The Market Samurai Affiliate Program has LAUNCHED!

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The Market Samurai Affiliate Program has now Launched!

This means all Market Samurai full version owners can begin earning commissions – just for telling people about Market Samurai.

Plus – for the next two weeks – you will earn prizes for referring leads to Market Samurai.

So make sure you’re signed up…

Market Samurai Affiliate Program Details

If you missed our Market Samurai affiliate program announcement on the blog on Friday, here are the key benefits of the Market Samurai affiliate program:

  • For every person who you refer that buys, you earn 48% commissions;
  • High Conversion Rates – our affiliates achieve average conversion rates of 20-25%, download to sale;
  • It practically promotes itself – a free download of some great software – people love this offer!;
  • Your leads are locked to your affiliate code with lifetime hard-coded affiliate tracking – meaning it doesn’t matter if your lead buys Market Samurai today, or a year from today, you still get the commission;
  • As an affiliate, you get access to all of our banners, proven email promotional copy to promote, and more;
  • Demand for Market Samurai keeps growing, showing no signs of slowing down. (Our stats keep showing growth month after month – for us, and for our affiliates. So it’s not too late to start – things are just getting hot!);
  • There are plenty of untapped international markets, where knowledge of Market Samurai is low, and smart affiliates can clean up! (these include fast-growing markets in Central Europe, Asia and Latin America);
  • Our autoresponders and software do hard work for you, as your personal salesman. This means once a lead has downloaded, you don’t have to pitch at all if selling “just isn’t your thing”;
  • And it takes very little effort to promote. With a few clicks, you can have a banner on your blog.

You tell people, they download free software, our autoresponders work to get you sales, and you earn a 48% commission on all Market Samurai sales that you’ve referred.


It’s Easy to Make Sales Add Up

As I mentioned in the last blog post, it doesn’t take much effort to start seeing results.

If all you did was tell ONE friend per month about Market Samurai, and based on your personal recommendation they bought, that’s between $550 – $860 extra per year in your pocket.

If you put a banner on your blog, and refer 1 more sale per month, that’s now $1,100 – $1,720 in your pocket.

Do a few blog posts (one a month – perhaps talking about different tools inside Market Samurai and how you use them), refer just 10 sales from each blog post, and you’re now earning $6,680 – $10,300.

Promote Market Samurai to an email list, do some PPC advertising, release some videos on keyword research using Market Samurai and…

…well, you can multiply the numbers from here…

By now you’re seeing how it doesn’t take much to create a regular income stream by promoting Market Samurai.

Two Weeks Only: Double Your Rewards

PLUS! – If you promote within the next two weeks (between June 14 and June 27 AEST), all signups you refer will be counted towards some HUGE prize giveaways – including the new iPad 3G, the yet-to-be-released iPhone 4G (be the first to have one!), and more!

These are just some of the prizes…

There are plenty of other cool gadgets, expensive gizmos and more – but to get the full list of bonuses you can unlock, you’ll need to be a Market Samurai affiliate. (We can’t reveal all of our affiliate program secrets on the blog ;-) )

Already Joined the Market Samurai Affiliate Program?

If you’ve already joined the Market Samurai affiliate program, it’s time to promote now!

Every signup that you refer in the next two weeks – between now and June 27th at 11:59pm Melbourne time – counts towards your bonus prize.

The more leads you refer, the bigger and more expensive your prize will be!

You should have received an email with the details you need to access the affiliate resources area. (If this email hasn’t arrived, please contact us in support.)

Once you have access, make sure you check out the “Resources” section inside the Affiliate area. It contains:

  • Your Affiliate Links;
  • Pre-Tested Email Campaigns you can “Swipe” and use as you wish;
  • Banners and promotional graphics for your blog or site;
  • Campaign Profitability Estimators;
  • And More!

(We’ll be adding more resources to this area later – so check back regularly.)

You’ll also have access here to Full Stats Reporting inside the Market Samurai affiliate area.

(These stats, graphs and reporting tools are the same as the ones that we use to manage and monitor our own promotions.)

Not Yet a Market Samurai Affiliate?

As a full version owner of Market Samurai – if you haven’t already joined the Market Samurai affiliate program – you can join now, here:

If you do not own the full version of Market Samurai yet – and you’d like to join the Market Samurai affiliate program – this discount link will allow you to buy Market Samurai for $97 (roughly what you’ll make back in commissions on the first two sales you refer.)

(BUT… This discount link will expire in a few hours (at 11:59pm on Monday) and is only available to new Market Samurai affiliates – so make sure you use it now before it disappears.)

Once you have your full version registration key, you can use it to get access to the Market Samurai affiliate program here.

WARNING: The Market Samurai Affiliate Program is NOT for Everyone…

Even though it would be nice to be able to pay every Market Samurai owner a big check every month for simply telling their friends and followers about how they use our software – it’s important that I emphasize:

The Market Samurai affiliate program is not for everyone.

As I mentioned in my last blog post – IF YOU plan to do any of the following…

…Promote Market Samurai through negative “Is Market Samurai a Scam?” style advertising, SPAM, lie, cheat, steal, or deliberately misrepresent Market Samurai’s features or any of our offers to get sales, use black hat techniques (such as cookie-stuffing), use dirty tricks, advertise promises that you don’t keep, or otherwise damage our good name…

…Then the Market Samurai Affiliate Program is NOT for you.

We will refuse, reject or boot-out affiliates who “play dirty”. Our integrity and reputation are worth far more to us than a few extra sales – and we mean it.

This is the whole reason we chose the name “Noble Samurai” – not “Evil Ninjas”. (Because our integrity is important to us.)

BUT… If you’re one of the “good guys” – someone who has integrity too…

…Then the Market Samurai Affiliate Program IS for you.

If you are one of the good guys, we want you to be a Market Samurai affiliate so that we can reward you with commissions for simply sharing Market Samurai with others. So, if you haven’t already,…

Remember: You Only Have 2 Weeks to Earn Bonuses

If you do plan to promote Market Samurai – remember, you MUST promote in the next two weeks if you want to claim one of the many Market Samurai Affiliate Program Bonuses.

(The new iPad 3G, [just announced] iPhone 4G, MacBook Pro prize pack, and more.)

Every signup you refer between Monday June 14th and Sunday June 27th (at 11:59pm Melbourne time) will count towards your bonus prize.

Refer more signups, and unlock even bigger, even cooler and even more expensive prizes! :)

So get started now to maximise your prize!


P.S. – Here’s the Market Samurai Affiliate Program signup button again (just in case you missed it) ;-)

Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

21 Responses to “The Market Samurai Affiliate Program has LAUNCHED!”

  1. It feels as if I’ve been waiting for this day forever – congratulations on the launch gentlemen! I have loved watching Market Samurai grow as each new module was added. More importantly, I love using each and every module.

    As anyone who has spoken to me knows, Market Samurai has changed my life and I look forward to introducing other IMers to it!


  2. We’ve had a couple of people in support who haven’t received their welcome email.

    If you’ve not received your affiliate details then please submit a support ticket:


    Tania Shipman replied:

    Hi Miriam

    Thanks for the information. I sent in a support ticket. Great that Market Samurai Affiliate program is now available.


  3. Hi Guys,

    I’ve re-sent Alex’s email containing all of your registration details.

    This should be in your inbox now, if you haven’t received it already.


  4. Congratulations guys and best of luck with the affiliate program launch.

  5. Hey Guy,

    Market Samurai has been one of the best inventions ever. I think sales will surely go through the roof. You can’t do Internet Marketing without Market Samurai, can you?

    Good luck on the launch!!


  6. That is fantastic. I will continue to support and promote Market Samurai

  7. Finally! Your software rocks guys, at last now I can actually get some rewards for promoting it! Ive spoken to professional SEO firms in my area and none of them had heard of your software, i mentioned it and their eyes lit up! haha – i loved getting one over on them, shame I couldnt have made some sales then! Keep up the good work.

  8. Excellent stuff guys.
    We can finally share our great results with more online marketers.
    This industry really needs people to understand there is a way to make it online and this product is the perfect confidence boost they need.
    There are more than enough niche’s for us all, lets hope the struggling now find their place to monetise at last.

    Have fun and keep smiling.

  9. Market Samurai is by far the best all-in-one keyword research tool!

    Don’t even think about starting a niche site or writing an article without it.

    I will promote MS based on the keywords I found using MS!

  10. Awesome!!! I have made one sale already and I am just starting to promote.

  11. Brent,

    “Hat’s Off” to all you guys at MS! I’ve been a user for a couple years now and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt – this is one of the most useful tools for all website owners.

    This isn’t just for affiliate marketing. This is the ultimate tool for streamlining research and finding viable opportunities give your site stronnnnnnnng web presence.

    I’m a huge fan.



  12. Thank you! You have such an amazing tool. It has literally changed how effective I work and the quality of work I do for my clients. I can’t wait to share this tool with others.



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  14. is join affiliate program for free…….

  15. Very good to know, signed up for it myself, thanks!!!

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  17. Hi,

    This is great news. Just ended my trial period and fell in love at first sight! Exelent. The promocode doesent seem to work? Has it ended or is it something wrong?

    Best Regards,

  18. Thanks Guys,

    This is such a great product I have been waiting to be able to promote it for ages. I think everyone would benefit from using it if they are involved in internet marketing or web promotions.

  19. I was recently introduced to Market Samurai and love it! It’s great to now have the potential to earn commissions when I refer someone else to it (which I’ve been doing anyway)!

  20. Great stuff guys! Really looking forward to promoting this amazing product!

    ‘I don’t believe anyone could truly be effective online without the information Market Samurai provides’.