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Hi Team,

Today, I’m excited to be releasing the Mystery Module to you.

Monitor Your Site’s Rankings with the Market Samurai Rank Tracker

Just like every other module inside Market Samurai, our Rank Tracker’s function is simple.

It doesn’t just monitor and track your position in the search engines…

It helps you to make more money, with less time, and less effort, from your online business.

Let me show you what I mean, and reveal 2 specific strategies for cutting down the time and effort that you put into your web-site, while you get better rankings, traffic and sales:

If you don’t own Market Samurai yet, click here purchase your copy now to get instant access to Market Samurai’s new Rank Tracking module.

The Importance of Rankings

In simple terms, the reason you should monitor your rankings is because every tiny increase in rankings that you receive gives you a substantial increase in traffic.

These are the top 10 results inside Google, and the percentage of times that they get clicked.

Rank % of Clicks Visits per 1,000
1 42.1% 421
2 11.9% 119
3 8.5% 85
4 6.1% 61
5 4.9% 49
6 4.1% 41
7 3.4% 34
8 3.0% 30
9 2.8% 28
10 3.0% 30

What Do You Notice About The Clicks?

It doesn’t take much more than a glance to see that the closer we are to the top of the listings, the more potential customers visit our web-site.

Visitors select higher results far more often than they select results below.

So if the search engines were sending out 1,000 visitors per day for a keyword, the #1 result would receive 421 of them.

But each time you step down that ladder, there’s a massive drop in the amount of traffic that you get.

Here’s where ranking matters – big time!

Position #1 might get 421 visitors…

But position #2 might only get 119 (just over 1/4 of the visitors of position #1);
Position #3 would get just 81 visitors (1/5th of the visitors of position #1);
Position #6 would receive just 41 visitors per day (1/10th of the visitors of position #1);

So to step up from position 2, to position 1, could result in 3 or 4 times more sales for us.

Or to step from position 6 to 1 could mean we earn TEN TIMES more sales.

These are tiny steps in rankings – but GIANT LEAPS for your bank balance.

STEP 1: Know Your Rankings

You can’t improve something if you’re not tracking it.

And this is the first thing that Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker module will do for you..

With the click of a button, you can now get up-to-date data on:

  • Where all of your web-pages rank in your market;
  • In all 3 major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN);
  • Tracking your rank in any one of 234 countries and regions;
  • For as many keywords as you choose;
  • Including the details of all multiple listings that you have – not just the first listing;
  • Right down to the 1,000th result – the deepest rank tracking analysis of any rank tracker available today

You’ll also get up-to-date PageRank and Backlink data for all of your ranking pages

You will be able to see how many pages are indexed by the search engines on your site…

You can monitor the rankings of ANY Web 2.0 content alongside your website’s rankings – including your YouTube videos, Squidoo lenses and Ezine Articles…

AND – most importantly – you can see at a glance which pages are rising, and which are falling in the search engines, with color-coded charts, and graphs that show your site’s rankings over time:

STEP 2: Focus on the areas of Maximum Results

Once we see where our strongest rankings are, we can focus our efforts on these pages and get the maximum return from our efforts.

That’s because you will have two things working in your favour:

1) The Search Engine Numbers

Remember how we saw that a site ranked #2 in Google could get THREE to FOUR times more potential customers from that keyword if they were ranked #1?

Or if we were ranked #6, we could get a TEN FOLD increase by hitting that top spot?

In both cases, we’re making small improvements to already strong numbers – and seeing BIG returns as a reward.

That’s because it’s not going from position 900 to position 100 in the search engines that gives you the biggest returns – it’s going from position 2 or 3 to position 1 that creates the biggest results for us.

2) SOMETHING must be working already!

The second reason you want to focus on improving already positive rankings is because it’s a great sign if you’re ALREADY getting good results from a keyword…

If you’re already ranking well for a keyword, you’re either doing something right – or you’re in a weak market.

Whatever the reason is, this is a good sign. From here, it’s easy to go the next step – and rank even better.

This is the first thing you should check in Rank Tracker

So Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker tells us where we should be focussing our efforts – by identifying the keywords we rank well for, we can create substantial increases in profits through tiny shifts in our rankings.

That’s the first obvious step to maximise your profits with the minimum amount of effort – to focus on where we can get the maximum profits.

Now, it’s time to be lazy…

Let’s get those results with the minimum amount of effort

STEP 3: Only Do The Things That Create Results

If you’re an engineer you’ll know that one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary work and delays is to avoid waste.

We want to avoid wasting time and effort on things that don’t work and don’t give us results.

But the problem with SEO is that there are SO MANY conflicting opinions on what works and what doesn’t – and the truth is, many of the “opinions” and “theories” out there are dead wrong!

So let me cut through the confusion, and give you one simple rule…

One Simple Rule for Getting Rankings

Just take one strategy – it doesn’t matter what it is – and do it.

Pick something simple, something that doesn’t take much time and effort, and do it.

Then track it in Rank Tracker.

If your site’s ranking rises, keep doing it.

Do it over and over again until that one thing stops working.

Then, try something else.

Simple, common sense thinking – isn’t it? But it’s only possible if you are actually tracking where you rank in the search engines.

It’s the END of “Hoping” to Rank

That’s the beauty of Rank Tracker… It takes the guesswork out of SEO strategies.

  • You’ll see search engines as they discover your backlinks – and see whether or not those backlinks result in better rankings.
  • You can put up lots of fresh, new content – and find out whether the volume of content on your site affects rankings.
  • You can monitor the affect of new backlinks on your PageRank – then monitor the affect of PageRank on your rankings. Is it SEO voodoo?
  • You can test different link building strategies – which ones work, and which ones don’t?

And whatever you do, you can see almost instantly.

It All Comes Down To This One Simple Question…

“Did this increase my rankings in the search engines?”

If it does, keep doing it.

If it doesn’t – stop and try something else.

It’s THAT simple.

The Samurai Edge for Tracking Your Site

Not only are we launching a Rank Tracker inside Market Samurai today – we’re leading the market – launching the most fully-featured rank tracking tool available ANYWHERE.

While most other search engine rank tracking software costs between $99 and $389:

  • No other software will track your rankings as DEEP as Market Samurai’s rank tracker – which can monitor down to 1,000 results.
  • No other software will give you as much data on your rankings
  • No other software will track the rankings ALL of your sites, and ALL of your content – including content on 3rd party sites – like content that you upload YouTube, Squidoo and Ezine Articles.

PLUS – Most other search engine rank tracking software will make you pay to stay updated.

So you might pay $250 to get started for the first year – but to keep your software running 12 months later, expect to pay $250 again (or worse, get locked into a subscription plan!) to get required upgrades every year that you do rank tracking – for as long as you’re running your online business.

But we’re NOT going to do it that way.

As of today, our Rank Tracker is being released as a core part of Market Samurai.

That means there are no subscription costs to pay.

You get full access to the Market Samurai Rank Tracker for a single one-time payment.

So if you already own Market Samurai, you’ll pay no more to get access to this feature – it’s already yours. Just download the latest update, and begin using it right away.

If you don’t already own Market Samurai, you will receive Rank Tracker today at no additional cost as part of your Market Samurai purchase.


This is something that we can only “give away” for a limited time.

The reason all other rank trackers make you pay ongoing fees for updates is because those updates come at a cost.

Right now, we’re absorbing these costs ourselves…

But this can’t happen forever.

Sooner or later, we will need to raise our costs, or begin charging subscription fees in order to keep up with our exponentially-growing user base.

So if you want the benefits of Rank Tracker, full access to all other Market Samurai tools, and free lifetime access to all updates – make sure you purchase your copy right now, while the price is so low.

Click here to get your copy now – and begin using Rank Tracker right away.

Want More Information on How To Use Rank Tracker?

Head over to the Rank Tracker section of our Tutorials area.

We have created a series of short videos for you view there, designed to take you through how to set up Rank Tracker and begin tracking your rankings.


Edit: Competition winners from our “Guess the Mystery Module” competition have not been announced yet. Unfortunately, with an incredible 1,338 responses, it’s taking us longer than we expected to read all of the responses submitted. We will be announcing winners ASAP.

Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

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    This is incredible technology, fellas!

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    Andrew Murray
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    Hi Guys,

    Way to go! You could have named this the Save-Time, Make-More-Money Module. I really like the way it promotes efficiency. Keep doing what works and stop wasting time on what doesn’t.

    My To-Do List thanks you!

    P.S. I was only able to see about half of Brent’s video. It kept buffering and finally just quit. That’s OK, though, because your text and screen shots told the story well.

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    You guys are the best, and proudly Australian :)
    I struggle to see where you guys get the time to do all this great stuff – Either way, it’s obvious that all your hard work on market samurai is going to pay off Big Time for you guys once you hit that tipping point (if you haven’t already)!
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  15. Where do the percentages of clicks come from? “These are the top 10 results inside Google, and the percentage of times that they get clicked.” Are these based on the Cornell University study?

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    On June 17th, 2009 at 3:19 pm
    Dallas Kelso said:

    Hi Brent,


    This is really great. I use digital point for this at present, and its kind of okay, but this takes the monitoring and tracking to a new level. This is the BEST investment in software I have EVER made.

    I hope you guys plan on making a training day or a add on how to set of videos (all in one place) because I will attend/purchase/watch.

    Thanks again for what you all do.

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    I am so new to Internet Marketing and the Niche Industry and you make it so doable even for the newbie.

    I love Market Samurai and I am so grateful to the Niche Blueprint team for turning me on to you.

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    Ellen Valentine
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  27. Hi Brent,

    Cool new feature – thanks for that.

    We have been using Web Position Pro for some years now to monitor our clients’ rankings, but lately it fails more & more often, due to the search engines continually changing the way they display their data.

    This means we have to do more & more manual checking of results, which is painful at the best.

    How do you guys intend to keep up with these ongoing changes? If Webtrends (the makers of Web Position Pro) can’t manage to keep on top of it at all times, how will you guys manage this?

    Now, my most important question about the changes. Since we’re based in Australia (Perth), most of the rankings we check for clients are done on Google Australia, using the Pages from Australia option, so we get very accurate LOCAL rankings.

    How do I ensure that your Rank Tracker does the same? I couldn’t see any obvious way to select the target country as Australia only, etc.

    Thanks in advance for your help, and keep up the great work with Market Samurai.

    Eran Malloch
    WCR Internet Marketing

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    On June 17th, 2009 at 3:41 pm
    terrance said:

    I have been looking at your product and a few others, but I keep coming. I think this tool is great, mos def the tops and affordable. Even if you raise the price and charge it will be worth it.

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    I am really glad I purchased Market Samurai (even at the higher price) it was well worth my investment.

    Market Samurai has clearly been the best investment I have made this year and I am going to be using it so much for all of my projects.

    Now, if only it could do what those overpriced PPC tracker software tools do for spying on competitors adwords accounts and showing all their keywords and profitability.. Now that would be cool.. (LOL).

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    lovin the tool

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    On June 17th, 2009 at 4:05 pm
    Joshua U said:

    Yah! I guessed the mystery module perfectly! Hope I win something for once.

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  46. RT rocks … Definitely saves me time; and I was just about to pay for another license of SEO Elite for my new PC. Where do you want me to send that check?

    Only one thing missing from Rank Tracker … the ability to export the RT data to XLS – so I can give that report to my clients; only thing that SEO Elite has that RT needs.

    Other than xls export everything else is spot on.

    Cheers and thanks for the excellent timing on RT; I’m happy to send you my SEO Elite money that I didn’t need to spend. This might ruffle some feathers; but I’d be happy to see you guys raise the cost of MS to $497USD (or more) – I’ll gladly pay the upgrade cost. And as this will raise the “barrier to entry” I won’t have to work as hard to command my niches due to tons more people using MS. *Likely you wont raise the cost anytime soon; but in lieu of raising the cost, how about launching an affiliate program so that I can feel less “pain” when I tell my students to get MS for their sites.

    ***Comment on Eran’s post (post 27) – Brad Callen (SEO Elite / Keyword Elite) & WebCEO keep their tools regularly up-to-date for the on-going changes at GYM; so I know it is achievable. *But now, I no longer need SEO Elite, Keyword Elite or WebCEO. And if you watch the tutorials; you’ll know how to select just “Australia” for the data results. Took less than 3 clicks for me to make this change.

    Thanks in advance … Ron “Born Busy”

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    hi all!

    Great addition to the pack.
    I’m just taking it for a spin now – and want to share the following info with whoever actually READS these comments ;)

    1. Make sure you’re using Google Webmaster Tools (for your ‘money’ sites)
    2. Grab your top-ranked keywords from Webmaster Tools, and load them into the new ‘Rank Tracker’ option, under ‘keywords’.

    NOW you don’t have that annoying needle-in-a-haystack feeling, right?
    Naturally, you can add your odd-ball keywords too – the ones where you’re just starting out a campaign with, for example – but (so far) I prefer to start with the facts as they are, ala Mr G (Google).

    OK, I realise this is a bit of a one-sided approach: here I’m only concerned with tacking my ‘top performers’ (as I obviously want to know about any change in their status!)

    Hope this info helps someone else,

    MarketSamurai is coooler than cooool,


  54. I feel a guy who went out with a smoken’ hottie on a first date…and she turned out to be a nymph that owns a liquor store, and she wants to marry me– Then I find out that the whore I was with the night before…gave me the clap. M.S. is the nymph that owns the liquor store, the software that I bought a few months ago to check my rankings, around the same time I picked up M.S., is the whore that gave me the clap. Had I known that the hottie nymph that owns the liquor store, was going to be my wife, I never would have slept with the whore!
    Dammit! I hate when that happens! Ok, I know what you guys are thinking right now– This would be great in our sales copy! Well, you have my blessing. I can see it…”no charge for awesomeness” “nymph, hottie, clap, liquor” Oh ya! I can see it. Or, perhaps you are thinking…”Man, we have the most sick in the head customers”
    Yep, probably the latter in my case. Hey, I guessed it too, and I thought my spin on it was rather witty, if I do say so myself.
    Hey guys, just for the record…I would never dream about complaining, as I love the customer service, and I have used every “seo” software out there (still use a couple others), and yours is by far the best…at any price, by a mile. M.S. is the best value for the $ of anything I have ever bought, and I don’t just mean I.M. stuff, I mean anything–and I’m old as dirt (40)
    Anyway, to the point– The whore with the clap…that I have been using to check my rankings, goes through my 115 keywords list, in about 12-13 seconds. Yes, virtually all of my k.w.’s are on page 1 or 2, so it goes fast. I set M.S. with same criteria (because I figured you would ask), only Google, no phrase check,only to 100 (not relevant in my case, anyway)etc.)After 7 minutes…m.s. was still running? Just letting you know. Like I said, I would never complain to you guys, I just wanted to let you know.
    Ok, thanks guys…for over-delivering as always.
    p.s.- Do me a fav, don’t come out with some other module…that dissects the competitions links, Ive already bought one software, that I now do not need, thanks to you and your infinite wisdom.
    “Hey Brent, we should add a rank tracker!” “Great idea!, let’s do it!”

  55. OMG you guys are amazing! I purchased your software almost a year ago and every time you release a new feature it’s like having a mini birthday celebration. Thank you so much.

    I’ve used this software to create awesome titles and descriptions for my videos and NOW I can track the rankings of my videos! This is just fantastic.

    Thank you,


  56. Sorry guys,
    It just occurred to me…m.s. is not just checking my homepage, but all my pages for the serps. I suppose this explains much of the time issue, ay? I think it took about 10 minutes. Does that sound about right. I do have fast internet connection, and fast (new) computer, so? Although it is an inferior PC, so who knows. (just for the record, yes, my other software gives me my 115 results in about 12 sec., but it is only checking my homepage.) In fact, I’m not familiar with another software that check your interior pages, without having to manually enter them, that is. So again…just one word–Oh my God!
    Hey wait, that was three words. and I sounded like a girl. Ok, I’m going to sleep before I do anymore damage.

    haha – yes, you’re right.

    Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker checks the rankings of ALL pages on your domain for EVERY keyword.

    Next time you update your rank data, see the bottom of the progress screen for some tips on how to speed up your results.

    Also, you might want to get in touch with support directly (by lodging a support ticket) and tell them about your computer’s specs, how many keywords you’re searching, and the speed of your internet connection. They should be able to tell you what is slowing things down.

  57. Well I guess I got it right when I thought what could be the next module :-), and you determinatively have! Thanks for this great module! This is a key piece to success. :-):-):-)

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    this looks class!

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    I’m so glad that this module is done.

  60. 60

    And when are we drawing the competition fellas?

    As soon as possible. We’re still working through the 1300+ responses that we’ve received (check the edit in italics at the bottom of the blog post for a photo of the responses – eek!)

  61. One important question:

    Most rank checker software products are hitting the search engines too hard with too many requests in too little a time span resulting in the SEs (mainly Google) blocking you from searching.

    How have you guys managed to get around this problem when we’re going to track several hundred keywords and 3 search engines once a week (or more)?

    It’ll be an awful lot of requests sent at the SEs!


    Great question!

    2 ways:

    1) if you have inbuilt proxies turned on, Market Samurai will spread the load of your queries across hundreds, even thousands of proxy servers, and;
    2) if you have inbuilt proxies turned off, Market Samurai will ask you for a single captcha code that will give you the details you need.

  62. Hey, that is far beyond my wild guess at what would be the ‘Mystery Module’. I reckon I was wrong, you’ve beat me to that once again.

    Good work, I’m soo glad I’ve bought MS, I’m only waiting for the affiliate program to start.

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    Hope to see more features like that in the future.

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    Erdal Gul

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    On June 17th, 2009 at 6:48 pm
    Tony Frost said:

    Just to thank you guys for this great module.

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    Excellent new module Brett….but will you stop looking at my tits please!

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    - so often when developers say they are adding something really cool, it turns out to be a disappointment. But this tool is REALLY COOL!

    Thanks guys. It just goes to show that you really are trying to make Market Samurai the very best it can be.


  71. 71

    Wow, just watched all the related videos and started playing with this new Rank Tracker module. It’s great, really great. I was wondering one thing, and this is possibly something that is part of the module (or one of the others) that I haven’t discovered yet:

    This software assumes you have chosen a set of keywords to work with (though using the Keywords module, etc) and that now you want to find and use the most profitable terms and then track results. But what about a backwards ranking check like SEMRush (formerly SEO Digger) which shows you the keywords a particular domain or page is ranking for. This would be the icing on the cake as it would show you keywords you didn’t know you ranked for which you could then use in existing pages or create new ones. Any plans to add this functionality, even at an upgrade cost?

    Keep up the awesome work!

  72. Great module! This proves once again that Market Samurai has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. And there’s more to come! You guys overdeliver!

  73. Hey Brent
    one question.

    Who’s profile is this ranking based upon?
    If we use proxy servers whos search history profile is this ranking based upon?
    If we do not use proxies, is it based on our own personal seach history profile?

    Using brwoser (locked to US) my term is number 1 for US market.
    Using Samurai, my term is number 6 for US market.

    So it obviously isn’t using my profile for ranking.

    As the proxies change, will this have a knock-on identity crisis?

    Peace and light

  74. Hi,

    Yep I agree with everybody above. You have totally outperformed yourselves again. I already love Market Samurai and this will make it only better. Thanks guys. I can honestly say this is the best product I have ever bought for my internet businesses and it by far outperforms anything else I have.

    Keep on Trukin’ !!


  75. This module is just amazing. You can now approach SEO the Bruce Lee way by sticking to what works and dropping everything else. I am so excited to get my hands on the new module as soon as I leave work today.

  76. I was just the other day telling someone that MS is one of the best tools I have ever bought … within any market. Your service response is fantastic and your product is top of the range and always being improved. This addition is adding yet further value in all directions – genius addition. Not costing any extra really works for me as well so as you know! Deep gratitude and best wishes to all of you over there in MS-land. – from Sam at

  77. Hi Brent
    That was some awesome video presentation.
    It was so clear and detailed even I could understand it.
    This module is truly the Holy Grail to improving search engine rankings and more.

    Cheers Mate

  78. 78
    On June 17th, 2009 at 9:08 pm
    tomartomartini said:

    I agree with everybody above also,so well done.

    Feel good in your achievement.

    Clearly there is more as all ways:imagine.

    Also a tuned up and vibrant MARKET SAMURAI is an exciting addition to our world.

    Well it remains for me to put this new addition to good use ; which i promise to do. Thank you.

  79. For once I am almost speechless.

    Once again you guys have shown your integrity and supreme “what really works” knowledge.

    This is an incredible module to be included with MS

    Thank You


  80. 80

    You guys are unbelievable. I can honestly say of all the things I’ve purchased in my internet career, MS has been the single best investment of any of them. Keep up the great work and Thank You.

  81. 81

    Did I tell you how much I love you btw? :D

  82. 82
    On June 17th, 2009 at 10:19 pm
    Chris Green said:

    I have just read the paragraph:

    “So if you want the benefits of Rank Tracker, full access to all other Market Samurai tools, and free lifetime access to all updates – make sure you purchase your copy right now, while the price is so low.”

    Can I ask where existing paid owners stand with regards to:
    - Rank Tracker.
    - access to future updates of other Samurai Tools.

    Should we be expecting to pay more in the future for these?

  83. As always you guys are awesome. I’ve been manually trying to work this out across all my sites and now with the wave of your magic wand you’ve saved me loads of time and stress.

    The upgrade went nice an smoothly, gratz on another great innovative tool.

  84. 84


    “Good on you mate” and the rest of the MS Team. You continue to impress with the features you offer and the way you continually communicate with peopLe who have purchased your product!


  85. 85

    Thanks a lot guys,

    Looks like i need to extend my holidays.

  86. This is great! Just yesterday I downloaded a rank checking program, and was prepared to pay $159 for it when the trial expires. This new module appears to do everything, and more. Thanks!

  87. 87
    On June 17th, 2009 at 11:01 pm
    Malcolm Ross said:

    Brent & the crew.

    Over the past years I’ve spent a lot of time on stuff I was not really sure if it was helping or not. Subscribed to various services to build links and other methods,not knowing if I was helping or not.
    This feature will shed light on those various things.

    Many thanks for all your efforts.


  88. I hope you know how much we appreciate all the new modules and features and upgrades you keep adding to Market Samurai without adding to the cost. You told us a long time ago this was a one-time cost, and you are keeping your word. Thanks so much for all the effort and amazing work you are doing. Most of us can’t even imagine new stuff like this. You know only have the vision for it, you make it happen. Amazing!

  89. nice info

  90. Keep them coming guys, this is an awesome tool especially with the new module.

  91. Sadly it does nothing for me. :( Just sits there doing nothing. I’ve put in a support ticket.

    I’m sure it will be great soon: or maybe it already is and its just me :)

  92. Just wanted to add my ‘thanks’ to this long list too.

    There’s not much else I can add as it’s all been said – but thanks for giving us even more time back. Priceless – as ever!


  93. this is cool, thanks a lot for this.
    I just analyzed a site owned by someone I know just to test the rank tracker and the results was truly helpful. It’s an e-commerce site so we were able to gleam really useful and money-making insights.
    It was just a pity that I couldnt export the data onto excel or csv file, tho! :(
    Please tell us you’re going to enable this function?

  94. 94

    Killer! Looks like almost everyone guessed right and even though only one prize will be awarded, we all WON on this mod.

    I second the request on exporting, but I bet you have future plans for that already.

    The MS team is a great example of market leadership. Great job!

  95. Awesome Guys!!!!!!

    So Glad I had the paid version for a long time now!

  96. Awesome stuff, thanks guys!

    Quick question: Where did you guys get the data for the SERP CTR? I know you guys are data fiends like me, so I was wondering if it was from one of your own experiments, or from an outside source.

    Thanks again,

  97. 97
    On June 18th, 2009 at 12:07 am
    Phil Henderson said:

    This totally rocks and just saved me from spending a few hundred dollars on another product…

    the timing could not be more perfect

    Thanks again guys and keep up the excellent work

    Phil H

  98. Hi Guys


    1. Your service: absolutely the best I’ve experienced.

    2. Your product: “Market Samurai” prior to todays release was unbeatable.

    3. Your current price: is a steal, almost too low to be credible.

    4. Your new module: “Rank Tracker” Another unbeatable huge time saver.

    5. Your future modules: “Publish” + “Monetization” + “Adwords” I’m sure
    will be of equal standard.

    6. A product and service I’ll recommend without reservation as
    “Absolutely the best SEO tool any online business must have”
    (please no one sell MS to the ski industry)

    You have set new market standards.

    You truly deserve to be the market leader. You’re a hard act to beat!
    Proud to be Australian.


  99. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for continuing to improve a product that is best on the market already – - and without continually dinking people for upgrade dollars. You truly are the best. (Now when can we get an affiliate program going??) :)

  100. This is pretty incredible. I was introduced to your product through an IM course I was taking but have very much surpassed the way they used it and am taking advantage of everything you offer. This is truly the most complete weapon I have in my arsenal for my business. Thanks so much for your great product.

  101. Totally awesome, I’ve been looking for a good rank checker the last couple of weeks! This is just what I need. Now I’m thinking I could use the winning lottery numbers….will that be added to MS soon as well???

    Keep up the good work, and if you’re looking for new things to add, how ’bout an affiliate program?

  102. Amazing new feature guys!!! I almost bought other rank tracking software last week and I’m so glad I waited for the mystery module :). Market Samurai has to be the best value for any online marketer. Thanks again for the awesome software!

  103. Absolutely awesome! Market Samurai is a must have for every serious internet marketeer. But the new feature makes it outstanding, once again, 5 thumbs up (if I only had that much ;-)

  104. 104

    Thanks guys. Your the best. Got a tutorial coming out?

  105. Hi,

    Thanks for taking the time to create this new module. This is an excellent addition to MS.


  106. I can hardly believe that you came out with this. I was looking for a solution to this very issue this week and almost bought an additional piece of software. Boy am I glad that I didn’t.

    One quick suggestion – you need to make a way for this to run on all of your targeted sites automatically. I’ll put up as many as two ebay or amazon affiliate mini-sites per day…and I’d like to be able to have data on them all updated form one central location.

    Right now the module is tied into a specific keyword research unit. I would be better to somehow “break it out” of those files and be able to run all 100 sites from one central location. Then you could then set it up to run the list every night at midnight or something.

  107. I continue to be stunned, amazed, and grateful for what you create within Market Samurai. I rave about the software and have trouble telling people all it does. An invaluable tool for anybody doing internet marketing!


  108. Very impressive, you guys are the best and I am so glad that I bought my copy Mareket Samurai.

  109. 109

    The automatic upgrade is failing for me, I get an error that says that the AIR file is damaged and I should obtain a new one from you guys. Just to be sure, I removed and reinstalled the AIR application itself, but I still get the same error: “The application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. Try obtaining a new AIR file from the application author.”


    first sorry for my english i am french of Quebec canada,
    ok you have demo or trying software i am interesing sending my e-mail
    thank you

    jean-francois Guilbert
    alias pro-brainstars

  111. I have never purchased a product or service that has been so under valued. You guys keep added value to a product that I practically stole from you! Great addition to an already great product. Keep up the good work guys!

  112. 112

    Ok, I fixed the”corrup AIR file” problem by uninstalling Market Samurai, downloading a completely fresh copy and re-installing. Just FYI, I was originally using v80.7 with autoupgrades (I notice the KB says you guys can’t replicate the problem, so maybe knowing the version will be helpful).

    BTW, wickedly cool new module. Thanks!

  113. 113

    Nice addition… and even more exciting stuff yet to come. WOW.

    It would be nice to be able to see the actual backlink anchor text from within the Rank tool. Maybe in a future release…. please.

  114. Hey all, is there a way to easy pull the keywords from the keyword analysis section to the rank checker? Using the cut and paste still requires a bit of manual tweaking.



  115. Hey Brent…

    What a fantastic option !!

    I guessed this Fantastic Module as well !! :) Just like a few people already who left their responses.

    I now have access to one of the best and easiest ways to find my ranking and my customer rankings in the search engines for the best deal in town.

    You know, Market Samurai is one of the only software’s that I have ever purchased that their programmers keep up with important updates and adding new features for the single cost of the original purchase!!

    Thanks Guys and keep it up! I open all your messages!

    Have a Great Day!!

  116. 116

    Really nice addition, thanks.

  117. 117
    On June 18th, 2009 at 3:23 am
    sgt.brutal said:

    Not happy. Noobs tracking their blogs for every keywords under the sky means metrics get more unreliable.

  118. Congrats to the Market Samurai team. You are doing phenomenal work…I don’t know how I would do my marketing research without it.

    Many thanks.

    Claude Pelanne

  119. You guys are the bomb!

    I’ve been wondering when somebody was going to do this. Market Samurai leads the pack in IM Software land, I’ve tried them all. None of them come close in terms of value and effectiveness.

  120. This is absolutely incredible!
    No more trying to figure it out on my own!

    This is just fantastic!

  121. Thank you for yet another outstanding addition to Market Samurai!

    There is something about the new Rank Tracker module that I would like clarification on. Is it possible to rank hub pages we create (i.e. a blog page at or a lense page at I tried to add a few that I have created but it strips off the individual page and looks through ALL of squidoo (or whatever site I’ve added) for the keywords I’m tracking.


  122. 122


    This feature is really cool.

    It would be even cooler if we had some way to export the ranking info to an Excel file, so we could present the information to clients.


  123. What a nice surprise!

    I was reading one of Howie Shwartz’s rank checker software last night. It is no way near what you guys offer. This will give us a really advance insight to concentrate our effort on our marketing.

    One of my problems was that I don’t know which one of my marketing strategies give me the most bang for the buck, whether ezinearticle marketing, hubpages or squidoo marketing, or even video marketing.

    It seems like we have a very objective ways for us to see where the effort will pay off. It almost give us the crystal ball to see where all the potential fish is. It is wonderful.

    Again, thanks for the module. I am the early buyer for Market samurai and I see you guys have been adding value to it in a quantum fashion.


  124. Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work. Market Samurai is the absolute, hands down, best tool on the market. And when you consider the more than reasonable price, this one is a no brainer. I just wish everything you bought gave you the same kind of value that Market Samurai does.

  125. 125
    On June 18th, 2009 at 4:52 am
    Trish Shigetomi said:

    Just want to thank you for a great new module. This will definitely help me out. Keep up the great work. Thanks again.


  126. My favorite tool just got more powerful.

    Serious upgrade once again.

    By far, the most satisfying software I ever bought, as it delivered then and it keeps improving at no additional cost.


  127. Uh, WebPosition got into some difficulty over this exat same thing. Hopefully you’ve taken precautions to ensure that won’t happen with this.

    With 500 pages on one domain and each page being optimized for 2-3 different terms it’s going to take a while. Lol, I learned my lesson with WP and want to be double sure there won’t be future problems for running huge quesries like that.

    To ease my mind can you tell me what precautions you’ve taken?

  128. 128

    When I try to rank several Squidoo lenses, they get parsed out and the ranking only shows in Domain Details.

  129. Thanks a million guys. You have really taken seo software to the next level – I am using it all the time now! I thought I got good value for money when I purchased – you have over-delivered with all the new modules! Anyone who is still thinking of buying should get it now before the price goes up – seriously!

  130. Not working for me guys! I get the domain results but I do not get any keyword data or ranking page data

  131. I bought Samurai ages ago and it is great.

    However the tuition sucks as there is no explanation about the changes that have been dropped on older versions.

    EG: SEO digger and the api key, dropped from an earlier version

  132. [...] the coolest features in the software. You can get all the details on this awesome new module on the Market Samurai Blog, but basically Noble Samurai has included what might be the most powerful keyword rank tracking [...]

  133. Wow! I was just about to pay $100 for a standalone rank checking app that doesn’t do half of what this module does. Glad I waited.

  134. This module sucks as it is not working!
    I also get the domain results but
    I do not get any keyword data or ranking page data

    Its a real Pity
    as the other modules are great.

  135. Just watched the videos – and again, Brent and guys – this is absolutely amazing stuff. Kudos!

  136. Just got a chance to use the new module. WOW!!! If you’re having any trouble using it, be sure and look at the video training. It explains the things I was having trouble figuring out.

  137. 137
    On June 18th, 2009 at 12:27 pm
    Andry Salim said:

    Hi guys,

    Great work with this! Really useful.
    It would also be nice if you have a feature like ads tracker. You know, the feature where you put up a list of keywords and it can search the ads in google, msn or yahoo and track the ads every day.

    It’s going to be useful for PPC marketing.

    Just an idea ;)


  138. 138


    Who WON?!

    Sum of 8 + 10 ? 18. Totally ruled that one. Owned it. And, didn’t use a calculator this time. So, awesome.

  139. 139

    Great addition to the app for sure. I love it!!! HOWEVER, there’s a basic flaw I see here which is the corrolation between keywords /project and the rank tracker.
    If you already provide this valuable tool and have the technology then please go forward and have it as a stand alone feature in the application where we can login to market samurai and just check our ranking on multiple sites even if they are not related to an existing project/keyword.

    Pretty please!?

  140. Yes. Yes. I agree with io above. Please include the ability to extract existing keywords from the keyword tags and alt tags of existing sites, so that we can track the rankings of those sites as well. IBP (Internet Business Promoter) has this feature (to extract the keywords). But, even they don’t have the feature to track the rankings yet, FYI.

  141. Can you make the tool find what keywords I’m ranking for?

    There are phrases and keywords that I may be ranking for but don’t know what they are!

    I accidently found that I’m #2 on a phrase that I didn’t even consider so if the tool could search somehow and find them it would be great

    Also I would like to see the ability to print the results of keyword research so I can study it.


  142. 142

    Wow MS team! This mod is awesome! Even though I was way off on my guess..I’m glad I was wrong…your idea kicks serious butt!

    I’m still so amazed you are so customer focused and over deliver. Unheard of in this space…

    Thank you!

  143. Great. Thanks. This is far more powerful and comprehensive than rank-checker features available in other tools.

  144. Thank you for answering my first question.

    Another question:

    I have now tried the module on one of my websites and for some reason running the module seems to create HUGE traffic to the site when I look at my Google Analytics stats.

    Can this be caused by MS and if so is this something that can be fixed in some way?


  145. Wow Guys!! Awesome. I am left speech less. Thank you once again.

  146. Hey! This is unbelievably awesome! I have never seen such a thing up till now!

  147. [...] Announcing Market Samurai’s NEW Rank Tracker [...]

  148. 148

    WOW! What can I say. You continue giving a new meaning to the concept of overdelivering.

  149. 149

    Yup my best and most used marketing tool just got sooo much better thanks guys.

    Have now finally been able to find my Squidoo lens pages, such a relief :)

    Notice some people saying that it will not return keyword results or ranking on some sites. I have the same issue on one of mine and am wondering if it is because it is a sub domain?

    Any way thanks again you guys are the dogs bollocks :D

  150. This stuff is really awesome!!!


    Do we need to do an keyword search update in tool every day to see where we rank, how many backlinks are we getting each day, so the graph will show? Or it does that by itself?

  151. Update to my earlier comment. I am really loving this feature. The timing fit perfectly with a massive SEO campaign I am conducting for one of my site’s keywords. Thanks again for making my job that much easier.

  152. You guys are amazing, you never fail to over deliver! This is a tool that I would otherwise have bought. Thank you so much im so glad I got in when you first started Market Samurai! Let me be the first to know if you guys ever build a link building service, because I know that will be amazing as well!

  153. 153

    I am amazed at how much you over-deliver in your product! Thank you for this great new addition. It saves so much time and money (and helps make more money)!

    Thanks again!

  154. OK so it wasn’t the inflatible doll but I was almost there wasn’t I?

    Maybe you could consider it for a future upgrade???

    Great work guys – you are real winners


  155. 155
    On June 19th, 2009 at 11:19 am
    Alan Paterson said:


    It’s one thing to know Google have indexed you, but manually finding where it is can take days, so you’ve just saved some people weeks of work!

    Great job.


  156. I’m amazed at the constant upgrades you guys are handing us! Rank Tracker beats everything to date. All the other features compliment Rank Tracker in the Market Samurai package. If you haven’t got this software yet… what are you waiting for!

  157. Thanks Noble Samurai guys for this great module that you named after me! ^_^V

  158. This feature is very cool!

    I would love to print out the data from Rank Tracker, is there a way to do this, or will there be soon?

  159. This software is such a timesaver! I look forward to using the new Rank Tracker feature. You guys rock!!

  160. First, well done me for guessing what the mystery module was :-)

    I was wondering about the effect of the type of site on the number of clicks in Google. i.e. A Squidoo lens or Ezine Article as opposed to your own .com domain name.

    Do you guys have any info on that? You seem to know everything.


  161. Hello! Need help…each time I go to purchase through paypal, the 149 price shows up ratehr than the 99 dollar discount…is there a code for the discount? Please help..will be leaving for work in 30 minutes and would like to purchase at the discount price! :) thanks, Dan

  162. Simply, you guys are genious to make hard tasks simple.
    A huge leverage power in my hand now.
    Thanks for the discount. :)

  163. 163

    No Sound is coming through on your video. Other videos I have received are working

  164. Thanks mobile Samurai
    you have some great
    products, good luck
    with your launch.

  165. 165
    On June 22nd, 2009 at 4:29 am
    Julie Chrisler said:

    Hi Brent and the Market Samurai Crew,

    You are the coolest people around – the rank tracker is just a fantastic time saver and presents me with information that I have not even been able to find before because some of it is buried so deep in the SERPs.

    I did want to mention that I ran MS with the top 25 keywords from my google analytics report for the website that I checked. It sasid it would take 12 minutes to complete but in fact after 45 minutes of waiting I canceled the task. I must say it is so cool that the data that it found during the time that it was executing was there so it was not a waste of time. I don’t know why it hung, most of the data was there – it did look like it had just about completed, just the 4 last keywords in the keyword list were missing.

    You guys rock – you are wonderful.


  166. How long would you wait to see if the seo strategy has taken effect?

  167. Thank you, guys.
    spectakuler and appreciate each module you create!

  168. 168
    On June 24th, 2009 at 11:19 pm
    kbhuffaker said:


    I agree with everyone else that this new tracking tool is very valuable. But my head is a bit thick and I’m hoping that you will come out with a more detailed tutorial with step by step examples how the information presented relates to the numbers being shown.

    For example, when I click on the little arrow next to my backlinks and I’m taken to a Web page, how does the information on this Web page relate to my backlinks? Same with the position matches. How does the information presented relate back to my stuff. I guess I’m expecting to see something on the Website that is using my URL.

    Maybe I’m missing the point completely but this is why a detailed example with step by step instructions would be very helpful to me.

    I love your tool and I thank you for the work you are putting into it.


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