Content Writing Made Easy!

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One task that many Internet Marketers shy away from is creating content for their websites.

Creating content can be a difficult process – researching the niche, researching the topic, writing, editing, formatting, publishing, and more – all to create just one article.

But good content can be a POWERFUL boost to SEO. Without it, you are missing out on a great potential source of authority.

Writing good content is easy with the Publish Content Module

In this Spotlight on SEO, Dr. Anthony Fernando will take you through the Publish Content module in detail, showing you how to streamline your content creation process into three easy stages.

1. Research

Ensuring your content is high quality and likely to be read is the first essential step. Anthony will take you through an efficient strategy for topic selection and research.

2. Writing Your Article

Next he will take you through the writing of your article, including using Publish Content’s tools to optimize your content.

3. Publishing Your Article

Now the most important step – getting your article in front of your readers. Here Anthony shows you how to directly upload your new article to your WordPress Blog from Publish Content.

Another Tool in the Arsenal

High quality, effective content is now just three steps away – all you need to do is take that first step and open up the Publish Content Module.

Good luck!


P.S. Market Samurai’s Publish Content module is a fully paid module. If you haven’t purchased Market Samurai and you want access to this module, click here to purchase now.

Alex "The Green Samurai" Green is a member of your friendly Samurai support team, and frequently provides updates on the latest Samurai happenings on the blog.

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73 Responses to “Content Writing Made Easy!”

  1. Thank you for the very nice video on content publishing. It was very helpful for me because for some reason I hadn’t used the publish content module yet. I will now! Thanks again, Lisa

  2. Great News! Really looking forward to following along with Dr. Anthony on this one. It’s one of the things I have a weakness in. Whether writing my own content or writing for one of my clients it’s never easy for me.

    You guys rock!


  3. Looking forwward to trying it out. Writing content is the hardest part.

  4. how can i buy it?

  5. Thanks Alex,

    I’d forgotten all about the blog publisher in Samurai.

    I presume Samuarai doesn’t size optimise the photos? That would be another time saver!


    Frank replied:

    Hi Peter,
    Try this photo size optimizer Easy Thumbnails

    Frank S

  6. The content section of MS is one of the best. Especially for finding content. I admit I haven’t used it for ‘publishing’ that content much.

    Great video though so I might just start.

  7. thank you again dear samurai team for this valued info.

  8. I was just going to get up and write an article this morning and had no clue where to start. I was asking myself, “What shall I write about?” I now can crack open my Market Samurai and save myself some time and write articles that are more effective and convert better. Thank you so much for these tutorial videos. I had one question. Does it make a difference whether you post your article as a new page or just a post? Since there are those 2 options available, there must be a reason why. What is that reason?

  9. Want to get more articles – great trick with this softare – add is or are to the end of the keyword – just did this today – so created new keyword and then did find content – brought back great articles as said Digitcal Photography lighting is right in most articles – works great!

  10. Great tool! Can you set it up to publish automatically on a non-WordPress site? I use xsitepro – will this work with this?

  11. Hey guys :)

    Just another reason Market Samurai is my favorite keyword tool in our arsenal! Content still is king on the web and creating original content daily can be tedious, even if we outsource (which I’m sure many of us here are doing!)

    Using Market Samurai to identify the low hanging fruit to write for as you’ve shown in this video and using the “publish content” feature, writing good content fast is now made much easier! As many have said before me in previous posts, the value we receive from your software and the continuing education you provide is priceless! Thanks for all you do!


  12. 12
    On May 14th, 2010 at 3:35 am
    Claudio said:

    Dear Sirs,

    My language is Spanish. If possible work with your Content Writing in Spanish, please clarify me.
    My English is not good.

  13. Anthony,

    Thanks so much for the great info. I am sure quite a few of us who struggle with article writing will find this tutorial very useful. Keep up the great work.

  14. As you correctly point out Anthony content creation is my major bugbear and anything that helps me out on this is much appreciated. I particularly like the fact that I can do everything, including publishing, from within Market Samurai – MASSIVE time saver for anyone like me with more than one blog.

  15. Anthony. These videos you’re posting are awesome. I use Market Samurai every day yet you’re still teaching me stuff I didn’t know it can do. Keep up the great work!

  16. I am an avid user of Market Samurai. With every module I get more and more impressed. Thank you very much for a great post. You know the aha experience you talk about in this video. I get that every time you introduce a “how to” video on a Market Samurai module. Nice job… very nice job.

  17. Thanks for the clear-eyed view, Alex. We have been using Market Samurai with good results but demonstrations like this show that we’ve only seen the tip of its capabilities. This video most assuredly put a fire under us.

    Thanks for the inspiration and direction…Rob Howard

  18. Another great video from Market Samurai. Market Samurai and Domain Samurai has to be the best time saving software by far, I remember in the old days doing this manually.

    In the words of Ed Dale “You kid’s don’t know how good you have got it these days!”

  19. Another great tutorial guys. I’ve owned Market Samurai for several months now and never thought to use this powerful tool to research and create quality content. Definitely another great strategy to compliment my SEO arsenal. Keep up the good work!

    Hans Storrie

  20. Wow, can you just keep this stuff to yourself! I don’t want my competition to know about this. It was really useful, and I have been using Market Samurai for a while now and completely forgot about this functionality. I’m going to start using it today, thanks again for a great, easy to use tool

  21. 21
    On May 14th, 2010 at 4:53 am
    tomartomartini said:

    An extremely good video on organic traffic and how to get effective content ,well done Anthony.

  22. Very cool video. I love your trainings. Perfect to pass on to hired help and have them understand. Thanks fellas!

  23. This is very handy information. I can’t wait to use Market Samurai to publish an article to my site. Thanks so much.

  24. 24

    Great video. I can see the value here. However, wouldn’t your post need tags/keywords? There wasn’t a spot for keywords.


  25. Why would I use Market Samurai as the publishing interface?

  26. I’m going to give this a try for my post tomorrow. I guess I always forget about these features of Market Samurai because it so good at keyword research.

  27. Thats a pretty neat toturial. I really love Market Samurai, the only thing I think its missing is a tool to check available domains for checked keywords.

    Could you implement such a feature in future, please :)

  28. A great video well presented! I realise you didn’t have time to cover this, but I would like to add the importance of latent semantic indexing (LSI)in also getting a good ranking. For those who don’t know about LSI, this means using words and phrases in the body copy of the article that RELATE to the keyword (not spamming the keyword)and to the topic that the keyword is promoting. Relevant and related key phrases help the SE’s work out the meaning and intent of the article. They also support and validate the main keyword, giving it greater authority. Google, especially, applies LSI. I hope this helps.

  29. The hardest and most time consuming part – writing still has to be done manualy =(

  30. Awesome…can’t wait to put this bad boy to use! You guys rock. Thanks for the continual support and updates!

  31. Very well done guys. I’ve been a user of of Market Samurai for my seo business and had not experimented with that module. I found your video to to be of high quality and and high value. Keep up the good work.

  32. Good quality article writing is an art in itself,even when you carry out all the research that eureka moment is not always there.When it is this tool has it all.

  33. Another great Video! I havent used MS for content publishing yet, must give it a try

  34. 34

    Great video tutorial!

    Can you write several post or page for a later scheduled( past or present) ?

    Thanks for such great video

  35. Hey Isak

    The MS team launched a domain checker tool a few months back

  36. 36

    Absolutely best software tool.
    Just recently purchased and am still unwrapping all the goodies.
    This “Publish Content” module along with all other modules and superb tutorials provides unbelievable advantages.
    Like Christmas come early.

    Thank you very much.

  37. I have to say I am irritated that I had looked past this feature set. I have been researching and writing a MUCH harder way for quite a while.

    Good job and giving us a tool that kicks butt!

  38. It’s a great article I love to read. But the important is I have to do what you teach me.

  39. Great content from you guys as usual. I will have to try using the publish content feature again. The last time i tried using it for a blog didn’t really work out for me, but i haven’t tried it since the last update, and after watching your video it seems well worth it!

  40. Awesome video. I have been using MS for a while now but have never used the Publish Content function. I love that you can add your blog post to the rank tracker straight away.

  41. Perfect timing – I’ve been writing alot of articles and haven’t thought to use the Find Content functionality yet. Thanks again!


  42. I am using elance writers for creating my website.
    It is fast and good quality







  44. Content creation is never easy and time consuming for everyone. Hopefully this module will speed up our work.

    Thank you for making this tutorial.

  45. I’ve never looked at creating content like that before. It makes the process seem so simple. I’m gonna going and write a few articles right now!

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  47. Uhm, lots of people gave good comments about this tool. I’m still a bit skeptical, but I’ll give it a try. thanks

  48. After watching the video and doing a bit research about Market Samurai, it seems like a nice tool to have. However, how much is the full version? I clicked on the purchase page, but it doesn’t tell me the exact figure how much it is (just give me the values of bonus instead). Thanks

  49. I agree with this, Great content from you guys unusual. Anyway an extremely good video on organic traffic and how to get effective content

  50. Another great one, Dr. Anthony. I’ve used this module a couple of times although I primarily use MS for keyword research. I’m going to use the module for additional article research. Thanks.

  51. Great article and video. In Internet Marketing Keyword Research is vital and I had heard many fantastic things about Market Samurai in he past, but was not aware of the publish content feature.

    I will definitely have to check Market Samurai out in the very near future! Thanks for the great information.

    To Your Continued Success,

    Karl Hummel

  52. The “find content” function in Market Samurai is absolutely great. It makes article ideas research much easier.

    Thanks for the video tutorial and training content.


  53. Great stuff. so when you use the find content function, does it automatically spin the articles for you or are they verbatim?

  54. MS is the best tool I have ever used. Keep coming with the goods guys – appreciate it!

  55. Great training.

    Can’t wait to really run this product through it’s paces.


  56. I always find writing content for my own site the hardest part of SEO then there link building but you need to write content for those too!

    Thanks for this video, surely makes it a lot easier to find information to write on your topic.

  57. Once again…

    Surgically precise timing from the Market Samurai crew.

    Just when the fuel gauge on my brain meter had reached “empty” BAM, your really cool and inspirational content writing vid shows up in my inbox.

    Breath of fresh air!

    AND much appreciated!

  58. Thanks for information i like this information

  59. Hello,

    Already considered the Market Samurai unbeatable, now over the inclusion of this tool it becomes in Excellence!

    Milton Ramos

  60. I’ve only just bought this software (after getting a refund from a competing product which never worked)- and still can’t believe how good MS is. And this training support is unbelieveable. I’m just hoping the whole thing doesn’t eventually go the same way as another great piece of software which users loved. I’m talking “Champman” tho US users may not know it

    Anyhow, thanks guys and please keep doing what you do – you’re superstars

  61. Article writing is a major block for any internet marketer so this assistance is very valuable.

  62. This was very useful.

    Have you got any suggestions for using Market Samurai for creating polls?

  63. I would just like to add the fact that MS also gives you articles. These articles you can use as is or as seed ideas

    1) As is — ok to good — if they haven’t already been used all over the place (MS gives you this info)

    2) As is — good to better — spice them up with some videos and/or images (MS gives you these TOO!)

    3) Original — best — find sentences and or paragraphs in the found articles, rework them and then publish.

    In case you haven’t guessed, I love this product, use it almost daily and I bought it when it first came out and got it at a super bargain introductory price. I can not say that about many of the other products I have bought.

  64. Very impressive software looks very well designed and displayed. I will be telling my boss about this first thing Monday morning. Hope he feels the same way as I do as this software could make my job a whole lot easier.

    Thanks for the excellent video.

  65. Fantastic! Especially the way Anthony explains it.

    Thanks again for great info

  66. You’ve made it easy to write and publish quality content, but if Market Samurai would just write the content for me. Just kidding, great product. I’m glad I got it. Please don’t tell my competition.

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  68. Thanks for the great info!

    This software is more than I ever expected, amazing value!

  69. 69

    Thanks Anthony. Yet another excellent tutorial. Keep up the outstanding work mate!

  70. Hey Alex,

    Awesome Thank you very much for showing the 3 simple steps to take using Market Samurai’s Publish Content module, very well presented and communicated thanking you again Alex, great work keep it up mate.

  71. You guys are awesome. Keep it going!

  72. Thanks guys, awesome as always! You guys never cease to amaze me with the quality of your product and the tutorials…please keep them coming!