Noble Samurai Proxy Update

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In the last 48 hours the number of requests on our proxy servers has dramatically increased. Today alone we served as many requests as we usually serve in a month!

This increased load suggests that users other than our customers are accessing our proxies.

With such a high load on our servers, you may find that some of your requests will time out, and in some instances may not complete at all.

Affected modules include Keyword Research, Rank Tracker and SEO Competition.

We are currently working to prevent these outside requests from accessing the proxies so you receive the best service we can provide, but in the meantime there may be intermittent service disruptions, and we ask that you bear with us.

Returning full service to you is our top priority.

We’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

Alex Green

Alex "The Green Samurai" Green is a member of your friendly Samurai support team, and frequently provides updates on the latest Samurai happenings on the blog.

Alex has written 22 post(s) for Noble Samurai

85 Responses to “Noble Samurai Proxy Update”

  1. 1
    On February 21st, 2011 at 3:51 pm
    Gail Leopold said:

    I’ve been having a few minor problems for a while. I will file a support ticket after this proxy problem settles if I still see the problems – thanks for that update – perhaps that will resolve my minor issues with Market Samurai.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, guys! Hope you get this sorted out quickly.
    Flooring With Rika Susanʼs last blog post… Outdoor Bamboo Patio Blinds – Cheap Bamboo Shades For Deck And Patio Protection

  3. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the update, as today I can’t use Market Samurai and now I’m finding out what’s wrong with my network.

    Hope the issue was solved soon.

    Seree W.
    Sereeʼs last blog post… My Single Page WordPress Guide

  4. Temporary glitches and attempted abuse are to be expected.

    But the way you run the system and deal with problems is amazing. Looking forward to the next update ;-)

    Thanks for keeping us informed.
    Stanyʼs last blog post… Fresh Starts &amp Modest Changes

  5. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for keeping us up to date.



  6. Will we get another email when it’s fixed?
    Brandon Hopkinsʼs last blog post… Madera Carpet Cleaning

    Noble Samurai replied:

    We’ll keep everyone up to date either via the blog or private email!

    Alex Green replied:

    We’ll keep everyone up to date either via the blog or private email!

  7. We find some issues with higher clicks in our PPC accounts for the last two days (more invalid clicks). Something happening over internet.

  8. Thanks for the update! GREAT support man!
    Joseph Hoʼs last blog post… Common SEO Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

  9. Hello Alex,
    Thanks for your attention for us…
    Best regards,


  10. Alex

    As always you are terrific and we are behind you all the way. Sorry that there has been a problem but we all know you will solve it properly and instantly.

    Thanks for being so terrific.

    Dobbs Franksʼs last blog post… Bathroom

  11. Alex,
    Thanks, interesting timing. I recently added a large number of urls to track in rank tracker. Many are web 2.0, article directories and video site urls. I noticed a significant slow down and was wondering if that was causing it. Do you have a max number or recommended limit of urls to track in rank tracker?
    Mike Haysʼs last blog post… Website Video Player Solution

    Alex Green replied:

    Hi Mike,

    There’s no hard limit to the number of links or keywords that you can track in Rank Tracker, and it will differ depending on the configuration of your hardware and the like.

    I suggest that you do some stress testing – create a dummy file and add five or so URLs at a time and after each, update rank tracker data. This will give you a good benchmark that is correct to your own computer.



  12. Erm… no wonder. I was constantly experiencing timeout issues with my newly bought Market Samurai Thought something went wrong (which in fact there is…).

    Thanks for the update. Hopefully you can get the excellent software working again!

    Zach Kong
    Zach Kongʼs last blog post… How Is Your SEO Courtship Faring

  13. Thanks for the update! We love the level of service Noble Samurai provides.

    Brandon Hopkins replied:

    Same here. Always keeping up with updates.
    Brandon Hopkinsʼs last blog post… Madera Carpet Cleaning

  14. thanks, I have also noticed that Rank TRacker is hanging at 99%.
    fulan@weight loss dietʼs last blog post… What is the Chrono Diet

  15. I’ve just Bought market samurai.. still confused but have a great feature .. I’m excited to learn more..Success Always

  16. 16

    Excellent program and great support. Thanks

  17. Thanks for the update. Keep up that high service level.

  18. Thanks for your great support Alex! Though I need it badly, you still make me feel at ease because of your great customer care. I love it :-)

  19. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the update. I would like to call your service as “Service Samurai”. Great stuff and relief too.

    Kind regards, Jayant

  20. Last week I have faced some problem while working on the keyword research module that resulted in error in retrieving data on some of the columns. So gradually the issue becomes serious now. Any way thanks for the update.

  21. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the update. I would like to call your service as “Service Samurai”. Great stuff and relief too.

    Kind regards, Jayant

  22. Thanks for working on this Samurai team! I rely on this software to deliver results to my clients… Its awesome software!

    How do these people get access to your software without paying!? I suggest a security update asap! Keep up the good work

  23. I was fighting with my network to find the solution to this problem, reinstalled the software a couple times and now I see what was the problem! Thank you for notifying us about the issue! Really appreciate this.

  24. Hope Soon you can find the Problem and Fix It. Best of Luck

  25. 25

    Yep, I’ve been having problems throughout the day with my competition not coming up. seoc, seotc were not working and was wondering what was happening but that explains it. Hopefully it get’s rectified soon because I’m hooked on MS and can’t function without it. lol


    Alex Green replied:

    We’re working on some quick fixes to begin with, to try and get things working a little better in the meantime whilst we implement longer-term solutions.

  26. Thanks for the update!
    Costa Rica Newsʼs last blog post… SFA senior hopes to make impact on Costa Rica’s nutrition

  27. Thanks, guys!

    Few last weeks MS slightly bugged.

    Kind Regards,
    Cool Picsʼs last blog post… Best Leica Lenses- Leica APO Summicron-M 75mm ASPH Review

  28. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date – just one more reason I love you guys!
    Dawn Marrsʼs last blog post… Don Failla Review – MLM Guru or Book Peddling Salesman

  29. We hope the tech team will solve this issue pretty soon. It’s taking a very long time to ran the rank tracker feature for the past few days tho.

  30. Hard to do work without Market Samurai ! Please fix it !

  31. Yes, I have noticed a few time outs over the last 4 days. Thanks for the notification Alex, it was becoming a bit of a pain.


  32. thanks for update…yesterday I was reinstalled the software before read your info

  33. You Guys ROCK!
    Thank you for the great communication when things get better or there is a conflict.
    Thanks again,
    Clay Franklin @ iZigg Mobile Marketingʼs last blog post… iZigg Mobile Media 90210 – National Expansion – Sell Text Marketing

  34. i vote that you send an email to let us know, so that we don’t need to keep checking back ourselves.
    deniseʼs last blog post… Circular Knitting Needles – Basic Facts

  35. Hope the problem was solved soon. Pls update quickly.

  36. Thanks for the update,

    Hope you guys solve it as soon as possible, we are in the middle of a big campagne and need samurai badly….

    Kind regards,


  37. Thanks Alex,

    It’s answer my question now, why Market Samurai getting slow and sometime can’t completed the task well.

    Brianʼs last blog post… Diamond Tools

  38. Will we be getting some compensation?

  39. thanks for keeping us updated !

  40. So that was it. After trying so many times I thought something wrong with my computer. I reset and there was it again then I called my ISP and they told me everything is ok. I was mad and switched to something else. Please let us know in time when the problem is solved so that I can continue my research.

    Thanks anyway for this notification.
    Reubenʼs last blog post… ProshapeRX To Aids Check Food Cravings

  41. Thanks for the headsup! Some issues were driving my team crazy.
    Seo Portugaliaʼs last blog post… Hello world!

  42. 42
    On February 21st, 2011 at 6:40 pm
    Raymond Barwin said:


    Not sure what you are talking about.

    I only used it to check a few names, SEARCHES. Maybe I left it open when I was not using it? Would that cause your problem?


    Alex Green replied:

    Hi Raymond,

    Don’t stress – it’s nothing you’re doing personally! The email and blog post are just there to let you know what’s up, not to say that you’ve caused the issue :)


  43. I just thought Google was becoming more difficult for us…more time outs etc. But it seems its more serious. Thanks for sorting it out.
    Jan@Panasonic bread makerʼs last blog post… Making Home Made Whole Wheat Bread – The Process

  44. I was having issues yesterday (used MS more than any other day since I bought it), and thought it was on my end. I am relieved to know that is not the case. Your heads-up on this issue is very much appreciated. Thanks for staying on top of it.

  45. Looks like things are getting better. Rank tracker runs that failed Sunday pm GMT, are now running ok, Moday 8:30am GMT.

    Thanks for the efforts

  46. 46

    MS is an example of a quality product; quality service and attention to detail! A stand-out in the IM Field. Thanks for your continued care.

  47. Thanks for the update. Only be trialling for a couple of days, so was disappointed. However, not sure how I managed before MS!! James
    James@Cambridge Internet Marketingʼs last blog post… Ad Text Evolution 5 Changes to Your AdWords Ads How They Affect Your Bottom Line

  48. That tells me why I always get problems with the kw research and seo ranking. Thanks for the update. Hoping u get it sorted soon.

  49. Thanks for the update. I thought it was a problem at my end. i am sure you will get this fixed.
    Alan, Corporate Photographerʼs last blog post… What Kind of Photography

  50. I got tired of the problems in market samurai from the previous time (when rank per country was badly broken for over a week) so I wrote my own rank tracker software (its online and automatically checks for new rankings every 24 hours).
    Daveʼs last blog post… hi newcomer here

  51. 51
    On February 21st, 2011 at 9:02 pm
    Dustin@language learning software said:

    Good job guys

  52. Alex – thanking you for the update. I have nothing but commendation for the wonderful support that you and the other members of Market Samurai have given me in the past. I am sure that you will get on top of this problem and all will go well. Thanks for the great support.

  53. Alex – thanking you for the update. I have nothing but commendation for the wonderful support that you and the other members of Market Samurai have given me in the past. I am sure that you will get on top of this problem and all will go well. Thanks for the great support.

    As an example of the type of help I have desperately needed at times, the first comment I sent you had the incorrect website link.

    You guys are truly fantastic with helping us with our challenges.Once again saying thanks for the support
    Maryanne@internetmarketingtoolsʼs last blog post… Program Builder12 Second CommuteMaryanne Carlile

  54. Thanks for this update!
    Joinedbroʼs last blog post… JoinedBro Portfolio Web Programming And Designing

  55. 55

    “This increased load suggests that users other than our customers are accessing our proxies.”
    Of course they do sth.
    There is so many illegal copies of MS in BlackHat Forum’s
    Gods know what they do.
    I have legal copy and I am proud of this – for me it is the best softwere i ever use (in that niche).
    So, by this – I want thanks to all of MS inventor/programmers/support
    Thanks for all

    Alex Green replied:

    Sadly this problem goes beyond illegal copies of Market Samurai accessing the servers, although there are some of those out there as well.

    We’re still on the case working out precisely what is happening, but some of the requests coming through to the proxies aren’t coming from copies of Market Samurai.

  56. I have been having a little disruption for awahile now but thought it may of been down to servers with more heavy traffic and i think i was right as its got worse now and this is the reason as stated above by Alex. Hope you resolve it soon :)
    PVC Vertical Blinds

    Alex Green replied:

    We’re working on it! :)

  57. Hello Alex

    Thank you for the update love using your product.

    Many thanks best wishes.


  58. Hi,
    Thanks for the heads up guys, I started having problems over the past week or so with time outs when doing competition searches, so atleast I no now you guys are on it.

    Many Thanks
    Paulʼs last blog post… Astral Projection Kabalah

  59. Hi Alex

    Thanks for the update. Like others I’m totally dependent on this fantastic software. However I’ve noticed the rank tracker has been running slower for a few weeks – is it related?
    Dan@baby strollersʼs last blog post… An Introduction to Baby Stroller Accessories

  60. Thank you for the update Alex, I was wondering what had happened as my backlinks seem to have disapeared, so I checked them using and found that they where still there.

  61. Thank you for keeping on top of things. I used Market Samurai sparingly yesterday but it is sure nice to know that when there are issues, you keep the updates coming.
    Thank you!

  62. Yes, it is a problem, I have you considered using route 53 to route traffic, something to consider, but I guess over all this is a problem, eventually you will have to move to a yearly subscription, to be able to afford the bandwidth.
    thomas bodettiʼs last blog post… Niche PLR

  63. Hi Alex,

    What is the best way to block people with illegal copies?

  64. Thanks for the heads up,I feel a bit guilty I ran many queries in the Keyword section in the last 48 hours.
    As a result I tweaked my process to reduced stress on system.
    1- Generate my KW list or input a prebuild one.
    2- Only requesting for search volume.
    3- Keep only the worthy results.
    4- Only then I add my filters for finding Gems on a smaller list
    I found this accelerate the process a lot
    Maybe we should start thinking eco-friendly with more than recycling our garbage.

  65. I was thinking that somethig was wrong with the rank tracker. Thank you for let us know.

  66. Thanks..the email update is greatly appreciated. PAINFUL. Painfully slow is how keyword research has been since Friday night. It led me to trouble shoot my network and re-install MS yesterday. Hope a fix is coming soon.

  67. I know you guys are working hard to fix this bug… any update yet?

    Still not able to analyze keywords.

    “some of the requests coming through to the proxies aren’t coming from copies of Market Samurai”.

    The lengths some people will go… tsk, tsk
    Markʼs last blog post… Everything That You Need To Know About Promoting Your Business Services

  68. the website has a forum called [GET] Market Samurai 0.87.24 – perhaps you should ask them to delete this thread…
    Hazelʼs last blog post… Social Media and SEO

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Hazel,

    We’ve not had much luck dealing with them, however the crack doesn’t work on the latest version of Market Samurai and the changes we’ve made means that the older versions cannot access our proxy network.

  69. Hey Ya’ll,
    Any news yet?
    aaronʼs last blog post… Traffic Violations Court

  70. FYI it’s getting worse not better. Rank tracker sending back ridiculous results or none at all. SEOC matrix is not collecting all the data and the results really don’t look right. Haven’t dared try any keyword research.

    Haven’t gotten an update today so assume you’re working on it but it would help to have some idea when this may be fixed.
    Susan @ grieving processʼs last blog post… Regrets In the Grieving Process

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Susan.

    The development team are still working on it.

    Some of the people who were misusing the proxies have gotten around the update faster than we’d hoped, however the development team are working to stay one step ahead.

    At the moment the problem is intermittent so if you are having trouble I would recommend waiting for 30min to an hour and trying again.

    Susan @ grieving process replied:

    Thanks! Keep us posted.
    Susan @ grieving processʼs last blog post… Regrets In the Grieving Process

  71. 71

    I’m not happy with Market Samurai. These service interruptions seem to be more and more frequent. At the moment the SEO competion module doesn’t work at all.

  72. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for keeping us informed and up to date.

  73. Market Samurai has not been working properly for me in the past few days at all. My backlinks are showing up as 0! Progress of searches and analysis are even slower than it used to be. Please get a permanent fix as soon as possible. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is relying heavily on Market Samurai for keyword researches and rank tracking.

  74. Is there any good news on the horizon. MS still seems to be playing up.

    In need of this great software as I have some clients work to do.

    Fingers crossed for a fix SOON.