Market Samurai Gets a Long Tail

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It was our secret shame – the biggest failing of Market Samurai:

Long tail keywords.

You see, Market Samurai was never built to find the long tail.

Instead, it was built to find relevant groups of keywords – so that we could use it for Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), or Referential Integrity, or Keyword Siloing, or whatever you want to call grouping of relevant keywords.

And to find high-traffic keywords.

Not to mess around in the “shallow end” of the keyword pool – where all the long tail keywords sit.

But when Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool swung open, and offered up-to 800 of the top long tail keywords in ANY market, we jumped on it!

We made this part of Market Samurai almost immediately.

As a result, for the past few weeks, you’ve had a new way to generate keywords – this time, long tail keywords – and today I want to start showing you how to use it.

location of Google's search-based keyword feature in Market Samurai

This is particularly useful when you want to tag a blog post, video or social bookmark with relevant, long-tail, low competition keywords.


If you find a keyword with very high levels of traffic and competition – and you want to “dig deeper” into it to see if there’s a better, lower-competition, still high-traffic long tail version of the keyword.

Try it out!

Open Market Samurai now, and try this new keyword generation source out for yourself.

It will give you up-to 800 of the most popular search long-tail searches that contain your original keyword.

And watch the blog over the next 2 days – because I’m going to show you two more ways to use this one incredible tool.