Good News and Bad News

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As you may know, the last couple of weeks have been quite hectic here at Samurai HQ.

We’ve had a number of issues with our back end server system, resulting in longer processing time on some Market Samurai functions, and a few functions being periodically unavailable.

A new update from Google at the end of last week has had some good and bad effects.

The bad news.

Unfortunately, due to new rate-limiting that Google are performing, it’s no longer possible to successfully generate SEOTC or SEOUC data. When Market Samurai tries to generate this data it is quickly issued with a CAPTCHA.

With the number of CAPTCHAs that each SEOTC/SEOUC search would generate for a list of keywords it’s not possible to pass the CAPTCHAs through to the user, and as such we will be temporarily retiring the SEOTC and SEOUC metrics.

We are exploring a number of options to ensure Market Samurai continues to provide you with the best and most accurate data possible, including:

Sourcing new SEOTC and SEOUC data via Bing

As the second largest search engine in the world, Bing also provides highly accurate and trustworthy SEO data, which we may use as a replacement for Google data. At present this is looking like the best alternative and we are currently investigating how to make the switch.

Changing method used to gather data from Google

By improving our data gathering methods, and removing some existing inefficiencies, it may be possible to bring the metrics back in their current form. We have started to explore this option already, but so far without success.

And now for the Good news!

There is a large upside to the temporary removal of these metrics. The rate limiting that was occurring when these metrics were gathered was also affecting other aspects of Market Samurai, degrading processing time across the board.

Now that they have been removed, a portion of the persistent load on our servers will also be removed. The upshot is improved performance on all tasks that run through our back end servers.

What this means, in real terms, is improved speed and reliability for the Keyword Research, SEO Competition and Rank Tracker modules.

Warm regards,

Alex Green