Using Market Samurai for Semantic Site Structuring

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Hi Team

This is something I’ve never told you about.

Some people have already worked this out for themselves…

And it’s the reason Market Samurai works the way it does today.

In Fact, Market Samurai was Built Around This…

Before Market Samurai was released to the public, we were using the same tools ourselves to do semantic site structure analysis for sites that we were building.

The reason was simple – with the right site structuring, linking and keyword use (all using semantically relevant keywords) we could achieve rankings with fewer links, less PageRank and less site-age.

And that meant a better return on investment from any SEO work we did.

“Better Results? Less Effort? How do I get this!?” I hear you say.

Well, let me show you what we were doing – and how you can do it yourself.

How to “Sharpen” Your Site – Samurai Style!

First, thing’s first…

You need to find a core site keyword – something that has high levels of traffic, high levels of value, and relatively low levels of competition.

Everything will revolve around this one core keyword.

Finding a Core Keyword

You’re looking for high-traffic, low-competition, high-value keywords here.

I like to set my Market Samurai filters to these levels: Above 80 hits per day in SEOT, below 100,000 competing pages in SEOC (although below 30,000 is best), above 15% phrase usage in PBR and over $1 in SEOV.

However, I personally like to see something that is better than the bare minimum levels.

SEO Analysis on your Main Site Keyword

Next, you’ll also want to do SEO Competition analysis to make sure you’re competing in a market where young, low PageRank, poorly optimized sites with few links are already ranking.

What I like about this example is the low PageRanks of pages appearing in the top 10, the lack of on-page optimization on most sites, and the low levels of Page Backlinks to the pages.

The ages of some of the domains, the fact that most sites have DMOZ or Yahoo! Directory backlinks, and the high number of domain backlinks make me think twice about this keyword.

I might still try it out – but with these factors working against me, my chances of getting that illusive top spot easily might be more difficult – and that means it may take a lot more work to get there.

Refocus your Keyword Research

Once you have this core site keyword, create a New Project in Market Samurai for your main site keyword this keyword – because we’re going to refocus our analysis onto this one keyword.

Start by generating keywords around this keyword using the Google Synonym Tool option with “Include Additional” selected.

Find Category Keywords

By tapping into Google’s Synonym Tool to generate keywords, Market Samurai is able to show you up to 200 related “branches” around your core keyword.

You’ll want to (again) filter out high competition, low traffic, low value keywords. The keywords we’re left with will be good for our web-site categories.

In this example, I performed almost identical analysis to before, when I was finding a core site keyword – however, I dropped my minimum traffic filter to an SEOT of 10 or above.

And then, there’s a little manual labor…

Remove any keywords that you see as being irrelevant to your core theme by clicking the “X” on the far right hand side of the keyword. And you’ll be left with a nice list of relevant, valuable, high traffic, low competition keywords – like I have above.

Article Keyword Research

Click on the key icon beside any of your category keywords it to open it up in a new tab – and do some more keyword research to find content topic areas within each category.

For this step, it’s handy to use the Google Search Keywords option, as well as the Google Synonym Tool with the “Ignore Additional” option selected. This will give you a nice “long tail” list of topics.

The next step is researching and creating web-site content in each one of these topic areas.

But how do you research these topic areas?

Find Content: Research or Republish

Market Samurai’s “Find Content” module is purpose-designed for this!

It was built to research the content that is already published on the web to help you to write your own articles, or to find articles that you can legally republish (although check the site terms and conditions before doing this.)

Click on the key icon beside the keyword, go to the Find Content tab, and begin research.

We can analyze the content based on authority factors here.

Content that has high PageRanks, Backlinks and Age might be a sign of good quality information – and a good article to research before writing your own article on the same topic.

Content that has low PageRank, Backlinks and Age might be content that you can republish on your site for testing the niche (because writing content is one of the most time-consuming parts of setting up a niche web-site) – and see if you can get rankings using someone else’s article on your site (a very promising sign if you do!)

(This is something unique to Market Samurai. I’m yet to come across any other software that analyzes the authority of a piece of content in this way.)

Next, we need links…

Get High-Quality Backlinks

Finding backlinks is easy. Focusing on the high-quality backlinks, the ones that will give you the best result for your time and effort, is difficult.

The Promotion module helps here, by showing the PageRanks, Backlinks, and the use of Follow/Nofollow on pages where you can receive backlinks.

You’re starting to see how all of this ties-in, and how each step impacts on all of the others.

And by putting it all together, we can get faster rankings in search engines, more traffic sooner, a better return on our time and effort on SEO, and better results in the long term – with less time and effort required.

But we didn’t do it for you.

We created “Market Samurai” originally (well before we released it) because we were doing these things ourselves – and we wanted to achieve the best results, faster, with less time and effort.

The Next Step

The next step is to just do it!

Market Samurai will give you the semantic keyword relationships you need for site structuring, for internal linking, for link-building, for tagging and more if you use the keyword research procedure I’ve described above.

If you don’t have Market Samurai yet – get it. You can download a free 12-day trial here.

If your trial has expired, you’ll be able to use the Keyword Research features still – but you will need to get the full version of Market Samurai to use the other features. You can purchase Market Samurai for lifetime access to all Market Samurai features here.

As I say, these semantic site structures can help you to get better results in search engines, with far less effort, and fewer links. So I challenge you to try using them for yourself using Market Samurai, and see the results you get.


Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

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  1. Hi Brent,

    Another excellent post.
    I believe you have a typo 1 line above the first Market Samurai screen capture. I’m sure $1 should read $100?

    I love Market Samurai, it’s simply the best tool for SEO and SEM pulling all it’s info out of the heart of Google.

    Hunters Hill,Aus

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  3. Wow thats amazing

  4. Market Samurai simply rocks. No other comments necessary. You guys are awesome. I’ve spend a lot of money on different so called “keyword research tools” and the majority of them were worthless. Market Samurai (even the free version for beginners) is basically the best keyword research tool out there. Period.

    We bow to Market Samurai.
    Keep ‘em coming guys!


  5. Hi Brent,

    Thanks for the great post! I love Market Samurai, it was probably the best investment that I’ve ever made online. I haven’t been too successful online, yet! but I know in my heart that day is coming soon.
    Thanks for a wonderful product and great training as well.

  6. 6

    Excellent, This type of post is great for people like me. It really helps to see how you can tie everything together to make use of your software more effective.

  7. Thanks Brent. Will definitely have to check out these new features.

    For those who haven’t installed / tried Market Samurai yet, I highly recommend it!


  8. Brent,

    Sincere thanks for your commitment to excellence with Market Samurai and your generous content – it all makes Market Samurai one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my business.

    Best regards,

  9. Hi Brent!

    Perfect timing :-) I recently purchased Market Samurai but haven’t had a chance to seriously start using it yet.

    I’m ready to get to work using it this week, and I was thinking I really needed some “how to’s” – and here they are! Cosmic vibes (and Market Samurai) rock!

    Thanks and kudos to you and the team!!!

  10. MS always improves and is a must have IMO. While I do all outlined in this post already, I learned all that in a period of 4-5 months. It’s great info for those new to MS. They can be up and running in a day instead of months. All crammed in a few pages. Well done!

  11. Probaly the best internet Marketing money I have ever spent…

    Personal Training Southend

  12. Hey Brent,

    I second David – fantastic product and awesome training. Easily the best investment I have made online! Please keep the training coming :-)

  13. Brent,

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

    Your team continues to improve upon an already awesome online business tool. A lot of developers are happy to have their software excel in one area while doing others OK. I’m happy that you’re never satisfied with that mentality.

    Best investment I’ve made for anything in at least a year!



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    Super. Once again, MS reinforces its unique, top spot in research and IM tools. And, thanks for the posts to keep reminding us of all the features and benefits.

  15. I like this…it is so detail..and so amazing..make me speechless.

  16. Hey Brent,

    Thanks for it! Great! It works!

  17. 17
    On May 31st, 2009 at 1:39 am
    Jamie Lorenzo said:


    This is one amazing post. Market Samurai has become my only tool of choice for SEO! Your post really puts the total how-to of the tool into perspective and is exactly the type of post I was looking for.

    Thanks to all of you for creating Market Samurai!

    Jim Lorenzo

  18. This blog post is great! Thanks for the information on using Market Samurai in the best way. MS has improved a lot since I bought this amazing tool.

  19. Thanks again to give us an overall picture of the best use of MS. Even though I am one of the early user of MS, often time I am struggling with what would be a good rule of thumb to use in terms of filtering.

    It is great to get your perspective as the creator of the software from the user point of view.

    Any time line about releasing the rest of your modules of MS.

  20. 20
    On May 31st, 2009 at 2:17 am
    Julie Chrisler said:

    Hi Brent,

    I have to agree with several other people that have posted – MS is easily the best investment that I have made online in well over a year.

    This is a fantastic post – I was aware of these features in MS but to have you pull it all together and give examples with filter settings, etc., makes it all that much more easy to follow.

    I am just lovin’ these posts that you have been making recently, please keep ‘em coming as long as you can!


  21. 21


    thanks for this great summary of the way of the Samurai – and also for this great software. Its nice to know I’ve been using it the right way !
    Market Samurai is now the most vital tool in my tool box and easily the best value for money internet marketing product I have ever bought. Can’t wait for more modules to come on-line!

  22. Brent,
    One more great application for Market Samurai. Thanks for your tips.

    Roy Kuruvila

  23. unbelievable content from you guys

    U ROCK

  24. Hi,

    Great that you can share about how to use market samurai. I have been wondering how best to use this software for my internet marketing strategies but this blog post sure clears up alot of my doubts and step by step manner of doing keyword research.

    Thanks once again.


  25. Lol, maybe I’ve been at this to long or I should write a book. I don’t particularly find links competition to be a deciding factor nor how many sites there are with my keywords in helping me find good keywords.

    Even the title competition isn’t particularly bothersome nor is DMOZ or Yahoo. Perhaps because I worked in the adult area for 13 years and practically every keyword has tons of competition.

    With that said, there are niches I’m never going to bother with. Internet marketing is one of them. So are viagra, credit cards and a couple of others. Lol, I’m never going to go after the keywords sex or porn either. Had a top 5 for “porn” once and it paid well but it got to be to much work.

    MS is great for research, for finding easy keywords to rank well for but if you do your on page stuff right, do your site design right it really doesn’t take as many incoming links to rank well as you might think. Your own site navigation and where you have your links on your pages is a big factor. Even with title competition few websites get it right as most website owners are pure amateurs.

    I’m an oldtimer who moved to non adult and am find it just as scammy and filled with BS as adult sites are. However I don’t find it any harder to rank for good keywords, perhaps even easier.

    I dominated for years using Web Position Gold and I expect to dominate my niches the same way with Market Samurai. Heh, you should always pick the low haning fruit when you can find it but don’t be afraid to go after harder to get and much more lucrative keywords. You may not get them within a month, more like a year or so, but it’s well worth going after harder keywords if you have a long term strategy.

    The low hanging fruit can bring in money while you are waiting for your harder, more lucrative, more traffic keywords to kick in. I have long term strategies in place and everyone should have. If you don’t you are missing the boat and the good money.

    I think MS is the best tool to come along since WPG but you still have to have a short tern and a long term strategy. Long term strategy doesn’t worry much about competition or links.

  26. The best just keeps getting better!

  27. I really would like to know more about republishing articles. Could you even get a decent Google ranking with republished articles? Doesn’t Google punish you for duplicate content? It would be nice if you could explain that point to me. Thanks!

  28. Hi Brent

    You guys are awesome.

    You sure have one of the best keyword suites out there.
    What makes it even better is the great content you are giving us.

    As Market Samurai gets better and better its so easy to forget what you can achieve with it. These tutorials fill that gap.

    Many thanks again and look forward to what your team have up their sleeves in the future


  29. 29

    Hi Brent

    This post shows the strenght and power of Market Samurai.

    However, it would be more clearer and detail for some of us who learn better by audio-visual to see exactly how you do these things on video.



  30. I didn’t see any definition for semantic site structure analysis. Is this something everyone knows but me? I admit I’m rather new at this, but I thought Market Samurai was for beginners too.

    I was doing a patent search the other day and thought that MS might be useful for this. Have you done any research in this area?

    best wishes, Howard Davis

  31. Hello Brent,

    I have been using this strategy for the last 2 sites I built. I will tell you that it has worked like clock work for me.

    I could not have done it without MS.

    Thank You,
    Robin Buckley

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    Hugh McMarlin

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    Great investment.

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    I don’t care and believe the ethic of SM teams.


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    Not only the best Marketing Tool I’ve ever bought, but also the most updated with excellent new features, best explanations for use and definately the most useful, bar none!

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  46. Brent,

    Thanks for the incredibly informative article. It really illustrates the snowball effect of each module of MS.

    I have 2 questions. One is , has something changed recently in how SEOC is shown within MS? Is this permanent or a temporaryt glitch?

    Given the info in your article how would you rate a keyword that has the following stats? SEOT 559, searches 1332, Pbr 82%, SEOC 120,000, and SEOV of $251 It’s way above your traffic mins, but decent competition too. Interested to hear your opinion on if this is kind of niche is worth pursuing.


  47. 47
    On June 3rd, 2009 at 1:17 am
    Jeaneette said:

    Hi, Brent -
    I love Market Samurai, and you publish great stuff in your blog. Would it be possible for you to provide a printable version of your posts?
    Thanks -

  48. Hi Brent, I’ve already try this tools, and it’s awesome. If you could give me more cheaper than $97 like $50 I will buy it with no think twice.

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    Thanks Brent for a very insightful tips…

    So from this and previous tips about site structuring, which tool should we use best? is it the MS’s google synonym tool (which is the same as adwords keyword tool), the google wonder wheel, or the google’s sktool.

    Also i do agree with Ceci that a video example of this important topic would make a big different to us.

    Thanks again.

  50. Thanks for taking the time to develop some step-by-step tutorials. Some people obviously are good at finding all the great ways to use a great product like Market Samurai, as evidenced by the comments above. Others of us need it pointed out to us. Thanks for helping the “others of us.”

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    I am looking to outsource tasks for an experienced Market Samurai user. Can anyone help? Please contact me at benc 007 AT excite . com

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