R.I.P. AdWords

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It’s with much disappointment and regret that we’ve decided to retire our plans to include an AdWords module in Market Samurai.

Please believe us when we say that this hasn’t been an easy decision and it has not been made lightly. We realize that this decision will disappoint many of our users who have been waiting for the AdWords module for a long time now.

RIP AdWords

Our mission at Noble Samurai is to be different; to try to be a light in the sometimes dark world of Internet Marketing – much of which is focused on getting rich quick, instead of delivering value, integrity and putting the customer first.

Three years ago, when we first released Market Samurai, the plan was to focus only on Keyword Research (the original name of the product was “Keyword Samurai”). However, as we developed the product, we realized that there were a range of other functions such as SEO competition, Rank Tracking, and finding affiliate products and content, that our customers were crying out for.

At that time we had a choice: to divide these modules into separate products to be sold individually, OR to do something bold and crazy at the timeā€”to bundle them inside a single tool and charge a flat, fixed price. So that’s what we did.

As Market Samurai evolved and we received more and more requests from customers for more SEO-related functionality, we added more and more modules into Market Samurai, for the same fixed price.

A few things have complicated matters, however.

Every Day Something That Market Samurai Depends on Changes

Market Samurai is built on hundreds of web-services, and third-party providers of data such as Google and Yahoo. We didn’t anticipate how often these services would change and how often we’d need to update our software to keep Market Samurai functioning correctly.

Perhaps you’ve fired up Market Samurai and been prompted for an update?

Since launching our software in 2008 we’ve released over 380 updates of Market Samurai. That’s an update on average every 3 days or so. And as you might be aware, that rate of change is increasing, particularly around critical tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool.

We’ve also rebuilt core modules such as Keyword Research in Market Samurai from scratch five times since 2008.

Noble Samurai is still a very small business. As you can imagine, once the first 8 modules were complete, the vast majority of work over the past 3 years has been keeping up with updates and making sure that Market Samurai is working correctly with all the changes that occur daily in the world of SEO.

What this means is that we physically haven’t had the capacity available to tackle the AdWords module due to the vast number of updates and amount of fire-fighting that we face each week.

AdWords has Changed Massively

The second factor is that back in 2008, when we envisioned the AdWords module, we had a very clear picture of the functionality that we would release. However, over the past 3 years AdWords has evolved at an incredible pace. Many of the tools and innovations that we were looking to implement in our AdWords module have now been implemented by Google.

They now have an AdWords Editor tool which allows you to easily manage your campaigns, and they have implemented many features such as better support for split-testing to help AdWords customers get the best out of their campaigns. Many of the features we were originally looking to release are simply not required any more.

There are also many excellent AdWords management products on the market, and we felt that not only would we be re-inventing the wheel to create our own AdWords functionality.

On top of this, to interface with the Google AdWords module requires access to Google’s AdWords API. This is a paid API, and it’s not cheap. With 300,000 Market Samurai users our fixed-price business model makes offering this kind of functionality simply impossible without a major change in how we charge for Market Samurai.

But probably, more importantly than that, we also deeply felt that while offering AdWords functionality is important, it’s not actually what’s most important in helping our customers succeed.

Our SEO Customers Need More Than AdWords To Succeed

We regularly get a lot of insightful, smart feedback from our customers. This feedback has come from various surveys and from the queries sent through to our support team.

This feedback has shown that the #1 thing holding our customers back from success is not problems with AdWords, but the much bigger problem of getting ranked in the search engines.

In particular, our customers are almost unanimously screaming out for better ways to build links to help them to get better rankings in this current, hyper-competitive environment where Google is favoring the “big boys” and established brands and high authority domains.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s getting almost impossible to get a page 1 rankings for even a low competition keyword without some serious link-building help?

So, about a year ago we began working on a new product, focused on link-building. You’ll hear about it over the next month. We’re really proud of it, and we think it will solve many of the problems that SEOs face today in getting their websites to rank in Google.

Our intention had always been to complete the AdWords module in addition to this new product. However, for the reasons we’ve described above, this has not happened, and unfortunately while our next product will be brought to market, the AdWords module will not.

So, how are we going to make it up to you?

Firstly, we want to take the time to apologize. We really believe in keeping our promises, even if it’s not the most commercial thing to do. However, we also believe in being honest and open about issues like this.

We know that this is going to upset many of our users, and some users may feel cheated by this decision.

If you’re upset, frustrated and angry about this decision, then we’d invite you to contact our support desk and we’ll talk about how we can make things better.

If you feel that what we’ve delivered to you in Market Samurai is not worth the money you’ve spent, then we’d be more than happy to offer you a partial or even complete refund, even if you purchased a copy 3 years ago, back in 2008.

At Noble Samurai we have one rule when it comes to dealing with customers, and that is “treat people the way that you want to be treated.”

Secondly, if you were a paid Market Samurai customer (e.g. you purchased a copy of Market Samurai BEFORE reading this blog post), we’re going to give you access to our new product for 50% off its retail price.

Our next product will require a monthly subscription, and will only be available to Market Samurai customers. We’ll be offering this service to you at close to our cost price. If you’re interested in learning more, then we’ll be sending out some emails to all our existing customers with more information in a few weeks.


From all of us here at Noble Samurai I want to again say that we’re extremely sorry about having to make this decision.

If there’s anything else we can do to make things better, please contact us, or leave a comment below.


Eugene Ware
Noble Samurai