Dr Anthony Fernando to Create Market Samurai Training

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Dr Anthony Fernando Smiling PolitelyIt was always our aim to give you a stream of killer training, and to use this blog to deliver the latest news, insights and resources for tackling the world of online marketing…

…And to be fair – we’ve been behind the scenes improving Market Samurai, scaling-up the systems that our tools run on, and preparing for big things around the corner.

But in the process, our regular stream of content and training stopped.

That’s why I want to introduce you to Dr Anthony Fernando – one of our newest team members – who will be presenting a full course of marketing training for all Market Samurai users.

Introducing Dr. Anthony:

Many of you who began this year’s Thirty Day Challenge in August will already know (and love) Dr. Anthony.

His training videos have already spurred countless comments like these:


Thank you, I’ve been watching MS videos for several months now and this video has made more sense to me than any of the rest. Explaining the different values and the proper progression have cleared up a lot of misunderstanding.

Your are most adept at teaching the craft you seem to know so well..

It has been said, “The mark of true wisdom it taking the complex and making it simple, while the mark of foolishness is making the simple complex”. Thank you for wisdom’s way of simplicity!

- ReederLyons

Thank you Anthony for very concise detail on how to initially start to find a micro niche. Genuinely appreciate the pace of the videos this year and you are a great addition to that. Sincerely, Thank you.


WOW! Very cool stuff in here. Thank you for your detailed explanation. Gave me a lot of insight. Valuble stuff :)

- alexurotaru

Wonderful video, very explanatory and the presenter is an excellent teacher given that he explains all these concepts in a very clear and easy to understand way.

- edapina

Anthony you are a great teacher ! It was a pleasure watching this!

- Stephydan

(One viewer even created a “We Love Dr Anthony Fernando” Facebook group!)

What Makes Dr Anthony So Special?…

What makes Dr Anthony so unique is that he’s a natural teacher with a strong internet marketing pedigree.

On the one hand, Dr Anthony owns a portfolio of income-producing websites that together receive over 700,000 visits per day (do the math – that’s over 255 million visits per year!)

On the other, Dr Anthony has a PhD in Education, a lifetime of experience teaching and coaching (fitness training, technology, corporate consulting, music, dance and more) and took his passion for education online through his niche websites – teaching, training, and inspiring people to achieve outcomes that they desire in life.

Along with Ed Dale and Eugene Ware, Dr. Anthony was the co-creator of the Internet Eagles program that went on to become the Underachiever program.

And he is also known for:

  • Creating a popular children’s music program that is used in 48 states of the US and 38 countries around the world.
  • Developing www.TheDontQuitPoem.com which has inspired over 1 million people around the world
  • Being the best selling author of the inspirational fable ‘The Oracle’s Secret’
  • Creating a successful personal development newsletter which has over 20,000 subscribers

This means as well as having the educational background to develop high quality training, he is also an active Internet business owner who understands what it takes to build and grow a successful online business.

In the weeks ahead, Dr. Anthony will be introducing a new series of training that will start at the beginning and explain both the key concepts and the ‘how to’ information that has been missing from the Samurai world.

So, keep an eye out for an email from Dr. Anthony in the next few days with the first installment of your ‘Samurai Training!’


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