Market Samurai’s Keyword Research Module Gets Supercharged with New Competition Filters

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Hi Folks,

Today we’re excited to launch an important upgrade to our Keyword Research module. Quickly finding the perfect keywords and boosting your online profits just got easier.

As a Market Samurai user, you’ve heard about the Samurai “Four Golden Rules”. The rules that ensure you don’t waste hours (or months…) on the 99% of dud keywords that drain your time, sap your enthusiasm and cause most folks to quit.

You see, in your niche there’s probably thousands of potential keywords you could target, but with Market Samurai’s help, your job is to focus on the handful with:

A. Good traffic

B. High commercial value (e.g. they bring buyers)

C. Relevance to your business (e.g. well targeted)

D. Acceptable levels of competition

In other words, you follow the Golden Rules…

And of these, the most important is “D” – Competition. If you mistakenly target highly competitive keywords, not only will you not rank, but you’ll feel like you’re belting your head against a brick wall all day long. Be smart – pick fights you can win, make money & grow.

But quickly filtering out the hundreds of overly competitive keywords can be tough…

So what’s the best way to analyse competition in your market?

Approach #1 – Analyse Google’s Top 10

To rank on the first page of Google, you must replace a page that’s currently there. That’s why we created the SEO Competition Matrix – to give you x-ray vision into all the key ranking factors that cause competitors to rank on page one (don’t forget, with the “Add Custom URL’s” button you can also see how your page stacks up).

SEO Matrix with a Custom Link added for Comparison

SEO Matrix with a Custom Link added for Comparison

So, if you’re going to spend any real time on a keyword, review the SEO Matrix first.

But, the problem with this approach is it’s manual, making it tough to quickly review the hundreds (or in most cases) thousands of prospective keywords in your niche. We need a shortcut…

Approach #2 – Count the number of “Valid Competitors” (OK, let’s explain that a little…)

Not surprisingly it turns out that keywords with millions of competitors are almost always a lot tougher to rank for than those with only a few dozen (kind of obvious). Your goal is compete for keywords where the number of valid competitors out there is small, and measuring these “valid competitors”, it turns out, can be done.

Let’s consider the different metrics available for measuring the number of valid competitors in a market:

1. Keyphrase anywhere in a page (SEOC) – We can consider the number of pages globally that contain at least one complete copy of our target keyphrase. We’ve used this for years as our primary indicator, but have seen its usefulness degrade over recent months in some markets.

2. Keyphrase in page titles (SEOTC) – I love this metric. Having a keyword in the title tag of a page is, for me, a far stronger indicator that a competitor is genuinely targeting that keyword. Many SEO experts regard getting your keyword in your title tag the most important on-page factor there is!

Early on, Google’s SEOT was a standard Market Samurai filter, but years ago they stopped SEOs doing large volumes of title queries. In recent months we’ve also seen Bing tighten up on large SEOT query volumes too.

Spoiler Alert #1 – SEOTC (title searching) is back – fast & unlimited;more on that below, but let’s look at other options for counting the ‘valid competitors’.

3. Keyphrase in Link Text, Domain Names or URL’s (SEOUC, SEOAC etc) – we can also count the number of pages out there with our keyword in the URL or just the domain name. We can even count those pages that have a the keyword in a link pointing to them from somewhere else, e.g. those pages with inbound links containing our keyword in the link “anchor” text.

4. Combined Measures – Keyphrase in a Page Title AND an Inbound Link – this is what  Eugene and I have been wanting to see for years. Think about it for a moment, the folks out there doing SEO basically build optimised pages (e.g. they put keywords in page title tags) and then promote those pages by acquiring inbound links (including some links with the keywords in the anchor text).

Now, yes, thanks to the recent Penguin updates, smart people have pulled back from excessive  ‘over optimisation’ and excessive keyword placement in anchor text, but the reality is that if we can count those pages where a keyword is found in BOTH the page title & an inbound link, we should have a great measure of the “valid competitors” out there really trying to rank for a keyword.

Spoiler Alert #2 – A new “Title & Anchor Competition” metric has been added to Market Samurai

OK, so theres a few ways to measure the number of valid competitors. My favourites are Page Title and the combined Page Title / Anchor Text measures. By filtering out keywords with high values on these measures you can quickly hone in on keywords that are most likely to have low or acceptable levels of competition.

Then, with this smaller, filtered list, a manual check of the SEO Competition Matrix is well worth your time.

Where’s the new data coming from?

We’ve partnered with Majestic SEO, arguably the worlds most trusted supplier of independent SEO data to bring you free and unlimited access to five new world class keyword competition metrics.

As some of our pro users will know, Majestic’s entry level paid subscription (to get similar data volumes) costs $499 US per year, but thanks to our partnership, you, as a Market Samurai user can now access Majestic’s keyword data and quickly analyse thousands of keywords at no cost.




What are the metrics & where can I find them?

Each of the new metrics are available in the Keyword Research module and show up after you’ve generated keywords for review.


The new measures we’ve added are:

1.     Title Competition (MSEOTC)  – the number of pages in the Majestic index that contain your search phrase in the page title. This is similar to Google’s “AllInTitle” search.

2.     URL Competition (MSEOUC)– the number of pages with the search phrase in the page’s URL (either domain name or page name).

3.     Anchor Competition (MSEOAC)- The number of pages in Majestic’s Index that contain the keyword term in the anchor text of an external, inbound link. This is similar to Google’s AllInAnchor search command with the exception that it only reports the count of external links (e.g. it excludes those links from the same domain).

4.     Domain Competition (MSEODC) – Number of times our keyword phrase appears in a known domain. Potentially a good indicator of the number of other niche players in a market.

5.     Title & Anchor Competition (MSEOTAC) – The number of pages in Majestic’s Index that contain the keyword term in both the page title and in the anchor text of an external, inbound link. A great indicator of pages that actually have key SEO indicators present.

Four reasons to love the new Majestic metrics

1.     Insightful, Actionable Numbers – Our use of these stats so far has been really exciting, the ‘hit rate’ in finding good keywords and accessible segments within niche markets is excellent.

2.     Independent, Reliable and Stable – SEO tool providers of all kinds have seen both Google and Bing tighten up on providing keyword research data (for example, Bing now charge for previously free data and last week, two of our contemporaries; Raven Tools and SEOmoz lost access to their Adwords API for traffic estimation).

But, because Majestic use their own, internal infrastructure to maintain an independent index of the web, and because we pay for the service, their data supply is reliable and robust. Also, importantly for users doing high research volumes, this data isn’t capped or rate limited (unlike some current Bing data).

3.     Speed – Keyword research starts by pulling in Google’s traffic estimation data and unfortunately this still takes an average of 3-4 minutes. We wish it were faster, but given others are losing access to this data, it’s nice that we can still get it.

However, once we have the Google data, we can now use Majestic metrics for competition analysis and Majestic’s data comes in fast. In fact pulling back competitive metrics for 800 keywords takes just 5 to 10 seconds (a lot faster than the alternative Bing SEOC data).

4.     Tight Correlation with Google – Before we made the plunge to purchase Majestic’s data (our investment is many 10’s of thousands of dollars), we selected a diverse sample of keywords and analysed the correlation (or similarity) between Majestic’s competition numbers and what Google and others provide.

Whilst Majestic’s overall data set was smaller than Google (but still huge with some 4 trillion pages in their index) we found that the Majestic competition numbers were very well correlated with Google. This was backed up by both human reviews and comparison with other reputable competitive metrics. It was interesting to find that generally speaking, the correlation was tighter for Majestic/Google than for Bing/Google.


Sounds a little too good to be true – drawbacks?

The Majestic data is great and their engineers are brilliant, however, it’s not perfect. We see two key drawbacks in the data:

1.     Global, not country specific – the competition metrics are world wide only and not specific to a given country or region. As such we only show the Majestic metrics for users set to doing ‘global’ keyword research. Those doing local searches are advised to continue using SEOC (sourced from Bing).

2.     Current database size – Majestic’s current keyword database runs to about 100,000,000 keywords (a big number). However, even with a keyword database of this size, there are still many long-tail keywords you’ll generate that don’t yet have the Majestic competition metrics available. In my experience this can range from between 5% to 25% of the keywords retrieved for the niche markets I’m interested in.

The good news is that any time we request a keyword from Majestic that’s not currently in their database, they queue it for inclusion in the following 24 to 48 hours.

This means we expect to see the Majestic keyword database grow rapidly as Samurai users continue to explore niche markets and, for critical keywords, you have the option to revisit Market Samurai and refresh after 48 hours (by clicking the “Analyse Keywords” button).

How to use these new metrics…

Experienced Market Samurai users will be aware of our inbuilt ‘Golden Rules’ and “Long Tail” filters created to help you quickly find great keywords.

With the release of Majestic data we’ve added two new filters, called “Majestic Golden Rules” and “Majestic Long Tail”. These filters make use of Majestic’s competition metrics (instead of Bing’s) to help you quickly zoom in on great opportunities in your market.

New Majestic Golden Rules & Long Tail Preset Filters

New Majestic Golden Rules & Long Tail Preset Filters

Help Us Refine the New Competition Filter Values

With these new filters, I was able to easily find dozens of great keywords in all of the niche markets I looked at. However, we expect to be refining these filters over the coming weeks and we’d love your feedback as we do. Here’s how to get involved:

Step #1 – Open Market Samurai and enter a starting or ‘seed’ keyword for a market you’re in.

Step #2 – Generate keywords and filter using the new “Majestic Golden Rules” (helps you find the big, important keywords in your market) or the “Majestic Long Tail” filter (great for low competition content publishing ideas).

Step #3 – Check out what you uncover and let us know – either in the comments below or by email to, we’d love to hear from you!

Enjoy discovering gold nugget keyword opportunities with these new metrics!


Ben Stickland

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    Ben Stickland replied:

    Hi Vremenska
    Really sorry – you’re right, as a regular user I understand the ongoing updates can get annoying.
    Whilst some updates are caused by good old fashion bugs, the root cause of the vast majority of our updates is that our data suppliers change regularly and without notice. It seems to have settled down a little in the last six months which is nice, and these new Majestic metrics (added today) should be very stable, but it’s tough to avoid if you’re committed to keeping an SEO tool current and functional.

    Chris replied:

    I don’t mind the updates. It ensures me that you guys are keeping the tool current and useful. If you own any kind of Apple device then you should realize that they do the same thing with their own software updates. Fixing bugs and staying on top of your product is the name of the game.

    Ryan @ TrustedSiteSeller replied:

    Did I just hear you complain that a software company is updating their software TOO MUCH? I’m sorry, but although it can be frustrating to have to update the software and take the 15 seconds to complete the upgrade, you should thank the developers many times over for keeping up the software. This is quite rare today and especially for software that only requires a one-time payment.

    Great job guys. Looking forward to diving into the new features and KEEP updating whenever necessary.

    Kimberly replied:

    You don’t LIKE updates? Love seeing them; I get the GRRRS when nothing’s been touched for months-

    Pete replied:

    I also love updates. Means you guys are always on the ball. Keep them coming.

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    Totally agree with you guys. Love to see the software constantly being updated with a break down of the individual fixes and improvements!

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    Every update gets me a few more dollars in the pocket. SEO is just so pervasive in any content-laden website, so it pays to keep ahead of the pack. You guys get my 1st class vote…. UPDATE MORE!

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    Few of us are natural-born statisticians. I need Market Samurai to help me STOP stumbling in the rich sea of deciphering numbers and endless permutations it provides: Just “Show Me The Money!” Majestic’s data seems to point that out more clearly – and very quickly!

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    Ben Stickland replied:

    Hi Stefan

    Perhaps best to shoot a screenshot over to support via particularly if you can’t get the preset filters e.g. the new “Majestic Golden Rules” to work.

    Something to note that may help is, with these new majestic data points, if they return no value (e.g. the keyword being analysed isn’t int their database), then Market Samurai will return a dash, e.g. “-”.

    The keywords with these “dashes” will be filtered out automatically if you’re using any of the common filters (set via the “Filter” dropdown is in the centre of the keyword analysis screen). An easy way to see if lots of keywords have dashes and are being removed is to select the “No Filters” filter option, and then tick one of the majestic metrics. Have a scroll up and down and you should see the majestic numbers and those keywords with dashes (assuming some keywords you generated were not in the Majestic database).

    Again, if this doesn’t help, shoot a private email to and we’ll take a look.



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    The thing I love is that Majestic SEO is willing to gro its database with our searches, and 24-48 hours isn’t a long time, to be honest.

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    Noble Samurai replied:

    Thanks for the kind words – we agree that social citations are increasingly important. The ones you mentioned – Likes, Tweets, Plusses etc – tend to apply more to sites or URLs (or just Facebook pages!) than keyword niches.
    So that would be something we may look into for the SEO Competition module. I don’t yet know when we plan to do this, and if I did I couldn’t tell you, but I do think it’s an idea with potential!

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    Ben Stickland replied:

    Hi Lolita

    Thanks for your feedback – this update is designed to help with an over reliance on Bing to some degree.

    The SEO Competition module (where you can see the first page of search results) is based on Google.

    The current SEOC competition count in the Keyword Research module is based on Bing as it simply became impossible to collect the data from Google anymore. Bing is in most cases still a good measure of the volume of competition (albeit certainly not perfect), however, in our experience, it’s not as good as these new Majestic data points. Indeed, because these new metrics allow measurement of Anchor and Title text frequency I’ve found them to be really good (we used to get title data from Google years ago and I loved it).

    In preparing this post I analysed 7 niche markets and in each case found the Majestic data to give back a good list of keywords and in a separate exercise we found Majestic to be tightly correlated to Google (tighter than Bing). I hope you find it useful in your markets also.

    With the added bonus that we have fast and robust access to Majestic, we’re hopeful it’ll serve our users well.


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    scott rahn said:

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    Noble Samurai replied:

    Hi Scott – unfortunately the new metrics are not yet available localized to any specific region or nation, they’re only global at this time. ^BMS

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    Ben Stickland replied:

    Hi Chongyim

    Just to clarify, the keyword research module should give similar numbers to the Google Keyword Tool (GKT) for search volume (providing the match type is the same). The new metrics we’ve added from Majestic give us a measure of the number of competing pages globally from an SEO perspective, which isn’t a number available in the GKT (they do give an Adwords competition indicator but that’s unrelated).

    If you’re finding that the estimated traffic your seeing and those in the GKT differ significantly (there will be modest variances), please contact as that would be a separate, but important problem.

    In terms of video tutorials, our plan is to allow time for user feedback on the new Majestic based filters and then update our training videos and documents.



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    Ben Stickland replied:

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    Thanks and cheers!

  78. Guys, I love your product (MS). I don’t think there is anything else quite like it on the planet. Also, as far as updates are concerned, I can wait to get the next one…keep em coming.


  79. great metrics is right. Cant get enough keyword data so this is perfect for continually analyzing the top 10 – great work

  80. I love this tool. But I agree with another poster here: give us the ability to do more than one keyword at a time for analysis. There are several tools on the market that do this and show you everything, including domains. But none are as complete as Market Samurai (for instance, they miss things like proxies). If MS had this feature and was released with another module and a final 1.0 in January I think that would start the year off most excellently.

    An ardent fan and user here!

  81. Hi I have a question, you say:

    “Not surprisingly it turns out that keywords with millions of competitors are almost always a lot tougher to rank for than those with only a few dozen (kind of obvious).”

    I dont really get that, if I want to be #1, then all that matters to me is how strong the current #1 is. Why would anything else matter? If I cant BEAT #X, then i will never be >#X

    Please help me to fully understand the role of this articles contents in relation to what I just said.

    Thank you :)

  82. Hi guys,

    love to work with MS, and THANKS for everydays updates. THANKS!!
    As I use MS in Germany, I’ve got some special issues. Send you an email. Cheers!

  83. 83

    Great job, hope to see some training videos soon….

  84. Thats a revolutionary tools again. Thx
    Paoloʼs last blog post… How To Create A Newsletter Examples; Newsletter Formats in Email Marketing

  85. Great new features, this will add my buying keywords target.
    Thanks y’all!

  86. It’s good to know that there are updates available because it only means that Market Samurai is continuously innovating it’s module. Thanks for the heads up about this and very detailed information.

  87. you mention SEOAC in your article and state that we can determine which pages have our keyword in the anchor text of an inbound link. although i see MSEOAC in my MS software, i do not see SEOAC. i also dont see it in the screenshot that you attached.

    Noble Samurai replied:

    Hi Ben – SEOAC or MSEOAC was not one of the metrics previously available in Market Samurai, sorry for the confusion!