Market Samurai starts buzzing

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Market Samurai certainly generating a lot of buzz…

In the past few days:

  • Our beastly new dedicated server went live, was configured, and is now running;
  • Both Market Samurai and Noble Samurai received their new funky Samurai design (complete with logo!);
  • The first screen-shot of Market Samurai was leaked out by Ed Dale;
  • Eugene and I were interviewed by Ed Dale about Market Samurai for the Immediate Edge;
  • People have begun discussing Market Samurai on Twitter, FriendFeed, Flickr, inside the Immediate Edge and on the Thirty Day Challenge forums;
  • Andrew and Eugene have shattered some technical restraints, to deliver even MORE functionality;
  • The first Market Samurai REVIEW (!?) page went up on Squidoo – before the software has even been released!!;
  • Both sites are being populated with content;
  • AND… (the sweetest part of it all) Market Samurai is finding some kick-butt niches already!

There have been some *really* long nights getting to this point, and I know everyone’s looking forward to the big launch!

For those who haven’t had a chance to see Market Samurai in full-flight yet, check out this little appetizer that shows the power of Market Samurai when it comes to finding untapped niche markets…

Market Samurai Screen Shot

(Click the Image to Enlarge)

How many easy-to-SEO niches can you spot in this list?

Freakin’ awesome, isn’t it!

But here’s the secret… *shh* …you ain’t seen nothing yet! ;-)