Breaking News! Google Changes!

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Hi everyone!

In the last few hours Google have updated the way CAPTCHAs are displayed in their new Keyword tool.

Whereas CAPTCHAs used to appear in a separate window when performing a search, they now appear as part of the Keyword Tool page itself.

The upshot of this is that at the moment, any action in the Keyword Research module that generates a CAPTCHA will result in the error message “Retry Limit Exceeded”.

The development team are working to update Market Samurai to accept the new format and we will have Keyword Research back on its feet soon!

Thanks for your patience!



As of 14:20 AEDT (23:20 EDT in the US) we have an updated version of Market Samurai running through testing to ensure stability before release. We will have this update rolled out as soon as we can!



There is now a new version of Market Samurai available – version 0.87.4

This update caters for the latest changes that Google have made to the Keyword Tool and improves the general stability of the Keyword Research module.

However, as it is still early days for the new Keyword tool, it is possible that Google may continue to update the tool.

Please be assured that we will be monitoring the situation and if any further updates occur that affect Market Samurai we will take appropriate action and will keep you informed via Twitter (@noblesamurai) and via this blog.


UPDATE – Loading Google Traffic Estimator

11:40am AEST (9:40pm EDT in the US)

Google has today made an additional update – this time to its Traffic Estimator tool. The change has resulted in Market Samurai hanging during analysis and displaying a ‘Loading Google Traffic Estimator…’ message.

Our dev team is currently investigating the issue and will have a new release available as quickly as possible.


UPDATE – Google Traffic Estimator issues

There is a fix now available for the latest issues with the Google Traffic Estimator.

You can update to this new version 0.87.5 by going to the File menu of Market Samurai, then to Settings, then to Updates and hitting the “Check for updates” button.

If you are running Market Samurai on a Mac then this option will be under the Market Samurai menu, under Preferences.


Alex "The Green Samurai" Green is a member of your friendly Samurai support team, and frequently provides updates on the latest Samurai happenings on the blog.

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39 Responses to “Breaking News! Google Changes!”

  1. if you sign in, the captha is not required!

    Stephen replied:

    mo, clarify this for me.
    Login to where? Log in how?

    mo replied:

    sorry i should have been more clear.

    the log in is to your adwords account in the KW tool and not MS. Not sure this was the case before, I do not recall,

    MS currently has our adwords log in info to get 800 results. so I am hoping that is an easy fix to have it log in first and not worry about the capcth.

    Scott replied:

    I’m logged in (click the “generate up to 800 keywords Stephen, and log into your google adwords account) and still get the same error message “Retry Limit Exceeded”
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  2. Cool, glad that you guys are looking into this, don’t know what i’d do without market samurai. It really is a time saving cool tool… when its working lol

  3. Thanks for such a quick response and heads up! I literally can’t wait for the update.

    I love the software and now I really appreciate the customer service.

    Best regards,
    Ted Alvia
    Avail & Company

  4. So that is why ! am getting this error, (and I thought it was just me) it had me concerned at a critical time in my research. My worries are eased as I know you’re onto it as I know that you will come up with the solution soon. Thanks for letting us know so promptly!!

  5. I was wondering why I was getting this error message. Thanks for the prompt update. Now I know why I bought Market Samurai… because the support rocks!

  6. 6

    Great to hear things are getting fixed, i was a bit concerned for a little while. Looking forward to the update!

  7. Alex,

    If we have our Adwords account in the MS settings we don’t need to generate a CAPTCHA thingy.

  8. Thanks so much for the quick fix. Seems to be working fine now. I assume we just ignore the google ad words box that appears.

    Rhonda (Pukeko)ʼs last blog post… Growing Old Is Not for Sissies!

  9. Great job sorting things promptly.

    I also noticed in the new adwords tool the “Only show ideas containing my search terms” option, I think that would be a great addition to Market Samurai for some long tail searching…much easier than rifling through 800 keywords.

  10. Great news Alex,

    Very Appreciate what is the MS team are doing for us.

    Vitaly Makarkinʼs last blog post… My Thoughts Of Today

  11. Be quick, I’m having Keyword withdrawal symptoms!
    But this gives a great opportunity to check out the new keyword tool. I find it has improved a LOT. besides, it won’t hurt comparing a bit.

  12. I wondered what had happened. One day merrily putting in keywords to my hearts content and coming up with lots of category keywords and the next day the message – “Retry Limit Exceeded”!! Is it me I thought. Have I pressed the wrong key? Is it a bug?
    Many thanks team for telling us so quickly what the problem is.It has made me realise what a service Market Samurai provides.
    Am waiting with baited breath to be able to start tapping in the words again.
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  13. 13
    On October 20th, 2010 at 6:56 pm
    Pere Serrano said:

    Hi Alex,

    I’ve tried the new version of MS, and compared to the Keyword Tool, they throw both same results :)
    But, I think the data is somehow not up to date, since before the new version, I had high traffic, competition etc. for the keywords I’m researching, but now none of the keywords pass the filters because they don’t get enough SEOT (daily).
    I went to Google Keyword Tool, and they have the same results.
    When do you think the data will be up to date?

  14. You guys are FAST! Most interesting, however, is your use of “Google” in “Google have”. I first noticed Google pluralized in the writings of Dan Raine. It seems he has been quite influential. I’m confident Google was singular years ago, but I guess now “they” are everywhere; so maybe I should have wrote “Google were singular”?
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  15. So I can generate keywords, but it seems to be freezing at “Loading Google Traffic Estimator…”

  16. Thanks for the update. I think it’s great you guys update so quickly when a change has been made. Thanks!
    Jasonʼs last blog post… Link Building Strategies for e-Commerce Sites- Blogs- and Sites

  17. Gees! You guys have your work cut out for you the last few days! Well done on pumping out the updates though


    James Richardsonʼs last blog post… Choose your Backlinks carefully!

  18. Thanks for the update, I get values now but I seem to have the same problem like Pere Serrano from above. I also think that the data is not correct or up to date. Before the last two updates I created a list with high traffic/low competition keywords – when I enter all these keywords now they don’t even pass the golden rule filter anymore since their searches and SEOT are very low (SEOT: all below 20).

    So I tried it for a high traffic keyword like “Lady Gaga” and I get these values: Searches 18 , SEOT 7, PBR 100% and SEOC 77,900,00 – I guess the numbers for Searches and so for SEOT cannot be correct anymore, these values are way to low.

    Another problem I have is when updating Market Samurai on my MacBook Pro. The update process itself works fine. But when it tries to restart the application the app crahes and when I try to restart the app manually it crashes again. After deleting the appp completely and reinstalling the new version everything seems to be fine, except for the “low” (probably uncorrect) values that the keyword research tool outputs.

    Daniel – CEO Mammut Medien

  19. Hello Guys
    Great job staying on top of this problem but I’ve got the latest update and am still having problems with the google traffic estimator. Thanks.
    Reginal Murphyʼs last blog post… Hamilton Pocket Watches -The Escapement

  20. Hi Since upgrade I get the error code “Unable to connect to the Google Keyword Tool check Internet Connection and System Proxy Settings” I am on the Internet and Proxy Settings are set to default is this what you guys are working on as I am locked out and unable to carry out any research at all.

    You report below that you cannot get a feed to my sites yet I can access them without trouble?

  21. 21

    Please sort the “SEO comp” data population out.

  22. hi i received an eror with message cannot connect to google keyword

    it’s an eror in market samurai

  23. 23

    “Difficulty retrieving 1 cell: Organic traffic data”

    I keep getting that in Domain Samurai.

  24. I was so impressed by how fast this was fixed guys, well done and thank you. Market Sam is a very important tool for me and it’s great to know you guys are there supporting the tool and its customers ;-)


    Michael@Bad Credit Bank Accountsʼs last blog post… Ways to Open a UK Online Bank Account with Bad Credit

  25. You guys are doing well thanks and we appreciate all that your doing for your customers.

  26. 26

    Hi, I can’t get market samurai to work for me.. analysis gives only the SEOC on keywords and I need it ASAP for my client and report needs to be submitted by Sunday..Please help..asap

  27. 27

    Hi Guys,

    Are you any where near fixing this thing and or could this be the end of market samurai as we know it as it must be close to 2 weeks now…I hope not as I feel lost without my tool. What is the realistic update on the situation as I have many sites and posts I wish to create but need to know what words to use…

  28. 28

    I can’t generate keywords on Market Samurai, I just don’t get anything at all. I put in my keyword press generate keyword and the pop up message saying “Setting up generation process…” comes up for a split second then disappeared and nothing happen.

    Does anybody else have this problem or know how to fix this?

    Thanks, charli.

  29. 29

    Anyone still having trouble with the updated version keyword research module to date?

    I am and can’t seem to get direct help from support! Finally just requested to be sent a new license.

    Any other suggestions? My KW module just hangs after I enter
    (2) capchas–message is Fetching….

    I’m on a Mac, if that makes any difference as well.

  30. For several days now including the weekend I have been getting this error message

    Loading Google Traffic Estimator

    The Adwords system says that it is temporarily down for maintenance.
    Please try again later.

    I really miss having Market Samurai working the way it should. :(

    How can I work around this?


  31. Thanks for the quick turnaround guys. It was having issue, but it is working great now.
    Wesʼs last blog post… Free eBook: A Practical Guide to SEO

  32. I find the Keyword tool very slow recently. It takes so much time to load the results.
    HRMʼs last blog post… Polar Heart Rate Monitor

  33. Just noticed the change yesterday, so that was real quick work. It is a great tool and this shows what a great team it is backed by.

  34. Great information Alex,

    Good going MS team keep on…


  35. I’m still having problems with MS. When I click generate keywords it still not working.. “Loading keyword tool” thats all I get..

    Josh replied:

    Mine also has been saying that, however I just bought MS recently and just installed it? I am also not being able to see any of the CAPTCHAs, any luck with yours so far?