Improved Regional Keyword Targeting

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Hello Samurai,

In the recent batch of updates, we made some changes to the data that some of our international users receive.

These changes have improved the quality and accuracy of non-English and non-US results in the SEO Competition and Rank Tracker modules.

What’s Changed?

Previously, Market Samurai wasn’t able to “read” or “understand” Google results pages in languages other than English.

This meant Market Samurai had difficulty working out where sites rank for a keyword (the main function of the SEO Competition and Rank Tracker modules) when it had to read results in Arabic or Tagalog (for example).

So to get around this problem, Market Samurai would search English-language versions of Google for non-English keywords.

Unfortunately, this meant Market Samurai would often report slightly different results.

So… We taught Market Samurai how to “read” 41 languages.

With this improved language and region support, Market Samurai is able to give you full SEO Analysis and Rank Tracking for all languages and regions – (9,594 different language and region variations in total – 234 countries x 41 languages… and that’s BEFORE you look at Market Samurai’s multi-Search-Engine and multi-Match-Type options for Rank Tracking).

And this means smart Samurai who are doing SEO in multiple languages, or attacking foreign and non-English-language niches (where the competition is low, and the pay-offs high) can get even more accurate keyword data.


P.S. – If you don’t have access to Market Samurai’s SEO Competition module or Rank Tracker, you can get a 12-Day Market Samurai Trial here, or Upgrade To The Full Version and get lifetime access at the discounted price of $149.