7 New Keyword Research Features

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Ho-Ho-Ho, Samurai!

This year we’re giving gifts early, and releasing 7 new features – free to all Market Samurai users, as our gift to you.

To begin, open Market Samurai now and update to the latest version.

Note: If Market Samurai doesn’t auto-update, grab the latest copy using your unique download link…

…Or if you’re not a Market Samurai user yet [sacrilege!], sign up for a free trial copy of Market Samurai here to get free access to these new tools.

Once you are running Market Samurai v0.80.6, it’s time to start exploring the 7 gifts that you have received:

Gift #1: Full Foreign Language Keyword Support

Market Samurai has only been able to provide accurate search data for English Language… meaning our friends in Germany, Japan, Serbia, Turkey and South America were left in the dark…

…until today.

SEOs who already know the implications of this new feature are now salivating in excitement, as they imagine the millions of untapped non-english language niches that are out there.

Now, Market Samurai will give them all to you – not just in English, but in German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Vietnamese, Urdu, Hindi and about a dozen more languages. [phew!]

Gift #2: Title Competition

By far the biggest SEO ranking factor is whether or not you use the keyword you’re targeting in your title tag.

It’s got to be the most basic thing you can do in SEO – and if your competitors aren’t at least doing this, you can almost guarantee good rankings.

So wouldn’t it be handy to tell, at the keyword research stage, how many competitors were using the keyword in their title tags?

Now Market Samurai counts how many sites use the keyword (in any word order) in their title tags (“allintitle”).

We call this one “the Michelle MacPhearson update” – she’s been hounding us for this one. ;)

Gift #3: Include Additional

Ever received a bunch of keywords inside Market Samurai that weren’t really relevant?

Me too…

Market Samurai’s keyword generation tool retrieves suggests 200 of the most relevant keywords.

But if there are only [say] 50 super-relevant keywords available, you will receive those 50 highly relevant keywords, and an additional 150 related (but less relevant) keywords – for a total of 200 keywords.

Now, you get to choose whether or not you want to see the additional related (but potentially less relevant) keywords – at the click of a button.

Gift #4: Phrase Length Filter

Frustrated that keywords that are 1-2 words long have too much competition? Want to quickly get rid of those 6-10 word keywords?

Just use the Phrase Length filter:


Gift #5: Positive Keywords

Sometimes you only want to see keywords that contain certain words.

For example, if you’re looking at the “Dog Training” market, and you only want to see relevant keywords that mention the word “Training” – like “Puppy Training”, “Labrador Training”, “Poodle Training”, “Rottweiler Training” etc.

Now you can set a Positive Keyword Filter, and see only keywords that contain that word or phrase.

You can also use the positive keyword tool to focus your keyword research on a handful of specific keywords.

Gift #6: Import Keywords From a Text (.txt) File

Want to import keywords into Market Samurai for analysis?

Market Samurai can now open lists of keywords direct from the text files at the “Generate Keywords” stage.

Gift #7: Add Permutations

One of the frustrations I have with keyword data is word order.

How do you know which version of a keyword is the best to optimize for?

“web site copy”, “copy web site”, “web copy site”, “site copy web”, “copy site web” or “site web copy”?

The solution: Just create a tab for that keyword in Market Samurai, and hit “Add Permutations”

Market Samurai will now mix-and-match the words inside a keyword, allowing you to get phrase-match traffic data for each permutation (and SEO Competition data), and find out which one really is the best to optimize for.

Enjoy These New Features!

We created them for you to keep – as our gift to you – whether you’re a trial, free, paid or user.

For paid users – we’ll be working hard over the Christmas-New-Year period, bug-testing even more new features that will released exclusively to paid users of Market Samurai.

2009 is shaping up to be another game-changing year for everyone using Market Samurai, and we can’t wait to get you using the rest of the features that we have in store for you.


P.S. – I forgot to mention… There was one more feature we added… Just something fun to “get into the spirit of things”.

(It should be the first thing you’ll notice when you run Market Samurai.)

Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

72 Responses to “7 New Keyword Research Features”

  1. Another awesome update!

    I wasn’t expecting all these additional features and I must say, buying Market Samurai has been one of the best keyword tool I’ve invested in!

    I’m loving it, keep these updates coming!

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year all the guys @ Noble Samurai!

  2. Yet again you’ve outdone yourself guys. Every time you come out with a new feature I’m left wondering how we ever lived without it, you absolutely rock! Thanks for all your hard work behind the scenes – make sure you make time to kick back and enjoy the festive season – go crazy and crack open a Pepsi Max, ;)

    Best Wishes & Thanks

    Nikki B

  3. You guys are fantastic! I actually look forward to getting e-mail from Noble Samurai – and I can count on two fingers the Internet marketing gurus I can say that about.

    What I like best is that you are TOTALLY unlike so many other Internet Marketing gurus who not only overpromise and underdeliver, but are always hyping the latest affiliate fad to come along.

    You guys underpromise and overdeliver and make being your customer a TOTAL pleasure – so just keep up the great work and don’t let your inevitable success go to your head!

  4. Awesome!

    Just the other day I was wishing there was the option for positive / negative keywords and the keyword phrase length option.

    You guys inspire me to provide the same level of quality product, service and client communication.

  5. Great work guys, some really useful new features. I’m especially looking forward to breaking down keyword permutations against phrase match.

    Can we expect the multi-delete keyword feature (presumably using Ctrl and/or Shift) any time soon?

    Thanks again,

    Thanks Matt :)

    Multi-delete is something that’s technically complicated to implement in the current platform. And there are some critical feature releases we’re working on right now – so if this feature arrives, it won’t be for a few months.

    However, you can save a lot of carpal tunnel by changing workflows.

    Culling the list down using the automated tools (even applying SEOT, PBR and SEOV filters) before selecting individual negative keywords will save you a stack of time clicking individual words in the “generate keywords” phase.

    The new phrase-length and PBR filters will cull a lot of junk, as will the traffic filters.


  6. Great additions to the features. It makes keyword research so so so so easy now! Thanks for the hardwork.

    Oh, the snowing while using the market samurai really gives the feeling of christmas too.


  7. 7

    Thank you guys you are great…
    i just wish you could have release those amazing features a week earlier :), i just finish researching 100 different keywords for 100 content articles i am outsourcing,
    by the way it took my forever any suggestions on how to do multiple keyword research in the most efficient way with Market samurai?
    anyway, many thanks your tool is amazing.
    Happy holidays

    P.S: as an Israeli i never believed i will see Hebrew in a keyword search tool -AMAZING did i say already

    Thanks Shiran – I know that there are quite a few people who are very happy to have a keyword research tool in their native language ;)

    Re: “…any suggestions on how to do multiple keyword research in the most efficient way with Market samurai?”

    The people who we know who are doing this effectively are doing the keyword research one keyword at a time.

    It’s not just quantity that you’re after – but also quality. That’s why it’s important for a human to review the output.

    You might be able to save some loading time by running 2 copies at once – but you’ll need to be running on 2 computers for this (which you can do with Market Samurai by default – as the paid license gives you the ability to install on 2 computers)


  8. Great update. So much more flexibility with the keywords which makes life a lot easier. Thanks guys for all your hard work. I really appreciate it.

    Happy Christmas, and prosperous new year to you all :-)

  9. Outrageous! This is getting way better every update! Thanks, guys!

  10. AWESOME!!!!

    Thanks a lot for the 7 gifts! You guys are wonderful..!

    Thanks again,
    Anne Ahira

  11. WOW, totally blown away. thaks guys

  12. Looks like Market Samurai is some tool I have to get now… just amazing how many cool features you have in there!

  13. Really the best tool I have found for keyword research. And it keeps getting better with every update.
    thanks again.

  14. 14

    If you keep sharing these amazing updates with everyone else, you will leave me with no option but to unsheath my Katana and come calling. You are making it to good

    To say this is unbelieveable is putting it mildly all this and more for ??Remind me what did I pay as a founder?)

    Just reading the features without trying them has sent a shiver up my spine….


  15. Great stuff, some of these features are exactly what I was looking for a little while ago. Excellent value guys! Now hurry up and get an affiliate program going lol :)

  16. 16
    On December 17th, 2008 at 8:06 pm
    MountainGuy said:

    I think all the other guys have expressed my thoughts.

    Thanks guys….Big time!!!

    I’ve bought the odd dud product in my time…..but your one has over-delivered from day 1.


    But you did forget one thing….

    Just as you now have the great language option, you need another option for the Christmas snowy theme for us folks “down under” in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Instead of the snow, how about one with with surf, hot sand, cute bikinis and a few shrimps on the BBQ to boot! :-p

    Cheers and many thanks again!

  17. Domo arigato, sensei. *bows with deep gratitude*

  18. What an amazing update! Honestly… I can hardly wait to test them. Thanks you guys.

  19. Great new additions guys, you are outdoing yourselves.

    NOTE: The animated snow is real sweet and all but it is killing my PC processor. Could you get rid of that ASAP or I will have a CPU meltdwon.

    Again, thanks for all the hard work and Merry Christmas ;)


    What else shall I say? I just lack the words. That was what I was longing for, since the existence of MS (at least since I have it ;-) )


  21. Loving the snow scenes, first of all,thanks for the smile on that!!
    It doesn’t affect my pc in a negative way byw.

    Secondly, when I was opening up a saved keyword search, I saw the Show Removed and instantly thought it said “Snow Removal”.

    Happy Holidays to the team and all of YOU reading this!!
    Go make some money


  22. We’ve never expect any “gifts” from market samurai but this time you guys are giving 7 of them ! we are totally amazed by each of these features and have been playing around with the new features for the past hours. Keep it up guys and thanx as always :)

  23. Guys.. thanks of this… the ‘Add Permutations’ is a feature that I have wanted since samurai appeared in the 30dc and is something that I have been doing manually up to now.. :)

    any hints on the new functionality that us paid up subscribers will be getting after the new year? I’m just curious. :)

    3 of the feature-sets are marked “Coming Soon” – Publish Content, Monetization and Adwords.

    There’s also a “Mystery Module” (unannounced feature) under development.

    But I don’t want to give too much more away.

    There are some nice surprises in the future. ;)


  24. WOW!! Less work, I will get a break at Xmas

    I especially love “the Michelle MacPhearson update”

    Merry Christmas and thanks Guys, Brendan

    PS Thanks Michelle

  25. One request I have ( you can call it the Kit Miller request) is to have the title bar stay fixed in the pane when you are scrolling down to look through the results. My only frustration using this app is that I have to keep scrolling back up to see what the column title was.
    I am sure I am not the first to mention this one!! But, can you name it after me? LOL

    Everything else is fantabulous and thank you for this great app!!

    The Kit Miller request is also the #1 most requested feature inside Market Samurai right now.

    The only reason it hasn’t been implemented is because we’re still trying to find a way to do it.

    The column headers currently do 3 things:

    - Sort columns (when clicked);
    - Auto-resize to match column widths;
    - And hide and reappear

    And we want to add:

    - Stay visible as you scroll down

    We’ve only been able to find a way to do three of these things at once… So far…


  26. Love the updates and the wonderful falling snow! Have a Fab and Groovy Crimbo, now where did I put my fleece?

  27. LOL! I am lovin’ Samurai..what a great case of over-delivering!
    Thanks Guys and best wishes for the New Year!

  28. As usual Dale, you rock!

    These are fantastic features and ones I’ve been also hoping you would add and some I hadn’t even thought of, but are just as useful.

    I’ll talk to you soon!

  29. 29

    Love the SEOTC feature, was going to ask for it myself, but would also like an option for “exact phrase” option, not just any word order

  30. Killer kw tool & thanks for the feature-packed updates.

  31. Guys, these updates are just what the doctor ordered! With this batch of updates, I think you’ve just about nailed the coffin shut on competition. These resolve just about all of the little annoyances I had with Market Samurai. Phrase length, positive keywords, permutations — these make MS hugely powerful.

    It looks like it’s finally time to send my copy of Keyword Elite to the virtual wastebin.

    Rock on.

  32. Thank-you Market Samurai! By taking action based on customer feedback, you will no doubt become the top keyword tool in the internet marketing world – and I’ll bet soon!

    Luv ya and Merry Christmas to all!


  33. All the updates are great, and the SNOW is my favorite! We don’t get much in Florida!

    Not much snow here in Australia right now either – it’s summer, where Christmas means throwing another shrimp on the barbie, and sitting in the shade outdoors on Christmas Day with the family. But there’s a certain romance about snow and Christmas. – B.

  34. Beautiful.

  35. I just love you guys!
    I have wished my other research & keyword tools a farewell.
    Merry Christmas!


  36. WOW !

    Outstanding chaps! What a Christmas present.
    Off to try them out.

    BFN [Bye for now]


  37. 37

    Nice! I’m pleased since the beginning with MS but you guys keep making it better before our eyes. Those new additions are all awesome and really useful, not just fluff. Well done!

  38. Brent,

    From the very beginning, back when Market Samurai first appeared and there were so many…well, let’s call them ‘issues’…even then I recognized what an awesome tool this would be when the bugs were worked out and said so publicly many times. Steve recommended it highly, and I bought it almost immediately.

    He was right and so was I, and you continue to prove us right with every update. Like Victoria, I’m being able to cancel, discontinue, and replace almost every other software tool I was using.

    I knew Market Samurai was a winner when I first saw it, and it just continues to get better and better. I can’t even imagine how it can improve even more, yet somehow, I know it will.

    It’s about time I found out if you’ve got an affiliate program…if you do, I’m ashamed I haven’t already been promoting this spectacular piece of software.

    Warm regards,
    Honey Wesley

    Thanks Honey! :)

    There is no affiliate program yet, but we’re working on affiliate resources so that we can release an affiliate program in the new year.


  39. This is coming along nicely. These are welcome additions to an already awesome product. Can’t wait until the finished product.

  40. Any plans to make the columns float?

    Absolutely.. once we work out how. (See my reply to Kit’s post above). -B.

  41. I humble myself before the mighty samari! Excellent work! I love the +/- feature on keywords. Very, very nice.

    And the snow’s a nice touch too! LOL!

    Hey guys, here’s a feature request for you. The ability to pull more keywords and keyword combos. I know we’ve always had the 200 limit problem, but being about to finer detail the keywords we want, maybe that could be an option?

    Thanks again!

    HO,HO,HO to all!


    The number of keywords being analyzed isn’t a huge problem anymore. We solved a lot of issues around analyzing large numbers of keywords (issues that were problems in earlier releases of Market Samurai).

    If you want to gather more keywords, and you’ve already got SEO Digger set up inside Market Samurai, SEO Digger pulls back thousands of keywords, and is a fantastic resource.

    If you don’t have SEO Digger set up already inside Market Samurai – the bad news is SEO Digger is not taking on new users or giving out new API keys (which Market Samurai needs to access SEO Digger data).


  42. Hey another possibly easy request, the ability to send to the clipboard instead of a csv file. It would allow me to pull multiple keywords into one excel spreadsheet quicker!

    Also, while I’m at it, how about the ability to open a new tab but not have it pull and analysis the same keywords from other tabs in the same project? For example, if I start with ‘cats’ and one of the keywords that I start a new tab on from the first search is ‘cat treats’. Now, let’s say, the ‘cats’ search pulls up a keyword ‘cat yummy treats’ and the next search under ‘cat treats’ also pulls up ‘cat yummy treats’, have MS either move the keyword to the second tab or not include it on the second.


    With Adwords, Monetization, Publish Content and the Mystery Module still yet to be released, and a lot of frequently requested feature refinements ahead, we’re being guided by users when it comes to what features make the cut.

    Re: Keywords appearing in two tabs – the new “Ignore Additional” option will remove [say] “cats” when you drill down into “cat treats”

    However, if you’re still seeing “yummy cat treats” in both, it tells you that Google thinks that these two keywords are both related to “yummy cat treats”


  43. Brilliant updates all the way around guys! Dare I say, you’re making market research fun?

    Oh, and the problem I was having with updates not working… It turned out to be the .air files in my MAC being associated with FireFox in Parallels. Once I told the MAC to associate the .air file extension with the Adobe Air Installer, NOT FireFox in Parallels – everything is working fine.

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Take it back! – Market research was never meant to be fun! ;)

    (Don’t worry – I’m finding the same thing)

    Very interesting about the .air file issue. I’ll let the guys in Support know about this one.


  44. You guys are so ubercool! Thank you! Teşekkür Ederim! Dziękuję! Merci beaucoup! Muchas gracias! спасибо!

    Mutlu Noeller! Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia! Joyeux Noël! Feliz Navidad! счастливого Нового года!

  45. All I wanted were the snow flakes and you guys delivered!!! :)

    Oh, the other extras are okay with moi, too =)))).

    Most of all – Happy Holidays And The New Year of The Samurai …
    ’cause it already is!

    Thank you once again…Lou

  46. Bravo Gents! And thanks for the gifts and MS update…

    You only add to an otherwise exceptional product. Thank you for your diligence and continued efforts to maximize user value!

  47. love the festive surprise!

  48. As usual, the Noble Samurai team ROCKS!!!

    Your team is a such a great example of how to roll out a product and consistently overdeliver, resulting in a heap of customer evangelists.

    We at the SWBN love you guys and Market Samurai; keep up the awesome work!

    ps: love the new features AND snowy surprise in this latest version

    Thanks Barb! We’re big fans of the SWBN too – a mutual appreciation society ;) -B.

  49. Nicely done! :) And the background is a nice touch.

    Not to rain on the parade, but is it Market Samurai or Google’s data that’s preventing the AWC information from displaying? I’ve tried a couple of keyword research searches and they all show 0%.

    Just ran it through – seems to be working, but let us know if you still have trouble. (Send us a ticket privately via Support and let us know the keyword you’re analyzing, and we’ll have a look at the raw data).


  50. Tremendous work guys :)

    I’ll be putting it heavily to the test tomorrow :)

    Just one thing thou as was said by others, please can we have the option to select multiple kws, at the moment deleting a lot of kws is a very repetitive and time consuming task.



    I’d be interested to find out more about this. What do you mean by select multiple KW’s (individual words?)

    Does this comment help you out?:


  51. Can I just agree with everyone else? This is really the best money I’ve ever spent on a tool and it’s the gift that keeps on giving!! Thank you for the continued updates – this is a fabulous piece of software.


    Thanks Annie – your feedback (and everyone else’s here) is just lovely!

    We’re incredibly fortunate to have such a great community around Market Samurai


  52. You guys totally rock – great work.

    You know what I would love? Is there a list of what all the acronyms mean (and perhaps even an explanation for each)? I find myself getting confused in my newbie-ness every now and then, unable to remember exactly what everything means. Although I’m getting better with the jargon as I go along – thanks again for such wonderful tools!

    Would love to help you out here, Amy.

    Does this glossary do the trick?:


  53. Yay allintitle! And the other 6 updates were ok too. :-)

    I’m being sarcastic – you guys are so awesome! Market Samurai has quickly redefined keyword research, and it’s pretty too!

    lol – thanks Michelle

    Just on the “prettiness” – it’s surprising how much difference this seems to make. A lot of people comment on this. I wonder why.


  54. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you wonderful folks! This has to be my best present!! thank you! thank you! thank you!

  55. 55

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, what a great bunch of christmas cheer. Hope you and your family have a great holiday. The best keyword search tool ever!

  56. Thank-you so much for all your lovely feedback – everyone here.

    Eugene, Arlen, Andrew, Warwick, Ben and I were reading your comments yesterday – there were just so many kind and heartfelt messages of thanks from you all – what can I say, it was so humbling. So thank-you.

    Many of you asked questions in your posts – I’ve commented beneath your comments. Hopefully I’ve answered them all.

    From the whole Market Samurai team – we hope that you have a wonderful break over the holiday period.

    We’ll be working hard over the next few weeks – 2009 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for us, and we want to equip you so that it can be a big year for you too.

    Thanks once again for your lovely messages – you brought smiles to a lot of geeks hearts.


  57. OK, so I hate “me too” forum and comment posts, but honestly, who could say anything other than “awesomeness.”

    But, I also want to chime in with Matt and Javen and request the multiple delete issue gets moved up a couple of pegs at least. Filters are great, but where I’ve had the problem come up is the same problem you’ll have with spell checkers.

    Let’s say my keyword is electric cars. I will pull back an awful lot of remote control, RC, and other variations that make perfect sense except for the fact that I’m looking for the other kind of electric cars; the plug in hybrids and electric fuel cell vehicles. Broad to phrase match isn’t really the issue.

    And yes, spell checkers have shown us how nearly impossible it is to eliminate that sort of error. But a CTRL + some other key to select multiple keywords to delete on the generate keyword step would be great. It also saves a lot of time and might keep me out of the sandbox more.

    Thanks for the early Christmas present. I would happily swap throwing a shrimp on the barbie and worrying about being too hot for the 12″ of snow and sleet we’re suppose to get overnight here!

  58. 58


    Thanks for the compliment, Michelle.

    As the designer behind the look and feel of Market Samurai’s user interface (and the logo and application icons), I’ve invested a lot of time working with the programmers to ensure that Market Samurai looks as good as it performs.

    I really appreciate the feedback about the design.

    - Warwick

  59. Nice work. Can’t wait to try out these new features!

  60. [...] 7 New Keyword Research Features | Noble Samurai [...]

  61. [...] 7 New Keyword Research Features [...]

  62. 62

    I’m loving it. Especially the Michelle MacPhearson feature. Gives great focus.

    Awesome thanks.


  63. Appreciate this upgrade. Keep em coming! (Yea I’m greedy -it’s Christmas right!)

    Miami Phillips

  64. Just a quick question. Firstly I love market samurai it has made my keyword research much easier. But I would love it more if it had this functionality.

    I have found it increasingly hard to find any niche with ppc costs under .50 cents on google adwords. It would be really great if we could have the ability for market samurai to search for keywords by niche and by ppc amount especially for those people who like to create multiple niche website in small unsaturated markets.

    I find that the only keywords showing up in the top 200 in just about any niche I can think of all start at over $1.00 ppc price when I know there are so many other long tail keywords under .50 cents.

    I have also found that market samurai does not bring up many long tail keywords in the top 200 lists that it retrieves from the search engines. Even when mark 3-10 in my selection the results come up with none. Yet when I go and type in the keyword in Google Adwords it comes up with lots of 4-6 long tail keywords. Is there any reason why our results don’t show these longtail keywords for those wishing to target them please.

    Any help would be great. Thanks

  65. Hi Pam,

    It would be great to have a greater array of long-tail keyword options in Market Samurai – particularly with SEO Digger closing its doors, and its API being discontinued soon.

    This is something that we’re looking into right now, to see if we can find a highly valuable solution.


  66. I have been using the trial version for several days and have decided I am going to buy the full version. I am really impressed by everything it does. Looking at some of the future plans makes it even more attractive.

  67. HI, first time here, Thanks for the great tools, will save me a lot of head aches. Look forward to great things and great blog.


  68. Does MS have data on local searches? Someone typing in the search phrase “dentist in orlando florida”

  69. Hi Art,

    We might be able to tell you how many people type in “dentist in orlando florida”, but we won’t be able to tell you how many people in Orlando Florida only search for the word “dentist”

    I hope this helps


  70. 70

    When I import a list of my own keywords from a text file, how do I make it give me SEOT? Even after “Analyze Keywords” this field remains “0″.

  71. This sounds like something that would be difficult to diagnose and solve via blog comments.

    I think the best thing to do is get in touch with us via support and we can help you one-on-one:



  72. Very interesting article