7 New Keyword Research Features

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Ho-Ho-Ho, Samurai!

This year we’re giving gifts early, and releasing 7 new features – free to all Market Samurai users, as our gift to you.

To begin, open Market Samurai now and update to the latest version.

Note: If Market Samurai doesn’t auto-update, grab the latest copy using your unique download link…

…Or if you’re not a Market Samurai user yet [sacrilege!], sign up for a free trial copy of Market Samurai here to get free access to these new tools.

Once you are running Market Samurai v0.80.6, it’s time to start exploring the 7 gifts that you have received:

Gift #1: Full Foreign Language Keyword Support

Market Samurai has only been able to provide accurate search data for English Language… meaning our friends in Germany, Japan, Serbia, Turkey and South America were left in the dark…

…until today.

SEOs who already know the implications of this new feature are now salivating in excitement, as they imagine the millions of untapped non-english language niches that are out there.

Now, Market Samurai will give them all to you – not just in English, but in German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Vietnamese, Urdu, Hindi and about a dozen more languages. [phew!]

Gift #2: Title Competition

By far the biggest SEO ranking factor is whether or not you use the keyword you’re targeting in your title tag.

It’s got to be the most basic thing you can do in SEO – and if your competitors aren’t at least doing this, you can almost guarantee good rankings.

So wouldn’t it be handy to tell, at the keyword research stage, how many competitors were using the keyword in their title tags?

Now Market Samurai counts how many sites use the keyword (in any word order) in their title tags (“allintitle”).

We call this one “the Michelle MacPhearson update” – she’s been hounding us for this one. ;)

Gift #3: Include Additional

Ever received a bunch of keywords inside Market Samurai that weren’t really relevant?

Me too…

Market Samurai’s keyword generation tool retrieves suggests 200 of the most relevant keywords.

But if there are only [say] 50 super-relevant keywords available, you will receive those 50 highly relevant keywords, and an additional 150 related (but less relevant) keywords – for a total of 200 keywords.

Now, you get to choose whether or not you want to see the additional related (but potentially less relevant) keywords – at the click of a button.

Gift #4: Phrase Length Filter

Frustrated that keywords that are 1-2 words long have too much competition? Want to quickly get rid of those 6-10 word keywords?

Just use the Phrase Length filter:


Gift #5: Positive Keywords

Sometimes you only want to see keywords that contain certain words.

For example, if you’re looking at the “Dog Training” market, and you only want to see relevant keywords that mention the word “Training” – like “Puppy Training”, “Labrador Training”, “Poodle Training”, “Rottweiler Training” etc.

Now you can set a Positive Keyword Filter, and see only keywords that contain that word or phrase.

You can also use the positive keyword tool to focus your keyword research on a handful of specific keywords.

Gift #6: Import Keywords From a Text (.txt) File

Want to import keywords into Market Samurai for analysis?

Market Samurai can now open lists of keywords direct from the text files at the “Generate Keywords” stage.

Gift #7: Add Permutations

One of the frustrations I have with keyword data is word order.

How do you know which version of a keyword is the best to optimize for?

“web site copy”, “copy web site”, “web copy site”, “site copy web”, “copy site web” or “site web copy”?

The solution: Just create a tab for that keyword in Market Samurai, and hit “Add Permutations”

Market Samurai will now mix-and-match the words inside a keyword, allowing you to get phrase-match traffic data for each permutation (and SEO Competition data), and find out which one really is the best to optimize for.

Enjoy These New Features!

We created them for you to keep – as our gift to you – whether you’re a trial, free, paid or user.

For paid users – we’ll be working hard over the Christmas-New-Year period, bug-testing even more new features that will released exclusively to paid users of Market Samurai.

2009 is shaping up to be another game-changing year for everyone using Market Samurai, and we can’t wait to get you using the rest of the features that we have in store for you.


P.S. – I forgot to mention… There was one more feature we added… Just something fun to “get into the spirit of things”.

(It should be the first thing you’ll notice when you run Market Samurai.)