5 Key SEO Authority Factors For Domains

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Yesterday, Kenny Goodman answered some important questions on Domain Name SEO – covering keyword optimization of domains and 4 key considerations for choosing a domain (TLDs – .com, .org and .net; hyphenation in domain names; keyword density; and adding prefixes and suffixes to domains.)

Today, Kenny’s back to build on yesterday, and will look at:

  • 5 SEO Authority Factors affecting New and Aged Domain Names …and;
  • The Domain Name Lifecycle – Understanding the 4 Phases of Domains

These are two important topics to cover before we begin finding aged domains – in part, because they help us to work out the quality of aged domain names, and because they help us to find opportunities to acquire high quality domain names that other people overlook.

Reminder: Keep posting your questions! – Kenny’s been replying to as many of your questions as possible here on the blog, and we’ll do out best to make sure that we cover as many of your questions as possible.

SEO Authority Factors affecting New and Aged Domain Names

In addition to keyword optimization and TLD choice (covered in the previous videos), there are several measurable SEO factors that affect how all domains – New Domains or Aged Domains – are seen by the search engines.

If you’re starting with a new domain, it’s important to know about each one of these factors so that you can build your domain’s authority up in as many of these areas, and outrank your competitors. (Remember the “Outrunning Lions” story?)

If you’re looking to buy an Aged Domain it’s important to know what these 5 measureable domain SEO factors are, and how they affect domains, before you begin buying. That’s because without this knowledge, it’s impossible to really know whether the domain you’re buying is a good deal (nobody wants to pay good money for a dud domain!)

By knowing these factors and how they affect domains, you can begin to measure how much of a “head-start” you are getting on your competitors when it comes to “Outrunning Lions”.

The 5 measureable SEO factors that Kenny will be looking at include:

  1. Backlinks
  2. PageRank
  3. Age
  4. History
  5. High Value DMOZ / Yahoo! Directory Listings

In this video, Kenny covers the fundamentals of these 5 factors – what are they, how do they work, and how they relate to both New and Aged Domains.

YouTube Preview Image

Some key points you’ll want to watch for include:

  1. The value of PR – why a slightly higher PageRank makes a domain substantially more valuable.
  2. Why it’s important to avoid domains with an irrelevant or spammy history – why a New Domain is better than an Aged Domain with a bad history.
  3. How Aged Domains with DMOZ or Yahoo! listings can save you time, money and effort.
  4. How an Aged Domain can improve your ability to be “seen” and get new content indexed fast.

The Domain Name Lifecycle

There are 4 key phases of the domain lifecycle – and in each phase there are opportunities to buy domain names.

Because most people don’t realise this (i.e. they only know how to buy domains during 1 or 2 of the four phases), they overlook most of the best opportunities to buy very high quality domain names that are out there.

YouTube Preview Image

This video provides an explanation of the domain name lifecycle for gTLDs (.com, .org and .net), and what happens to domain ownership at each of the 4 phases of ownership.

More Domain Name SEO Questions Answered

As I mentioned above, Kenny’s been kind enough to keep coming back to help answer questions for as many people as possible in the comments of the recent blog posts.

It seems there are a few answers that a quite lot of people are still wanting more information on.

So I wanted to post Kenny’s answers to some of the more frequently asked questions:

.com vs .org vs .net

Question: How would you rate .com, .org and .net – which is best?

Kenny: All other things being equal, .com domains will always hold the greatest value… After that, there’s some debate whether .net or .org have the edge – but personally, for me, I have had better SEO experience with .org’s.

Country-Specific Domains (ccTLDs) and SEO

Question: When is it good to use a country-specific domain, and when is it bad?

Kenny: In general, country-specific TLDs or ccTLDs (such as .co.uk, .com.au, .de, .ca) are particularly valuable if you’re promoting a business that is specific to the country that the country-specific TLD is from. So if you’re running a business that operates exclusively in the UK, .co.uk will give you a ranking boost in the UK.

But you should avoid using ccTLDs if you want worldwide rankings. Although a ccTLD will give you a ranking advantage in one country, it will give you a ranking DISADVANTAGE in all other countries. So keep this in mind.

Should I add a prefix/suffix if the keyword.com is unavailable? Or try another TLD?

Question:If you are able to get keyword.org or keywordonline.com which should you go for? Does the extension or the keyword density have more pull in Google?

Kenny: If all other factors are the same and for SEO reasons only – I would go for the .org all day long [in your example].

Domain Name Length and SEO – is a Long Keyword Domain a Bad Domain?

Question: What if, the dot com domain name comprises of 4 or 5 words and yet the domain is the exact keyword being searched for? Is there any disadvantage of having a long domain name for 18 to 25 words?

Kenny:If you are targeting that exact long tail key phrase then this would be the perfect domain.

Is it best to choose a different TLD (e.g. .net instead of .com) or target a lower-value keyword if the keyword.com is taken?

Question:If I was in the custom embroidery business, and CustomEmbroidery.com was not available, would I be better off with CustomEmbroidery.net or going after something like CustomizedEmbroidery.com even though “Customized Embroidery” might get only 10% the number of searches as “Custom Embroidery”?

Kenny: For SEO reasons: CustomEmbroidery.net

[However,] you may consider the .com if you are looking to build a brand. DotComs have much more kudos

Pluralizing Domains – keywords.com instead of keyword.com

Question: What about suffixes like +s or +es? What do you think about this ones?

Kenny: If you cannot get the exact match then I would say +s is usually the next best thing because it is usually the next biggest or THE biggest keyword anyway. The +s in a lot of cases gets more searches but depends on the keyword.

Keep your questions on domain names and SEO coming – and we’ll do our best to answer as many of them as possible for you.

Also, watch out for the next post. Kenny will be sharing some of his simple strategies for finding, and purchasing, high quality aged domain names.

Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

96 Responses to “5 Key SEO Authority Factors For Domains”

  1. 1
    On March 28th, 2010 at 4:32 am
    Kenneth Holk said:

    I know searchengines looks at a subdomain the same way it looks at a main domain , but does it rank as well?
    how about if I want to sell ebooks and have domain like buymyebook.com vs a subdomain ebook.goodword.com . which will rank best?

    Chris | ReviewFAQ replied:

    I’ve had a fair bit of experience with this and yes, subdomains will eventually rank as well, but the initial SEO ‘trust factor’ is much less than with a prime domain. This improves dramatically with time until it’s just as good as the prime domain on its own (in my experience 3 years seems to be the point at which things start to take off).

    That’s the case with Google – Bing and Yahoo (in particular) are much more forgiving to subdomains at a much earlier stage (in Yahoo’s case at about 6 months into the life of the URL).

    Andrea replied:

    Related question –

    If you are installing a WP blog on your domain, it is wiser to put it under a subdomain (would it have more SEO value) than if you put it in an ordinary folder?





    Chris | Review FAQ replied:

    It depends entirely on what you’re trying to achieve.

    For reasons I’ve given in an answer on an earlier thread, it’s far more SEO effective to build up links to a single domain than to a whole load of subdomains, so a subdirectory structure will normally win out.

    If you’ve got a specific keyphrase in mind however, where a subdomain structure works best – acne.treatment.com for example – then it might well be best to go with that. Having said that, about.com has used a set of subdomains that make no keyphrase sense at all – acne.about.com for example – and does very nicely thank you, but in their shoes I’d have gone with about.com/acne which would not only be more efficient in SEO terms but actually makes more sense.

    In case anyone doubts whether subdomains are ‘legit’ from a Google point of view, just remember that one of the most visited sites in the world – en.wikipedia.org – is not only a .org (not a .com) but also a subdomain.

  2. 2

    This is great information.
    Thank you for making this available.

  3. 3

    Thanks for all the very helpful info.

    My question pertains to keyword domains.

    If one has a choice between car-hire.com, carhire.org, or carhire.net, which would you recommend, all other things being equal?

    Thank you!

  4. I didn’t realise how important all this was.
    Many thanks for the info.

    Lysey Pat

  5. 5
    On March 28th, 2010 at 5:13 am
    Burt Unruh said:

    I have a new marketing/consulting business with a short made up name that has no relevance to my target market. I would like to use the short name alone for easy email addresses. Should I add marketing or consulting to the name and simply rediredt the email address to the longernamed website? What happens when I use multiple web addresses that get redirected to a single site? Will this cause any problems with ranking?

  6. Great information.

    I can also agree with the .net theory as I have just recently tried a .net domain as the .com was taken and it got indexed faster than any of my previous domains and also much higher too.

    Great info

    Thank and Regards

    Jonthan Lake – UK

    Lenore replied:

    Will you say a bit more – I’m not sure what you mean by “the .net theory.” Why did your .net get indexed father and much higher than your previous domains? Because exactkeyword.net?

    Thanks for clarifying!

    Jonathan Lake replied:

    Hi there,

    By the .net theory I mean that a .net is the 2nd choice after a .com if it is not available.

    I usually use .info domains and have had a lot of success with them but for reasons unknown they usually take 2 weeks to get indexed by Google.

    This recent .net site (with my usual SEO tactics) was indexed in 7 days and went in high on Page 3 which is not bad for a starting position.

    The only difference I made was to start getting backlinks straight away instead of waiting until indexed. This could have had an effect.

    Hope this helps

    Jonathan Lake

    Lenore replied:

    Thanks, Jonathan, for the quick and informative reply. That is great news, congratulations!

    kodil replied:

    I agree with your reason. I have do it too and I’m really happy used .net if .com not available. Thank you

  7. 7
    On March 28th, 2010 at 5:15 am
    TJ Ferguson said:

    i think this is a hype. Domain name is slightly important but not that IMPORTANT. in my opinion,and based on my experience of course, the best domain name in a long term is not necessarily the one that contain the keyword, but the one that is easy to remember. why? visitor who are interested in your website will easily remember and revisit your site (understand that your site must have good content ofcourse). In related to outrunning lions analogy, i think we better fine tune the content of our website rather than wasting your time to buy THE MOST OPTIMIZED DOMAIN NAME. Remember dude, if you want to succes in a long term, look at your self just like what your visitor expecting from you. Thanks

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    You’re right on when you say people won’t rank anywhere if all you have is a domain name – but no content.

    Check out this recent post:

    Smaller sites with keyword-optimized domains are seeing their SEO efforts magnified over time – giving them an unfair advantage that allows them to outrank competitors who boast more links, better content, higher PageRanks and more.

    True – content is so so so important…

    …But what if every piece of content you created ranked higher – with no additional effort from you – simply because it was sitting on a keyword optimized domain?

    Chris | ReviewFAQ replied:

    You would get exactly the same effect by using a keyword category in your URL e.g: 123.com/bluewidgets/my-blue-widget-experience.htm.

  8. What about keyword-keyword.com if keywordkeyword.com is not available? As in http://www.pink-umbrellas.com if http://www.pinkumbrellas.com is not available?

  9. Hi,

    If you know of a domain name that you want and it has been used and will expire in a few months, do you use a service like SnapNames to reserve names?

    Thanks for the great info. Becky

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Yes – although there’s a trick to doing this. Kenny’s going to cover that in the next blog post though.

  10. How do you go about locating potentially advantageous domains that are in one of the 4 cycles?

  11. Thank you so much for doing a tutorial about this! I have been waiting to hear what you guys thought about this!

  12. This is all great information and I think, at least for myself, it is not the what to do that we need, but how it actually gets done. I realize that everything spoken of in these videos is critical but how do I actually look at something that I am about to do and know that it is right, such as picking a new domain name, that it is going to be keyword rich, and SEO live? This is where I have my problem, which in another words, how do I get authoritatively knowledgeable without spending a fortune trying to get there?

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    “how do I get authoritatively knowledgeable without spending a fortune trying to get there?”

    Hopefully by this time next week, you’ll have all the knowledge you need. The next few blog posts should give you all the information you need (and all the info is free).

  13. I watched the video – and thought about re-applying for a DMOZ link.

    But I think this is something that should be addressed on its own – if you Google trying to do that there are lots of articles etc on SEO blogs that claim that DMOZ is losing its effectiveness.

    Any thoughts?

  14. This is a little like yesterday…

    Teaser copy with no follow through. I know there must be many people who have no clue of these basics but even they must want to know what to do with this information.

    Just saying ‘there are opportunities’ but not explaining how to maximize them is pointless, in fact it is more than that its frustrating.

    It feels like this ‘free’ information is leading to an announcement about ‘Kenny’s new video course’… if you know what I mean…

    Well thats just my opinion…lol

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    I think Kenny will die a little inside reading the words “Kenny’s new video course” – lol.

    He’s been wrestling with Screenflow for about a week now to put this content together, and at times it’s been a bit rough on him…

    …So, no… There is no domain course coming up.

    Steve Nelson replied:

    Thanks Brent…

    I can relate to that, I have the same ‘fun’ with Camtasia…

    I know that what you guys are giving us is free and for that I join all the others in saying thanks, its just that to really move ahead with this we need more detail.

    If Kenny is not willing to provide that, that’s fine, I actualy do not expect him to divalge any real ‘secrets’, nobody gives away anything really usful, why should they.

    After all he has a business and he wont want a hundred new people equipped with the knowledge he has no doubt taken many years to acquire.

    So please don’t take my comments the wrong way, I appreciate you guys at least bothering to take the time to ‘educate’ us all…

  15. Hey thanks so much for clarifying domain purchases. I have .com and .net but wasn’t sure what the difference was. I was also wondeing about .org and its value compared to .com but guess they are similar.
    Naturally .com is more popular

  16. Very informative and interesting. Thanks for your efforts in putting these blogs and videos together.

    One question that has come up numerous times for me is the impact hyphens have on domain rank. For example, does MyBestKeywordDomain.com have any better or worse SEO ranking thatn My-Best-Keyword-Domain.com or MyBestKeyword-Domain.com? I know for branding the one without hyphens is much better but for SEO only does it matter?

  17. What about how long you register a domain name for?

  18. 18
    On March 28th, 2010 at 5:54 am
    walter daniels said:

    I did not know the details of tha last part of the life cycle. It’s good to know about that part. I suspect that many big name sites go unpaid. It’s smaller, maybe unknown ones that will.

  19. What is better for SEO?: keyword-phrase.com or keywordphrase.com (assuming the target keyword is “keyword phrase”).

  20. The purchase of established, aged domain names is frequently mentioned. (1) Can you link to a credible source for valuation of such domains.
    (2) Please link to a few good brokers or sources for aged domain names.
    Network Solutions has a blind bidding option for those seeking to purchase a domain name already taken. In my experience, it has proven an inconsistent and dubious solution. thanks

  21. Came across an interesting issue this morning with a domain name, not one of mine thankfully. The person has registered a domain with the word “therapists” as the first keyword.

    How smart are the search engines? Are they going to read the word “therapists” or are they going to read the words “the rapists” and relegate the domain to adult content???



  22. My domain name is using my own name in a wordpress blog.
    According to what you are saying this is a bad idea?
    How therefore can I transfer my blog contents to another wordpress blog using a keyword rich domain name?
    Also what happens to any backlinks I already have will they move across
    with the transfer?

    Jason replied:

    If it’s a WordPress hosted site, they offer an inexpensive fee based forwarding service; i.e., you register a keyword rich domain name and that becomes your WordPress domain name. It’s worked well for me.

  23. First of all – thanks for another set of great tutorials & videos (& good to hear a fellow Brit!)

    How effective is a keyword after the TLD? For example, lets say I want to start selling the books of Tom Clancy & JK Rowling.

    Would having something like
    www. books.com/tomclancy and www. books.com/JKRowling
    work, or would I need:
    www. bookstomclancy.com and www. booksjkrowling.com
    which would obviously cost more as I’d need two domain names & hosting packages instead of one? (and would keep going up for each new author)

    Once again, thanks for the great help,


  24. Thanks for the great videos keep them comming.

    Many thanks.


  25. Hi,

    what has your experience been with just doing a 301 redirect with aged domains that you acquire? I’ve 301′d from my own old sites before with good success, but I’d like your take on it as well. Thanks for the content!



  26. Kenny,

    Can you address product brand name and model as a domain name? Can I register buyhp96printcartridge.com for example? Or will I be charged with trademark infringement?

    What about having it in the subdomain, like hp96printcartridge.discountprintcartridges.com?

    I’m pretty sure you can name a page hp 96 print cartridge.htm though, right?

    If we can’t use product brand name and model in a domain, do you think it’s effective to use just the model number in the domain + a general term that describes the product?

    As we all probably know, model name and number keywords have high commercial intent.

  27. This is some good stuff. I’ve bought some aged domains with some good effect.

  28. 28
    On March 28th, 2010 at 7:54 am
    John Burroughs said:

    What if a domain age comes back blank? One of them came back when you guys did your credit card example blog, but never touched that subject.


  29. Comment: On a fairly well done but small site, I am really short on backlinks, which is the next effort, but I found that my medium and long tails started to get page 1 instead of page3 or 4 when I registered the domain for several additional years, and I believe even a high, but under a million alexa rank (down from several million) begins to affect Google’s ranking.

    Question: After hearing all this about domain names, I ask can you buy a relevant domain and somehow get some advantage from it without transferring the site to it?

  30. I think Kenny Goodman is spot on about everything he has said. I have only been in the IM business for 1 yr and initially I started out buying domains with catching names which had nothing to do with the marketing I was targeting. That was one of the biggest mistakes I made, besides spending money on all the new shining get rich quick stuff. On the domains where I bought the exact keyword phrase I am now out positioning websites with their catching/cute webiste names that have 100X more backlinks and are 5 yrs old than my site.
    I am now walking away from markets if I cannot get the exact keyword phrase in a .com, .net or .org.

    Now Mr Furguson’s comments are correct on the “a domain name that can be remembered” if you are planning to do direct mailing by snail mail. But if you plan to get “new” customers from Google search the exact keyword phrase as the domain name goes a long ways in getting top spot on page one. If you are on page 3 your “name that can be remembered” domain will never be seen.
    There are more questions in this post that I hope get answered such as “how about if I want to sell ebooks and have domain like buymyebook.com vs a subdomain ebook.goodword.com . which will rank best?” and do subdomains work at all.

    Will it work if I can get a longtail keyword rich domain name that I then redirect to my company that is much shorter but not as keyword rich. Does Google frown on this if I buy up 4 or 5 longtail keyword rich domain names and have them all redirecting to my main company name as long as the company, content and website are related to the longtail keyword rich domain.

  31. Lots of great things to ponder…more things to research.

    Great thought starters!


  32. Hi !
    Just wanted to drop a note and tell you this….Is Fantastic , clear ,motivating and written from heart.

    Thank so much again , you have literally chang my life .

  33. What is your opinion on using the underscore symbol in page names? For example Fresh_Cut_Peonies.html. Is a dash better to use?

  34. 34
    On March 28th, 2010 at 9:32 am
    kevin Taylor said:

    Hey Kenny, what about using partial set of numbers in the Domain. Will it effect SEO if your main keyword is first inline. See ya in San Diego if your coming. Nice talking with you in Melbourne at Coming Home 2.


  35. This is a relevant info, but as far as indexing concern, a new domain now is being indexed by Google in a matter of hours from my experience.
    The value of aged domains with all the attributes that Kenny has mentioned is certainly an important step in SEO and everyone has his/her own strategies on how to get traffic through search engine optimization.
    However, I think the aged domain name hunting is more appropriate to online marketers, affiliates and may be some small businesses. Most of my clients interested in building brand names and that makes it quite difficult and in many cases pointless for me to capitalize on aged domain value.
    Good info though,
    Thanks Kenny

  36. 36

    I have purchased aged / expired domains in the past and although the PR stays the same and it keep the backlinks it did not retain the age. How do you purchase an aged domain and still keep the age of the domain after a new registration into your name?

  37. This is by far is great information you guys presented here. It’s makes me see the importance of aged domains and what can it do to help us to get better ranking in search engines.

    Now I know that SEO is judge on so many factors. From the time we plan to register domain for our site until we are on our daily activity in built it.

    Thank you once again Market Samurai. It is really one of the best information I got so far.

  38. Great stuff as usual guys. Just wondering where the best place to hunt for aged domains might be?

    Ray Cassidy replied:

    I noted your question about where to find these domains and while the video commentary was running, I found this site. Hope it helps (not an affiliate link)

  39. The material’s interesting, but (so far at least) there’s a bit too much emphasis on how to come second in the race, and not enough on how to win it.

    By win it, I mean how to buy the BEST domain name in the aftermarket, rather than settle for hyphenated/net/org/s/whatever.

    What makes more sense? Spend $10 on a domain name and then $10,000 on building and promoting a site. Or spend $5,000 on a much much better domain name and then $5,000 building and promoting a site (much easier to promote because you’ve got the exact-match domain name so everything you do on the promotion front has more impact).

    Either way, you end up spending about the same, but in the “buy the best domain scenario” you’re starting with a valuable asset then multiplying that asset further through development. 1+1=3+ (great domain plus ranking site = niche domination; you become THE company in the niche instead of another me-too player)

    On the other hand, when you start with a “compromise” domain you’re having to create nearly all the value from scratch because the foundation you’re building on is less solid. 0+2=2

  40. I want also to know where you can get old domains, but to be possible to be ordered by year, PR, Dmoz listed, dropped or not, etc. I’m trying this with GoDaddy, but I have to make a picture background for each domain and this takes a lots of time.

  41. Excellent post. Thanks for the domain tips.

  42. I believe that it is well worth mentioning that often there is much to be gained by utilizing multiple domain names to market a site. I many cases it makes sense to set the hosting upon a domain name that is a solid key phrase for SEO purposes, yet purchase and forward a simpler name (intuitive, easy to spell) for general marketing purposes, i.e., (these URL’s are made up/not a sleazy ad attempt) http://www.DUIAttorneyMiamiFL.com and http://www.SmithJonesLaw.com

  43. Google guile line again.

  44. 44

    whether it will affect serps if we add thekeyword.org in domain names?

    For ex; thehairloss.org

  45. How about combining 2 keywords into a domain name?

    Some times I find that the keyword domain name might not be available for example: Keywords – Car Hire and Car Rental therefore carhire.com and carrental.com would be great domain names to have. But in most cases they won’t be available. But by combining the 2 keywords carrentalhire.com might be available.

    Is this a good idea for SEO ranking?

    Keyword density in this particular case would be low but by targeting 2 keywords in the one domain name would it make it easier to rank for both keywords?

  46. 46

    I feel my question is been ignored… I do agree with you that an aged domain is critical. How do i know that and aged domain namet i’m about to purchase had not been banned by Google?

  47. 47


    Thank you for share your knowledge.
    I have a question about .asia domain. It’s 2 years I have a xxx-yyyyyyyyyy.asia domain (2 keywords with hyphen and same numbers of letters). It’s very competitive keyword and I doesn’t rank on top 1000. Of course it’s a competitve keyword, but not appears on top 1000 is weird. The website rank good on other keywords, the only problem is the domain keyword.
    My opinion was maybe for very competitive keyword, it’s not useful to use domain which are not TLD.

    Btw, concerning “brand” this domain is very good for me because my business is in asia… It’s just a pity no SEO effect.

    Another point is after 2 years, my domain still don’t have “age” information on seoquake or marketsamurai soft.

    If someone has experience to share about that, it could be great

  48. Wow! Great info!
    I had page rank on a site, which has since disappeared. I t,hink I got “slapped” (is there a way to check?) I have since been continuing to build content and loads of backlinks, but page rank has still not gone up. I am thinking it will, eventually, but it seems one common theme with seo is time. Continue to produce useful content and build backlinks and wait. Is this about right?

  49. Okay will look for .com first, then .org next, then .net.

  50. It seems pretty clear to me that domain name is far more important for Yahoo and Bing than it is for Google. I’m not saying that it’s not a factor for Google – just that domain name, and even more so, page URL is a very heavy factor indeed on the other two.

  51. The life cycle video is excellent, a lot of people understand even less as many hosts including myself include the domain in the hosting package. I would like to embed this video in a post that I have in drafts.

    Back in my internet infancy I somehow let my primary (totally un-keyword rich) domain expire, and managed to grab it back at the very end of the life cycle (available to anyone), but not a moment sooner.

    Recently (in the past year), I have had 2 experiences with customers that just could not understand the importance of keeping a domain name registered because they wanted to close their site. Only to come back and (want) to start it back up with the same name.

    In the 1st of those 2 occurrences the name became available only after an entire year, during which time it appeared the registrar parked the domain with a “for sale” sign at a considerably higher price than regular registration. At the end of that year it went back to the regular available to anyone status.

    I think that practice should be against ICANN regs, but I don’t have he time or resources to pursue. Interestingly the registrar involved claims to be the largest of all registrars. Also interesting is that the registrar used in the domain referenced in my 2nd paragraph from 10+ years ago was in the meantime absorbed by the registrar mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

    I think that while Kenny states (paraphrased): “read the registrar’s terms and conditions” which I have done, you need an internet knowledgeable attorney to translate what they mean in a given situation.

    The short of a long story is that I hope this series goes into considerable detail on how to snatch a name somewhere in the cycle before it expires.

    There are a couple of excellent questions above that I hope will be addressed in future videos/posts here: Use of keyword rich sub-domains and using 301 redirects.

    This will make me look like a know-it-all, but there are a couple of comments above regarding hyphenated domains which I think could be best answered if they use the link at the top of this page:
    “Domain Name SEO Questions Answered” to the previous videos.

    I have to echo one of the commenters above in that I am kind of waiting for the sales pitch, only because this series has given away excellent powerful information.

    Good Stuff! Rock on!


  52. Hi Brent/Kenny,

    What’s your opinion on buying aged domains with pr and age and them just redirecting them (301) to your site for relevant sites or even those that are not?



  53. Very helpful information now I just need to utilize it.

  54. Interesting video, is there any sites to see which domains are about to drop and if they do have these links? Any advice on where to look would be great. Looking forward to the next video too.

  55. 55

    I was wondering about the number of characters in a domain name. Is it true the 23 should be the maximum number in a domain name?

    Are there rules one should follow?

    Obviously a short name is best but in new domains those are hard to come by – where longer keyword phases, often long, are more readily available…

  56. Hey Kenny, great info. How do I go about finding relevant domains in the legal field (attorneys and lawyers) that are about to expire that I can reserve in one of the different time frames?

    Also, I know .edu sites can boost rankings, but how and where can I get them for free?

  57. People, I have to share this with you! I have been working at learning all this stuff for months. I have a beautiful site with a cute domain name, but it does NOT include my keyword phrase. IE: DrDogTalk.com. I have worked my ass off on it. It is keyword optimized. The page titles DO include my keyword phrases. However, still not anywhere to be found near page one after several months. NOW………….drumroll…….I bought a domain with my keywordphrase. It is a .org since the .com was not available. It has been less than one week. I am #6 on page one. No page rank. No back links, nothing yet. Just about 10 pages of content so far.

    SO LISTEN UP. Save time. Get a domain with your keyword phrase in it. in the end, what you want is visitors on your topic” keyword phrase. Add the pretty pictures, but stick with a domain that is keyword specific.

    Now my question: Would it work to point the new domain to the old site? Please someone advise me here. I am ready to shut down and move it all over to the new domain, but this takes so much work. It is a very “pretty site”.


    Dr. Marika

  58. Fantastic video – many thanks.

  59. These are good videos and contain great basic info. But what is the best method to change the registered owner of a domain name without losing the PR?

  60. will someone help me????

    I have this beautiful website, http://www.babytoteens.com

    but NO TRAFFIC..is domain name the culprit???

  61. Couple questions here.

    1 – Is there enough SEO benefit in redirecting an aged domain to your main domain to consider the effort and cost it takes to buy an aged domain in the first place?

    2 – Could you list which domain arrangement is preferred when buying a new domain name – listed from best domain to worst?

    For example;
    1 – keyword.com
    2 – keywordsuffix.com
    3 – prefixkeyword.com
    4 – keyword.net
    5 – keyword.org
    6 – keywordsuffix.net

    At the end of the day, i’m pretty sure if i had a list like this, it would be all i need to buy the best domain – new or aged.

  62. Hi Kenny,

    thanks for all the info so far…

    what are your thoughts on using misspelled keywords in the domain name? I’ve recently found a niche with some pretty hefty traffic on misspelled keywords. and I know that google always has “did you mean…” in their results.


    mtn jim

  63. Hi Kenny,

    I am looking to set up a UK based web design business which is only going to be selling to the UK.

    I want to get the .com as it sounds more professional on business cards etc, but should I get the .co.uk for SEO purposes and just do a 301 redirect on the .com so when people google my business the .co.uk domain will rank?

    P.s. If I do a redirect on the .com and people link to the .com version, will the link juice flow to the .co.uk version?



  64. I use numbers in some of my domains ie skincare77.com . Does it make a difference one way or the other? How about something like domainname411.com ? Should I avoid this?

  65. 65
    On March 30th, 2010 at 1:50 am
    Percy Veer said:

    What effect will a number suffix have on a domain name ie donkey1.com

    Most important I find out please

  66. What about a value on a domain name. If its going to cost say $1,800 for a domain name but you factor in $1800 worth of seo work instead of spending it on a domain name?

  67. Good post! Would love to know of any services that you can use to search expiring domains and how to buy them and not lose their SEO value. I’ve heard that when Google sees a new domain owner take a domain, then that domain loses all or a lot of its value and it needs to start again?

    Love the SEO Q&As btw :-)


  68. 68

    If you have two high scoring keyword phrases
    eg: “womens silk shawl” and “womens silk scarves”

    Is there any value in using a combination of both in your domain name
    for example
    or is is best to just pick one?

  69. 69

    if all of the top level tlds were taken, would you go after a hypenated domain or a domain with a suffix next… key-word.com or keywordtips.com?

  70. If one has an aged domain how would using a subdomain as the keyword -
    i.e. keyword.ageddomain.com work? Would this just be a matter of kw density? Say I could get a new domain – keyword.com, would an aged domain used as keyword.olddomain.com rank better than the new keyword.com?

  71. I have a question about domain age. I have in the past bought a couple of dropped domains which had been registered for a number of years before hand. But upon registering the domain and running several different checking tools, they all seem to indicate that the domain age is only a couple of days, instead of what I thought should have been 5 years, or whatever. This sort of defeats the purpose of buying so called dropped domains, in my opinion.

    Can anyone enlighten me on this matter?

  72. 72

    Any idea what the power of a .eu would be for a uk site? – if .co.uk, .com, .org, and net are already gone?

  73. For 9 years I’ve had my website, trying to understand how to drive more traffic there. With this video and Market Samurai, the veil of ignorance is finally lifting. Thanks, guys!

  74. Awareness is so important in business, especially marketing. It seems every question asked is making me more aware. But the information you guys make available is gold.

    You mention aged domains with DMOZ and Yahoo listings being good. I have an aged domain, but can you suggest how to improve my chances of successfully posting to these two?

  75. Great videos on search engine optimization and buying domain names. You guys really do produce good helpful, simply explained stuff….Thanks

  76. 76
    On April 8th, 2010 at 10:57 am
    Iman Diaz said:

    Where do .LA domains stand on list of SEO importance?

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Not sure about this one.

    Technically, even though it’s marketed as the domain name for Los Angeles, it’s the country-specific TLD that belongs to Laos.

    I’ve never seen them rank – but I don’t search from within Los Angeles or Laos.

    Iman Diaz replied:

    Hey Brent

    That is what I read as well

    I was curious if anyone had any case study’s to share

  77. First..Thanks for the info. I opened this page up over a week ago but have been to busy to sit down and finally did tonight.
    Fortunately a week ago it would have gone over my head.But 2 things happened and it will help the people reading this.
    1. Just yesterday I downloaded the 7 day trial of domainface which searches expiring domains and used it for a couple hours that’s why I understood about Yahoo & the other rankings (I’ll bet a lot of the readers still don’t know)I recommend readers try it if nothing else, to learn some of the points talked about. I ran across this review (honest, I have no affiliation with it) while trying to see if I had an affiliate link for it.
    2. Namejet.com does expired names and explains the process well. I just came across this yesterday and it is free to sign up.
    Expired domains can be expensive…as I ran across an article that an expired domain sold thru Namejet was $10,000 – HongKongHotel.com
    Hope above information is helpful.
    3. I have to rethink about my choice in a domain name. I planned on using http://www.Jaggyroad.com because it is close to http://www.jaggyroadfilms.com and also doing flight simulator related items.(sons site)……BUT would it be better to use a keywordrelated.com to products being sold instead?
    Any thoughts?

  78. Hi Kenny, Enjoyed your session in Melbourne. Mate I’m interested in your thoughts on auction bidding strategy. Do you snipe, or bid your max price straight out of the gate etc?


  79. Bret a quick question…does Domains Face.Doamin Samurai search just expiring domains and pending delete domains? Seems to me that there are some short term opportunities in the pending delete space given the time frames?