Changes to the Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai Keyword Research

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When it comes to keyword research, our goal has always been to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date and valuable keyword data possible.

And with Google changing the way they provide keyword data, we’ve had to make some big changes “under the hood” of Market Samurai to make sure you continue to have access to the best keyword data available.

And now, with Google’s new Adwords Tool up and running, it’s time for Market Samurai to make the transit

Here’s what’s happening…

Google’s Year of Keyword Tool Experiments

Last year, Google began experimenting with new keyword suggestion tools, with the goal of making their keyword data more useful.

As part of this they created a new Beta version of the Google Keyword Tool, which they made available alongside their original Keyword Tool. This new tool combined most of the core features of the previous Keyword Tool, plus some other Google keyword sources (like Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool.)

After nearly 12 months of refining their new Keyword Tool, Google has flicked the switch – making their new Keyword Tool their official keyword tool, and closing its predecessor.

With the Keyword Research module of Market Samurai using these sources for its data, this has meant we’ve had to make some changes of our own in order to keep delivering you the best data possible inside Market Samurai’s Keyword Research module.

As with all change, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The Good News:

1. Improved Keyword Relevancy

The good news is the new keyword tool is going to return better, more relevant results.

By combining their two old keyword tools, Google has been able to refine the methods used by the tool for generating a keyword list from a seed keyword. This ensures that the list generated is more relevant, and contains higher quality keywords.

So while the old keyword tool produced up to 200 keywords per search, the new tool produces (by default) a shorter, but more relevant list of 100 keywords.

This list will contain fewer irrelevant keywords that would normally be filtered out anyway – saving you time and effort and letting you focus more on the quality keywords.

2. Cleaner, More Accurate Traffic Estimates

Another advantage is that the new Keyword Tool does not include search data from partner websites such as YouTube or which can skew traffic calculations.

This means that the traffic estimates you will now receive from Market Samurai will be related only to actual Google searches.

AND – If you want even MORE relevant keywords, with Market Samurai you can now…

3. Generate up to 800 Keywords (thanks to Adwords Integration)

Under the old system, to generate larger quantities of keywords users could use both the Google Keyword Tool, and the Google Search-Based Keyword Tool to generate a list of keywords that was typically around 900 keywords (before filtering, but after duplicates were removed.)

But with the Search-Based Keyword Tool closing down, this option is no longer available.

However, you can still generate a list of up to 800 keywords – if you are logged into your Adwords account from within Market Samurai. (A new option we’ve added to Market Samurai.)

This requires you to have a Google Adwords account (as opposed to a Google or Gmail account) – something which you can set up without payment if you haven’t got one already.

And here’s the kicker – this list of 800 will still be using Google’s new refined keyword generating algorithm, so it will contain only the highest quality keywords that the tool can deliver.

The Bad News

The bad news is that Google’s new Keyword Tool only provides data for 100 keywords at a time. This means that the generation of your keywords is currently slower than it used to be.

To help combat this, we’ve spent a lot of time working on 2 features that speed up Market Samurai for you.

We’ll be showing you what these tools do, and how to get the most out of them, in the coming days.

What To Do Next…

1. Update your copy of Market Samurai to the Latest Version

Because Google has stopped supporting the old keyword source, you will need to update to the latest version to continue using Market Samurai.

To update, simply open up Market Samurai. Whenever you run Market Samurai, it will check for newer versions of the software and guide you through the update process.

If you have any troubles, you can always download the latest version from your unique download link, or by logging into our account system here on

2. Enter your Adwords Account Details

Once you’ve installed the latest version of Market Samurai, you’ll no doubt want to get access to the full list of 800 highly relevant keywords in your niche. So you’ll need to enter your Adwords account details.

How To Enter Your Adwords Account…

If you already have an Adwords account, here’s how to save your Adwords account details into Market Samurai:

Note: Your Adwords account details are stored securely on your own computer, not on our servers. We never see your account, or the performance of any of your ads.

Need An Adwords Account?…

If you don’t yet have an Adwords account, setting one up takes just a few minutes – and does not require a credit card – if you follow these steps.

3. Tip: Filter your keywords

Finally, because 800 keywords is a huge number of keywords (4x more than the typical Market Samurai user would analyze) I want to leave you with a tip that will speed up your analysis.

After you’ve generated a keyword list in Market Samurai, make sure the next thing that you do is tell Market Samurai what keywords you’re looking for by setting some keyword filters:

Doing this before you do any more analysis will reduce the number of “dud”, irrelevant, low value keywords that Market Samurai gathers data for – and if Market Samurai spends less time gathering data for keywords you don’t want, it means you get your analysis done faster.

With 800 keywords, it’s even more valuable to set filters before you do any heavy data gathering.

[Hint: Eagle-eyed Market Samurai users will spot a new feature we've created for you around keyword filtering... If you miss it, or want more information on how to get the most out of it, I'll be uploading a blog post about this new feature in the coming days...]

If you have any feedback or notice any bugs, let us know via support.

As the Search landscape continues to evolve, our main focus will be to provide you with the best keyword analysis and internet marketing software for your business.

But for now, we hope you enjoy the 3 features we’ve released today inside Market Samurai.


Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

57 Responses to “Changes to the Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai Keyword Research”

  1. I never post here or very rarely….but after getting the update…I was like YES!

    Been using MS since day one (or two) and wanted presets way back then….tired of typing same numbers ?!!!! uh, yeah!!!!!! LOL!

    Thanks guys!!!!

    How about short cut keys for each tab or macros to to run presets, then SEOC analysis in one click? That would be clutch!!!!

    You guys rock…

    Joe Shaw replied:

    I agree… Thanks for the presets! I was able to use MS to get on page 1 of google for a high traffic keyword in about 4 weeks.

    Joe Shaw
    Joe Shawʼs last blog post… SEO Writing Tips

  2. Thanks for the update and the instructions. For some reason the link to add my adwords account didn’t show up. I finally opened a new project and the link was then availalbe.

    Thanks again for all the work you do.
    Bettyʼs last blog post… Obituaries Online Database

    Martin replied:

    You need to go into the File menu and click on Settings to get to the ‘accounts’ section. Fooled me for a while too.
    Martinʼs last blog post… Webdings And Wingdings Chart

  3. Thanks for the update guys. I was wondering when you would do this. It’s good to know that you do update pretty quick when there is a change that needs to be made – it makes the investment in the software a simple choice.
    Jeffʼs last blog post… Business Online

  4. Just goes to show good Market Samurai is. Your adjustment to the market conditions is excellent. Haven’t upgraded yet but the Golden Rules tab looks enticing!

    By the way, a big thanks to Market Samurai for existing. Stumbled across your product and was totally impressed by it. At that stage I had no idea what I was doing with SEO but your training videos gave me great insights. And then, the Challenge appeared which was like an early Christmas. Have learnt so much even though I suspect my niche is a no go. The combination of Market Samurai, WPD and the Challenge is to be applauded.

    I feel like I’m Ed’s apprentice. Upgraded my iphone to iphone 4 – woohoo! Now guess who wrote to Santa asking for an ipad!. Goes without saying I have a mac as well. Now I just need a new micro niche site so I can get into the next phase of the Challenge – or Caro’s product.

    Thanks again guys.

  5. That initial keyword look up time IS longer….sad face….

  6. Woh…I just re-analyzed a set of keywords and the SEOT numbers are super different…most are way lower…

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Yes, you’re correct.

    The new keyword tool doesn’t include searches from Google’s search network – only from Google itself. This means the data is simpler to understand and analyze, but the search numbers for most keywords will be lower.

    Kay Burlesque Costumes replied:

    Hi Brent,
    Are the numbers supposed to be way way different?
    For burlesque costumes I got a UK exact match search of 595 per day before the change and now it’s down to 62.
    Are you going to be recommending a new set of criteria to base our view of whether a keyword is worth basing a site on?
    Kay Burlesque Costumesʼs last blog post… RETRO CORSET

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Hi Kay,

    I’m surprised whenever I see keywords with such big variations, but they do happen.

    I said on the forums here recently, in reply to a question: “should there be an adjustment to the golden rule of SEOT>80 now that all search sites are not reflected in the total searches.”

    The fundamentals of the 4 Golden Rules remain the same.

    You still want to attack keywords that have:
    - High Traffic;
    - High Relevance;
    - High Commerciality, and;
    - Low Competition.

    As for the numbers behind the 4 Golden Rules – these 4 Golden Rules were developed based on the old keyword data, and were proven time and again by countless internet marketers who used them to set up successful websites.

    When we developed the 4 Golden Rules against the old keyword data, we took into consideration the actual traffic levels sites were getting – and what traffic levels someone should look for in the old keyword data set if someone wanted to achieve a similar level of traffic from a different keyword.

    This latest change now uses a “more conservative” version of Google’s data – meaning practically every keyword will show lower estimated search traffic data.

    So if you’re using the 4 Golden Rules today, fewer keywords will “make the cut” – but you’ll probably get even more traffic from those keywords.

    On the other hand – if you were using the 4 Golden Rules a month ago, you’re no worse off than the thousands of people who had successfully built sites using the 4 Golden Rules against the data these filters were originally designed to be used against.

    We don’t plan on changing the Golden Rules at this stage.

    The major reasons are:

    1. (As I said above) With people using the Golden Rules against old data being no worse off than the thousands who had successfully used the Golden Rules before them – and people using the Golden Rules against new data potentially being better off – there is no urgency in changing;

    2. To prevent confusion (so far, 211,000+ people have used these filters inside Market Samurai and Domain Samurai, and any change [like the change to a new keyword data source] creates a lot of fear, uncertainty, doubt and confusion), and;

    3. Because if people were able to get traffic before (when the Golden Rules were less conservative) they’ll be able to get *even better* results now that the rules are even more discriminating.

    I hope this helps you out


  7. Thanks for the update on your updates! You guys are awesome for revising Market Samurai so frequently as the data sources you tap into so frequently change. A couple hours ago, I noticed Google was toying with search related twitter feeds on top of the SERP. I was wondering how that will affect Rank Tracker, but when they officially go live with it, I’m sure you guys will be right on it.
    Dr. SEO Haleyʼs last blog post… Google Twitter Tweets on SERP

  8. Again Brent and the team demonstrate why Market Samurai is the tool of choice for smart internet marketers.. well done team.

  9. Many thanks Team for this timely update. I find it particularly helpful having a video show how to set up A Google Adwords Account. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who find ‘demonstration’ is the most effective way to learn. Keep up the good work!

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks Davina :)

    I thought Ben Galt did a fantastic job of explaining things too.

    He’s working on the next demonstration video right now… Stay tuned!

  10. Glad to see this :)

    Re the Presets: am wondering what the Golden Rules filter will do precisely? And any chance of getting the Refresh Filters back, or don’t we, hand-on-heart, need it any more?
    Ishaʼs last blog post… Your Market Samurai Glossary Is Ready &8211 Keyword Research

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    We’ve got a blog post and video coming out about this in a few days time – but hand-on-heart, you shouldn’t need it again. Filters should automatically apply the second you click outside of a filter.

  11. 11

    “This list will contain fewer irrelevant keywords that would normally be filtered out anyway – saving you time and effort and letting you focus more on the quality keywords.”

    I’ll have to see it to believe it. My first KW research came up with some HORRIBLE KW’s, then, I tried to do some tweaks, and then the list got really small, and I cannot add my own, logical LSI-type KW’s manually anymore for analysis?

    I must be missing something.

  12. Thanks for the update guy.

    However, I am unable to use the Adwords integration! I get either of two messages:

    1. Connection to Google Adwords account timed out, or..

    2. A problem with Adobe AIR. ‘Retry limit exceeded. This is often a temporary issue; please try again later’.

    Suggestions to correct the problem would be great, thanks.

    Andyʼs last blog post… Socrates WordPress Theme

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Hey Andy,

    This is something we’re struggling to trace right now. Could I get you to email Support about it? (Via “Support” above – “Submit a Ticket”)
    We’d love your direct help to stomp this bug once-and-for-all.

    The issue is caused by a key Google webpage not loading.

    The good (and bad) news is it seems to be an intermittent issue. This means when you try again after a few minutes, the problem typically disappears. (The bad part about this is it means that tracing the issue is proving to be particularly difficult!)

    Just to confirm – is it happening when you enter your Google Adwords account details? (This is something that we haven’t experienced before, and every bit of new bug behaviour we know about helps us to diagnose the issue.)


    Boat Repair Los Angeles replied:

    Having the same problem as Andy.

    Error: “Retry Limit Exceeded. This is often a temorary issue; please try again later”.

    This has happened twice in an hour. Have not been able to access Generate Keywords or Analyze Keywords since I upgraded and entered my Adwords Account info.

    Please fix.


    Leigh replied:

    Hi Brent,

    I’m getting the same message: ‘Retry limit exceeded. This is often a temporary issue; please try again later’

    but it happens when I click on “Generate Keywords” in the keyword research tab.



    Brent Hodgson replied:

    We’re on it! :)

    I read someone mentioning that they could generate keywords if they turned off the Google Adwords 800 keyword option. I know it’s not a perfect solution (we’ll have a solution soon), but perhaps it’s a stop-gap.


  13. Hey guys!

    Sounds like GREAT news! I can’t wait to get home from work and restart/upgrade my MS copy! ou can be sure I’ll leave some feedback in the forums when I’m done checking it out!

    Thanks for the update!

    Nick Martinʼs last blog post… Smørum Open 2010 – video

  14. firstly, market samurai is a fantastic tool… well done to brent and the guys, i use it daily and would be completely lost without it nowadays..

    second, the new update is not working yet for me… after having put in my adwords account details i fired up ms by putting in a new keyword… but is simply can’t get past this point, i get a ‘dimmed’ screen with a box that says ‘loading up keyword tool’, then after about a minute i then get a message that says ‘connection to google keyword tool has timed out, please check your internet connections’… but my internet is working properly..

    looking forward to this glitch being fixed

    my regards, mac

  15. support ticket submitted for my previous comment

    thanks, mac

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks Mac!

    We’re working on solutions to these issues right now, but they’re proving to be slippery to trace.

  16. 16
    On October 11th, 2010 at 8:15 pm
    turifungia said:

    Is anyone having the same issue Im having:
    Market Samurai has found no suggestions from the Google Keyword Tool.
    This may have if Google’s data-centers are updating, or if the adult content option in Project Setting is disabled.

    Every project give me this error. I have the adult content option on, and I also used CCleaner, but still Im facing this issue :(

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    This is a slightly different issue to the one others have reported here. We’ve got this one in our sights, and are working on a fix – but any additional info you can provide us (via support > submit a ticket) would be very handy.

  17. Glad to see you all are jumping on the bandwagon before the others. Not surprised either at all either :)

    We’ve been hearing the results are MOST accurate from the new tool. Some complain that the keyword suggestion on a local level that the quality isn’t there yet.

    Still, you simply can NOT deny the fact that the old keyword tool was massively inflated by GSN figures so I’m ecstatic MS now has this driving estimates. Thanks Brent!
    Brent Rangenʼs last blog post… Twitter Vulnerability – Direct Messages Compromised

  18. Thank you, Thank you! I have been using Market Samurai since you launched and have been very pleased with the upgrades to the software. Kudos to the Market Samurai team for always overdelivering. I appreciate you all big time!
    Dali Burgadoʼs last blog post… What Google’s Instant Means To Your Success on the Web

  19. Thanks for the update, Brendt. I’ve been worried about how the new Google Keyword Tool would effect Market Samurai. It is also nice to know we can get a larger list of keywords by setting it with our Google Adwords account. I’ll have to check out all of the new updates.
    Wesʼs last blog post… 2 HOT Business Directory Promotions for October 2010

  20. 20
    On October 12th, 2010 at 6:30 pm
    Ron Harwood said:

    You guys rock.
    Getting these changes made in a quick fashion to keep up with the Google.

    I also especially like the change made to have an option to “pre-set” the filters in the keyword research module.

    Would it be possible to get this same option for the filters in the competition module?

    That would be great when just doing a prelim evaluation:)

    All the best Samurai

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I’m curious how it would work… The SEO Competition module is a different beast – it’s looking at the overall strength of competitors, rather than trying to filter competitors, so I’m not sure how filters would work there.

    Ron Harwood replied:

    Maybe I stated it wrong.

    I don’t mean having “filters” for the SEO Competition
    module, Just a pre-set option to set what is checked and not checked.

    Every time you do a SEO Competition on a different keyword, all the boxes are checked by default.

    I don’t usually need say like the IC info at first
    just the PR and BPL, Title, URL like that.

    So a way to set my own preferences of what boxes are check would be a big time saver and less hassle of resetting them for each keyword I check.

    Anyway, again thanks for the new changes you did do.
    They are very cool.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Ah – I see what you mean now. Not so much pre-set filters, but pre-set display options! :) Handy idea.

  21. DAAANNNGGG! Huge SEOT update. Glad to see more accurate numbers, this will definitely save me time & money testing.

  22. Thats awesome Brent,
    I love the presets and the new keywords are great for my local search work, the relevancy is miles better.

    Love the presets feature, makes things a lot quicker.

    Cheers guy, love your work!

  23. You guys always rock ! This is the best software that I have ever purchase and Thank you for all your work to improve it

  24. 24
    On October 13th, 2010 at 1:29 pm
    Ranzyt Paul said:

    O hell no!!! few days back I just set up a website with a keyword having SEOT 465 for exact match. However, after upgrading I’m getting the result way too low. Sadly to say
    its less than 80. I dont know what should I do now. I’m stucked. With new change in google keyword tool, how should I choose my keywords? Anyone guide me through.

  25. Just out of curiosity, is anyone having problems retrieving ‘trends’ data?

    It works on some tabs but leaves all cells blank on others.

    Any suggestions much appreciated.


  26. Awesome product that keeps getting better and better.

    Great update, Thanks!

  27. Just used the update for the first time (Mac User). Just wanted to let you know I found it really fast.

    The thing with the filters being preset tripped me up at first but I figured it out soon enough. Love the little touch with the number of keyword filtered or removed doing a little bounce.

    I’m sure there’s more to discover but I’m really stoked and wanted to let you know.
    Scott Junnerʼs last blog post… Father’s Day Rebellion

  28. Cool! I just bought this copy last night! How appropriate that I get to start off with a new & improved version! Thanks, Guys!
    Positively, Truman
    Truman Anderson,indoor bonsai treeʼs last blog post… Juniper Indoor Bonsai Tree

  29. Crossing my fingers hoping this new update I’m DLing fixes stuffs….

  30. 30

    Thanks for the update, great work!.
    But I’ve the same bug with MS on W.XP: “Market Samurai has found no suggestions from the Google Keyword Tool.”
    Start fetching data and stops at 95%.

  31. Hi Guys,

    An update was released yesterday evening that we thought would solve the keyword generation bugs we’ve been having – however, I noticed a couple of comments since suggesting we might not have completely killed all of the causes of this bug for some people who are experiencing it.

    If you’re still seeing a bug in keyword generation (or any other area) please let us know via support. We want to get rid of these bugs ASAP, and private emails via support help us to diagnose the problem because we can ask questions about your keywords and Adwords accounts that it probably isn’t appropriate to ask in public on the web :)



  32. Hi there,

    I already sent an email to the support but I thought I might add this comment as well. Since I updated the software today I cannot see relevant information about keywords anymore. SEOT and PBR do not show anything anymore.

    It worked fine before the upgrade so I guess it has to do with it.

    Hopefully you can fix this ASAP because Keyword Research is one of Market Samurais best feature.

    Best regards,

  33. 33

    I’m still having the following problem: can’t work with keywords, when the software is at 95% it says:

    “Market Samurai has found no suggestions from the Google Keyword Tool.
    This may have if Google’s data-centers are updating, or if the adult content option in Project Setting is disabled.”

    I’ve sent various debugs numbers and two tickets, I hope you are working in it. Because last time someone answered to my ticket was on the 13th… thanks for your answer and congratulations from Spain for this great tool…

  34. impressive easy interface.

  35. Looking forward to the new google keyword tool. The old keyword tool does not always have the correct traffic information for specific keywords. Hope the newer version will improve on this.
    Terryʼs last blog post… Top Five Ways of Earning Money Online

  36. 36

    I am trying out your trial version but am getting Adobe air error retry exceeded limit error. I have done all of the above in your videos and still get this error, so am unable to generate a keyword list.
    I imported a keyword list and clicked analyze keywords, which took me to keyword research with my list of keyword but no other data showing.I selected all keywords and clicked analyze keywords, checking keywords hangs for a while then comes up with Adobe air error.

    Basically unable to use your software at the moment.



    PS: On the trial download page would be a good idea to put link to the above videos so new customers know about adding adword account.Or update the videos on trial page.Had to google the error message to find this page.

  37. is there any way to update also the Domain Samurai data to be accurate according to Google New tool ? i just upgraded the DS and it is still retrieve data from Old tool i think.
    Thank you.

  38. Very happy with this latest update :)

  39. For the Adwords account, if my online marketing targets US and all countries, would it make sense to choose US currency instead of local currency?

    Is it easier to work in US$ for currency related filters? So far, I have only make use of the SEOV filter, hence, I am not sure how choosing US$ or local currency will help or hinder(make it harder) analysis of data.

    Please advise. Thanks

  40. thanks for the tips, was getting fustrated with it being so slow.
    Andy Eatonʼs last blog post… Urban Fashion For Men

  41. Could I have a word of advice? I do think you have got something good here. But let’s say you added a few references towards a website which supports what youre? Or simply you may provide us with more information to check out, something might link up what exactly you were saying, something more concrete?