Tagging Videos And Blog Posts In Seconds

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Most people still don’t reap the huge benefits of properly tagging their blog posts and videos.

Maybe it’s because they’re not sure of the best way to do it or maybe it’s becasue they’re not aware of the traffic returns good tagging can actually yeild.

The fact is: Tagging gets results!

With that in mind we’ve made the process of tagging even easier, and heaps faster, so you can experience the benefits of increased traffic to your website with very little effort.

(See video below)

There’s no excuse now not to tag your videos and blog posts with juicy search engine loving tags since Market Samurai practically does it for you.



P.S. If you haven’t already, get your free trial of Market Samurai here and see for yourself how easy it can be.

Ben Galt is our muscle-bound master of video marketing (responsible for producing most of the videos that you enjoy in the Dojo) and a cunning internet marketer in his own right.

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7 Responses to “Tagging Videos And Blog Posts In Seconds”

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    Noticed this feature quite some time ago and used it with the strategy you shared earlier. We’ve been making extra sales thanks to those few extra clicks (yes, tracked traffic and clicks). :)

  2. Fantastic idea. This is a real time saver that I had not seen yet. Thank you.

    Aloha, Bob Sommers

  3. Thanks for the tip. Love that you guys keep making Market Samuri a better tool. Keep it up. -Buddy

  4. I had noticed it, but did not realize the full potential. This is also great for adding tags in linkedin, etc.

    Another great update from Noble Samurai. You guys just keep impressing me! Thanks, Bill

  5. I’d really like to try Market Samurai out, but it doesn’t seem to work on Vista. When i install it, it just gives me a blank loading screen.

    Is it really as good as they say?


  6. I was a bit late checking this post. Anyway, what a brilliant idea. This is something I will definitely be using a lot.

    Thanks guys!


  7. 7
    On October 11th, 2009 at 2:57 am
    Roberto Lito said:

    To Support:
    I posted a ticket in your system about problems I have with my purchased M Samura. It’s already 48 hours and nobody answered.
    Sorry to post it here, but looks like none of your techs is looking at the Support requests.