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Hi Team,

I’ve got something exciting to share with you about Market Samurai.

We just released an improvement to the SEO Competition module that makes backlink anchor text analysis of web-pages that have a lot of back links much faster, and easier to complete.

This latest update has resulted in a MASSIVE speed increase for completing backlink anchor text analysis.

In one test, we found a 9,400% speed increase. That’s a speed up of nearly a factor of 100.  In fact, the improvement is even better than that: previously, the more backlinks you analysed, the slower the process went – twice as many backlinks could take nearly four times as long to analyse. Now few pages will take longer than 10 minutes to analyse.

The low-down on backlink analysis

The backlink analysis functionality in Market Samurai allows you to check two items:

  • the PageRank of the pages linking to a URL; and
  • the text contained within those links – for example, the link in the previous item to Wikipedia has the text “PageRank”.

The text is important – this is the most powerful factor Google takes into account when ranking your website for a keyword. So knowing the kinds of keywords being used in links to a page is essential to understand how Google will rank that page.

How do I do backlink analysis with Market Samurai?

First open up a project in Market Samurai and enter the SEO Competition module. Then generate the top results for your keyword or enter your own custom URL.

Now just click on the down-array to the right of the link.

Next, press the Anchor Text Analysis button to see a detailed link-text analysis for that webpage. Alternatively, you could also analyse the PageRanks of the backlinks.

A new window will pop-up showing you the information you asked for.

How much time will this save me?

Well, if you were trying to analyse a webpage with, say:

  • 300 backlinks, which in some cases might have taken over 10 minutes, might now take around 1 minute;
  • 600 backlinks, which might have taken over 40 minutes, should take around 2 minutes;
  • 1000 backlinks, previously taking more than 90 minutes, should take 3 or 4 minutes.

Of course, the exact numbers depend on the page, your internet connection, the speed of your computer, and many other factors.

So, good luck investigating your niches – and please leave a comment if you enjoy this new update or if you have some thoughts on backlink analysis you’d like to share!


P.S. – If you don’t own Market Samurai yet, or your Market Samurai trial has expired, you will have lost access to the SEO Competition analysis tools. This means you will not see the benefit of this improvement until you upgrade your copy of Market Samurai to the full version.

If you already own Market Samurai, you can open the software right now and begin benefiting from this improvement.

Michael Bertolacci is one of several superstar programming geniuses responsible for creating the features that you enjoy inside Market Samurai.

Michael has written 3 post(s) for Noble Samurai

48 Responses to “Turbo-Charged Backlink Analysis”

  1. Amazing as always. Now if you can just do the same thing for fetching the OCI data…

  2. Excellent. Just what I needed when I needed it. You guys Rock! Thanks for all the incredible features to MarketSamurai!

  3. Definitely faster than before. Previously it was unusable for high backlink sites and stalled half the time.

    Thanks for the update!

  4. Market Sam is already the best tool on the internet, but you guys keep making it better!! well done and keep up the good work as i cant see how the competition can possibly catch up if you keep making it better!

  5. From keyword search, to SEO analysis, Ad creation, affliation, posting, market samurai is worth a lot more than its price. Thanks for your constant work of improvement.

  6. wow…..9400%%% increase.


    keep up the great work guys…

  8. That looks great!!

  9. This just keeps getting better – and I was already happy with the software. Rock on.

  10. Looks amazing. i was wondering what market samurai will do when yahoo discontinue their yahoo site explorer when it switches over to BING. Will you be providing an alternative.

  11. 11

    I Agree with Mike Taylor. Good work and do the same for OCI.

  12. I always took OCI with a rather large grain of salt anyway, but it was at least a starting point. What alternatives are out there for that info since nanocush doesn’t seem to be giving it out anymore?

  13. Hey Guys,

    It’s always great to see you guys update MS, but I gotta say, without an affiliate program I have absolutely no motivation to promote the software even though for the price it is a great deal.

    Maybe you should do something about it. There are products and services online for SEO that have affiliate programs that are far less effective than MS.

    You are really missing the boat on this and you guys shoulod make it a priority so some of your customers, like me, can start promoting your product.


  14. Awesome as always. Thanks guys.

  15. 15

    Hi – I haven’t launched yet.

    But I wanted to tell you that I’ve tested a whole bunch of SEO, marketing, etc programs. Some of them are OK, but then going back to Market Samurai, (which I bought in your earliest stages on the advice of Niche Blue) is like coming home to an old friend. I’m sticking with you guys – a newbie can get pretty nervous so it’s good to work with a bunch that inspire confidence.

  16. Once again, Market Samurai has improved upon it’s industry leading keyword research and analysis tool. Market Samurai far surpasses any other tool on the marketing due the features that are available and the results that are produced.

  17. Guys, the speed of this analysis was the only glitch in the system now you’ve put that right you’re almost perfect! Fantastic work, if you keep this up soon you will be reading my thoughts and sending me the analysis before I switch on my computer… maybe that will be the next release!

  18. This is incredible! Just when you think there is a barrier that can’t be destroyed you guys go and obliterate it. Thanks again for providing such a superior product that continually over delivers!

  19. true, ime anchor text is the most important factor, thanks very much for recognising this and making it easier for us from within market samurai!

  20. 20
    On October 30th, 2009 at 9:27 pm
    EvilSystem said:

    I notices everyday again, that work with our SEO tools yourself , because otherwise the tools would not be so perfect.
    Thanks again and keep on doing

  21. 21
    On October 31st, 2009 at 8:01 am
    Craig Mullins said:

    Mucho better…

    Now if we can can make the ranking analysis 9400% faster when checking LOTs of keywords…

  22. You know, I bought this program when it first came out. I used it but was skeptical that it would live up to the hype. I have to say I am constantly impressed by this program and the job you guys do. This new upgrade makes life a lot easier. Thanks!!

  23. Thanks for the upgrade. This tool works great now.

  24. Hi – I’ve just finished playing around with this feature, and the info I have gleaned is fantastic! Having said that, I’m so new to this, I’m not really understanding the power of what I have my hands on, yet! But I know in my waters that it’s good stuff!!

    What would be incredibly useful to us complete newbies , is to take a screen shot of a one of the analysed back links and then point out to us newbies what we are supposed to be looking out for. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and wait in hope.

    I agree with all the other comments that have said that this software gives incredibly value for money. Even though I have no experience, I can just tell from a business point of view that there are a huge amount of ways to apply the info. thank you guys for all your hard work.

  25. 25
    On November 4th, 2009 at 7:57 am
    tomartomartini said:

    well done mrkt/samri team….truly a very big thank you :)

  26. Thanks guys, excellent update! Keep up the good work.

  27. 27

    GREAT!! Now…OCI (and Rank checking) improvements please.

  28. I didn’t even know you had the feature of checking link text. I’ve been waiting for that. I’m jazzed to give this a whirl.

    cd :O)

  29. That is a great improvement. Keep up the great work.

  30. 30

    once again another great tool, for a great tool!

  31. 9400% that is a HUGE number. Thanks for the update.

  32. Something of an “arms race” developing in this field. Micro Niche Finder (which I also use) has just brought out a back link checker – it will be interesting to see how these two tools compare against one another.

  33. For the use I’m getting from MS at this point I say it’s the next Web Position Gold. It’s becoming as essential a tool for anyone doing any kind of SE marketing, lol, no, I don’t do adwords, just SE, as WPG ever was. I use it multiple times per day.

  34. You guys rock…how much better can MS get??

  35. As always, amazing job guys!

    MS is DEFINITELY a benchmark to which all other software vendors and product owners in this market space should aspire to.

    cheers guys!

  36. That’s really good news, just last week i sent an email requesting if such improvements where eminent and I was told yes.. ‘soon’ – however I didn’t know it was that soon, great stuff guys!!

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    We generally don’t like to announce dates ;)

  37. Yes…this is exciting indeed but would u guys do something about the data it pulls from msn…sometimes i just open up another screen and check the oci data manually cuz its taking so long.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    The OCI data is becoming increasingly unreliable. The reason for this is because the MSN servers are becoming increasingly unreliable though (and sadly, this is something that is out of our control).

    The only “perfect” solution here would be to remove OCI completely from Market Samurai (it’s really the only way to prevent the problems from happening) – but I get the feeling people would prefer to put up with occasional troubles with OCI than lose this feature :(

  38. MS is a great tool! Think I’m actually starting to understand internet marketing!! You guys make it so much faster and better.

  39. Wow this is very Coool Futures!!!! I’ll try it right now!!!

  40. this modul is awesome, i can do many things with market samurai.
    thanks guys.

  41. Great stuff MS, that will really help my analysis of other websites.

    Keeps getting better & better, what an investment I’ve made buying your product :0)

  42. I have the paid version of MS. What is the latest version mentioned in the recent email. I don’t see an updatae option on mine. I am on 0.85.16

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    If you re-visit your unique download page, you should be able to download the latest version from there.

    0.85.16 is the latest version though.


  43. This tools is very useful and helpful

    Thanks a lots for the update MS

  44. Great job guys MS has saved countless hours of research. And now a much needed update, that will again save hours or research.
    Thanks Guys

  45. That great!! thanks.