Adobe AIR 2 Released

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Adobe has just released a major update to Adobe AIR - the platform that Market Samurai and Domain Samurai run on.

The update included a whole host of technical improvements and additions.

This has caused a lot of buzz here in at Samurai HQ!

It’s hard not be infected by contagious excitement when you hear our tech team excitedly chattering about how they’re going to use these to make Market Samurai and Domain Samurai even better!

We’re coming into exciting times!

But the winds of change bring both good and bad fortunes.

Like all new software being released to the public from beta, the Adobe AIR 2 release will have some positive and negative impacts during the early transition phase and into the future.

Despite all of the exciting “Good News” in our future, there’s also some “Bad News” – at least in the short term during the early transition phase to this new technology.

The Good News…

More Efficiency:

Applications such as Market Samurai running on Adobe AIR 2 will be faster and demand fewer system resources to run.

This means that users should see an immediate improvement in performance, particularly on less powerful machines.

More Speed:

Adobe AIR 2 has an improved JavaScript engine which works up to twice as fast as the old one. This means that we should be able to get Market Samurai and Domain Samurai working faster and more efficiently.

Stronger System Integration:

The latest update to Adobe AIR also improves the platforms integration with your system.

This gives the developers a number of exciting new tools that they can use to make major improvements to Market Samurai.

These tools will make a number of features that were previously difficult or impossible to implement far more feasible.

BUT… There’s Bad News Too…

A major change like this will always have some teething problems – and people who have upgraded to Adobe AIR 2.0 have already reported several bugs (including an issue with the Publish Content module.)

If You Spot a Bug…

We’re currently working hard to identify and solve all of these problems as they arise.

However if you notice any bugs please submit a support ticket to let us know!

(We’re working overtime right now to identify and stomp every issue that might have arisen from this update – but like always, we value your help spotting problems we might have missed.)

A Temporary Solution…

In the mean time – if any Adobe AIR 2 related bugs are interrupting your work you can downgrade to the previous version of Adobe AIR via these links:

If you have any other questions or concerns about the upgrade to Adobe AIR 2, or if you want to share some feedback with us, then please let us know. :)

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9 Responses to “Adobe AIR 2 Released”

  1. I launched this morning MS but no notices of any ADOBE AIR upgrades as I get but instead I get a update notice of MS to the .87.
    SO, even I get this upgrade message from Adobe Air, I will wait until you say us that the way is open ;-) and we can do that without troubles…
    Thanks for your excellent support !

  2. I’ve just upgraded and boy is it FAST! Loading times on Mac OS X seems to be 3 or 4 times faster. The loading bar wheezes to completion now. Fantastic!

    No bugs yet but I’ve only used a few modules. Rank checker and keyword research both work well!

  3. I think after reading that I will delay upgrading my adobe air for a few weeks, thanks for the heads up!

  4. Will you be informing us when Adobe Air 2 is past the “testing” phase? I have become quite dependent on every aspect of Market Samurai including the Publish Content module and would rather just wait it out.

  5. 5
    On June 12th, 2010 at 11:24 pm
    tomartomartini said:

    thanks for the informed up date,,,well done,,,your get this sorted .

  6. 6

    After updating the Adobe AIR 2.0, the Market Samurai upgrade is not working…

    I am currently use ver 0.85.30

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the potential issues. I appreciate the honest updates. As always, I can count on Market Samurai to be straight-forward with the facts.

  8. Appreciate the heads-up! Think I’ll hold off on the upgrades until the bugs are worked out. Thanks as always for the honest presentation — it’s helpful to hear about both the pros AND cons.

  9. I haven’t been asked to upgrade yet, but I think I will delay it after your report. I’m trying to promote you too!