Your “New Google Keyword Tool Data” Questions Answered

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard on a bunch of new features and updates.

These have included:

We’ve received a lot of questions about these features – and a lot of questions about how the Google keyword data has changed.

This post will answer many of your most frequently asked questions…

Why Were These Changes Made?

For the past 12 months, Google has been working on improving the keyword data that they provide.

During this period, they were running several different keyword tools, including:

  • The old Legacy Google Keyword Tool that most Market Samurai users had come to know and love;
  • A new Beta version of the Google Keyword Tool (with new data);
  • The Google Adwords Traffic Estimator, and;
  • The Google Search Based Keyword Tool.

Roughly one month ago, Google began rolling all of these tools into one – the new Beta Google Keyword Tool.

It meant we could no longer continue to rely on and use the same raw data source Market Samurai had plugged into since it was launched – so to keep Market Samurai running, we began using the new Google Keyword Tool as our main keyword data source.

This change meant both good and bad news for Market Samurai users…

  • The good news was the new Google Keyword Tool provided cleaner, simpler-to-understand data.
  • The bad news – the new Google Keyword Tool was slower, and took longer to generate keyword data.

It’s important to us that Market Samurai users get a better experience from Market Samurai every time they update their copy. So to combat the speed decrease caused by the Google Keyword Tool, we built two new features that sped up Market Samurai – new automatic keyword filtering (based on presets), and faster tables.

The result: analyzing keywords in Market Samurai is now faster than ever, and the data it provides is now even easier to understand.

How Is The New Google Keyword Tool Data Different?

If you’re wondering how Google’s Keyword Data has changed – or why Google’s traffic estimates are now lower – it’s not because your keywords have changed.

(In most cases, there are still roughly the same number of people searching for your keywords this month as there were last month.)

Rather, the change in search volume data is all to do with what searches are included (and not included) in the new traffic estimates.

The Old Keyword Tool…

The old Google Keyword Tool included data from the Google Search Network, in addition to traditional Google searches.

This meant your keyword traffic estimates included searches on Search Network partner sites like:

  • 2nd Tier Search Engines that use Google data – like,, and;
  • ISP search engine partnerships – like and;
  • Google Properties like Google Blog Search, Google Product Search and Google Maps;
  • And other Google Partner sites like, and

The New Keyword Tool…

Instead of including this data, the new Google Keyword Tool focusses solely on Google searches – plus regional Google search engines like,, etc.

This makes the new data “cleaner” and a lot easier to understand.

And it also means the new data provides “more conservative” estimates of the amount of traffic you’re likely to get from a particular keyword.

If Google’s Search Estimates Are Lower and More Conservative – Do The “4 Golden Rules” Still Apply?

Yes – absolutely!

10,000′s of people used the 4 Golden Rules to build successful sites using the old data.

If the new data is more conservative, then applying the 4 Golden Rules on the new data will filter out even more keywords, and further increase your chances of success.

The fundamentals of the 4 Golden Rules will always stay the same. You’ll always want keywords that:

  1. Are Relevant;
  2. Have Traffic;
  3. Have Commercial Value, and;
  4. Have Low Competition.

What Do I Do If My Old Keywords No Longer Meet The 4 Golden Rules Criteria, Using The New Data?

Don’t worry – even though the data for your keywords might have changed, the actual number of people searching for your keywords will still typically be the same this month as they were last month.

All that has changed is the way that Google is measuring the traffic for those keywords.

So if your old keyword research said your keywords were good, you should listen to it.

Remember: 10,000′s of people used the same old data – and the same 4 Golden Rules filters – to choose keywords and build successful niche sites. Although the system might work better now, it worked very well back then too – so if you already have a site set up, there’s no point throwing away all of your hard work and starting again.

(Tip: You might even consider using the new data to find additional keywords that you can use to add to your site. Usually you’ll get better results when you build on good keywords than starting again with better keywords.)

What About The Old Data – Was It Wrong?

Changes like these always create controversy.

Right now, there’s a camp of people who are saying the old data was wrong – and there’s a camp of people who are saying the new data is wrong.

The truth is, neither set of data is “wrong” – they just used two different methods for measuring and estimating traffic:

  • One based on Google Search Network stats;
  • The other based on stats.

When it comes to the best data source to use for keyword research data, now that the old Google Keyword Tool has been shut down, the new Google Keyword Tool is the clear winner when it comes to providing the best keyword data.

Although there are other non-Google alternatives – the new Google Keyword Tool is the only Google-owned data source capable of providing the kind of information necessary to do keyword research in the way Market Samurai does – and it’s still the best raw data source available for keyword research (which is why we use it inside Market Samurai.)

I’m Having Trouble Retrieving Data… What Do I Do?

All big software updates create a handful of unexpected bugs.

Fortunately, most of these have already been fixed – however there are still one or two ongoing bugs we’re working hard to stomp.

If you’re not using the latest version of Market Samurai, make sure you update. (All of the most common bugs were solved in recent updates – so getting the latest copy of Market Samurai by logging in above will solve most problems.)

If you’re already using the latest version, and you’re still having trouble with Market Samurai, make sure you get in touch with us via Noble Samurai Support.

Finally – if you previously had trouble with Market Samurai – thanks for your patience and help in support. The feedback, bug reports and log files you sent us were invaluable when it came to tracing the bugs.

We hope this answers your questions about Market Samurai, and the new Google Keyword Tool data.


P.S. – Today, we added one more feature that I know you’ll love…

Market Samurai now has Weekly and Monthly keyword stats, in addition to the Daily stats that we’ve always offered.

This will make it even easier to compare keywords with very low search statistics (i.e. fewer than 100 searches per month.)

Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

88 Responses to “Your “New Google Keyword Tool Data” Questions Answered”

  1. Thanks for clearing everything up.

  2. Thanks for explaining the update. Your development team has been doing great keeping up with Google’s updates.

    It is about time that MS added the weekly and monthly (Annually?) searches, we got tired of multiplying by 30.

  3. I have been reading bits and pieces about the Google changes and varying opinions about what it all means to Internet Marketers. Looking at the results I was getting from MS and the Google keyword tool itself, I was at first afraid that I would never have solid data again.

    “If the new data is more conservative, then applying the 4 Golden Rules on the new data will filter out even more keywords, and further increase your chances of success.” ~ A great way to think about it!

    Thanks for a very comprehensive post explaining clearly what the changes mean and how MS is adapting. I knew I could count on you guys ;-)
    Corinneʼs last blog post… Coronado Speed Limit

  4. A DoFollow site is one that allows the search engines to follow a link from their site to yours.I had got much benefit from this do follow blogs but in the list there some more blogs which are nofollow so please kindly do it filter.
    Giviani@puppy housebreakingʼs last blog post… Control Of Diabetes Type 2 With No Pills Or Insulin Injections!

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I assume you’re talking about the Promotions module inside Market Samurai?

    This uses a few publicly available search engines to find DoFollow blogs – and sadly, we don’t have control over the results that they provide.

    We are able to analyze the results though, and check for NoFollow links on the page inside the Promotions module. This is a good way to filter out the NoFollow blogs that slip through the cracks.

  5. Thanks for your explanation, the systems works better but Now I have problems with OCI a few minutes ago I proced with the last update but OCI doesn’t work properly, I don’t received any results…I don’t understand what happen ???

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Sadly, I think Microsoft no longer provides OCI data. :(

    The site that previously used to offer this data is currently 404′ing (file not found).

    It’s likely this is related to Bing’s merger with Yahoo!.

  6. Thanks Brent, great post that will answer a lot of questions that have been buzzing around the IM community.

    Always good to be reminded how the MS team is at the coal face of keyword research. Adapting a comment from the past, about China I think… ‘when Google sneezes, the world catches a cold…’

    Kerry Finchʼs last blog post… Can’t Get Your Head Around Sales Copy

  7. Fantastic post mate, cleared up a lot of confusion and laid the conspiracy theories to rest.

    You guys continue to MASSIVELY over deliver on one of the best products in the market.

    Keep it up.

    Kyle Tullyʼs last blog post… New Software For Local Video Method

  8. Anyone else having problems retrieving data under keyword research even with the latest version update? Yes, I’ve submitted a ticket to support. Just wondering if I am not alone. Really need to do some estimates for tomorrow but can’t at the moment and for the day. Hope upgrading today wasn’t a mistake.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    That’s odd… The most recent changes shouldn’t have affected the retrieval of keyword data.

    Perhaps it was a temporary outage? Is it working again now?

    Whatever the case, hopefully we can get you back up and running again soon. Now that you’ve submitted a support ticket, Alex and Miriam will be on the case.

    P.S. – if you haven’t already, see if you can submit a log file – like the instructions in the reply to your ticket suggested. This really helps to diagnose issues like these.

    Ron replied:

    Still no love. Just a form letter. Another update done and still not working. Really need to generate some data for a meeting tomorrow but still getting the same error. Went through the troubleshooting. Connection speed should be fine.

    The only thing mentioned in the reply was about screen capture. There is no mention of submitting a log file whatever that log file is.

    Very frustrating, guess I will have figure out another solution

    Isha replied:

    Ron, to submit a log file:

    In Windows you click on the File menu at the top left of your Market Samurai, then choose Settings, then Debugging(bottom left). Then tick (check) Log Extended Debugging Information.

    Next, you do the activity that causes the problem, then go back into Debugging and click on “Upload Extended Debugging Information”.

    You’ll get a code for that upload, which you tell Noble Samurai using the same ticket number as the one you just got.

    Hope that makes sense! Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the menu that you click on in Mac :(
    Ishaʼs last blog post… Your Market Samurai Glossary Is Ready &8211 Keyword Research

    Carmen replied:

    I’ve also been having trouble retrieving data in kw research tool (“Market Samurai has found no suggestions from the Goggle Kw Tool…). This was occurring before the latest update, and still occurring post-update.

    Info from the support forum mentions that MS staff are working on the issue, but looks like it’s time for me to submit a support ticket—I didn’t want to overburden tech support w/ issue that they are already aware of, but maybe something can be addressed individually that may solve something for my software copy.


    Ananga replied:

    No, you’re not alone. Every time I try and perform keyword research I am greeted with an error message and have been for several weeks.

    I have also submitted a ticket and followed the recommended steps I received from support staff two weeks ago and I still can’t use keyword research at all.

    Hans Vosloo replied:

    You are not alone. Same problem here with the following message: “Market Samurai has found no suggestions from the Google Synonym Tool” on version 0.85.34 and had to add keywords manually. Perhaps it is best to uninstall and reinstall Market Samurai?
    Hans Voslooʼs last blog post… Starting a Business

  9. Great update, thanks for loading the new feature. Loving MS more !
    Amandaʼs last blog post… Lack Of Certified Nursing Assistants

  10. 10
    On November 3rd, 2010 at 3:36 am
    Gavin Allinson said:

    Thanks again Brent.
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  11. The new feature with monthly and weekly stats is one I will find useful, and am looking forward to using! Thanks
    Sean Breslin@webconferencingʼs last blog post… Promoting Gogvo using PLR

  12. Thanks for the updates. You guys do a good job. I’ve been telling folks about you.
    Carol Fromeʼs last blog post… Risk-Free!

  13. Thanks for this guys – as always a clear and simple explanation of the murkiness of Google.
    Nick Johnsonʼs last blog post… I would like some new ideas on Christmas Tree Toppers

  14. Thanks for keeping the fantastic Market Samurai tool updated. It is the best on the market in my opinion.

  15. Hi thanks for update atte, but like Tatyana I too am struggling to get any OCI data – this is an important feature – any thoughts about what we do to remedy this?


  16. Just wanted to say thanks for the support. I use this software almost every day and couldn’t run my business without it

    Life in seo changes and software has to change to keep up with it

    Thanks again- really appreciated
    Glenn Hughesʼs last blog post… An American Perspective On The Law About Email Marketing

  17. Thanks for the update. I’m so pleased that MS now provides monthly (and weekly!) traffic stats.

    In a previous MS update in recent weeks I thought I noticed a “Trends” button which seems to have disappeared now – or did I dream that ;-)
    NickR@FordMustangAccessoriesʼs last blog post… By- Todays News

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Have a look in the SEO Competition module.

    Click the down arrow (triangle) beside any result. This will link you to several trends sites, giving you intelligence on your competitor.

    There’s also a trends graph inside the Market Samurai Keyword Research module (tick the “Trends” checkbox to make sure it is displayed.) Clicking this will also give you more trends intelligence – although this time on the keyword.

  18. So if I want to look again at keyword lists I’ve done in the past to see what the results are now, should I delete the msam files or just load the database in the normal way and and use the analyse button?

    and thanks for all the improvements!

    Alexʼs last blog post… Allergic to Strawberries Really

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    The safest way is to create a new project. (You don’t have to delete the old one though.)

    Market Samurai’s project files often remember old data.

  19. Hi,

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been meaning to send in a request and wanted to take this opportunity to do so. If I may ask, would you be willing to add a feature to Market Samurai which allows the ranking of a site to be seen?

    For example, when I click on the SEO Competition module, I can see the top ten sites ranking, but when I add a URL only the SEO Competition data comes up. The ranking number is left blank. By adding the ranking number to the URL it would give me a good visual aid to see how my site is doing with its ranking; and if it’s going up or down.

    I have a feeling this would be helpful not only to me but also to the rest of Market Samurai users. Thanks for reading this and taking it into consideration.


    Ricardoʼs last blog post… Electronic Cigarettes The New Buzz Among Smokers

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Good point – Market Samurai doesn’t provide details of the ranking position for results in the SEO Competition module.

    If you want to monitor rankings (rising and falling) – the best tool for this job is the Rank Tracker module.

    I’m making a note of your feature suggestion though. These things are like “votes” – the more we hear about a particular feature request, the more likely it is to become part of Market Samurai.

    Thanks Ricardo!

  20. Yeah, improvement are great!
    But could you explain one thing: daily/weekly/monthly searches and how/if they influence on using presets while keyword search process in progress? Does it need some more understanding on finding keywords, or it’s just more up-to-date data, and not influence on 80/15/30000 preset?

    Also I have found, that automatically filtering machine delete many of interesting keywords (like second value keywords) that may be used in addition to main keywords. To avoid that – I need to push on key to spin them to top of the program and research them later. :-)
    Vitalkaʼs last blog post… Китайский смартфон Lenovo LePhone в экспортном варианте

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    The daily/weekly/monthly search counts are reasonably straightforward.

    They just change the traffic numbers in the keyword report.

    You may want to change your filters if you’re using weekly or monthly figures though. i.e. Instead of SEOT of 80, you might use SEOT of 2434 for monthly analysis, and SEOT of 560 for weekly analysis.

  21. Your software is great and keeps getting better! Keep up the good work. I use it for research everyday. one day I will look into the content section. LOL

  22. I still cant believe how much you guys contimue to offer with Market Samurai. Cheers

  23. Hi, I’m iterested – Do You plan to work with Russian SEO market? We have trouble to retreive SEOT colums for keywords(after las google change). But i like the way u go guys! it superior program for seo!

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Hi Alex,

    We have several Russian users already (like Vitalka above, I believe).

    Get in touch with support – you may be experiencing a bug with Market Samurai that we can solve for you.


  24. Thanks to everybody at MS for your hard (and pro-active) work. This is why I will stand and fall with MS, you really are the best. I also own a copy of one of the other fairly well known KW tools in the market, which stopped functioning for about a week.


  25. I like the news in your post script. Working in a smaller city like Raleigh, NC it will be excellent to see weekly or monthly search data. I can’t wait to go check it out!

  26. Hi,

    I’m still getting to grips with all the features of Market Samurai but it’s great to know you guys are looking after us.

    I always think when Google rumbles we shake :-)
    Barry Newtonʼs last blog post… Article Marketing and Free Traffic

  27. 27
    On November 3rd, 2010 at 7:38 am
    tomartomartini said:

    Brent,a great comprehensive post explaining the

    meaning of the changes update by Google you have

    given the answers to a lot of questions..well done!

  28. Good work catching up with Google’s keyword tool changes. Now how about updating the rank tracker so that it can utlisie all the search engine countries and options. If you don’t I’m going to have to buy another product because MS just doesn’t cut it for marketers tracking their rankings outside the USA.
    PMKʼs last blog post… An Overview of Small Business Marketing

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Hi PMK

    It should be working for NZ and other english-language markets. (It just struggles with a few foreign language markets – not all, but some.)


  29. Thanks for the updates guys. This is without a doubt, the most powerful and useful peice of internet marketing software available today.

  30. Thanks so much for the thorough explanation of what the heck was going on, Brent. I’m still getting used to those presets and I’m reserving judgment on whether I like them or not until I have worked with them more. But I love the increased speed!

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Once you find your groove, and some preset figures that work, they make keyword research a heap faster. (No more editing presets, no more filtering – Market Samurai does the work for you automatically.)

  31. Thank you… This post really cleared some things up for me : )
    David Milesʼs last blog post… Getting Back In The eBay Game

  32. 32

    Thanks for the update post Brent, Though i have to point out a few anomalies of my own.

    The Monetization tool doesn’t seem to work at all when starting a new campaign. This has been an issue on a good handful of people since i also noticed this discussed in the forums.

    Also, Rank Tracker is a little buggy as it seems to delete keywords and urls when closing and re opening MS…

    Lastly, where’s the update article button disappeared to?…

    Already submitted these to support. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear some word on update progress :)

    Cheers Brent

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Hi Onder,

    You’re right – there’s an issue in the Monetization module (Andrew’s on the case, fixing this one right now.)

    And the Rank Tracker “delete keywords” button – Julian’s fixing this one at the moment.

    The other issue I haven’t come across though, but it sounds like Alex and Miriam will have documented the problem and given it to the guys to fix.

    Many thanks for letting us know about these.


  33. Every time Market Samurai opens it’s like Santa comes to town. Great post… Thanks for keeping us ahead of the curve!

  34. I’m a new fan and customer via The 2010 Challenge.

    You guys do a superb job of providing easy to understand posts like this and videos. MS is turning out to be one of the best purchases I’ve made thus far.

    Keep it up.
    DeeMarie from Small Dog Trainingʼs last blog post… Neat Trick for Taking Small Dog Photos

  35. Whatever the case be, I am still confident with the results I have gotten with Noble Samurai.

  36. Thanks, that’s the best, clearest explanation I’ve read of both where Google is generating it’s data from, and the differences between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ data
    mark@Mexican Mail Order Bridesʼs last blog post… Romancing Your Mexican Bride

  37. You guys Rock, Thanks for the updates. This is without a doubt, one of the most powerful marketing software I have seen up to today. Thanks very much for all the great work with this software.


  38. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the recent updates that make this tool a fantastic piece of software.

    I must also applaud you on your support service during the recent issue I and some others had in using Market Samurai with retry limit exceeded.

    The support and response in getting it fixed was excellent. Again thanks for a great research tool and the back up support that goes along with it.

    Mike Andrewʼs last blog post… Social Media Increases Small-Business Exposure

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks Mike!

    I thought the guys in support did an excellent job too. (Even though at one time they received 700 support tickets in a day!)


  39. You guys always have your eyes clearly focused on the ball.Thanks for making everything clearer.

  40. Like the new features. It is the one piece of software you will have to pry from my dead cold hands. Great Work guys!

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I expect that would be particularly difficult to do with your Home Defibrillator handy ;)

  41. MS ? Definitely a great team ;o)

    Thanks to all !

  42. Thanks for the new tools. I love them. They are making my job easier.

  43. Thanks for this useful information. Market Samurai is the best software I’ve ever bought and I’m glad to see that you’re working to keep it that way.

    Again, THANKS!
    Jhoecannonʼs last blog post… Key Points To Analyze Before Buying Aged Domain Names For Your Network Marketing Internet Business

  44. Thanks again for updates MS is the most powerful tool available today and I am sure you are not going to let that slip. Research has never been so easy now here is an idea to put you miles ahead. I will sit and stare at my VDU with MS operating, it will interpret my thoughts uncover the most profitable niche and carry out all the research for me and present me with a ready built BLOG or WEB site complete with external links and a #1 spot on Google.
    Now that is a challenge!!!!

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    This would give us an excuse to get one of those new Xbox Kinect controllers for the office ;)

  45. The new data took a while to get used to. It was hard to fathom a keyword that before meant good traffic was now down to nothing. But I have found that the keyword draws the same amount of traffic anyway. So it all works out.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    “But I have found that the keyword draws the same amount of traffic anyway.”

    This really is the key point.

    Thanks for commenting! :)

  46. This write-up offers the light in which we can observe the reality. this truly is extremely great one and offers in depth data. thanks for this wonderful posting Extremely good publish…..Valuable info for all.I will suggest my friends to study this for certain
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  47. Thanks for clarifying the new updates.

    MS is really good when comes to Keyword research.
    Ellery Leungʼs last blog post… 8 Keys To Create Win-Win Negotiation Opportunities

  48. Great work fellas! My niggly concern is that keywords that have a traffic opportunity will be missed as they are not counting the off google stats

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Yeah – good point.

    It’s the one issue I have with the new data too.

    (I would have preferred that partner search engines like AOL, Dogpile etc were included – but non-web-search sites like Google Product Search, Google Maps, Amazon, etc were not included.)

    However, I guess if Google controls 66% of the search market, and people use other search engines in roughly the same way that they use Google, then at least the keywords with the highest levels of traffic in Google SHOULD be the keywords with the highest levels of traffic in other search engines…

  49. These changes have made research harder!!! When I switch between ‘include’ and ‘ignore’ additional drop downs…

    I do not get other words ignored and do not get accurate information any longer. Whilst I appreciate you need to keep updating the keyword tool, I am losing faith in the tools over all accuracy of research as I keep getting glitches when you complete updates so regularly.
    Andyʼs last blog post… Socrates WordPress Theme

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    GOOD point – the “Include” and “Ignore” buttons related to the old Google Keyword Tool – not the new one.

    I’ve asked the devs to fix this up (and remove the tickbox – which also serves no functional purpose now.)

    Thanks Andy.

    Isha replied:

    I’m not getting long-tails now (it might just be the seed keywords I’m using, or it might not).

    Could Market Samurai pull in results from the Wordtracker free keywords tool?
    Ishaʼs last blog post… Your Market Samurai Glossary Is Ready &8211 Keyword Research

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    To do that (while being fair to Mike and Andy and the Wordtracker team) we’d need to connect to Wordtracker’s API.

    (It wouldn’t be fair if we hit Wordtracker’s Free Keywords tool with 200,000+ users – and I’m pretty sure it would be against their TOS.)

    This would mean we’d need to add a subscription component to Market Samurai – perhaps an optional subscription for people who wanted access to this feature.

    Is this something that you would use?

    Andy replied:

    I’m still getting the same problem! This is making life difficult for something which is so basic!

    Isha replied:

    That’s a very good point Brent. I don’t think Market Samurai users want any subscription component.

    We all have the option to use the free Wordtracker tool at present, and that’s the way I’d personally prefer it to stay, rather than have a subscription alternative.
    Ishaʼs last blog post… Your Market Samurai Glossary Is Ready &8211 Keyword Research

  50. Brent – besides being ‘more conservative’ in volume data, there have been other changes to the data shown by Google’s keyword tool:

    Have you considered how the changes will impact the data delivered by MS?

    Thanks, Claire
    Claire Carlileʼs last blog post… How to use twitter to live vicariously through other people’s SEO conference pleasures

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Hi Claire,

    There have been quite a few “Google is dead” posts recently.

    While they get a lot of attention, I think they over-inflate the bad, make out that “the sky is falling”, and confuse a lot of people unnecessarily.

    The AimClear guys are super smart – no question about that – but I think that this post is a bit extreme in the “sky is falling” stakes.

    - The “Facebook” example that they use now shows many more results. (Perhaps a temporary bug at Google’s end? Perhaps a change in policy? Either way, it’s fixed now.);

    - It’s true about “fewer keyword SKU’s” – but this is both an opportunity and a threat;

    - Yes, Google’s tool limits you to 800 keywords – but typically the keywords that fall out of this range have extremely low levels of traffic (as it is, Market Samurai will generally filter the 800 keywords you generate to a list of fewer than 100);

    - The risk of using tools that do not have direct access to the data is that you’re yet another step removed from the source – and every step away from the raw data you get, the less accurate your data becomes.

    It’s an interesting read – but I still have confidence that Google remains the best source of data for keywords. (It’s the reason I no longer use the alternatives they suggest.)

    If my competitors want to use the alternatives though – I’d be happy to let them ;-)

  51. MS is a great tool! thanks for keeping us updated. I know that I’ve updated seemingly every day this week! thanks for cranking out the fixes and squashing bugs!

    I originally bought MS cuz of the awesome training videos. after I watched the videos, I figured I had already gotten my $97 worth!
    Wood Railingʼs last blog post… Exterior railings on a bridge

  52. Love the new features that you have introduced to Market Samurai.

    This is a tool that is at the top of my list and I use it daily, highly recommended and well worth investing in.

    The new features make it even more easy and productive to use.

    Keep up the great work.

    Regards Carla

  53. I’m a slow learner I guess? I still can’t understand why my MS is acting up. Not giving me the data that I needed. The previous version was working well with me and I don’t know why the upgrade is not working on my computer. Any thought about that?

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Hey Jocelyn,

    To be honest – I’m not sure what could be happening. (In fact, I don’t understand specifically how Market Samurai is acting up for you.)

    But please contact us via Support:

    Give us as much specific detail as possible, and we’ll do everything we can to get you back on track.


  54. 54

    Hi guys, thanks for clearing that up as we started a new niche recently only to see the traffic appear to drop considerably when this change was made. I’m assuming this would be due to high levels of network searches which are now discounted. Keep up the *good* work.
    Campbellʼs last blog post… 4 Steps to Ordering Stubby Holders

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I think you’re right – this is the most likely cause.

    Campbell replied:

    you guys are almost gods but keep up the good work!!!
    Campbellʼs last blog post… 4 Steps to Ordering Stubby Holders

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    lol – fixed [above]

  55. 55
    On November 10th, 2010 at 8:21 pm
    David goodwin said:

    My question is ‘why mess with something that was working well and was so successful??

    I personally dont like the NEW Google tool. It takes way too long to go thru the motions whereas before it was only a few seconds and the results would appear(Keyword research)

    There should be a button to allow us to switch back to the way it was.

    not happy Jan…..
    David Goodwin

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Hi David,

    I liked the speed of the old Google Keyword tool too – however Google no longer provides this data at all.

    Sadly, the answer to “why mess with something that was working well and was so successful?” is “Because we had no choice.” :(


  56. 56
    On November 11th, 2010 at 5:27 pm
    David goodwin said:

    Hi Brent,
    Thanks for the quick reply. It’s just the thing Google would do.
    It seems we are stuck with google. Are there any alternatives? How do you speed things up?
    What used to take a few minutes now takes forever. Google does what google wants and they will have you chasing your tail…so why put up with them?
    David Goodwin