R.I.P. AdWords

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It’s with much disappointment and regret that we’ve decided to retire our plans to include an AdWords module in Market Samurai.

Please believe us when we say that this hasn’t been an easy decision and it has not been made lightly. We realize that this decision will disappoint many of our users who have been waiting for the AdWords module for a long time now.

RIP AdWords

Our mission at Noble Samurai is to be different; to try to be a light in the sometimes dark world of Internet Marketing – much of which is focused on getting rich quick, instead of delivering value, integrity and putting the customer first.

Three years ago, when we first released Market Samurai, the plan was to focus only on Keyword Research (the original name of the product was “Keyword Samurai”). However, as we developed the product, we realized that there were a range of other functions such as SEO competition, Rank Tracking, and finding affiliate products and content, that our customers were crying out for.

At that time we had a choice: to divide these modules into separate products to be sold individually, OR to do something bold and crazy at the time—to bundle them inside a single tool and charge a flat, fixed price. So that’s what we did.

As Market Samurai evolved and we received more and more requests from customers for more SEO-related functionality, we added more and more modules into Market Samurai, for the same fixed price.

A few things have complicated matters, however.

Every Day Something That Market Samurai Depends on Changes

Market Samurai is built on hundreds of web-services, and third-party providers of data such as Google and Yahoo. We didn’t anticipate how often these services would change and how often we’d need to update our software to keep Market Samurai functioning correctly.

Perhaps you’ve fired up Market Samurai and been prompted for an update?

Since launching our software in 2008 we’ve released over 380 updates of Market Samurai. That’s an update on average every 3 days or so. And as you might be aware, that rate of change is increasing, particularly around critical tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool.

We’ve also rebuilt core modules such as Keyword Research in Market Samurai from scratch five times since 2008.

Noble Samurai is still a very small business. As you can imagine, once the first 8 modules were complete, the vast majority of work over the past 3 years has been keeping up with updates and making sure that Market Samurai is working correctly with all the changes that occur daily in the world of SEO.

What this means is that we physically haven’t had the capacity available to tackle the AdWords module due to the vast number of updates and amount of fire-fighting that we face each week.

AdWords has Changed Massively

The second factor is that back in 2008, when we envisioned the AdWords module, we had a very clear picture of the functionality that we would release. However, over the past 3 years AdWords has evolved at an incredible pace. Many of the tools and innovations that we were looking to implement in our AdWords module have now been implemented by Google.

They now have an AdWords Editor tool which allows you to easily manage your campaigns, and they have implemented many features such as better support for split-testing to help AdWords customers get the best out of their campaigns. Many of the features we were originally looking to release are simply not required any more.

There are also many excellent AdWords management products on the market, and we felt that not only would we be re-inventing the wheel to create our own AdWords functionality.

On top of this, to interface with the Google AdWords module requires access to Google’s AdWords API. This is a paid API, and it’s not cheap. With 300,000 Market Samurai users our fixed-price business model makes offering this kind of functionality simply impossible without a major change in how we charge for Market Samurai.

But probably, more importantly than that, we also deeply felt that while offering AdWords functionality is important, it’s not actually what’s most important in helping our customers succeed.

Our SEO Customers Need More Than AdWords To Succeed

We regularly get a lot of insightful, smart feedback from our customers. This feedback has come from various surveys and from the queries sent through to our support team.

This feedback has shown that the #1 thing holding our customers back from success is not problems with AdWords, but the much bigger problem of getting ranked in the search engines.

In particular, our customers are almost unanimously screaming out for better ways to build links to help them to get better rankings in this current, hyper-competitive environment where Google is favoring the “big boys” and established brands and high authority domains.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s getting almost impossible to get a page 1 rankings for even a low competition keyword without some serious link-building help?

So, about a year ago we began working on a new product, focused on link-building. You’ll hear about it over the next month. We’re really proud of it, and we think it will solve many of the problems that SEOs face today in getting their websites to rank in Google.

Our intention had always been to complete the AdWords module in addition to this new product. However, for the reasons we’ve described above, this has not happened, and unfortunately while our next product will be brought to market, the AdWords module will not.

So, how are we going to make it up to you?

Firstly, we want to take the time to apologize. We really believe in keeping our promises, even if it’s not the most commercial thing to do. However, we also believe in being honest and open about issues like this.

We know that this is going to upset many of our users, and some users may feel cheated by this decision.

If you’re upset, frustrated and angry about this decision, then we’d invite you to contact our support desk and we’ll talk about how we can make things better.

If you feel that what we’ve delivered to you in Market Samurai is not worth the money you’ve spent, then we’d be more than happy to offer you a partial or even complete refund, even if you purchased a copy 3 years ago, back in 2008.

At Noble Samurai we have one rule when it comes to dealing with customers, and that is “treat people the way that you want to be treated.”

Secondly, if you were a paid Market Samurai customer (e.g. you purchased a copy of Market Samurai BEFORE reading this blog post), we’re going to give you access to our new product for 50% off its retail price.

Our next product will require a monthly subscription, and will only be available to Market Samurai customers. We’ll be offering this service to you at close to our cost price. If you’re interested in learning more, then we’ll be sending out some emails to all our existing customers with more information in a few weeks.


From all of us here at Noble Samurai I want to again say that we’re extremely sorry about having to make this decision.

If there’s anything else we can do to make things better, please contact us, or leave a comment below.


Eugene Ware
Noble Samurai

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52 Responses to “R.I.P. AdWords”

  1. Eugene – this is one of the most humbling posts I have read on the Internet. Your transparency, honesty and integrity is very much to be admired. Also, I feel very valued as a customer and that is a testament to all of your team’s efforts. I tell everyone I meet, and who has an interest in such things, that your product training is the benchmark on the Internet, but so is your ethos. Good Luck with your new product. Can’t wait..

    Wymetto replied:

    I agree with Caroline – I feel guilty not sending in more checks from the last year – I love Market Samurai! Really excited about the backlinking. I was not happy with the last company and it was costly so I know you guys will not steer us wrong!


  2. Eugene,

    It’s about time you guys delivered a product that offers your company some form or recurring revenue!

    I say Bravo!

    I have owned Market Samurai for over 2 years, and gotten so many free updates, I often wondered how your team had any time to implement any new features while fighting against the current of the rapidly evolving search engine market and Google’s attempts to shut people out of their system for free data.

    I for one, as a fellow entrepreneur and business owner, highly commend the job your team has done in trying to stay ahead of the curve and more so, never asking for a single dime extra.

    To me, it’s long overdue that you created some type of recurring revenue model just to stay in business.

    Heck, I tell everyone that works for me that I would gladly pay a monthly fee for Market Samurai not just because I want to support it and continuous updates — but more because I want your company to become successful and thrive.

    If you do, we all create success.

    So, I am not upset at all about the decision to shutter the AdWords portion of your product offering — in fact I understand it completely — and can’t wait to start paying for the latest product, even if we don’t use it, just to support your company and the great products you have created that make our lives as Internet Marketers easier.

    Oh, and selfishly, because I also want some of my suggested upgrades implemented as well!


    Keep up the good work guys, and thanks again,


  3. Its okay, we forgive you ….. this time! Keep up the great work.
    Jeffrey Fisherʼs last blog post… What are those square barcodes?

  4. Dear Eugene,

    No need for apologies mate. You guys are fantastic! Keep up the good, I mean awesome work.

    If need be why not do something radical and change Market Samurai to a monthly fee too. I for one would definitely stay on board.

    Love your work and look forward to your next product … of course book me in for it.

    (Brian Lord)

    twitter: biglordy
    The Website Kingsʼs last blog post… The Website Kings Launch New Website Kings Blog

  5. Team you still have the best and the most profitable software product for your clients on the market. If we are using the tool correctly we don’t need adwords for our clients!! Keep up the good work and no apology needed here.
    Craigʼs last blog post… How to go Viral on Facebook

  6. Hey fellas no biggie and thanks for being honest. Too hard to keep up with adwords changes anyway. Keep doing what you’re doing – your product is good and it’s very useful.

    Keep up the good work ;)
    Mark@Web Designer Brisbaneʼs last blog post… Like to Get ranked on Google Places? We’re Finally Cooking with Gas!

  7. 7

    Dont worry guys, we can live without adwords. Your main features are keyword analysis and rank tracking- if you could fix SEOTC, now, that would be great!!
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  8. It’s always going to be hard to maintain control of a service when it has to be based on a third party API.
    But you do right not to re-invent the wheel. Google has a duty to offer the correct tools for it’s service, especially as the financial crisis is hitting the pockets of smaller businesses in the online marketing field, so google needs to constantly update it’s service to keep up with it’s own customer demand.
    Google’s duty, is to always offer the best organisation of content for it’s viewers. Anyone can pay for adwords and manage the ad campaigns, but valuable and relevant content, and high conversion to sales on a website will always be the force behind a successful online business.
    The Noble samurai team has valuable experience and technical skills, why not pass these on in adwords training for your customers, and dazzle them with your new products. Don’t feel bad for going back on your intended destination, it would be far worse to be remembered for giving bad service around an adwords module, and it would be wrong to undo all your hard work for your other great services. I look forward to your new products and updates.

  9. Thanks for your honesty and openness. Look forward to seeing the new product. Keep up the great work in a difficult dynamic environment.
    David Moloneyʼs last blog post… Evernote: Top Benefits and Reasons to Download

  10. 10
    On July 1st, 2011 at 7:12 pm
    Cheryl Adkins said:

    I love Market Samurai even without Adwords. It is an awesome value. What I like best is that it does what it says it does. Doesn’t offer me any fantastic promises of getting rich in 3 days just good solid keyword analysis and SEO assistance. And you guys offer great training on how to use it. In todays internet marketing world you fellows stand out from the rest. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see the next product.

  11. I think we are all glad we are locked into free updates… but would have been happy with 1 year of free updates with a renewal fee. Imagine the R&D resources you could have if every current user paid just xx / year! The point is, we NEED you guys to stay successful and capable of delivering updates. By the way, where did this +1 option come from connected with this comment? (I want one).
    Michael Haleyʼs last blog post… Google +1

  12. Oh… Wait a second, I see, it was the comment luv. I thought you had some cool plugin that gave the commentor the option to +1 the page at the same time. But +1 was the name of my last blog post. But there is a concept! Can a plugin be created that gives the commentor a checkbox that will simutaneously +1 the page? That’s what I thought it was… and what I want! Has nothing to do with Market Samurai though.
    Michael Haleyʼs last blog post… Google +1

  13. How could you feel the need to apologise when you supply the most amazing product and service you do, but thanks anyway.

    For the small charge of MS I have reaped so much from the programme.

    The best of luck with the new product. I can’t wait to buy it, whatever it is. After spending heaps recently on an adwords campaign I suspect RIP adwords might be pretty accurate.

    The MS team are truly people of integrity. Thank you for all you do.


  14. 14

    Market Samurai is a great product, but I’m still disappointed. When I bought it, I was targeting Adwords. I was getting so confused between the multitude of tools I used that I hadn’t been able to get anything going. I bought the product because of it’s inclusion of adwords with the rest of the tools and because the price was going up if I didn’t get it.

    I understand the issues you are facing and I don’t blame you, but I’m still disappointed. It’s still a great product.

  15. You guys have done quite a great job these number of years. The honesty in your post is commendable and understandable and if you want to have a recurring monthly bill for your new product that will be okay given the economics of maintaining a business, however please do not limit the payments to just Paypal. This is because Paypal does not support my country and few others and it was really difficult for me to get MS, if not for your kind assistance. So please put that into consideration and include an option of also making payments with credit cards. Thanks and keep up the great job
    Samuelʼs last blog post… Comment on Private Membership by admin

  16. In a world of Internet marketing where the big ones (e.g. Google, Facebook, eBay etc.) treat you like dust and give a message they actually don’t care about you (their own paying customer!) it’s refreshing to see a company with integrity and humanitarian management.

    Keep up the good work.
    Sharon Hodʼs last blog post… ‫החלק האפל באופטימיזציה של קמפיין‬

  17. WOW! What an apology. To be honest, there’s always so much change that one has to be flexible and ride it or die.

    Good move there and I have no complaint not just because I dont use adwords but looking at how much you have to go through to keep abreast of the ever changin world of google, its the right move.

    I think we need more help with free traffic methods i.e. natural organic traffic & rankings and you seem to be doing that fine especially with your “links samurai” coming out soon :)

    A subscription service would greatly help with your product development hence is a good idea. I’ll be waiting to know more about this and thanks for the big discount in advance & the great work :)
    Susanʼs last blog post… A PLR Niche Blog & Review Site With Content

  18. Market Samuai is the best purchase I have made in my 10 years in Internet Marketing. It’s an incredible product and you guys absolutely ROCK!!!

    I can’t wait to see the new product you guys are rolling our for backlinks as this is one area where I am really struggling to keep up. Talk about perfekt timing as I was about to invest in other products. I’ll definitely hang on to my money and spend them with you instead :)

    If you need BETA testers I’m definitely in :)

    You ROCK guys!
    Nick@Nick Martin Dot Comʼs last blog post… Troy & Nick Flashing New Wetsuits

  19. Samurai officially rocks. Your bold decisions to charge a single fee, to offer unrestricted trial access, and to ‘bundle’ so many features into the one shell are reasons for your commercial success (allied of course to the sweat and toil of your squad in producing a Grade A+ product).

    Enough with the sycophancy, I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on. Based on the brilliance and unputdownability (actually a word!) of Samurai, LinkSamurai – or whatever it will be called – is assured to be a big hit.

    Best of luck guys!


    p.s. Adwords? Surely we’re all on facebook now… ;-)

  20. Market Samurai is the best tool for the price… totally worth it, don’t worry.

    But I am still curious, when you say “There are also many excellent AdWords management products on the market” could you please name your favorites??
    Luisʼs last blog post… Classical Music

  21. Adwords obviously has it’s place in SEM but SEO is where companies can REALLY excel online and build a business that lasts….

    Encouraging people to concentrate on SEO is part of my day to day work so personally, I think you made the right decision.

    I don’t even remember now what it was going to do anyway, I rarely recommend Adwords to my clients, only if there is an obvious/cheap advantage to their whole SEM program.

    Anyway, Good luck and keep up the good work Eugene!
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  22. If I can get keywords and analyze them I’m happy! :-)

    Shannonʼs last blog post… ShannonCole: Happy Canada Day!!!

  23. 23
    On July 2nd, 2011 at 12:56 am
    Richard Schnur said:

    I just want to know when it won’t be Beta anymore. ;->

    Like many above, even without the AdWords module the value for the price I paid in 2008 (yes, one of the original buyers) is off the charts compared to other products.

    That and the workflow aspects of the tool make it “smooth sailing” when I’m getting a project stated.

    Keep up the GREAT work and I too look forward to the new product.

  24. I clicked on the comments so that I could support your difficult decision not to include an AdWords module because I expected to see negative comments. I immediately realized that I should have had a little faith in the community you’ve cultured. The integrity, sincerity and hard work your team puts in is evident to all and I, along with the rest of your customers it appears, appreciate and trust the fact that you are doing everything possible. I truly can’t think of any other business that would get the same response in a similar situation. Trust is good! Keep up the good work.

  25. Once again, no apology is necessary. I am just amazed that you are still selling MS for a one time fee. I recently saw a product advertised that pointed out the flaws in MS, (erroneous in my opinion), and they were charging $67 a month for a tool with far less functionality.

    Lack of an adwords module is no biggie for me. Particularly when Google seems intent on weeding out unprofitable users. A friend of a friend has just had his account suspended and he was spending $50k a month on a long established campaign.

    Adwords is something that I intend to steer well clear of.

    Rich Russellʼs last blog post… What Does It Take To Succeed – Or The Chicken And The Egg

  26. Hi Eugene,

    I am still a fully satisfied MS customer after this announcement. Lot of value for the money I invested in MS.

    I want to use PPC as well as SEO. Maybe you can recommend us some eficient and unexpensive tool?

    Hope as well that your new linking tool will support spanish and french and that it will allow me to get links from sites in these languages. BTW, I would love to have .mo or .po files for your new product if posible.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  27. I really love Market Samurai and since i use it i have made so much progress that i can’t get disappointed about this Adwords module which will never come … In facts i don’t use Adwords so … thank you for your honesty.
    Xavierʼs last blog post… Market Samurai : Créez votre premier projet

  28. I for one have no care in the world over not having the adwords module.Keep doing what your doing Market Samurai for my SEO thanks you ;)
    jimʼs last blog post… self hypnosis

  29. Seriously Eugene no apology needed. MS overdelivers massively on all levels even when struggling with downloading the data from Google. I have been using it for three years and it is still my go to product when I need anything doing.

    As you know we put together a mini version of the training in Spanish and we get sign ups every day wanting to know about market Samurai in Spanish. MS has just started there is so much more to come.

  30. I am a bit sad not to see the Adwords module but I am appreciate your excellent services you have provided. Your make up offer sounds very interesting and really look forward to hearing more.
    Jeffyʼs last blog post… SureFire 6P Review

  31. I feel betrayed

    You took my money and now you throw me out!

    In all fairness you guys have provided an excellent service to me and I have received my moneys value from the product.

    But I feel you should have kept “us” paid up members on the system as free-boarders (still honoring your previous commitment you made when you were small and hungry)
    I also realize everyone has daily needs and expenses – this dilemma can overcome by interdicting a monthly subscription fee to all “new” value added service you add.

    Please rethink your strategy about throwing us all out (showing the cold heartlessness of the real world of economics) and then later re-invite us back again in as paid visitors.

    This is my 2 cents worth.


    Ps: I do not want a refund because I feel the value I received from you guys was more than adequate.

    Alex Green replied:

    Hi Pine,

    Sorry, but I think you might have misunderstood what’s happening here – we’re not throwing anyone out! Market Samurai has a whole will continue, it’s only the “Coming Soon” AdWords module that is no longer going to be produced. The rest of the software will continue to be supported!

    Sorry for the misunderstanding here!



    PinePienaarInfo replied:

    Thank you Alex for that update and for the light you have once again shined here in Dark Africa.

    PS. I am happy again

    Erik Heyl replied:

    Sent you guys a message on support. Will the module be taken out in another soon to be update? I don’t want it sitting there mocking me…:) You guys have just shown why we trust you and you could show a LOT of so called BIG companies a thing or three. Come to think of it, you all should run for office. You’d have the whole environment/economy thing done and dusted in no time!

  32. Thanks for the post. I already got my money worth many many times using MS. Things change and we need to be flexible. You did great job providing timely updates. We really appreciate your effort.

    This is just a suggestion, in the future, how about expanding keyword research capability of MS instead of expanding the modules? For example, you can link directly to Google Analytics, and pull keywords right out from it, (like the ones that people actually typed in to get to your site) and provide that option. Or other ways to come up with longtail keywords. Just a thought.


  33. First, let me say that personally, I don’t much care about AdWords. So my ox isn’t being gored.

    I can understand how—for those who bought MS with the idea of using the AdWords tool at some point—this development might be aggravating. But at the same time, in fairness, I don’t believe anyone can be “blamed” for this. Sh*t happens! Nobody knows what The Big G is going to do years down the road—much less weeks down the road. Not even Google itself!

    The worst that really can be said is that maybe you and your team bit off more than you could chew, Eugene. Maybe you should never have announced this future capability at all—though I do note that you have been very good at implementing virtually all of the features that weren’t there at day one.

    IMHO, as a consumer, a person should never buy a tool based on future potentialities anyway. It either does something for you now, or forget about it. That’s why I bought MS way back when. All the newer stuff has only been wonderful added gravy!

    Still, I’m very impressed with this post because—as others have noted—it’s very rare for firms of any kind to simply… GASP… tell the unvarnished truth. I commend you for doing so. And I’m particularly impressed by your commitment to your product and customers. The refund offer shows it.

    Finally, to echo what others have said here. I was and still remain vastly impressed by your efforts to keep MS working so well for so long. It must be maddening to try and keep up with Google, and have to build such complex software around so many finicky, fickle data streams.

    I know, for myself, that I have been spoiled by the great data MS provides and (generally speaking) the rock-solid reliability of the program. There are many programs out there that don’t do half as much as MS, yet they have twice the problems!

    You and your staff are to be commended. I don’t know how you do it… but I’m very glad that you do.

    Thanks for what you do with Market Samurai. It’s truly one of the great and indispensable tools that should be in every Internet marketer’s arsenal.

  34. Well done! Your message and approach are highly commendable. Many other companies could learn from your honest and informative approach. The proof is in your praise and support from the preceding comments.

    This has not weakened your product or reduced the value customers see in your service, it has only enhanced it. None of us expect you to be all things to all people but you have gone a long way in assisting us all with Market Samurai and I along with all the others are eagerly awaiting your next product release. Nicely done.

  35. Eugene – Thanks for the update and transparency. Market Samurai is worth every single penny I paid! Looking forward to the link building product!

  36. 36
    On July 5th, 2011 at 8:36 am
    Scott Lamon said:

    I must agree with all the other posts here…there is NO NEED to apologize. I purchased Market Samurai in Aug. 2008 and I can honestly say it was the BEST purchase I’ve ever made!! That one time purchase (discounted to a ridiculously low price even at that time) has grown module by module ever since. When I first saw the possible “Adwords Module” I could not figure out how you were going to pull it off in the first place so never really expected much…

    There is more than enough power in the modules that are already there so don’t worry about Adwords… Just try and keep my Keyword Research working =) I’m not sure what is going on recently but I’m unable to do basic kw research anyomore. =(


  37. I think this is probably the right decision. The recent updates to the official Adwords tool covers almost all the functionality I need from one.

    One big suggestion that would make my life easier: can we have a combined keyword research and ranking tool? (even if it just pulls data from the existing tools).

    I’d love to be able to discover/add a set of keywords, enter a domain and show both current search volume AND current ranking. So many times I get a new client, proudly showing me how well they rank for a terms that gets a handful of searches, but they are 3rd page for a much higher volume one. I could then show this and track the results of SEO.

  38. 38

    Please don’t be sorry. You guys provide the best product I have found and have gladly used it over the last few years. I am personally excited about the new product and can’t wait to see it.

    You guys do a great job. Please keep it up.

  39. 39

    I personally have nothing but respect for the Noble Samurai team and applaud the good business sense in leaving a particular idea on the drawing board because it’s not viable to implement.

    Running your business, keeping the updates coming for Market Samurai and developing this new tool takes time, resources and money – all in short supply.

    I welcome the offer of 50% off and appreciate that to make a sustainable software application that serves the needs of it’s customers requires a recurring revenue.

    I just hope that the monthly premiums are not prohibitively priced, but I think this won’t be the case with the ethical way Eugene and the team are running their company.

    Onwards and upwards and here’s hoping that the new app delivers some butt kicking functionality!

  40. I love market samurai, and don’t care ’bout no stupid adwords!

    Seriously, Adwords was never going to be part of my strategy, so I don’t care about that. In the meantime, I love the product, and I’m so glad I bought it!

  41. Wow this has to be the first time i’ve seen a negative announcement actually come across as a positive!

    Yes it’s a shame that the adwords module will never come, but what you’ve shown your community with your sincerity, care for your customers and willingness to do what it takes to make up for something that in many ways has gone out of your hands, is more than just commendable and it speaks spades for your company and the trust we should continue putting in it.

    And the fact that everyone here more than acknowledges that just goes to show that your biggest accomplishment may not be the incredible research tool that MS is, but the relationship you’ve manage to nurture with your clients!

    There are a few companies out there that have managed to do a good job in this area, but I don’t know one that has come close to what you guys have achieved.

    All I can say is onwards and upwards!

    May we all achieve the success we’re after in a super honest and open manner!


  42. 42

    The post around the issues of the Adwords module is fair, open & honest which is what we come to expect from the MS Team.

    Now, I may be misunderstanding the plans here, but I’m sickened by the sycophantic posts from people who are basically saying they welcome the opportunity to be charged monthly for something they have already bought and paid for!

    If the plan is to levy a monthly charge to existing as well as new MS owners, then I for one will NOT appreciate nor willingly support any move to a monthly fee for existing customers.

    Remember the Noble Samurai philosophies quoted above “At Noble Samurai we have one rule when it comes to dealing with customers, and that is “treat people the way that you want to be treated.”” and “We really believe in keeping our promises, even if it’s not the most commercial thing to do.”

    Well, being charged monthly for something I’ve already paid for does not fit in with that philosophy in my book.

    I hope that I’ve misunderstood the plans and that perhaps only new buyers going forward will pay monthly whilst the rest of us will be ‘grandfathered’ in and considered locked-in at our purchase price.

    It will be a sad day if Noble Samurai goes down the money-grubbing route of some other software vendors (several of who have had to reverse their decisions due to the severe drop-off in business).

    Better to have the reputation of high integrity & customer focus than that of being perceived as shallow mercenaries who renege on loyal customers

  43. Hey I often wondered after updates if the module would be there but its no big issue, but if you can remove the icon then that would be better so I dont need to look at it :)

    I like many are amazed at the continued support and updates and have paid quarterly subscriptions in the past to linkassistant as well as IBP and find MS far better and worth a subscription.

    I am sure none of us would flinch at a $10 a month subscription, if you are serious about your sites performance whats $10? and we all know it would help your company to put more back into the software, so why not look at setting up a monthly subscription even if optional you may get a nice suprise!!

  44. Eugene, i dont give MS enough time, because i dont have time which is a crime in itself. However i am vowing to change this. The blogs, posts are all written a friendly simple manner and this post just about summarises why people like what you do so much. Keep up the good work,



  45. 45
    On July 13th, 2011 at 1:45 pm
    Peter Blanchard said:

    I am amazed at your honesty and openess….rarities in this day and age.

    No need for an apology for making what I consider to be an excellent business decision.

    You have a superior, world class product with or with out Adword. Adword is therefore no great loss.

    A monthly fee makes perfect sense. How much are we talking about?

    Keep up the great work you have been doing since day one.


  46. I left. Post here I guess because it wasn’t as nice as everyone else’s it wasn’t published.?

  47. I have paid big bucks to other companies to get the services you offer for almost a fraction of their prics. I am happy with Market Samurai and should have brought this product a long time ago. I very much agree with your observations about Google’s preferences, I too had my reservations and now I know that I was right all along. Have you been receiving complaints that using Market Samurai’s page ranking analysis too often can cause a drop in your page rank in Google?
    I want to be the first to receive notice of your new product.
    Sam at Perfumeandyou.com

  48. You may want to remove this from your sales page:
    “FREE Adwords Module Upgrade helping you to run profitable PPC campaigns (value: $249)”