Even MORE Samurai Training Options For You

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Hi everyone!

The launch of our iTunes feed on Monday has been a fantastic success! As I write this we’re the #1 Business podcast in Australia, #2 in the UK, and #19 in the US.

However we’ve had a lot of questions about different feed options and the Apple-centric nature of our first four feeds. We didn’t mean to be Applelitists!

New Feed…

To help put things right we’ve released another RSS feed for the Android.

Android RSS Feed

You can also subscribe to the feed via Miro – http://www.getmiro.com/

Miro is a free, open source video player that lets you subscribe to and watch video feeds like our training feed.

In addition, you can subscribe via iTunes on a Windows PC (also for free), or visit the Dojo in your web browser.

New Training…

To help guide anyone who’s having trouble, Anthony and Ben have whipped up this video, running you through the process of subscribing to our feeds.

You can also download the PDF of this training video straight from the Dojo.

Saving the best for last…

And that isn’t the best news I have to share with you.

Anthony and Ben are right now putting the final touches to a MAJOR dojo update – one that will be available in just two days. This is one of their best works yet, dealing with how to obtain backlinks using the Promotion module.

Stay tuned everyone!


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8 Responses to “Even MORE Samurai Training Options For You”

  1. You guys are awesome. I didn’t mean to be part of the android rucus… but I am glad I was! I’ll be your first android subscriber… unless someone beat me to it.

  2. We androids thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

  3. You guys are so awesome for finding more ways to provide us with the great training. Best investment ever!!

  4. Yes I agree with Brendan…

    I must say the Android is a pretty insane piece of technology. I am thinking I may have to come on board.

  5. I need to get the same kind of delivery that you are using for my own products. How can I deliver my products through Itunes?

  6. 6

    Sincerely to the team at Market Samurai …. you guys ROCK!!! … this would have to be the best SEO training on the planet! …beautifully explained exceptional product! … well done!!

  7. This is a great step that enhances the effect of your great training even more. Please keep doing the good stuff. Looking forward to more goodies from you guys!

  8. Thanks you from a very happy Android user!