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When we released Market Samurai to the public, for the first time in August last year, we offered one BIG unique feature that no other cutting-edge keyword research software had ever offered.

This unique feature wasn’t the highly accurate keyword traffic estimates (available for the first time), accurate SEO and Adwords click estimates (still unique to Market Samurai), highly accurate market value of traffic estimates, or the “OCI” tools to measure which keywords were being used by buyers (again, another first).

And it wasn’t the no-cost updates that Market Samurai users continue to enjoy – practically every time they open the software.

(Sure, Market Samurai included a heap of “world-firsts” and “innovations”. And yes, Market Samurai continues to provide the most in-depth keyword research available anywhere.)

But the most revolutionary feature of Market Samurai’s Keyword Research tools was the price tag:


(Completely free – not “limited free”, not “trial free”… Fully-functional keyword research software, for free.)

That’s Right – Market Samurai’s Keyword Research Tools are Free

I’m not kidding.

(A lot of people still don’t believe us when they find out – they email support to tell us about a “typo” or a “bug” – they can’t believe they’re getting something so incredible for free!)

If you’re reading this and don’t believe me – and you have a trial copy of Market Samurai installed (even an expired trial) – open it right now.

Notice that there is no “Paid Version” or “Trial” icon next to the Keyword Research module?

There never has been.

It’s always been free.

Trial access to the other advanced modules inside of Market Samurai will expire (if your trial period has already ended, then it will have expired already) – but you will always be able to use the Keyword Research module for free.

Use it! You have full, unrestricted access to the most advanced Keyword Research tool available – bringing together more raw keyword data than any other keyword tool!

(If you don’t have access to Market Samurai yet, and want to get access to the Keyword Research tools (and trial the other advanced features for 12 days) you can get access to Market Samurai for free, here.)

Why Give Away Market Samurai’s Keyword Research Tools for Free?

On the surface, it may seem crazy…

Market Samurai’s keyword research tools are by far the most in-depth tools for keyword research available anywhere – and we’re making them available for free, with no restrictions?

But the reason is simple…

Keywords WANT TO Be Free

In Chris Anderson’s latest revolutionary book, “Free: The Future of a Radical Price”, he explains how the internet is turning previously costly and hard-to-acquire information into abundant commodities – available at a cost too cheap to meter.

One of these previously costly, hard-to-acquire commodities is Keyword Data.

Every year, the computer processing power, storage and bandwidth costs required to harvest, analyze and distribute keywords has become smaller – to a point where the cost of providing keyword data is now almost zero.

This has seen the keyword research industry split into two parts:

  • The Old Players whose big price tags, expensive software and monthly data fees made sense in an era where keyword data was scarce, expensive, unreliable and difficult to access.
  • And a New Generation of keyword research tools (like Market Samurai‘s Keyword Research tools; Google’s Wonder Wheel, Keyword Tool and Google Insights; and Wordtracker’s Lab tools) all being offered with a price tag of “Free”.

One is sinking – and clutching hold to a business model that is no longer justified, delivering less-and-less comparable value to users every day.

The other is growing at an exponential rate – providing keyword data to thousands of new converts with the lure of better value.

And it’s not just better value-for-money (after all, you can’t get much better value for money than “free”).

It’s also a better depth and quality of tools provided, with many free options outpacing even the most expensive paid keyword research tools – leading in both new innovations and sheer depth of keyword research – and leaving their expensive rivals to play catch-up.

Given this choice, it was an obvious decision…

One market was dying, one was growing…

It made sense for Market Samurai to follow the growing market, and make its keyword research tools free.

In the immortal words of ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky – “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

If users were moving toward free keyword research tools, meaning sooner-or-later all of the best keyword research tools would (inevitably) become free, it made sense for us to get ahead of the market, and become free – sooner rather than later.

So that’s exactly what happened…

Market Samurai brought together the best, highest quality, most valuable sources of keyword data – for free. And it continues to move fast to work alongside more free keyword data sources as they become available, keeping users at the cutting edge of in-depth keyword research.

By giving away something of true value, for free – Market Samurai went from being a completely unknown piece of software, developed and used privately by a handful of anonymous internet marketing geeks (us) – to being one of the most widely used and respected internet marketing tools today.

So what pays the bills for Market Samurai?

The way Market Samurai makes money – and the reason people buy – is on the other side of this equation…

…Actually DOING SOMETHING with keywords – and turning them from something that is worthless and intangible – into something valuable.

Keyword are together WORTHLESS, & EXPENSIVE:

A keyword, by-itself, is WORTHLESS…

Saved on your hard-drive, or displayed on your screen – it has no value. It’s just a few tiny electrical impulses – perhaps just a few bytes of data, or a few pixels on your screen – and is no more or less valuable than any other pixel or byte on your computer.

In other words – a keyword, by itself, is completely worthless.

A keyword only becomes valuable when you put it to work.

Until you put the keyword to work – by using it to target potential customers through Google Adwords, SEO, or some other means – it can’t make a single cent, or bring you a single website visitor.

Here’s where keywords are EXPENSIVE…

In order to make the keyword valuable, you need to put it to work.

And in order to put the keyword to work, you need to do something to it.

You need to set up a targeted Adwords campaign, or create some SEO-targeted content, or to do something that unlocks the value inside the keyword.

The True Cost of Keywords

The true cost of keywords – the factor that limits you, or stops you from exploiting thousands of them right now, this very second, for your own personal gains – is NOT the cost of finding them.

(We all know that keywords are abundant, and free – and we can find thousands of great quality keywords in just a few moments using Market Samurai’s Keyword Research module – which, again, is free.)

The true cost of keywords is Time, Money, Effort and Skill.

To target a keyword, you need to invest (usually un-equal portions) of each of these commodities if you want to unlock the potential value of the keyword.

  • Targeting a keyword through something like Google Adwords will cost money (to pay the per-click costs) and give you an almost instant result, but takes effort to set up.
  • Targeting a keyword through Search Engine Optimization might be free, but it takes time until you see a result, and there’s a lot of effort required to write articles and build lots of links.

And both of these require a level of skill (knowledge and expertise) if you expect to be successful.

Time, Money, Effort and Skill are almost unavoidable in internet marketing.

(I say “almost” because there are alternatives for making money online that require very low levels of time, money, effort and skill – but these are called “spam”, and in many countries this business model will likely land you in jail.)

This is how someone targeting 1 or 10 high-quality keywords will often make more money than someone with 100,000 or 1,000,000 keywords – or why some people make fortunes from a keyword, while others in the same market lose money (think “dog training”).

This is because it’s not the keywords themselves that make money. Rather, it’s how someone invests their time, money, effort and skill putting the keywords to work.

Market Samurai Puts Your Keywords To Work

Market Samurai never set out to compete against the other keyword tools that are out there – you’ll see the other keyword tools are the ones competing against Market Samurai.

Market Samurai always had one goal.

To Kick Down the Barriers that Limit People’s Success Online: the Scarce Resources of Time, Money, Effort and Skill.

By reducing the time, effort, cost and expertise it takes to DO ANYTHING with keywords – Market Samurai helps people to get faster results, with less effort – meaning better rankings, more website visitor traffic and bigger profits.

If you look at every feature inside Market Samurai – and every one of the dozens of innovations released to users since Market Samurai was first launched – you see this theme:

- Rank Tracker –

Monitors and tracks your site’s rankings faster an easier than before, giving you more accurate insights into your true rankings in all major search engines, for all of your targeted keywords – so that you have the skill to see if your SEO efforts are profitable, (or telling you if an SEO strategy is a waste of time, effort and money.)

- SEO Competition –

Gives you the skill to know whether you are likely to rank for a keyword, so that you can assess how much time, effort and money it will take to rank – avoid keywords that are too difficult or costly to target through SEO, and focus on the most profitable keywords for better rankings faster with less effort and expense.

- Promotion –

Assesses link-building opportunities, giving you the skill to know which pages are best to target for high-value, high-quality link building (the type of links that give you the best, fastest ranking boosts) so that you don’t waste time or effort targeting poor opportunities.

- Find Content –

Assesses the quality of content on the web, giving you the skill to know which articles are considered by search engines to be high value – so that you can either save time and effort researching high-value keyword targeted articles to write for your own niche site – or you can republish low-value articles and save time writing your own article and attract traffic by making the “authority source” your site.

- Monetization –

Helps you to find the most profitable affiliate opportunities online, write and publish an ad quickly, with no copywriting skill and very little effort required, and track results (so that you can find the highest-converting affiliate offers for your site) – meaning you can do more marketing in less time, and make more money.

- Publish Content & Adwords -

(Not yet publicly available – but you can bet that the full feature set of these two modules will help you to unlock the value of keywords with less time, effort, cost and skill – and help you to get better marketing results, faster! ;))

Faster, Easier and Better Results = BIGGER PROFITS

It’s not the keywords themselves that make money. Rather, it’s how you invest your time, money, effort and skill putting the keywords to work that determines your success.

The faster, easier and easier it is – the more you can achieve.

Even though Market Samurai can’t do *everything* for you [yet] – it DOES give you the ability to achieve more, with less time, effort, cost and skill.

Each of these time-saving, results-boosting tools focuses on a single pivotal area of online marketing, and helps you to get better results from that area – with less time and effort.

(In fact, the key reason why they’re all in one tool – rather than having one keyword tool, one SEO analysis tool, one link building tool etc – is because the time wasted loading and switching between tools adds up very quickly, and is better invested into actually making money!)

And users who sign up for a 12-day trial of Market Samurai get get to trial these advanced features for 12 days at no cost – as well as getting full access to the keyword research module inside Market Samurai.

…And It All Starts With Keyword Research

As for the Keyword Research module – although it’s free, it’s also the most valuable, most important module of them all – the element that makes everything else work better:

- Keyword Research –

Helps to pick which keywords are the best to focus on and target first – because targeting the best, most relevant, most profitable keywords – you get a better return on the time, effort, money and skill that you invest into your marketing.

This is how someone with 1 or 10 high-quality keywords makes more money than someone with 100,000 or 1,000,000 keywords…

…Because, in the end, it’s not the keywords themselves that make money. Rather, it’s how someone chooses to invest their time, money, effort and skill actually putting the keywords to work.

Faster – Easier – Cheaper … Getting More Done while actually Doing Less … Making Bigger Profits From Your Keywords, Sooner.

Are You Using Market Samurai?

First-Time Users: – If you don’t already use Market Samurai, and want full access to the world’s most in-depth keyword research tools – for free – you can get your copy for free here, now.

Free Version Users: – If you do use Market Samurai’s Keyword Research tools, but don’t already have full access to Market Samurai and want to use its advanced tools to make your keywords work harder – with less effort – click here to upgrade your copy.

Paid Version Users: – If you’re one of the thousands who already have full access to Market Samurai – you’ve already made the right choice.

For you – there are even more revolutionary time-slashing, results-making features in development – so the next unexpected bonus update is probably just around the corner. ;)


Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

40 Responses to “FREE: The World’s Most Advanced Keyword Research Software”

  1. I’ve been using Market Samurai for a little more than a year now and I do not hesitate to recommend Market Samurai! The keyword features have saved me hundreds of hours of work and the modules available me as a purchaser of this product are priceless.

    You Market Samurai guys are awesome!

    Leigha Baer

  2. 2
    On August 25th, 2009 at 3:54 am
    Eric Nichols said:

    I was introduced to Market Samurai from doing the 30 day challenge. I am fairly new to internet marketing but even a newbie like me can appreciate all of the time saving and very informative modules of Market Samurai. I recommend it to anyone that wants to get into to the affiliate marketing business.


    Eric Nichols

  3. 3
    On August 25th, 2009 at 3:56 am
    Mike Moody said:

    Great timing…well played.

    BTW, your software continues to amaze me and your consistent updates represent the best software purchase I have ever made.

    Keep up the great work.

    Mike Moody

  4. I’ve tried SEO Elite by Brad Callen and Web CEO, but without a question Market Samurai is better.
    I love the idiot-proof approach and the training videos.

    I don’t hesitate to recommend it.

  5. I am a recent convert to Market Samurai since buying it I’ve used it every day.. it seems to have become an obsession!

  6. By the way, thats some one said your keyword research result not valid. that not accaording result of adword keyword tool ad the same key word.
    can you explain it?

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I don’t know what that person is doing. Google’s Keyword Tool traffic estimates will always be identical (or very close) to the same results for the same keyword in Market Samurai.

    …They could be comparing “All Countries and Territories” traffic to “United States” traffic…

    Or comparing Broad match with Phrase match data…

    Or comparing Market Samurai’s daily traffic data with the Google Keyword Tool’s Monthly traffic data…

    Once you make sure all of these are correctly matched, Google’s Keyword Tool traffic estimates will be identical (or very close) to the data you see in Market Samurai.

  7. I have been using this since the start of the 30 Day Challenge, I’m hooked. I have tried other keyword research tools (Disappointment).
    If your wondering thats not my website above for my theme keyword I found using market Samurai.
    This tool is that GOOD!

  8. thank you for the free software, i will tell others about your step ahead*

  9. Hi Brent
    I just wanted to say thanks for the free copy of Market Samurai during the 30DC. I have been online for just over a year…and I achieved more in my first two weeks using Market Samurai than I have using any other system.

    If you are thinking about having a look…just go for it…this has become the number one product in my online tool kit.

    Thanks again
    Steve King

  10. Brent

    I’m a new convert to Market Samuari under the 30DC and what I have seen thus far is great – what a superb tool!
    I’m yet to use about 10% of its potential and can see how beneficial this tool will be for my business.
    Keep creating those great products!


  11. Market Samaurai is a fantastic keyword tool, which is so simple and easy to use. I have been using it for over a year now and would not be without it. Highly Recommended keyword tool!

    Many thanks


  12. I have also used numerous other keyword tools, but this is definitely the best I’ve come across.

  13. When I think of all the money I could have saved rather than giving it to my (old) SEO guy :) All kidding aside MS is an elegant weapon in a world of clunky plugins and portals.

  14. I really like Market samurai! and Highly Recommended keyword tool! thank you again!

  15. 15

    Market Samurai is indeed the best keyword research tool … free or not. The good news: it’s actually free !! totally awesome !

  16. Gotta agree with the others here — keyword research in Market Samurai is the best I’ve tried and has helped me enormously on my research, let alone save tons of time. I feel sorry for all the non-free keyword research programs out there.

  17. I nearly had buyers remorse when i purchased Noble Samurai but i invested some time and I’m glad i did.

    I’m currently building a website and structure for a client based around the keyword search tool.

    Haven’t even touched the content modules yet.

  18. I dont believe it. Let me check it first ;)

  19. MS is indeed a superb product; has made me more in a the few months I’ve had it then I had made pre-MS.

    Saying that the new keyword elite looks very good as well and I wonder what the results will be when the two titans clash

  20. Great Business Model! I’ve used various keyword programs ( paid and free ) and love the fact that this cuts down the time to investigate everything. But yes, what sold me on buying Market Samurai were all the other modules. Once I played with them, shelling out the money seemed a no brainer. With the data I was given, the cost of Market Samurai could easily be paid for in a week ( time to develop sales content and get listed).

  21. 21

    Thanks Brant, very good, I’ve been using the keywords (still free) I have not enough funds to buy. But this fact and so save time and effort, I have long tried it / use it but so far I have not tarned from the internet. Someday I’ll buy the samurai market yet I would recommend to my friends. Good Brand.

  22. Wow.. I thought I will lose it this weekend. Now I know I can use it forever. I will buy the paid version soon.

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  24. I’ve been using Market Samurai since a month ago. This freakin software is very awesome. This software is really easy to be used and user friendly.

    Two Thumbs up for MARKET SAMURAI….

  25. I have been a fan of Market Samurai for 9 months now – it has proven itself time and again to be the leading product. I don’t even consider a niche without running it by the Samurai.

  26. Hi MS

    I’m glad you are embracing the free model.

    Can I suggest going one step further and making MS fully compatible with Linux OS, so to embracing the free (open source) operating systems movement which also will hopefully take over in the future.

    For MS to be Windows only makes this post a bit false. Just pointing it out.

    Timjim (A dedicated Ubuntu user)

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks Timjim :)

    Currently, Market Samurai runs natively on both Mac OS and Windows – and, you’re right, is not officially supported on Linux OS (however, some users have been able to run it effectively).

    There are a few barriers standing between where we are right now, and getting full Linux support.

    The first is a set of technical limitations.

    Even though software written on Adobe AIR *should* run exactly the same on a Mac, PC or Linux machine, unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

    And because of some of the high-tech tools the guys have created, small differences in the way AIR runs can cause big problems running Market Samurai on Linux.

    We’re hoping that some of the compatibility issues are fixed in AIR updates (AIR being reasonably new to Linux) – but until that happens, the task of achieving 100% compatibility is a massive undertaking.

    The second barrier is simply the economics of demand.

    Mac + Windows users account for 99% of the visitors to our sites (it’s actually closer to 98.8something%). Linux, unfortunately, is less than 1% (around 0.87%).

    If we assume visitors’ operating system choices correlates with demand for Market Samurai by operating system – there just isn’t enough demand for Market Samurai yet for us to invest the time into maintaining full Linux compatibility. (Yet)

    I know this doesn’t help you right now – but I at least wanted to give you a response here.

    In the mean-time, the best is to hope for further development of AIR for Linux leading to increased compatibility, plus more Linux users getting into internet marketing/SEO.


    Timjim replied:

    Thanks for the reply and I can understand MS’s point of view.

    MS was perfect on Ubuntu until the rank tracker module was introduced, so I’m still having to use SEOTools Rank Tracker for firefox instead. I can remember how good you were when the SEO module competition needed a bit of work to run on linux, but it was really well worth it, and it has made me a dedicated MS user ever since.

    I’ve updated Air since Rank Tracker was introduced, so I don’t think the problem is there. My guess is that when each new module added, it is going to require a tweek your end to get it right on linux. Open Source users are used to being a bit behind, but we are happy to be so, as we feel way ahead in other ways. It would be great if MS could offer their support to the OS movement movement even if it doesn’t make economic sense (yet).

    Thanks for the reply and also all the other blog posts with useful ideas. The MS feed is one of the few that always remains on my reader.

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  29. Hi thanks for the trial version it is a great tool

  30. Hi thanks for the software

  31. I’m not exaggerating if I say MS is the most powerful keyword research tool available in the market now. My question is , are you planning to add more features/modules i.e. something like submission tools etc.

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  33. The best software around. I tried it in the 30day challenge and then had to buy it.

  34. I’m currently running with the free 7 day trial and have got to say that even the little bit that I’ve been doing with it is awesome and still only scratching the surface with all the modules. I have KE1 and KE2 and although KE2 is a good tool I must say that Market Samurai is the clear winner by a country mile.
    I wasn’t planning on spending more money this week but I think this is a no-brainer “must have” tool.
    Keep the developments going you guys… great.

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  36. Found the MS through the 30DC and so far I’m regretting using the site because its so useful i have no time to sleep now!!!
    The videos are fantastic and I really appreciate the ability to follow along rather than just reading from a training manual.

    Thx again

    Gary :)

  37. it’s really magic soft, thanks for useful info, i’m waiting for the new hot tips