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Greetings, fellow warriors.

Today we’ve released (yet) another incremental upgrade to Market Samurai – small but important fixes and improvements to your work-flow – version 0.80.5.

There are a few bugs which we’re clearing up:

There was an issue with saving Keyword Research data which a lot of people were running into.

That’s been fixed, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience that’s caused.  It was a tiny bug to do with the order of loading and saving, but tiny bugs can have big repercussions like that!

Also, many were reporting OCI data failing to come back.

Microsoft changed the way OCI data was offered, which resulted in Market Samurai not knowing how to “read” the results.  We’ve updated the OCI data capture procedure, so you should all be able to gauge the commercial intent of keywords once more.  Let us know how that goes for you.

There was also an issue with the in-line browser not closing properly, leaving videos running (with the sound).  This has been fixed.

What’s new in this release?

Per-Project Settings

If you’re starting a new project, you might notice that new options have appeared!  Or rather – old options?

We’ve moved the Region settings and Adult Filter option from the global Settings menu to per-project.  A few times it’s happened where I had set the Region while working on one project, then moved to a different one and wondering why I’m getting strange results – it was still set, of course!  Now it can be set on every project.

You can set it for your existing projects by clicking “Project Settings” and selecting the Region and choosing to include or not include adult content.

This also means the “Google” menu in Settings has disappeared, since these were the only two options there.

What else have we added?  We’ve changed a few factors around the SEO Competition module, which hopefully you can see for yourself.

But ladies and gentlemen – there’s a lot, LOT more where this has come from.  Expect bigger things soon. :)

Talk to you soon!


EDIT: Oh – one more thing!  You should find that the buttons for adding and removing Negative Keywords are a lot faster now.  Enjoy!

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9 Responses to “Keywords, OCI and More”

  1. 1
    On November 28th, 2008 at 8:21 pm
    Kathleen Walker said:

    It’s working beautifully now thank you, it is a really amazing tool. I am blown away by the info it provides all in one place.

  2. When are you guys setting up an affiliate program for this fine piece of software of yours?



  3. 3
    On November 29th, 2008 at 12:26 am
    Bob Walker, Canada said:

    Hello Arlen

    Thank you for you for the update/fix. I also appreciate the detailed explanations of the changes.

    Happy trails…


  4. You guys rock! Love this program. One thing I would love, a small thing it is but I would like to be able to browse to a folder to store my file when creating the project. Picky little request I know. Thanks for everything guys.

  5. Thank you for the update on market Samurai. This posted served as a reminder for me to take a closer look. I have a few online buddies that rave about the results they are getting by researching keywords and I know from my own experience that taking the time to do the research on the right key words, creating content that is focused on those keywords and then creating a URL that includes the key words is a search killer strategy. I hear that your software will make this happen in a fluid and effective way. Don’t be surprised if you see me come across your desk as a new member.

    Best wishes for your continued success!


  6. Awesome work to all of you. What an amazing piece of software you have created and made it so affordable. Thanks so much for working tirelessly on it and I look forward to all of the new stuff!!

  7. Hi Guys,
    I just bought the Software a couple of weeks ago and it’s really awesome. I’m just beginning to know how to use it and analyze the data, though.
    One burning question I have is this: what is a level you would recommend for setting the OCI to filter data?
    Also, one weird thing that happened today – I just finished writing a few articles optimized for a keyword group.
    I chose the main keyword because when I first ran the analysis, this keyword showed a high traffic and very low competition and it had 37% OCI.
    But then when I ran another related keyword, the same main keyword that showed 37% OCI before is now showing 0% OCI!
    Any explanations will be really helpful, thanks!

  8. Market Samurai is great! However, the OCI values are a major hurdle. OCI data is only available 10% of the time… i have tried with proxies and without… anyone else getting this issue?

  9. It really is a helpful part of Market Samurai. Any estimate on your progress in restoring OCI to the software?