The Best Kept Secret in Market Samurai

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SEO BlueprintSo you’ve found a great keyword – It’s got good traffic levels, high commercial value and it’s extremely relevant to the product or service that you have for sale.

Sounds like a winner right?

Well – maybe…

You see the biggest mistake that new online business owners make is that they select keywords that are just too difficult to rank for!

It’s the SEO equivalent of a tiny 80-pound weakling going up against Mike Tyson – They just don’t have a chance!

What’s worse is that many new website owners THINK they can win if they just work hard enough, so they put in weeks and weeks of manual work but still get NOTHING.

Others try to win the SEO battle by employing outsourcers to build links for them, but after spending thousands of dollars, they often realize that they’ve been trying to win an impossible battle and that all the money they’ve spent has been completely wasted.

To make sure YOU don’t fall into these common traps, you need to learn how to assess the true competition in your niche.

Now what if there was a step-by-step BLUE PRINT that told you not only how strong your competition is, but also exactly what you need to do to outrank them?

Your SEO Blue Print

The good news is that this BLUE PRINT does exist and everything you need is already built into Market Samurai’s SEO Competition Module.

BUT only a small handful of SEOs actually know about it.

In fact, it’s probably fair to say that this is the Best Kept Secret in Market Samurai.

AND what’s really cool is that this powerful feature just got a HUGE boost in performance, which means you can now systematically demolish your competition faster than ever before!

Here’s How It Works

We’ve just struck a deal with Majestic SEO, the owners of the world’s largest and most frequently updated back link database.

This means that we can now analyze the back links to your site AND your competitor’s sites faster than ever before.

Literally, what used to take 10 minutes, now takes SECONDS!

To show you how this powerful feature works and to walk you through your SEO BLUE PRINT, we’ve put together a video that reveals how you can apply this in your business RIGHT NOW.