Using Social Tagging Software to Increase Website Traffic

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In mid-2008, I was playing with some SEO strategies and created a blog that received 41,457 visitors from search engines in its first 8 days online.

The crazy thing is – this simple strategy took literally 2 minutes to apply…

If you knew a strategy that could increase the traffic to your blog posts and web-pages, and give you more value from backlinks, would it be worth your time spending a few extra moments applying that strategy – for every blog post and web-page you create?

Absolutely – yes!

I want to share with you a simple strategy that you can use to get more traffic to your web-site, better search engine rankings AND better keyword-value out of your links:

YouTube Preview Image

You’ll love this technique if you’re posting content to a blog, if you’re social bookmarking sites, doing just about any sort of link submission – or even choosing keywords for meta tags – because of what it does for your site…

Firstly, by mentioning additional (relevant) keywords on your web-page, you increase the NUMBER of keywords that your site can rank well for.

Secondly, by mentioning similar relevant keywords on your web-page, you increase the RELEVANCE of your page around your tight-knit group of relevant keywords.

Thirdly, by tagging blog posts and YouTube videos with relevant tags, your content is much more likely to be picked up by a broader number of sites.

And finally – by tagging social bookmarking links with relevant keywords, and having lists of relevant keywords in directory submission keyword lists, you increase the value of those links by increasing their relevance.

And the reason is simple…

By mentioning related keywords, your links and web-pages can seen to be more relevant to that topic.

After I first started my own personal blog, this was the FIRST strategy that I applied that substantially increased the number of visitors that my blog received.

And hopefully it will help you too.


P.S. – Not all sites will get 41,457 visitors in their first week online ;)

To be fair (and open) the reason I received so many visitors was because I had deliberately targeted a low-competition, newsworthy keyword.

Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

39 Responses to “Using Social Tagging Software to Increase Website Traffic”

  1. Brent,
    Man, I like you’re style :)

    Thanks for really pointing out how simple this is.
    And, of course, for showing us again what a gr8 product MarketSamurai is. Respect.

    BTW, instructional video at under 5mins.
    You’ve hit the sweet spot – can we keep it there?

    Old Rule For New Media?
    If you can’t pitch your idea (convincingly) by hand-writing it on the back of a your business card, the idea isn’t worth taking further.

    An oldie but a goodie – glad to see this in the <5min video format :)

    From Brent: That’s the plan ;)

    We’re still new and this “educating” thing – normally we’re mad scientists… So it’s taken us a lot of practice to get our 5-minute messages down from 15-minutes to 5-minutes.

    We’re also breaking things up a lot more, into very granular parts…

  2. Brent,
    You guys are unbelievable this is incredibly good advice and here you are passing it like it’s almost common knowledge.

    I’ve spent thousand’$ over the years and hands down the value I get from Market Samurai is head and shoulders over everything.

    In the next month or two I have two $600 per annum keyword research tools due to renew. Not this year.

    One last thing where is the Noble Samurai Temple I need to come and pay homage. Cheers guys , brilliant (shaking head and he hits submit)

    From Brent: Thanks Brendan :) I’m glad you liked the video!

    Re: “…and here you are passing it like it’s almost common knowledge.” I think there’s a lot we take for granted. Maybe we need to take a deeper look at all the things we do, and find out what else we take for granted, and share some of those tips…

  3. Cool trick! Any word on the other modules getting completed yet?

    From Brent: Not yet – but I expect something to be announced very soon.

  4. Thanks Brent! I agree the under 5 minute video is the way to go.

    I just want to clarify for those who might be confused. When you are talking sites you are really talking about wordpress blogs hosted at not, and does not apply to wordpress blogs hosted in your own hosting account.


    From Brent: This strategy works AMAZINGLY well for WordPress blogs hosted at

    However, it also works VERY WELL for WordPress blogs hosted anywhere else too! :)

  5. 5
    On February 8th, 2009 at 4:30 am
    CoronadoCookie said:

    Great tip Brent – thanks! I am interested in the answer to Susan’ question above – does this technique not work for wordpress blogs hosted on our our own hosting account?

    From Brent: It works very well on WordPress blogs on your own hosting account – but it works incredibly well for WordPress blogs hosted on because of how their tagging system works…

    Each tag links to a tag page – and many of those tag pages rank in the top-10 positions in… So the Search Engine value of those tags can be incredible!

    The strategy does work very well on blogs hosted on your own hosting account too – you just miss the unique (additional) benefits that the tagging system provides.

    If not, would it be a good idea to also set up a duplicate blog on Yesterday I was reading a tip about setting up duplicate blogs on & as feeder sites. I never thought about that concept…

    From Brent: There are some pro’s and con’s here.

    If it were me, I wouldn’t duplicate the content word-for-word. That might cause problems.

    Also, check the Terms and Conditions that you can run your type of blog from their service – some services don’t like hosting commercial (for-profit) blogs – which can cause some problems.

  6. Brent,
    I understand how this can be effective for and other social bookmarking sites. But is this technique effective on a wordpress site on our own domain?

    I can add the posts tags at the end of every post (using a wordpress install). But not sure if there is an advantage to this.

    From Brent: Yes – it’s a very effective strategy.

    It’s the first strategy that I applied to my blog at (which is hosted on my own hosting account)

  7. That’s kind of embarrassingly obvious and I cannot for the life of me work out why I have been having such a hard time with tags.


    Thank You Brent

    From Brent: Happy to help :)

  8. 8
    On February 8th, 2009 at 5:39 am
    tomartomartini said:

    Thanks for making this simple.Great tip Brent – thanks!Kind of embarrassingly obvious.Market Samurai is a gr8 TOOL.And a good team.

    From Brent: Thanks :)

  9. 9

    So that’s how you use tags… Thanks so much for sharing, Brent! I’ll use it right away to get 40,000 visitors this week! :) To be honest, I’ve always thought that ninja were a lot cooler than samurai, but I was wrong… ;)

    By the way, when you use the keywords in your tags like this, is it enough that they are only in your tags? Or should you include those keywords together with what you write in your posts as well?

    From Brent: It could certainly help to mention the keywords in your content too – if it was appropriate/relevant. I don’t like the idea of keyword stuffing though ;)

  10. I have just recently starteed using key-phrase tags on blogs and also when Stumble-ing my pages. My traffic went from a high of 176 hits per day to (this last week) 3,600 to 9,600 hits per day. I would have to say, yes, this does work…

    From Brent: Oh yes, StumbleUpon is great for traffic!… And this is another example where tagging can make a big difference!

    When you’re tagging your blog posts in StumbleUpon, pick the maximum number of tags (I think it’s 5) and tag your submission with the most popular relevant tags… It will help you to get more traffic.

  11. Hi Brent,
    Thanks for the great video. You guys not only rock but stone and gravel also. Could you please explain tag pages a little bit or tell me where to go to see them. Is it my tag page or does just publish pages with everyone’s tags?
    Thanks for all the help

    From Brent: Thanks! :)

    The tag pages I was referring to (the ones that rank really well in search engines) are like this.

    You’re correct – publishes pages with everone’s tags

    But your tag pages are also valuable too. :)

  12. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all of your great feedback! :)

    I’ve been through and left personal comments at the bottom of all of your blog comments.

    Just to answer some common questions:

    - Yes, we will work to keep videos down to 5 minutes where possible ;)

    - The strategy works for all tagable content – it works particularly well for blogs hosted on because they publish pages with everyone’s tags together (like And those pages often rank well in Google – giving you some very powerful links.

    - The strategy does work well for a blog that you host yourself on your own hosting account.

    If you’re using StumbleUpon, make sure you read Mike Taylor’s comment & my response (#10). StumbleUpon is a great source of traffic.

    And thank-you for all of your comments so far!


  13. Yes, StumbleUpon can send traffic, but it is a short-term spike and the visitors don’t convert. Is there any reason to get untargeted traffic for its own sake?
    For link building though I like your technique.

  14. That was awesome, thank you for that and considering my website launches this week I will be using that for my new blogs.


  15. @Anna Maria – I found that after I started using StumbleUpon to promote my own personal blog, a percentage of the readers “stuck around”.

    I also received more links to my blog (presumably other bloggers were using StumbleUpon to research potential article topics).

    I’d say you’re right about direct conversion though – I doubt that many would convert to a direct conversion goal.

    @Nathan – Good luck with your launch!

  16. Thanks for sharing this!

    Also love the dojo style background.

    Arigato gozaimasu, sensei *bow* ;)

    From Brent: Thanks :)

  17. Brent (and Market Samurai team),
    As someone who is more of a blogger than a marketer I am really digging these video tutorials on how to use MS as a tool for improving your blog from an SEO point of view.

    It fits more naturally into my mindset and is actually increasing my understanding of the more “traditional” approach to using MS – finding those niche markets.

    Keep ‘em coming!

    From Brent: I’m glad you’re enjoying them :) I see a few more blog-related videos on the horizon. ;)

  18. 18

    “In mid-2008, I was playing with some SEO strategies and created a blog that received 41,457 visitors from search engines in its first 8 days online.”
    Hi, Brent, What is the url of blog?

  19. Excellent video tutorial, and a tip that I will definitely start using on my blog, many thanks for the advice. I have always used tags on a blog with the readers in mind more than search engines.. I guess the best advice is to think of both?

  20. Hmm maybe out of subject, when I export keywords they are all messy but yours look so well ordered. Am I supposed to find settings in excel ?

  21. @Mike – I suspect I know the cause…

    Keywords and data are appearing on different lines?

    Get in touch with Support – they have a little piece of code to fix up Microsoft Excel for you.

  22. Love it. Right back to the basics. There’s so many tips and tricks out there for SEO that its often difficult to know where to start. I think your advice is the first step!


  23. Hi Brent, hope I’m not too late in posting here. I just re-watched the video and wondered: How important is it that the tags we apply to a given blog post be HIGHLY relevant to the content of that post?

    For example, if our blog is about exotic cars, can we simply type “exotic cars” into MS, hit Generate Keywords, and use any of the KWs that MS generates?

    Also, I assume we (or any blogger) should always start tagging a post with the MS-generated KWs that have largest number under SEOV, as that represents the optimal combination of traffic and revenue potential?

  24. 24
    On February 18th, 2009 at 2:46 pm
    jimchicago said:

    Aha . . . I looked again and I see there’s an answer to my first question, at 2:21 in the video.

    But if you could address my second question (in the last paragraph of my post), I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  25. @Greg

    Thanks :) Glad you liked the video


    You’re correct – you can just put the keyword (or keywords) that describe the blog post into Market Samurai, generate keywords, and find out what needs to be done.

    As for what keywords you should target – the keywords that give you the most benefit are the most logical… The most valuable keywords are the obvious ones. Market Samurai will generate relevant keywords, and you can check the SEOV for commercial value (or “Searches” if the value to you is just traffic).

    But getting more advanced, there are more things to consider.

    Firstly, by using keywords that are strongly related, some SEOs believe that you build stronger keyword relevance for keywords in what they call the “semantic cloud” – so you rank better for all related terms (even some you might not have mentioned in your blog post).

    Then there’s other broad-matched searches that you may pick up if your keywords mention a wide variety of words. For example, you may rank for a wider variety of phrases if, instead of mentioning just “trout fishing lures”, “trout fishing reels”, “trout fishing rods” etc – you mention words like “trout fishing lures”, “angling”, “fly fishing”. In the second example, you might get broad-matched rankings for [say] “trout angling lures”.

    And then there’s the competition to consider. If you’re wanting to rank for these keywords, ideally they would have low SEOC scores.

    And there’s even more that you can think about…

    But we’re getting much more advanced.

    Having said that, the most basic strategy (and the strategy I used for the blog that got 41k hits) is just to mention relevant keywords. Other things can help, but these are the basics.

    I guess everything else comes down to a cost/value calculation – how much time/effort does it take vs how much benefit do you receive.

    I hope this helps you out.


  26. 26
    On February 19th, 2009 at 5:01 am
    jimchicago said:

    Thanks very much, Brent, for all that great info. I’ll start with the more basic step(s) and possibly try to work the broader-match keywords.

  27. Thanks for sharing the information, and these tips and strategies should be tried by any site owner. Keep on posting.

  28. Not long time ago made all links no-follow. This was introduced to make it harder for blogs hosted on to get high PR.

    This strategy before had been much more valuable, as you get your blog listed on tag pages, you would gain PR. More tag pages, more PR.

    However, don’t think that this strategy is not useful. Far from it, still it has value in bringing traffic to your blog it’s just that made it hard for us to take their PR to our blog.

  29. I´m very surprised not founding this video working, as well as the others in YouTube in the same subject.
    There are any problems with MS?

  30. 30
    On March 4th, 2009 at 8:46 pm
    Graham Dunkley said:

    4 March 09

    It’s a pity, aftergetting back from travel, to find that the Social bookmarking video is no longer available, nor any of the other recent videos.


  31. hrmm…

    The videos are still there – but it does look like there’s a problem with the YouTube embedding option.

    I’ll ask the techies to change it over to an alternative embedding method. In the mean-time, click the button on the bottom right hand corner of the video for a link to the video at YouTube.


  32. 32

    This is just a direct link to the relevant Youtube video as it wasn’t playing in the embedded option

  33. After finding you guys at CommBlue, you really have changed my SEO tactics.

    Thanks for continuing the education.


    p.s. Brett – need another hat? lol

  34. Great tip. i just implemented this ona blog for a friend of mine and he is already seeing an increase in traffic.

    Keep ‘em coming.

  35. Can you put this video for download in your Video Tutorials section at -

  36. Brent,
    There can be nothing worse than wasting 30 minutes on a video and then wondering how you can get that 30 minutes back! Thanks for the short and precise video. No waste, all facts!
    I think that I read somewhere that on a WP self hosted blog that each tag is a separate page and that Ms G would count that as duplicate content. I also think that I read about a plugin to keep that from happening?
    Do you have any thoughts on that?

  37. great tools.. but i have some problem when inplementing this way

  38. [...] it’s because they’re not sure of the best way to do it or maybe it’s becasue they’re not aware of the traffic returns good tagging can [...]

  39. Thanks for the tip Brent… I’ll be using this in future! Cheers!