Market Samurai Gets a Long Tail

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It was our secret shame – the biggest failing of Market Samurai:

Long tail keywords.

You see, Market Samurai was never built to find the long tail.

Instead, it was built to find relevant groups of keywords – so that we could use it for Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), or Referential Integrity, or Keyword Siloing, or whatever you want to call grouping of relevant keywords.

And to find high-traffic keywords.

Not to mess around in the “shallow end” of the keyword pool – where all the long tail keywords sit.

But when Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool swung open, and offered up-to 800 of the top long tail keywords in ANY market, we jumped on it!

We made this part of Market Samurai almost immediately.

As a result, for the past few weeks, you’ve had a new way to generate keywords – this time, long tail keywords – and today I want to start showing you how to use it.

location of Google's search-based keyword feature in Market Samurai

This is particularly useful when you want to tag a blog post, video or social bookmark with relevant, long-tail, low competition keywords.


If you find a keyword with very high levels of traffic and competition – and you want to “dig deeper” into it to see if there’s a better, lower-competition, still high-traffic long tail version of the keyword.

Try it out!

Open Market Samurai now, and try this new keyword generation source out for yourself.

It will give you up-to 800 of the most popular search long-tail searches that contain your original keyword.

And watch the blog over the next 2 days – because I’m going to show you two more ways to use this one incredible tool.


Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

65 Responses to “Market Samurai Gets a Long Tail”

  1. How did I miss this? You say it’s been there for weeks! I didn’t even notice it… but I’m sure noticing it now!!!

  2. 2

    Looking at the tags, you made good use of it already for this blog. ;)

  3. You guys are just amazing. I’m extra proud of you being Aussies. Thanks.

  4. This will be a big help to my business. I appreciate it very much.

  5. Brent,
    Thanks for your tips and the team. Last time i use to add the keywords manually.

    I found the great search tool, check it up here.

    Quite a powerful generate from different sources and search engines. The weakness is cannot export out and limited of keyword generate.

  6. 6
    On May 27th, 2009 at 1:32 am
    DJ Sylvester said:

    Makes finding relevant, LSI and long-tail keywords for any online endeavor a breeze. Thanks for turning up the volume!

  7. Hi Brent,

    You were already finding some great keywords though its true they weren’t long tail enough but themed well all the same.

    This should see us edge even farther away from the competetion.

    Thanks guys for being on top of your game.


  8. OMG how did I miss this – Karen you are not alone.

    A tip – when using this feature just now Market Samurai started pulling in the long-tails, then had a long think, then the long tails disappeared leaving me with just the ordinary keywords. So I ran it again but this time clicked “Cancel” as soon as I saw it had pulled in some long-tails, & it worked a treat.

    Thank you most Noble Samurai!!

  9. 9

    Market Samurai just keeps getting better!


  10. Brilliant, this will be very good for one sector of my business that is hard to get to number one on Google for. Well done, Im addicted!

  11. 11

    I used market samurai to research a keyword that market samurai told me that received 1,088 searches a day and when compare to wordtracker data, market samurai reported 800 more searches a day that wordtracker. How is this possible?

    Hi Frank – Melanie (below) is correct – the difference is that Market Samurai gets its keyword data from Google itself, and Wordtracker extrapolates the data from other search engines. -Brent

  12. @Frank – different sources will often report different search results. That’s not unusual at all.

  13. That is awesome I love it, good work!

  14. I only started playing around with Samurai and already fallen in love with. It’s simplicity, fast data retriving is briliant. This additional functionality is going to give Samurai competitive advange

  15. Hey, just an FYI, Google doesn’t use LSI.

    Anyway, great idea about tagging blog posts with longtails! I’m going to fire it up and check it out.

  16. Wow, I had already been playing with this feature to find long tail phrases, but just now realized the real value. Can someone help me stop the dollar signs from rolling in my eyes? I can’t see my monitor!

  17. Hi Gys
    nice feature thanks!

    As per my support suggestion, please now add a RANGE function.
    We have 800+ words and can only search 150 at a time without bombing soemthing out. So how can we do this?

    As I said, please add a batch by X (ie 200) words at a time, not by ticking (sic) or filtering (finicky) but in automatic stages of 200.

    Let’s face it. We want ALL the words with ALL the stats.

    You’ve now given us a long list. Now please RANGE it so we can get at them without having to externally manage.

    Please SKYPE me if you need to chat about this, if you are still in any way confused. I am up 24/7 so you being in Oz makes no difference to the pigeons here. (take my email and search on skype for it – or look at my support tickets!)

    Peace and light

    I don’t understand this 100% Peter. Although it would be nice to have all of the data at once (which you can gather in Market Samurai already) the way most people use the data is by focusing on only keywords that have enough data to be worth optimizing around – so they’re filtering out keywords at some point. Drop us an email in support though if you’d like. -Brent

  18. Market Samurai is the best tool I used for keyword research, seo, market research etc. Thanks for your great software. It helped me in my business a lot.

  19. Wow, you guys continue to amaze me with what you add to this already GREAT tool. Thanks and keep it up ;-)


  20. great info…glad to see ms is always getting better

  21. You guys rock!

    Every time I turn around it seems you are updating and significantly enhansing an already brilliant tool. Keep up the good work.

  22. I can’t believe I paid so little for this tool!

  23. Just wanted to post a comment whilst I’m still living in the ‘past’ and folks have already commented ‘tomorrow’!

    I ‘THOUGHT’ that was a new button! I was thinking – how did I miss that…and now it makes sense.

    Looks potentially like a great innovation – or ‘the’ great innovation that will add a dimension I was missing in your otherwise very useful tool.

    G’d’on ya Mates.

  24. Now I know why I’m getting ther so slowly…

    Linking to someones site, for example!:0

  25. Amazing!!! I’ve been using Marketing Samurai for 9 months now and it’s getting better and better.

    I love Marketing Samurai :)


  26. Love it.. just don’t give all the game away.. we’ve been teaching this for a while.. great to see it done..

  27. 27

    Love the Google search keywords option but I’m not sure why when I try and get search results for it, it keeps giving me “Difficulty retrieving 1 cell: Organic traffic data. Try pressing Analyze Keywords again.” I hit analyze again and get the same result. I will be very excited when this works. All the additions to MS are awesome so far. Keep up the great work guys. This is by far my favorite tool!!!!

  28. Sweet, looking forward to the next videos.

  29. This was the one thing I found missing from Market Samurai. Thanks for including this, I can now stop my Wordtracker subscription

  30. I love Market Samurai!! It gives me more confidence to do what I have always thought was the right thing but too scared to pull the trigger. It is like the little angel sitting on my shoulder telling me to go ahead with my keywords. Thanks guys and please, please, please keep it up.

  31. I’m only able to get a maximum of 200 words, this has been the case for a couple of months now.

    What do i need to do to get the 800 or so?


    You might be on an earlier version of Market Samurai. Or might not have the “Google Search Based Keyword Tool” box ticked inside the keyword generation area. Or you might be looking at a keyword that only has a small number of high-traffic synonyms. Happy to look deeper into this if you want to drop us an email via support though, Gavin :) -Brent

  32. 32
    On May 27th, 2009 at 8:44 am
    Dallas Kelso said:

    G’day Brent,

    This ones going straight to the pool room mate! :-) awesome.


  33. Thanks for adding this as quickly as possible.

    I had only just discovered it in the past couple of days myself.

    Great work.

  34. This is great news.I can already see how this will help make my blogging efforts more fruitful. Keep up the great work Brent and team :)

  35. So good to see some “locals” killing it in the big time. I lived in Nunawading, Vic for nearly 10yrs, so I feel like I’m almost part of the team! MS is an awesome tool… keep up the great work guys. Go Aussies!

  36. 36

    Wow. Long tale keywords. This is great. More opportunity. Thanks Market Samurai. You guys rock. Keep up the good work.

  37. it so Nice…I like it

  38. Hi Brent that is great. I am so happy that I invested in MS.

  39. With all the hyper flogging of tools out there your clarity and updating are greatly appreciated. That’s worth a Swan lager or two. :)

  40. @Isha,

    If you uncheck the “SEOT” button, you should get the disappearing phrases without having to cancel anything.

    Amazing addition to an already outstanding tool!

  41. This is sooooooo great.
    I have been waiting for tools to use the new Google service.
    But I have not figured out how to copy directly from MS. It don’t work with “right click”. It would be faster to do that instead of downloading if I just want a few keywords.

    Keep up the good work!

  42. This is nice sofware, I ting guys will try and buy
    is very good I say market samurai wonderfuull

  43. This is a great tool.
    I’m amazed at how MS is coming along. With the new Google SKTOOL I found out that some of the keywords I’m using for my site, ARE CRAP! My biggest problem what NOT knowing the amount of month search volume for my market. NOW I DO! What a surprise to know I’m not doing that good. No wonder I’m getting low traffic volumes with the odd customer signing up.
    I think I’ll be buying MS very soon.

  44. 44
    On May 27th, 2009 at 11:54 am
    mark behnke said:

    dude- I don’t know what you did..but this works like crap now. I’ve tried it on both computers and it takes forever to give seoc..and then it only does a few of the keywords.

    I don’t know what the problem is, I don’t think it’s on my end

  45. You guys are awesome . . . thank you thank you thank you!

  46. @mark behnke
    You are experiencing the bottleneck effect.
    This is why we NEED the range function.

    What you need to appreciate is with an 800 word keyword list, samuari is background getting 800 sets of data “simultaneously”.
    We didn’t ask for this, but it’s what makes Samurai quite fast.

    Trouble is most broadband/windows machines can only handle under 100 simultaneous connections.
    Then add to that, Google getting the a*** because you are looking like a brain sucking robot.
    Even with proxies, big G smells the tyres burnign. And I’m gussing the proxies themselves will be getting the a*** too.

    Bottom line. TOO MUCH DATA, timeouts, missing fields.
    In my case, crashes.
    You can repeat to fill in the blanks, but it isn;t a one hit affair.

    SOLUTION is simple!
    Do not request more then 200 words at a time.
    Easy way is to go to modify keywords adn set to 5 word minimum and you list will sieve down to 150 probably.
    5 words phrases are more likely long tail any way.

    AFAIC with keywords it’s quality not quantity that matters.

    I also have an “issue” in that the 800 list often contains 2 letter keywords. These seem to freeze google, no matter what you do.

    As you can see, if we had the range tool, samuari would only request 200 keywords at a time and this bottle necking would not happen.

    Sadly my Australian is rusty :-) and I can not seem to get the Noble huys to undertsand me for about 3 weeks now.

    I had this problem prior to this feature as I “manually” import large keyword lists from grade A sources.

    Peace and light

    Ah, gotcha now! We’re working on another solution right now. The problem is our CGI proxies have been overwhelmed lately by Market Samurai users needs for data. Stay tuned. -Brent

  47. I have been building websites since the time when all you had to do was build it and they would come. But as the internet has grown and promotions and marketing have changed, I had lost touch with how to compete. I found that now you have to understand your competition. This was no easy thing. I have tried a number of keyword software and research services. MARKET SAMURAI YEARS AHEAD AND MILES ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE OUT THERE. IT’S FAST, IT’S EASY, IT’S FULL OF RESOURCES AND IT’S EXTEMELY EFFECTIVE. YOU’RE VIDEO TUTORIALS ARE GRRRRRRRREAT.

  48. GREAT! Way to jump on the google wonder wheel!!!

  49. Great! Way to jump on the Google Wonder Wheel! Amazing you did it so fast. Or should I say Awesome!

  50. wow this is amazing :)

    Thanks you for the updates!

  51. I wonder why my comment has been deleted. ????

  52. Been using it for a few weeks now, nice addition to an already great tool!

  53. 53

    هااااااااااااي صباح الخير / مساء الخير

    أخبركم انشاءالله تمام

    احب اتعرف واصادق الجميع رجال او نساء كلهم اخوان لي

    واخوات لي وحبايب على قلبي

    وتقبلوا تحياتي


  54. 54
    On May 27th, 2009 at 4:54 pm
    Rosalind said:

    I don’t have this new tool on my copy of Market Samurai???

  55. If only to get a long-tail keyword in and get indexed within the mighty G, why not?
    Been contemplating purchasing MS for a while now.. lemme see, I own Keyword elite (which is still slow and sluggish as ever), I own Micro Niche Finder (great but limited in kwd content) and I’ve since ditched a Trellian Keyword tool I don’t even care to remember the name of… so yeah, guess I’m a junkie for these tools… just need to find me a download link to MS selling the tool for under $100!

    This is all part of the plan!

  56. 56

    Sorry guys, but i don’t see any improvement in this feature…maybe it’s me, but I’ve had MS now for several months and yes, I also agree that the lack of longtail keywords was very frustrating. So it was a real joy to hear that you’ve addressed this, however, i see no difference at all??

    I go to Nichebot for example, and they return not only longtails, but virtually ‘SENTENCES’on what people type in!! This feature you’re now addressing, still comes up with the same proverbial 2-3 word lists no matter what keyword i type in, therefore i would love to see how this as being an improvement??

    Plus, why is it that more often than not, anytime I receive my keyword results, that so many words have identical searches per day? This can’t be correct? I’ll have for example….numerous words that come back after the software has retrieved the words and when the results appear, there are groups of keywords that have the exact same number of searches in the column and i just don’t buy these results as being what Google themselves actually has in their own results, since you get your results from Google also. I love the software, I’m so glad I made the investment, but am greatly disappointed with the aforementioned.

    There are two questions here: 1) “Why are the long-tail keywords still only a few words long?” The answer to this is Market Samurai still avoids keywords that have extremely low traffic levels (fewer than one search per day) because there is very little benefit in optimizing around these. 2) “Why do so many keywords have identical traffic levels” – because Google benchmarks traffic levels – usually to the nearest 1,000 searches. So a keyword that has 20,000 searches per month will be displayed as 657 searches per day in Market Samurai (20000/30.46 days in a month on average). I hope this helps you out. -Brent

  57. [...] the "Google Search Keywords" feature. You can view how to do that at this blog post: Market Samurai Gets a Long Tail | Noble Samurai 2. It definitely measures the strength of the competition. You can watch Noble Samurai’s training [...]

  58. Brent,

    I knew when I took you guys up on your beta offer I was going to be really happy about where Market Samurai was heading.

    You have constantly bested yourselves with this project and keep setting the bar higher and higher.

    2009 is going to be my break out year and Market Samurai will have played a large part in that.



  59. 59
    On May 30th, 2009 at 1:38 am
    Bioniclily said:

    Just another reason why Noble Samuri is the best, Thank you

  60. I already love this tool – now I love it even more! It is like you just answered a little prayer of mine xx Thanks xx

  61. Thanks for the video. I found the Long Tail Video tuturial very informative.

    Good work

  62. 62

    Hi Brent

    Greetings from Perth – love MS!

    Question – if we can use MS to find bazillions of long tail keywords for tagging posts, how many is too many? What are the pros and cons? Will Mistress Google penalize for too many?


  63. 63

    This functionality was very useful. But now it is not available? Or did you move it?

  64. 64

    yes, where did it go?

  65. [...] here’s a blog post that we put up a while ago about long tail keywords in Market Samurai: Market Samurai Gets a Long Tail | Noble Samurai I hope this helps you out. [...]