Here’s What You’ve Missed…

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It’s been a whirlwind 3 months!

I’m conscious that I haven’t blogged for a while, and you’ve missed out on a lot of news…

So let me take you back in time to share with you Market Samurai’s short history for a moment.

(In my next post, I’ll share with you Market Samurai’s future…)

July 2nd: Early Lessons

Market Samurai Lesson #1: Never tell Ed Dale a secret…

Ed Dale leaks photos of Market Samurai via his Flickr account.

Enthusiastic internet marketers start “hunting us down”, finding the Market Samurai web-site and contacting us wanting to find out more. Too early! We’re not ready yet!

July 9th: The Holy Grail!

The day after “completing” a proof-of-concept version of Market Samurai (while we’re still testing ahead of release!), Google releases actual (accurate) keyword search traffic data from their own data centres!

The Holy Grail of Keyword Data is released!

The Market Samurai development team scrambles, working 22 hour days, to include this data into Market Samurai.

July 15th: A Legend Begins…

First floodgate is opened!

Immediate Edge members begin downloading Market Samurai.

Managing the roll-out, the support team works a 37 hour day, before dropping back to 16 to 22 hour days, 6-7 days a week for the next 7 weeks.

Feedback for Market Samurai is glowing… but they ain’ seen nothing yet!

August 2nd: …Suddenly, there’s a massive change…

Thirty Day Challenge launches; Market Samurai “grows up”.

Market Samurai now looks like this. Only Keyword Research features are available – other modules are undergoing final development.

The development team lives in the office for the next two weeks, sleeping in 4-6 hour shifts on mattresses set up on the floor whenever they can.

There are a lot of features to finish-off – features need to be completed before they’re used inside the 30 Day Challenge training itself, and deadlines are fast approaching!

August 3rd: A Second Module is Released

Market Samurai’s “SEO Competition” module is released.

A huge “WOW” factor!

The Market Samurai team continues to release a regular stream of updates and improvements to the system.

August 15th to 28th: Gets Better With Age

Numerous new features are released, including the “Find Content”, and “Promotion” modules.

September 12th: Groundbreaking 42% Conversion Rate!

13,000+ of internet marketers are now using Market Samurai, with around 42% choosing to upgrade to the full version when it is released by purchasing Market Samurai early.

September 20th: Far Too Successful!

The percentage of Market Samurai users who are using the paid version rises to 46% – an incredible conversion rate on a paid product!

Market Samurai has surpassed everyone’s wildest expectations of success, but it’s meaning that we haven’t been able to give users the kind of service that we initially aimed for.

The #1 focus of the Market Samurai team becomes serving our existing customers.

All Market Samurai promotions are ended.

September 30th: Users Achieve Huge Successes!

We take some time to review Market Samurai’s testimonials and feedback.

A massive number users are achieving [literally] overnight rankings for high-traffic, low-competition, high-value keywords that they have found using Market Samurai.

It’s one thing to prove Market Samurai works for us. It’s another to have 100′s of success stories flooding in from users themselves – with many of these people being internet marketing “newbies”.

The system works!

October 7th: MORE Bugs are Stomped!

The Market Samurai team is back to its previous fast turn-around times on support…

…And the Market Samurai development team has released several bug-fixes and updates that seem to address [almost] all known issues that Market Samurai users have faced.

Today: Big Things Ahead…

To date, over 60 “builds” of Market Samurai have been created and tested, with most being released.

Right now, the development team is conducting final testing on Market Samurai v0.78 – an update to the way Market Samurai handles proxies that will give a significant performance boost when gathering some types of data.

In addition to this, the next set of features is well on its way.

So what’s on its way?

Well, you’re going to have to wait until my next post for that! ;)

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7 Responses to “Here’s What You’ve Missed…”

  1. I am new to internet marketing and am on a learning curve with a lot of stuff. I use Market Samurai. My experience of it has been nothing short of amazing. The thing I am most impressed with is the level of support from the Noble Samurai folks, I think unheard of on the internet, where in general, so much email does not even get answered. Well done guys, Kindest, Gordon

  2. 2

    when will release of market samurai?

  3. It would be nice to get all the features live for the tool. Its been almost two months since I bought MS and I am still running on half.

    When is the rest being released? I hope your not waiting for 30 day challenge 2009


  4. I have already started promoting Market Samurai even though I am receiving no commissions but I know when the time comes it will pay off.

    Keep doing what your doing and thanks for making internet marketing a lot easier for me.


  5. @Gordon – Thanks for your great feedback :)

    I’m glad we have you as a fan.

    @hichnii – Market Samurai is available right now. A 40-day trial can be downloaded via, or you can purchase via

    @Colin – The key focus of the development team for the past few weeks has been on bug fixes and enhancements.

    More features are being developed, and will be released over the coming weeks and months – however, we want to make sure everything that’s currently available is of a high quality (not sub-standard).

    With some users finding some existing features did not run correctly on their computers, it was important that we dealt with those issues first.

    The good news is that the development team’s focus is now back on expansion of Market Samurai’s features, and we’ll be releasing new features as soon as they’re completed, direct to your computer via the auto-updates system.

    The bad news is that it’s still going to be several months until Market Samurai is 100% complete (it’s taken us since April to get it this far, and there’s still a lot to do).

    But the great news is that because you’ve already purchased Market Samurai at a discounted price (that reflects the early release), you’ll get all of these new features for free as they’re released.

    @Ivan – I’ve enjoyed watching your sites on Market Samurai pop up!

    I’m happy that we could have helped you :)


  6. Was going to purchase software Market Samurai today but was scared off by that air warnnig UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to my files.

    What’s the deal with this?

  7. Hi Bill,

    It’s Adobe AIR being very security conscious.

    Copied from your download page:

    Adobe Air will ask whether you wish to give Market Samurai the ability to access your system. Market Samurai needs this access to:

    * Connect to the internet in order to perform keyword research;
    * Store searches in a local database file so that it can quickly analyze results;
    * Automatically keep itself up to date; and
    * Save search results to disk

    Market Samurai does not use this access for anything other than the above functions.

    These are functions that practically all software these days access your computer for.

    The difference between other software packages and Market Samurai/Adobe AIR is simply that instead of being hidden away in a huge End User License Agreement, this access is declared up-front in a big red button.

    I hope this helps