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When you are trying to SEO optimize a site, knowing how many backlinks you and your competitors have is vital. More backlinks build higher search engine rankings resulting in higher traffic for your site.

Market Samurai provides backlink data for your sites and for your competitors sites in the SEO Competition and Rank Tracker Modules.

The data provided includes:

  • Page Backlinks (BLP): The total number of links pointing to a specific web page eg
  • Domain Backlinks (BLD): The number of links pointing to an entire domain (whole website) eg all of the links pointing to the Noble Samurai blog, forums, dojo, knowledgebase or any other page on the domain.
  • Government/Educational Domain Backlinks (BLEG): The total number of links pointing to the domain from Government (.gov) and Educational (.edu) sources. As these sources tend to be of a higher authority they are a very strong indicator of the quality and authority of the website.

In the past, Market Samurai has used the Yahoo Site Explorer to gather all backlink data – including BLP, BLD and BLEG. When Yahoo announced in August that they were making changes to this service we started planning new solutions to make sure that backlink  data would still be available.

Fortunately we were able to find a fantastic alternative in Majestic SEO.

Majestic SEO is a tool that provides backlink information for SEO professionals. They have crawled the web to build a large independent index of backlink data. At last count their index contained 3,207,846,754,541 URLs! That makes it one of the largest sources of backlink information on the planet.

The best news is that we are able to use their extensive index of backlinks to provide our users with accurate backlink data.

There are however some limitations. The data that we have access to cannot provide a list of backlink sources so we will continue to provide Anchor Text Analysis and Page Rank Analysis using the Yahoo! Site Explorer website. Also, while we are able to provide the number of backlinks for .edu and .gov sites, we cannot provide a list of the backlink sources as this information is only available through a paid Majestic SEO account.

The good news is that you can sign up for a free Majestic SEO account that will provide you with lots of additional valuable data, including:

  • the Backlink History tool which allows you to compare the backlink history of a number of sites;
  • the Bulk Backlink Checker which allows you to compare/contrast up to 20 URLs;
  • the Neighbourhood Checker which shows what domains are hosted on the same IP as a given site; and most importantly
  • Free Reports for any site that you own. This means that for your own site you can see a full report of backlink data without needing a paid membership.

As always, we will continue to keep Market Samurai up to date with all of the best data sources available so make sure you keep updating Market Samurai so that you don’t miss out on these changes. If you have any issues or concerns regarding this change, please let is know via support or in the comments.


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