What Makes Market Samurai The Most In-Depth Keyword Research Software Available?

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Yesterday, we took a look at Market Samurai’s Keyword Research module – and how Market Samurai gives you more raw keyword data, more accurate results, and more detailed analysis and filtering tools than any other keyword software – and does it at a lower cost.

Today, I received an email saying: “But [XYZ more expensive keyword tool] can do 100% of what Market Samurai can do.”

Not true…

…But it made me think – maybe they just didn’t know what Market Samurai actually did?

Are You Getting Everything You Can Out Of Market Samurai?

There are so many features available in the “Market Samurai toolkit” that it’s so easy to miss or forget about one or two – and miss out on the benefits that they can provide you with.

So today, I want to share with you some of the specific features that you have access to inside Market Samurai – in JUST the Keyword Research module – and how you can use them.

Call it a Market Samurai “refresher course” – looking at all of the features that are available to you right now, and helping you to get value out of features that you may have otherwise forgotten about or overlooked.

But, before I begin – just a quick warning…

Because Market Samurai gives you more raw keyword data, more accurate results, and more detailed analysis and filtering tools than any other keyword software – this is going to be a BIG post! …So I’ll do what I can to keep this brief.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!


When it comes to generating keyword lists, Market Samurai gives you focused, high-quality keyword lists based on the keywords the search engines want to see.

Because you’re getting the keywords that the search engines want to see, not keywords that could distract search engine algorithms when working out what your site is about (hurting your rankings), you get better results. (BIG concept – I’ll go into it more in a later blog post.)

And because you’re not having to wade through and filter out thousands of long-tail junk keywords (with no traffic), you spend less time on keyword research to get to the same end result.

- #1-2: Keyword Sources -

The two primary sources for keyword generation are Google’s Keyword Tool, and Google’s Search-Based Keyword tool.

1. The Google Keyword Tool

The Google Synonym Tool (known by most marketers as “the Google Keyword Tool”) is particularly helpful for generating lists of synonymous and semantically related keywords.

2. The Google Search-Based Keyword Tool

The Search-Based Keyword Tool is valuable for finding the most profitable, most popular long tail keywords (and Market Samurai is the first keyword software to utilise this data source).

Together, there isn’t much that these two tools miss – with the one exception being extreme long-tail keywords (keywords with traffic levels too low to provide any substantial benefit for SEO or PPC advertising).

And because you’re asking the search engines what they want to see, you get an up-to-date list of highly targeted, high traffic keywords that Google “wants” to see when it is ranking a web-site (instead of an untargeted keyword list that includes keywords that could hurt your rankings) – meaning you spend less time doing keyword research, and get better results with less time and effort.

- #3-4: Traffic Filters -

Because targeting keywords requires an investment of time, effort, money and skill – it’s important to only focus on keywords with enough traffic to make your investment of these commodities valuable.

Market Samurai allows you to filter out keywords with low levels of traffic, during in the keyword generation phase, so that you spend less time doing keyword research, and are left with a much more focussed and targeted list of keywords for your needs.

3. SEO Traffic Filter

This option allows you to filter out keywords with low traffic levels for SEO-optimized sites, and quickly focus your attention on only the highest value keywords – saving you time in keyword research.

4. Adwords Traffic Filter

Likewise, the Google Adwords Traffic filter quickly filters out keywords that have very low levels of Adwords traffic, and are unlikely to give you a substantial return for the time you invest creating ads and targeting the keyword.

- #5: Phrase-Length filters -

You can also filter out keywords that have too few, or too many words.

This is helpful for quickly targeting, or avoiding, either long-tail keywords or short-tail keywords.

- #6, 7, 8: Positive / Negative Keyword Filtering -

Market Samurai also has the most in-depth Positive and Negative keyword filtering in any keyword tool.

6. Positive Keywords

Inside Market Samurai, you have the option to filter keywords based on Positive Keywords.

While Negative Keywords are keywords (or parts of keywords) that you want to avoid, Positive Keywords are keywords (or parts of keywords) that you want to focus on exclusively in your keyword list.

Inside Market Samurai, you can remove all keywords except for selected Positive Keywords by clicking on the tick icon beside the keywords you want to focus on.

You can also focus on specific words or phrases by clicking on those words or phrases and then hit the tick button – or by typing the words you want to see inside all of your keywords into the Positive Keywords box before hitting “Update”.

7. Negative Keywords

Removing individual selected Negative keywords can be done by clicking the “x” icon beside the keyword you want to remove.

You can also remove any keyword that contains a specific word or phrase – by clicking on the word (or words) within the keyword that you want to avoid, and then clicking the “x” icon.

OR just type in a word or phrase into the “Negative Keyword” list box and hit “Update”.

8. Show Removed

If you ever want to see your whole keyword list (excluding any negative or positive keyword filtering), you can click the “Show Removed” button.

- #9: Add Keywords -

This is a handy tool if you want to analyze a couple of keywords specifically, and ignore other related keywords…

Or, if you want to add a specific keyword to your generated keyword list for comparison.

- #10: Add Permutations -

This is a unique tool to Market Samurai – and something that allows you to find the optimal keyword combination to use.

When it comes to keyword data, computers often mess up…

They put keywords in the wrong word order – so instead of seeing “trout fishing lures”, you might see “lures trout fishing”.

The difference in word order can make a big difference to your results – if your site is optimized for the wrong keyword combination, you’re not optimized at all!

The “Add Permutations” tool allows you to check which word order is best for a keyword by comparing all possible options. This is particularly handy for unlocking the often overlooked value of low PBR keywords (I’ll get to this in a minute.)

- #11-16: Import / Export Keyword Lists -

If you have an existing keyword list (from your web site logs, an old Adwords campaign, or even from another keyword research tool) and you want to access Market Samurai’s in-depth keyword research for those keywords – there are several ways you can import those keywords into Market Samurai.

11-12. Import / Export Keyword Research Lists

If it’s just a few keywords – typing into the “Add Keywords” box, and hitting “Add” is a quick way to go. But for longer lists, you can use the “Import” buttons to import keyword lists from saved text files.

You can also export keywords generated in Market Samurai to text files.

13-14. Import / Export Negative Keyword Lists

Are you planning to run an Adwords campaign? Already recognise the value of Negative Keywords?

Great! – Just export your list (or copy it from the “Negative Keywords” box) and paste it into your Google Adwords account for better quality clicks, and to avoid wasting money on unprofitable, untargeted traffic.

15-16. Import / Export Positive Keyword Lists

Similarly, you can import and export positive keyword lists to help you to target and focus your keyword research later.


It only takes one glance at Market Samurai to see the depth of research that it provides on keywords.

For most people, the sheer amount of data available to you for your keywords will not fit on a single screen. (In the screenshot below, I needed to use a widescreen monitor.)


- #17-19: Broad, Phrase, Exact -

Broad, Phrase and Exact-match keyword data is available inside Market Samurai for all keywords.

This shows you exactly how many people are typing in your keyword – exactly, in phrase-order, or in any order.

Market Samurai was the first keyword software to provide Broad-Match keyword data based on actual Google searches – before going one better, and incorporating both Phrase-Match and Exact-Match keyword data too.

17. Broad Match

Broad match data tells you how many people are searching for the words inside the keyword – in any order, mixed with any other additional words. It’s a good indicator of the longer term traffic for a keyword – the type of traffic that an established site will pick up.

18. Phrase Match

Phrase match data shows you how many people are searching for the keyword phrase in the order that you see it appear in – potentially with additional words at the beginning or end.

It’s an indicator of medium term traffic, and helps you to get the right word order for your keywords.

19. Exact Match

Exact match data is the number of searches for the precise keyword. It’s also an indicator of the short term traffic that you might expect for the keyword if you’re targeting it through SEO.


Market Samurai measures the potential value of “free” traffic from search engines – helping you to find the most profitable keywords to target for SEO, and allowing you to focus on the keywords that give you the biggest potential benefit.

The types of Organic Traffic data that Market Samurai brings together for you includes:

- #20: Total Searches -

This is simply how many people search for the keyword per day on Google.com, and Google’s search partners (e.g. AOL’s co-branded Google search engine).

Just like all traffic figures inside Market Samurai’s Keyword Research module, these statistics are most accurate available, and exist for Broad, Phrase and Exact Match and are targeted to your chosen region or language – allowing you to do keyword research for any keyword market in the world.

For the first time with Market Samurai, you’re able to get accurate keyword information for any keyword, language or region – opening up new markets to you, and taking away the need for any keyword “guess-work”.

- #21: SEO Traffic -

It’s deceptive looking at the total searches for a keyword. It’s easy to think about how great it would be to have all of the searches per day land on your site – when in reality, only a percentage of those people will ever visit ANY site.

Market Samurai’s unique SEO Traffic score (SEOT) is unique in that it gives you the maximum amount of traffic that targeting a keyword is likely to give you.

This is based on analysis of millions of actual search engine queries, showing 42% of all clicks go to the FIRST listed result.

Using this data is the most simple way that you can get better results from your keyword targeting – the higher an SEOT figure is for a keyword, the more potential traffic you can capture from SEO for your web-site. Simple.

- #22: Phrase-to-Broad Match Ratio (PBR) -

This tool saves a lot of wasted time and effort optimizing for bad keywords – a risk of using any other keyword software available, as PBR statistics are only available inside Market Samurai.

Computers don’t understand language like humans do, and will often mess up the word order of keywords. So instead of giving you the keyword “trout fishing lures” (which most people search for), they might suggest “lures trout fishing”.

If you’re optimized for the right keyword in the wrong word order – you’re not optimized at all.

You might get rankings, but you won’t get the maximum traffic for that keyword.

A low PBR score is a warning sign that your keyword might not be in the right word order. (The “Add Permutations” tool can help you to work out the right word order. See above for details)

- #23: Trends -

Some keywords are seasonal – “flowers” is popular around valentines day, “ski” is most popular during the northern hemisphere’s ski season but has a smaller second peak during the Australian/New Zealand ski season.

With Market Samurai showing you daily traffic estimates from the past month, this figure can fluctuate.

By displaying seasonal traffic trends for the keyword, you can accurately predict likely future search demand for the keyword in Google.

Edit: For consistency’s sake, in Market Samurai the trend graphs are displayed as January to December charts.

We found that Google would often display the charts with inconsistent time frames (with the beginning of the chart being anything from 12-15 months prior) so it was often confusing looking at the charts. So re-ordering them as January to December charts ensured consistency for Market Samurai users, and helped to improve on Google’s already good work.

If you hold your mouse over one of the bars in the chart, a tooltip will appear showing which month the bar represents.

Thank-you to Frank Dobner for pointing out that we forgot to mention this. Thanks Frank!


This data represents the paid, cost-per-click traffic that is available from Google Adwords, and includes:

- #24: Adwords Traffic -

A highly accurate estimate of the amount of traffic an advertiser can expect for a top-ranked ad in Google Adwords (seen for the first time in Market Samurai).

Using this data, you can focus your Google Adwords advertising on the keywords that are most likely to give you the maximum number of customers.

- #25: Adwords Cost Per Click -

This figure is both represents the “market value” of a single keyword-targeted visitor, and how much you can expect to bid to consistently achieve the top spot in Google Adwords (not position 1-3, but position #1).

While other tools provide Cost Per Click estimates, Market Samurai is the only tool able to provide this highly targeted data.

- #26: Adwords Click-Through Rates -

What if you could predict the expected click-through rate for your ad, before it was even running, and use this figure as a benchmark to tell you whether your ad is performing well or poorly.

This information could help you to lower your costs per click and improve your quality score – meaning you could get more visitor traffic from Adwords, with less cost.

By bringing together accurate traffic estimate data from several sources, Market Samurai is the first (and only) keyword research software able to do this for you.


A lot of people waste a lot of time and effort targeting highly competitive keywords for SEO or Adwords.

By measuring the competition that there is for a keyword, and targeting high-traffic low-competition keywords, you can get better results with far less time, effort, cost and skill.

- #27: SEO Competition (SEOC) -

This is the number of web pages that mention your selected keyword phrase. In general, the fewer web pages that mention the keyword phrase, the faster you can get rankings.

- #28: Title Competition (SEOTC) -

Market Samurai users requested this feature, and we delivered. This figure shows you the number of web pages that contain the keyword in their title tags (in any word order).

With the keywords that you place in the title tag of a web page being a HEAVY search engine ranking factor, often you can get very fast front-page rankings by targeting keywords with very low title competition scores.

- #29: Title Competition to SEO Competition Ratio (SEOTCR) -

This is the ratio of the number of sites that mention a keyword phrase, to the number of sites that have the keyword in the title tags of the site – and can be used to find under-optimized keyword markets.

Keyword markets that have very low levels of keyword optimization will have low SEOTCR scores.

- #30: Adwords Advertiser Count (AWA) -

This is the number of ads that are running for a keyword phrase.

While some other keyword tools DO provide Adwords Advertiser counts, they do not provide statistics on the total number of advertisers – instead, they count the number of advertisers on the front page of Google (which is usually between 8 and 11 results).

Because Market Samurai provides more accurate data in this area, you can get a better insight into how competitive the keyword is in Google Adwords, and focus your efforts on the least competitive and most profitable keywords.

- #31: Adwords Competition (AWC) -

This measure of competition is provided by Google, and provides a sense of scale showing how many advertisers are bidding on a keyword when compared to all other keywords.

This general guide is another way to work out whether a keyword is is going to be high, medium or low competition – and focus your efforts on the lowest competition, highest value keywords.


Not all traffic is created equal.

Some keywords bring in more customers, or people who want to spend more money.

If you know which keywords are used by “browsers”, and which keywords are used by “buyers”, you can target the highest value, most profitable keywords first – and make more money with less effort.

- #32: Online Commercial Intent (OCI) -

Market Samurai was the first tool to provide OCI data
measures the likely buying habits of people using the keyword

if the score is high (above 50%), it’s likely to be a keyword used by people wanting to buy
if the score is low (below 50%), it’s likely to bring in more browsers than buyers.

Using this tool, you can focus on more profitable keywords.

- #33: Adwords Value (AWV) -

Ever wanted to know which keywords would be most profitable to target?

AWV gives you the maximum value of traffic (per day) that you could receive by targeting the keyword – for Adwords.

Both AWV and SEOV are unique to Market Samurai – and help you to target the most profitable keywords, and avoid worthless keywords.

- #34: SEO Value (SEOV) -

Ever wanted to know which keywords would be most profitable to target?

Just like AWV – SEOV is the total maximum value of traffic (per day) that you could receive by targeting this keyword through SEO, rather than Adwords

The way it is calculated is simply the market value of traffic for a keyword, multiplied by the amount of traffic that a single site could potentially receive. As a result, this figure takes into account both the value of the keyword, and the amount of traffic – so it’s a good way of focusing on the most valuable, profitable keywords.


- #35-47: Columns and Sorting -

35. Sortable Columns

Market Samurai columns are sortable – so, by clicking on one of the column headings, you can sort all of your keywords by that piece of data.

Want to see which keywords have the highest traffic levels, value, or competition levels? – Just click the relevant column heading, and the keywords will be sorted in this order – highest to lowest.

Want to reverse the order, and see the keywords listed from lowest to highest? – Just click it again.

36. Tooltips

By holding your mouse pointer over a column heading, you can also see a description of the data in that column.

37. Fixed Column Headers

…And as you scroll down, all keyword columns remain visible – like this (note keywords)…

These are all little features that help you to analyze keywords faster and more easily.

- #38: Filtering -

Finding the best keywords to target used to take time and effort.

On the one hand, you want high-traffic keywords.

On the other, you want low-competition keywords.

PLUS – you want to make sure that your keywords are valuable – that people are using them to find things to buy.

Sorting keywords isn’t enough. Which is why Market Samurai created 14 keyword filters – allowing you to filter out low-value, low-traffic, high-competition keywords and have a focussed list of the best quality keywords to target.


- #39: Easy Keyword Tabs -

Market Samurai uses Keyword Tabs – allowing you to keep research for multiple keywords together in one project for easy reference.

It also means keywords are grouped into sets of relevant keywords – all of them in the same relationship groups that Google wants to see.

- #40: “Quick Tab” Key Icon -

Beside each keyword is a key icon. Clicking this icon will allow you to open up a keyword in a new tab – so that you can “dig deeper” into interesting keywords, and find additional relevant keywords.

- #41-43: Color Coded Keywords -

You’ll also notice that Market Samurai has different colors for different rows of keywords.

41. Active Keyword

The orange keyword is the main keyword in the current tab, and will always be visible (even after filters are applied) for you to compare other keywords against.

42. Open Keyword

The green keywords are keywords that are open in other tabs, showing you that you have already “delved deeper” into that keyword.

43. Zebra Striping

The rows are also “zebra-striped” – with alternating background colors on rows (light grey / white). This helps you to read keyword data more easily.

- #44: Clickable Results -

Beside relevant pieces of keyword data, you’ll see a small green arrow (which turns orange when your mouse pointer hovers over it).

The arrow signals that clicking on this result will open the raw data source in a new window, allowing you to seethe actual websites and advertisers that you may be competing against in that marketplace.

You can also click on the Trends graph to see historical trends for the keyword.


- #45-46: Keyword Tagging -

Have you ever been asked for keywords or tags for a YouTube video, social bookmarking submission or blog post?

Within seconds, you can have a list of highly targeted keywords for this purpose using Market Samurai.

Just select the best keywords for the job (by placing a tick in the tickbox to the left of the keyword) and then click “Copy Tags”

You have two options for tags…

45. Copy Tags (Comma Separated)

The first is comma separated – for blogs and most social bookmarking sites. They typically look like this:

guitar lessons, guitar lesson book, bluegrass guitar lessons, lead guitar lessons, slide guitar lessons, learn guitar lessons, download guitar lessons, beginning guitar lessons

46. Copy Tags (Space Separated)

These are used by some social bookmarking sites and video sites, including Delicious.com, and they look like this:

guitar-lessons guitar-lesson-book bluegrass-guitar-lessons lead-guitar-lessons slide-guitar-lessons learn-guitar-lessons download-guitar-lessons beginning-guitar-lessons


- #47: Export to CSV -

Market Samurai allows you to export your full keyword research data to a CSV spreadsheet, to archive, share with others or even give to clients – just by clicking the “Export” button.

- #48: Export to Text File -

As I mentioned before, you can also export keyword lists to text files from the Keyword Generation page. This is not limited to your researched list – you can also export your positive keywords, or your negative keyword lists for use in Adwords or elsewhere.

(Note: Going back to the Keyword Generation page and exporting your keyword list as a text file is different after you have applied filters – as you will only see keywords that meet your filter criteria)


- #49: Region & Language Targeting-

Have you ever considered the potential to make money in large search markets outside of the United States, largely ignored by internet marketers?

Here you can find high traffic, high value “niches” with scarcely a competitor in sight – and dominate the industry yourself.

Market Samurai allows you to do keyword research in 234 countries, regions and territories – giving you access to more keyword markets than ever before – making Market Samurai quite possibly the only global keyword research software able to target any major language, country or region in the world.

- #50: Language -

Likewise, Market Samurai is able to give you accurate keyword research data for any major language – allowing you to tap into practically any market that exists online.

For the multi-lingual users of Market Samurai, this opens up whole worlds of untapped opportunities online.

- #51: Adult Filtering -

Market Samurai also allows you to avoid, or include, adult-related keywords among your keyword research results.

(These options are available to you when you begin a new Market Samurai project file.)


- #51-52: Add to Rank Tracker -

If you plan to optimize your site to rank well for a keyword, you can tell Market Samurai’s rank tracker to track your rankings for the keyword from within the Keyword Research area.

The two options that you have for this work in different ways:

51. Rank Tracker Tickbox

By ticking this box, you add the main keyword for the tab you have open to Rank Tracker.

You will be asked if you want to categorize the keyword (to keep your keywords in a treelike structure in Rank Tracker), and if you want to assign a specific target page that you have optimized for that keyword.

52. Rank Tracker Drop-Down

Using this option, you can select several keywords that you plan on targeting (by placing a tick in the tickboxes beside those keywords) and then add them all to Rank Tracker at once.

This 2-second process saves you time and effort, and allows you to track your rankings more easily.

- #53: Begin Using a Keyword Immediately -

Market Samurai is about more than just keyword research – it’s about getting the maximum amount of value out of a keyword, using the minimum amount of time, effort and expense.

Remember – keyword research is just the first step in the process…

If you want to unlock the potential value of a keyword, you need to actually DO something with the keyword.

With Market Samurai – once you’ve found your keyword, you’re not “left in the cold” to try and make the keyword work by yourself.

You can begin using Market Samurai’s tools straight away – to go into deeper SEO analysis, research topics to write about, find and promote affiliate products, publish content to your web-site, build high-quality backlinks, and track your website rankings – all at the click of a button.

…But I’ll stop here – because today I’m just sharing the features available to you inside one module within Market Samurai – just the Keyword Research module.

This is literally 1/8th of what Market Samurai can do for you (just 1 out of 8 Market Samurai modules) – we haven’t even touched the other 7 modules (SEO Competition Analysis, Rank Tracker, Find Content, Promotion/Link Building, Monetization, Adwords, or Publish Content!)

And it’s obvious just by looking at this that you have access to more in-depth keyword research data than in any other keyword research software available today.

I hope you’ve discovered something new today that you can begin using right now.


P.S. – This is the bit where I explain how new readers can get access to Market Samurai…

If you want to try Market Samurai for yourself, you can get free access to the keyword research module (and all of the features above) – plus trial the other advanced features inside Market Samurai – you can get your copy here.

If you already own Market Samurai and would like to upgrade to the paid version (and get lifetime access to all 8 modules inside Market Samurai) the place to upgrade your copy is here.

P.P.S. – Several people have asked for a PDF version of this blog post.

Scott Harvey helpfully obliged – and now you can download the PDF of this blog post here. Thanks Scott!

Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

123 Responses to “What Makes Market Samurai The Most In-Depth Keyword Research Software Available?”

  1. A question: What are the differences between Market Samurai & Keyword Elite 2.0? It is not a coincidence that you are releasing these emails at this time, is it?

    www.neumaticos4x4.net replied:

    Great question, we hope get answer.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    The differences are massive. See the previous post on this blog – Market Samurai’s focus isn’t on finding keywords – it’s on using keywords in the best possible ways.

    We’ve got a lot of respect for Brad and the tools he produces, and I know he’s got a lot of respect for Market Samurai.

    As for it being no coincidence – you’re right – with everyone thinking about keywords right now, it’s a fantastic time to review Market Samurai’s keyword research tools and remind our users of why they made the right decision to use Market Samurai (as I say at the start of this blog post).

    Ron Reed replied:

    Mutual respect for BOTH… indeed.

    Which is percisely why I own BOTH and would suggest everyone to do the same.

    Puneet Aggarwal replied:

    I think the real low point in Market Samurai (I have both KE 2.0 and MarketSamurai as of today) is generating keywords. It uses only a base keyword. I have not found a way to generate keywords just like Google Suggestion Tool. If I am missing something, please point me to the tutorial.

    When I use a base keyword and start a new project, it always finds new keywords around 100-600, but then filters out most of them.
    Regards, Puneet

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Do you mean – generating a list of keywords that is related to several keywords?

    No, we don’t do that. I don’t believe KE2.0 does either.

    The reason we don’t is because it actually lowers the value of the keywords you get – you get fewer keywords related to each individual term, and the keywords aren’t tightly grouped around a single term or phrase – so they’re unable to be used to create the LSI/Referential Integrity/Keyword Architecture that Google looks for when trying to work out what a page is about.

    This is why you’ll see keyword tools designed before 2005 asking you for several keywords to begin keyword generation – but most keyword tools today only ask you for a single keyword as a starting point.

    You’re right about filtering out most keywords. Market Samurai does a fantastic job of filtering out low traffic, low value and low competition keywords so that you can find the single highest value keyword (or keywords) to target.

    It’s important to remember that there is no such thing as “targeting” hundreds of keywords, or “optimizing” around hundreds of keywords – this is not targeting at all.

    So the key is to find the best, high quality, relevant keyword(s) for optimization – and to use these keywords as your focus.

    I hope this helps you out.


    Puneet Aggarwal replied:

    So you mean that if I enter “link building” as the base keyword, it will find out all keywords which contain this phrase and nothing else…. Right ?

    Then, isn’t google keyword suggestion tool, a better bet for keyword research (only for keyword research, i mean)

    Regards, Puneet

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    No. Maybe I misinterpreted your original post.

    Market Samurai uses the Google Keyword Suggestion tool as a keyword generation source – so you’ll get the same (synonymous) results.

    As an example, if I type in [link building] into Market Samurai, and select “Google Synonym Tool” as a keyword source (this is the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool) I get 200 keywords.

    8 keywords with no traffic get removed immediately by Market Samurai, leaving me with 192 keywords.

    “link building, link building services, link building service, seo link building, building links, link building company, link building india, link building strategies, link building software, link building campaign, link building tips, etc”

    These are the exact same keywords that I see inside the Google Keyword Tool.


  2. To me (as I now own both tools) I’d say Market Samurai meant for locating stealth keywords for dominating a market and then using the built in tools for promotional methods and tracking. (i.e. the Keyword Ranking tool recently released)

    Keyword Elite is meant more for PPC marketers (tho obviously has an SEO benefit) but is meant for locating, tracking, and dominating adwords opportunities. (AdWords history, tracking of current adwords campaigns, CPA opportunities, AdSense sites for targeting etc.)

    There’s other differences and I’ll prob release a video showcasing the benefits of both after I play with KE2 more.

    Hope that helps!

  3. This post definitely deserves a retweet because I never imagined so many different ways to perform a keyword research. retweeting now.

  4. I think you did a great job of going over all the features of just ONE of the many modules available in Market Samurai!
    (This should be included in your product documentation,,:o),, hint)

    I watched the videos when I first purchased the software but had forgotten about some of these features.

    PS I would love an affiliate link to promote this software! I am using it for all my clients to determine the best keywords for them to focus on for their business.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Dr Anthony Fernando is working on more in-depth videos, and PDF manuals right now :)

    As for the affiliate program – if you get in touch with support, they’ll be able to make sure you get details as soon as they’re available.

  5. I love Market Samurai – especially the 3 new free modules you’ve added since I bought the program. I use it now to generate widget ads for my websites; takes about 30 seconds an ad.

    I now want to start a new website that has nothing but ads generated from Market Samurai and then run and adword campaign and not have to invest days/weeks of time building backlinks, writing articles, and using article warehouses to spread the word. I’ve come to appreciate that using an adword campaign might be cheaper than all the work I now do.

    So what will be the Adword module and how long will we have to wait?


    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I can’t announce release dates or features (we never do this in advance). All I can say is what you’ll be getting will be well worth the wait :)

  6. I would also like a run down of the differences. I can’t tell for sure but there appear to be differences between the two. I’d like to know what each does and how I can benefit from KE2 – and just so you know, I already have Market Samurai as a paying customer.

    Thanks for your insight.

  7. 7

    Hi Brent
    Thanks for reminding me about the Market Samurai software.

    I remember trying the trial out in January this year – soon after the new version release. It worked great for what I needed and always wanted to purchase the fully registered copy. I see you have added new tools as well in the current version. This is absolutely awesome.
    I’m looking forward to the adwords tool release.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Once again you’ve reminded me of all the riches right here in my own backyard just waiting for me to pick them up. No need to go in search of resources. The Noble Samurai provides everything I need.

  9. PS – An affiliate program would be nice so those of us in the IM field dont have to promote other programs instead to our lists (we have families to feed!) heh

  10. Keyword Elite is pretty much being promoted by all top affiliate marketers right now so you will get a flood of emails and spam about it. I am staying here with Market Samurai. The hype from Keyword Elite will die down soon.


  11. It is a really important question for us, as Keyword Elite is $197 and Market Samurai is 2.5 times that price.
    I’ve been working with Market Samurai since 30dc started, and I’d like, even though we found some issues (Support is looking at them) but for that price I think I could go for the KE.
    If anybody on the MS team could give us a comparison, I think it would be great.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    You’re right about support – lately we’ve been swamped with thousands of new users because of the Thirty Day Challenge.

    Normally people remark about how Noble Samurai support is one of the best in the internet marketing industry – so I’m disappointed that there have been delays lately. :(

    You mention “Market Samurai is 2.5 times the price” – this is not right.
    If you’re doing the 30 Day Challenge, the price is less than half.

    www.neumaticos4x4.net replied:

    Hi Brent, it’s absolutely true that Support is being great, no concerns about that, for sure. May be, the SEOC matrix and Rank Tracker are being a bit faulty, at least for non US users (but as I said I’m abosolutley convinced that we’ll be addressed).

    I’m so sorry about the mistake that I’ve made, when I compared both regular prices as I didn’t know 30d challengers get that price.

    I hope this correction get others in the right track.

    All the gest.

  12. Esteve, I’m with you, it could be very interesting a comparison between the 2.

    See ya.

  13. This is a handy resource guys! You know I’ve been using this tool since the beginning, but with so many features it’s easy to forget a few.

    Now I hope I get this math question right… :)

  14. [...] the features of Market Samurai Keyword Research and goes through the many options. Excellent! What Makes Market Samurai The Most In-Depth Keyword Research Software Available? | Noble Samurai __________________ 30DC: 2008, [...]

  15. I have the full version of Market Samurai and have had it for a few months using it almost daily. Even so this overview of JUST ONE of the modules reminds me of so many things i don’t do.
    The other modules are equally awesome.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks Graham! :)

    I’m glad you’re using it almost daily. That’s where we want to be – the “bread and butter” of internet marketing – the software you run your internet business from every day.

  16. Neumaticos: You said MS is 2.5 times the price of KE? Am I missing something? MS is only $149. A steal.

    Everyone wanting comparisons … this post by Brent serves as an amazingly detailed overview of 1 module out of 8 in MS.

    If you have the money … buy both tools. Of course, one has some features the other doesn’t have.

    If you don’t have the money, then read the sales letters and get a good idea of what they both do. One is not like mounds better than the other — though I tend to think MS has got a solid edge due to the ability to directly cause you to actually USE your keyword immediately. Very powerful.

    I don’t think the Noble team needs to spend time creating a Comparison between the two.

    Just keep creating incredible modules and speeding up MS.

    I will say — it wouldn’t hurt for Noble team to add new stuff that they may like that’s in KE. That’s just smart business. KE certainly watched what MS did and emulated quite a bit of things.

    www.neumaticos4x4.net replied:

    Hi Mark, I’m sorry for the mistake, I was not aware for such a price for the 30dc users.

    Thank you so much, for the information.

    Finally, I think MS is offering great tools, just need to be a bit polished, as I said to Brent, we are dealing with some issues on SEOC matrix and Rank Tracker (maybe because we are not US users).

    But anyway, I’m sure the support team will addressed them.

  17. My partner and I have had great success with Market Samurai in fact I am looking at getting a few copies one for my outsource assistant and the other for myself do you have anything that would allow this on a discounted level if not I’ll still go ahead and register 2 additional license.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Make sure you get in touch with Support about this (http://www.noblesamurai.com/support/helpdesk) – they’ll be able to help find the best way to do this.

    There are several considerations, like whether you want the copies for the outsourcers to be on a different license key so that you have more control and security.

    Also, depending on the number or licenses, there are some discount points available for bulk purchases.


    Isha of Market Samurai Resources replied:

    Alyysa, if you have a WordPress blog, you can put a meta description of your own in there, using the All in One SEO Pack plugin.

    Brent, shame on me: on first reading your post a few weeks ago I missed your “#45-46: Keyword Tagging” bit and also – shame on me twice – I hadn’t noticed it in my Market Samurai and tried it out. What a nitwit :D

    Thank you for a great post.

  18. Great post Brent and possibly the best analysis & feature roundup of Market Samurai I’ve seen so far – cheers.

    I’ve been using Keyword Elite v1.0 since it was launched way before MS was on the scene and I love it. MS came along and did a handful of things that KE couldn’t and it was a breath of fresh air. Now KE 2.0 is on the scene its obvious lots of people are asking which is best and which one should I use.

    My answer to that is try both and then you decide. Personally I wouldn’t want to be without either. If you take your business seriously and keywords, niches, tracking, monetization and content are part of your everyday business, then you should be using both tools anyway – period. When a new tool comes along, I don’t instantly stop using all my other resources, that would be madness, I invest in new tools and use them alongside existing resources in order to reduce the workload, improve research and most importantly save time.

    If I was sitting on the fence and had to choose just one, I’d probably opt for Market Samurai due to the module and feature updates. They are regular and are usually very feature-rich, this I like.

    Keep up the excellent work guys.

    All the Best
    Phill Mason

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks Phill! :)

  19. Thank you Brent. Very nice contribution and a good refresher for me. I have not finished reading this yet, but I do have a couple comments.

    SEOC – my understanding was this number was the number of competing “pages” not websites as it says above.

    Trend – I always wanted to know how to use the bar graph. Does the first bar in the graph refer to the current month?

    Google Synonym v Google Search – I am still confused as to what the distinction is between these. The synonym is the semantically related tool (I refer to this as a sort of a dictionary-like of common usage search terms). Google search seems to me to be the same thing.

    Your better understanding would be appreciated


    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Hi Frank,

    Great points – thank-you

    1) SEOC being competing “pages” – you’re right – a typo on my part. (I also messed up #51 too… it’s in there twice… doh)

    2) Trends – Fantastic point. I’ve updated this too. (Check it out above :))

    3) You’re right about the Google Keyword (Synonym) Tool – it’s like a “thesaurus” for keywords.

    Google’s Search Based Keyword Tool is slightly different.

    If you ask it to give you keywords about “trout fishing”, it will give you a list of keywords that contain both the words “trout” and “fishing”.

    This means you’ll get long tail keywords like “trout fishing lures” “fishing for trout”, “trout fishing in new zealand” etc – but you *won’t* get related keywords like “fly fishing” or “salmon fishing” or “fishing lures”.

    I hope this helps!


  20. Looks like a good option…I’m gonna give it a try…thx…:)

  21. Undoubtedly buy both tools if you can.

    But Keyword Elite 2.0 is $995. Yes count them.

    There was a discount for version 1.0 users which brings it down to sub $200.

    But BEST with both tools is NO RECURRING.

    Every tool has its own merits. tehy all return different data.

    But the wisest of men doe snot us eteh same keywords as eveyron eelse.

    So using these 2 and Maerket Discovery is how you acttually break the box.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I think they’re selling at $197 to the public right now. I don’t think we’ll ever see Keyword Elite 2.0 sold at $997 though.

  22. Brent,

    MS isn’t pulling SEOC and SEOTC data when I do keyword analysis?

    Any ideas?

    Brendan replied:

    You have to tick the SEOC and SEOTC boxes at the top option area in order to pull the data

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks Brendan :)

    Dan – if you still have trouble, get in touch with us via support:

    That way we can ask questions, work out the exact cause, and help you to find the right solution.

  23. Market samurai rocks. There is absolutely no comparison with KE. Aside from that I am sick of getting email after email from the creator of KE. Not to mention the non existent support. The samurai is a top notch keyword tool.

  24. Man, the Spideys are going to like this post….KW heaven…

    I’m sure you guys T-B’ed it already… I love it, btw…

    Nice post…

    Now stop promoting MS! Don’t let the monkeys know about this tool!

    K, thanks….

  25. [...] What Makes Market Samurai The Most In-Depth Keyword Research … [...]

  26. 26

    Bought Market Samurai awhile back… no regrets – excellent tool. It’s way better than this KE2 stuff that just came out

  27. 27
    On August 26th, 2009 at 8:13 am
    Jim Lorenzo said:

    Hi all:

    Both tools have a multitude of fantastic features. In my estimation though for the price, MS is smoking hot! Dollar for dollar and feature for feature it has more than enough horse power for anything I would be venturing into.

    A caveat though… The product is getting to be such a massive powerful beast, the training videos and pdf’s are not a nice to have, they are a must!

    Thanks for everything,


    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks Jim!

    Completely agree about the training – Dr Anthony Fernando is looking forward to sinking his teeth deep into this as soon as our commitments with the 30 Day Challenge have ended

  28. Great Article Brent. I forgot that some of those features existed.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Then my work here is done ;)

    Thanks too for the great feedback!

  29. Thanks a lot Brent. I have been using Market Samurai for quite a lot of time now. It’s been a great tool to find interview keywords.
    And yes, i was missing out on some features. Thanks for the detailed overview of all adwords features & reminding me of some ‘great’ things i was missing out.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks :)

    Happy to help where I can. I’m glad you got something out of it.

  30. Thanks – I’ve been a long time user but was missing one point – the exact, phrase, broad – drop down box – that explanation has clarified a number of my seo results – i was using broad all the time – not good to do – the exact, puts things in perspective. Glad you said that is what you can expect short term –

    also the country feature setting is one that will help me

    thanks again

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I’m glad :)

    Yeah – Exact Match is generally the starting point for rankings… You initially rank for the keyword exactly (only) – but once you gain enough authority, Google will rank you for other uses of the phrase.. Later, Broad Match kicks in.

    It’s something that we’ll go into more detail about at some point. It’s a cool concept – like climbing an authority ladder.

  31. Great timing I reckon to be releasing all this extra stuff about Market Samurai… after all – the word “Keyword” is being DUMPED into me inbox right now… lol

    Here’s a major benefit that Market Samurai has over “other” software, that isn’t really talked about:

    - It can run on a mac.

    Others can’t.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    lol – it’s true. Gotta love the Mac!

    James Schramko made the same point in a recent review & comparison.

    I’m surprised, as the “other” tool was originally planned for PC + Mac release (http://www.warriorforum.com/internet-marketing-product-reviews-ratings/67773-market-samurai-vs-keyword-elite-vs-micro-niche-finder-2.html#post919646)

  32. I would like to thank everyone for there generous response to my question. I am a bit overwhelmed with all the tools available and only want those that truly add value. MS is great & I have yet to tap all of its functionality. It appears that I should have Keyword Elite in my toolkit as well … Thx again.
    All the Best,

  33. I have found that Google sometimes blocks SEOC and SEOTC data when I have the Proxy Server option turned ON. If I then turn it off and click on Analyse (for the remaining keywords, after filtering) then Google gives me the missing data. I then have to remember to turn the Proxies back on again afterwards for other research! Try not to Analyse a long list of keywords when you are analysing (and not hiding behind a proxy server) or else Google will flag yout ip address and may stop giving you results for several hours.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks David!

    I know that the team is further improving the speed and reliability of proxies right now. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

  34. 34
    On August 26th, 2009 at 9:23 am
    Karl Wester said:

    Thanks for the in-depth info on the Keyword Research module. It would be great if tou would give us similar info on all of the other modules.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Between the good Doctor Anthony and I, I get the feeling you’re going to get exactly what you’re looking for very soon :)

  35. First off, I love this tool. Marketing Samurai made all that keyword research theory I’ve been learning CONCRETE.

    Secondly, I have a suggestion…

    This blog post should be converted to a PDF ebook and be included with each download of Marketing Samurai… (just a personal thing, I kinda hate watching training videos.)

    Yes, I’m one of the few weirdos that prints out his eBooks and reads them AWAY from the computer.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Good one!

    When I read your suggestion, I emailed Anthony about it right away. I actually never considered it. Our plan is to produce PDF training over the next few months.


  36. I would love to have this post as a pdf…to keep on my desk for a quick referral guide…I forget all the wonderful things MS does. Is that possible? Thanks

  37. 37

    Market Samurais is a much better tool as it contains many more options than KE2.0. To get everything Market Samurai offers you would need to purchase additional products if you went went KE2.0. The guys here might say Brad Callen is a good guy etc, but they took money from my account and despite numerous emails and requests for a refund they ignore me. Market Samurai is excellent. As for customer service Brad Callens’ company sucks and I would not touch anything they did with a barge pole.

    PS: I have Keyword Elite and just cancelled my subscription to SEO elite. They will not be getting another cent from me.

    Vincent replied:

    Jamie, even i thought that the KE is lifetime update for free. Why now they even charged to existing customer.

    Don’t they thing that the improvement of software is from the feedback of existing customer? What i think is MS is more flexibility compare to KE at this point.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Hi Jamie,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles.

    Clickbank Support are able to help out in circumstances where a resolution can’t be reached with a vendor.

    Perhaps this will help?


  38. Market Samurai not only giving you a depth keyword search but also search engine competition, market analysis, I can go very far just by using the keyword research tool. I have KE version 1 and it’s just a basic kw tool to search keywords, there isn’t any market competition analysis like we have in samurai.

    The highlight features of KE version, like to search ads placement websites for adwords, see how much the ppc cost for adwords, we can get that all in our Adwords account, so nothing special.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Terima kasih Sam. :)

    Brendan replied:

    OMG Brent you know Malay? LOL…
    I really love DEVs team of Market Samurai, all of you are humble and willing to help people. =D

  39. This tool is really something.Market samurai is almost all in one. Very convenient to use and very flexible as well, this one very effective software that you must have.

  40. Market Samurai ROCKS! It only keeps getting better as new modules are added. It’s from down under and over the top! I own it and can’t wait until the affiliate program is made available.

    Keep up the great work Brent! You Rock \m/ \m/


    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks – although it’s not just me ;)

    I owe everything to the team, and the users of Market Samurai

    (See http://www.noblesamurai.com/blog/market-samurai/happy-first-birthday-market-samurai-720 )

    None of us are as good as all of us, together.


  41. I have not been able to use Market Samurai to its full potential. It truly is an awesome tool!

    I am looking to outsource keyword research. If you are an experienced MS user with solid keyword research experience, please contact me at benc 007 AT sbcglobal DOT net.

  42. Yeah, with all that’s been added to Market Samurai lately, I’ll definitely be sticking with it. It’s far more than just a keyword tool.

  43. Brent – nothing you couldn’t have done in 30 seconds…but I did a simple copy-and-paste of this into Word, and then created a PDF out of it for my own reference while using the tool. (I’m assuming you don’t mind my use of your copyrighted material in this way, but if so, please let me know).

    Nothing fancy, but it kept most of the formatting pretty well. I’d be happy to send it to you if you’d like to share it with the few people that requested it.

    Regardless, thanks for the excellent information (and product).


    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks Scott – I’d be happy to upload it for the people who are interested.

    My email address is simple. It’s just my name at this site.



  44. I bought this product a while back and I’ve got to say that this is one of the smartest purchases I’ve made in regards to Internet Marketing/keyword products. You guys are great and the new modules kick *ss

  45. 45

    Thanks for the blog post. I agree that having this as a pdf would be good for you. I’d forgotten all the features that MS does and I use amost daily.
    I’ve been with you since the early days and the amount of work and upgrades that you’ve done with this software almost makes me feel guilty when I use. It’s without a doubt the absolute best money I’ve ever spent for any software. Keep up the great work.
    I do wish you had an affiliate program, but what the heck, I still promote and tell people about, just my way of returning something for all the great value I’ve gotten out of the system. I need for you guys to stay around.
    I own both products, but never even open the other. Have a coupon for the new KE, but why bother. Between what I can get for free and MS, got everything I need.
    Best Regards

  46. 46

    In my opinion KE is a good Keyword tool but Market Samurai is a great business tool…..from beginning to end


  47. 47

    Very useful! I could have done with this when I first started using Market Samurai. Any chance of a breakdown like this on the competition module. For myself I would love some guidance on what factors to give the greatest weighting.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Oh man, that’d be a HUGE post Greg!

    It will happen…

    I don’t want to do it right now because if I listed every feature that’s in Market Samurai’s SEO Competition module now, I’d just have to go back and update the list again very soon… *hint hint*


  48. Great post. Thank you for the review. I am a paid MS user and love the product. I also have the original KE tool. I use MS to do more in depth analysis of a few seed keywords. For this MS is just best in class as far as a non recurring payment software can be. The free upgrades and additional modules have been awesome.

    After giving it some thought I’m not going to upgrade my KE to KE2 even though they offer a discount for KE users. Funny thing, I seem to remember being offered free lifetime upgrades with the purchase of KE. I guess lifetime meant the version lifetime and free now has a price. I don’t know. That just kind of rubs me the wrong way. Collectively KE users have provided some solid research data that was probably used to help build KE2. Thanks for your input now pay me again for the tool you help build. Sounds like my former employer.

    The other thing that is really pissing me off right now is all the spam from the list pimp gurus promoting KE2. I’ve trimmed my list of subscriptions way down but I guess in this economy the lure of easy money has a very strong appeal.

    I’m not knocking anyone for buying KE2. KE was a solid tool in its own right. I’m sure KE2 has some merit as well. But since Market Samurai came along my version of KE has been collecting hard drive dust.

    IMHO the best desktop keyword software is Market Samurai. For quick analysis I use Micro Niche Finder and the filter the seed keywords with Market Samurai. I get great results this way.

    For really deep analysis I’ll use Nichebot from time to time and Market Samurai.

    Just my two cents I know but Market Samurai rocks! :-)

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Really interesting notes – thanks for the insights!

  49. Hi Team,

    I just wanted to leave a quick note to say thank-you to everyone who commented.

    There were so many fantastic comments that if I had have responded to everyone, I’m sure you would have got sick of seeing my name popping up in the comments here.

    So to everyone – thank-you for your comments, support and suggestions here!


  50. An excellent post. I bought MS last year and being a newbie I have to admit I haven’t really used it that much because I found it too overwhelming!!!! I can see for myself it is very powerful, but the power and the uses to which IM’ers can and do put the software are just beyond me right now. In my defence I have used it but only to search on keywords for writing articles for my blog. That’s it….! I want to do more, but I don’t know where to start.

    When Dr Anthony Fernando is creating the user manuals and videos, could he also include some example videos that show newbies how to start a project (like promoting Clickbank products) and, using MS, show us step-by-step how to do it so that we could use the software and have a mini money-making project actually completed. We can then do this again and again for ourselves and learn other ways to use the software from later videos.

    I feel it’s important to be able to buy these tools, use them straightaway and have them earning money for us in the shortest period of time possible. Unfortunately I haven’t done this yet.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I’ve emailed Anthony to ask him about this now :)

    I’m sure the answer will be an emphatic “Yes” – Anthony’s a brilliant teacher, and I know that one of his goals is to help make sure that everyone (no matter what skill level they have) can profit from Market Samurai’s tools straight away.

    I know he’ll also be stoked to see so many people looking forward to his training. This is really encouraging :)


    Nick R replied:

    As a relative newbie and paid MS user who hasn’t actually used it yet(!) I would also absolutely love a step by step worked example along the lines suggested by Gareth C Thomas. Being able to jump right in and use the product and then translate that experience into other projects would be a great advantage. Please add my vote to this request. I do hope you can produce something like this.

  51. What a great overview of the module! No disrespect to your own efforts with the video tutorials, but most of them tend to be quite long whereas this tells you 95-100% of what you need to know in less than 5 minutes and is a great reference.

    Am looking forward to the pdf manuals etc – you seem to have some other votes for pdf or ebook versions of manuals/training versus (or in addition to the videos).

    I use MS every week – everyday when I’m on a new project – and I’d probably have made more of it already with a written guide as attention kind of fades 20 minutes into a video tutorial… Like I say, respect your efforts – I know it’s not easy – but sometimes a quick lookup reference is all I want…

    Keep up the fantastic work. Great product.

  52. And of course Keyword Elite has nothing like the Market Samurai content creator, or even the product locator (it does have a JV locator, but it’s a different animal).

    Still need a Noble Samurai Affiliate scheme. Co-Branded (like 30DC) would be excellent.

    Peace and light

  53. Last time I used KE1 was when I purchased MS about 6 months back.
    MS is a life saver. KE1 doenst even tell you what ‘project’ you are in.
    KE has other good features but the bad design makes it harder to learn.
    Going to hold off on the KE2 till I get more videos…$97 is for KE1 is not much, but why waste when you are not going use anything but MS :)

  54. Great post guys I been doing the 30 Day challenge, admittedly sarted a couple of days late however I have or had the free sample of Market Samurai and could not figure out how to use it. This post dispels all that stuff. I do find rank tracker very easy though.

  55. As a professional SEO, I have just this to say: Market Samurai is by far the best tool I have ever seen for SEO Analysis and keyword research.

    What used to take me days or weeks I can now do in hours and provide the data to clients as well.

    This week I used Market Samurai to test some medical terms for a clients keyword campaign and SEO competition to see which terms were in the clients best interest and could benefit from an extensive national SEO campaign.

    Market Samurai gave me the info, let me export it, and allowed me to do the analysis with supporting data, rather then “take my word for it”.

    Bows to Market Samurai – Eric Gehler – SEO

  56. We run a business that provides internet strategies and SEO for smaller businesses. MS is the best tool we have come across and we would use it every other day.

    MS is a great product for business based SEO research. The info available on the Keyword Module is great. You can do a stack of research around the business’s key areas finding all the volume keywords, together with OCI and AWA, to work out where to target. Dump everything into Excel and then generate reports to analyse and discuss. The ability to click through to the AWA page in Google is invaluable for researching competitors websites.

    BUT the real value is in the SEO Competition module. This really lets you see where to target a business’s keyword strategy to get onto the front page (which is what every business owner wants). The layout and information is awesome – but I see KE 2.0 has created a somewhat similar module. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! (I look forward to the “hint, hint” changes in SEO Comp).

    Support has always answered any questions. The constant updates are a bit of a pain, but a very small price to pay for the constant finetuning.

    Anyone who wants to make a living out of doing internet strategy and website structuring HAS to have MS. Sit in front of a client and you look like a magician using MS.


    PS Brent, have you thought about having a function to export ALL keyword research into one CSV file, rather than keyword by keyword?

  57. KE vs MS I suppose we could spend all day discussing the pros and cons, but keyword research is a part of Market Samurai, there is so much more and more coming out on a regular basis. So no competition.
    I cannot understand why there is no Affiliate program, I look forward to it.
    cheers guys

  58. Re: PDF of this post

    Due to popular demand – we’ve just uploaded a PDF version of this blog post (thanks to Scott Harvey for setting this up and sending it over!)

    If you’d like to download a copy of this blog post in PDF format, you can find a link to the PDF in the “P.P.S.”

    Thank-you Scott!

  59. I have no doubt about Market Samurai. It makes it easier to research keywords with lots of extra features. Love it!

  60. I could always tell Brent was a good guy from the software he has created and the company culture, support, etc.

    But being so generous to me about my very minor contribution when he did all the hard work of writing the actual content tells me even more about the kind of guy he is.

    Just reinforces my decision a while back to purchase this software…

    Anyway, I’ll stop this “love-fest” before he gets a big head!


  61. There is so little overlap between Keyword Elite and Market Samurai that an attempt at a comparison would hardly be relevant.

    Market Samurai is meant to be a fully integrated toolkit for Internet Marketers. The ability to find keywords is only the start…it is what you do with those keywords that ultimately determines the outcome.

    Currently, Market Samurai would mainly benefit people using an SEO model for their online activities, this will change once the Adwords module is released.

    Eventually, if you want to publish or promote on the internet via organic or PPC traffic then you will benefit from using Market Samurai at all stages of the process.


  62. I was introduced to market samurai through the 30 day challenege. It has taken me a while to learn how it really works. Now that I’ve taken the time to read all the tutorials and read long posts like this one I’m beginning to see the advanatages of this amazing tool. It was the best money I’ve ever spent.

  63. [...] What Makes Market Samurai The Most In-Depth Keyword Research … [...]

  64. I, personally, own just about every keyword research tool on the market. I also do a lot of my own organic research when going into a new (or old) market…

    … and I’m proud to say Market Samurai is my favorite!

    ‘enuff said.

    Thank You Noble Samurai (and Brent) for taking my money and treating me well. I still feel I got the better end of the deal. :)

    -Ron Reed

  65. Brent,

    What a great post this nearly was!

    You’ve gone through everything for using MS to find keywords in such great detail; explaining what this feature shows and what that button does, and only in one instance, as far as I can see, have you offered any advice from your undoubted experience and knowledge as to how to use actually use all these elements together.

    Having a gun and knowing it goes bang is all well and good, but you have to tell people how to aim and pull the trigger or at best they’ll do nothing with it and at worst they’ll shoot themselves in the foot.

    Please look at tis post of ours again and think about doing a re-release with a few added comments and advice on how to use each of the features MS provides (and you have described in such detail) – unless, that is, you just want the license revenues and you don’t actually care one way or the other if people learn how to use it or not.


    P.S. Remember – not everyone that disagrees with you is your enemy and not everyone that agrees with you is your friend.

    Eve replied:


    It seems to me that your concerns have already been addressed…

    I think you will find that there are a large amount of training videos and tutorials in the support section. These videos explain how to use the elements together to achieve results. For me these have been invaluable in terms of understanding what I need to be doing!

    Also, Brent already stated earlier in the comments that Dr Anthony is working on getting a comprehensive training program up and running.

    Hope this helps

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Hi Terence,

    Thanks for your comments – I really appreciate your feedback here.

    You’re right – I didn’t go into any specific detail about how to benefit from the features – just a brief comment on what the feature did. I didn’t want to give people too much to read – so at the start I made the comment “I’ll do what I can to keep this brief.”

    And you’re right – it’s critical for us to make sure that people know how to use Market Samurai effectively – because this is our “bread-and-butter” business – and if our users aren’t able to get value out of Market Samurai and succeed in using the tools effectively, we won’t achieve long term success.

    The good news is – “We’re on it!” :)

    Over the past month, Dr Anthony and I have been working on exactly what you mentioned – creating training videos around how to get the best results from all of the tools inside Market Samurai.

    The first 29 videos were released into the 30 Day Challenge this month, and many of them are already available at:


    (There are a couple of the videos that we’re working to tweak and improve a little before we re-release them.)

    We also have a new training area in development – making all of the videos easier to find.

    We’ve begun creating PDF versions of our training (although this will happen more slowly)

    And we *won’t* be packaging up this training as a product and selling it – we’ll be making it free and public for anyone who wants to use it.

    But let’s give you what you need now…

    If you’re looking for videos on the Keyword Research module that you can use now to get the most out of Market Samurai, here’s the best-of-the-best:

    Getting Ideas for Niche Markets (What to do before using Market Samurai):

    Introduction to Market Samurai (overview / familiarization video):

    Finding a Theme Keyword (the main keyword for your site):

    Finding Category Keywords (the sub-categories of your site):

    Bonus Material – Phrase Match vs Broad Match – understanding the difference:

    Finding Easy, Low-Competition for Google Adwords:

    Using Google’s Search Based Keyword Tool for Long Tail Keywords:

    View Raw Keyword Data:

    How to Copy Tags for Tagging Videos and Blog Posts:

    Trends Graph Data Explanation:

    And now back to the FUNDAMENTALS of keyword research:

    Search Traffic Golden Rule #1: Target Keywords With Traffic

    Search Traffic Golden Rule #2: Target Keywords With HIGH PROFIT Potential

    Search Traffic Golden Rule #3: Target Keywords With LOW COMPETITION

    I think I might have missed one or two videos – but hopefully what’s here will help you out.

    As I mentioned – there’s heaps more coming – so stay tuned.


  66. oh good market samurai

  67. Samurai Team,

    I must admit that at first I was a bit skeptical about this software. Then through the 30DC, I have had a good go at it and I must now say that I am a true believer of it’s power and potential. I just want to thank you for the quality of product that you have brought out to the market place.

    Magnetic Marketing Solutions

  68. thanks for this 53 keyword tools tips…

    i reached your blog with your emsil..

  69. Thank you for the refresher course!
    Market Samurai has so many awesome features, I had forgotten some of them!
    From now on, the pdf is on my desktop!

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  71. Scott,

    This is a LOOOOOONG post as you promised,
    I think that a video tutorial would have been EZer to absorb and digest. Show and tell almost always wins.

    Racheli Smilovits
    Senior Mortgage Advisor

    Bio http://www.MeetRacheli.com

  72. Yes, I agree that the #1 position in the SEROs gets 42% of the clicks – but the clicks are NOT the same as the number of searches. Many people search but don’t click. But you’ve laid out your SEOT as a straight 42% of the daily searches reported by Google’s Keyword tool.

    If you are looking at the number of clicks #1 gets as a % of searches, it’s about 23% – see the post I’ve linked to under my name.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    You’re 100% correct here.

    What you find though is as keywords become more specific, the percentage of people who click after searching becomes higher.

    So for some keywords, the percentage is 0%, and for others it’s 100%.

    Right now, we have no algorithm for measuring how specific a search is – so we’re careful to stress that SEOT is “…the maximum amount of traffic that targeting a keyword is likely to give you” rather than “the average amount of traffic” – and that “42% of all clicks” go to the #1 ranked site in Google rather than “42% of all searches”.

    But there’s an interesting reason for using 42% beyond the obvious…

    The reason we use 42% as the maximum (rather than 23%) is because it seems to more closely echo actual traffic levels for established authority sites.

    If you have a high authority site, the amount of traffic that you’ll receive for a ranking for a keyword (broad-matched) will usually be very close to the 42% figure. This is because of the long tail derivatives of the keyword.

    If you have one or more authority sites that rank for one or more main keywords broad-matched, take a look at the traffic levels for the main keywords for the site (Broad matched). (When I say core keywords, I mean the keywords that you have any top-20 rankings for. You can use a service like SEM Rush to get a pretty good snapshot of these rankings.) Next, get the SEOT figures for those keywords, and compare them to your actual traffic levels, being sure to remove broad matched duplicates (i.e. “trout fishing”, “fishing trout”).

    The SEOT figures seems to be very close to the actual traffic levels to the site. And the best reason we can find is, because the site is so well trusted, the search engines are ranking it for an almost endless list of long tail keywords.

    In the “Dojo”, when we talk about this phenomena, we call it “semantic-match” because it’s almost like there’s a 4th tier of keyword matching (beyond Broad match) that you reach with an authority site – Exact->Phrase->Broad->Semantic-match

    But that is a blog post for another day.

    You’re right about 42% not always being the number of searchers who click though. But sadly, you’re only the 2nd person who has asked “why?”.

    Alyssa S replied:

    Thanks for the very detailed reply!

    What you are saying is that the 42% works for high authority sites, but be cautious when looking at smaller micro-niche sites?

    Also, despite the fact I’m only the second person who has asked why all the people who search don’t click, it would be nice if someone does a post on why. My hunch is that the snippet of text displayed below the link plays a part, and it might be worth writing meta descriptions that are mini-ads, rather than let Google pick out random snippets from the body of the article.

    But thanks again for your response.

  73. Great post. There are a lot of other keyword research products on the market, but I really feel that Market Samurai is the best! Not only does it allow you to do some “in depth” research, but it allows you to do it quickly and output the info into an easy to use format.

  74. For me, the winning feature was the ability to research keywords in HEBREW. This gives me advantage over most all Israeli marketers who can only use google adwards, because practically nobody supports keyword research in anything but English. So I bought Market Smaurai today, and I look forward to having fun!
    P.S. – If I could add sites manually to “content research” it would give an additional benefit, because nobody posts Hebrew articles on Ezinarticles. Think about it.

  75. Hi,

    Thanks for the post. To categorise MS just as a keyword research tool does not do it justice, it has wide ranging features that same me hours and give me results I would never uncover. Its simple interface is also fantastic. I’m a big fan!

  76. 76

    Hi Brent,

    Google Synnonym Tool (include Addtional)
    –> MS generate keywords based on Google Keyword Tool

    Google Search Keywords
    –> MS generate keywords based on Google Search-based Keyword Tool

    But at the time of “analyze keywords”
    It seems Market Samurai shows “data” based on Google Keyword Tool.

    I observe that

    # searches for particular keyword in Market Samurai
    –> “is almost same as” # searches provided in Google Keyword Tool


    # searches for particular keyword in Market Samurai
    –> “is quite different with” # searches provided in Google Keyword Tool

    Am I right?
    If yes would you please give us a reason?

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I assume you mean (in the second case) “The number of searches for a particular keyword in Market Samurai is quite different to the number of searches provided in Google Search Based Keyword Tool”

    If this is the case, you are correct. The Google Keyword Tool and the Google Search Based Keyword Tool will display different results.

    That’s because Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool and their Keyword Tool both operate in slightly different ways.

    We use the Google Keyword Tool because we have better data to support the figures that we see in the Google Keyword Tool.


    carrottio replied:

    Thanks Brent for your clear answers. :-)

    I’m now using “Keyword Research Module” provided in Market Samurai to find micro-niche market I can possibly attack and be profitable.

    Currently, there are many sources of information regarding to “the threshold parameters (Searches, PBR, SEOC, SEOV, etc.)” we should configure to find out “the micro-niche market”.

    I watches vdo from 30DC, MS 3 Golden Rules, MS blackbook, and they’re all differences.

    Is it possible that you please help US “recap the threshold parameter & step” here. Such as

    Step 1 : Run Keyword Rearch Module to find Theme Keyword : Searches = www (in broad/phase match), PBR = xxx, SEOC = yyy, SEOV = zzz, etc.

    Step 1 : Run Keyword Rearch Module to find Category Keyword : Searches = aaa (in broad/phase match), PBR = bbb, SEOC = ccc, SEOV = ddd, etc.

    Step 3 : Run SEO Competition Module to check First Page Competitor Strength …

    I think this “RECAP THRESHOLD & STEP” will help a lot of newbies (like me) :-)



    P.S. www, xxx, yyy, zzz, aaa, … is number

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Dr Anthony’s way ahead of me here:


    I hope this helps!

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  78. Another amazing upgrade. Thank you for continuing to give us free upgrades.