywords, and would appreciate pricing for smaller numbers (like 20) done infrequently. I love the rank tracker, but the competition module is of the utmost importance to me. Don’t want to have to pay monthly for something I don’t use on a regular basis. Thus, a credit system would be great. Smaller users like me could buy a few credits as needed. So again, remember that not everyone is a power user!

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    We’re still in the early stages of figuring out numbers and arrangements, however we definitely want to make sure the cost is usage based and that there are a number of options to suit different usage levels.

  27. 27

    Dear Eugene,

    Thank you for the update. I have a question regarding the SEO Matrix in the SEO Competition Module. Will it still be able to list the page ranks of the top ten competing sites for a particular keyword?

    Also, as far as rank tracker. I’ve been using Google’s Webmaster Tools more and more. They also provide the average page rank for particular keywords that’s bringing your site traffic over a month’s time. Although, it must be said that the data is usually a couple of days behind, but it’s still a useful and fairly accurate (as any tool can be I guess).

    Could Market Samurai look into the possibility of linking a users Google’s Webmaster Tools account into Market Samurai, similar to what you had done over a year ago with the Keyword Research tools and their Adwords accounts?

    Just a suggestion as I know some other keyword research tools do this for their users, and it has proven successful thus far.

    Best regards,

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your question.

    My understanding is that currently the issues that we are experiencing don’t seem to be affecting Page Rank.
    At this point in time we fully expect that we’ll still be able to provide Page Rank data.

    If that ever changes, then we’ll do what we always do and find a replacement (like MozRank, or something similar).

    It’s fair to say, that Google’s intended path for web masters to monitor their ranking is in WebMaster Tools. The data today is a bit sketchy and incomplete, but also better than nothing. This would help you to monitor the rankings for sites that you own, but doesn’t give much help for your competitor sites, or pages that you control on web2.0 sites such as youtube.com or squidoo.com

    We do have plans to integrate more tightly with WebMaster Tools and Analytics in the future. Can’t say too much about it though!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. When dealing with Google, though they “tolerate” and don’t actively “endorse” SEO, the best strategy is to work with them, and we’ll be taking steps in that direction.

    Jonathan@Splice UK Internet Marketing replied:

    One issue with webmaster tools is that is seems to be totally US centric. Most of my clients don’t care how they rank worldwide or for the US – they need to know their rank for searches from the UK.

    If you look at the average rank in there, and then at the visible rank on Google.co.uk, the results are currently too different to be useful.

    I may have to move away from MS as the rank tracking is the major part I use – but I most definitely got my moneys worth over the last 12 months.

  28. Thank you for the update! Was just wondering why it took so long ;) It’s good to know you are working on it.
    I have no problems paying for Google rank data! Even see some big advantages if this data is not available for free anymore…

  29. That’s a bitch! You guys are awesome! Hang in there!

  30. 30
    On January 29th, 2012 at 4:15 pm
    Roberto Lito said:

    To have Rank Tracker as an add-on service which those interested in it would be paying (optional as you say above), is acceptable.
    To convert ALL of Market Samurai’s functionality into a paid service would be to slap your users. Market Samurai was not originally sold with a monthly payment for its functions, so to charge now for the use of its main services would be unfair and would certainly make your company lose credibility.
    Hope you think it twice before you decide to charge for the use of Market Samurai’s main functions.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your advice.

    We will keep Market Samurai at a fixed price as long as we’re able to do that. The sad truth, however, is that the days of “free” data sources for SEO data are coming to a close.

    Where we can make it work, we’ll try to wear the costs (we currently purchase link data at almost $10k a month on behalf of our users). Where we can’t make it work we’ll have to make a call in consultation with our customers about the way to move forward.

    Nine times out of ten we can work out a creative way through the problem. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control we’ll be forced to come up with a pricing model to continue to offer the functionality to our users. In other cases, where it’s not viable we’ll be forced to remove functionality.

    We value our customers, and have worked really hard to build a good reputation in what can be a very dark industry. You can count on us to try to do the best things by our users, and make the hard calls based on what’s best in the long-term for our customers, not just what’s best for short term gains.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    Roberto Lito replied:

    I think that based on the diversity of opinions you are going to get from your customers, a possible solution would be to create a “home based” version of Market Samurai with the limitations it may bring to operate it from home- that is, calling the search engines from home- which I guess was the original use many buyers intended to make of MS, and with some modules cancelled, and another, “monthly paid” version that would connect to your servers and would operate from them, with more comprehensive services. This way you would still be providing what you originally sold: a Market Samurai that researches and provides info on Keywords, even if some of its other modules will not be operative anymore. Also the user would have an option for a more complete service.

    Roger Schmidt replied:

    I would appreciate it then if you could honor your the fact that you made a committment to your customers that market Samurai would be a once only payment. Apparently you are changing your mind.

  31. Thank you for the update and for keeping us informed on what is going on. As fairly new users to Market Samurai we are very pleased with the product so far and look forward to using it for the foreseeable future.

  32. 32

    Thanks! Just wondering will the software be back to fully functioning like before within the next month? Or is the rank tracker never going to be fixed? If im not mistaken the rank tracker is needed to anyalize the competition for keywords we are trying to rank right?

    Thanks for being honest and good luck fixing this!!

    Ben Stickland replied:

    Hi Peter

    It’s Monday as I write this and from what I can see in the office, at the rate the developers are progressing, I’d guess we’ll have most of the functionality back within a week or so (possibly sooner). The reality is we’re using a range of new services and API’s to get the data and so we’ll refine it over time from there.

    The modules that you’ll get back will include keyword research (lets you find good prospective keywords) and SEO Competition Analysis (lets you dig into the front page of a given search result and see all the key SEO metrics for each search result).

    The exception is Rank Tracker. This lets you see (and graph) you’re rankings over time. The reality is Google’s changes mean we can’t pull this data en masse on behalf of clients, so this is the component we’ll need to reassess.

    As Eugene has mentioned, whatever we do, we’ll be endeavour to make it favourable to current Market Samurai owners.



  33. Up to now, we´ve been very satisfied with your product, we also believe you will be able to fix things in a proper manner. Keep it up! ;)

  34. I love your honest approach to this whole thing and your willingness to consider a refund for those customers who aren’t satisified speaks volumes about your company!
    But come on all you complainers – this is an amazing product which most of us have used for several years for a very low cost. Compared to many other products around today, this is real value and if we have to now pay a small monthly fee to access some featurtes -so be it, the product is worth it!
    These guys have an amazing commitment to producing a quality product at a bargin price and deliver sensational service as well. I am confident that they will do all that they can to do the best for us!
    I have faith that you will come up with a solution that works for us. Good Luck

  35. Hi Eugene,

    Don’t shoot the messenger! I know it can be hard when you face new problems and Google is one of the biggest problems we face to crack.

    I hope you and all your team members can sort this as quickly as possible. You have provided an excellent product over the years and your support has been very quick.

    So I can understand your frustration as well as your customers and of course myself. I hope that member’s will see this as an ongoing problem and be patient with the out come. There are many other SEO company’s and software that we can use but many are monthly charges so if it comes down to this then I hope you end up making it very competitive.

    Keeping a very close eye on this.

    Thanks for keeping us informed


  36. 36

    While I am not thrilled to hear that Market Samurai may cost more in the future (and I may have to evaluate whether that would work for me), I certainly won’t be requesting a refund. I appreciate the benefit this program has brought me over the past couple of years.

    Keeping up with technology has always come with a cost (damn it!). Wish it weren’t so, but it is…

    Hope it all works out for you and us!

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for your words of encouragement!

    I guarantee that in the area of Rank Tracking that even if it’s not possible to offer Rank Tracking for free, that all our existing customers will get the best deal possible where we only charge enough to cover our costs, and that there will be no other feasible rank tracking alternative at the cost our customers will be able to get access to this new service.

    Our secret hope is that we will be able to provide some level of free tracking, even if it’s a small number. But we’ll have to crunch the numbers and see how we can make it work.

    Thanks again for your support.

  37. 37

    I use the paid version, mainly rank tracker module. Do you offer refunding? And if yes, how does it work?

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Elmar,

    I’m sorry that the current situation is not working out for you. We definitely offer refunds, regardless of how long ago it was purchased, and regardless of reason. Simply contact our help desk (click the “Ask Us” tab on the left-hand side of this page), and ask support for a refund providing your registration details and paypal email address.

    After doing that, I’d encourage you to wait over the next few weeks to see what solution we come up with. The pricing will be extremely competitive to any of the best rank tracking solutions available, and all current customers (past or present) will be able to get access to this data at effectively a wholesale cost.

    Thanks for giving our product a try.

  38. 38

    Please speak to the Article Samurai users. I know there aren’t many of us, but we are aleady paying a monthly fee for a service that just got less valuable. Combine that with a manual review process that gets its it right about 75% of the time, and you’ve got customers that were already frustrated. IMO, the AS monthly fee must be lowered, not increased.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Travis,

    Thanks for expressing your concern.

    The subscription cost of Article Samurai is truly a cost recovery exercise. For the $97 special offer, the vast majority of that investment gets distributed to our syndication partners (UAW and AMA and ContentBoss). We only see a small amount of that monthly subscription fee, which helps pays for support staff and product maintenance and enhancement.

    We bundled Rank Tracker into Article Samurai to simplify the workflow (in fact we originally weren’t going to include it). About 99% of our Article Samurai subscribers already have a copy of Market Samurai which is a fixed price product.

    The Article Samurai syndication process is still working well, and the size of the network is growing each week as we work with our partners to grow their networks so we can allow more of our users to get their hands on this product.

    We have regular meetings with our syndication partners, and the review process is something that is continually on the agenda to improve and streamline. We’re working with them to be more transparent and consistent about their review criteria, and to send us a copy of their review criteria so that we can share them with our subscribers so that we can get your articles through the system 100% of the time.

    I appreciate your comment, however, and if you’re one of our customers who didn’t have Market Samurai before purchasing then please contact our help desk and I’ll make sure that you get a complementary copy of Market Samurai as well, so you can access some of the other modules which are not present in Market Samurai (eg. the Monetization module).

    I’m very sorry that we’ve let you down here. But the cost structure for Article Samurai is not linked to Rank Tracker but our syndication costs.

    We will however, make sure that all our customers, whether Market Samurai or Article Samurai will get the very lowest price possible (one where we only cover our wholesale costs), while new purchases will need to purchase this data at more commercial rates.

    Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment.

    Jack replied:

    Is this Articlesamurai.com you are talking about? I don’t know this product, but want to check it out :-)

    Simon replied:


    I originally purchased MS and have been a subscriber to AS since launch.

    I have been pleased with MS and pleased with some aspects of AS.

    The main driver for buying MS as opposed other products was the fixed price cost. I also appreciate that you must be able to attract the revenue to support the growth of your business (it is in all our interests).

    However, pricing is important. So:

    1. Please consider different pricing structures with options.
    2. Consider bundled deals where existing subscriptions are taking into consideration.
    3. What would be really good is a simple table by module, platform that indicates if affected, impact and proposed resolution. A lot easier to make an informed decision on one page.
    4. Explore cost affective providers. Raven may be good (like Majestic) but are very expensive. I have reviewed both and dismissed on price.

    I also own SEO Power Suite by Link Assistant. This includes a maintenance plan. None of my services appear to be impacted and their costs are reasonable compared with Raven (plus unmlimited).

    You have a great product in MS. I recommend you look at your client base as I think many would want the option of a cost effective solution as opposed to a high end package.

    Good luck guy’s.


    Bob@HayleStorm Interactive, how-to html5 video replied:

    Eugene, your reply to Travis contains what I think will prove to be the biggest issue:

    “About 99% of our Article Samurai subscribers already have a copy of Market Samurai which is a fixed price product.”

    Apparently, not exactly. It seems Market Samurai will no longer be a fixed price product…even to those who bought it as such…even to those whose purchase decision was based on that ADVERTISED claim.

    Now, like 99% of internet buyers, I did not read the terms of service in detail, but I am sure there is something in there that let’s MS change the rules in the middle of the game.

    Is it legally kosher? Of course…but that doesn’t make it right, especially for newer users who have gotten little to no value from the product yet.

    Many may be like me…I purchased MS before I really had a use for it, because of the promo. 2-3 months ago I purchased it through the promo, knowing I had no need for it then, but that I would in 4-6 months. Now, it seems that when I do use it I won’t have the product I purchased, indeed, to get what I already paid for I will spend more that if I had waited and not purchased through the promo because of any cumulative monthly fees.

    I greatly appreciate your openness and “transparancy” (God, politics in the last few years has made me hate that word), and I know from an issue that arose during purchase that you folks bend over backwards to do what is right, and I think you probably will in this case as well. but…

    For me, and I think for many other folks, this doesn’t look very good at the moment.

    Frank Jaeger@Rhodes Holidays replied:


    thanks for asking. I checked all the comments to find this question. I am in my second month of Article Samurai. Let´s see what Eugene will reply to the Article Samurai users.

  39. Um ? Not sure what to say, if we can still get limited rankings then thats a start and if people need more information then they need to pay, ? Question will the incurred costs for those who whish for greater keyword data be in proportion to usage, ie will there be a monthly fee for a moderate user xyz keys and more for higher users or a blanket thrown over the system ?

    And you mention we can use it now for a small number of keys ? what number is small.

    Other than that chin up, after every storm there is a rainbow, instead of letting this beat the team down just come back with best bloody product on line to do all of this magic with, what do they say ? Make it your finest hour.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Pete,

    To be honest we’ve been more focused on getting a solution built than working out the specifics of the pricing structure. We’re probably leaning towards a proportional system where heavy users pay more.

    As for what number is “small”. We still don’t know yet. We need to look through our usage statistics and build some pricing models to work out how much usage we can bear each month for free on behalf of our users. It may also be the case, that it might not be possible at all. We’d like to have a free line, but I’ll reserve making any promises until I have the hard numbers in front of me (and a fully working product).

    There will definitely be a rainbow at the end of this – the result of these changes will be a faster, more responsive and more reliable application, and eventually a much better rank tracking solution for our customers. We’ve also got big plans for Market Samurai this year, and am looking forward to putting some big deposits of good will into our user’s trust bank account this year!

    Thanks again for your words of encouragement! (Back to the frontline…)

  40. The vast majority of you sound like whiney children. If you have been dealing with the internet (and especially Google) for any amount of time you should know that things change. I recall picking up my new Macbook Pro w/ iOS Lion and then realizing that most of the old MBP programs were no longer compatible. It happens… Ride it out or move along(refund). But, for God’s sake, stop crying. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Troy, thank you for your kind words.

    I wish all of our customers were as understanding as you are.

    Due to some factors beyond our control we’re in this position, and it will upset some of our users. I only hope that over time that we can rebuild our trust with those who feel let down.

    Thanks so much.

    Roger Schmidt replied:

    It is NOT am atter of being or whiney it’s a matter of doing the right thing by customers.

    Steve Johnson replied:

    Just how do you expect MS to cover 40 THOUSAND DOLLARS A DAY in data acquisition costs without having to go to a subscription model?

    Are you a rocket scientist in real life?

    If you don’t want to pay, don’t pay. Do it by hand and see where that gets you.

    Quit whining.

    @Eugene – I don’t envy your position in the least, but you folks are handling this in the best way you can. Personally, I don’t think I’d even offer refunds. But I guess that puts you one step above me on the evolutionary ladder :-)

  41. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the update. I thought it was just me :-(

    There’s no way I would ever ask for a refund of Market Samurai, even if it never worked again. It has already repaid me 100 times my original purchase price.

    Good luck with the updates, regards, Rocky

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Rocky,

    Thanks for your kind words. I’m really glad that you’ve seen the value in the product, and that it’s helped you reach your financial goals.

    It’s encouraging to here that our product does indeed help people (when it’s working!), especially during times like these.

    We’ve now restored all the functionality in the Keyword Research module, and have a partially working Rank Tracker module, where you can manually update a small number of keywords (say up to 10) at a time. Stay tune for lots more updates over the next few days and weeks.

    Thanks again.

  42. 42

    Hi Guys

    Okay. We all know Google changes. The internet changes. Times change. (Kodak, are you listening)

    What I am getting most out of your situation is the incredible way you guys are handling it. I work in the accommodation sector and am carefully following your response as I believe that you guys are providing a perfect example of how a business should act when confronted with any issue.

    You have been totally up front. You explained the problem, why it occurred and what you are doing to resolve it. You are responding professionally to all blog comments in a positive light as well as listening to what the bloggers are saying.

    I doubt you could handle it any better than you have been – and it is for this reason that Market Samurai will breeze through and come out even stronger. If it costs us all a little more, so be it. Then it is the consumers choice as to whether or not your services provide value.

    Hang in there guys. You’re doing well

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your encouraging words! I’ve passed your comments around to our team hear. You’ve really made their day!

    Times like this are really, really tough – for us and our customers. We believe in being upfront and honest about things, even when it hurts, and we know it’s going to be disappointing for many, who (rightly) just want something they’ve spent their hard money on to work well for them all the time. We are grateful that we do have a lot of really great customers, who do understand the issues that we face, and who trust us to do the best thing by our customers.

    But undoubtedly we will mess up, and we ask that our customers hold us accountable, and we’ll try to do better.

    Thanks Peter again for your kind words – we’re hanging in there even though it feels a bit like a war zone right about now!

    Aaron replied:

    Yep totally agree with Peter, you have been given a choice so make your decision. Let Market Samurai get on with their work updating the software instead of wasting time dealing with complaints.

  43. Hi Eugene,

    I will say upfront that i have been a long time supporter of Market Samurai and I have lost count of the number of clients I have passed on to you guys because of that belief, we also promote MS through our Internet marketing seminars for several years but I am more than a little shocked. We place a high value on the tracking of our ranking and keywords and this will not only have a massive impact on our business but my big concern is that I am just waiting for the phone calls to start from clients that i have put onto MS to track their rankings and keywords. As for moving to Bing in reality they are such as small player compared the the breadth of Google even at 30% compared to the search might of Google, Bing is a second tier choice at best… for the first time since starting business with you guys and am having to give serious thought to moving to another provider as i must unfortunately admit that my personal confidence in MS has all but disappeared. It seems like it has just been one thing after another and another ( which i am sure is frustrating you guys as much as us ) and then to see links to Raven Tool just re-enforces that the future looks bleak… I hope that i get some news in the next few days that makes me change this point of view and that we can continue to use MS for many years to come.

  44. I have been with you guys a long time and have only experienced the highest quality of service. I now depend on article samurai very much and hope nothing changes with that. Thank you guys for all you do.

  45. Market Samurai has been a cheap and highly cost effective product. Anyone who is looking for a refund must be insane. The Market Samurai team have responded to all the changes Google have made, improved the product, and maintained the service and all we’ve had to do is pay a one off fee. Anyone who hasn’t had their investment returned hundreds of times over isn’t using it properly.

    Its time to congratulate the MS team and encourage them to keep going. Even if there is going to be an ongoing charge for some elements, you can be this will still be the best value tool around.
    Thanks for your honesty Eugene. Stuff happens in business and you have been upfront about it. What more can we ask?

  46. Thanks for the update, I am a recent customer of Market Samurai and have been a fan ever since i purchased your product. I have a question, i understand you have some limitation with the Rank Tracker module and might become a paid service, but is it fair to assume that the rest of the modules like 1. Keyword research 2. SEO compitition will continue to work and will not be paid service ( will they be powered by Bing going fwd ? )

    can you please clarify


  47. Thanks for the honesty,I believe that’s all that can be asked.Those I follow think that Google is chopping its own head off going down the road it has choosen and maybe Bing is holding the axe.

  48. I respect the way you are treating your disgruntled customers but from my point of view, only services that charge some type of monthly fee or yearly fee, will be able to provide the results I need. It cost money to keep updating this crap!

    Do what you need to do to keep the services top notch. I will never cry over a company who tries to make some money while providing a good service to their customers.

  49. Hi,

    Appreciate the honesty, however I am speechless after reading this message – we were brought in as customers with a specific marketing message and a clear licensing model. Now that the service we purchased isn’t working, I guess I can understand – but that the only way now to fix it is to charge us a newly created monthly fee I find unacceptable. In fact I don’t remember a software company ever pulling that trick on me before. The world will become a complete madness if every company decided to change their pricing model as soon as they got enough customers.

    I also appreciate the current offer for a refund, however by relying on your company, product and advertising, most of us have invested heavily in creating projects, campaigns etc. and our investment is not just the money we spent on the license that we purchased.

    By purchasing your products, we put our trust in your company – that you were able to select the right development tools, the right API providers and the right implementation details and you did your homework in assessing the price. I really hope you reconsider this new pricing and prove me right when I made the decision to entrust your company and products.

  50. You know, the team at Noble-Samurai are completely 100% loyal and understanding to their customers.. I guarantee you they’re working hard as can be to provide us with a resonable-solution.

    How do I know this? Well, I simply sent them an E-mail about a year ago detailing my financial-situation at the time and they, out of empathy, kindness and understanding, set me up with an Market-Samurai account 100% free of charge.

    They really do care about our satisfaction and I do believe they are 100% honest with what they say about their frustrations.

    It’s hard to keep features free that are no longer free to them. Sure it sucks, but honestly, Market Samurai is probably the best SEO bundle out there. I’d rather have it, even at a (hopefully) small fee, than not at all. Thank you for all that you have provided us with, especially myself. :)

    I’ve sent a few referrals your way over the past couple months as well. I hope that had made you guys a few extra dollars!

  51. I am totally fine with paying a low monthly fee if that’s what it takes to keep the software running. Market Samurai has saved me months of my time that I would have spent otherwise on keyword research and I always knew that because of the constant changes on the Internet keeping the price fixed was not sustainable in the long run anyways. Thanks for creating such great software and keep up the good work!!!

  52. Google SUCKS! Market Samurai rocks. I’ve been a user since the beginning and have seen many changes and maneuvers you have made due to the ever changing internet landscape. I have other tools for rank tracking and I received more than my measly $99 dollars of value over the years, I know you will do whats in the best interest of your users and will stick by your side as one of loyal customers.

  53. People still actually use the rank tracking tool in MS? I stopped using that years ago…inaccurate and took forever. And, with all the changes since the beginning, the only thing it’s good for is getting the estimated search volume and seoc with a click, but still never had decaptcha, so that was always a drag… The rest of ms is just not good. i’ve owned this thing since it was released and in beta…and it’s still in beta…yeah…

    Emiel@MarketingbureauAmersfoort replied:

    So, what are you using?

    I left MS for a while, but in past months started using it again.

    If the new rank tracker is accurate ánd fast, I’ll be more than happy to pay a small monthly fee for it.

  54. 54
    On January 29th, 2012 at 5:06 pm
    Roberto Lito said:

    My comment has not been approved and deleted. I wonder why. If you are being sincere, I do expect a reasonable answer.
    Have I said something that you didn’t want everybody to hear? Or is it that you just expect people to praise you and accept your decisions? You can send me an email if you prefer to explain to me in private.

  55. i don’t use MS for rank tracking but do for keyword research so hopefully this won’t affect me when the seoc module is fixed.
    Why not just let the software track rankings from our machines and offer a proxy service like the Big G service at trusted proxies. I personally use another software and can track 1000 keywords in less than 1 minute using multiple proxies supplied by them.
    Or just tell people they will need to get proxies to check rank and don’t charge.

  56. Market Samurai is a great software product! And the support that your team provides is above all others.

    Each module has become a must have and possible having to pay a fee for the Rank Tracker module for some of us maybe a bit hard to handle.

    I know that could handle being limited to a free search that only allows me to check a small numbers of keywords.

    And here’s a thought, you arrange (with who ever you decide to get this data from) special pricing where we open an account, then add our account info in the Account Management area of Market Samurai just like we do for Google Adwords, Clickbank etc.

    Giving those who want to collect more data the option to pay for it, sense we can no longer get it from Google.

    Just a thought!

  57. I can understand your problems and I appreciate the fact that you’re being forthright about all of this, but this is essentially a slick way of saying “Sorry, big swaths of what you’ve paid for are no longer going to work, unless you’d like to pay extra for it.”

    The Rank Tracker capability is hands down one of the single most important tools that I use when I’m looking at getting in to a new niche or working with a client on their project. If you can’t provide this feature then I’m afraid that you’re probably going to lose some customers.

    This isn’t a situation of “I bought a high performance vehicle and now the price of gas is skyrocketing.” This is a situation of “I bought this toaster and now it’s going to cost me each time I put a slice of bread in the thing.”

    I, for one, didn’t sign on to pay a monthly fee. We were lured, indoctrinated and sold on an all inclusive one-off solution. Now Google pulls the rug out from under you and the solution is “we promise to pass on the most reasonable portion of the expense to the customer as possible.” ?!?!

    And I’m sure this price will NEVER go up, ever again, until your costs go up again… and then we’ll get another email and a blog post.

    Your product no longer has value if the core components of it are suddenly gutted, regardless of the cause. And it sounds like your best excuse is “Well, unfortunately you picked the wrong horse, no fault of ours of course – even though we sold the horse to you based upon certain promised performance characteristics. But maybe we can help lower the cost of the next horse that we have to offer you, details coming soon!”

  58. 58
    On January 29th, 2012 at 5:17 pm
    Todd foster said:

    So are you saying if we are not happy with paying for such services we can get a refund and cancel our market samurai license?

  59. I’ve been using Market Samurai for 3 months now, and very satisfied with it’s functionality. I know you guys in the team are working very hard to make MS the top gun for internet marketers. You know more than us on what is best for the future of MS. And I’m waiting for the next update.

  60. 60

    I’m sure that the noble samurai team will not let us down – as always – I know you will deliver.

    One question: does these changes with google also affect tools like cuteRank? I’m thinking about using it as an alternative for now.. any insights on that?


  61. I rarely comment but I wanted to give you guys some feedback because I appreciate what you’ve done. Your program has been great for a while now and you’ve proven to me over that time that you are totally diligent in updating it and care deeply about customer service. I know that you have done and will continue to do everything you can to make the product the best it can possibly be. Unfortunately, that becomes harder and harder to do over time sometimes.

    Honestly, over the years I’ve wondered how it is possible that what MS does could continue. I felt it was only a matter of time before the search engines made some shift, especially Google, that changed everything. I’m only surprised it took this long.

    What I’m confident in is that if MS can’t do it, probably nobody else out there will be able to either because I know that if it is possible to do you guys will make it happen. So MS will continue to be the best program out there even if the overall quality of all of them becomes less.

    I personally would not ask for a refund because I feel over the years I’ve already gotten my money’s worth. But how much I will use MS in the future, and whether I would pay for services on it at the moment I’m not sure. I only say that because I don’t have a ton of sites going at the moment. But if I did have a lot or had a more lucrative internet business I would probably pay some because I think it would be worth it.

    All I can say is that from the product to the updates to the customer service, you guys have always shown to me that you do the best that you can and go above and beyond. It’s sad that changes that are out of your control happen. But I hope people realize that this doesn’t reflect on you and reflects more on just the state of the net.

  62. First of all I should apologize for the shameless back-link used in this comment.

    As a small business owner like yourselves I can sympathize with your situation. As everything in the world seems to be moving and changing at a blister speed it becomes almost impossible to plan a month a head much less a year or two.

    I am sure you are well aware of the frustration this causes so I will not add to the ball busting that I am sure you guys are getting.

    As one of your biggest fans I would hope that you turn this into an opportunity to develop something better. I have no problem paying the cost as long as what I am paying for makes me more money than I have to pay you.

    Your team knows our struggles as online marketers and knows what we need in order to do to get the results we need to be profitable and beat our competition. I know this because of the products and training you have produced so far.

    Once again I have no problem paying for my tools just make sure you are providing me with the best tools at the best price so I can bet my competition and I can be profitable with my business.

    I was already considering Raven before I purchased Market Samurai. I liked really liked the cloud functionality of their product. My team is scarred all over the place and to have them working in the cloud in one place on one project is a huge advantage for us. Not have the software running on a local machine is a big plus as well. Maybe we could see a Market/Article Samurai Cloud service in our future.

    I stuck with you guys because of the value, training and ease of use and so far I am happy with my choice. I hope I feel the same way next month!

    I really don’t care what software you come up with as as long as its a “Rolls Royce” and its not a “Pinto”

    Best wishes and good luck with this!

    Kanoa B

  63. Eugene: I am very please to hear that you are moving to a subscription based model. The one concern I have had with Market Samurai is that I did not feel you would have the recurring revenue to fund the business. The ongoing development cost must be enormous. With no recurring revenue it makes it almost impossible to keep the business above water (in my opinion).

    I paid for Market Samurai a few years ago and would not dream of asking for a refund. When Market Samurai is “right” it is an amazing tool. I’m please that you are making the necessary changes in your business to keep Market Samurai “right.”

    For those who are unhappy with the new subscription model, let me ask you a question. Would you rather pay a little money every month and have access to an amazing tool or would you rather see the fine people at Market Samurai close down their business because they don’t have the financial resources to maintain the tool?

    There is a valuable lesson here — “Try to build a recurring revenue stream into your business. Doing so will dramatically increase the probability of your success.”

    Bob Stevens replied:

    “Would you rather pay a little money every month and have access to an amazing tool?” No I wouldn’t – because based on previous experience, there is no guarantee that they’ll come up with the goods. They should prove that it works first (unlike the product so far) and then ask people for money. I strongly suspect you work for MS or are a worried affiliate. No consumer in their right mind would be happy with what is happening.

    Jon Poland replied:

    No — you’re wrong Bob. I don’t work for MS and I have never promoted Market Samurai as an affiliate. Never. But I will consider it if they make it ‘RIGHT’ again.

    As I said in original comment . . “when Market Samurai is ‘RIGHT’ — it is an amazing tool.” Do you follow? That means that there are times when Market Samurai is not right. My hope is that they will now have the resources to make Market Samurai right again.

    Maca replied:

    This is so true. I think most genuine users will understand this.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Your 100% right about recurring revenue. Our original business plan was to create a great value fixed price piece of software, and then follow up with more great software, some of which would be sold on a continuity basis. Article Samurai was the first of these.

    However, what we completely underestimated was how much work it would take to keep Market Samurai up and continuing to work!

    But your point remains, if we had the foresight to include any element of recurring revenue with Market Samurai, things would be very different, and we would have had more resources to work on Market Samurai, and to continue to extend it’s functionality. It’s *really* hard to change pricing expectations later!

    Thanks again Joe for sharing your ideas.

    Brenda replied:

    Thank you for all your thoughtful and level headed replies. I can only imagine the humility you feel when something like this change in Google occurs. I bought MS 3 days ago and so right now, I am feeling remorseful and a little cheated. I was so looking forward to experiencing GS to the fullest. I feel I am a “genuine” user even though “this” is a sideline I have been working on. I will have to rethink a subscription because the economics of my household require it…just sending in the purchase price was a big deal for me. I could not justify, personally, a subscription. If that makes me a less genuine user…then so be it. Once again, I admire your thoughtful and level-headed replies in what must surely be an extremely frustrating situation. No reply necessary…I just wanted to express myself.

    Roger Schmidt replied:

    How will they close down? 400 000 existing MS users. What about the other software apps? Times that by $97 per unit. That’s a lot of money for a “small company”. They should have moved to s subscription based model. Don’t blame people who complain as they have every right too.

  64. Eugene,

    Congratulations for 1) a great product and 2) handling a disaster beyond your control with complete professionalism.

    What more can customers ask for than a full refund? And I suspect by offering one so freely many customers, myself included, will respect your position and not ask for a refund.

    The real villain here is Google, they just get more evil very day. I really hope the anti trust folks put them in their place.

    I’m not a fan of a lot the EU does but they do seem to take anti trust abuses by USA businesses more seriously than the US Federal Government does, witness Microsoft. I’m sure the Feds will return the favour if we ever get a dominant European business.

    Google built a business by being the worlds biggest data scraper, they pay nothing for the data they scrape, they make Billions by selling advertising on the back of that data. Why don’t they provide a rankings API at a fair cost? Why do they force us to to scrape them to check rankings, it must be a huge load on their servers? When a business acquires market dominance like Google they also acquire responsibilities to behave fairly.

    Larry and Sergei are often mis-quoted, their motto was really “Don’t be evil until you’re market dominant”.

    Who knows, if they provided a rankings API they could even reduce some of their carbon footprint?

    I’m glad you’re recommending Raven as a stop-gap, we are also a Raven customer and they make a great product, but it’s not a replacement for Noble Samurai, we get value from using them both.

    Of course as SEOs we at KPI know that it’s not rankings that count, it’s results, but we have to give our customers what they ask for, and they always ask for rankings.

    Not convinced about Binghoo as an alternative for us in the UK because Google have a much larger slice of the pie over here and there are still language and cultural differences with the USA, despite the fact you have successfully invaded our cinemas and TV.

    Once again, well handled Eugene and I’m sure you will come out the other side of this train wreck with most of your customer list intact and a lot of respect.


  65. 65

    Thanks for the update.

    I have found the service excellent and the fact that Google have made changes that impact upon your ability to continue delivering effectively is not suprising. When you work in this ‘Internet Space’ you must accept these frustrations. They have happened before and they will happen again. The one certainty is change.

    Whats very refreshing is the way you communicate with and appreciate your customer base. I am sure you are all working extremely hard to resolve the issues and will offer the best value service you can moving forward.

    Thank you.

  66. Damn, I was about to purchase MS one of these days, already did the trial but Adobe AIR keeps crashing at my main computer (I used a secondary PC, so I know MS is a great tool but I want to use it on my main PC). Suppose I buy the software within the next few days, will that put me on the current or the new customer list when it comes to pricing for the monthly paid functions?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    You would be considered a current user

  67. Thanks for the helpful update …. you can count on our continued support. Market Samurai is an awesome tool. You guys rock!!

  68. Hi Eugene & Team

    As a small business (offline) and a very small online business, I know what it’s like when something major affects business and customers. Turmoil, extreme stress, think tanks and finally workarounds and outcomes.

    It pays to be honest and the Market Samurai team has been just that, honest, and I thank you for that.

    Nobody knows or can predict what Google will do now, tomorrow or in the future that will affect our online businesses.

    All we do know is that Google does review and change their algorithms and we just have to adapt and change, just like we have all done in the past.

    For customers of Market Samurai reading this, I am sure that it wasn’t Market Samurai’s intention for this to happen, in fact I’m sure it wouldn’t even have been on their radar!

    Thanks Eugene and team for a great job so far and I look forward to using Market Samurai in the future!

  69. 69

    Thank you for your honesty. However, I am SEO consultant in France. France has a special trend with Search Engine: Google has a 93% market share (5 for Yahoo! and 3 for Bing). As a consequence, frenches seo consultant have to based a seo strategy on Google and data provided by Google. We use Bing and Yahoo only for handle SEO for client having a international business. To recap, in France, Google is king. So, if you find a way to have the Google date (and not to expensive), this is ok. Otherwise, most of frenches seo consultant are likely to give market samurai up… I uses also Traffic Travis, for check the rankings, and this software has no problem with their rankchecker module until now.

  70. Thank you for the update. We have used your tool for the last two years and will continue to do so even if you move to a subscription model as per Jon Poland’s comments. Your open and honest communication is a lesson for others.

  71. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for explanation!

    Good luck to you with all updates.

    Sincere Market Samurai User.

  72. 72

    Appreciate this post Eugene and good luck with resolving the issues. As a very long time user of MS I have been constantly amazed at how good it is for the initial one time price. It’s a pity about rank tracker but I think it much more important that the keyword analysis and SEO competition
    Modules along with the competitive analysis part of the seoc module, which you fixed recently after yet anothe r google change work well. This is the core functionality for me.

    As for google, do no evil my arse! Their results are consistently less relevant than other services yet most people keep using them. It seems that 30 odd billion profit isn’t enough. Greed is not good

  73. Hello!

    I’ve been using MS for almost 3 years now. It’s a great, well thought-through product: nicely designed, easy to use, powerful.

    In the last 12 or so months we all noticed that it started going downhill, first by stumbling here in there, then by locking up and outright failing. And the number of upgrades…oh boy, seems like every time you start the MS there is another upgrade or patch waiting for you.

    It’s not a MS’s fault… and yet — it is. It’s not their fault because if you ever dealt with Google in any of its initiatives you should know they can not be trusted. They care not about their users or whoever they call “partners”.
    They change their algos, APIs, TOSs, reports, data, they start and drop projects and accommodate only themselves at the expense of everyone else. Conniving, ruthless sons-of-bitches one should run away from, not cooperate or build one’s future with.

    Well, we are all stuck with Google for a while. It’s not the time for them to go yet. This brings me back to MS. It could be the time for MS to re-think hard if they want to continue down this road they see. The mere number of patches and upgrades to the product is a tall red flag. It means that the product outlived its design and nature and is falling apart. Maintaining it, as the MS staff stoically have done, is simply unsustainable for the company.

    Eugene, you responded to all your customers’ concerns openly and gracefully. Thank you very much! But as the CEO of the company you will have to bring all your people together and decide what to do next. Maybe it’s time to move on, maybe completely re-invent the company’s mission, products and service. Continuing down the present path will be inexcusable waste of time and your people’s talent.


  74. 74
    On January 29th, 2012 at 6:07 pm
    Roberto Lito said:

    Yes,people here are right. Market Samurai is an amazing tool and even if you have to pay monthly to make it work, it’s worth every extra payment. It is impossible to expect that you would maintain such a service forever without charging anything.

  75. 75

    Thanks for your hard effort. Keep it up.

    We need you!

  76. Best of luck guys!

  77. Thanks for the update and thank you all for your very hard work. It is much appreciated.

  78. Hey Guys
    I am a new owner of Market Samurai and still learning how it works. I am sorry to hear what has happened and trust you will get things back up together. I am not a big earner on the net so costs to me is a concern however I do know enough about Samurai that to stand by you guys will be rewards in itself and any extra out going will be made by improved income following what you’re putting together now. Hang in there and don’t let people get you down with there complaints. All the best

  79. Good luck Guys,

    I’m a happy customer, keep up the good work.

  80. I would also like to echo Troy’s earlier comment. When I purchased MS for $97 I was surprised how much value the tool delivered. I still dont understand how this value can continue to be delivered for a one time fee. Change is a fact of life and for those of you who winge and moan, understand that the more complex your business grows the more change(usually unexpected) you will have to deal with. Get used to it. Be thankful that products like MS exist and that yes, you may have to pay for them. If you feel so hard done by, switch to an alternative. Good luck with that.

  81. Your service is very good and for a one off investment I could not believe how good value it was. Your post is excellent – open and honest and clearly driven by external factors beyond your control. Compared to other services – Raven and SEO Moz, Web CEO,Website Auditor you are very cheap and I use you almost every day. Perhaps we have all been spoilt by your value for money and any one bleating about this inevitable charge are either commercially naive or just trying it on. I say try doing it yourself for a few days and then you may appreciate the value.

  82. Hi Eugene

    Mate thanks for the update, and for the great service that you and your team have provided to me (all of us really) over the last 3 and a bit years. I have been using Market Samurai from the beginning and love what it means to my business and the growth it has provided my clients due to awesome results.

    Anyone using the Market Samurai software must appreciate what a position you are in, the mere fact that Google changes the goal posts constantly is the very same reason our businesses are able to survive. SEO would be dead if we all had the same Google algorithm now that we had 2003, and with the good we must also accept the bad.

    I know the ROI on my original MS investment is better than that of my Mac so there is no way I am asking for a refund, and if I cannot absorb a small extra monthly cost (if there is to be) from my fee paying clients, then I am in the wrong business, and should shut up shop!!!.

    You and your team do a great job and those of us that have been here since the beginning will stand by your decision whichever way it is.

    Sooner or later the eggs in one basket see the omelet, and that is just the way it is.

    Oh and one further point, we were all happy to extrapolate numbers out in the overture days (before the Google Keyword Tool) so if we need to do so now for an indication, then so be it!

    We are in your corner!!!



  83. 83

    I have used this product from a month ago and im very satisfied to have made that purchase, now im a little discouraged and i understand it all depends on google, now the idea of using the bing data for seoc seems really bad and as i am used to retrieve that data manually i prefer to do that(slower as it is) so please if there is any way to get the google keywords and seo analysis data back, for me that would be good enough. about the rank tracker i hope you get a solution fast and if things change, i think it will be for good. thanks

  84. I was a beta tester of this software, and when it officially launched, I was shocked and dismayed that it was NOT a subscription based service. From that moment onward the writing was on the wall with regards to how fast you could maintain and innovate this product.
    In the business software environment I come from, annual maintenance fees are the norm for good reason. Customers complain about having to pay 20%+ of their purchase fee as a support charge, but the alternative is to pay 300% or more upfront fees to ensure continuation of service.
    This is one of the main reasons you don’t by bargain price WP plug-ins and other software off places like the Warrior Forum… because, like as not, it will be broken in 6 months time and the author will not have the resources necessary to fix it.

  85. MS has presented a fantastic value for what it provides, especially at a one time cost. Obviously y’all have demonstrated that “costs” can be adopted in a business model – considering how you handled the majestic seo without passing on costs (thanks). Obviously spending money isn’t the preferred method, but this business seems to be a rather volatile one so C’est la vie.

    I like the idea of premium features at a monthly cost. I think having an affordable version is important for people starting out though. The biggest battle there is skepticism. If MS had been a monthly subscription when I started, I probably wouldn’t have done it. Now I’m in the business and see how valuable it is.

  86. Thank you for the info. Hope you manage to resolve your and our problems. Good luck.

  87. Eugene,
    As one of your earlier users, guess several years now at least, I’ve been constantly amazed at the service you’ve provided over the years, especially with the number of features you’ve added while the price has remained constant. Have never understood how you did it.Those of us who signed up in the early days had no idea what MS would evolve into and to say that we’ve been pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.

    As a full time SEO guy I understand the job you’re trying to do is almost impossible, as google itself doesn’t seem to know what it wants to deliver on a given day. As Elizabeth said above, you’ve always come thru, and we greatly appreciate. As a SEO person, MS has always been my starting point for many services but as anyone knows that’s in this business, it takes more than one tool to completely and thoroughly do your job and for this MS remains without equal in pointing us to other avenues to explore as well as providing nearly all the core tools to get started.

    So thanks for all you’ve done and continuing to do. We appreciate your frankness in what’s going on, just please keep us updated and good luck.

    MS Rocks,

    Moderated by Miriam for language

  88. 88

    Usage based billing seems fair, I am sure that some people use the searches much more frequently than others and perhaps they should pay more.

    In any event, this service is most valuable to all users and I, for one, would like to see it maintained.

  89. Well, SEO will always be a bumpy road. And the Samurai road is still the best!

  90. 90

    Dear MS-team,

    I have been using MS only for few weeks. It is truly pity that Google changed their rules, but I 100 % understand that it is not your fault. You cannot control Google. I send you all my best regards and energy so that you can work hard in order to get the service back. I will definitely recommend MS to other people too.

    Thank you, and hope that MS is working soon again.

  91. Hi Eugene… an awkward situation for you and one that was bound to cause a lot of flak, so bravo for sticking your head above the parapet like you have…

    First I’d like to add my support for you – providing a product like MS can only be a constant support nightmare in terms of the shifting sands of the big G… and well done for (more or less) keeping up with it to this point. Having met some of your team at IM events I can see you have some absolutely top notch people on board and that you have a great company.

    Second, your fixed price offer business model has always been a great feature of MS, but obviously also one of its long term problems (for you, and ultimately the customers if it becomes unviable), even with the tens of thousands of customers you must have and I can totally understand your desire to add a recurring element to it if possible.

    Third though, and the bit that concerns me slightly is your apparent promotion of alternatives like (to quote) the excellent Raven Tools. Are you really trying to encourage people away from MS so it can slide off quietly into the sunset??

    MS has provided me a bundle of value, so immense thanks for that. Be good to know the longer term intent though.


  92. Thanks for the heads-up and keeping us upto date with the latest in the SEO world.

    So the question is, are we going to pay on a monthly basis on the near future using the MS software? Even if I do, am still gonna use Market Samurai because its the best out there.

    Online business starts with keyword research if you want to hit it hard. Hitting it hard means doing SEO. So without market samurai, everything will be time wasted.

    So thanks again and please keep us posted. You rock Eugene!


  93. To say I am mystified is an understatement. I am a disabled pensioner with very limited funds of approximately £490 per month, which includes small pp’s. I also live on my own in a rented flat costing me £460 per month.
    To survive I try to sell books on a website that continually lets me down, partly because of failing memory (I attend memory clinic)but mainly because I’ve never been computer literate anyway.
    I now seem to spend all my time fighting battles on several fronts, especially the banks plus an ongoing determination to get some recompense for my service pension that was robbed by the Harold Wilson Government in 1975 & which this government refuses to address.
    I gamble online using my system which actually works, but breaks down occasionally because of website failure and which I’m currently trying to find expert to put right. I have tried to put my ideas on economy before government (no response) but have support of several MP’s and friends who understand my ‘alternative’ people’s lottery & can’t understand why ‘those in power’ won’t even listen.
    Now this from google. I do not know what to do.
    This is my first blog

  94. Hi Eugene ! Sorry if my English is not perfect…

    I purchased Market Samurai few months ago. This is definitely the best service I could find for the best price ! You’re doing an awesome job guys !

    Concerning paying a monthly fee, I understand but I hope that it will be an “option”.

    I use MS for personal use mostly. This will not always be the case, but as for now : I only track a very small number of keywords concerning rankings. A free service for a very small number of queries per month would definitely be useful (and appreciated I believe).

    Keep up the good work !

  95. Seriously guys MS has been offering the best service out of all the crappy limited use products on the web, i’ve been through countless $thousands finding and trying applications and MS have been the best out of the lot.

    Who cares if you have to pay for data, that’s what everyone else has been doing for years at a least these guys are being transparent.

    Great Job guys you rock, disappointing but hey that’s life.


  96. I have been using Market Samurai since the beginning, and have used all the functionalities of the tool for my clients. It has been a tool I use every day, though at times I get irritated at the frequent updates.:) Now I know why you guys update so often.

    I also pay $77 per month for SECockpit since I found the keyword analysis faster.

    I don’t need the refund – in fact, if MS can improve on its speed like secockpit keyword analysis, I wouldn’t mind paying a monthly subscription and cancel my secockpit membership.

    You guys are good, and I do hope you will emerge stronger from the challenges you face.

    Good Luck.

  97. Hi Eugene,

    I’m new to MS and I’m in the final days of my trail period. I have tried other services and am completely sold on MS. I actually thought that MS was very inexpensive and was surprised at all that your company offered for a one time fee.

    I’m not saying that I want to pay more, but I would honestly pay double and a reasonable monthly fee for your service.

    No business model could sustain it’s value and continued adaptation without an increase of costs. I personally don’t think you should have to be so apologetic. If your long time members have been using your software for years, then they should have gotten more than what they bargained for.

    Quit being so damn cheap people! If you don’t like it, use all the other free alternatives, and see how that works out for you.

    Anyhow, looking forward to becoming a paid member when your team gets your issue resolved.


  98. Eugene: Hi, I have only been with your company a short time & I have found you guys to be most helpful.
    I am a newbie to the whole marketing online thing. I run appslisting which is a platform for Apple & the iTunes store regarding apps for smart phones & i am having a difficult time as it is trying to get my head around everything as it is so i hope you guys can work this problem out sooner rather than later & i would be than happy to pay a subscription if it was worked out on a sliding scale, Those who use your service heavily pay a higher subscription than those like myself whom are just trying to get things up & running & don’t have full knowledge of what your product is capable of doing for a sight..
    Keep up the good work ..
    Appslisting WeV’e GoTTeM.

  99. 99
    On January 29th, 2012 at 6:57 pm
    Colin Sanders said:

    I’ve done everything from the original Google Adwords course to a large number of SEO and IM products out there. To those who care to complain about what has happened to Market Samurai, please do your research BEFORE complaining! Let me tell you there are only about three (some would say only two) competing products in this space (price vs functionality). Sure you could change horses to one of the other one (or two) competitors but they too have been hit by every change Google has thrown at affiliate marketing and those of us who try to make a living off the net. The difference I see between MS and the other product(s) is the level of transparency on why things break and the dedication to fix/deliver the very best product at the very lowest price. Sure we can go back to some of the “free” manual methods we used to use (though many of them no longer work properly either(if at all) in the face of all the changes by Google (and others)) but God-forbid the hours and hours of manual research that was necessary to do what MS has made so much less painful over the years. And yes, you could gather a whole bunch of individual tools to do the various functions provided by the MS modules, but my previous comments still stand and in some cases you would have to pay monthly subscriptions for individual components which don’t necessarily even integrate very well, so I for one will not be asking for a refund! Google totally black-banned me (for life) from using Adwords because of a single transgression caused by one of the products I trialled. Google has also recently completely shut down a vast number of their products with NIL concern for their customer base, many thousands of whom used those products in their lives and businesses (read the forums). Google will continue to change the playing field making it harder and harder to make affiliate marketing pay-off as they refine their primary goal of providing “the best search engine”. Some of the collateral damage is those business who have attempted to help us work in the face of IM changes. While I am in no way affiliated to MS (apart from owning the product) I suggest continued support of MS in the face of what will become a constantly more difficult marketing world.
    Regards Automation_Man

  100. HI,just a thought have you talked to the guys that run seo powersuite, they have a ranktracker you may be able to use.

  101. This is completely understandable. I’m wondering how long it will be until this option is available?

    Thanks for the great customer support!

  102. MS is a great product in an ever changing environment. I look forward to what MS will become in the next few weeks as the dust settles. Thanks for all you & the team do!

  103. 103

    We should expect things to change, it’s what carries us forward (generally speaking!) and its always been thus. I bought MS about three weeks ago, so you can imagine how I feel.
    I hesitated for a long time before purchasing, because deep down I suspected (maybe I still do) that MS was a sledgehammer-to-crack-a-nut for me. I’m not a pro seo guy, I look after my own business’ site, and that’s it. Any ongoing monthly expense, if it had been part of the initial sales pitch, would almost certainly have ‘proven’ that this albeit excellent pro tool was overkill for me.
    What I’m saying is that anyone in my position (I can’t be the only one who couldn’t resist a self-indulgent purchase?!) would just love to be able to check a small handful of data for free, having bought the product. And if MS were earning me significant chunks of my income, then I would not object to paying extra for good quality data it provides. Which of these guys moaning about paying would be prepared to go on offering their own services at the same price if their overheads doubled? Not many…
    And finally, one other point; this is perhaps the best example I can remember of how to handle a crisis, and deal with customers who you know are going to be upset by what’s happened to the service you provide for them. You have been open, honest and clear about what’s happened and why, and you’re telling us what you’re doing about it. As a new customer (who knew you sold a great product but not much else about you), I’m learning much about your ethos and values through your response to this, and I have to tell you – it generates loyalty. Of course some people will take this opportunity to get their money back with a snigger, but most people are not looking only for lowest cost, they’re looking for the best quality. The fact that you have responded so positively, even to frankly unreasonable criticism here, shows me you care. That has value, and worth, in a product. In times of austerity and difficulty, there’s a distillation process and the crap sinks to the bottom or disappears altogether. I’m not expecting that for you. Good luck!

  104. 104
    On January 29th, 2012 at 7:15 pm
    Neil Mighalls said:

    Well I’ve not even a Market Samurai subscriber, (not yet anyway) but I am a business man and I have had some success in Internet Marketing. In my opinion any enterprise that relates to their customers in this way is a winner by me.

  105. Hi,

    I just want to let you know that I am very satisfied with the service I have received from you to date.

    In respect of value for money, I think that those customers who are expressing dissatisfaction should review other service providers. For the same range of functionality available in Market Samurai, I have not found any other service providers who do not charge a monthly fee. I have not found any other comparable SEO software available at the relatively low price charged by Market Samurai.

    I have always been curious as to why monthly charges were not applied as it did not seem to be a viable business model to me. The only way you can fund ongoing development and maintain existing services is to find more customers.

    As regards a monthly fee, my own advice would be to survey customers to assess what they would be prepared to pay. My own feeling is that for Market Samurai as it was before the current problems arose, I would be quite happy to pay $15USD a month. At 400,000 users that would bring in $6 million US dollars a month! Think of the product development you could do with that!

    As stated by a previous poster, I would rather pay a small monthly fee to ensure that the excellent value for money product that Market Samurai is, and the first class customer service we get from Noble Samurai, continues.

  106. Thanks for your reponses Eugene. I completely agree with the above post about how well you are acting when confronted with an issue. I also believe that a subscription model is inevitable, much as I’d love to keep using it for free. Commercial reality cannot be avoided. I have had Market Samurai since it came out during the Thirty Day Challenge and fail to see how anyone can not have gained more value than they paid. I commend you and your team for their professionalism and forthright stance.

  107. First of all I am not really a user, I have used the trial version, I am a developer and I would just like to make a statement. I have used many different software for social networks and they are very different from this but in a way they share a similar challenge. Twitter, Facebook, etc are constantly making changes that break the software built around these sites and I can tell you that a lot of company’s get your money and once there software breaks from a change like this, they disappear and the customer is left hanging, so it is very noble of noblesamurai to not only tell you what the problems they are facing but also tell you they will fix it the best that it can be fixed given the circumstances out of there reach, they could very easily close of shop and open a new software with a new name and start collecting money all over again but instead they are dedicated to keeping this a solid reliable product.

    The point of this post is that many company’s come up against very similar problems as this and they trun there back on the customer, so it’s always good to see a small company doing the right thing, congrats to your success, you are obviously number 1 for a reason

  108. I hope you can solve the issues soon and wishing you the best. I am new in online business and I found that Market Samurai is the best tool there is to date that I have seen and cost less among others. I have just purchased it a few weeks ago and am really surprise that this problems are arising. I don’t intend to refund, what I like to see is how your company will recover with these issues, I know there will be solutions to every problem so keep up the good work guys.

    Thanks for providing such a useful tool with a minimal price.

  109. 109

    How about using the rank tracker tool with the ability for users to enter proxies?

    Works well with other products I have.

  110. If you can do a limited number of searches then why can’t we do it all on our end with private proxy support?

    You could just build in a scheduler so it doesn’t do them all at once like it does now :)


  111. 111
    On January 29th, 2012 at 7:38 pm
    Bob Stevens said:

    Your company is a disgrace. The product hasn’t worked properly for months, your customer service is terrible, and now you are asking people to pay extra if they want it to function even remotely like the original description in your marketing hype? Just be honest, you have known for a long time of it’s flaky problems, which is why you put your efforts into your new products. And you have continued to sell it in spite of it’s shortcomings? As I said, disgraceful, you shouldn’t be allowed to be in business.

  112. Unfortunately Google has history of slapping both the marketers and the SEO software manufacturers in the interest of improving their service (profit margin). As such subscription would appear the only viable alternative and something that we as marketers need to start factoring into our costs. I already pay one company for a rank tracker software, so this will be an opportunity to compare two paid modules and make a decision based on which service provides the best feature set / value for my requirements.

    If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. But if it has value and allows noble samurai to continue their development of this invaluable software then dig a little deeper.

  113. Frankly – MS is the best supported, most functional tool of its type.

    Every single time I use market samurai there is a new update… and whenever there is a big change, MS has a solution within hours…

    Much of the success of my companies, now with a 7 figure turnover, is down to the information and insight Market Samurai provides. From a personal perspective I’d be a moron if I chose not to pay for Market Samurai now that, as Eugene rightly says, what was free, now isn’t.

    An unlimited, no questions asked refund policy? Thats bloody absurd – and another reason MS is the #1 product – the support is redunculous (in a good way)

    I have a lot to thank MS and the team for, consider this a strong vote of confidence and support.

  114. 114

    Why can’t you just enforce users to use private proxies? This way it stops you guys having huge queries on your servers? :S

  115. I have just checked my Traffic Travis Pro I haven’t used for a while and most of their data seems to be working OK..

    Any reason for this? Are they using different data?

    I’ve had MS for a couple of years and have always been happy with support and the performance and I will reciprocate that support now.

    Great things are achieved when your backs up against the wall..!

    - G

  116. Hi there,

    Thanks for responding to the questions, can i make a recomendation that you also respond to other blogs out there slagging off your business becase they are not informed. A simple paragraph would help myself and others who were not aware of your diligence and response and also perhaps not awaer of this blog despite purchasing your software.

    Can I also ask for help for you clarifying the seo competion section.

    Is this going to be up and running soon_
    Is this going to be free or an additional cost

    sorry if the answer is here overwhelmed by the detail

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your question and for looking out for us. We’re pretty good at monitoring our name, but being the weekend and having all hands on our deck either working on solutions or getting back to support enquiries there hasn’t been a lot of extra capacity.

    To answer you question:
    - Everything except Rank Tracker is now working 100% again.
    - Rank Tracker now has Google Rank Tracking re-enabled, but only for small numbers of keywords while we work on a more permanent solution.
    - Market Samurai will still be a fixed cost product. We have no plans to change this in the short-medium term.
    - Rank Tracker may have a free number of searches (if we can make the numbers work), and we will probably employ a usage based model so that heavy users of Rank Tracker will pay more. Not much has been decided in this regard, but we will strive to make it as affordable as possible for our existing customers, and if we can’t offer some free service, then we’ll definitely charge the minimum amount to cover costs.
    - The SEO competition module is now 100% working. The rank results come from Google.
    - The “SEOC” numbers in the Keyword Research module have been updated to return data from Bing. They won’t return exactly the same numbers as Google for example, but they will still be useful to filter out keywords with high numbers of competitors. Any keyword that you pick should still go through a full SEO Competition Matrix analysis (and back link analysis) before you invest any time in it, in our opinion.

    Thanks Lee for the heads up! I just realised I should probably update the blog post with what’s being going on (i.e. that most of the service outages have been resolved).

  117. Hi Eugene,

    You are right about using Bing instead of Google. I myself am getting more and more fed up with the preselected search results Google comes up with nowadays. I have tested several searchengines for a few questions and Google really does not always come up with such good answers.

    Keeping things simple is also an art, so if I were you I would not follow Google in making things too complicated. Let them have their fun on their own.

    All the best,


  118. 118

    Hey Eugene…

    It seems that Google has done it again. They’re very good at many things, including destroying the businesses of many hard working people.

    I’ve been a Samurai user for a long time. And at a one time price of $97.00… a bargain of a lifetime. Keep up the good work and good luck to you.

  119. 119

    Hi I have a paid membership for many months now and am only beginning to find out the really good aspects of market samurai that I nev noticed before. I particularly like where I can source content and affiliate networks.
    However, I really can’t afford any kind of monthly subscription. I don’t use MS often enough for keyword research to make it worthwhile and even if I did I just don’t have the money. Sadly, if it comes to that I will just have to say goodbye to my MS software.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your comments.

    We don’t want to do this, but when we do we’ll do are hardest to keep it affordable for our users, and even try (if it’s possible) to have a free line, where you can track a small number of keywords for free. We’re even toying with having a credit system so that casual users can still get some of the benefits of a subscription without having to be locked into a monthly subscription.

    We know with the current economic climate, it’s becoming harder and harder to justify ongoing monthly costs. We’ll do our best to keep things it as affordable as possible, and hope to provide options who can’t afford an ongoing commitment. I can’t promise anything at this stage – only to say that we’re aware of the issues and will try really hard to make it work for everyone, regardless of their economic situation.

    Thanks Dave for sharing your concerns. We hear you.

    Cheryl replied:

    Hi Eugene, I’m afraid I am in the same boat as Dave, I am just new to MS and as my business is not yet off the ground I am not able to justify the cost of a monthly subscription, just not in the budget, having said that once my business is making money then I feel that a monthly cost to access the tools needed to operate a business would not be an issue. I am sure you guys are pulling your hair out at present and I do feel for you.
    I am also impressed with your offer of a refund if people choose no matter how long they have been involved with MS, very, very good customer service there are not to many business’s out there that would be prepared to do that. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there.

    Dave replied:

    Thanks Eugene,
    tbh, I also bought another keyword research tool back when I started off and that one is still working without any issues..
    So I think I will just get a refund for MS. How do I go about that procedure?


  120. I have only just bought this product in Dec (I think it was) so haven’t really used it much and certainly not to it’s full obvious potential

    I bought it because of google constantly changing and thought it would help me to keep on top of it all and I am sure it will :)

    so I haven’t really used the rank tracker at all but wonder on this posibility… if you did a usage fee the more it is used the more you pay (while still being wholesale of course lol) I am just aware that I haven’t used it yet so am not sure of it’s value and wouldn’t have as greater usage out of it as say someone who has been using it for years and has 2000+ to track

    but these are only my thoughts as I said I haven’t used it
    as you said it is more important to get it up and running rather than working on price
    I am sure that what ever you do it will be fair and your best :)

  121. 121

    Very disappointing, guys. While I understand there are changes outside your control, I think there are functionalities in MS you can do without. The core you should keep are Keyword Research, SEO Competition, and Rank Tracker. Those are the only functions I use. The rest is useless.

    If/when you start charging for a basic functionality like Rank Tracker, I will ask for a full refund. Long Tail Pro gives me a free rank tracker, so why should I pay for yours?

    Let alone if you use Raven’s framework, why shouldn’t I just go straight to them? Is there any compelling reason to pay you?

    You’re quickly becoming useless and irrelevant. As someone who recently bought MS, I wonder why I even bothered.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Johan,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I’m sorry that you’re feeling let down.

    The majority of our attention each week goes into keeping those three modules operational. They are the three most constantly changing modules, and that’s what we update each day to continue to work.

    I haven’t heard of Long Tail Pro and I will certainly check out their software and see if there is anything we can learn from how they’re managing this issue. If it’s currently working, then I encourage you to use it, and you’re certainly entitled to a full refund.

    In terms of Raven Tools, you’ll find that our pricing will be a lot more competitive in general, and more geared to the real needs of our customers (who want the ability to monitor web2.0 results and specific URLs) – and if you’re an existing Market Samurai customer we’ll essentially give you wholesale pricing.

    I’m sorry you feel this way about our products. It’s sounds like you’re quite upset, please feel free to ask for a full refund at any time.

    Thanks again for being so honest about how you’re feeling, and I hope we’ll have the opportunity to earn back your trust and respect.

  122. hi there,
    can you let us know the costs of subscription

  123. hi there, what a proffessinal response, thanks so much.
    Any ideas of timeframe for fixing these elements please…

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Monica,

    Thanks for your support!

    As I write this response the team has now restored Keyword Research, SEO Competition and most of the service that Find Content and the Promotion Module use.

    Rank Tracker has now been restored (but in a limited fashion, so you can check the Google Ranks for small numbers of keywords using your own computer instead of our servers).

    To get access to these new modules, please update to the latest version of Market Samurai by launching the application and saying “Yes” to updates.

    A more permanent Rank Tracker solution will be quite a large undertaking, and it will be several weeks away at least, I’m guessing.

    Thanks again Monica for your kind words.

  124. Thanks for keeping us updated with what’s going on. It’s a real shame what’s happened, but that’s life. We just have to find the best solution and get on with it. I look forward to getting Rank Tracker back, even if it is a paid version.

  125. I echo the sentiments of “Charles M” Rocky and the others. Our company has made good money out of our $97 investment by providing excellent ranking websites to our clients over the 2 years we have been using it. Now is the time to support the team at MS and by doing that let them get on and find a solution that all of us will benefit from. 400,000 users have some muscle in the market for ranking data information so a monthly fee as part of the MS package that is fair is totally reasonable. Cheers for the update Eugene and there will be no refund requests from this company.

    Allison Reynolds replied:

    name removed please ditch it now. You are embarrassing yourself. Real business people understand that markets and circumstances change and that looking for the opportunity in the change is where the money is. This is the internet (and SPARTA), keep moaning about change and you just get run over by those who know how to harness it…

    Thanks MS guys, I have seen other businesses close down because things got hard (like many Twitter products when the API changed). You have always had a quality product and quality service, and I appreciate the effort you put into your transparency.

    Moderated by Miriam

  126. 126

    Eugene – your whole blog post and your comment responses I just read strike me as a fantastic example of how to handle this kind of difficult situation.

    You just made me more likely to become a customer, not less :)

  127. I have no problem with the rank tracking being a chargeable service – given the explanation of why it is necessary.

    All I ask is that this be an optional extra and that you don’t introduce a charge for the rest of the functionality.

  128. The ONLY reason I bought MS in the first place was the rank tracking function. I do use it on a blue moon for SEO competition but as I have all the sites I want I am not activly looking for new keyword research etc.

    So reading this all makes it easy for me…I will build my own rank tracking functions.

    Goodbye MS … I have used your product for about 2 years now so it has been worth it but I will never use a monthly payment service for ranktracking as the reason I bought your product the first place was that I was to lazy at that moment to create something myself.

    Edwin Boiten

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Edwin,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    On the face of it, writing software to query Google seems like a relatively technical undertaking. I used to be software developer and I certainly thought so when I first tackled the problem for the first time.

    If you do decide to write your own code to do this here are some tips:

    The issue with Rank Tracking is that Google is ALWAYS changing their search results. At least two or three changes to their search result pages and their page layouts happen every single week. A few years ago Google changed about once every 2-3 weeks. Now it’s at least twice a week.

    So that’s a big time suck to debug and fix. The second big issue is an issue I alluded to in another reply, which is that when you surpass about 20 keywords, and are checking phrase match and a deep depth of pages, then you’ll quickly hit the issue of coming up against Google service disruptions. Solving those two issues is the “secret sauce” for tracking ranks.

    The problem is not in writing software that will work once (that’s easy). It is building a solution that will keep working with daily changes, and making sure that it scales (for even modest numbers of keywords).

    Having to continually keep up with the frequent changes which break your code gets old pretty quickly, and that’s what you get when you subscribe to Rank Tracking services such as Authority Labs or SEOMoz Pro, etc. You pay them to deal with that problem. We’ve become pretty good at solving the problem, and even then we’ve hit a technical brick wall that is simply insurmountable. When you price in the value of your time it can become a false economy. We have 6 full time developers and a development manager, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year staying on top of constantly changing services (more than just Rank Tracker in our case, however) – it’s our business, and even then it becomes wearisome.

    But depending on your Rank Tracking needs you might find that writing and maintaining your own code works out better for you and your workflow.

    Thanks again for sharing your comments, and I wish you better luck than we’ve had in solving this problem for the past four years.

  129. Sure its frustrating that MS is not fully operating, but I have had so much work done for me already that I would never ask for a refund. Regarding the subscription! I would say it comes down to the price. In active periods I would be prepared to pay say 30 usd a month for some good and fast data. But I hope that there will at all times be a free low volume ranktracker in MS. A ranktracker that emulate a person. I have several other seo software packages they all have their advantages and disadvantages, but MS is always on of my favorites for a quick spin.
    I saw a ms user talking about he’s 2000 keywords that he had to maintain. In he’s situation I would go for a hosted solution if he is living in a I Country.
    Keep up the good work.

  130. Hey Eugene,

    Thanks for the update regarding the services status but its hardly convincing.

    As your avid supporter from 2010, the sole reason I moved to MS is Rank Tracker, which at the time, used the local connection and was a very fast & convenient way of checking the SERP for your keywords. Time passed by and you’ve introduced the cloud services, and I got to say, the experience was degraded tenfold. It might be due to the fact I’m not located in the US, but the connection speed was, and in my opinion still, poor.

    Now to my point: while the service is “bundled”, that level of performance is acceptable but if it becomes a paid add-on you’d have to work really hard to make sure that your cloud services are performing top-notch in all countries across the world.

    While I can understand that a cloud platform is easier to maintain, but lets be honest, all the “big” SEOers can use proxies to avoid being “disabled” by Google, and all the “small” SEOers doesn’t perform as much queries to get “disabled”. So the only benefit of using cloud services is shorter development time in your end and more money for the paid data services.

    The move to Majestic Backlinks was logical, but paying for the Rank Tracker, sorry but it doesn’t cut it…

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Kiril,

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

    If you’re checking a small number of keywords intermittently using your own connection is fine. But when you check more than about 20 keywords to a depth of 1000 results, for broad and phrase match and with index checks you quickly run into Google service difficulties.

    We know this because we regular monitor Google service difficulties in our server infrastructure. Any sustained querying that’s faster than about 1 query every 30 seconds in a 10 minute period causes issues. For even 20 keywords, even as a “small” SEO person you will hit problems. Most other tools that check rankings either give you a facility to enter in your own proxy servers, or will simply wait 30-60 seconds for each query – which means that it can take a LONG time to bring back results.

    Cloud development does improve development time in making it a little faster to adapt to changes with services, but there is a very real, ongoing cost too (we spend five figures a month on our cloud infrastructure). So it doesn’t really amount to a cost saving. The big benefit of the cloud for us in the long-term is actually the ability to get away from Adobe AIR. Adobe AIR is plagued with speed, performance and reliability issues, and fixing the desktop version of AIR is a low priority for them. We host our cloud servers with both Rackspace and SoftLayer to provide redundancy and high bandwidth. These are both regarded to be two of the best hosting and data center companies available.

    I’m sorry that you feel that the performance of Rank Tracker has degraded for you. The good news is that the new version will do all the checking in the background on a weekly basis, so you should never have to be waiting around, and your physical proximity to our data centers should no longer be an ongoing factor. Eventually we’ll even send out email reports of your rankings results as well, so you won’t even have to open the app at all.

    I’m sincerely sorry again that you feel let down. I hope that the next few generations of Rank Tracker will see the issues you’ve raised addressed. If you’re still having problems from Israel please let us know.

    We don’t have many users from that region of the world, so it’s hard for us to test connectivity to your nation.

    Thanks again or your feedback.

  131. Well, for what it’s worth: While I do feel for you guys having do do an enormous amount of work, I do think that the business model hasn’t been working all that well in recent months and maybe 400,00 users (the majority free?) just isn’t sustainable in the long term. I really feel that the performance and reliability has dropped off significantly since the introduction of article samurai and perhaps I’m not the only one who has subscribed (yep, paid) for a backup keyword service. So I’m hoping that this will be an opportunity to incorporate the current Article Samurai subscription fee into a fee for the whole product, reduce the user numbers, get things working again, get away from the Google strangle-hold(but Bing, Yahoo – seriously?) and maybe even an option of having the data in the cloud rather than OS based to speed things up a bit and make it more useable on the road. Just my thoughts. Good luck with it all guys. You’re still #1 in the business IMO.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for your support. The product has suffered in recent months. In particular, the major changes to Google’s keyword generation tool have really slowed down the app by an order of magnitude. We’ve tried about 5 different ways to improve the speed and reliability with no avail.

    As part of this round of changes we’re putting in place some alternative options for fetching keyword data that will be much faster and more reliable.

    Putting data into the cloud has been something that’s been on the cards for a long time. A lot of the work in Market Samurai in the last year has been behind the scenes to move more and more of the logic and data into the cloud. We’ve had a lot of request for a web version, and mobile versions, and moving to the cloud makes this a whole lot easier and more reliable.

    Thanks for your kind comments!

  132. I would just like to say that I find Market Samurai a really useful tool. Article Samurai (AS) adds a whole new dimension to SEO for me as it plays to my strengths. I purchased AS because I trust the Market Samurai brand. The open and honest response to this situation reinforces that trust. Using AS I saw a new keyword move up from nowhere on Google to the first page in just 46 days. Other target keywords are also moving strongly in the right direction.

    My advice to anyone with Market Samurai is, “stick with these guys. They know what they’re doing. Their advice is excellent. They are honest and straight and their support is first class. They are always likely to provide an outstanding service.”

  133. Can you please direct me to the training video sections, I havent used the softwarwe yet thanks..

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Sure Monica, you can get access to all our training at http://www.noblesamurai.com/dojo

    From there you can select your product and also get access to videos, web-pages and even download PDF instructions about how to get the most out of our products.

  134. Hi Eugene,

    I’m not a wholesale SEO user of MarSam, but I do use it a lot, and I massively value its output.

    I also understand that this excellent software is an aggregator and therefore dependent on multiple third parties, who may – like Google – pull the rug at short/no notice.

    The price of Market Samurai is unsurpassed in terms of value, and occasional upheaval is a very, very small price to pay back for the ongoing insights the software delivers.

    The fact is that if the whiners could get a better value service elsewhere, they would. That’s simple economics.

    I wish you well with the fixes and, when the dust settles, the most important thing may well be to review the contingency options available should more plugs be pulled in the future.

    All the best to you and the team, mate!


  135. Thanks for making the situation clear and it looks like you’re evaluating all the options to help keep MS the best SEO tool available.

    Keep us informed…


  136. Look forward to it being up & running again!

    Thanks for the post

  137. Hi Eugene
    Thanks for the update.
    Unfortunately the rank tracker module is the one I use the most and it is the one that impresses clients the most when they see their SERPS improve.

    I am an affiliate for MS and I always stress the one-off payment, that was the reason I bought MS!

    Once again thanks for the update and I’ll hang on and see how things go.

    Good luck.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    If you could hang on for a few weeks until we have a first cut of the updated Rank Tracker service to play with before making your decision that would be great. Feel free to ask us for a refund at any time if it doesn’t meet with your expectations.

    We also have plans for SEO consultants who want to produce reports for their clients too. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to do printing from within Adobe AIR. But we think we’ve figured out a way. Probably a few months off, but it is in the works.

    Thanks again.

  138. I am a small start up business and as such I am having to keep my business expenses extremely low in order to survive. I only purchase Market Samurai two months ago and the main reason I purchased Market Samurai was no ongoing cost and the business reputation.

    I totally understand its not Market Samurai fault in a sense but one question I would like to ask. Why were Market Samurai not aware of the changes google was making whilst other vendors already made a seamless change?

    Also with these new changes ii am concerned about data accuracy? What assurance scan Market Samurai give over this?



  139. I’m glad i made the jump from MS to Raven tools just over 6 months ago. I did that because i have paying clients so i need the speed and functionality that Raven could give me over MS. having said that if i was a one man operation with just 2 or 3 of my own sites i thing i would return to no tool. I found before i jumped ship that MS was becoming more of a burden than a help due to broken parts, rankings not matching manual checks, (yes depersonalised and de-localised) . The only useful part that was left for me was the simple SEOC & SEOT data which is an excellent feature.

    Eugene I wish you the very best of luck in keeping MS as cheap as possible as I believe it was an excellent tool (just not for how i scaled my business) and I love your attitude to pricing and service.

  140. Hi Eugene,

    Welcome to Planet Google. It must frustrate the living daylights out of you. Believe it or not, we stopped tracking our rankings because we had over 10.000 keywords we were ranking for for one of our websites and mainly used Webmasters (although Webmasters is really user unfriendly I must say if you have a lot of keywords you rank for). But what you guys are experiencing now is something we have experienced before as well. Google is as stable as a company (in its decisions) as a drunken old fart on ice skates. However, its like a beautiful woman with a lot of flaws: can’t live with her, can’t live without her. :-)

    In our company we stopped using the word SEO… we now call it Google manipulation and frankly, I can’t blame them for changing the game a little. While you guys build a very ethical product that worked great, there are people out there that ruin the game for everyone else.

    You are in a tough spot. In a business you want stability and I am afraid Google nor Bing or the others will ever deliver that to you.

    And as a last word: based on statistics we run in our company, the searches in Google and Bing vary mainly in numbers, not so much in keywords (which makes sense), so I wouldn’t worry about that.

    Good luck to you and your team. I guess you need it.


  141. Ive read all the comments so far and it seems that most people get that it is a bump in the road. Just like others, I am impressed with the way MS is handling this. It is textbook on public relations and a very wise move. As for refunds, unless you just bought the product, I don’t think you should ask for one. As for monthly costs, I think it should be tiered based on volume of keywords checked as an add on service to the main tool. I don’t use it for too many keywords yet and don’t think I would be willing to pay more than 5-7 dollars for my usage. But as my usage increases, I would be willing to pay more. I liked the comment about everyone chipping in to help MS have continued success as opposed to everyone opting out and losing this awesome tool. I’m rooting for you all at MS! Keep it up :)

  142. Everyone who has been involved in SEO for a little while is already getting used to the ups and downs. It’s part of the SEO game.

  143. Having been active on the net since the days of truly floppy discs, JANET, Amstrad and dial-up (!), I am frankly amazed that so much information is still free on the web. However, QUALITY information is another matter, and if I’m selling SEO services to clients, I want to make sure the info is the best available. So, although I am probably technically a ‘home’ user, if you need to charge, do so in the confidence that business professionals will be happy to pay if the tool delivers. And I would not dream of asking for a refund on something I have been using for years and which no longer works quite as it did when I first acquired it – the same applies to my microwave, my car and my partner!

  144. I am curious to know whether the new MS will also include information on Google Places ranking? Since those results are very important to a local business.

    FrankEdens replied:

    That is a very good question indeed..

    Shane replied:

    Weren’t you guys working on including more localized metrics a while back?

  145. I’ve become very disgruntled with Google over the past couple of months and am currently moving over to Bing and Yahoo. I see in several of the programs I have, the same problem that Market Samurai has. One can hardly put any blame at MS’s feet over this. In my opinion, Google would prefer to hang the marketers in favour of the searchers.
    Don’t know where that leaves their high income Adwords system – but I won’t be using it any more.

    Good Luck MS team – you’ve done some great work.

    cheers – Denis

  146. Thank you Eugene, I trust you guy’s at M.S. you always do your best to keep us informed, and do your best to sort out these frustrations.

    I feel for you to have to put up with some of the comments here, especially as you keep us up to date on what is going on, there are times when it is just not your fault.

  147. 147

    Hi Eugene

    Sorry to hear about all your troubles with the google changes.

    You and your team have always striven to keep market samurai updated no matter what has been thrown at you, thats commendable in this day and age for a product that has had a one time fee.

    Sometimes outside market forces can cause you to look internaly at your costs and make you decide that the way you move forward with your business has to change. Thats life.

    I can tell by the way you are answering the forum posts that it is a concern for you and your team if you have to introduce some form of additional charge to your customers in order for you to stay in business and keep up with future updates that market samurai will no doubt require.

    I have owned market samurai for about two years. I am not a power user of it. I have had good use of the tool so far and would never think of asking you for a refund.

    Market samurai and its team deserves to live, and be supported into the future. The same cannot be said about a lot of other companies in this industry.

    Thanks again Eugene for caring about your customers.

    Hope you and your team come up with the solutions that are benificial to us all moving forward.



  148. Why not have rank updates query Google locally, in the background, at random speeds so it looks natural, as a service on the Pc. It won’t take much bandwidth as it is going slowly and you ranks will update through the day. As soon as you go into Ms, ranks will be up to date. Does anyone really need New rank data more than once a week?

  149. I am just new to this business and confused by everything. I bought this programme and am just learning to use it. I have found the staff on the other side of my emails so helpful and friendly that they are easing my way into this new world I discovered behind the screen on my desk.

    I hope that stuff I signed up to get will still be available to me as I am not yet making enough money to put out more money for things I thought I already paid for.

    That said, I appreciate the candor and updating.

  150. Another thought on Rank Tracker can’t you. Introduce a pay as you go scheme? For small business like mine who wants to check this information on Adhock basis this may be a better solution?



  151. If you do need to add a cost, your earlier suggestion to have a “proportional system where heavy users pay more” would be preferred and fair, being that is what affects how you will be paying for the data anyway?

    i.e. I use MS weekly to check rankings for 3 websites on 10 keywords each. Then on a monthly basis for 6 websites, again 10 keywords each.

    So if I spread the checks over a few days so that only 10 keyword checks per day maximum, will I be in the ‘free’ bracket?

    If not, doing the calculation based on your earlier figures of 400,000 users of MS and cost of $40,000 per day to buy this data, that would mean charging 10 cents per user per day to cover costs – assuming you guys can’t negotiate a better deal with raven :-)

  152. I can’t see how anyone who has used this tool for awhile cant say they got their money’s worth.

    I believe Market Samurai will compete with the BEST of the paid services. From what I hear, SEOmozand SEObook are the bestpaid tools. They can be pricey. I hope MS can come up with a better price but a better product for the price.

    I believe in you guys and your company. I can’t wait to see how you turn this around. Unitl then, I;ll use Raven. Go for it. You are the best.


  153. 153

    I was greatly disappointed to read the update, having had a problem with M.S. yesterday. That said you guys have my sympathy. Your offer of a refund, after people have been using the service for some time, is an admirable one, and should demonstrate to everyone that you are playing this straight, and run the risk of having to pay out thousands. The cost to you guys will be far greater than the cost to any one of us.

    I don’t use the service that much – basically for just one website, using rank tracker on my keywords. A little bit of playing around with some other ideas, but not a lot and would not be missed, but rank tracker will be.

    I didn’t expect to use it a great deal from the outset, but I did feel it would be invaluable to me to be able to monitor the success or otherwise of keywords for my site. With some occasional playing around with ideas, the one off cost justified it.

    I don’t know what I’ll be doing in the future. If the ongoing cost of tracking 100 or so key words becomes too great, sadly I will have to leave.

    I hope you guys can organise something with Raven (or an alternative) to make it affordable. A scaled fee, based on estimated usage would be fair to everyone.

  154. My opinion is 2 folds, first bad news and second I am glad the Market Samurai team is trying to give us the best values(haven’t they been doing that all along?).

    I presume that the big players are trying to monetize what they have been offering free. I am not a market expert but I think first they give you something free, you use it for many years, get used to it and them they ask you to pay. I mean the search engines not MS.

    I have no reason to switch to any other tool. I will wait for whatever MS has come up with.

  155. This software is crap now , This is terrible news!!

  156. I have to say I’m having withdrawals since not being able to do keyword updates… Probably good for me to detox a little.

    Having said that, why not build in a random delay feature so that I can set MS to do my ranking updates directly with no proxy and go to sleep and have MS do all the google queries with say a 30 sec-5 minute random timer between them overnight?

    It seems like a perfectly elegant solution unless I’m missing something.


  157. Thanks Eugene for being up front and honest about the update. Please keep us up to date on your progress. :)

  158. 158
    On January 29th, 2012 at 10:02 pm
    Quenton Fyfe said:

    Thanks for the update Eugene.

    I’m sure this incredibly frustrating for people who’ve bought MS recently – but I hope they give you some breathing space to get things sorted out – those of us who’ve had the product for years know how hard you all work to keep everything working.

    With Google choosing to make referrer keyword data increasingly unavailable, and now this, it seems like Google has decided to make life as hard as possible for SEOs. While they have 92% market share (here in the UK), there’s not a lot we can do – but they’re certainly not making many friends right now.

    As you said, for many queries, Bing’s results are as good, if not better…

    I’m really impressed with the professional way you’re handling this crisis Eugene – hang on in there, and I’m certain you’ll still have a large and loyal customer base on the other side.

  159. Hi – I’ve been using MS as a free trial for the last week or so and have found it very easy to use & the help videos make things very clear. Now this has come up, should I be upgrading to the full version or wait to see what the monthly costs will be before I buy??


    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Send through an email to support@noblesamurai.com and we’ll extend your trial and discount period so you can make your decision after we know what’s happening with Rank Tracker.


  160. Keep up the outstanding work guys- your product, service and professionalism is second to none in this arena.

  161. As Article Samurai is a monthly paid service does it mean that the subscription will now rise?

    Earl replied:

    No worries…I found the answer in an earlier post. Whatever will be, will be. You guys provide an excellent service, and even on the odd occasion when things go wrong you provide excellent customer service, for such a small team. If i have to pay for the ranking, then that’s what I will do, because it will cost me a whole lot more than I will be paying you if I lose customers who want that data.

  162. To all of you at MS, thank you for being open and honest about the problems and what you are doing to get them resolved. I look forward to getting full NS functionality returned. Godspeed in your efforts.


  163. Thanks very much for outlining this. To me MS is incomparable and I am using it daily with great passion. But, I have a feeling that bigger picture has been missed. As changes are constant and imminent, I think that MS failed to be one step ahead of competition (in this case) and truly look into the future.

    My rant or not, I am very disappointed by simple lack of vision….What do I do now? Pay for yet another service to check my kw’s. I don’t have money to do that and I want to stay with MS….


  164. 164

    When will people realise Market Samurai is simply the best aggregator and compiler of free data which is fed to its users software.

    Now the party is over and the providers of the data TO M.S. have decided either…
    1. they’re no longer providing the data OR
    2. they’re charging for the data.
    Now Market Samurai, has to pass those costs on to the consumer. Unfortunately some people do NOT have an “ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE”… and their life is a bitch.

    Market Samurai & Article Samurai has been one of the best investments I’ve made online. I have no hesitation in purchasing or recommending their products to others.

    I wish the Team at Noble Samurai all the best in overcoming this “speed bump” and you have my continued support.


  165. 165

    I’m a fairly light user of MS, but I can say it has been one of the best deals I’ve gotten for the money spent. I also understand the situation you’re in.

    One idea I’d like to plant in your heads:
    Light users like me might be resistant to expensive monthly fees. Is there a way you can price it to differentiate between those who scan keywords occasionally and heavy users?

  166. Keep tracking of your kw ranking has always been a big problem…

    I don’t like to pay for reoccuring costs… I’ll keep using MS for KW research, domain selection and such… if Traffic Travis will have the same problem tracking ranks… then I give up…

  167. Hi Eugene,

    Thank you for being forthright and honest about the whole situation.

    My hands have been burnt with hyped up SEO software that tricks users into buying systems promising lifetime updates and then freezing up 6 months later to ask for regular payments.

    Then, there is software that is cheap to buy and after buying it one finds out that you need to buy proxies or face getting your IP blocked for too many searches.

    The reason why SEO software can’t be one time payment is because search engine algorithms change ALL the time and it costs and enormous amount of development time and expertise to keep up with the changes.

    I was truly surprised (and happy) to have Market Samurai needing no regular payments and no proxies since you were performing searches form your own servers. Thank you for making it happen so far.

    At a atime when many SEO software companies are simply misleading users into buying their software by incomplete information, it is good to see how you have explained it all and then go the extra miule to offer the refunds. I have bookmarked yoru post under ‘Good way to do business’.

    I would be interested in an option where I could use your servers for my SEO tracking at a fee (since proxies are not allowed in my country).

    Looking forward to a quick and cost-effective resolution soon – do what’s best for your users. We are counting on you!

  168. Hi Eugene, you have to have knowledge that the sales of sustainable products will fall a lot, so I suggest you invest in putting more tools in the program so you can compensate for this loss, with absolute Necromancer bad news is that the point of no wanting more you use the program, we see how the program will return when you finish the modifications, oh yes we will be the amount paid menssalmente worth it or not!
    Hopefully everything.

    Anderson Days.

  169. Thank you Eugene for the update. Change is inevitable, saying that. I have always been impressed with Noble Samurai products because of their functionality, the high level of Support given and mostly your training on how to use the services. If aspects of Noble Samurai products go to a monthly fee I will pay it because of what I will get in return. I personally have received outstanding service for free so paying for the same or better is just smart to me.
    Noble Samurai has always been very high on my “Trusted” List and will continue to stay their.

  170. Evolution is evolution. I think anyone involved in search marketing for more than 5 minutes can understand – even anticipate – that change is inevitable. The test of a service provider is not what they did, but what they do. I think MS is a great product because it is patently obvious that there is a lot of care and responsibility toward its users.

  171. Hi Eugene,

    Sorry to see some people gave you a hard time, they surly have not the brains they were born with if they think that Google will stand still and let services like yours operate free.

    Good luck with the work on the rank checker and paid or no I love my MS tools.

  172. Eugene,

    I’m a big fan and supporter of your tools and think the value is extreme for what I paid originally for it.

    I also understand that Google is trying to end the manipulation of their search results through SEO and as you (and others like you) provide the tools to do that, they’re going to continue trying to strangle your data feeds.

    Frankly I’m surprised, with their endless hunger for cash that they don’t simply offer a paid api and accept that companies who utilize seo are not trying to manipulate search results for greedy purposes, they simply want to get customers.

    Google’s fingerprints are all over the knife that killed old media and in their desire to sell ppc to every business on earth, they seem bent on killing organic search for everyone.

    All that aside, I’d never consider asking you for a refund and would suggest that your new tools offer a ‘pro’ version, perhaps in the $49/mo range that also provides pretty monthly reports (white labeled) that I can send to seo clients. I’ve long felt that the export function of MS left much to be desired. If your slick reporting could also pull in screens from Google analytics too, I’d be delighted to pay.

    For those that won’t or don’t want to pay – a desktop version that runs on their own connection is ideal. For businesses its simply a cost that is passed along to clients.

    Keep going – I appreciate your efforts!

  173. All my support, go on people!

  174. It is difficult situation for all involved, us customers and MS developers. But the program was promoted and sold out as one life-time payment. I am pretty sure that if there was monthly payment from the start there would not be 400.000 active users of the program. One life-payment was you competitive advantage addressed to other programs.

  175. I am a long time Market Samurai and a recent Article Samurai user. I have been reading through the comments on this blogpost and i am amazed to see that Eugene is replying to almost every post. And he is doing that on the same day (today).I do understand that there are people who are concerned about non availability of certain modules, but i have never understood why they would charge only one time fee to all of us to use a product like MS. And then they keep updating it without asking for money. I think they are are treating us in the same way they would like to be treated them self. They are even offering full refunds after years of use. Almost none of the users of MS would offer that to their own customers.

    So to the people who are complaining, give them the time to sort things out and come up with a solution.
    Most of us sell services using MS and we charge monthly fees for SEO and other related stuff, and we insist that our customers pay us every month but some of us are not willing to pay monthly for a product we use almost daily to charge our customers and earn regular monthly income.

    Thanks Eugene for taking the time and inform us all.

  176. As much as I hate the idea of having to pay for anything I totally understand that the world will not work in a free form. Hence I knew that one day we would see a paid service from MS. I just hope that you take care of those (grandfather us in) on a lesser cost than those that are joining now.

  177. 177


    MS is a great service. We’ve received incredible value for just a one time fee of $97. The changes are clealy beyond your control and it just makes good  business sense to change your business model or go bankrupt. Sure, I love the current model- who wouldn’t? But, I’d hate to lose MS and if you need to change the pricing structure so be it. You have the best product of it’s kind on the market and if used correctly by the end user, any additional costs that we incur will be recouped on the front end.

    Thanks for all that you do to be transparent and for working diligently to come up with a solution to these issues.

  178. 178

    Sorry to hear this news, and I think your up front approach is laudible.

    Sadly this is not an unexpected outcome and only goes to fan the flames of distrust towards monopolistic corporates…

    Hope you can keep up the good work and thank you for an excellent tool over the last 4 years.

  179. Hi Eugene,

    This is a sad day for Market Samurai. Perhaps there is some hidden philosophy here as well (A Samurai can only battle for so long).. I have been using your software almost every day since I bought it, it has paid for itself in multiples….
    Hopefully the rest of the software will continue to work. Shame you didn’t charge a symbolic $5 a month from all your users – might make a dent in things…

    Wishing you the best in your future developments!

  180. This post is a good example of a company that’s very upfront and openly honest with it’s customers.

    I’m sure there are other keyword software providers who have chosen to be quite about how these Google changes have impacted their software.

    Well…no worries from me, man. I’m just going to sit back and watch how this whole thing plays out.

  181. I appreciate the honesty and transparency of Eugene’s disclosure. With so many scam software products being released, Noble Samurai has maintained its integrity through this difficult transition. Why abandon ship? Where else are you going to go? “The only constant in life is change!” If you are a serious marketer, SEO tools are a part of the overall cost of doing business successfully.

  182. 182

    It would be ideal if you made the rank tracker module an add on. That way customers could have the option to not have to pay the monthly fee if they don’t want the module. Please give this serious consideration.

  183. All we can say is Google happens.. I’m sorry to hear about the changes that could be coming. Don’t really want to pay for this each month but I think I’d rather pay to use it than lose it. That is assuming I can afford the monthly.
    You guys have always looked out for your customers and I know I appreciate it like many others here do.
    And as others have mentioned, I too have had this software for years now, so there’s no doubt in my mind that I got my monies worth. Good Luck Euguene to you and your crew. This is going to be a bumpy ride…

  184. 184

    I was one of the first buyers for Market Samurai after its launch and I have always been impressed with the service. This new wrinkle is annoying of course but I am sure your team will come up with a viable solution, hopefully not at added cost to the users.

    Thank you for the detailed update. It is a good reminder of Market Samurai’s concern for the users and their desire to keep us in the loop.

  185. I’ve used all the products. I loves MS for 4 reasons:

    1. Fixes price (rediculously cheap)
    2. Unlimited keywords
    3. Run daily
    4. Rankings out to 1,000 instead of 100

    Now I work at a company that also uses HubSpot so I have rankings to 100 updated weekly on 1000 keywords there.

    I clicked refresh on the 1-1000 results every morning to check the long tail efforts and see what I needed the oDesk staff to write about. Having the knowledge that I jumped from.1,000+ to 189 in 2 days was the MOST valuable thing for me because I couldn’t see that anywhere else. I could double down on the word and then push it to HubSpot.

    Will your source allow 100-1000 deep results?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Chris, unfortunately this is unlikely as none of the services that we have been investigating provide results deeper than 100.

  186. 186

    Just charge us all $5 a month for MS. $5, wow, it’s like one coffee.

  187. Thanks for your great communication and amazing work you are doing with Market Samurai.
    I have been so amazed that you could afford to keep it updated and serviced for so long with a once-off fee only. I hope that this change to charging monthly will put you on an even better footing financially, so you can provide more of your awesome service.
    Many thanks

  188. Hi,

    Gotta love Google pulling the rug out from under us. Personally, I won’t be going anywhere as I find MS invaluable for keyword research, both on my personal sites and clients.

    However, I never use the Rank Tracker module – I have a subscription to Authority Labs for that. As such, I think I’d have a bit of an issue paying a monthly fee for something I’d never use. Would there be the option to continue using the tool without the Rank Tracker module?



  189. I’d like to know the source on your data for Bing accounting for 30% of USA traffic.

    You guys and many other included have always advocated the use of Google’s importance for SEO ranking (fair to say your business model was based on this) – and my experience of Bing is that the results are often frustratingly rubbish and a waste of time. I try using it but always end up going back to Google – which I’m sure is accountable for many such uses of Bing.

    Would be nice to see the source for your statement.

  190. Thanks for the very honest blog re: what’s happening for Market Samuarai and the hows and whys. While if it’s going to turn out to be a monthly fee to use it, I probably won’t be able to do so, but I understand what’s going on and why…
    Your videos are very compelling and that’s what got me to buy Market Samuari in the first place. Now, I want Article Samurai…:)

  191. 191
    On January 30th, 2012 at 12:22 am
    Ernie Hodge said:

    I have had Market Samurai since right after it came out on the market and will not be asking for a refund. I’m not a power user and I understand that sometimes things change and some people get upset.

    We all know everyone wants to keep their costs down and make bigger profits. That’s a given and it’s never going to change.

    I look at Google as NOT being the end all grand provider of information.

    Google makes it’s changes (my opinion) for a couple of reasons. One is because they have to try and keep the Black Hat operators and Spammers from gaming the system.

    The second is to help them make the lions share of revenue being generated on Google in Google’s pocket. If you do any Adwords campaigns you should be able to see this with the click fraud going on. I’ve seen this from a personal perspective and I don’t do Adwords anymore.

    I don’t understand why the majority of marketer’s feel like Google is the only source of traffic on the Internet.

    I liked MS from the first time I opened it up and will continue to use the program along with a couple of other programs that fit into my business.

    I think it’s great that we always get communication from MS when there’s an issue like this and they don’t try and hide these ‘bumps in the road’.

    I’ll be watching to see where we go from here.

    Thanks for the update Eugene and keep up the great work.

  192. You guys provide an awesome service with excellent support. Easily the best tool on the market for doing research with. As with most things in this world nothing is static. You have always done a good job finding ways to work around the issues presented to you and I am confident that you will find an equitable solution to this problem too. If it means that you have to charge for some parts that were free in the past in order to maintain other parts of a really good tool, that is the way it has to be. Keep plugging, change comes hard to some people, eventually they will adapt. Thanks for your hard work right now.

  193. 193
    On January 30th, 2012 at 12:29 am
    Onder Hassan said:

    Thanks for the heads up Eugene. You guys seriously are working hard in order to provide us with the best value. With regards to switching to a paid service for Rank Tracker. If it means giving the company even more flexibility to providing even better value for their customers, then I’m all for it.
    In fact, I personally wouldn’t mind if you guys introduced packages to check beyond a 1000 back links in the pr analysis module since MS only allows to see 1000 bl’s max using the service.
    Just an idea :)

    Keep up with the great work guys.

  194. Thank you for this informative article. I know that Google is doing everything it can to implode itself. THese changes are not your fault, and I, for one, appreciate your efforts and the affordable prices that you provided. Sure there are things I’d like to see improved, like videos showing us how to use the particular tools correctly etc. But I understand your frustrations as well. Just do everything that you can to keep us all informed. Thank you.

  195. This is technical, and I’ll be honest I tried writing a competitor to your product but gave up because I knew the support would be a nightmare. I don’t think some of you realize how difficult a product like this is to maintain. My product did almost every thing MS did, and much faster too written in .net but in a few weeks was completely useless! Especially the free backlinks! I contacted Majestic and almost fell off my chair when they told me what it would cost to get their information. I would have to invest probably 5 figures to just get my product out the door. I can’t believe MS isn’t charging users for this.

    So after all that testing I had a product that was an exercise in programming and could never make it to market. I would definitely need to hire others if it were to become viable and not be barraged with refund requests.

    Imagine building a house and then finding out you have to tear it down every few months because the wiring, plumbing and cabinets become incompatible with the new “thing.” That is what this software is like.

    I haven’t played with it in months, but are you taking advantage of being able to view 100 websites at once in google? Instead of the 10 by default? If you snag the preference cookie this is possible. I don’t track that many keywords but that functionality seems to be ok. Also if you leave a delay between requests, it seems to be fine. People may end up leaving it run overnight if they have 100s of keywords. If google thinks a human is doing it they usually don’t care.

  196. I’m happy to hear that you will be utilizing Bing. If every other vendor does the same thing, maybe (hopefully!) Google will will lose an even bigger percentage of search queries. It’s time Google got b*tch slapped, instead of us all getting Google slapped.

  197. I just read the update above, and for the past few days I’ve been trying to use Market Samurai for some simple keyword searches, but I didn’t know that any of the problems were a result of another Google “enhancement”.

    I’m very new to this whole IM scenario (I’ve only been doing this for about six months), and in that time I am learning something new every day. But I can honestly say that one of the best tools I’ve come across so far is Market Samurai. The tools that you provide have been invaluable in my searches for viable keywords. And this is to say nothing for the many uses of the many tools that you provide, which, I must restate, that I am learning something new every day. I believe in you guys, but at the same time I feel sorry for you, as I feel sorry for everyone on the internet at this point. The point, I think, is that you may find a fix for this problem, just to have Google come up with another enhancement in the near future, thus throwing another wrench in the works.

    My chief concern here as a newcomer is that it seems to me that Google is attempting a major move towards empire on the internet. They already control 60-70% of it as it is. I could even understand them using harsh tactics to clean up the internet. Hell, when a new sherrif came to clean up a town, they HAD to bust a few heads to get their point across. God knows, the internet needed some cleaning up. I can remember the days when a simple search would crash my computer due to all the popups that would occur. I could even support them in this pursuit of clean up. But what good is it when the sherrif becomes worse than the criminals?

    My first site was banned within a week, without an explanation or a chance for recourse, other than it didn’t meet with their approval. At the time, I just moved on and just set myself to improve things on my later sites. But now, I’m just worried that all my sites will be eliminated in the same way and for the same reasons, which are basically no good reasons.

    The thing that we should all be concerned with is where does it end. I’m nothing, and would be gone in less time than it takes them to press a button. But think, it won’t stop there! Everyone, especially the high rollers out there, will eventually be open to the same fate if they’re not careful. By then, there may not be other options open (like Bing/Yahoo), because by then these options may have already been crushed or absorbed.

    Like I said earlier, I can agree with what Google is doing, but only to a point. Much of what you are using in your tools is software which makes the workload so much easier. I use other tools as well, such as article writers and spinners. In keeping with Googles “unique” outlook, I never use these tools without proof-reading before sending it out to the internet. It just seems that Google is trying to stomp out any tools other than what they allow, and that can not lead to anywhere good. Time for some serious considerations, I think. I may be new, but out of the mouths of babes…..!

    I just want to conclude by saying that you have a great platform here on Market Samurai, and I plan on sticking with you as long as I can. Keep up the good work.

  198. 198

    As many of the comments above have stated, thanks for keeping us, the users, informed.

    Regardless of the outcome of these developments, I for one will not be requesting a refund because MS has served me so well over the years and I’ve got much more than my money’s worth.

    From your note and various responses above it seems that one of the options is to make Rank Tracker a premium module. I would just like to suggest that if this option were to be implemented, could it be implemented in such a way that a premium only needs to be paid by users that intend to use the Rank Tracker via the cloud. That is, users can always use Rank Tracker for free if it does not perform its searches via the cloud but via the user’s own ip address.

  199. 199

    I just wanted to say “Thanks” for the GREAT job you guys have been doing over the last several years. I started with you guys several years ago when I was taking the 30 day challenge. I was and still am shocked that you did not charge a monthly fee in the past. As marketers, we all have additional costs incurred with technology changes. No one likes to have to pay more for services as we realize that the profit margins shrink due to this. But the reality is, when this happens we all have to find a way to increase our revenue either by charging our customers more (just like any other business) or suck it up and deal with it. To read the negative comments from these Ungrateful marketers just blows my mind. But I guess that is to be expected when someone gets something for FREE and then needs to pay for a service. I mean really, the original cost of your product over 3 years time is what $5.00 a month. What does the average person leave for a tip on a night out? Lets stand behind these guys and give them credit where credit is due. They are doing an awesome job and should be appreciated for their continued efforts to make this a FREE service. I am sorry if I stepped on some toes, but I believe that credit should be given when credit it due. Great job guys, I support you 100% And I will continue to use your services not only because of their reliability and usefulness, but because of your complete transparency regarding these current issues. Best of luck and keep up the AWESOME job. Bill

  200. 200

    Eugene, I think that most MS customers are internet change/implication savvy and while Google’s latest (and understandable) modifications will impact everyone, it’s a force of business nature we must all deal with. Your candour and sense of fair play; for example offering Dave a full refund and continued access to the system has gone a long way to assuage any concerns that many may have about possible hidden agendas. I am still developing my business model and have yet to use MS even though I purchased this a few months back. Just to let you know that I understand the issues and will continue as an MS client, Good luck. DT

  201. 201

    Okay, I have a question…I am totaly brand new to any Internet Marketing and just started using MS 1 week ago and I think was finaly just starting to figure out the core functions with Keyword Research when it to went $@%# the other day. I was just getting ready to get some keywords when the SEO Comp. went haywire. So do I put everything on hold until this gets resolved? Or is there some other tools that I could use in the meantime? As a total Noob here, I am majorly confused as what to do next! In my mind, MS was the most incredible tool I have ever seen with what all that it could do. Any guidance? Thank you to Market Samurai for what I perceive as a great product, but I have to figure out my next move. And thank you to the many expeienced IM’ers out there who willingly explain mundaine things to us noobs.
    Research on!!

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi, there are only a handful of tools in Market Samurai that aren’t back up and running yet (PR checks and Google ranking checks) you should be able to continue building your campaign with Market Samurai as is. If you need any more guidance in getting started just send through a support ticket.

  202. 202

    Hi guys.
    Thanks for the update.
    I can’t say I’m happy with it, but sometimes things in the market change beyond your control.

    That said, I think you should behave like a responsible company and take the hit rather than disabling features for customers who already paid for your software.
    It was very easy for you to take our money, and while your services broke down every now and then and caused us users trouble, we didn’t rush to charge you for the damage you caused us.

    Thus is the nature of business, you build a product with a certain set of features and assumptions, made a profit on it, and now that your assumptions have changed, you’re trying to pass the cost onto the users rather than adapt and fix the product that you already sold.

    If other companies have google APIs, then it’s possible to build one, why don’t you make one too?

    Sounds a bit lazy to me…

    And one last thing, you should probably not have implied that Bing is just as good as Google… really…

  203. Thanks for being open with the problem. I guess Article Samurai is the biggest worry because it is already on a paid subscription – quite an investment. For those using AS, maybe getting the service for free or at a discount until this problem is rectified would be a kind gesture. Especially since it isn’t fully functional.

  204. 204

    One more thing, will you be charging for the new service at cost or will you be making a profit on it?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Steve, at least for current users we will be keeping this service at cost. New customers (after we implement the change) may be charged more – we don’t know at this stage.

  205. 205
    On January 30th, 2012 at 1:28 am
    Warren Barnes said:

    You folks have not only provided an outstanding tool that has helped people make significant sums of money over the years, but have also provided outstanding customer support as well.

    Anytime there has been an issue with one of the components of Market Samurai, you’ve always let people know what was happening and what you were doing to solve the problem. Not only that, but you’ve always made sure to let people know they could request a refund – regardless of when you purchased it. If that doesn’t speak volumes about what you folks are all about, I don’t know what does.

    I sure hope that anyone who purchased access to Market Samurai more than a month ago isn’t tempted to put $97 back in their pocket by requesting a refund. If so, that speaks volumes about the type of person you are.

    Keep up the good work Eugene and team – I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done over the years.


  206. Thank you for clearing up things for us!
    When I got the message from Google, I had no idea of how it would affect us.
    From reading your statement, and reading through all these comments, I am a bit less confused.
    I do agree with the majority of the people who have given you guy’s positive feedback.
    Just to simplify: A copy and paste from Petes comment:
    "I believe that you guys are providing a perfect example of how a business should act when confronted with any issue."
    (This should have been written in CAPITAL letters)
    "HEAR" - "HEAR"! ;-) I couldn
    t agree more!

  207. We’ve been championing MS for sometime before we became an affiliate. Like our CEO would tell his people, if you can’t get a $97 dollar idea out of using MS, then you didn’t try at all. People should continue to pay the $97 for a license, just to be “grandfathered” as a client into the next evolution of MS. It’s a very low-risk investment, to bet the business intelligence from this team. In fact, I wish I could buy shares!!!

  208. Although I’ve only been using MS for a couple of months, I’ve been impressed from the beginning with your straight-forward, transparent approach to communicating with your customers and sharing your considerable knowledge. Based on your explanations and your track-record, I have no doubt that you will deal with this crisis ably and then keep improving even as your playing field shakes and undulates. I even expect to come out slightly ahead because I have no doubt you guys will learn a fair bit from the scramble you’re being forced through.

    I’m still a big fan.

  209. 209

    Hi Bret and the Noble Samurai Team.
    It is a shame about google’s changes as Market Samurai is still my preferred choice of SEO research software.

    Will this affect the Wirdpress plugins that also do rankTracking? (not from Noble Samurai?) if all the websites are on the same IP?

    Google seems to make it more difficult then for SEO companies to provide reporting (which is generally a requirement)

    Hope you find an alternative to a monthly charge.

  210. Since Social Shares are impacting the SEO landscape more and more, I suspect most of the Premier tools like MS and SEOmoz and MNF and others will fin new and unique and worthwhile ways to include Social Media in their analytics offerings.

  211. SEOMOZ.ORG offers keyword tracking for 99 per month. Perhaps they will allow you to piggy back that service / data for less than SEORaven’s fee of 40k per day.

  212. 212

    I can’t believe someone is upset because you didn’t know that Google was going to make these changes? That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, (well besides the first post who “smells a lawsuit”).

    The only people who know what Google is going to do in the future in the future is Google. To expect anyone to predict their movements, (let alone figure them out once they do them), is ridiculous.

    I say up the price significantly per month so that you weed out all these cheap guys who have no idea how much ongoing maintenance goes on behind the scenes. Real business people know that things change and sometimes you have to accept that something that was free is not anymore. You either pay up or get lost. Too many people do not understand how real businesses work.

    It will lessen my competition and I’m all for paying more.

  213. You guys are amazing!

    Hats off to the way you’re dealing with this…

    Can I buy a round of pizza to the poor techie guys who must have been working around the clock for days and days to resolve this?

    Keep it up! Respect!

  214. A contract to provide a service for life is JUST that…. it would land me in great trouble if I told my clients “Oh sorry Google has become more restrictive, so now Mr. Customer, you must pay for something that I promised as included when you PAID in full. ”

    Are you catching the drift? If you get really loyal customers who are willing to pay for you to change your business model mid-stream – GREAT!!!! maybe they can pay for the folks who like me – would hold you to your promise and ORIGINAL business model…..

    This will get ugly !!!

  215. All I will say is that the problems incurred over the last week have been an inconvenience but fortunately I have other SEO sources,however MS has been my favourite program of choice so I hope that whatever method you choose to use I will still continue to use your program though if it becomes a monthly subscription it will not be to expensive

  216. My question is how will this affect someone who wants to purchase Market Samurai now. Is the price still the same, is there going to be a delay in the ability to purchase Market Samurai. If someone buys today and things continue to change or certain functionality does not get worked out the I assume there is a refund available if a purchaser is not satisfied.

    Thanks for your attention and reply.

  217. 217
    On January 30th, 2012 at 2:34 am
    Tom Malcolm said:

    Dave, …wow…you are a…nevermind…

    Eugene and ALL of the Market Samurai team,
    You are all awesome. To have a company put themselves out there like you do with full transparency and ZERO hype makes me a permanent customer for life.
    I for one appreciate more than I can ever describe the genuineness that is displayed by this team.

    You have my continued loyalty,


  218. I want to be here short and sweet… all you at “MarketSamurai-Team” keep my trust and respect. GO AHEAD!

    Roberto Carolini

  219. I appreciate all the work behind the scenes that makes this such a great resource for my internet business. I don’t pretend to understand everything going on but I do have complete faith and trust that you’ll bring Market Samurai to an even higher level of expertise. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work. Thank you. Marcia

  220. I remember Google’s motto: “Don’t be evil” Frankly I believe they have forgotten this. According to them MS and every other tool out there, from keyword research to submission software is blackhat. And I remember what it was like to do the research by hand. Yuck! I think perhaps it is time to give Big G a bit of a wake up call and start using Bing more. (can’t believe I just said that!) When one search engine has so much power, as we’ve seen, it detrimentally affects all of us. I personally, do NOT want to live in a world where everything (from search to cars) is Google brand.

    I’ll be interested to see what the final outcome of the rank tracker is. I bought MS as a one off investment and if the price is reasonable, may yet use RT. But I LOVE the other modules including the Find, Publish and monetize modules. It really makes my life a whole lot easier and I want them to stay.

    I think it might be time to add that other module I’ve heard about (don’t know what it is, don’t worry, but am curious), and with the recent upcoming fixes, hit this thing out of beta and into v. 1.0.

    This is where it really pays to have a couple of back ups. I use MS for the majority of my research, but I also use Niche Finder, and SERP alert pro for tracking rank, as well as domain match pro.

    The key is to be flexible. You are a business owner after all.

    So, here’s to the Noble Samurai boys (and girl – hi Miriam!). As we say in Ninjutsu: Ninpo Ikkan!, Keep Going, Keep Playing.

    We’re with you Eugene!

  221. Sorry to hear about the problems Eugene. I for one would never ever ask for a refund as I have been using MS for over three years and consider it the best online tool I have ever bought.
    Good luck with the updates and hopefully you can find a solution for Rank Tracker. Feedback I am getting from SEO’s in Spanish is that people would be happy to pay for a higher level of service if it guaranteed being able to do their job and the price was reasonable. Individual users would love there to be a limited number of rank tracker queries/keywords available that could be done for free.
    I think the way you are handling this is a brilliant example of how a business should deal with problems that come up. As for the first response suggesting a lawsuit what a laugh! As has been said get a life.

  222. Sorry to hear about these changes, but clearly this was bound to happen. Just the fact that you have taken the time to personally answer each of these responses shows your dedication to your user base. In my two years using your service, you have always shown your continued support to do the best for your audience with constant updates and bug fixes. I personally feel that your small initial fee brought me tremendous value and I plan to stick with your service as long as it compares favorably to most other paid services. For all the benefits I’ve received over the past two years from my initial fee, I would be embarrassed to request a refund. I plan to hang in there as long as I can afford. May the force be with you . . .

  223. 223

    Eugene Ware
    Noble Samurai


    A few years ago, about two, I found myself, on disability after I had fallen nearly 28 feet off of a roof.

    I broke both of my legs, both of my arms,back, tailbone and ribs. I was in a hospital bed for nearly a year, five major surgeries, hundreds of thousands of dollars (US) later, I emerged, to a wheel chair, walker, cane and then walking without an artificial aid. I am still broken, in many ways, life long disabilities, 37% disabled, per American Medical Assoc. guidelines.

    I am married, with three children. I was not sure how I was going to support my family, with the major loss of income.
    of nearly 80%. I sought to find a way to do so online.

    I found MS,after watching FREE videos on SEO, ETC, ETC, ETC. I spent hours learning from the FREE instructions offered, FREE education, before I scraped money together to purchase M.S. It’s the idea of finding a workable, work around difficult situations, not of your own choosing, and or making.

    Unfortunately, after loving this woman my wife, for nearly 28 years, and 26 years of marriage, the marriage thing has gone south, cold like the Antarctic. She is a beautiful woman, she’s been a great wife. The accident not only hurt and damaged me for life, it hurt our relationship. She thought, thinks the grass is greener in a another pasture.

    I find this parallel to be interesting, with the changes on the rise. Life is full of them. An old adage that is as true today as it was when it was first stated, and then penned: “You can get bitter because of what has happened, or can get better.”
    The choice is yours, you decide. Find the joy, and positive notes and sing them, or ever live the life of the blues.
    I choose the former and first as the place I choose to sing about. After a rocky years, I am back into the business, head above the clouds, though still dark, ominous and looming, for the children and continued marriage outlook, the sun is shining from my vantage point.

    Thank you for your integrity,openness, from my view, as always the M.S. team is up front and out front delivering to us the good, the bad and the not so pretty facts on the ground. That is what a good and healthy marriage, relationship, and professional business relation should look like.

    NO, sulking around in the shadows, obfuscating the truth, with lies, double talk, beating around the bushes through deception. Open and honest dialogue is not always the path of least resistance, but it a path where opportunities for a brighter tomorrow and future can have a firm foundation to work from.

    Thank you again.

  224. I have been using market samurai for about 2 years and paid a few dollars for it. It the industry standard software and its been brilliant. As long as the communication is upfront and proactive I dont thing any user can complain as the search engines make changes to thier api’s The software is updated and you make changes to accomodate. And you have been doing a great job.

  225. When I bought into Market Samuri There were three modules. Many more were promised and although it took years they came and were not charged for. If you spent less than a hunred dollars then you have your value in the lessons provided not to mention that if you realize that each page of a website is in it self a website then using the tools other than rank checker will earn you money. If they charge a small fee for rank checker I won’t use it because my websites arer informational and earn mostly googgle money. This doesn’t mean I don’t owe MS a debt because many of my pages are on the first page of google and some are # 1 from the help MS provided me.

  226. 226

    I have mixed feelings about the monthly fee. MS is definitely worth it. However, the reliability of the product seems to be in question.

    It goes without saying that the performance and reliability of MS has dropped off considerably in the past few months. I know it’s not your fault that the game constantly changes as far as Google is concerned, but an unpredictable tool is certainly a liability for those of us that have been able to incorporate MS into our own business models.

    My feelings are that if reliability is going to be a constant issue, you might want to make the product entirely worth the potential issues that will be encountered in the future.

    Roy (comment 45) had a very good suggestion about incorporating article samurai into the monthly fee for the whole product. If done effectively, a comprehensive service at a moderately higher monthly subscription rate would reduce users and justify the subscription price.
    I was an article samurai subscriber until a few days ago. It’s not that article samurai wasn’t a good product. Besides some of the shortcomings like limited spinning quotas, it was. But once the cracks in MS reliability started to become more pronounced, it made me wonder when article samurai would suffer the same fate. I know MS and AS are separate products, but what happens when the next new product comes along? Will article samurai suffer the same fate as MS?

    That uneasy perception of unreliability is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

  227. 227

    We know that Google holds most of the cards and that no matter what other tool used, it will always try to block things, because tools, to them are “evil.” That said, I’ll happily pay for Rank Tracker, and will continue being a part of the Samurai faithful. You guys do a ton of work, and we all appreciate what you do. MS has been a major tool in my arsenal since I bought it in ’09.

    Keep going Samurai team! We’re with you!

  228. Hi Eugene,

    Market Samurai helped me to start my consultancy business as being a one man band I could not afford the wordtracker monthly fee for example. So thanks for producing a great affordable tool to help get me started.

    Good luck with your efforts to restore all the services. Just want to encourage you to make room for us smaller setups in your new pricing model. I do need to check more than 10 keywords but I certainly don’t need to check 1000′s… not yet anyway ;)

    Best regards


  229. The only constant is change right? : ) I look forward to something even better coming out of this.

    I suggest using this time to focus on another area of business or life that you want to ramp up and revise for 2012.

    Thank you & Cheers,

  230. I am not looking forward to a monthly subscription price for anything, so I really appreciate the fact that you are going to price things based on usage, possibly free for some, as I’m a low volume user. Having said that, I think your software is absolutely fantastic and you guys are absolutely great. I’m happy to have found such a terrific tool (Market Samurai) at such a reasonable price. I understand the uncomfortable position that Google often puts many businesses and people in by making such changes, but they ARE Google, so I can only imagine how hard it is to build a whole business model around them. Keep up the good work! I’m still telling my friends about you guys.

  231. Hi Eugene,

    Sorry to hear you got yourself in a muddle with this one I have been a long admirer of your videos and software for some time, so here is some advice for what it’s worth:

    To convert to a fully paid service you have a job on your hands “Law suit is a bit rich” but now you know what you have to do you can’t go on with the same offer, yes give money back to those that feel they have been conned … but to move on you need to do two things, first you need to acknowledge your existing customer base with a minimal monthly fee (contribution to overheads ) for say at least the next 24 months. Those that don’t like it can have their money back…

    Secondly you need to change your offer immediately to new clients to a platform such as IPB, where you buy a package (which I think is three times the cost of your current package) then if the client wants to keep it up to date you pay a quarterly charge of £25.00 I think.

    You really do need to rethink your model, cheap and cheerful is not always best, remember the two lions analogy, come up with an offer that’s better than your competitors in the area of SEO (keyword research ect) at a slightly better price; this way you can’t go wrong.

    At http://www.get-website-traffic.co.uk we use your software for our clients but we charge a monthly subscription to do their SEO work, so I am earning good money off the back of your software. So to charge a small monthly fee to keep it up to date does not seem unreasonable to me, however if you do go down this road you really must step up your game i.e. better reliability more useful end user style reports etc.

    Also consider a pay as you go option…

    Anyway best of luck you have a lot of brain storming and hard work changing this business model around however I have no doubt you will.


  232. 232
    On January 30th, 2012 at 3:40 am
    Paul Thewlis said:

    Hi Eugene, wow, busy day? I guess since this update came out you’ve been inundated!

    Having recently invested in Market Samurai I was a little disappointed with today’s update but instead of immediately reacting and looking for a refund, I decided to play about with the update a bit today and see what kind of functionality I was missing and/or had been added.

    I actually found that using Bing for SEOC was quite informative and provided a very different view to Google that threw me a number of ideas and opportunities which I hadn’t seen before. I appreciate Google is the number one search engine, but with how quick Bing are trying to keep up, I think their figures are equally valuable.

    Missing the pagerank data from Majestic SEO is a bit of a shame at present but I seem to read in that this may be fixed shortly?

    Finally the ranking data, yeah this is a real shame but I guess the point of my post is to offer you a bit of support at this time – I think your customer service has been fantastic and your communication worthy of note. If customers are really serious about monitoring their rank I think they should be utilising more than Market samurai anyway as we know there can always be discrepancies and if it’s that big a deal, a relatively low ongoing fee shouldn’t put them off.

    Finally just wanted to ask will the intention be to keep Market Samurai ‘as is’ with your workarounds for those customers who may not wish to pay the monthly fee?

    Keep your chin up and let’s all realise that there is NO BETTER solution right now as far as I can see so we may as well trust in the team that has delivered the best solution so far.


  233. The full refund offer says you are about your customer more than anything you could do. “Keep the software and take your money back.” How much fairer can you e than that?

    You guys and gals are great. I used the free keyword tool for a year before I bought MS, and no one ever asked me for a dime, I even got my original trial extended by just asking fr an extra month. I use it every day, and sometimes something don’t work. Big whoop.

    I appreciate the offer of a full refund, but you’re not getting this back from me, not even for double my money back.

    It is still a Mercedes, it just has a flat. It’ll get fixed.

  234. 234

    This is a suggestion that I have but I have no clue if it will work, but as far as the back link checker I always seen my results within market samurai but never really took those results as serious as I do google webmasters. Which shows, I think, more accuarate results.

    Google webmasters has improved drastically over the past couple of months but it is quite annoying having to go in there and check backlinks manually.

    Maybe you could implement that feature into market samurai. Give tutorials for people who do not have their sites linked with webmasters and then make them sign in to webmasters within market samurai. Webmasters is a free service provided by google and I would be more than happy to sign in within market samurai, if market samurai could go through and count the backlinks that I have and maybe even show a drop down box of the sites linking to me, which can be found within webmasters.

    However I do not know if this is something that can be done. But if it would work you could push people into linking their sites with webmasters which is quite easy if you are already linked with analytics (which every website owner should have), and possibly save $10,000 a month.

    By saving that amount you may be able to keep the cost of market samurai to a bare minimum if anything at all.

    I have done some software development but I have never done anything that accesses anyone’s personal information. So this is just a suggestion.

  235. Not your fault. It’s a big reason why writing apps have become almost impossible. The rules change constantly and without notice. The days of free on the internet are just about over and is being replaced by fee. Data has value and google knows this. Thanks for being honest.

  236. Well, I am brand new here at Samurai Nation. I just invested in my copy of Market Samurai.

    I had tried it during the time-expired promotion, but was not able to get it then.

    I was so impressed by the product, the excellent service I received in my communications with Ben and by Eugene’s display of self control in responding to some of the comments here that I am convinced I can not go wrong doing business with this company despite the challenge it is facing at this time.

    I am confident that the company will work hard at preserving the quality of its products and that the value I saw coming in will always be there.

    Congratulations to the team at Samurai Nation; keep up the good work.

    My special thanks to Ben. Eugene, you are an asset to the company.

  237. Wow, what an education in customer relations as a few others have already said! Professional, courteous, accepting responsibility, exceptionally detailed explanations for all issues raised, quick to offer refunds for dissatisfied customers…. something that I have not seen at this level in a company blog before. And still some people make derogatory comments about your company and an exceptional product that cost very little for its value in the first place.

    I have not used MS very much yet so don’t understand the full impact of the issue. I did some quick math calculations – if it costs you $40K per day that is $1.2M per month. If you divide it equally by 400K MS users that $3 each per day. Not everyone will buy it so the price will go up. There will be other hidden costs involved that weren’t indicated in your post, so the price will go up. Other factors I am unaware of, so the price will go up. How much? None of us know at this point. Let’s hold on to our hats and ride this out. If it is too prohibitive, some of us will bow out. If it isn’t, others of us will buy in. In any case, we are all adults and should make decisions that make sense to our business models without denigrating your company for something out of your control. Every day there are cost increases for things we buy or subscribe to for various reasons. We all know that is simply a reality of life and make decisions accordingly.

    Thank you for a refreshing look at how your company operates its business through the way you responded to everyone. I wish you every success as you work to resolve this latest Google “hit”.

  238. 238


    First off, Market Samurai is an awesome product. Market changes are absolutely inevitable, especially where Google is concerned. What has happened is outside of your control. I commend you for taking the issue head on and being candid. It will pay off in the end.


    I have little doubt that Raven will have keen interest in getting 400,000 new subscribers. How often does any on-line database search provider get an opportunity like that? Even at $10/month that is $4 million a month in revenue to their bottom line. Yeah, do the math = $48 million a year. Hope you guys are playing hardball on the negotiations there.

    A word of caution from someone who has been in the trenches doing hand to hand in biz deals – although it looks great for your customers to have Raven as an alternative – you are sending Raven “free” traffic by recommending your subscriber base to sign up for a free trial. If I were on their side of the table I would be very tempted to slow down negotiations to “starve out” your customers for a two or three months and wait for all the “free trials” to roll into paid subscriptions. After all, at $99/month they would only need 10% of your customer base to come over to Raven for them to equal the revenue of a $10/month bulk deal for all 400,000.

    You are also going to run into a problem negotiating a bulk deal unless you can represent with some confidence the amount of customers that will sign up for tracking. Is is 10%, 50%, 90%, etc.? You can’t possibly know this before rolling out the deal complete with cost. Yet, you can’t know cost until you know how many are subscribing to the service. In my experience you have to bite the bullet here and take your hit – you have to step up and have everyone make a decision – ask for a refund or opt in to the Raven service.

    Alternatively, actively market test with your current subscriber base, and segment your test by Rank tracker users. See who will commit to $10/mo vs. $15/mo, etc. Best to do this after “selling” the Raven tool speed and longevity, as well as and especially any added benefits first. Then at least you will understand your ballpark price sensitivity and be able to at least approximate sign ups versus refund requests.

    Single cost no limit service businesses always run into the wall of inflation and rising infrastructure and support costs. So, you also need to look at this as a juncture to build in R&D overhead and Raven cost increases over time – in other words add in some growth room on the monthly cost so you do not hit the wall on price limitations too soon.

    Lastly, if you look at your anticipated subscription loss for Market Samurai over the next few months you may want to do consider paying whatever it costs for the Google API. I am sure there are some crack teams out there that have the API integration experience and can come on board full steam for integration. Obviously if it is not available then this idea is dead in the water. Equally prohibitive may be cost.

    Consider this though, you may find that your Rank Tracker users would be much more amenable to paying a yearly fee to MS for the API access than they will to paying Raven. This again is dependent on cost and profit margins. If Raven is paying $4/month per user for API access or for an amortized cost for the API, then it is a no brainer. If it is $75/user then it will be hard to get anyone excited about waiting for API integration into MS.

    Best of luck.

  239. Thanks for telling me what’s going on, and I don’t blame you for any changes beyond your control. Your product has helped me for many years. I will stick by you guy’s. I have confidence in you resolving theses issues.

  240. 240


    I felt there was something coming from Google, they are all about business (their business).

    They offer free tools to users to suck up their surfing data and then slam the lid on SEO data usage.

    I noticed that the Market Samurai searches were not returning backlink data and other parts of the software was performing poorly at different times.

    So as not to have all my eggs in one basket, I opted to sign up to SE Cockpit as it does similar to samurai, but faster. Now this is $50 a month, and I can say it’s good.

    I also use SEO Powersuite and I pay a monthly cost of $10 (now they have their own databases of backlinks and tracking analysis servers) they are worth the money alone.

    So for people bitching about having to pay a monthly cost – well that’s the way the worlds going. We will have to wait to see what is a reasonable monthly cost/usage.

    I think that Market Samurai as a concept is unparalleled – how the concept is executed in the future is all in the melting pot.

    I hope the team can fix this and await the results.

    P.S. To all the SEO and IMs – don’t keep all your eggs in one basket – Any business that has one critical failure point is NOT Resilient – what alternatives do you have in place for your rank tracking?

  241. Hi Eugene–

    Courage, brother. I have dealt with issues completely outside of my control in my own business as well.

    When realities strike, it’s always the long-earned underlying respect you’ve already earned that will pull you through. I’m sure there are tens of thousands of people like myself who will remain loyal.

    All of my interactions with your company have been STELLAR, and I will continue to point people in your direction through my SEO programs. It’s only fair for you to pass costs on in order to remain in business.

    One concern with the move to Bing: My understanding has been that Bing was previously exposed as borrowing fake keyword phrase results from Google in when Google planted them for their own testing. This issue may have been long-resolved, but I haven’t taken the time to research it since moving my searches to Market Samurai.

    I’m sure you also know that Bing bought out Yahoo as of 2012, so Yahoo and Bing’s search results would most likely be identical.

    Thanks for all the fine service and information I’ve received from you in the past.

    A loyal customer,

    Monica Heyden, Internet Marketing Leader

  242. 242
    On January 30th, 2012 at 4:56 am
    bernard@domaines_expirés said:

    Hello Eugene :

    I have read your message and all the comments ! ;)
    Firstly, sorry for my english, I am french and not so easy to write in your language :D.
    second : I can understand the changes. In fact I was really surprised not to see these changes well before ! As somebody said, Google do what they want and we have to follow them if we want to stay in this business.
    Third : my investment of 97$ many years ago is largely profitable. So thanks for this excellent tool. I even recommended it to some people and made some affiliates sales ;)
    Fourth : You are simply the best tool for French and Spanish markets (where my customers are) to follow ranking of hundreds of keywords. So please give us a solution (paid monthly it is ok…) but be kind and cheap ! :D
    Fifth: I can’t understand so many people crying..even one asking for a refund ! c’mon ! :D
    Sixth: I tried some years ago with raventools and finally, I have to ask you to give us a solution. Don’t want to go with another solution than MS.
    Seventh: I will wait for the complete module of RankTracker but please, please :D give us quick a good solution (even if you will update many times) and at reasonable monthly fee !
    Eighth: @Eugene , thank to you and you team.. you have made my SEO life easier and PROFITABLE !
    Merci beaucoup pour votre excellent outil et service et surtout votre honnêteté !
    Bon courage pour la suite !
    Je vous appuie à 1000%

  243. I paid $97 for MS back in 2010 and have more than recovered my investment with the sites it has helped me create. So asking for a refund would be kind of ridiculous for me, especially considering your offer to continue using it for free after the refund.

    MS is a great tool. I have no regrets purchasing it but do regret some of the changes beyond your control. Yahoo was much better than Majestic SEO as a data source, as Google is much better than Bing will be as a data source.

    Regardless I will continue to use MS as it is the best I have found for this and I own several other programs besides this one. But this is the one I use the most.

    I bought MS for a fixed fee but am willing to pay a small annual fee to help in it’s continued development. By small I mean something in the range of $50-$100 per year, even through I only paid $97 for the original product. The lower the better but I do see and understand the need for an annual maintenance fee.

    Having MS not function properly the last few days highlighted in my mind the use I make of the software.

    So I look forward to seeing it fully functional again, and just have to hope Bing will produce the same results as Google produced in the past.


  244. 244

    I have been a market samurai customer for more than a year now. I have already made way more than what i paid for using the tool.That way you have handles this tough situations has only increase the respect i have for the market samurai team. I mainly use MS for keyword research and i have hardly used the rank tracker. Recently i got hold of traffic travis v4 and i have been using its rank tracking feature to track my client sites. Unlike Ms,Traffic travis uses my own connection(if proxies for not specified)to track the ranking. As of today its working fine. I have never got in to any trouble with Google(i track less than 50 keywords in total) using this feature.

    So i believe MS should also make the rank tracker feature work using the customers connection unless if the customer adds some proxies. For those who track hundreds and thousand of keywords, should be advice to buy premium proxies based on their needs.

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    You can run Rank Tracker without using our proxy network at present.

    There’s more information available about this here:


  245. Hi Eugene, I have only been using MS for a short time, but I find it worth every penny I spent for it. Before I purchased it, I did a comparison of several products and ms provides, in many cases, more options than a lot of the others at a lower price.

    If people start jumping out of the car because of little pebbles in the road, so be it. You have handled this issue in a very professional and upfront way and I appreciate your honesty.

    If I had to pay a small monthly fee I would be willing to do that. My time is worth a lot to me and I think it would cost me more in the time spent than the ROI for doing it myself.

    Keep up the good work!

  246. “Several days ago, Google made some significant technical changes to its services that make it impossible to reliably perform large volumes of free queries.”

    Could someone help me understand the exact reasons for the change.

  247. 247

    I have read the majority of comments and at this point in time had not bought the products of MS. I was not ready to fully utilize the service with so much going on. After reading about this situation my first reaction was “damn its a good thing I didn’t make this purchase.” But I really think I will do just that because you get so much for your buck. These services should be way more expensive and what services can you buy with a one time fee anymore anyway? Just thought I would add my 2 cents. Good luck MS I will convert from my 30 day free trial to the full product. You have my full support.

  248. I just want to take a minute to thank you for being upfront and honest on what is going on. Your software is still, after 2 years, the one I open first thing every day and recommend it to anyone looking for help with SEO.
    You obviously cannot control what is going on with Google but can within your own company… and I have grown to trust you to do what is best for everyone, which I am sure you will do now too.
    Just keep us apprised of how things proceed and I will be happy. Will I be happy if we have to start paying fees for services? No, because our budgets too tight for that right now and I bought MS because it was a one-time investment, but I know and trust that you will do everything within your power to keep things as close to “normal” as you possibly can.
    Thanks again for all your work, devotion to the product and help you have extended to us over the years.

  249. I am starting to think I never fully lifted the veil from in fron my my face with regards to Market Samurai.

    Specifically, I thought this software was property of – in whole, or in part – Ed Dale, of the 30 Day Challenge team.

    And I could have sworn he was in England.

    Eugene Ware? Australia? Huh?

    The little picture of Eugene there almost looks like one of the guys that gives a video tutorial for Market Samurai / 30 Day Challenge.. It’s been a while since I went through all that stuff. And I still feel like Eugene and the person I’m vaguely remembering are not the same person.

    Anyway, bottom line, I don’t like feeling like I’ve been duped. After reading this article, I started to feel a slight desire to maybe check out the product once again – after the fixes, that is – but.. this whole confusion with Ed Dale/Eugene.. that sort of once again places me in the “maybe not” category. I don’t like having to solve for X to feel confident I’m not being ripped off somehow.

    Also.. I ranked for a pretty competetive keyword in Yahoo. Sure, it was only a page 3 ranking, but considering there are zero backlinks, banner ads, paid traffic or otherwise – I thought that wasn’t so bad. I didn’t need any sort of tool, Market Samurai or otherwise, to get it done either. That, again, just makes me stop and say, “Why would I give money to … well, quite frankly, I’m not even sure WHO anymore – for something I don’t seem to even need?”

    In short.. please clarify just who Ed Dale and the 30 Day Challenge team are, and what exactly the affiliation is. Sorry I’m not up to speed on this, but for whatever reason these details matter more to me right now than anything else.

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Dan,

    I’m sorry about the confusion.

    Ed Dale runs the 30 Day Challenge (now The Challenge) and helped to promote Market Samurai when we first launched. Market Samurai is used extensively in The Challenge training, however it is not owned by Ed Dale, however he is an affiliate. Noble Samurai (and Market Samurai) are based in Melbourne Australia and was founded by Eugene Ware. You will have seen Eugene in quite a few of the 30DC training videos as all affiliate partners with 30DC assisted in the training materials.

    I hope this clarifies things.

  250. Wow, sorry to hear this! I’m fairly new to the internet marketing arena and found great value in MS when I joined a few months back. Hope functionality is restored soon!

  251. Hi Eugene,
    I am a customer for maybe three months now and I really like your product Market Samurai!
    It helped me to get some awesome results, so the investion was it worth totally.

    I first was a little depressed the last days as MS did not work as it did before. So I am glad to received this update via email.

    The reasons are understandable, for no one these are good news, I think especially for you.

    I know you and your team will handle it with a lot of power and find the best solution for everyone!

    Thank you for your service,

    Gabor, Germany.

  252. Eugene, a great post. I appreciate the transparency and honesty of where things are.

    A further suggestion – as you pointed out, Bing is becoming more popular. I’d actually like to see the SEO Competition module be able to access to Bing SERP as an option to the Google SERP.

    Also, have you looked at using the seoMoz data to get access to their page and trust rank data as a replacement for Google’s Pagerank? I have nothing against Majestic from a link DB perspective but I think that reducing the Google footprint overall is a good thing. Using the moz’s page and trust rank helps with that and gives us another authority measure.

  253. 253

    I’d still recommend MS to anybody wanting to do keyword research – once it’s all back up and running of course. In the light of some of the stuff the big G has been saying, I’m not that bothered by rank tracking, and have stopped using it for some time. So I’ll be quite happy to have the version with rank tracker disabled.

  254. Google strikes again! MS is a great too, but the ongoing price will matter a great deal.

  255. 255

    I just wanted to say that as someone that has had some bad dealing with major corporations in the past 2 months, and has witnessed some very unethical behavior on the part of these corporations, I find your action a breath of fresh air.

    It amazes me and stuns me that you are offering full refunds, most companies would not bother, especially not for those that have had the software for a long time. I can think of a relatively recent example of a forum software that changed their licensing in mid stream and left their customers hanging, with the explanation of we can change our license whenever we want.

    What bothers me is that some of the people here do not appreciate the integrity that you have shown in dealing with this situation, and that there are way too few companies that will bother to do such a thing anymore.

    I just want to give you all kudos for handling this situation the way you have, keep in mind that there will always be a few that are going to complain no matter what you do,even if you over deliver as you obviously have, but it seems like the vast majority of the community are supporting you. As for me I am very impress and grateful for your commitment to your customers, and wish more companies would behave the way you have. You have made a life long customer, just for that alone.

    For those of you considering the refund, don’t… at least for now, give MS a chance to make good and see what they can do. Their obvious class in the way they are dealing with this situation deserves that much!!

  256. 256

    Hi Eugene

    There are several suggestions about doing the rank tracking manually. Are you able to offer some guidance about how to achieve this. I’m a bit at sea without the Rank Tracker.



    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Jason.

    Checking rankings manually is a bit of a pain. It basically means searching for the keyword manually and clicking through the results until you find the page.

  257. I use MS often and have been more than pleased with the features it offers. But nothing has impressed me more than knowing you’re keeping it up to date. I’d rather pay more for something that works now, and I know will work later, than to pay less for something that will only work a few months. In an industry that has to deal with ever-changing search engines, the commitment to stay on top of the changes is crucial. You’ve clearly demonstrated that commitment. Nearly every time I open Market Samuarai there’s an update waiting. The fact that you made this rather detailed post and then have spent the time responding to concerns has further shown this commitment. I’m pleased with your professionalism, no matter how small your company. Thanks for working hard to be a safe place in the storm.

  258. I was first introduced to MS at the OTE2 conference back in Oct 2008 when it was still in its infancy with just a few of the modules launched. Even then it was a life changer for me. I still have hundreds of spreadsheets reflecting my manual accumulation of data to remind me just how amazing MS is.

    Yes, there have been bumps in the road and this is a particularly bad one. But, I have always found that the Noble Samurai team has done all they could to maintain the integrity and usefulness of the software to the best of their ability even in the face of Google adversity.

    Plus, they have always handled each situation with complete honesty and with respect for their users and followers.

    If you are going to work in this field, you are going to have to be flexible and constantly adjusting to the changes forced on us by the likes of Google. Personally, I am happy to be on board with the Noble Samurai team to help ride out these constant changes.

    Thanks you guys – as always, you are awesome!

  259. Eugene:
    The hallmark of Market Samurai has been the honest free flow of issues from you and Anthony on changes that are happening. People should realize that a one-time fee of (97$ which is much lower than any other commercial service out there was a great deal and has been reliable.

    I cannot think of any other provider out there that spends the time and effort on training for the revenue you have received, aside from Ed Dale and his crew. Keep on doing it .

    Must be something in the beer down under.

  260. Eugene:
    Thanks for the info and the updates and providing an awesome product. As an Internet marketing service provider, we find Market Samurai an invaluable SEO/keyword research resource in our SEO tools arsenal. It was a bummer when the Microsoft OCI went away as that was one great filter for commercial intent. Se la vi and on to plan b. Having worked for software companies for over 15 years prior opening eBiz ROI, I fully appreciate the challenges of maintaining a product as successful as Market Samurai, with a broad, diverse, sophisticated, global user base, especially in an environment where web services / APIs change more than some people change their socks and (other undergarments ?;-) Thanks for the info and “wearing the cost” on the Majestic SEO link data as $10K/mo is a lot of inches/cm on the waist. Thanks again.

  261. Thanks for the update… I love honesty… so many companies try to hide their problems. I have often wondered how you can possibly make a profit for a one time fee. I use many of the functions in MS but the keyword research and SEO comp are my favorites. I hope you can keep those “free”.
    Just keep us updated is all I ask. You have a lot of thinking to do, for sure. Good luck. Love your product!!!

  262. Rank tracker is the number one module for me. I just wanted to come in and say local searches with minute delays would be perfect for me. Better than having to click update and wait for minutes. If the searches just ran in the bathat ckground every day without user interactions so the results were always up to date that would be ideal.

  263. Hello,

    I’m really love working with market samurai, I’m a different Internet marketer, so I didn’t made money from using MS but I did save a lot of money and time, totally worth it.
    And I do need my sites to rank first place in Google, still number 1 search engine in Israel.

    Probably I won’t be a paying member if you’ll start charging monthly fee, but I won’t ask for a refund either.

    A small advice, before deciding on a way of action, you should make a survey to find out how many people will ask a refund, how many people will pay a monthly fee and maybe for what people will pay and for what they won’t.

    After all it’s the information stage and you better decide on information and don’t go on a hunch.

    Every e-marketer will tell you that, but I’m sure you already know it.

    Last thing, I a man of ideas and if i may say I’m very good at finding the way out from an “unsolved” problem/ situation. I did it a lot in my life.

    I’m ain’t sure if I’ll be able to help you, because of lack of knowledge but sometimes knowledge covers the solution.

    I might see something or somethings that’s hiding your knowledgeable eyes.

    I’m offering this service for free hoping you’ll keep market samurai free (as you see I will gain something).


    Guy Harduf

  264. I have read all the comments thus far, and there have been a lot of them. I have read them not because I was necessarily learning new things about Market Samurai, but because I felt I was learning something about customer service and how to deal with your clients when the proverbial hits the fan. Excellent job Eugene.

    I am angry. I really am. But not with Market Samurai. Maybe not even with Google. This is what you get in any industry that is essentially a monopoly. One over-powering organization that can play havoc with prices and or service/product quality. It’s been this way since year dot, will continue to be. I can’t even necessarily blame Google for their changes if they see SEO as counter-productive to what they want (although I think it should be enough to penalize bad content, reward good content). I think I am angry because I feel somewhat helpless. Buffeted along by the winds of change. Such is life.

    My personal circumstances don’t allow for additional monthly costs but I am a very small player who is not making money yet so maybe the free rank checking for small amounts of keywords will be sufficient. That being said, I have always thought the SEO Competition module was what made Market Samurai special, the competitive advantage so to speak. If that manages to avoid attracting a monthly cost then I think you will retain the majority of your customers.

    Eugene and team, I wish you all the best and my thoughts are with you now. As much as I could use the money the refund would give me, I won’t be claiming it. I have been a user since 2008 and have had reward for my investment many times over.

    Good luck.

  265. My concern is about the PR module. It used to show where my back links were coming from and what page rank they are. Is this the module that is going to be repaired?
    This is my favorite part of the program…. you cant be saying this will be gone?
    I’ve installed up dates but I no longer can see where back links are coming from and there page rank!
    Say it isn’t so. I just bought this program and now it just doesn’t work…

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi, PR Analysis is not currently working, however you can get your list of backlinks via Anchor Text Analysis. We’re working on getting the PR data back but we’re not at this stage when and in what form we will be able to return PR check functionality.


  266. Market Samurai has been the best deal in SEO and online marketing research software for quite some time.

    You guys have displayed good faith in all your dealings. Offering the functionality that you do, with the frequency of updates that you provide at a *fixed price* is such a good deal that I have assumed that you were losing money and would revert to a continuity within weeks of my purchase.

    Obviously that never happened. I have written code to do some of what MS does and it is a royal pain to maintain because of the constant changes to the UI at websites that must be navigated automatically by the software. Which is why I just used MS for a lot of my market research data gathering, export the data to excel (actually Open Office calc) and just code the back-end processing which does not need to change.

    I want to thank the MS crew for their reliably persistent commitment to keeping the software current.

  267. As frustrating as this is, it cal only be expected from the rapidly changing Internet marketing world (thanks google!). I have no doubt that the Market Samurai team sincerely has out best interest in mind. If it weren’t for this they wouldn’t be good marketers now would they lol. Thank you for all your hard work and you continue communication! Good luck I know you guys can do it!!!

  268. Yeah keep unpublishing comments that does not fit into your scheme of things – next comment will be from our lawyer!

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Sam, I looked through the Spam folder and I couldn’t find your comment. Could you please send it through again so I can publish it?

  269. 269

    You guys have done an excellent job and really your software is fantastic it’s not your fault if google change the rules. I will stick with you for all my rankings tracking and I have market samurai and article samauri because everything you have done works and you are honest when it does not. I love the way you do business anyone who is unhappy Please remember this. These guys have always looked out for our interests and cannot control what google does. They have already provided excellent value and probably have never made much profit as a lot of their free updates would have swallowed up any. I have only ever used this software for my own mortgage business and even for a small trader like me it has been profitable

  270. never buying anything from you guys again and I recommend everyone who reads this not to either. I want my money back. The better program to use is link-assistant.com

  271. 271

    I am upset about those changes. I do not know if Market Samurai will be able to provide all tools I need to do my research. I understand it is Google changes and we hardly can argue with Google. I know that Market Samurai worth the price I spend for it. I hope, you can solve this issue or find some solution that would find good alternative. Keep us updated!

  272. 272

    I can understand those who are upset about MS performance over the last few months.
    Personally i paid $97 almost 3 years ago so i can’t complain, i have used MS as my main KW research tool.

    I actually advised Eugene to add a monthly sub months ago to keep MS working, and he declined. I have no problem with a reasonable monthly cost if it keeps MS up to date and makes it FASTER!!! (My main gripe)

    Google is changing weekly it seems, so to keep our favorite KW tool running we are going to have to cough-up.

    @Eugene, Miriam and MS team, thanks for all your effort over the years and hopefully we may see MS working and improved for years to come.

    I only use the KW, SEO and RT modules, never the other add-ons. Maybe cut out the extra baggage and redo MS make it accurate and FASTER.
    Tip-Have a look at SECokpit


    Theo replied:

    Just to add.
    I agree with some of the other comments, i am not a coder by any means but i have tried some of the other KW Tools (Hang my head in shame) and moving to the cloud seems the way to go.

    To The Cloud….

  273. 273

    Is google blocking the SEOC requests by issuing captchas and then once they fail temporarily banning your ip?

  274. While I am disappointed in the current limited functionality of MS it is the only tool that I have been able to afford in order to run my business and considered it a steal of a deal. That being said, I understand that things change. I personally would never operate a software company on a one time payment model and would at least have a yearly subscription (if not monthly) to cover operating costs and expenses. Albeit I know that the one time payment is what made MS so attractive but perhaps it it time to change the model. People don’t realize, things cost money. Google offers services for free such as access to their search engine and then makes money with adwords. Nothing is free in life. I for one will not be terribly upset if you have to introduce a yearly or monthly pricing model so long as you continue to provide me with the data that I need to fun my business. Perhaps those who want to have a one time payment can check out SEO Powersuite http://www.link-assistant.com/download.html or are they having the same problems as MS? That being said, I understand that this change is out of your control and that you need to do something to make it work that you would rather not do. I’ve enjoyed us MS for the last 5 years and will continue to be a customer so long as the rates remain reasonable. (For the pissed off cheapskates who are threatening to sue you, if it were me, I would give them a refund and send them on their way, you don’t need nor want a customer like that (I know I don’t) All the best to you and I trust that you will sort this out.

    Graham replied:

    SEO Powersuite is not a one off payment I’m afraid..

    They have a sly business model lurking in the background where you have to pay for algo updates and decapture credits that is NOT mentioned anywhere on their site.

    I’m not dissing them for having a recurring fee, sadly it’s become essential in this game, it’s just that unlike the Noble Samurai team, Link Assistant are not upfront about it.

    I would imagine similar problems (if not far worse) are occurring with their version of Rank Tracker.

    In addition, their software (like any other good SEO research tool) requires reliable proxies to operate on full steam. Anyone who has been in this business for any length of time will realise when that’s the case, a decent number of high quality private proxies are the only reliable way forward (another monthly expense!)

    MaRK replied:

    As of this morning there are NO issues with their Rank Tracker software as far as my experience goes, all reults are coming through and they are up to date. (i simply had to fill in 1 captcha)

    You are correct, however, that there is a hidden charge for using their software which kicks in after 6 months but is around the cost of MS and if you took advantage of their $99 xmas special the costs are very reasonable (thats for the whole package of 4 programs).

    I use both tools as cross reference and neithe ris better than the other imho.


    Tamara replied:

    As a former team member of SEO PowerSuite I can tell you that their Rank Tracker works differently and therefore doesn’t face the same problem most of the time. The checks run from your own computer, not from the developer’s server, so you can make your own tweaks to the speed/frequency of search, involve some human emulation and then you’re the one who actually determines whether you’re able to work, or whether you face problems. I can’t say this approach is better or worse than MS’s – it’s just that two similar tools collect data a bit differently, and as long as everything’s working fine you don’t notice much difference. But at least please rest assured the same trouble won’t happen to SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker.

    Anyway I have to say that Market Samurai is respectable software and it is sad that this nasty ban happened. I hope the team will sort this soon.

  275. Eugene,

    From the very start of MS you and your team have treated us with the highest degree curtesy and generosity. As the owner of a technology company myself we have encountered our own share of developmental challenges over the last four years. Just like MS we at SYNND have members who know we are genuinely intent on serving them with the very best innovative software that saves them time and money in the long run. Unfortunately, reaching these goals often involves a dependency on interrelated technologies that are not fully under our control.

    We live in a time of greater global interrelationships. Because of this I seek to work ONLY with people who have a reputation of consistent high ethical behavior and who can be trusted to keep my needs, as well their own in view when (not if) a technical problem is encountered.

    I would trust you and your team at MS with anything that required a relationship of TRUST. I say this not just because of how you have treated us at Social Media Science, but also because of our extensive relationships with many owners and users of Internet technology within the industry.

    Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help. I am betting that you have lots of members who feel just as we do, and who will therefore give you every benefit of the doubt as you seek to restore MS to its position as one of the top research centers on the net.

    Thomas Rozof

    Lore replied:

    Yes it is true – and your company and its behavior could learn a lot from these guys. Besides the honesty from the MS folks, which your folks clearly lack, many of your customers have been waiting and paying for promised modules for months if not years while paying monthly fees for vapor. Many times your support responds with anger and claims clearly broken modules actually work. Cheers mate.

    Thomas Rozof replied:

    Hi Lore,

    Sorry you feel that way. I assume you were a member at one point? When was that? If you had a negative experience I apologize and if you want to give SYNND another try I can set you up with a discount if you write me directly. Synnd has not had any performance issues for some time, but I admit, that first year was a struggle.

    However, you should read some of the very kind emails people sent us (very similar to what the MS team is receiving here :). On our part, in order to say “thanks” to our many loyal members, we are increasing the monthly credits of all SYNND memberships this week by 30% or more, free of charge. SYNND now supports Bookmarking, Social News, ReTweets, Facebook LIKES, Google +1, a new Article Network, a new Press Releases System (to launch next week), added RSS expansion, Blog commenting (and Video is coming), a new API Interface being used by large SEO Firms and others who want to White Label SYNND…But the one feature that still sets SYNND apart from other like systems is this: All These Modules Are Generated From an ISP Level IP Address from SYNND member computers located in the US and around the world instead of Proxie IPs or a single IP from your own computer. With 175 people joining each week the number of independent IPs keeps growing. So please come back and give it a try. (And sorry MS guys for taking up your PR juice with SYNND related news…and feel free to just send me comments to Lore if you would rather not have this posted blog.

    Thomas Rozof, SYNND.com

  276. I Really appreciate the update…and response to my ticket. Dealing with Google can be a daily dose of uncertainty so this dilemma is not surprising. Noble Samurai response to the zigs and zags by the search engines has been, well, outstanding.

    I have used Market Samurai almost daily for about three years saving MASSIVE time..and time is money.
    Keep up the very good job Noble Samurai Team.

  277. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for what you and your team have achieved so far. While I am not a “power user” I have worked with Market Samurai for, I think, over two years and got good value from it. Asking for a refund would feel like ripping you off!! Even if you were to terminate the entire thing right now!

    Big changes are inevitable. I remember when banks (at least here in Germany) offered everyone free accounts to have their wages transferred to. Then, when everyone had them and employers didn’t pay cash anymore the banks started charging fees for the service…

    So if Google – or any other big player one has to make use of – decides to change their game, I guess they neither ask you whether it is convenient or even inform you.

    I realise that you guys did a lot of work to keep thing running AND improving the product. Quite a amazingly actually for a relatively small one time fee. Yes, amazing. I have seen a different tool that cost, I think, about three times what I paid for MS – for just six months of usage.

    So, thanks again and I will see what you come up with as solution. Maybe I will like it, maybe I will not – in any case Google’s maneuvers are not you fault.


  278. 278

    Hi there,

    What does this mean for SEOLC results for countries other then the US?

    Australia specifically.

    Do you have a recommended SEOLC number to add to Golden Rules with the new bing data 100,000 is obviously going to be way too high but I am unsure where to set it at.

    30,000 is obviously the 30% mark but I am not sure if this would be accurate for Australia, please advise.

    Thanks in advance!

  279. 279

    I heard a lot of things about your software. It’s a nice piece of software. Actually, the main reason I wanted to buy it is because of the Majestic SEO API since Yahoo is gone..

    I think only for that YOU should buy this product. However, my question is:

    The problem and hassles you are facing right now, I don’t understand them good, but my question is:

    Can you handle them? I don’t want to buy this software and see that a lot of functionalities don’t work, because then I am dissapointed.

  280. I am planning to stay a customer; however, just a thought, can you offer any discounts to your other products in a bundle for those of us that stick with you through the changes?

  281. 281

    I kew it, at some point when market samurai has enogh user they will find the way to charge monthly I knew it.

    I guess as soon you guys start to charge monthly will be my last day using marketsamuray because I already pay $150.00 lifetyme.

    Mike replied:

    Dude….apparently you didn’t READ the post. They are not thinking of charging monthly because they got more users. Google changed the way they allow software to grab their info. So I tell you what. YOU call Google and get the magic formula and then YOU design and code the software. In return I’ll give YOU a monthly fee. People like you really piss me off when they speak without KNOWING.

  282. Glad to hear that there is no subscription for non-Rank Tracker module. I understand the need to move into subscriptions based, however I’d appreciate if there is a free level like you mentioned in your post for those new to internet marketing and those who only have few keywords to track. That will make MS still appealing even for newbies.

  283. 283

    My heartfelt support goes out to you and your team during this frustrating change. We know that MS is an awesome product and will continue to support you. Hang in there!

  284. Ahh…. well it was nice knowing you. There are still some features I like besides the ranking tool but I agree it was slow. Maybe you should try limiting the amount of keywords in the ranking tool? Buddies of mine are tracking thousands! How ’bout just keep it to an effective 50! Part of the problem with data is…well…data. You’ve got too much of it in the pipeline and 99% of it is useless!

  285. Thank you for being so prompt, up front and thorough!

  286. 286

    If the problems is mainly with HIGH VOLUME USE of Rank Tracker (thousands of URLs per day/week?), I completely understand a monthly charge to cover that HIGH VOLUME usage. However I only check maybe 200 to 300 URLs every week and hopefully your situation allows for that level of tracking to continue to be free.

  287. Hi Eugene,

    I am an avid supporter of Market Samurai and I’d like to provide some encouragement. With Market Samurai and a bit of knowledge of my own, I have been able to get our biggest keyword (and related income) up to #1 on google. We also have other #1′s and many first page keywords.

    I wouldn’t want to be without Market Samurai and, frankly, it’s not because of the Rank Checker feature, which I consider to be a bit cumbersome. I actually stopped using it because I found it more effective to pick out keywords myself. You may actually be able to improve the effectiveness of your product by suggesting that other people do that, too. From my experience, the Rank Checker feature doesn’t actually narrow in as well as some simple research.

    The feature I use most is SEO Competition, because I want to see how our sites and relevant pages compare to the competition. I appreciate all of the comparisons, and particularly hone in on the PR rankings of the top 10 sites to select keywords, along with a few other things. If the average PR rankings of the top 10 sites are high, I figure I might as well look for something that would be easier to tackle. For example, if the average PR Ranking is 4, I’d rather look at a comparable word with an average of 2. Just makes sense to me and it seems to work.

    My goal is to optimize our assets, so we can increase our positions and the SEO Competition feature works very well. One thing that would help, if there is any way to do it, is to provide the average PR of the top 10, because I have to calculate it myself.

    If I had that number, my research would go much faster. I do use the google tool to decide which keywords to target. Then I use SEO Competition to see how we compare with the top rated sites. It works like magic!

    Thanks so much for your great program. I’m sure all of this will work out.

    Best wishes,

  288. 288
    On January 30th, 2012 at 12:53 pm
    John Romaine said:

    Well thats just great.

    Ive just spent 8 months developing an SEO video training course that Im about to launch, that demonstrates the benefits of Market Samurai, along with the fact that there’ s no ongoing payment required, and now this.


  289. 289

    Hi Eugene,

    I have to say, you guys are handling all this with a level of calm professionalism so rarely seen in the business world overall, let alone in the field of SEO and internet marketing guru’s. Gold stars all round.

    ..and to all the blind whingers: if you had any idea of just how much ongoing coding and background work it takes to keep a product like Market Samurai functioning, then maybe you’d understand why a monthly fee is the only way.

    With Market Samurai we’ve all had what is pretty much a free ride for quite a few years now – bearing in mind its power the initial one off payment was low anyway – many would (and do) charge twice as much or more for far less, and even then that ‘far less’ often stops working altogether a few months down the line turning into f all.

    Fear not, these guys are committed to providing you the best value and service possible, you can trust them 100% not to empty your pockets on empty promises, they’ll always do the best they can to keep the product working as best it can for the least amount of expense to the customer possible, it should be obvious from Eugenes posts that they really do care – absolutely no question about that.

    Their initial low one off payment business model was designed to help support the little guys, the underdogs who want to get a head start in SEO & internet marketing and give them a chance to make some money online, in fact in reality it was so much more than that, not only did they provide the tool to do it with, they actually taught you how to do it too.. – talk about value for money! – they could have charged so much more for the whole package from the start!

    I’m confident the issues don’t lie with Eugene and the Market Samuria team wanting to drive around in Ferrari’s (although fairplay if they already do – they deserve it!), they lie with the more money minded business models of the other companies they have to be involved with to obtain the data. Unfortunately that leaves them with no other option than to alter their business model accordingly. Unfortunately very little in the world of SEO data is free thesedays.. well, not unless you wan’t to do it all manually.. yeah right.. even then, access is still limited.

    Anyway, having been a customer since its launch I would never consider a refund even if MS never worked again, even back then, for a $97 I’d have been pleased had it only worked for a year!


    Stan Rogers replied:

    Your are wrong buddy…

    “Anyway, having been a customer since its launch I would never consider a refund even if MS never worked again, even back then, for a $97 I’d have been pleased had it only worked for a year!”

    EXCEPT for the fact that we were told we were getting lifetime updates for a ONE TIME PAYMENT.

    STILL on the MS sales page is says the same thing. One payment for life. I gather MS are not refusing new sales??

  290. I have been a satisfied customer of MS since it’s inception. For a mere $97.00 I have had countless hours of research at my fingertips. MS has continually improved. I feel very lucky to have had this run. I know it will continue to be a useful tool. I feel like MS is an old friend I would hate to loose. For those few who have complained I have to ask, How can you possibly! What more could you have asked for! I look forward to a continued friendship.

  291. 291
    On January 30th, 2012 at 1:18 pm
    John Romaine said:

    By the way guys…

    PLEASE make the paid features of this tool an OPTION.

    Please dont just incorporate it hard coded within the tool. Not all of us are hung up on checking our rankings using MS.

  292. Hello MS Team,
    Thanks for the public explanation!

    MS has paid for itself multiple times.
    The training videos are the most concise and easy to understand intro to SEO. After watching the training videos, I bought the software as I had already gotten $100 worth.

    Eugene, please poll your users re: subscription pricing. I pay for SEOmoz and feel that it is inferior to MS. Or send out a request to your members, “Choose your level of recurring payment:”. Make zero an option, but let freeloaders know that the days of couch-surfing must surely come to an end.

    As I told a person I was training on SEO, “MS is slow, but the data is worth it”.

  293. I”ve been using Market Samurai for 2 1/2 years. I have relied heavily on this tool to rank and grow my business. For a one-time low price, you have provided me with easy to understand, valuable information, great customer service
    and outstanding tutorials and information.

    I trust that you will continue to provide a great product and give us the best price.

    So hang in there…this too shall pass. And your loyal customers will stay with you.

  294. 294


    I have been a customer since you launched the business and reading through this thread, and you conscientious interaction with everyone makes me proud to be a MS owner, and there is no doubt I am in it for the long haul with you guys..

    Thanks Eugene for not running and hiding when things go wrong like far too many product owners do.


  295. 295

    Hi Noble Samurai’s

    I was initially frustrated with the situation but having had time to really think about it I would support a pay-per-rank-check feature being introduced into MS.

    There really aren’t any alternatives on the market that are both reliable and affordable (to me anyway).

    A pay-per-use model would also force me to get out of the bad habit of feeling the urge to check my rankings every single day lol!

    I wish you all the luck over the next few weeks and I hope you don’t let the whiners get to you!

  296. Hi Eugene,

    I use MS every single week and many weeks, several times a day. When things broke, it was a disruption in my business. So I am glad that you are “on the case.”

    MS is BY FAR one of the BEST SEO tools on the planet. I use other tools too and yes, I pay monthly fees ranging from $97 to $497 per month. This is what you do if you are serious about SEO, online marketing and rankings.

    All I can say is fix things and fix them fast! We MUST have access to Google data and not just Yahoo or Bing.

    Of course if you charge a monthly fee you will lose some, but if you have to….you have to. And those who do this full time, get it. So do it.

    You cannot control what Google does, but please do what needs to be done to make sure MS stays the same kick butt tool it has been and will be in the future.

    Unlike others who have posted that it’s okay if MS never works perfectly again or got enough value from paying once before “it broke”…that is not the case for me.

    Of course I have gotten tons of value from MS, but it is a tool I want and need forever and so getting this fixed and charging me a monthly fee for it is worth it!

    What I don’t want to have happen is you not charge what you need to and thus MS goes away or is severely limited by the change.

  297. I’m very conscious of the tremendous effort made ​​to keep the service active from Market Samurai. So I encourage you to go ahead. I hope that very soon will have all new solutions or improvements. I’m not willing to seek any refund, on the contrary, I have no more to be thankful for the great tool they have created. I have not seen anything like it online. Keep it up guys and we are waiting … Best regards from Chile.

  298. Thanks for the update. I hope this all works well in the end and I agree with John. Please makes this optional

  299. 299

    Basically, I am not good with this, I totally realize the predicament, but nonetheless, I am expecting you to find a way through this, but as I keep reading your comments, I fear there’s a sense of giving up that seems to be coming through, and if we have to pay something, then it must be something like 3 to 5 usd per month, i.e. something that supports your program for survival, not an added revenue just because you are not doing your job well enough as sellers and marketers. Sell sell, and you will get more money from new subscribers, try not make us, old timers, who believed in you in the first place, when others did not, to pay for all this.

  300. 300

    Hi Eugene and MS guys

    I just wanted to say from my end I get it, and its massively frustrating for all but s*#t happens and the internet is changing.

    Nobody wants to pay ongoing fees for MS but ultimately people have to realise that MS is actually a business.

    If you dont charge ongoing fees if required then you’ll just end up out of business and all those “free updates” that we all regularly enjoy will soon stop happening and then nothing will work.

    One thing I’ve always appreciated about being on the MS list is that you guys never ever promote anything and grab your affiliate share like so many others.

    But……maybe its time to do that and make some easy money from your 400,000 strong list.

    If you recommend something that’s good and people buy it why shouldn’t you make some extra money and keep MS costs low.

    Just my two cents.

  301. I agree with John Romaine to make subscriptions optional. It would not be to hard to make a page ranker function that was putting the effort on the clientside. Eg. a search on a 100 result page, scrape the result and analyze on the client side. then narrow it down with a 10 result pr. page search.
    This would satisfy ms users with few keyword and sites

  302. How could free services accessed and used by Market Samurai suddenly cost $40,000 a month? This just doesn’t make sense. If true, It looks as if this is total failure to fulfill a contract and refunds of millions of dollars of unearned fees and commissions paid will need to be refunded. It looks as if inside promoters who made thousands if not tens of thousands and others who made a few dollars have a lot of commissions to rebate to Market Samurai in addition to Marketer Samurai rebating the full software cost to customers. I would speculate there were 20 to 30 million dollars of sales of the software product on 2 0r 3 hundred thousand users and now Market Samurai promoters want to escape with all that money. Someone has likely pocketed a lot of money and would now be trying to renig on a contract. I smell fraud and federal and international investigation.

  303. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for explaining it so well. I know checking our rankings is vital to the business, but I understand the difficult situation MS is in right now.

    Still, MS is one of my best tools and as others have already said, have paid for itself many times over. The video training that your group has provided was so valuable to me and I am grateful that it was part of the MS.

    For those who aren’t as understanding as most of us, well at least their are fewer in number :)

    I just hope that your team will make the paid features of this tool an OPTION and not otherwise. I still love MS even without the rank checker.

  304. Provide free captcha and rotation proxy should work for ranking.

    Maybe this is an option to look into ?

  305. Hi Eugene,

    There’s a saying, “when Google sneezes, the rest of us catch a cold” and we just have to deal with it. In my opinion, you’re being more than generous in offering a refund. I have every faith that your team are working hard on behalf of my $97 and I’m more than happy to stick with you.

    Keep up the great work!


  306. Whilst this is a major pain for me I guess it was probably inevitable that this would happen. I have a number of SEO software programs that always grind my internet connection to a halt after running the thousands of queries that they do or request I pay for a CAPTCHA license. My preference has always been MS due to its ease of use and the fact I never had the issues that I do with other tools.

    As for the swap to Bing I don’t think that is necessarily such a bad thing either as the more work I do in the SEO field the more relevant Bing seems to be – after all most of my traffic is from IE clients and the majority of users won’t change its default settings so maybe we are all missing a trick here?

    MS is a good tool and that is not an easy task to accomplish. I am sure that people who can create something this good will come out with the best solution at the end of the day…. remember guys if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth doing. Good Luck.

  307. Hi

    You pointed out that Bing+Yahoo represents 30% of search volume, but thats US only. For Spain, Germany or many other 1st world countries, Bing+Yahoo represents 3 to 5% only, and that’s for a reason…

    Bing seems to be extremely unreliable for international results, I have top 10 Bing rankings for competitive keywords that don’t rank top 50 for Google, and I have top ten long tail rankings in Google that are not even in the first 1000 on Bing.

    Do you believe we will get valuable results? why should we trust that data?

  308. 308

    That’s a real shame guys. I have an account with raven tools, but like to be able to check my rankings daily. MS was perfect for that.

    As a new user I only got to use it for a couple of weeks before it started playing up.

    Unfortunately I may be asking for a refund as it was purchased by my new employer.

    Good luck for the future!

  309. Hi,

    Thanks for the info, although i am slightly at odds as to why the original poster hasnt posted again in over 100 posts?

    Anyway, I also use SEO powersuites tools, one of which is RANK TRACKER and after checking it this morning seems to be running fine so they dont seem to have been affected.

    I am sure the MS guys will get this sorted out, hopefully it will be faster and better when it returns.

    The only thing i felt pretty annoyed about was your assertions that BING is as good as Google for certain functions in MS (or any other tool involved in Internet Marketing) – i have to say that according to any and ALL data i can find regarding market share, useage etc Google is FAR superior to Bing in all areas and that your figures of Bing having 30% is grossly false.

    Apart from that i am happy to wait to see what you come up with HOWEVER i will NOT be taking part in any monthly costs which is a shame but in this mine field of internet marketing you have to stop paying for stuff sometime or it just gets a little too crazy.



  310. Must be about 3 years now with MS and have truly received my monies worth from it already, so would be a bit cheeky asking for a refund.

    Certainly is has been Rank Tracker that I have been using more and more rather than keyword research and miss this function.

    If it comes to a paid service, then surely the amount of usage would determine the costs we will pay. Those who use it most should pay the most after all MS will be paying more for the volume of info that they receive.

    As far as MS support is concerned, I have found them second to none. Previously I lost a lot of data and had mixed up data for Rank Tracker and support walked me through each step until everything was fixed.

    Google are a law to themselves as they have shown time and time again. They strive to get more from us and are giving less back! How can MS be accountable for any other companies attitude/policy’s etc.

  311. 311

    But if the problem is to make large amounts of centralized queries, why don’t you let such queries be performed locally and just provide a proxy download service, or simply let ppl have their own proxies?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Magnus, this is a potential solution that we are looking into – you can currently do this by deselecting ‘use inbuilt proxies’ and entering your own proxy list (under file->settings->proxies)

  312. Sejujurnya hal yang paling bahagia dalam hidup saya adalah memiliki Market Samurai. Market Samurai adalah produk pertama saya paling mahal yang di beli melalui internet dengan dibeli melalui perjuangan yang sangat keras. Saya beli alat ini dengan mengorbankan uang tabungan saya untuk mendapatkan manfaat yang ditawarkan oleh Noble Samurai.

    Saya tidak bisa membayangkan jika Market Samurai akan menghilangkan fitur-fitur yang ada terutama SEO, PR, dan Track Rank. Karena dengan alasan itulah saya berani melangkah untuk membeli Market Samurai.

    Saya tidak mengharapkan akn melakukan pengembalian uang, karena saya yakin tim Noble Samurai akan bekerja keras untuk membuat para pelanggannya tidak kecewa.

    Terakhir, saya akan tetap menunggu dan menggunakan Market Samurai berusaha melakukan hal yang terbaik untuk para pelanggannya.

    Salam hangat,
    Kakang Aab – Newbie Internet Marketing untuk mendapatkan penghasilan yang terbaik dari Internet.

  313. Honestly the happiest thing in my life is to have Market Samurai. Market Samurai is the first product I purchased the most expensive to be purchased over the internet through a very hard struggle. I bought this tool at the expense of saving my money to get the benefits offered by Noble Samurai.

    I can not imagine if Market Samurai will eliminate features that are particularly SEO, PR, and Track Rank. Due to the reason why I dare to step to buy Market Samurai.

    I do not expect a refund, because I believe the Noble Samurai team will work hard to make its customers are not disappointed.

    Lastly, I’ll keep waiting and using the Market Samurai trying to do the best for its customers.

    Warmest regards,
    Kakang Aab – Newbie Internet Marketing to get the best of Internet revenue.

  314. I have read some excellent stuff here. Certainly value bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot effort you place to create this kind of fantastic informative site.

  315. I’m a long time MS user, and you have my 100% support. You guys have always over delivered, and I sincerely appreciate your commitment and your integrity. You also have my sympathy because anyone in online marketing knows how difficult it is to deal with Google’s constant, sudden, drastic changes. I’m completely confident that however you structure your new business model, it will continue to offer exceptional value at a fair price.

    Hang in there, and keep up the excellent work – thank you!

  316. This will be a training course at many abusiness school on how to lose 400,000 customers and screw up your business!

    Market Samurai is a lead capture device, it has a one off charge to determine if users are serious. It is the same old game, you give something of exceptional value (lifetime use of Market Samurai) in return for our trust and you then upsell us to Article Samurai, 99 designs and your other stuff.

    You describe yourself as a small company, well a small company that has had over $20 million from Market Samurai and a nice monthly income from Article Samurai.

    If you charge for Market Samurai you will lose any trust you gained and your name will be mud forever.

    I have found Market Samurai less and less relevant anyway, I have cheap tools that cost me $7 on WF that are more useful. Market Samurai has been “in beta” for the years I have used it, I started using it less because every time I load it up, an update was needed. Then when results came they were NEVER complete.

    Look we understand that “IT” happens, Google moves the goal posts but you have to figure it out, WITHOUT expecting us to put our hand in OUR pockets!

    If you charge for this “the challenge” is dead, even if you offer the 42 day free trial, word will get around that your name is mud.

    I suggest that you keep it free as was implied when we bought it, you may not be able to provide all you do now, well so be it, do what you can when you can, nobody is expecting you to get around this in a week.

  317. Hi

    I must say its very very flustrating that MS has more and more problems. I know it’s not you fault guys but…

    Ok. My question is: what happend with Google that you have the issue with Rank Tracker? What they (Google) do few days ago?

    Please at least bring back the PR Backlink module as soon as its possible. Is it possible to do it in so reasonable time?

  318. 318

    Hi Eugene,

    I purchased the full paid version One week ago. While I understand the problem associated with this product. I am uphold by yours long time business supports and loyal customers. No doubt, they benefit from this product. While I appreciate their view point. I also understand this product is still being market to new customers like myself. I think this is very wrong. MS should not be marketed until the problem is fully resolved. Or let customers have an option. Also as a new user of MS, from the comments, it seems like this will be an ongoing concern. I can’t support the product because, I didn’t did get a chance to used or enjoy the product like some of customers. SORRY

  319. Thanks for being so open about this stuff, it’s always interesting to see how you adapt to the changing landscape.

  320. 320

    You guys have always done a great job with updates and service. I still can’t believe the value I’ve received over the years with my one time payment.

    These are changes that were out of your control. I’ve had Google f#@$ with my business too, and sometimes there is nothing you can do.

    I’m sure you’ll find a way to offer your service in a new way.

    As for comments above that I read where MS should have seen this coming … MS has ALWAYS been proactive and has ALWAYS done a great job staying up to date. But sometimes things happen that are just out of your control.

  321. 321
    On January 31st, 2012 at 2:12 am
    Wim Heitinga said:

    Thank god that it happened in my trial period, i i am not going to buy MS if it is going to be monthly payment,

    I’ll buy some other tool that doesn’t seem to have these problems to begin with.

  322. Kudos to the team at MS for providing a fantastic product, despite all of the changes online in recent years. I first started using MS as part of the 30 Day Challenge and have since used it for myself and to offer keyword research to my clients. I don’t see how anyone who’s been using it for a while couldn’t have made a return on their investment MANY times over.

    Eugene, you’ve earned my respect for being honest, upfront and responsive throughout this whole process. I have a background in PR and have seen many others out there who could learn from your example.

    Keep up the good work and know you have many supporters!

  323. Thanks for the updates and thanks for great MS products.

    Please consider a professional version at a reasonable price for the advanced functionality that power users want. That way it’s a win-win-win strategy for everyone.


  324. Eugene,
    I’m amazed.

    Amazed that you guys have got most of the functionality restored in such a short time. Seriously… kudos!

    Amazed that you have handled the backlash of something completely out of your control with such professionalism and tack.

    Amazed that Market Samurai was and still is a fixed price product (although that was a BIG selling point for me as an occasional user).

    Amazed that MS does so much, so efficiently.

    Amazed that anyone can complain for this hiccup when you have been nothing but upfront and clear about this change and why it happened.

    Amazed that anyone thinks they can get a better value for what MS does anywhere else.

    I’d just like to throw my two cents in and say that I would have a hard time paying a subscription in that I rarely use MS. Not to say it doesn’t have any value for me. Quite the opposite. It is invaluable for me when I need it for keyword research. There isn’t a better tool on the market and I’ve tried them all!

    After doing some SEO tool programming, I’ve always thought that relying on ongoing sales to be able to maintain such a monster (just keeping up with parsing changes) would be, at best, a risky proposition.

    But you guys have done it for a long time flawlessly. Here I go being amazed again! :)

    So I just wanted to add my support to what I feel is the best of the best. Best functionality, best support, and by far the best consideration for the customer. (period)

    But rather than just being a fanboi with nothing of value to add, I was thinking…

    Since you have a huge user base, and given this user base is not all using the product at the same time, what about using the the client machines to do some of the heavy lifting in a distributed way?

    Sure, you’d have to write a service and it would be a major undertaking but think about it. You’d be able to throttle the queries on the individual machines (within the service itself) and never bump into Google’s limits.

    You could even do a ratio type quota system where one could only do as many queries as his/her machine has credits. Credits being earned by the work his/her machine has done. Much like a download ratio in the BitTorrent circles.

    I know it’s a dream… it’s always been a dream of mine to have a distributed network of machines to turn to when I needed to get around throttle limits. It would be very difficult to implement initially, but think of the possibilities for the future.

    The free users would be able to contribute for the use of the product with a system like this as well.

    I for one wouldn’t mind at all if a query was made from my machine every 30-60 seconds for the benefit of a fellow user. Especially if it meant that I would be building credits for when I needed them.

    400k machines means 400k queries per minute (theoretically) without threat of hitting any throttle limits.

    Just a thought… :)

    Take care and keep up the great work!

  325. Just wanted to say thanks – this is an excellent example to hold up to show what a company should be doing to serve their customers in today’s world.

    I bought MS a long time ago, and I use it daily. Losing the Rank Tracker hurts, but it isn’t even why I bought the tool, and the core competencies are still there as strong as ever.

    To be honest, I could really use $97 in my bank account right now – but there is *NO WAY* I would request a refund after having witnessed the level of dedicated shown to date at Noble Samurai.

  326. 326
    On January 31st, 2012 at 4:51 am
    David Wood said:

    Geez Louise people. Get a grip.

    It always amazes me the histrionics that users go into when something changes and the “free” lunch comes to an end.

    Let’s do a little back of the envelope math here. From what I gather MS would have to eat $40K a day in charges to keep everything “free.” We know that ain’t gonna happen. So let’s take $40K X 30 days = $1,200,000 per month. Take $1,200,000/400000 MS users = $3.

    That’s 3 bucks a month folks. You can’t buy a decent beer for that in a bar.

    Now let’s account for some dead loss. Let’s say MS loses a chunk of complainers, free loaders, and other assorted “users”. And we have to jack the cost up to $4 a month.

    Heck let’s give the boys some breathing room and bump it up to $5 a month.

    Now I know that charging an extra $5 a month would cause some worldwide economic disruption. I mean it might actually mean that some folks might just have to give up one cup of foo foo coffee a month!

    Gasp and swoon….perish the thought! $5 per month and then we can go onto the next item of business.

    Am I missing something here?

    Dave Wood

    PS To all the complainers out there remember the old Japanese phrase “Nothing is as expensive as that which you obtain for free.” So why don’t you shove off…they have offered you a refund (which is way beyond the call of duty). That way we can thin out the herd, get down to a serious core of business users and maybe just help MS and ourselves to jointly build a better product that will help us all in the end.

    Mark Kithcart replied:

    Right on David!! Best reply yet.

    I like this quote as well “Good things come to those who wait, but only those things left behind by those who hustle” my addition to this….so stop whining and hustle.

    Bertie Long replied:

    I may not have my other responses printed, as they may not concur with the present attempts of MS to maintain credibility with this matter, so can I suggest for the “truth”, you check out the Warrior Forum and one of the posts which questions the integrity of the answers given as to the real reasons? Namely, NOTHING has changed with Google lately, other “competitors” have not had any work to do, changing their software to match varying algorithms. The problem (as they say) lies with the way MS was set up to function a long time ago, and it will not work as it was supposed to. And it is pretty obvious that the comments on here have been VERY selective, are VERY one sided, and do not reflect all round opinion from MS users. It looks to me like MS are even using this “disaster” as even more hype. It all leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth……….. please, let us just have the real truth.

    Dave Wood replied:

    First of all thanks Mark for the kind words and the good quote.

    As for you Bertie, you quote the Warrior Forum as a source that MS is basically lying trying to gouge it’s community out of more money.

    Quoting the Warrior Forum is like asking your barber if you need a haircut. Half the guys on there would sell you the Brooklyn Bridge a piece at a time if you were gullible enough to buy it. That’s why I don’t waste a lot of time there.

    Where I come from the old saying goes “put your money where your mouth is.” MS has offered refunds and if you think they are liars or their software is defective take the refund and take a hike.

    Now I’m not a blind cheerleader here. If I were thinking that MS was giving me the shaft, then I would be shouting it from the rooftops. Actions speak louder than words. They have done a superb job in the past, they have been upfront about the present problems, and they are offering refunds to people who just don’t get it.

    If you don’t believe me just try logging into your Google account. Every time for the last three days I have been getting popups from them touting their new privacy policy. That’s Googlese for saying we just moved the goal posts again and we aren’t going to tell you how, why, or exactly what we did.

    They’ve done it in the past and you can count your bottom dollar they will do it again.

    And when you quote the MS unnamed “competitors” I would submit that in the past MS has had no superiors and practically no equals as far as I have seen. And I have looked.

    Believe it or not Bertie I’m not trying to beat up on you but you have to take the scales off your eyes and see the world for what it is. Google isn’t necessarily your friend and having guys like MS in your corner only helps.

    Yours truly,

    Dave Wood

  327. my goodness, the heat you are taking for something out of your control. I’ve always felt MS was underpriced and that I would gladly pay a monthly fee. How much… I don’t know. But I too have had way more value than what I paid for.

  328. 328
    On January 31st, 2012 at 5:04 am
    Elaine Mc Donagh said:

    Can anyone explain to me how this will affect me a bit confused. I purchased this at the start of last year but due to an accident/ injuries I was unable to use it.

    I will be starting to build a few new websites for offline businesses I own and intended using MS for my research .Does this only affect IMarketers with a large number clients and campaigns or am I wasting my time and is MS still of use to me in my business? The Search Engine Market Share in Ireland

    Google 94.82%, Bing 2.45%, Yahoo 1.99%, Ask Jeeves 0.58%, AVG Seach 0.05%. It seems Bing/ Yahoo are of no use to me and google is king.

    Sorry if I come across so unknowledgeable but its all very new to me. Please help any advice given will be really appreciated.

  329. 329

    This post is a great example of how companies SHOULD be communicating with their customers in today’s marketplace. You’ve certainly maintained my trust.

    While I will (sadly) be unable to keep my membership if fees rise drastically, I would gladly pay a small monthly fee for the continued benefits of MS. I also like the suggestion in an earlier post to offer optional “pro” features for an extra fee.

    Google’s recent actions are unfortunate but it’s great to know you all are working on behalf of us small business owners. Thank you!

  330. 330

    Oh, please! I just started out, I am just using MS for 5 days (trial), now and I am considering to buy the full version even thou I can’t afford to pay 97$, and now I see everyone posting comments like – yeah, MS! feel free to ask people for more money, “we can afford it, now we have money!” What about those who have no extra money, those who are just starting out, those who come from poor countries?
    Go ahead, ask more money from those who use MS for over a year!

    Vaughan Heath replied:

    If you can’t afford $97 you shouldn’t be in business it’s as simple as that you should never go into business unless you have at least 3 months reserves behind you. Welcome to the real world.

  331. First of all whoever said lawsuit is ridiculous! I have a plan. You said $40,000/month to get that data right?

    400,000 MS users. Charge us each $1 per month! If 10% of the users go for it you easily cover the cost of the data! Then you can charge new users a higher monthly fee. Problem solved.

    You’re welcome!

  332. Thank you very much for the heads up and the honesty. Market Samurai is still the best keyword research tool on the market. I haven’t used the rank tracker module much in the past but it does suck with what is happening.

    Because of what is happening I just bought a wordpress plugin that will track stuff for me, but I know it will have to go through a proxy service so the IP doesn’t get banned. Keep up the great work guys and I know you will make sure Market Samurai stays on the top as far as quality goes.

  333. Oh nevermind….I see now it said $40,000 per day! Oh well…foiled again!

  334. 334
    On January 31st, 2012 at 6:54 am
    Dee Harrison said:

    Your product was always underpriced.

    The rank tracker functionality was added long after many of us bought MS.

    I would much rather pay you $99 a month and see a resumed service than pay Raven (nothing against Raven there)

    I hope you can pick your way through this and perhaps it is a lesson to us all not to be so dependent on the great God Google.

    Wishing you all well. (Guessing the Pepsi consumption has gone up a little???)

  335. 335

    Hi Eugene,
    I have been a Market Samurai user since the very beginning. It is the main tool I use in researching and reporting for my clients. It is an integral part of the success I have achieved in the past three years. I hate to admit this, but I’ve often thought “I would be happy to pay a small monthly fee for the continuing value MS means to my business.” I can only imagine the on-going costs involved in keeping MS current with all the changes going on in the Google world. I have been using Rank Tracker on a regular basis for all my clients as their Google ranking is a key data point and needs to be accurately measured. I suspected that the day would come where a monthly fee was necessary in order to maintain the quality of data we depend upon. I am surprised (and grateful) that it has not come sooner. I would be happy (OK, maybe “happy” is not the best word, but “understanding” works) to pay a small monthly fee if it means that I can continue to receive the value I’ve come to expect from MS. Hats off to you and your team for producing a valuable tool and keeping it updated over these past years without asking for any additional fees. Now that it looks like those fees are coming, perhaps it will sort out all the “recreational users” and reduce the load on your servers.

    Thanks too for your professional attitude in the face of what must be a significant time of stress for you! My best to you and the MS team. I will be a continuing fan!


  336. Hi Guys,

    Does any of you know what a good ratio would be for SEOC between google and Bing. I have a feeling that SEOC is a lot lower in Bing then Google but I have no idea by how much and neither know if it is across the board or just they keywords in the niche we work.


  337. Bring it on guys, and keep it coming.

  338. 338

    I know you have mentioned that SEOC column is fixed but it does not work for me and it does not provide correct data (it gives figures and when I go to Bing to check they are completely different). I was wondering if this is happening to anyone else? Or is SEOC not fixed yet?

    Thanks and keep up the good work fixing it.

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Vadim,

    We’re investigating this, however it looks like the link that we are sending you through to has a slightly different set of results (smaller) than those returned by our API query. So far we have found that if you manually enter the query into Bing you get the same results as Market Samurai.

    Our development team will take a closer look at this so we know exactly why the numbers differ.


  339. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for your honest, helpful, and professional update and responses. I won’t say I’m not a little disappointed at the thought of having to pay more. Getting such an amazing tool with free updates for just $97 was a great deal. The reasons you give, however, are reasonable. I hope you can work out a sliding scale as I don’t consider myself a power user. My preference would be a limited free option progressing to a credit based/pay as you use option and then for power users have a monthly fee for unlimited.

    My sympathies and encouragement to your development team in this stressful time. I used to work as a developer at a company that produced an application that relied on web services of another company (not SEO). When they changed something on their end it was usually with little warning and then broke something on our side. So I know how hard you are working on a solution while customers are coming with the pitchforks. As seen on the other comments, most people do appreciate your efforts in producing such a quality piece of software and the admirable way you have handled this crisis. I look forward to your solution.

  340. 340

    I’m a student living off of ramen and hotdogs, as it is. So much for my being able to use MS anymore.

  341. 341
    On January 31st, 2012 at 11:04 am
    Jason@pain in jaw said:

    Does all your eggs in one basket ring a bell? What a mess

  342. 342

    Hey here I`m pretty new here in internet marketing and in using MS but i soooo confusing now because this change of google now when i looking for a kw in Market Samurai is says me pretty much unrelated data because it uses like i read bing now well can somebody tell me something please.
    Thanks and good luck with google i think also google like to keep all the money in the world by him self
    I hate google

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Goran,

    The only data in Keyword Research that comes from Bing is the competition data. As the competition number is a measure of the number of websites that include that keyword, Bing data for this metric is equivalent to Google data.The traffic and Adwords data at this stage is all still Google data.


    Goran replied:

    Well it`s now more easy, nice to hear that from you Miriam
    Thanks for your support
    Keep wih the good work

  343. Thanks guys fior the heads up I don’t envy you for one minute dealing with google personally I think they have gotten too big for their boots. I personally have closed down my google accounts and have not missed them. I now use bing as my search engine and have convinced most of my IT clients to use it as well. BTW i would pay $150.00 just for your training videos. Keep up the great work

    Goran replied:

    I think we should all do that, we should all close down google account`s
    Like if we all said google suck then it will suck… :D

  344. Hi Guys,

    Adam in Mornington Melbourne here, bit cold today ay.

    Guys if Rank Tracker is now using my computer, are the rank results skewed to my browsing history. I’ve noticed some great jumps in some of my keywords… Not sure if they’re real or not.

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Adam, Market Samurai uses its own browser and also specifies for personalized search results to be off in the queries, they will not be impacted by your browsing history.

  345. Wish you guys luck. I hope everything works out.I’ll stick around, no refunds or law suits required!

  346. It is surprising to me, although it probably shouldn’t, that so many people have brought out their sharp tongues and claws to attack a group of people who have done nothing but be honest with us.

    All of us that work online are aware of the issues that Google has caused by all their rapid changes. And if you are not aware, you may need to question whether you should be online or not, but at any rate, those changes are causing chaos on many levels. How can anyone blame the people at NS. They are not Google, They are not making all the chaos, Google is.

    But my two cents is that I have had wonderful results using Market Samurai and I have been using it for four years. I have always found the support people to be approachable and willing to find a solution. I Loved it long before the Rank tracker was even instituted. Even if only a few of the modules are fixable, it is still worth what I paid for it. Not to mention the money I have made through my online efforts based on info that I received from MS, has paid for it over and over again. It is almost like MS has paid me.

    Thank you for the years of service and thank you for the constant effort on our behalves to continuously improve your product and now thank you for fighting the good fight in our behalf again against the Ogre Google.

    I can hardly wait to benefit from your efforts. I always do.

  347. Informative and professional as always Eugene. The understanding and empathetic way you explain things will always lead you to retain the maximum number of customers possible when issues like this inevitably arise.

  348. Yes!

  349. I have asked for a refund because the rank tracker is the only part of Market Samurai that I use. Maybe they can start offering a good service like this for cheap.

  350. Hi Eugene
    We do understand your point of view and support your initiative, actually we are using cute rank to check kw ranking. Will be trying Raven as suggested, all our crew wishes you the best and smoothest transition in this every day changing business.
    Hope the best, cheers

  351. Hey,

    Other software vendors charge a fee for their software which includes one years worth of updates… if you with to update your software after one year you buy another years worth of updates…

    Could be another renewable income stream option…

    Given the vast amount of comments on this blog post hint to the fact that MS is extremely good value for money I think you will come out on top with this type of model.

    And as an added benefit for all users more money for you will also mean better opportunities to develop the product even further… which again benefits all users… etc…

    Just an idea to an alternative to the monthly subscription…

  352. 352

    Eugene and to all Supporters,

    I am just like many of you, an MS user since the beginning. In all this time I experieced several MS responses to resolve changes in google algorithms. MS always came clean and was quickly up and running again. This is what I call professionalism.
    It is up to us to make sure that a company with this standard is surviving, our continued support would be a “thank you” for a great product.

  353. Eugene,

    I know it’s probably too early to say, but do you know what the price point is likely to be. We use rank tracker module quite frequently and because of its accuracy.

    Would you be able to PM details of the source you will be using to acquire this data?



  354. 354
    On January 31st, 2012 at 11:04 pm
    Atif Bashir said:

    Keep up the good work, this has come at really bad time for me as I am just starting major niche research.

    Anyway, you’ve probably heard enough moans and groans!

    This might be more valuable to you and Market Samurai users:

    Would it not make sense that in the SEO Competition module that you have SEOT from Bing as well as Google? Might as well try to optimise for both search engines at the same time, especially if the SEOC is low in Bing.

    With all the confusion above (and I am confused, I am still trying to work out what is going on) can you provide a new training video about all the data sources for each component of each module eg, SEOT, SEOTC, etc. This will help a lot for me and probably a lot of users.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. I think you should charge a monthly fee with a discount for Article Samurai users.

    P.P.S. Somebody suggested you should survey users on what they want and what they use, I think that is a great idea.

    I think you can do it but must keep your focus on Google as from a statistical and scientific view, Bing’ 30% market share of searches is way too low to compare with 70%.

  355. 355

    Hi there ! I am on trial version of MS which expires today. I am very sorry of what happened to MS – I got a few days of MS working as it was and it was great. Now, the data seems irrelevant.

    What I find interesting is that other softwares are working fine as ever SeoQuake works, SeoSpy works, SEO Power Suite works, IBP works, Serp Attack works.

    So, what is happening at MS ? Because the problem seem to be only on your side and not from Google.

    We as customers need the data that Google offers because it dominates the market.

    I find the current issues of MS very suspicious.

    As a matter of fact I’ve just received the following e-mail from link-assistant:

    “We’re getting 100s of worried requests from users so we decided to explain this web rumor.

    Rumors of a drastic Google algo change started spreading after another SEO software house officially announced their software stopped working with Google. What Market Samurai told its users is, “Several days ago, Google made some significant technical changes to its services” which made it impossible to work with.

    Now hundreds of ex-customers of Market Samurai and our own users write to our support: Is SEO PowerSuite working? Is it safe to buy SEO PowerSuite license now when other tools are failing to work?

    The answer is YES, your software is working and will work with all search engines (Google as well, until the end of Google.) We are able to guarantee that SEO PowerSuite is the safest SEO software to invest in.

    So – right, SEO PowerSuite keeps working. The thing is, what is proclaimed a Google’s technical change doesn’t look so and has never been confirmed by anyone outside Market Samurai team. Our team of search engines experts confirms no changes to Google algos – and the speaking evidence for that is the seamlessly working SEO PowerSuite.

    No other reasons for Market Samurai’s software failure have ever been officially named. However, more realistic reasons were suggested by their former users, assumed by many SEOs on all kind of Internet forums – and never commented on by the Samurai representatives. So the actual reasons for the fail are assumable and lie in a strategic error at the early stage of designing the software architecture. Our experts say, the estimate of fixing such error to restore an SEO tool to a fully working condition is about half a year.

    Seeing that now Samurai is planning to switch to Bing instead of Google, we assume the estimate is right.

    So let us once again disprove the rumor: Google made no changes and nothing happened to it at all. More to that, whenever changes to Google happen in the future, SEO PoweSuite will keep working seamlessly.

    As many know, for 7 years on the market Link-Assistant.Com software has been working reliably. And we can guarantee reliable work of all SEO PowerSuite tools in future, with a team of engineers and analysts monitoring search engines every day.

    So if you’ve ever been choosing between SEO PowerSuite and another software, or if you see your other SEO software is facing problems now or any time later, it’s time to make the safest investment and order SEO PowerSuite.

    Best regards,
    Link-Assistant.Com Team

    P.S. Here is the official statement from Viktar Khamianok, the CEO of Link-Assistant.Com:

    Every technology is analyzed, criticized and tested before development. We look at hundreds of use cases before making core decisions on software functionality. We understand that we must not, at any moment, put the user at risk. None of our clients can afford being left without working software or without any working feature of the software.

    So this is the official confirmation that SEO PowerSuite is not and will not be affected by the ban imposed on other SEO software. You can check its work now yourself. ”

    What do you have to say in your defense, taking into account that all other SEO software tools are working as ever ?

    Too bad, you’ve lost a customer – MS it really was a great SEO Tool, but Bing services are not good enough from my point of view for a high competitive market.

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Anna,

    I’m really sorry about that – in short our response to this is that we made an error in the midst of trying to work out what was happening and get information out to our users and we took reports that other SEO packages were impacted on face value rather than confirming them ourselves.

    Here is Eugene’s full response which he posted on the link-assistant site:

    To Victor, the team at SEO Power Suite & your users

    We want to apologise for any concern generated about the viability of your products and for the additional support load you’ve encountered.

    With 400K Market Samurai users, there’s sure to be a number of users with both packages and we didn’t want to imply that all tools (such as SEO Power Suite) had been affected.

    At the time we observed the Google changes across our network (essentially a change in tolerance for automated queries), we received word from a number of our users that other tools had been affected. Given the time constraints our focus has been on resolving the issue and communicating with our users and simply took the feedback of our users on face value. So again, I apologise to you and your users for any implication you had problems. We’ve edited the blog post and removed the reference to problems in other tools.

    The good news is all modules are up and running again with the exception of our back link analysis (shipping later today). We’ve moved Rank Tracking to use the local machine for Google queries which is sufficient for our users with a low volume of keywords, but inappropriate for our larger users. We’re actively working with wholesale suppliers on a larger and more permanent solution which will take 2-3 weeks to implement.

    The encouraging thing is we’ve had a number of our competitors contact us offering various services to assist which was both nice and unexpected. With a hundred thousand or so users impacted if there’s some way you can work with us please get in touch.

    I’ve purchased and used the Power Suite in the past and it’s an excellent product. The SEO landscape is a rapidly changing one and it’s great you & your company haven’t been affected. For any of our users needing a rank tracking service immediately they should certainly check out your tool.


    Eugene Ware,
    CEO, Noble Samurai

    Source: http://www.link-assistant.com/blog/seo-powersuite-is-not-affected-by-the-rumored-google-algo-change/#ixzz1l5eLmxhY
    Read more at Link-Assistant.Com SEO Blog

  356. Hi,

    Hopefully MS can get this problem fixed. I agree complaining even when offered a full refund, and when no other cheaper, more functional alternative is available is immature. I received this email from SEO Powersuite this morning:

    Edited by Miriam – link-assistant email removed for readability. Full email and our response here:

  357. What is the meaning of the e-mail just sent by Link-Assistent.com / SEO Power Suite. They state a.o.the following:
    “So let us once again disprove the rumor: Google made no changes and nothing happened to it at all. More to that, whenever changes to Google happen in the future, SEO PowerSuite will keep working seamlessly.”
    “No other reasons for Market Samurai’s software failure have ever been officially named. However, more realistic reasons were suggested by their former users, assumed by many SEOs on all kind of Internet forums – and never commented on by the Samurai representatives. So the actual reasons for the fail are assumable and lie in a strategic error at the early stage of designing the software architecture. Our experts say, the estimate of fixing such error to restore an SEO tool to a fully working condition is about half a year.”

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi there,
    I posted Eugene’s response here:

    One thing I’d really like to clarify from that email is that we’re definitely not looking at 6 months to get everything up and running. Everything except Google Rank Tracker and PR data is already returned to Market Samurai. PR will be back very soon. We don’t know how long Rank Tracker will take but we’re not anticipating it taking that long. Also worth mentioning we’re not switching everything to Bing and saying ‘to hell with Google rankings who cares’, of course Google data is important and we’re only using Bing where there are direct equivalents (eg SEOC) not for traffic or Adwords data.

    Hope this helps.

  358. My last comment is still awaiting moderation, I haven’t seen any notification regarding the exact nature of the changes made by Google. Have Google announced them? I received an e-mail by another SEO tools company saying the Google update which is the subject of this post is just a rumour.

    Any ideas?

  359. Ok this is not mky opinion or belif HOWEVER i belive the guys at MS should see this.

    Its an email i just got from SEO Powersuite, make of it what you will.


    Edited by Miriam – link-assistant email removed for readability. Full email and our response here:

  360. 360

    Hey guys,

    As an overall happy customer of Market Samurai over the years I was prepared to deal with any changes that you guys had coming in the future. However, what I now find disturbing is the fact that one of your competitors is basically calling you guys out in a major way. Could you guys please address the following statement from them?


    Edited by Miriam – link-assistant email removed for readability. Full email and our response here:

  361. I am concerned by all the rumours flying around that the problem with Market Samurai has nothing at all to do with any changes by Google.

    What is going on?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi there, we’ve got a lot of users concerned about this. We’re currently writing up an explanation as well as some clarification on some issues that users are worried about and we’ll post it up soon.

  362. Just got this email from Wordtracker …any response?

    Edited by Miriam – link-assistant email removed for readability. Full email and our response here:

  363. I am a trial user of SEO Powersuite. I have been receiving lots of marketing e-mails from them which I mostly ignore. Then I got one gloating about Market Samurai and your problems. Saying that it must be a design flaw and that you will be down for months. So being curious I googled, and found this very revealing blog. Real comments from real customers. I am now going to trial Market Samurai. I much prefer dealing with upfront and honest companies.Bye Bye SEO Power.

  364. I’m on Seo Power Suite’s email list and I just got an interesting email from them basically accusing Market Samurai of “lying” about all these Google changes. I don’t know who’s telling the truth, but here is just a snippet from their email:

    “No other reasons for Market Samurai’s software failure have ever been officially named. However, more realistic reasons were suggested by their former users, assumed by many SEOs on all kind of Internet forums – and never commented on by the Samurai representatives. So the actual reasons for the fail are assumable and lie in a strategic error at the early stage of designing the software architecture. Our experts say, the estimate of fixing such error to restore an SEO tool to a fully working condition is about half a year.

    Seeing that now Samurai is planning to switch to Bing instead of Google, we assume the estimate is right.

    So let us once again disprove the rumor: Google made no changes and nothing happened to it at all. More to that, whenever changes to Google happen in the future, SEO PoweSuite will keep working seamlessly.”


    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Travis, I’ve reposted Eugene’s response to that email here:

  365. my posts keep getting deleted, worrying! Maybe due to the fact that i show an email from SEO Powersuite about MS.

    I would have thought that MS would want to see it if what they say is false so that they could deal with the accusations.

    Weird and frankly disturbing, whats going on MS?


    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Sorry about that! Your posts were caught by the Akismet spam filter. I have marked you as ‘not spam’. We’re also only moderating posts between 9am-5pm AEDT (GMT+11) and we approve all posts manually

  366. 366

    Bing? Are you serious? Even if you rank at top 3 positions at Bing you won’t even have hundreds of visitors. You seriously saying Bing is gaining market? I’m sorry but all SEOs still work on getting rankings on Google. Bing and Yahoo is always just a side job. You are completely delusional and trying to save your own business from angry customers.

    and for those who say you guys hate Google, you can’t do anything about it. You can hate apple you want but they will always sell iPad and iPhone like hot cakes. You can hate Google all you want but they will be always the bigger search engine compared to Bing. Unless Bing really overtakes Google as main traffic source for my site, I’m not going to buy MS. It’s worthless now.

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi there, we’re still using Google data for all traffic, adwords etc. There is a full list of the areas we are using Bing data here:

    We’re obviously not suggesting that you should forget about ranking in Google. The areas that we are bringing Bing data in are not ones related to traffic etc so it doesn’t impact the usefulness of Market Samurai for SEO for Google.

  367. 367

    SEO PowerSuite keeps working. What is proclaimed to be a Google technical change has never been confirmed by anyone outside Market Samurai team.

  368. 368

    and honestly, you have just lost tons of potential customers here ;)


    Bing is worthless. I will say it again, it’s worthless. people like Google because it’s their income source (they don’t care whether Google is evil or not). If you can’t cope up with the masses, nobody is going to buy your software dude.

  369. Wow… What to think now? And what answer do you have at MS? The other day you said that several other providers had same problems as you, but…..what is this:

    Claim by Link-Assistant.Com: “The thing is, what is proclaimed a Google’s technical change doesn’t look so and has never been confirmed by anyone outside Market Samurai team…”!

    Read the rest of this email that came from a competitor today in my inbox:

    Edited by Miriam – link-assistant email removed for readability. Full email and our response here:

    So this is the official confirmation that SEO PowerSuite is not and will not be affected by the ban imposed on other SEO software. You can check its work now yourself.

  370. Just received the following email from link-assistant.com and I think it raises more questions than it answers…

    Edited by Miriam – link-assistant email removed for readability. Full email and our response here:

  371. Message from CEO of SEO power Suite,
    Edited by Miriam – link-assistant email removed for readability. Full email and our response here:

    Response from Brian Mcfarlane, Why i will stick it out with market Samurai to the end.

    As a Market Samurai user for the past 5 years I can honestly say that the team at Market Samurai has done a great job at resolving issues with API’s. From a technical standpoint it has nothing to do with algo changes as many have happened over the years and Market Samurai has always found a way to address these issues.
    I think using this as a ploy to sell your (SEO PowerSuite. ) services is pretty bad, Market Samurai continues to improve the program and has resolved most of the issues you are addressing here.

    All third party software has been recently affected by Google’s api changes & the privacy act at Google, If you are telling people you were not affected is because you have a addressed quickly, which is great.

    Everyone who has being working as a SEO for many years, know that we cannot rely only on Google data to make informed decisions about SEO.

    SEOmoz, Market Samurai, SEM rush, wordtracker, and many others pull data from multiple points and api’s. So Market Samurai is shifting to the bing API perhaps to address issues with the existing google api until the issue is either resolved to insure we at least get the primary data we need.

    Taking shoots at your competition for how they manage their API’s is foolish strategy and will not get you very far….

    I tend to rely on multiple sources, and those people you are trying to convince to come over to your solution are being mislead.

    Brian McFarlane
    Montreal, Canada

  372. According to SEO Power Suite, there was no change.

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    We were mistaken when we posted that other programs were affected and we’re really sorry about that. Eugene’s response to that article is available here:

  373. I read some of the reply’s and felt compelled to weigh-in.

    I have been using MS for quite a while (2 years). The tools have supported me in developing Marketing plans & strategies for companies and clients. Its not the only tool I use and I typically spend about $300/month on additional tools to get the intelligence needed to properly run campaigns and have the data and metrics to measure results.

    MS was a steal as a one time payment for software that continually gets updated. It is my highest ROI tool that I ever used.

    I will continue to use this product as it develops and if they charge for certain components on a monthly basis I will pay.

    Eugene – Please get the rank tracking working again and if I have to pay I will gladly do it. I just don’t want to start using Raven and then switch back.

  374. 374

    Speaking of fair game, this is the nasty email that SEO Power Suite is sending out to ANYONE that ever gave them an email. I know as I once downloaded (then immediately removed) their spammy link assistant tool. Their email message follows:

    Edited by Miriam – link-assistant email removed for readability. Full email and our response here:

  375. 375

    RankTracker and SEO Competition are the core features I use.

    I’d love to hear just when a solution will be implemented for RankTracker and how much it will cost.

    I gotta be honest and say that I’m researching other products and alternatives. I’ve always been a fan of MS, but I’ve got to keep business moving forward.

    When will we hear something official from MS on the direction?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    We’re investigating typical Rank Tracker usage numbers and potential solutions today to help us form a strategy for moving forward. I don’t know exactly how long this will take but we’ll make an official announcement as soon as we have the information we need.

  376. 376

    Al this has become a mess, the actual condition of the MS platform is awful, im trying to figured out how to use the services right now, the keyword research results are very inaccurate and i don’t get how it works now since it is a salad of mixed results from google and bing and we are still using data from the adwords platform as it says when the program is fetching, besides i compared the data provided in the columns with the actual bing data and it all is simply different and inacurate. now it seems you guys are working in another issues leaving the keyword research done as if it where solved but is far enough to be solved.
    I market samurai finally doomed and up to disapear. since is nothing as it promises to be.

    Now as far as i know google allow up to 100 results for a given fetch and if some of us use proxies why is not possible to sort out another solution more than mix results and provide irrelevant information from bing, that for lot of MS users is not useful.
    I dont know about coding at all but i think there must be way to solve all of it. or maybe the core of the system and the build in platform becomes obsolete…

    LiamMc replied:


    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi, here’s some information about what data sources are used where to help clear up what the changes are:

    If you’re having trouble with inaccurate results send in a ticket so we can get to the bottom of it

  377. 377

    So if Google changed something big that made it impossible to check all these keywords e.t.c..

    The how come my old version of Traffic Travis 3 still works fine and I haven’t updated it in months? Any why are most of the other rank trackers working fine?

    AH replied:

    Yeah. All of the rank tracking softwares still work so they either are paying for it on there end or something just happened on MS’s end.

    AH replied:

    *edit – Meant all the rank tracking softwares I own

  378. 378

    fair enough, if that is true what you say then how comes i also got a email from Link Assistant stating that there wasnt no Google change then? and how comes traffic travis is still ok? i use alot of keyword tools, mostly the top ones but yet MS are the only ones having trouble and stating that Google implemented a change and cos of that you have to now charge……..

  379. I’m just beginning to understand and use all the tools you offer. I think MS is a great value. It seems to me together we can weather this storm. When do you think we’ll hear of any update to the situation?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    We’ll have another update very soon – hopefully today

  380. So the services that used to be included in the market samurai that I paid for are now going to be a monthly expense?

    I already have several monthly recurring expenses and services. I don’t like this sound of this at all.

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    The only service that may require a monthly fee (or perhaps credits – we haven’t made any decisions at this stage) is Rank Tracker. Noone will be forced to purchase credits if they don’t use Rank Tracker. We also hope to have a certain number of free included checks but again we don’t know what form this will take at this stage. We’re also happy to refund Market Samurai if the software is no longer useful to you.

    As soon as we have a better idea of how we will be moving forward with Rank Tracker we will let everyone know.

  381. 381
    On February 1st, 2012 at 5:31 am
    Michael Gordon said:

    The value I’ve received from MS is worth the purchase price many, many times over. In my experience, there are very few companies in *any* industry that are transparent and provide education and support like the team at Market Samurai. I wouldn’t even think about leaving it for another option. The Competition module alone is worth the price of the software.

    In the meantime, however, I need a fully capable rank tracking solution. Question: Will MS Rank Tracker work to full capability *today* if I choose to pay for a proxy service like Trusted Proxies? If so, this would be a good temporary solution – and arguably a good long term option for both MS and its customers.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!


    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Michael – Yes Rank Tracker will work immediately if you use your own connection (deselect ‘use inbuilt proxies’). A number of users have also used custom proxies to run Rank Tracker queries with success.

    Michael Gordon replied:

    Thanks Miriam – that’s good news. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it works out.

  382. What a sad news for Internet Marketers and SEO Specialist! I have used Market Samurai for several keyword analysis and I was very pleased with its service. I had stop my subscription few months ago. Now, hearing the news is not good for SEO community. I hope they will be able to get back on track knowing Google still the #1 Search Engine and we need good SEO tools like Market Samurai…

  383. 383
    On February 1st, 2012 at 6:30 am
    Bertie Long said:

    Perhaps you might want to balance your very one sided blog about this matter, with a comment from one of your competitors who sent this to their client, who published it in the Warrior Forum. Come on MS – MAN UP!! Publish this and give an honest response.

    Edited by Miriam – link-assistant email removed for readability. Full email and our response here:

  384. 384

    Very interesting. I know some of what I have to say has been mentioned by others in this LONG thread of comments, but I wanted to chime in.

    I make my living with SEO, both for my own businesses and for clients.

    In my opinion, MS is a great tool. While I don’t use every feature, it’s strengths in my mind lie in it’s ability to research keywords and apply intelligence through filters to determine which are the most important to go after first. I use MS daily for this.

    I also enjoy the grid on the SEO competition tab that allows me to easily see the top 10 competitors and look for opportunities to beat them.

    I have never, however, been a heavy user of the Rank Tracker module. The reason: there are much better tools available out there for tracking rank. My preferred tool is Rank Tracker by SEOPowerSuite (I own the Enterprise version). I run it locally on my primary computer and it updates according to schedules I set.

    The tool wasn’t cheap, but it works well. The reporting functionality is far superior to anything MS offered, and it hasn’t given me any trouble with the updates the MS staff has mentioned to the Google algos.

    Now, don’t get me wrong … I’m NOT trying to knock MS … it’s a GREAT tool. I don’t regret buying it. It does what I need it to. I also own a subscription to AS and LOVE it as well.

    If I were starting in SEO today and could only use one tool, it would be AS because it gives me the keyword research ability I fell in love with as a MS user, and also the syndication abilities which have become critical in my SEO strategy.

    So, when MS comes out with a subscription option for the Rank Tracker module, I probably won’t use it — I’m happy with SEOPowerSuite’s Rank Tracker tool.

    I would encourage all of you to stay off the case of the Noble Samurai team — it seems to me that they work their butts off to produce the best tools they can. Their educational materials are second-to-none and their prices are reasonable.

  385. I LOVE MS! I will continue to use it, along with the dozens of other SEO tools to deliver the best value to my clients. I made back my $97 in 1 presentation 10 X over.

    BUT, here is an email (unedited) from Link-Assistant.com (Another tool I use, and they just sent this out today)

    Edited by Miriam – link-assistant email removed for readability. Full email and our response here:

  386. Let me start by saying I’ve been using MS now for about 4 years. I have 2 licenses – one came with a subscription to Stompernet. So I’ve paid twice for MS.
    I have always thought that the business model was flawed, I know it was designed to capture leads and have a list you could easily sell to, but those products have been few and far between. Article Samurai is took years to appear and from what I’ve read has it’s own challenges.
    So moving to a paid model for one module kinda makes sense – not withstanding the best of intentions to keep it free – well to a one time payment -from the begining.
    But today I received an email from linkassitant.com, basically calling Eugnene a liar.
    One quote from the email -

    “The thing is, what is proclaimed a Google’s technical change doesn’t look so and has never been confirmed by anyone outside Market Samurai team. Our team of search engines experts confirms no changes to Google algos”

    So you have a major competitor calling you out as lying to your users. I understand that this may just be cheap opportunism on their part, nut what is the real truth here?
    I’m going to stick by you guys, I’m stubborn that way but I thought you needed to know what your competitors are saying about you out there in marketing land.

  387. I want to offer my support and encouragement to the whole team at NS. I invested in MS at the start and have continued to use it to good use since. It is the most brilliant tool in my arsenal to get ranked for my websites. Your training, support and technical updates are fantastic and if we need to pay a bit to continue the service then so be it. I for one will be happy to do so for the range of services that MS gives you and the advantage it gives you over the competition.

  388. 388

    Even considering the loss of some functionality, I consider the referral to your software a positive one. I know I would not have understood as quickly SEO (still learning;)) without Market Samurai…
    And for the price I paid ($97) a tremendous value…

    Best of luck as you move forward.


  389. 389

    “So – right, SEO PowerSuite keeps working. The thing is, what is proclaimed a Google’s technical change doesn’t look so and has never been confirmed by anyone outside Market Samurai team. Our team of search engines experts confirms no changes to Google algos – and the speaking evidence for that is the seamlessly working SEO Powersuite

    No other reasons for Market Samurai’s software failure have ever been officially named. However, more realistic reasons were suggested by their former users, assumed by many SEOs on all kind of Internet forums – and never commented on by the Samurai representatives. So the actual reasons for the fail are assumable and lie in a strategic error at the early stage of designing the software architecture. Our experts say, the estimate of fixing such error to restore an SEO tool to a fully working condition is about half a year.”


    Guys can you throw some light on those comments, are we playing full a full hand here ?

    Also low stress on if there is a fee but like many here, I think we want Google results not Bing or Yahoo results for anything ?

    I think more than anything if you do not revert back to Google results your product looses any real street appeal.

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Pete. We’re not moving wholly to Bing the only data we’re switching to Bing for is the data that’s directly comparable (SEOC – as it is a measure of the number of pages on the internet with the keyword which is not impacted by the popularity of the search engine).
    Eugene’ response to that post is available here:

  390. Bing is rising in popularity and gives as good search results as Google so I don’t mind not being able to track my rank in Google. In any case, MS has helped me a lot in past 2 years so I fully support your decision.

  391. There is a lot of confusion about Bing data and where we are using it. To clear this up, this is a full list of the data that we are using Bing for:

    Keyword Research:
    * SEOC
    * SEOTC
    * SEOUC

    SEO Competition:
    * Index Count
    * Cache Age

    Rank Tracker:
    * Ranking data for Bing

    The intended changes to the data sources for Keyword Research and SEO Competition have already been made. All traffic and Adwords data is unchanged and is still using Google data.

    In terms of concerns about the validity and usefulness of this data – where we are looking at index and competition data this is directly equivalent to the data from Google. While Bing doesn’t have the same market share as Google, they are still indexing the same internet. These values are measures of how many sites are out there with those keywords so while the numbers won’t be identical, they are equally valid as an indication of competition for a keyword.

  392. 392

    Hi guys,
    MS is a great tool.

    As stated before, simply USE GOOGLE WEBMASTERS TOOLS.
    The numbers are a bit different as it gives an average of the ranking positions over a total number of impressions VS MS that gives an exact picture of the ranking at the time the query was made.

    I would sincerely recommend the MS team to TOTALLY get rid of the Rank Checker to keep their queries on Google low.
    As I understand doing KW research in MS as there are many data sources combined in one big table, there is no reason to check your ranks in MS. You get the same answer (even more accurate) from Google itself via the Webmasters Tools.

    I would remove the Rank Checker and add SEOC/SEOTC/SEOUC batches of 25 queries (instead of clicking one link to get 1 result, I would implement clicking on 1 link and getting 25 results).

    This would be way more helping than the Rank Tracker.

    John J.

  393. 393

    Hi, I hope someone from Market Samurai reads this: It is OK to charge for stuff. You guys should charge a monthly fee so that you can continue to make quality products. I’m grateful for the times that I was able to use your software for a one-time fee. I wish you many successes because I have bought both market samurai and article samurai. You should have a “donate” button also somewhere on this page.

  394. Google continues to confound me with their exceptional lack of concern, Market Samurai continues to be forthright. For the cost of less than one months licensing of a competitors product, Market Samurai keeps us updated for life. Additional money to keep an A+ company like this in business is to all of our advantage. Google on the other hand provides no customer support regardless of how many thousands of advertising dollars spent with them. They have cancelled my accounts with them for no reason, and when I have tried to have open communication with them they respond with form letters.

    navy seal replied:

    why not implement 2 modules for the rank checker?

    A paid module which could be “Pay Per Search” (or a couple of searches) (or even per keyword) or a prepaid monthly submission, and a free one which uses our computer in tracking rank, just put into the script that the search query must always be depersonalized for “accuracy”. :D

  395. 395

    How come that the online rank tracker like rank ranger, raven, zoomrank etc. are working perfectly and market samurai doesn’t?
    What is the difference?

  396. 396

    While I sincerely appreciate the upfront manner in which you have addressed these issues, I do have a concern I wish to voice.

    You have switched over to Bing to provide certain data. Your explanation of its use in SEOC, SEOTC and SEOUC makes some sense, so for now at least I am comfortable with that.

    However, the value of the use of Bing to report Indexed Pages pales in importance next to the use of Google for the same data. I am most interested in ranking for Google. That means that I need to see the ebb and flow of the indexed pages that Google is reporting. Honestly, Bing is not important to me for this metric.

    Will you be reinstating the use of Google to report indexed pages?

    Thanks again for the upfront way you have handled this. It is this kind of customer focus that will keep your company successful!

  397. 397

    approve me!

  398. Monthly fee on a program with a “one time fee”
    Yey! Im so happy. I had a hard time getting the money to buy this program in the first place, and now you slap this in my face. Unbelievable!

  399. Start charging monthly fee for the tracker today, but get it working like before asap.

    And if you can’t afford MS then it is not really for you and you should concentrate on your 9-5 job!

  400. 400

    I have always backed MS and the Team.
    Like others i got a good deal when i purchased
    a few years ago.
    But because of recent “problems” with MS iv’e
    had to use “other” tools to keep up.

    I am wondering why other tools don’t seem to be affected by the latest Google updates when it comes to Rank Tracking etc?

    Is it true that MS has an inherent coding problem? Ergo the constant scrambling to fix problems?

    Is the huge percentage of “Free Users” causing a problem?

    Are the accusations leveled by SEO Powersuite CEO true?

    I would also like to add my voice to the anti-Bing choir, Google is where the money is, i am not interested in any results from Bing (Sorry)…

  401. 401

    I think if MS was to allow more use of our own Proxies it would be a better direction! I’ve never liked the fact MS used your own server and always expect it would be a “PAIN POINT” at some point or another!

    Anytime you use a centralized service Google is going to ban it eventually or want to charge for it. Just as BitTorrent is successful because it spreads out the network to local clients.

    Allow us more integration with Proxies and such and your problem goes away! ;)

    Thanks for letting us know!