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The biggest problem with web-based video training is that you have to sit in front of your computer to watch it.

Sadly, most people just don’t have the time to do this.

That’s why we’ve made a major improvement to the Noble Samurai Dojo

All our training is now available via the new Noble Samurai iTunes Training Feed.

You can now get all the latest training directly from iTunes in a variety of formats, including iPhone-ready video, AppleTV, and PDF. You can even view the training on your iPad!

This means our training will now come to you – so you can stay up to date with the latest tactics and techniques from the Noble Samurai Dojo automatically, without lifting a finger…

You can access the training at times that suit you – on the train, plane or bus; at home; on a lunch break; even when you hit the treadmill at the gym – anywhere you are with your iPod, iPad, iPhone, computer or Apple TV.

Dr Anthony and Ben ‘Video Guru’ Galt have been working flat out, creating a host of in-depth training for every aspect of Market Samurai and there’s still even more to come!

The iTunes feed will ensure that you stay up to date with everything they have to offer – with the feed updating automatically as new training videos are added.

How to Subscribe

Subscribing to the Training Feed is simple and free.

Each page of training has links on the right hand side that look like this:

PDF FeediPhone FeediPad FeedApple TV Feed

To subscribe, just click on the relevant button and when you are taken to iTunes, click on the ‘Subscribe Free’ button.

Then plug in your iPhone or iPad to sync or just open the feed on your computer or Apple TV – the choice is yours.



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26 Responses to “Train Like a Samurai – Anytime, Anywhere…”

  1. Very cool feature. Makes a lot of sense, plus reminds us all that we need to cater to the mobile market.

  2. “The biggest problem with web-based video training is that you have to sit in front of your computer to watch it.”

    I disagree. I work in an office where we are not able to wear headphones. This means that if I want the information from a video tutorial I can not get that information while at work. I have grown to resent having to watch any videos on my own time, even when they are directly work training related. Please consider text versions, transcriptions and a bit pf pity on the many people out here who don’t want to be forced to listen to something that could easily be read.

    Also of note- in a small office coworkers make me hear the videos they play. A significant number of video tutorials feature slow talkers, and it can be painful to listen through trying to get information I could have read in a matter of seconds!

    Please consider your viewership and understand that those helpful videos can be remarkably unhelpful.

    Noble Samurai replied:

    Hi Yosa,

    Thanks for your feedback. If you visit the dojo, you’ll see that Ben and I are in the process of creating both online transcripts and downloadable PDFs for every training lesson we’ve created. We are aware that many people love to quickly skim written material rather than watching video and we are working to support as many different learning styles as possible.

    Dr. Anthony

    Yosa Addiss replied:

    Hooray! Thank you so much!!!

  3. Thanks for the info. I wonder if ITunes will work on my Android???

  4. What about us who have chosen android-based phones?
    Thanks for not leaving us out.

  5. Going to stay tuned into this for sure

  6. You guys are AMAZING!
    I am working hard, having just finished the 30DC a week ago… so that I may make enough to buy my iPad with profits and work on my sites wherever I want!

    So… are you all working on an app for our Market Samurai too?

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I’d like to see it – but it seems like it’s a little while off.

    There are some mixed messages coming through at the moment. Adobe was experimenting with AIR on the iPad/iPhone – but now Apple has suggested that it might not be possible in its current form.

    For the moment, we’re “waiting and seeing”.

  7. Awesome initiative guys!

  8. wow, very nice!

  9. Excellent add on service of value.



    John McLaughlin,
    Stock Trading – Consultant / Coach

  10. Super cool…App.
    Too bad I don’t have an IPad, but I will be getting one soon.
    PS. Love the domain tool you guys came up with.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    You can still subscribe – on your iPhone – or direct to your computer via iTunes.

  11. This is really cool! I’ve added the apps to my ipad and now I can access the msam from anywhere even when I drive.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Remember: Friends don’t let friends watch videos and drive ;)

    (Audio’s OK though! :) )

  12. 12

    Awesome news I’m always looking for content to listen to on the move. Beats listening to the miserable media in the car

  13. 13

    Thanks for the training and at least considering some of us would rather read the pdf transcripts.

    I do find this a bit elitist in that for those who have chosen to remain on a PC and Windows, they either download the Apple Itunes app or not take advantage of the training (readers excepted).

    But hey, I do understand money-is-money and the highest payout wins. It’s all good.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    It’s true for Mac users too (although the iTunes software is pre-installed). iTunes is probably the only nice, easy, portable delivery platform for podcasts that is in common use today.

  14. Thanks I’m excited to get subscribe the news. Hope it will fill my brain with internet marketing strategies.

  15. 15

    Will one of the links work with an Ipod? If so which one do you recommend to use? Thanks for the great alternative.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Grab the iPhone ready one.

    It’s smaller videos (so it won’t eat up as much of your hard drive space on your iPod) – and if you have an iPod Touch the screen is identical.

  16. Great Move. I’m going to load that up on my Ipad ASAP!

  17. 17

    Thank you, thank you!!!!!! From an Iphone user who hardly EVER gets time to sit at her pc. So much appreciated and my back thanks you also!! Sitting for too long isn’t fun for ppl with spinal problems. Legends..
    p.s. Does this mean that most others could make video apps usable on Iphone with their iTunes applications?

  18. Dr Anthony,

    I just want to say thank you for going out of your way to try and match up with all your clients (sometimes selfish) needs – even some who can’t appreciate what you are doing for us. Gee wiz, how can you stand it that someone complains about the videos you create with such profound impact, post it and than have someone complaining about “unhelpful videos”.

    I also prefer transcripts (which are available for many/most of these videos), especially when working with slower connections.

    Sorry Yosa, this is a direct hit to you. What is your position at Kansas University – are you responsible for their online marketing? If so, they definitely should consider allowing you to use headphones. If marketing and market analysis is not your responsibility at all, then you should not, in any case, do “privates” at work. In any case, go and check the transcripts posted on the the site – here’s a random example I pcked just now:

    To me this is complaining about the gift of absolutely free (and can I add one again EXCELLENT and PROFESSIONAL) training…

    Sorry – it may be that I interpreted you post incorrectly, but this is how I (and I believe many others) understands it.

    Brent, dr. Anthony & all the other guys at MS, thanx once again for your excellent product, dedication and unselfish overdelivering to your products and promises.



    PS – Sorry for the use of the English language here – I’m not English speaking…

  19. I love all of your training videos. You guys have a knack for teaching complicated things in an easy way. Keep it up!