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Have you heard?

Market Samurai is now the tool-of-choice for keyword research inside StomperNet.

(In fact, they liked it so much that they even arranged to pay to license copies for all StomperNet members, so that all members could access Market Samurai during their membership.)

Why is this cool? And what is this “StomperNet” thing?

If you haven’t heard of StomperNet before -

  • They provide the most comprehensive training program in the world for internet marketing;
  • Since 2006, they’ve helped 104 beginner internet marketers to build web businesses that now make over a million dollars per year online;
  • They were responsible for breaking all internet marketing sales records in 2006 when they made $18 million dollars within 24 hours of launching;
  • They have some of the world’s top internet marketers on staff – provide one-on-one internet marketing coaching – and they give you access to exclusive events where you can access them personally;
  • And they have over 1,400 pieces of internet marketing training (don’t worry – you don’t have to go through it all) meaning there’s an expert video or training resource on practically any topic you will ever need.

The entry price to StomperNet was previously around $800 per month – which sounds like a lot of money – but when you look at the library of resources that it gave you access to, and the 104 stories of beginners whose online businesses now make $1,000,000+ per year, then it puts $800 into a very sensible perspective.

But this year, StomperNet have completely changed their program, and their price tag.

They’ve pulled together an incredible collection of internet marketing tools – including Market Samurai, ecommerce shopping cart software, article distribution software, video distribution software, easy split testing software, text message autoresponders, social media monitoring tools – and they’re giving all users access to these tools for free, as part of their membership…

…Plus – they’ve taken the remarkable step of dropping their prices from around $800 per month to just $197 per month so that more people can access their tools and training resources.

Is StomperNet for Everyone?

No. There are some types of people who stand to get more out of StomperNet than others.

For example – if you’ve ever dreamed of running a large, highly profitable online store – then StomperNet is the best training you can get.

You only need to look at the pedigree of StomperNet’s own faculty members to see why:

  • Audrey Kerwood’s “A2 Armory” is the case study poster-child for how a shopping cart site should be marketed;
  • Brad Fallon’s “My Wedding Favors” site went from a $2,000 initial investment to $1.2 million in its first year, $7.8 million the year after;
  • And Todd Chism’s “Patio Shoppers” site (founded in 2005) currently turns over $5 million a year.

So if an online store is part of your online business plan, then getting access to StomperNet for $197 per month (when it used to be about $800 per month) is a no brainer…

But on the other hand – if your focus is more towards smaller, lower-margin sites – OR if you get stressed by the idea of getting “too big” with your online business – OR you don’t have any time or money to invest into growing your site – then StomperNet probably isn’t for you.

Here’s Where To Get More Info…

If you want to find out more about StomperNet, you can use our referrer link here (and if you choose to become a member, you’ll help us to fund even more Market Samurai enhancements – like the performance enhancements we released today.)

Or you can use this direct link if you prefer, and we won’t see a cent.

But if StomperNet interests you, make sure you check it out now – because it will be closing its doors in a few hours (at 11:59pm EDT on Saturday)

That means there are only a few hours left if you want try StomperNet’s tools and training for the discounted $197 per month price before they close their training programs to new members.

(I’m sorry for the late notice. But hopefully you get this blog post in time.)

Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

8 Responses to “StomperNet + Market Samurai”

  1. Hi guys,

    only a few minutes ago I posted a message on the ‘new’ StomperNet opportunity on my bilingual blog – meant for Central Europeans who still need to learn a lot not only about marketing items, tools and tricks but about the special marketers’ lingo as well.
    And although I told them that I wanted to reread Brad’s oblong letter for a more detailed post tomorrow or the day after I couldn’t but refer to the Noble Samurai tool.
    So if you want to learn a little about German for the fun of edutainment let me know what you think about it.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Sounds like fun! :)

    By the way – Markus K√∂berle has some German-language information about Market Samurai here if you’re interested:

  2. Hi Brent,
    yes, mostly it’s fun and really rewarding.
    Generally I’m doing my part on the kind of ‘tranfer’ myself.
    Markus’ page, indeed, is really impressive.
    But as you told me you’d be working on infos, banners and the like I kept waiting for them to become the affiliate for my part of the globe, Old Europe, myself ;)

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Sounds a great combination for online marketers – I will head over and check out the offer….

  4. You know, I’ve been trying for 2 months now to figure out if stompernet was for me or not. They sure put up a compelling campaign… your info concerning ths online store and further investment into the business is one thing that never came up in anything I read. TNX!

  5. Just purchased through your affiliate link, great deal, great products, and you guys have helped me so much!

    Here’s to a successful end of ’09 and wicked 2010!

  6. 6
    On October 29th, 2009 at 12:44 am
    Steve Olson said:

    100 online marketers, over a million dollars per year. That doesn’t sounds like a lot.

    These guys never have a success story – the most successful internet marketing stories are people who teach other people how to be internet marketers. Why dont they continue to sell their own products? I’d love to see an actual success story of someone who is not teaching someone else.

  7. Hi, I’ve been pondering stomper for a month now, cany anyone who actually use it tell me if its worth it? I’m an affiliate marketer and sell some of my own information products. Please let me know.